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JULY 5, 1913 

Oldest Theatri|al Journal in America 

Eottnded in 1S33 hyTr&nKQuGen 








O'/h TriADt'fl/O-K 




.... ,,,,.• -.v i him •''•'''' » f "'"i''- ■':('• 

■l". it.:: ■'..(, !!• ( • •! 1 ' Ml i I'll 


LAST NIGHT was the END of the WORLD 











HARRY VON TlliZER MUSIC PUB. CO., 125 W. 43d St., N.Y. City 

CHICAGO OFFICE: Grand' Opera Home Buildine. ROCCO VOCCO, Manager 



Annum I)iN«i.HMAN, of Croucr's Simrklo 
Kmbroldery Work*. Ims spent lue past week 
In Chicago, Mopping «t (ho Sherman Hotel. 
.mil la en route to tlio 1'ounl, sending In goon 
orders tor the coming sonnoii, nnd hnirliix 
nothing but praise for work nil aloug llio llm>. 

Julian IjKstkanob has been engaged by 
Harrison Orey Msko for n part In the Rtl- 
■OMM comedy which Is to N> produced hero 
In the Kail. 


Sample Cold Cream 



— Mention tnla Pap»r — 

X JL\aQ^qns> absolutely guaranteed 

r ^ 

Copyright 1918, by the Frtnk -Queen Publishing Conpzny (Limited) 

. Founded by 

NEW YORK, JULY 5, 1913. 

Price, 10 Cent*. 



George Thatcher, one of the veterans of (lie course of Ills career he had proved him- 

minstrelsy, and for years one of the most self to be equally capable in humor or patho*. 

popular of our burnt cork stars, died June He had appeared la minstrelsy, vaudeville, 

25, at the borne of his nephew In Kust farce comedy, comic opera and drama, and It 

Ornng?, N. J., from cancer. would be difficult to state 1n which ho was 

The dlscaso from which he died made Its most proficient He could bring tears with 

rppenrnnce several montihs ago, but he kept 
In harness until last March, when he was 
forced to leave "The Littlest itebel" Co.. 
with witch he had played the old negro ser- 

Few of the black face players of our stage 
were as versatile as Mr. Thatcher, and In 

the same facility as he could cause smiles 
and laughter. His performance of the old 
slave,- In "Tho LlttleBt Ilcbol," drew forth Uio 
highest encomiums from dramatic writers all 
over the country, some even going so far 
as to state It was the best work of the kind 
ever seen on the American stage. 

DOINGS IN vvi in :\ ni.i:. 

Eva Tancioat Is "resting." 

At.. has some fine offers. 

Tire Great Raymond was divorced. 

Td.m Waters has his own company. 

Jkss Dandy Is rehearsing a new act. 
. Daisy lUncoiniT goes to -South Africa. 

John and Winnie Hennincm "flopped" 

At.. It. Whits and Bessie Dh Voir will 
do an net. 

B. D. IIopson originated "split weeks" In 

Lew Cantor's new show is railed "Along 
the Pike." 

Brut SiiKPnBRn will return to America In 

Walter Q. Kkllv plays the London Hip- 
podrome this Fall. 

Amy recovered valuable Jewels 
Inst a year ngo. 

Harry Van Fossrn goes with the Nell 
O'llrlen Minstrels. 

Conroy and I,k Maire will be with "The 
Tasslng Show of 1013." 

I.i'.dn Krroll is n shining star in "The 

'Kdwin Stevens ami Tina Marshall arc 
working on a new offering. 


lie seen in n tabloid next season. 

Jack Trainur will hnvo Halton rnwcll's 
role in "Henpecked Henry" next season. 

1CXCRI.A and Franks arc playing Sullivan 
& Consldlnu houses in the Middle West 

Charles La Vionb and Emma Lanunkr 
have taken tho Doutrlck Vnudovlllo Agency 
In Chicago. 

■Hal Johnson will bo seen next season In 
"The Arrival of Kitty," a Halton Powell 

La Sallk and arc a "revelation In 
rngtlino" nt tho Orphcum Theatre, St. Joe, 

Anna E. Inman, who has been flfty-tbree 
roars on tho stage, recently made her debut 
In vaudeville with an act from her own pen. 
Johnny Mohan and company. In "The 
Training Camp," a new vaudeville act, com- 
bine drama and sporting exhibit very cleverly. 
Menu) E. Mooiie will have a vaudeville 
musical comedy with tho tltlo "Aladdin's 
Wonderful Lamp," which will carry a ton 
mill n half of scenery. 

L. F. Allart Is routing up a number of 
tabloids for the Allart Circuit next season. 
'Hamilton Coleman has written a vaude- 
ville act. entitled "The Bachelor's Dream, 
which will be produced In the Fall by Mcnlo 
E. Moore. It will have an elaborate produc- 

Frank Q. Doylb bos introduced o hlppo- 
dromo style Into vaudeville In Chicago, alter- 
nating pictures and acts, and making the 
shows ''go" under a policy long thought to 
be Bulcldal. . ., 

Frederick Ireland has quarters in tno 
Grand Opera House Annex, Chicago, where 
ho prepares chorus girls for the stage, re- 
hearsing and drilling them so they can 
iiass Inspection from the stage managers. 

Alfred IIamhuuobr. the Chicago theat- 
rical magnate, has Just acquired another big 
minting establishment, which fully divides 
Ills tlmo between hlR show affulrs and DU 
printing business. Hamburger is building 
two more houses '.a Chicago. 

iMiNNin Palmer, Chclogo's only lady pro- 
ducer, Is taking a fortnight's vacation nt St. 
Joseph, Mo., following a strenuous season and 
preceding whxt she expects to be another 
slrcnuouo season, as she lias promised ttic 
Western Vaudeville Managers' Association 
to produce fifteen tabloids next season. 



When she stepped from the Twentieth 
Century Limited In New York June ii, 
Josephine Cohan completed a twelvo thou- • 
rand mile Journey begun at Sydney, N. S. W., 
in May 81. Tho water journey was mndo 
aboard the South Pacific Btenmsblp Ventura, 
which reached San Francisco at 1 r, M. on 
Thursday, Juno 10. Three hours later Minn 
Cohan and her companion, Bonnie Watt, M 
Sydney, started across the continent on tne 
Overland Limited, nnd, connecting with the 
Twentieth C'ontury Limited on Sunday. June 
22, in Chicago, reached New York tho follow- 
ing morning — a record for the distance. 

Josephine Cohnn and her husband, I red. 
Nlblo, went to Australia moro than n year 
ago under a six months' contract with the 
J. C. Williamson Company, Ltd. This hav- 
ing been extended to two ycara. Miss Cohan 
will visit her father nnd mother, Mr. and 
Mrn. Jerry 3. Cohnn, at Sunnycroft, Monroe, 
Ornngo County, N. Y, during July and 
August, and In September will return to 
Australia In time to appear with her hus- 
band at Her Majesty's Theatre, Svdnov, In 
George M. Cohan's comedy, "Ilroadwny 
Jones." the Australian and New Zealand 
rights of which have been leaned by the WII1- 
tnmson Producing Syndicate of tho Antipodes. 


woods' ruts r. . 

"Potash and rerlmutter" will be the first * 
of A. H. Woods' productions for the coring, 
season. It Is to open the Cohan TLe.itrc curly 
In August with Barney Itcrnnrd. Alexander 
Carr. Lee Kohlmnr, Louise Dresser, Joseph 
Kllgour. Albert Parker nnd Ellta Proctor 
Otis In the cast. 

Ciiablbs H. Ci.aiik, of the team of Clark 
and Murphy, and May, late of Colby and 
May, have Joined hands, and will bo known 
hereafter as Clark and May. 

niCHARD HYDE'S vv II. I,. 

The late Richard Hyde, of Hyde & Dehmnn, 
who died Dec. 14, 1012, left a gross estate of 
?1.283,410.(10, which was reduced by various 
obligations to $1,245,487.21. The share of 
Mrs. Mary Hyde, the widow. Is appraised at 
$181,1100.85. Tho four children. William J. 
Hyde, Mrs. Lulu H. Ilubbell. James It. Hyde 
a nil Lillian B. Hyde, receive $2.17,038.50 each. 
James Hyde, n brother, receives $20,000, nnd 
$20,000 is divided equally among two nieces 
and two nephews. The Actors' Fund of 
America receives $25,000, ami there arc other 
small bequests. 

Under this heading wo will publish each 
week Important and Interesting amusement 
events occurring In tho corresponding week 
a quarter of a century ago. 

June 30,1888. — Wm. Austin sold his Interest 
in Austin Sc Stone's Museum, Boston, 
Mass., to Charles A', Shaw. On the 
same date Mr. Stone acquired nn In- 
terest , in the Westminster Musee, 
Trovldonco, it. I. 

July 1.— Vicksburg, Miss., Lodge n. P. O. 
Elks Instituted. 

July 2. — "The Keepsake " Clinton Stewart's 
adaptation of "Antoinette Itlgaud," 
orlglnnll acted at the Madison Square 
Theatre, New York City, by E(Bo 
Ellslor and company. 

July 2.— i"A Boy Hero" first acted in New 
York at Poole's Theatre, in It Martin 
Hnyden mode his Metropolitan stellar 

July 2. — La Cucnca, Spanish dancer, made 
ber Metropolitan debut at Koster & 

July 3. — "Irene," by Charles B. Clifford, 


(H pedal to Tub New YORK Clipper.) 
Chicago, Saturday, Juno 28. 

Fifty Middle Western theatre managers, 
representing ail ot tho circuits, Including 
Sullivan A Consldluc, Alfred Hamburger, tho 
Allnrdts. F. ft II. Amusement Co., Ilutlerfield 
Circuit, Inter-State, Jones, Llnlck A Hchaefer, 
gathered together nt tho lintel La Halle, In 
Chicago, last Wednesday (.Tune 25K and 
formed n new organization, to bo known as 
"The Theatre and Producing Managers' Pro- 
tective Association." 

Tho organisation was perfected as com- 
pletely ns possible considering this being 
the first meeting, and the following officers 

originally' acted at the Madison Square were elected : W. S. BnttOffo&JnriNtant: 
Theatre, New York City, ot a special BogJB WoqMoU^ ViCO-mysidep.t: ptft Osrtol- 



The singing girl from Broadway, nt Planters' 
Hold Cabaret, Chicago, featuring Theodore 
Morse's big song lilt, "liobhln' Up and Down." 

STANLEY WAl.roi.l-; Will I 

Stanley Walpolc, the well known aclor, 
who arrived from Australia with IiIn wife 
about three months ngo, after six years In 
dramatics "over there," was a recent Ci.irrMii 

Mr. Walpolb has been engaged by the Bc- 
llxncc Motion Picture Stock Company for 
.loadB, while tho Kalcm Company were fortu- 
nate enough to secure Mrs. Walpole's services 
for leading roles In their productions. 


July 8. — Weldner's Opera House and Garden 
Building, Dayton, 0., burned. 
3. — "A Noblo ltogue, ' by Steele Mac- 
knyc, first acted under that title at 
the drnnd Opera House, Chicago, III. 
As "Through the Dark" It was pre- 
sented March 10, 1870, at the Fifth 
Avenue Theatre. ■ 

July 3. — Peck's Opera House, Coolldgc, Kan., 

July 4. — Coliseum Theatre, Helena, Mont., 

July 4. — 'Diiluth, Minn., Theatre opened ns 
People's Theatre. 

_____ ___ DURINO TUB WEEK. _ 

The Itellly & Woods Show wore tea railroad 
smash up. 

Tub Lucler Family Show was touring Maine. 

M. II. Leavitt signed Pols' Lady Fencers and 
Vienna Song Birds. 

Rrorrr Thatcher sailed for England. 

The (Jiiv Bros.' Minstrels closed their season. 

1'iiank l'. Stone bought half of the West- 
minster Musee, Providence. 

Ella Wesner, the Big Pour, Illchmond and 
Ulenroy, Larry Toolcy, Lillian Granger 
nnd John Hart were at Vacca's Went 
End Casino, Coney Island, N. Y. 

Tun Inman Sisters wcro at Uuvcmutor's 
Pavilion, Atlantic City. 

]•:. I 1 '.. NlCKEIlSON was cornet soloist nt 

shiuiiier'H, Atlantic City. 
CAi'T. Booarduh was with tno Sells Bros.' 

Geo. K. Fortescue signed with "Tho Cor- 
Sai.lir Cohen signed with "Two Old 

HmiF.iiT Wilke announced his starring tour. 
W. J. Le Moynb and Sara Cowcll were mar- 
A iiaiiy boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. 

Pawnee Bill and Comanche Bill combined 

their shows. 
Bkrtie Cole joined the W. L. Main Show. 
I-'.. J. Buckley signed to star in "Forgiven." 
P. F. Baker closed his season in "Chris, and 

Jkit. I>n Anoblib was resting at Pleasure 

Bay, N. J. 
Johnson A Slavin'h Minstrels wcro called 

for rehearsal. 
Minnie Dunne was singing T. B. Kelly's 

Tub Edna illusion was offered by Wood, tho 

Walter Stanton was with the Ilarnum & 

Bailey Show. 
Ton ina and Lily Adams, tho talented child 

artists, announced themselves nt 

A. 8. Stern, president of the Cincinnati 

Ilnscball Club, advertised for outside 

attractions for tho baseball park. 
— ♦» » 


The Duncdlu Troupe are booked by Hugh 
D. Mcintosh to open In Australia In Novem- 
ber, 1014, They will piny the Orpheum tour 
the coming season. 

you, secretary, and Alfred Hamburger, trea- 
surer. The new offices will be located In 


Wlltlam Faversbnm, who 1ms been sued for 
breach ot contract by Frank Keennn, who 


Chicago, nt a plnco determined inter, and 
tho organization will meet once a month to 
extend its operations. 

Tho purpose of tho newly formed body is 
to give protection to managers along alt lines 
pertaining to tho tlientrlcnl business, In 
this respect It will bo affiliated with tbu 
l^i stern Managers Association, and tho two 
will co-operato so far ns tho protootlvo fea- 
ture Is concerned. A committee of thrco 
met Chns, Bird, representative of tho liastorn 
Managers Association, upon his arrival In 
Chicago nnd conferred with him regarding 
the situation in tho Middle West. 

All managers of theatres, road shows, or 
anyone who holds a managerial position In n 
concern pertaining to theatricals In which 
ho has money Invested la eligible to member- 
ship In tho new body. Waiiiihn A. Patrick, i 


A cubic- received at the Century Opera 

Mouse. June 20, from Milton A born, who is 

played Casslus In Fnvr-rshnm's product Inn of now In Huropc engaging nrtlsta, states tbat 

''Julius Cesnr," Died on answer Juno 24, nl- ho has arranged to exchnngo principals at 

leglng that he had a right to terminate Mr, 
Keenan's contract with two weeks' nollco If 
ho did not observe tho rules of the company. 
He alleged that Keennn failed to nbldo by 
these rules. 

Mr. Fnvcrohnm <nys he did all he was re- 
quired lo do by giving Keenrn two weeks 
notice nnd full pay, and also a ticket from 
Omnhn to New York. 

atsonon scott, 

Featuring "Yon Made Me love You," 
published by Broadway Corp. 


As n result of tho purchase from T. W. 
linrhviit Jr., of the Huefllcr holdings In tho 
Varieties Theatre, In Torre Haute, Iml., 
and the lot at Eighth and Ohio Streets, by 
vaudeville managers who control thirty 
houses, Torre Haute will enjoy all tho advan- 
tages of strong adulations. 

The gentlemen who becomo Mr. Borhydts 
partners In the Varieties as result of their 
purchase of the Interests held, until very re- 
lently, by Mr. Jlocfllcr are; Messrs. Ilelnuin, 
of Chicago, and W. S. Ilutterllcld, of Battle 
Creek, Mich. Between them they operate u 
chain of thirty vaudeville houses. While the 
Varieties will bo made part of tho circuit the, 
old arrangement of booking through tho Went- 
ern Vnuaevlllo Managers Association will 
continue. Tho W. V. M. A. afiHtntos with 
tho United Booking Offices of America and 
tho Orpheum Circuit. 

Mr. Buttcrflcld operates houses In Kala- 
mazoo, lint tic Crock, Jackson, Ann Arbor, 
Lansing, Bay City, Snglnnw, Flint, Fort 11"- 
ron, Pontine. Owosso and Muskegon. Midi., 
whllo Mr. Heiinan operates theatres In 
Kvonsvlllc, Ind., South Bond, Gary, Michi- 
gan City; Springfield. III., Bloomlngton, 
Champaign, Urbann ; Madison, Wis., nnd 
Messrs. Ilelman and Huttcrflold together 

vnrlniiB times in tin season with the Boston 
ppm House, nn arrangement to this effect 
having been recently mndo with Henry Bus- 
noil, who Is now In London. Tho only In- 
dividual announced III tlila connection Is 
Kllcnhctli Amsdon, one of tho prima donna 
sniirnnos of tho Boston Opera Company, who 
will appear nt tho Century during tho first 
few weeks of tho senson. 

-Tho Messrs. Aborn have also completed ar- 
rangements with Lois Hwell, soprano; Wal- 
ter Whentlcy, tenor ; Thomas Chalmers, bari- 
tone, nnd Ivy Scott, soprano, all of whom 
will ho In tho permanent forces of tho Cen- 
tury comnnny for tho coming season. 

Miss Mwcll Is n Brooklyn girl, who grad- 
uated from comic opera to grand opern, and 
sang for scvoral seasons with different Ameri- 
can organizations presenting tho latter art 
form In Kngllsh. During tho past year sho 
has been studying lii Ituropo and appearing 
III special engagements In several opera 
lionu's there. 

Mr. Whenllcy Is a young American tenor 
who mnde his comic opera debut a few years 
ago in Allco Nlclson's company, and later 
snug tho tltlo rolo In "Tho Highwayman" 
and similar offerings, Ho has been singing 
In grand oporu for sovural seasons, anil re- 
cently appeared nt Covent Garden. London, 

Mr. Chalmers Is n young American bnrl- 
lono who mndn his debut In this country ns 
Hiince, In Henry W. Havngo's production of 
Puccini's "Tho Girl of tho Oolden West," bo- 
foro which ho sang for several years In I1n- 
ropcan opera houses, acquiring a repcrtolro 
Of twenty- (Wo operas. • 

Miss Bcott Is r.n Australian, and wna 
brought to this country by Mr, Snvsgo for 
one of his "Merry Widow" companies and 
sM MM mado her grand opera debut fn his 
production of "Tho Girl of tho Golden West." 
In which sho had tho title part. 



Mabcllo Parker, recently divorced from 
Karl Schwartz, musical director, has an- 
nounced her engagement to Alfred 19. Boron- 
sen, a prominent botol man of tho West 
Miss Parker, who la well known la dramatic 
stock and musical comody circles, will also 
surprise her many friends by tho nnnouncu- 
nii-iit of hor intended first appcaranco In 
vaudeville, In September, In an act In which 
Miss Parker will bo fcaturod, and which Is 
a product from her own pon. It la full of 
comedy and pathos, f 
opportunity for hor 

comedy nnd pathos, thus giving an excellent 
opportunity for hor to display " 
tlonnl ability. 

Jlsplny her excop- 

At tho close of tho season sho will retlro 

to prlvato Ufa and duvoto ber future to 

writing magazine stories, vaudovlllo sketches 

and moving picture, scenarios, as woll as 

finishing a hook which sho now bis well 

tinder way. Her first year of rotlroment will 

he spent In travel abroad. 

*> » 


A new $2,000,000 iheatro Is to be creeled 

nt Washington Boulevard and Grand lllvnr 

Avenue, Detroit. Mich., directly opposlto the 

now Washington Theatre, which will open Its 

floors next month. Tho site Is 120 by 180 

supplemcnted'thc official state- Avenue, Detroit, Mich., directly opposite tho 

i the assurance that tho pros- h'g'llmuto drama. Tho building will be ten 

operate houses In Green Hav, Wis,. Oshkoih ; 
Itockford, 111. ; Waterloo, la., ond Davenport 

stage carpenter nnd Hugh lleynolds, 
is on tho roid with "Milestones" Init 

Mr. Barhydt 
ment that with .., 

ent Btalt at tbo Varieties will be retained. 
Boss Garver and Bert Farmer will contlnuo 
lo mannge the house In front. Mr. Bryant 
will direct the orchestra, Cnrl Itrentllnger 
will be 

wtlO WflB L 

season, will bo" tW property clerk In plicu 
of "Plncknot" Wlljy. who hnsi gone to Cali- 
fornia. The shows booked at tho Varieties 
for the week end l^glnnlng Tbn/sdnys will 
go to Tcrro Hauto direct from Kvnnsvlllo, 
so that all of tho performers- who need an 
orchestra rehearsal will arrlvo together In 
ample tlmo. The mows for lha first half of 
tho week will crnno from one of the other 
houses In tho circuit, 

+ »» 


George Mooser, of San Francisco, has 
brought suit against Abraham L. Hrlnngor 
nnd Marc Klaw for <»0,700 for alleged 
breach of contract. Mooser alleges In his 
complaint tbat he contracted with tho de- 
fendants on Dec. 20. 1012, for tho employ- 
ment of Chlng Ling Fon, his wife and daugh- 
ter, dice Toy, ana four other Orientals for 
folly seven weeks nt fl,4fiO n week. 

He further stateu Hint on May HI Klaw k 
Hrlungcr refused to employ I be Chinese per- 
formers or Leon Mooser, of Shanghai, tfielr 
mnnager. nnd as ShMf luid no opportunity to 
make other contracts, George Mooser loit 


At Proctor's Fifth Avenue, New York, next week. 

William Fiiiikt will wrlto the Incidental 

music for "Uvangcllne," which Arthur Hop- n-nm 

kins will produce at the Park Theatre Sept. will head a second company of that play, 

20. which will be sent on tho road. 

stories In height, tho upper portion being 
given over to offices. 

Tho names of tho owners ore not mado 



• ' , i"\",S! l . A,r<,om ?/ . ,n Austin, Tex., situ- 
nted nt Ninth und Colorado Streels, Is opoii 
und doing good bu-dness. It Is the only one 
In Austin, Tins a coating capacity of iOOO, 
and Is openited by tho City Alrdomo Com- 
pany. Only approved high clnas motion pic- 
lures aro shown. 



.mJL *• l'." r H,9 r ' 0WIW)r ot M|N Theatre, at 
Hlnton, W. Vn., wants to know tho where 
iiboiits of Prof. Do Vronde, who, ho claims, 
left Hlnton suddenly without paying rent or 

salaries. Any Information reKiirillng him wlf 
be thankfully received by Mr. Parker. 


Helen Ware tins, for several years, enjoyed 
tho distinction of being one ot our most 
popular footllght fnvmltes, and hns appeared 
In ninny notable successes under the manage- 
incut of some of New York's leading mana- 
gers. At tho present time she Is appearing 
nt the Kit Inge Then t re ns Mary Turner, In 
"Within the I,aw," taking tho place of Jsno 
Cowl, while that lady Is enjoying a vacation 
abroad. When Miss Cowl returns she will 
resume ber plnce In that play and Miss Waro 


July 5 

To Exhibitors, Exchange Men and All Interested 
in Photoplays and Motion Pictures 


Drink of the good cheer that surrounds you. Let your countenances 
impart radiance wherever you tread, and enjoy with us every advantage this 
convention offers. Make this the greatest gathering of moving picture en- 
thusiasts, one that will establish a record in motion picture history. 

And when you return to your respective homes, remember Essanay 
produces the best there is in motion pictures. 


Factory and Studio, 1333 Argyle Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 

July 5 





M. A. MI I'. 

President of tbe National Moving Picture 

Exhibitors' League of America. 


National Treasurer M P. B. h., from 

Jackson, Mich. 


National Vice-I'rctldcnt of JI. P. £1. L„ from 

Left to right, standing: C. C. Whelan, I. Watkln. M. A. Choynskl, J. D. Hose. H..A. Rubens, P. 0. Nielsen. _ . 

Left to right, sitting: Sidney Smith, Bee. Sec.; Miss 6. Colson, Fin. Sec.; Julius A. Alevek, Pres, ; ltobt. R. Levy, Vice I'rca. ; W. J. 
Sweeney, Treas. ; Andrew B. Bougban, Counsel. 


Front Bow, left to right : I. Gelder, Mrs. EI. Fitch, John Miller, George Henry, J. A. Alcock, Robert Levy. Wo. 3. Sweeney, Mra. I. 
Mertskv, A. Balaban. Middle Row, left to right: C. H. Foster, R. Navagato, A. Zahler, Sam. Katz, I. Natkln, M. A. Cuoynakl, V. W. 
Hartmnn, C. C. Whelan, II. A. Rubens, It. O. Procter. Top Row, left to right : George Moore, A, Powell, J. J. McNarney, L. Frank, Cbaa. 
Abrams, H. A. Bill, A. B. Boughan and B. C. MacMullln. 


Isidore Bernstein, known throughout tho 
moving picture trade as "Bcrnle," recently 
nppolntcO manager of tho Pacific Const 
studio* of tho Universal Film Mfg. Co.. lias 
been In the moving picture business several 

f'enrs, starting as an cibibltor, later becotn- 
n« an. exchange mnn, and after that having 
been associated with the Yankee, Republic 
nnd Monopolo Film Companies. 



July 5 


Monitor of Kxociitlvc Coraniltfco nnil Delegate 

lo Nnllnnnt Convention of Motion Picture 

Exhibitors' League of Amerlcn. 

ad. khssel .in. 

Mr. Rouse! Is president, of the New York 
Motion Picture Corporation, end Is nsknowl- 
cdgcil to lie one of the shrewdest nnil most 1 
level-lu'inli'd men In the film game, lie has 
been n predominant figure among the Inde- 
pendent forces for some years. Outside of 
picture making Mr. Kesscrs chief diversions 
lire yachting and bnsebnll. 


Thomas Is not, In roallty. Snntscht's cor- 
rect first name. It Is Paul \V. Ho Is called 
Tom hy lils friend? and Thomas by tho 
Kcllg Polyscope Co.'s jircBa r.gents and of- 
tlclnls. . The name of Tom hns stuck to him 
ever since he appeared In his flt-Ht moving 
picture for the Sellg Coainauy. This hnp- 

Iiened buck In 1007. when he Joined tho 
iollg forces at their Chicago studios. The 
director, tinder whom he wna working, had 
dlfllrully In remembering his name. For 
tills reason ho was dubbed "Tom," that 
being the name of the pan he was playing 
at the time. He mndc good lu this first pic- 
ture, and from then ou To.ii was in demand 
by the producers. 

Snntschl Is one of the most Interesting 
members of tho Western branch of the Sellg 
Polyscope Company. Big In physical develop- 
ment, taciturn In disposition and possessing 
a keen sense of humor, this popular lending 
man hns won for himself a following so 
large that his adopted name Is almost a by- 
word mining picture fnns. Lucerne, Switzer- 
land, the very nnmo of which tills ono with 
1 Miotic fancies, was his birthplace. Early 
n life his soul developed the wanderlust, 
and lie turned toward the United States. St. 
i.huIh claimed Tom for Its own, and here it 
was that lie received his schooling. This 
completed, he turned his attention to tho 
trade of watchmaker. Having a great love 
for music he spent many hours ench day nt 
the plnno. Always possessed of nn over- 

t towering nmliltlon for the stage, he spent 
lis days nt the Jewelers bench and his nights 
nt the "show shops" doing extra work when- 
ever opportunity afforded. 

Tho Inevitable soon happened. The Jewel- 
ry business began to lose Its hold on Tom 
nnd the boards claimed him. Theatrical ex- 
porlences rnnie fast nnd furious after that, 
and Tom always made good. Ono dny he 
walked Into the Sellg Polyscope studios and 
announced that he was ready for work, lie 
was tried out nnd put Into "lends." Here 
lie remained until he became leading man of 
the Western company, of which ho was nn 
original member. Ho accompanied tho first 
motion picture camera man Into California, 
and hns remained In that fair land ever since. 

Tom has an unusual talent tor music, and 
plays almost ontlrely by "ear" nnd "Inspira- 
tion," often Improvising to the everlasting 
pleasure of his friends, who nmr tiro of 
hearing him. Tom Santschl holda the reputa- 
tion at having played more different roles 
than any other actor In tho moving picture 
(justness. His dressing room diary, which 
Is Incomplete, shows that he has portrayed 
over 1,100 different parts dnrlng his live 
jours as a picture player. 

The Sellg Co. and Tom arc Inseparable, and 
neither Is anxious to Jose the other. 


Frank A. Tlchcnor has been In the motion 
picture business for the last four years. 

When It was decided to hold the first inter- 
national exposition of the motion picture art 
In conjunction with the third annual conven- 
tion of the Motion Picture Exhibitors' League 
of America, Mr Tlchcnor was appointed 
chairman of the committee. Since then he 
has worked untiringly to make It the biggest 
kind of a success. Jt Is not aft unusual thing 
to sec the lights burning In his office, In the 
German Rank liulldlng, long after business 

The success this exposition is assured to 
be is greatly due to his efforts. 


A forceful, nggrcsslve nnd resourceful man, 
of large and brilliant attainments, who stands 
to-day pre-eminent as a leader among the In- 
dependents In the motion picture field. Mr. ' 
Powers Is president of the Independent Ex- 


F. E. Samuels Is well and favorably known 
nmong the exhibitors of not only this country, 
but of London, where he attended the Cine- 
matograph Exposition nt O'.ympla Inst March 
as secretary of tho First International Expo- 
sition of the Motion Picture Art and repre- 
sentative of the Motion Picture Exhibitors' 
League of America. 

lie is one of the pioneers of the moving 
picture business In New York, and as far 
Back as 1000 gave exhibitions of moving pic- 
tures in the basement. of The Fair, on Four- 
teenth Street, which was at that time a Blot 
machine arcade. 

Mr. Samuels Is devoting his entire time at 
present to tho coming exposition, nnd hopes 
to be able to make a good showing at the 


Two of Chicago's Motion Picture Censor Hoard. 
( Photo furnished by Sellg Polyscope Co.) 

hopp 11 vni.Kv. 
Ilopp Hartley, or Samuel Hopkins Iladley, 
I'll. II., as he is known In his home circle, 
was a showman of considerable prominence 
before he entered tho moving picture field 
of eideavor. From public school to Penning- 
ton Seminary ; from Pennington to New York 
University ; from the University to the stage; 
from the stage to tho front of tho theatre ; 
from manager to general manager of Henry 
li. Carey's Attractions; after which he built 
a moving picture theatre, nnd has been a 
lively member of the film fraternity ever 


t ' - -v-.'S 

Purposing to gain the hearty backing of 
the Motion Plcturj Exhlbtors' League of 
America In convention of tho First Interna- 
tional Exposition of the Motion Picture Art, 
nt the New Grand Central Palate, New York 
City, week of July 7, the American Museum 
of Safety will show pictures Illustrating the 
dangers of the street, especially to children. 
It Is the purpose of the Safety Committee to 
get official confirmation from the Exhibitors' 
League of the movement to give free demon- 
t.ti-at inns to children In or out of school 
of the dangers of mutilation nnd 
arising frooi congested conditions In tbc 
streets. These pictures will make clear 
to the most Jejune Intelligence how nnd how 
not to get off trolley cars and other vehicles, 
the dangers of stealing rides, nnd how roller 
skates may roll them Into the grave or tho 
hospital, via crushing wheels, etc., etc. 

The American Museum of Safety have been 
assured of the hearty co-operation of local 
theatre owners to show these pictures nt 
hours of recess or at other times. Tho pur- 
pose Is now to make this co-operation, now 
principally confined to New York City, na- 
tion wide in scope. Being sure of places to 
exhibit the films, the Safety Committee will 
then go after the respective boards of educa- 
tion and persuade them, to allot time In 
which tho pupils may see with their own ryes 
how their little comrades lose their limbs 
and Uves. The Safety Committee already 
has films Illustrating street dangers, and to 
this library they will add. 

It Is the purpose of the officers of the 
American Museum of Safety to extend this 
movement further than to children only. 
With the financial aid of corporations having; 
plants with machinery -which expose their 
workers to Injury or death they will carry 
this educational movement to adult minds. 
This method will reduce the number of crip- 
ples and lower the records of mortality. 

Louise Vole, the leading woman of the 
Pilot films, has become as great a success In 
the moving picture field as she attained dur- 
ing her starring seasons in the legitimate. 
Miss Vale has made great strides since she 
resigned her position as leading woman for 
the Rex films. Among her latest splendid 
performances In the silent drama are "Until 
Death Us Do Part," "The Governor's Ro- 
mance" nnd "For Old Times' Sake." Her 
great experience as a dramatic stock leading 
woman has been of Incalculable value to her 
in her new sphere, and the sumptuous gowns 
worn by her In pictures have won the ad- 
miration of picture "fans." 


A motion picture actress of renown, who 
has made n sensational success as the por- 
trayor of the title role In tho big feature 
film production of "Cleopatra." Her latest 
and most notable effort Is the lead In "The 
Wife of Cain." 


A petite and cute little girl who Is rapidly 
developing into a star screen entertainer, 
nnd who is appearing In current releases of 
the "Imp" brand of motion pictures. 







At Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Population 40,000, and 10,000 visitor*. 

Oats, SEPTEMBER a, 3 and sft 

Managers of big outdoor acta and concessions write to 

^kb if If To an Insistent public demand 
IS | W m for now ldcus and new fun, 
III ■ •*■ »nd provldo yourself with a 
Hl-rn cony of JfABIHOS'S 
IlKr II BUDGET No. 14. Con- 
nblaW tents lncludo U monologues, 
9 acts for 2 males, 6 sketches for male 
and female, 82 parodies, a great min- 
strel first part, a one act farce, besides 
sketches for two females, for male quar- 
tettes: also hundreds of newgairs and "side 
walk patter" Jokes. PKICE of MAM- 
DOLLAR. Back Issues out of print. 


JAMES MADISON writes for Joe Welch, 

u jolson, Ben Welch, Jack Jforworth, 

Howard ana Howard, Rooneu ana Bent, 

vat Oarr. Bunting ana Francis, etc., elc. 


Characters and Character Comedy; also 
Direct.' Have some good Scripts. 


Character and Henries. Long Rep. and 

Stock: experience. 
Address EDW. B. RODGERS, Cumber- 
land Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. 


That can change often and work la acta. One 
most play organ and both do singles. Also good 
•Ingle performers that can play organ. Experi- 
enced people In all lines write. State salary, 
when you can join, and all you do. 

Nat are'i Remedy Co., South Amboy, N.J. 


Biz Novelty Indoor Circus Acts for company to 
play first-class theatres. Tour commences Aug. 
36 for entire season's engagement. Write full 
description of acts, terms, etc., for next two weeks. 
Ho agents. Address NOVELTY, care of CLIPPER . 

Trio. Uncle Tom's Cabin Co. 


Address per rooter. F08TERIA, MICH , July 

GEO. II. PITT, Manager 



General Business Characters. Heavies. Director 
with Scripts. Ago 84, 6 ft. 10 In.; Weight 148. 
HAY CALLAHAN, Juvenile Soubrctte. (fun- 
eral Business. Age 28, A ft. 4 Id.; Weight lie. 
Experienced, sober and reliable. Frank Oalla- 
han, laOft Canal St., W«w Orleans, La. 


Lady bareback rider, oomedy aoro- 
batlo aot with diagoLtnge wiro act 
Novelty trapeze and dog pony and 
bucking mule aot. No agents. Address 

Acrobatic, care of CLIPPER 


Gire"Waehbura'a Thearto, Cheater, Pa. 


For musical act by a reputable man. 
Experience not necessary. Address _ 
J. At. A., . . . Care of CLIPPER 


Medicine Performers of all kinds that can stand 
prosperity. Opera Boose show. Work year around. 
F. A. AKBN, PoolvUle, N. Y. 

SONGS, ODES arranged, composed 

T (""for Piano and Orchestra. Aslo 

Brand and Oomio Operas. Terms reasonable. 
Call or write, 117 E. eand 
Street, Now Torfc City. 


Portland, Mc— ■dcffe.iun (Julius Crhn, mgr.) 
the Jefferson Stock Co. presents "The Traveling 
Salesman" week ot June SO. Louis Albion, stage 
director of the company, assumes the leading com- 
edy rolo (or this production. Adelaide Kelm 
and the entire company appear, excepting Franklyn 
Munuell, who la on a three weeks' vacation. 

Kbitu'b Hippodrome (I. M. Mosber, mgr.) — 
The Keith Stock CO. present "Excuse Me" week of 
80, for the first time shown in stock, a souvenir 
gold bracelet Is thrown, from the "Pullman" dur- 
ing the "hold-up" scene, into the audience, at 
each performance, as a gift. 

Naw Portland (Jos. A. McConvllle, nigr.) — 
Munlcal comedy, sa presented by the J. W. Gor- 
man company, Is featured here for the Summer 
months, with Ktncmacolor pictures as an added 
attraction. "The Refining of Father" Is tbo offer- 
ing for week of SO. 

Obeblt's (James W. Grecly, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and motion ptetsrea. BUI 30 and week: The Car- 
reno Trio, Inez dough, ICIuiboll and Donovan. 
Raymond, Lelgnton and Morse, Thcreso Rose and 
motion pictures. 

Oabco (M. C. Blumenbertr, mgr.) — Motion pic- 
tures, to good business. 

Bra Nickel (Wm. E. Reeves, mgr.) —Motion 

Oafb Truth OAra OoTTxaa.— Motion pic- 
tures ere being shown here. 

Qui, Peak's Island (J. B. Bishop, mgr.)— 
Motion pictures featured. 

Bivsston Ptaa: (D. B. Smith, mgr.)— The 
musical comedy, "The Broadway Girls," week of 
80. dene Barnes Is a prominent member of this 

Nona. — Large crowds were attracted bete 28 
•and 80, when this city had two circuses. The 
Toung Buffalo Wild West-Col. Cummins' Far Bast 
filled its date here acceptably 28 and were fol- 
lowed SO, by Miller Bros, and Arlington's 101 
Banch Wild West State branch of the Mo- 
tion Blcture Exhibitors' League of America was 
organHed here 23, with the following officers: 
Moxley Hlumenberg, president, of Portland; 
Hiram Abrams, national vice-president, from 
Maine; Joseph Fortln, first vice-president, Lisbon 
Falls; Joseph A. McConvllle, second vice-presi- 
dent, Portland; James W. Oreely, treasurer, 
Portland; J. A, Emery, secretary. Bar Harbor 1 
A. Pi Bibber, sergcant-at-arma, Lewlaton. Messrs. 

Abrams and Oreely are among the delegates to 
attend the National Convention at the Orand 
Central Palace, New York, week of T. I. M. 
Mosber, Portland, la one of the alternates to the 
National Convention. 

Branawlclc, Mr. — Pastime (W. 0. Gould, 
mgr.) vaudeville and photoplays. . 

Cohberland (E. A. Crawford ft Son, mars.)— ■ 
Vaudeville and photoplays. 

Yovno BumLo Wild Wist la billed to appear 
here July S. 

Buffalo, N. Y. — Star (Dr. P. 0. Cornell, 
mgr.) the Northampton Players, In "Mrs. Bump- 
stead-Leigh" week of Jane 30, with "The Gam- 
blers" to follow. 

Si iba's <'M. shea, mgr.)— Bill week of 80: H. 
T. McDonnell and company, Edgar Atchlnson-Ely 
and company, Hermlne Messier, Gliding O'Hearss, 
Ina Claire, Bafiyettcs' dogs, Bernard and Weston, 
and John and Winnie Hcnniiujs. 

Majebtio (J. Ltughllu, mgr.) — Kalcm's "From 
the Manger to the Cross" features the motion pic- 
ture productions week of 30. 

Keith's Columbia (Charles Bowe, mgr.) — The 
picture feature for the holiday week is ''Mary, 
Queen of Scots." 

Lyric (A. L. Sherry, mgr.) — BUI week of SO: 
Llttlo Marie and bears, De Anno, Watson and 
Flyiin, Harry Qlbbs anil company, Scbreck and 
Perclval. and Charle9 Olbbs ' 

Daiimval Court (H. 0. Johnson, mgr.) — Pick- 
ard's sea lions are the park feature. The motion 1 
picture theatre Is drawing big crowds. E. L.' 
Buckey is meeting wltb fine success with the L. A. 
Thompson Scenic Hallway. 

Notch.— Klngllinr. Bros.' Circus will show here 
July z. with the Hugenbeck-Wallaoe Shows billed 

to follow 10-12 Crystal Beach and Erie 

Beach, on the Canadian shore, are reaping great 

Allitiny. N. X*.— Harmanus Bleecker Hall (Ed- 
ward M. Hart, mgr.) Lytell-Vaughan Stock Co. 
S resent for week of June 80. "Little Johnny 
once." "The Greyhound" next. 

Grand (Oh«s. L. Robinson, mgr.) — Vaudeville, 
to capacity. Bill for week of 30: Boeder and 
Lester. Jack IlaB« and Dorl. Welti, Lo Wana Trio, 
Harry Glbbs and company, Watson and Flynn, the 
Three Musketeers, and the Solitaires. 

Colonial (Stacy A Perriu, mgrs.) — The Mor- 
ton Oomedy Opera Co. present "The Girl In the 
Clouds" week of 80. 

Pboctob'b (Howard Graham, mgr.) — Bills for 
30 and week Include: The Money Girls, Broncho 
Four, Harry Hotter and company, Albert Don- 
nelly, Gertrude Dudley and company, Mark Sul- 
livan and Joule Fanton. 

Buoaiiwat. — Photoplays. 

Clinton Square. — Photoplays. 

Majehtio (Emll Delcbcs, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 
moving pictures. 

Orpheux. — Moving pictures, 

Mai-lb Beach Park (J. J. Oarlln, mgr.)— Sat- 
isfactory attendance rules at this resort. 

Electric park (W. J. Chandler, mgr.) — At the 
Rustic Theatre the FTanklin-Bargott Stock Co. pre- 
sent "Rip Van Winkle" 30-July 8 and "Girls" 

Notcs.— Hagenbeck-Wallace Shows will give 

two performances here July 8 101 Ranch 

Wild West will appear In this city 7. 

Syracnae. IV. Y.— Empire (Frederick Gage, 
mgr.) "The Man Who Owns Broadway" week of 
June 80. "Mn. Temple's Telegram" next week. 
Good business continues. 

Wietino (Francis P. Martin, mgr.) — "Mary 
Jane's Pa" week of 30. 

Vallet (Philip Honold, mgr.)— "The Belle of 
New York" week of 30. "The Time, the Place, 
and the Girl" next week. 

Noted. — Singling Brothers' Circus showed hero 

30 Hagenbeck-Wallacei Shows will appear in 

the city July T. and Miller Bros, and Arlington's 
101 Ranch WUd West 9. 

Genevas, IV. Y. — Smith (B. B. Outstadt, 
mgr.) motion pictures. 

tbmi'lx (F, 0. Pierce, mgr. )— Pictures and 
high cla.s musical teams afternoons and evenings, 
to satisfactory business. 

"Woterhnry, Conn. — Poll's (Ray S. Aver- 
Ill, mgr.) bill June 30-July 2: J. Da Bols, Flo 
and Ollle Waters, Bod and Claire, D'Arcy and 
Williams, Mme. Oonnelllus and photoplays. For 
3-5 : Paul La Croix, Musical Leslie., Long and 
Cotton, Sanbcrg and Lee, International Polo Team, 
and latest Aims. 

Garment (Cortlandt Barker, mgr.) — "Quo Va- 
dlsl" features this week's photoplays, shown 
evening of July 1, 

I'rincchs ((J. B. Cobb, mgr.)— Motion plctare*. 

Laetewood Park (J. J. O'Nell, mgr.) — Balloon 
ascensions, Three Blondlns, band concerts, carni- 
val and feature nights and dancing and cabaret 
continue to draw well. 

Lakh QuABSArANO (M. O'Connell. mgr.) — Con- 
certs and picnics. Water regatta July 4. 

Aliiamiwa. Ltbio, Scsnic, BnoADwAr and Co- 
lonial, motion pictures. 

Note. — William Fox and wife, accompanied by 
Mr. Zanf t, Mr. Fox's repreoentatlve,. reglsterede 
at the Elton Hotel, here, June 27. They la. 
spected J. 3. O' Nell's new theatre, of which Mr. 
Fox ha. control. This •iindsomo playhouse' la 
rapidly nearlng construction, and will bo opened 
the drat Sunday before Labor Day. If the build- 
ing Inspector permits. Already there Is much 
argument, pro and con, concerning the question 
of exits, Mr. O'Nell asserting that Mr. Ohsttteld. 
local building Inspector, has no control of any 
theatre where moving pictures are displayed, and 
claiming he will got his license from Chief Egan, 

of the State Police Ben Hansdorf will open 

his new theatre on Baldwin Street. It baa been 
named Shamrock. 

Hartford, Conn. — Parsons' (H. 0. Parsons 
mgr.) Hunter Bradford Players present "Old 
Heidelberg" week of June 80, with Dledre Doyle 

and A. B. Anson In the leading roles. 

pom's (W. D. Ascough, mgrl) — "The Woman," 
by the Poll Players. 80 and week, Edmond Elton, 
Maud Gilbert and Philip Dunning are featured in 
the cast. Frank Monroe, will' leave the company 
July 6, to re-join "Beady Money." George a, 
Lask will remain throughout the Summer. "The 
Country Boy" next, followed by "The Boss." 

HAjjTTORn (Fred. 1'. Dean, mgr.) — Bill 30- 
July 2: Stewart and Doniliucr.Tarnl, Art Adair, 
Vaughn, Klllfldge and company, De Vole Trio. 
Last half: Bush Brothers, Thomas and Thomas, 
Dixie Norton, Mlna Harrison and company, Bud 
Williamson and the Paths Weekly. 

Princess, Haiti Bona, and Eutibs, moving' 

Indianapolis, Ind.— Marat- (Fred J. Datley, 
mgr.) the Murat Players, In "Arms and the 
Man," week of June 80. "The dbnax," with 
Florence Webber, next week. 

English's (Bingham, Cohen, mgrs.) — 
Bill week ot 30: Gene Mullcr Trio, Oehsn. Cali- 
ban and Oehsn, Louis J. Selnb and company, 
Newell ond Most, and photoplays. 

KRrrn's (Ned 8. Hastings, mgr.)— Bill week of 
SO: Frank .Palmer, Joyce and Donnelly, The 
Vinos. Oeorge Yeomans, and Millard Bros. Mo- 
tion pictures of local scenes are shown as an added 
attraction. _.„ 

Ltbio (Olarn ft Barton, mgrs.) — Bill week of 
80: Btunson-snd Taylor, Ohnrles Forbes, Denton 
and Guides. Mullanl Sisters, Miller and Cleveland, 
Maurice Samuels and company* Empress Quar- 
tette, Hamanda Troupe, ,Bcott Sisters, and Bala- 
laika' Orchestra. 

Logranaport, Ind. — Broadway (E. E. Cun- 
ningham, mgr.) vaudeville' ond photoplays, 
changed triweekly, to big bouses. 

Ask, grand, Tokio and Cost, motion pic- 

Nons.— The traction company have contracted 
with X Cbntl, of New Castle, Pa„ to furnish an 
elaborate exhibit of fireworks st Spencer Park, 

July 4 A Chautauqua will be held In this 

city Jul; IMS, talent famished try toe Bed- 

path 0». Among the attractions to he offered 
are: Redpeth Grand Opera Co.. Florentine Trio. 
Ben Orevt Players, Marx Trio, llobmnlr Kryl and 
bis band, Motart Concert Co., Barnard Orchestra. 

St. John, Can. — Opera House (F. G. Spen- 
cer, mgr.) Annla Abbott, tho Georgia Magnet, 

was hero Juno 20-28. 

Nickel. — Adcle Homey, a local girl, In songs; 
Emmett and Etnmott, and moving pictures. 

am.— Jack Morrlssey, In songs, and tho mov- 
ing picture*. 

UMKJDB. — Moving pictures. 

Star, — Moving picture.. 

EMrsxss.— (Moving picture). 

Lyric. — Vaudeville and moving pictures. 

Notes, — The Opera House will probably re- 
main dark D. U. McDonald, who has been 

resident mansger ot tbo Opera House here for the 
past eighteen months, resigned his position June 
is, and left for Sydney, N. S„ to assume tho 
management of a theatre that is being opened 
there by L. R. Acker, of Acker's Theatre, Halifax. 
While in this city Mr. McDonill was very popular 

both with the companies and the patrons • 

Klernaa Kelly former mansger of Mr. Spencer's 
Amherst, N, 8., theatre, assumed the management 
of the Opera House here, 80. Among the at- 
tractions booked at this house during August and 
September are "Brewster's Millions," Aug. 7-0, 
"The Pink Lady" 11-10, "The Chocolate Soldier" 
21-23, and "The Newlyweds" Sept. 1. 2. 

Hot Spring*. Ark.— Airdome (Frank nead, 
mgr.) Joe Williams Stock Co.. advertised 
for week June 23. failed to fill their engagement, 
and this resort was closed for that week. The 
Tiger Lilies Musical Oomedy Co. opened a week's 
engagement 30. 

Whittinotok Park.— Large crowds always. 
Instrumental and musical concerts are given free 
In the Caslao, by the Vapor City Entertainers, 
a new local musical organisation, and all the con- 
cessions revcelve a full share ot patronage. 

Niw Roial, Ltcsoac and Central, motion pic- 

Nons. — At the Central's day and night showa 
the largest audiences that ever assembled here 
witnessed the live reel production of the "Battle 
of Gettysburg." during the sfteruoon one hun- 
dred Q. A. R. veterans, st the Army and Navy 
Hospital, witnessed the film. Old guns and relics 
of the war were shown In the lobby Prin- 
cess vaudeville theatre has closed for the season. 
, Arrangements for re-opening the new, band- 
some Lyrlo Theatre are In progress. 

Eaneavllle, O. — Hippodrome (Helen Morri- 
son -Lewis, mgr.) good business with motion pic- 
tures.- Features for week of June 80 are: "The 
White Slave," "Rival Engineers" and "When 

Flit 8 D*£CFG£fl " 

Quimbt's (W. 0. Qulmby, mgr.)— -Motion pic- 
tures. During tbo production of "Cleopatra," 25, 
the crowds were ao great that the police were 
called upon to preserve order. 

American (James Collins, mgr.) — Motion pic- 

Grand. — Motion pictures of "Pilgrim's Pro- 
gress" was presented here 24, to big business. 

Notcs.— The Orpheum closed 21.... Howard 
Chandler Christy, the famous srtlst. Joined Zanci- 

vllle Lodge, No, 114, B. P. O. Elks, 20 

Moisbala Park Is attracting throngs of people 
during the present hot weather and business is 
reporied great. 

Portsmouth, O. — Orand (Tyses ft T.ylor, 
mgrs.) regular Fall season will open Aug. 18, 
with Vogel's Minstrels, "Little Women" hooked 
for an early date In September. 

8dm (Flti hush Lee, mgr.) — This vaudeville 
house has cloied. It will remain dark till Aug. 

Ltbio, Oohjmdia, Soznio, Temple, Obfheuu, 
ExmniT and Arcana, moving pictures. 

Notes. — The Metropolitan Carnival Company 

closed a successful week'a carnival here 28 

The Scioto County Annual Fair will be held 
Aug. 12-10, at the race track. 

"Colamtina, O. — Hartman (Lee M. Bods, 
mgr.) "Sapbo" week of June 30. 

OLBNTANOT Park (W. J. Dusenbury, mgr.)— 
"Hawthorne ot the U. S. A" week of 80. 

Keith's (W. W. Prosser. mgr.) — Bill week of 
80: Stevens end Howard. Francis and De Mar, 
Frank and Bice and Billy Evans and pictures. 
. St. PanI, Minn.— Metropolitan (L. N. Scott, 
mgr.) Wright Huntington Players present "The 
Greyhound'' for June 20 and July 8-5. Msnds 
Adsuis, In "Peter Pan," June 30-July LI 

Siidi.sdt (William Oull-ri, mgr.) —Dramatis 
Stock Co. presenta "The Talker" week of June 20. 

Empress (Qua 8. Greening, mgr.)— 'BUI for 
week of 20: "The Girls and the Jockey," Klein 
Bros., Clark and McOullough, the Kennedys, snd 
"His Nerve." 

Ma;»stio (D. S. Courtney, mgr.) — Business Is 

Princess (Bert Goldman, mgr.) — Continued 
good business. 

Stabland (0. F. Rose, mgr.) — Good houses 

HnroDnoiM (Jacob Barnett, mgr.) — Business 
Is good. 

Shreweport, La.— Grand (Ebrlicb Bros., 
mgrs.) Is dark. 

■Majestic (Khrllch Bros., mgrs.) — mil Jons 20- 
28 Included :*Drlnkmsn and Steelo Slater., Johnson 
and Bunnell. Alexander Bros., and Oil* Mitchell, 
picture, and Prof. Collier', orchestra., 

Sacnueb (B. V. Richards Jr., mgr.) — Motion 

QVMK (E. V. Richard. Jr., mgr.)— Motion pic- 

Palaob (B. V. Richards Jr., mgr.)— Motion 

Mush (0. A. Demerls, mgr.)— Motion pictures. 

Deeamland (0. A Demerls, mgr.) — Motion pic- 
tures. . _ 

Notes.— The Palace Theatre waa re-opened 21, 

with a free admission to all The Hippodrome 

will bo completed soon snd promises to he some- 
thing novel In plcturedom. 

BfcAIester, Oklsu— Airdome (Archie B. 
Wllklns, mgr.) Bnd snd Henry Maslcsl Oomedy 
Co. June 80 snd week. Bpooner Dramatic Co. 
week of 7. 

Lax a Paik Abikiiib (Archie B. Wllklns, mgr.) 
—Bowman-Martin Stock Co. week of 29. 

Yaub-Majsstio (D. A. McDonald, Mgr.)— Pic 
tares In which the leading stars appear are shown 

Victoi (Will Tlpplt, mgr.)— Motion pictures 
to splendid baslnes*. _ ..... .. 

Libbbtt (John A. Stelnson, mgr.)— Motion pie- 
tores to good business. ^_^._ «. 

Note;— The Hutchinson Musical Oomedy Co. 
cancelled their engagement at the Star Airdome 
for SO and week. 

ESnld, Ohrla.— LVlmar Airdome (Stebblns ft 
Bolton, mars.) Mortimer Players June 20 snd 
week, followed by Hutchinson Musical Oomedy 

kijasTio (B. W. Wirt, mgr.)— Moving pie- 

Botal (B. W. Wirt, mgr.)— Moving pictures. 

Wonderland (Stebblns Bros., mgrs.)— Moving 
pictures. . .. .' 

Orpueuh (King a Bolton, mgrs.)— Moving pic- 

Nons.— B. W. Parker, of this city, character 
actor, Joined the Franklin Block Co., at Wichita 

Falls, Tex., 21, as stage manager "Chau- 

tauqur." will be bere for seven days commencing 
July J 6. 

Battle Creek, Hleh^-Post (E. R. Smith, 
mar.) closed for repairs and re-decoratlng. 

Bltou (Harry Lorcb, mgr.)— Bill June 80-July 
2: Howard Longford, Melt and Demon t, Smiletta 
Slaters, Stranb Sisters, Buckley's Animal Circus. 
For Ti 5: Rondos Trio. Alexander Sisters. Dyer 
and Dyer, Jock Burdette, and Patrlcola and 

Notss.— The Smith Greater Shows exhibit here 
80 and week, under tne auspices of the Elks, and 
the Greater Rutherford Shows are also under the 

management of the Moose Us mum ft Ballefl 

Circus Is billed bere for July 14. 

Bar tHty, Mich.— Grotto (Foster B. Close, 
mgr.) moving pictures. 

Wstncnau (B. P. Leahy, mgr.)— Motion plc- 

Staji (Thatcher ft Son, mgrs,) —Moving pic- 

Wknona Beach OAsmo (L. H. Newcomb, mar.) 
—Bill week of June 20 : Schulls Trio, John Vin- 
cent, Mendel and Nogel, Woodward, aid the Oa 

Grand Rnplds, Mich. — Rsmotrs (Lew De 
Lamater, mgr.) bill for week of June 80: Acme 
Fou£ Five Juggling Mowntts. La Gracloso, Smith 
and Pullman, Trschow's cats, Tftree Bickey Bros. 
and the Three Lorettas. 

Kerne, V. H.— Majestic (D. P. Aider, mgr.) 
vaudeville and motion pictures. Jane 80 and 
week Lorn Blwrn Stock Ob. 

Dbrajiland (B. A. Worsey, mgr.)— Motlou pic- 
tures, to s. a, o. 


One of the World's Host Perfectly 
Equipped A mttsement Enterprises. 

On ptge 23 of this Issue Is presented a compoelts 
picture lsyout covering the Great Patterson 

Shows, a carnival organisation which enjoys an 
envlsbls position la tho world of tented amuse- 
ments. Jameo Patterson his built up a splendid 
following whereon hi. .hows have exhibited, and 
he Is accounted as being one ot the moat s.tute 
of America's carnival promoters. Ths Great 
Patterson Shows ire pliylng to big business all 
•long the route. 

Following I. the roster: 

Jss. Patterson, general manager; Jas. Patter- 
son Jr., assistant manager; O. N. Patterson, sec* 
retory ind treasurer: II. S. N'oyes, general agent! 
Raymond a Hlder, special agent; L. P. Caldwell, 
promoter; Doc. Handle, press representative; U. 
T. Brslncrd, electrician, with Hve asslatanlai 
Prof. De Palms, bandmaster; G. D. Elder, 
checker; W. H. Harris, trainmaster; L. B. Har- 
ris, boss carpenter: Frank Senilis, lot superin- 
tendent, II. Osmond, steward. 

Among the attractions are tbo following: 

Patterson's Trained Wild Animal SAow. — Ju. 
Patterson, owner; Doc. Handle lecturer and an- 
nouncer; Fred King, ticket box No. 1; Harry Doe, 
ticket box No, 2. This atiow consists of Slgnor 
Sebastian and bis military drill of trained ponies ; 
Cecelia Sebastian, menage set; Mme. Horner, lion 
tssnerj Mile. Mabelle, irapexe and flying ladder; 
Slg. Sirciatan, group ot trained elephants; per- 
forming goats, Princess Vellalre; trick mule. Ma- 
jor Dumond : Cuba, high school pony, Mile. Odell ; 
monkey and pony act, Oipt. Snyder ; riding dog 
set. Major Raasel. Geo. Kitchen, boss canvaa 
man; Oscar McClellsn, teamster; Chsrles Hughes, 
ring stock msstcr; L. G. Gray, pony man; 
Slgnor Sebastian, equestrian director. Assistants: 
Fred Baker. Wilt Grin, John Kohl, Geo. Be unci, 
L. II. Church, Dave Hanley snd N. A. Powel. 

Anncz—}. J. Bejano, manager; Eddie Harts, 
assistant manager; Doc. Hllderbran, talker; Kl 
Kl Bills, original Haba Hibi man ; Major Lewis, 
human pincushion ; Prof. A. L. Morrel, Yankee 
whit tier; Geo, Townaend, Little George; La Bell. 
Amelia, fat girl; Paul Desmuke, armless wonder; 
Prof. McMillan, Pink eyed Albino musician; 
Handsome Harry, fat man and crayon artist; 
Arratoo. two beaded wonder; Herb. Smart, lec- 
turer; Geo. Monro, superintendent canvas; Jesse 
Smith, lecturer. 

"Bout Beto' do Woh" — Doc. Grsliam, manager; 
Claud Woods, talker ; Bert. Gwlnn, ticket boa No. 
1; Doc. Hlggina. ticket box No. 2; Gordon Col- 
lins, stage manager; Fred. Mayes and Billy God- 
low, comedians; Fred. Lewis, Dudley Lisle, Pat 
Wstson, Obas. Wilkin*. Ethel Rucker, Loralns 
Booker ind Ophelia Godlow, singers and dancers. 
Ed. Rucker, bmdmniber; Chick Hellers. Clyde 
Branson, Dave Stephens, Harry Knox, Sam Cash, 
band and orcbestra; Dick Moore, supt. canvas. 

Jungle Land — J, P. Everett, manager; It. H. 
Bralnerd, aialstint manager; Jack NIckols, talker: 
Harry Pay, boss animal mnn : Lester Stoops ana 
Bert Atklnion, ticket boxes; Joe Harvey, lecturer) 
Jas. Mihoney. csavsiman. _ , 

Deep Boa Divert — J. 0. Kelloy, manager; Oil 
Atkinson, talker; Geo. Squires, ticket box; Opal 
Mitcbel, lecturer. _ 

Crystal Palace — Will 7,. Soiltb, proprietor; Doc. 
Barnett, talker; Orln Newborn and Obas. Holmes, 
ticket box; Christy Meyers, Lester Divine and 
Gene Devlne, glas* blowers; Ed. Tripp, superin- 
tendent canvas. 

Donoimn's Blvition — J. J. Porter, owner and 
manager; John Welsh, electrician: Geo. Weit- 
lake, tickets; Jo Ooonely, props; Chief Deerfoote 
and family, full blooded Choctaw Indiana; Frank 
Squires, superintendent canvaa. 

Devil't Boucer-pJ. W. Cofalan and A. T. 
Bralnerd, owners; J. W. Oogblan, maaager ; Mrs. 
A. T. Bralnerd and Mrs J. W. Oogblan, tickets t 
the Thrilling El Blauo, Cannon Bill Bell, Dire 
Itovll Lark-ins, Devlllo Henry. Swede Anderson, 
Jsy Welch, Internstlonsl rsce rider.. 

The Squeeier— Roger Patterson, manager; Wm. 
Doff, talker; Dick Oar. ticket box. 

llaid o/ the Kill— Geo. F. Bailey, manager I 
H. A. Bailey, talker; Ilsrry Mataia), ticket beg I 
Tom Jeiguaon, Inside man. 

Panamo Cissl Kshibtion—V. Meed, mana- 

St and lecturer; Tom Rysn. talker; Mrs. B. O. 
eid, ticket box; Geo. Boone, superintendent 

Corrvuiel — , Aimer Kline, manager; Virginia 
Brilne.-d, checker: Tom Tremble, engineer; BUI 
Devon, ticket seller; Ajbos Smith and Lee Col- 
kin., ticket tak-.-s. 

revrli Wheel — Cheater Mlssler, manager; Jo T. 
Hall, engineer; B. G. Freeman, ticket seller. 

Bonia HAoio.— J. H. Johnson, proprietor and 
manager: Oorda 'lell, violinist; Wm, Harris, cor- 
netlst; Tom Dunn, muilcil director: Girland 
Tarborough, trap drama; L. B. McCsleb, idvinoe 
sqrnt; Arthur Jackson, stralgbt man; Tom Ben- 
nett assistant electrician; Rd. Moore, assistant 
oinater and oornettst ; Robert Greer, comedian ; 
J. W. Berry, talker; Charles Laughter, stage 
manager; H, B. Jackson chief electrician; R. W, 
OonsTdon, pianist; B, McCoy, comedian ; Marie Bar- 
nett, fancy boxing and lead.; Bessie Harris, leadl 
snd chorus ; Zllda Damcron, specialty ; Violet Al- 
len, leads and chorus; Mary Westraan, choruei 
Nelllo McOlll, ohorua; Tlllle Johnson, specialties 
and producer; Loralno Berry, child wonder; Mabls 
Allen, leads and chorus; Rose Lsnghter, character 
change, and chorus ; Nellie Burros, leads and 
chorus:; Irene Rem, sneclsltks and chorus; 
Banal Langford, lady comedian and leada; Tboalo 
Bhlrley, leads and chorus; Lilian Lablancb. too 
dancer and ipeclnllty. 

Coneeniime— John 0. Aughe, nine concessions; 
T. 0. Foster four concessions! H. B. Osssond, 
conrmlaasry depsrttnrut ; Onsen Louise, palmist | 
Esione, palmist; O. L. Nogle. ofllclsl photog- 
rapher; A. B, Darks, professloaal play ball ma- 
chine ; the old reliable Dick Mitchell, Juice; 
Frank Holmes, Hamburger; Maurice Crow, shoot- 
ing gallery; Fred Ireland, twenty-eight foot knife 
rack; F. O. Blegle, novelties. Arcade— Al. Dsvls, 
manager; Jeane Helfisb, cashier; Ed. Neason, 



Th* neuter Shows, which are now on their 
ninth week, are now whipped Into excellent ahape. 
and Is one of ths largest carnival attraction* 
traveling. The business, so far, oa ths 

baa been most gritlrylng and aatls(actory to both 
the management and all people concerned wltb 
the ahow. Tho following Is a complete list of 
all tho abows, concessions and general staff for 
Mr. Hunter: 

Col. Greene's Wild West, with eight head of 
stock, slK Indians, eight cowboys and cowgirls 
and a ten nleoe hand. 

Chen's Circus, with ten performers. _ 

8 ulna's Dog and Pony Show, 
idllns Brothers' trained horses, King and 

Jollle Jessie, the fst girl, 

Jim HoiIkcs' Hnake Show. 

Downa' Ten In One. 

Fletcher Flowers' Wild Animal Show. 

Zanto'a Midget City. 

Miller's Oriental Show. 

Oarr's Chill Twins. , . 

Grig's New Ell Ferris wheel. 

Snoyden's Merry-go-round, a new $20,000) ma- 

2 nine's Pony Track. 
mong the concessionaries are; AL Plnder, 
with three stores: Moo Miller, wltb three; Chen's 
China snd Vase Wheel, Htrstton and Bheppl, with 
seven stores; Jennie Allen, with Ave. 

When the outfit sets op we have slxty-flve 
concessions on the midway. Clark's Rand of 
twenty men, dpi. Garrlty wltb bis Fire Dive, 
Kmlth's Dogs and Amy's Leopards are the free 

Bock with the show Mr. Hanter'a stiff Is as 
follows: Hairy Hunter, general director; Tho** 
Nally treasurer: Tom Smith, trainmaster; Ed. 
Murphy, electrician, wltb one oailatmt, Oeorge 
Moore,, In charge of concessions. 

With the advance are : Cloy M. Oresne, general 
agent; Arthur Wlndlidi, advertising agent; Sol. 
Levy, press agent; Obas. Lindoo, with hi. wife, 
doing ibe street rubes, snd Butler's Lsdy Band. 

Tie Oftkttk it Outen » great, tod a big weak 

te assured. The abows ploy a special week for 
the fhtraen at McKey. Rocks, Pa., week of July 
7. and over 11,500 hss already been sold on pro- 
gram "ads.," and special excursions with special 
railroad service promise a wonderful week'a Dull- 
ness tor the show. 


Tno Great Southern Shows, which was taken 
over by Harrington ft Dodson, in Pensocols, 
Florida, last February, formerly under the moo* 
ogement of J O. Simpson, chsnged hands Jane 
24. WUIIan) T. Harrington having pnrvbaoed the 
lnhsrest of Guy 0. ilodson, bis former partnHV 
The abows will now bo known as llarrlngtoa'a 
Great Southern Showa under the personal man- 
agement ot Wm. T. Harrington, indited by Ben 
H, Klein, secretary and treasurer, formerly of 
ths K. O. Harkoot and Great Empire Showa. 

Tbo Great Southern Shows, after their twenty 
weeks' sojourn la the South, covering Florida, 
Alabama. Mlselsslppl, (Icorgls, Tennessee, Vlr- 
glols, West Virginia anil Ohio, are now making 
their war Into Michigan, where they will play 
both tho lower ind upper Peninsulas, thence going 
into Canada, returning by way of the Oopivrr 
Country, est route South. 

Louia J. Berger, the congenial general repre- 
Motatlve of the shows, has been very aucceaafal 
In booking soma of the beat "spots" in Michigan, 
Including Muskegon, Manistee, Traverse City, Pe- 
toekey and Sault Sto. Marie, both ths American 
and Cansdlan aides. 

Mr. Berger ilao auccecdrd In landing the eon- 
tract for the exclusive shows rides and conees- 
9St*iJ g ! $*. Wc * t MU'hlgsn State Fair, which 
will be bold In Grand llaptds, MIcb., Labor Day 

Since the organisation ot the abows under the 
present management tbe entire outfit boa been 
almost entirely re-equipped and to-day la on. of 
the neatest appearing and cleanest outfits on ths 

The show his been one of the most success- 
ful companies (hit has plsyed the South this 
Winter, which Is solely duo to the untiring ef- 
forts of ths present management and staff. 

There has been llttlo change In the lineup of 
ittrscttons and concessions since ths show left 
Pansscsla, bat now that Mr. Harrington baa pur. 
chased tbe show, he announces that within the 

E&iS "R to SW!™ new .hows, which he wlH 
build himself will be added. 

After the Michigan tour tbe shows will again 
journey South, playing aome ot the more Import- 
ant Southern fair dates, together with several 
return engagement. In cities which tbsy visited 
on the wsy North, Tho line-up of attractions 
follows : 

"Hollands' Dig Hippodrome or One Ring Cir- 
cus," featuring the "Flvo Hollands," lbs world's 
foremost darlnir bareback riders, la a sensational 
riding act. This attraction carries (en head of 
the finest ring stock In tbo country, and has boon 
tbe talk of the territory covered. 

Harrtngton'a "Big Musical Oomedy or Ad- 
vanced Vatidovllle," carrying eight very beautiful 
young ladle* In the chorus and two funny come 
dims, one of the strongest attractions on aha 

Harrington's "Old Plantation, or Dixieland 
Mln.treli," wltb sixteen of America's best colored 
performers, never fills to please the large audi- 
ences which It draws In every city. 

Joe Beauford's "Selena" allow, the strange* 
girl alive, gives an exhibition ot her wonderful 
control over poisonous and vanenious reptiles 
which Is innifng. 

"Oasey Jones," tbo armless wonder, entertains 
the maeses wltb his marvelous exhibition: doing 
everything with his feet that la imsslhls tor any 
human being to do wltb their bands. 

Nelson's Picturesque Wild Weil depicts the life 
of the Western Plain* showing tbe customs and 
paailmee of the Indiana and Oowhoya. 

Phillips' "Voliana," or "The Human Dynamo," 
la an attraction that Is truly mirveloui and never 
fall* to please It* many iu Irons, 

D* Vor's "Bleotrlo Show" I. another of tbe 
atellar attraction* with the ahow. 

Patcben A Smith'* big carousel and Gooding's 
Ell Ferris wheel ore tb. riding devloes carried. 

The following line-up ot ooncenlons are carried: 

Aston*. Bros? electric candy wheel. Teddy Heir 
wheel and noveltlea and confetti; "Dad" Milter. 
cook-house, glasa wheel and long range .booting 

Iallery; Stevens' log store. Madam Moiaelle, pilm- 
•try; Jos. La Roux, gloss spindle and art vss* 
wheel; Miller's Country Store, Msdam Cors, palm- 
ist: Ooodsteln's Jewelry storo, Klein's hoop-la and 
lee cream cones, Ouaato Bcauford'o ten pint, H.r- 
?.•' sisis .wheel snd vsse wheel; Anderson's 
Striker, McDonnell's Pins-Pong: Llttlo Mollle's 
keg game, ind Oohenls doll wheel. 

Prof. 0. Psnserl's Royal Italian Band of twelve 
pieces furnlibea the music, and gained tbe adtolra- 
Hon of ths peoplo In every city where they hive 

"Little Motile." the world's champion bead 
foremost Iidy high diver baa been the feature 
free attraction wltb tbe ahow ever since Hi or- 
ganisation, snd continues to smsse the psopls 
with her daring and sensational act. 

The official staff of tbe Grsst Southern Shows 
ll SS follows! Wm. T. Harrington, sole owner 
and manager; Ben H. Klein secretary and treaa- 
nreri Louis J. Berger, general representative! 
Frank W, Lloyd and Ed. A. Wilson, promoters; 
Wm. 0. aibboni, mister of trsnsportstlon | Ray 
Hessamore, preis sgent ; v.. Manning, superin- 
tendent of grounds; Wm. Gibbons, chief elec- 
trician, and Geo. Foss, Militant electrician, 

Harit Helms snd his Mystery Show Is ploying 
the Northwest, snd reports surreal. Tbe company 
Includes: Harry Helms, magician snd Illusionist, 
ssslsted by Mrs, Helms and Lucille Helms : Nona, 
"Tbe Lady In Black," la somnolency and ipirlt cab- 
inet work: lAirena, comedy Juggler: Mile. La 
Belle, musical ict and rag pictures! Prof, tave, 
Are and magic kettlo act: Roloff'a trained dogs, 
monkeys tod posies; the a rest Bornardo, handcuff 
king and escape srtlst, and the Three Merino 
Bros., acrobats. Harry Helms Is proprietor snd 
mansger. Tbe route extends to tbe Pacific (Joist. 
. OLAsrmoa Atjbkinos hss been engaged by Jones 
ft Crsne'i Wolf Co. as agent. He la at present 
with Christy's Big Tent Show. 


lp|l!lr|L,or. ; i'.Mirirn 

On tnachine earned IIB.SBO In 28 w1is.,}804 
One machine earned 1 17,048 In 20 wks., IMS 
One machine earned I lt),6D2 In 20 wks., 1000 
One machine earned 18,017 in 27 wks., 1007 
One machine earned 12.802 In 27 wks., 1008 
One machine earned 110,842 In 20 wks., 1000 
One machine earned ,18,521 In 28 wks., 1010 
One nuchtng earned $20,188 In 02 wks., 1011 
"Above figures Will be verified to customers." 
O. W. PAilKBR. Leawenwoetb. K— . 


Suitable for Prises, also Stage Jewelry, 
Orease Paints, Oold Cream, Burnt Cork, 
etc., best In the market. Send '»' •^•l *!?' 
Address tho old rellablo II. «. UstMt* CO., 
131 Mo. Wabash Ave.. Chicago, III. 

Chicago's mm wtw shop 

mnm is this lihk. ^v\ 

he Homo «r nil Hnlek Ptoo^tee^pljy 


'. : 




July 5 


Attorney at law 

BMM West CM Street 


Specialist liMatriraoBlalDiffiMltit! 

Special Department to Coikctioos 
Cupontloas Oreaota), $25.00 


Fm Our Own Corresporieit, Reiiy George HMmL 

London, Jum 30. 


John Qlfmrtfnnlng produced "Hie Rosary" 
at the Elephant and CaaUe Theatre to-night 
Tfio play waa received with great enthusiasm, 
though tho Kngllsb company hardly did jus- 
tice to the character parts, which la a com- 
mon fault In London. Qlendeonlng la a great 



William A. Brady denies that there to any 
objection to Knglltth performers on the Ameri- 
can stage which statement was attributed to 


About three hundred American performers 
will gather at Epplng Forrest on Sunday, 
July (J. to celebrate America's national holi- 
day. This date was chosen instead of the 
4th, as many of the performers have mati- 
nees on that day. There will be patriotic 
speeches, picnic cames of all kinds, baseball 

Simea between picked nines from tho London 
pera House and the Hippodrome. Maurice 
Levi and his hand will play patriotic and 
ragtime tunes. Everyone will bring his or 
her own food. Those prominent in the 
formation of the plans for the celebration 
include-: Walter c. Kelly (The Virginia 
Judge), Wilson Hlsoer, Bob Adams, Bob 



Oat of are four real live ones and one eren 
break, consequently everybody happy. 

Blrioeford, Me., foe tho lOagtes, wis a cracka- 
Jack. Wcstbrotk, Me., for the baseball nsnocla- 
tliii,. even break. Wsterrllle for the Moose— 
everybody #>t money — a "eeced breaker for tbe 
town. This, Oapt. Latllp's home town, onulld 
Itself in a truly remarkable demonrtratkm of 
welcome. Bangor, the home of "Dare Devil" Hall, 
waa wit la order, and another splendid week was 
the result. The department had as for this 

Urn in a Now York interview. He says he Alden, Billy (Hart, Perry Byan, Phil tetera 

will continue to employ tbem, and declares and tie Porta Brothers. 

that anybody can have picture snows as tar ■ 

as he is concerned, FRED HILMS DEAD. 

Fred Wills, the ventriloquist, who is much 

esteemed as a Vaudeville Fund official. Is 



Annie dlaghcs, the well known English 
actress, opens on July 7, at tho Surrey, Lou- 
don, In her popular sketch, "Napoleon's 
Washerwoman," for week. Sno returns to 
New York In August 


Marcus Mayer, the well known American 
manager,. Is 111 in London. Despite his 


George Cohan win shortly arrive hi Lon- 
don to co-operate with Seymour Hicks. In 
producing "Broadway Joni?," 


Biases Waldo Dewey successfully hvtro- 

...- ....... ».•„ ...*. .,v,. ul .... t ... ...... «„ .« ..,,* U . UU „ P , I .. w ,,, M , uuiiuuii, uvnyiu; uid Duuca vvaiao Dewey successruiiy mxro- 

♦own, and say this, their third animal, was tho seventy-three years the doctors say he wiU duced her whistling act at the Coliseum to- 

Biggest yet Last week, for the Moose, at Bkow 
began, we found the entire city covered with flags 
and bunting mid a special feature arranged fur 
each day. This town waa a maiden, that's the 
answer. Another maiden tils week, Bumford 
Valla. Also worklog for the Moose here. Next 
week, Irf-wlstai looks like another big one. 

The press of this section unlto In saying "The 
larnext carnival company that lias ever played this 
section of tbe country." 

A few of the money getters: Sam Anderson's 
Athletic Oirla, Geo. A. Smith's Musical Comedy 
Co., Mlklro's "Temple of Science," Lauder's 

recover. He took cold while on shipboard. tight 


Ai. Bellman, whose death is noted In our 
death column, had been suffering for fifteen 

Sears, according to the statement of his 
rother, Peter schlidtt, of Louisville, who 
wan with him when he died. 
Some two weeks ago, at the written sag- 


Thos. A. Wise, who will create the princi- 
pal role in "The Silver Wedding," at the 
Longacre Theatre, Aug. 11, is playing a 

brief stock starring engagement, in Richmond, 
Va~ with the Lucille La. Verne Players. 
Dancing Qlrla, Msel^'s Wnteroirc^s and DivhiJ Sestlon of his brother. BeUinan went to a Wm. Freddick: Pbtbbs, whose score 
Qlris, Landers Bros.' Seven -In-one. Murray Bros.' sanitarium In Connecticut, where be stayed served to make "The Purple Boad" a sne- 
Platfonn Shows, Lambert's Busy Little People *°°"i tcn " a y s ' SPftJ'K because he could not cess, has taken a cottage for the rest of 
and Jojrlond. stand tbe Bight of the Inmates, some of whom the Summer, at Atlantic Highlands. N. J., 

The Hippodrome Is pleaalng all with: Rills were Incurable maniacs. He returned to where he will" compose the music for "Iole " 
Bros., revolving ladder; ReilBon and Slater, doublo New York and registered at the Long Acre the Itoocrt W Chambers hook, which will 
traps; Le Clair and Lewla, comedy acrobnts and Hotel on Sunday, June 22, and confided to bo nroducod bv H H iFrnzce this leall with 
nick boose; Wiseman's dogs and ponies, the Walter James fiat he intended to take bis Frank lihir lb the prlncloaT comedv^ Dart 
Sh^BawS* "* U N - """" mm "*>» aiK - '' fe ' »'■ J « m « consulted with Francis ^^ffiTSffS S» «1 
jWM Kapcdltlon has not hem doing t^^iJ!^Z^Sl&&S thrnE HSJW S$P r? "?' «3™*9L3fS** 
the balnea, predicted for It. but 1 took for it tS ^^S^Xa^Jin^^iaw % ' 

sent a number of telegrams to his brother, 
auklug that he come on. 

In reply his brother sold that ho was ar- 
ranging matters to do so, but matters as- 
tiumed such alarming proportions that Mr. 
Morcy, not wishing to assume the responsl- 

get big buslneas when we cross the line into 

The Keefe Bros, are making many friends here, 
yon have to hand to these tors for the neat 
frame-up of tbelr concessions. Kvery time I look 
at their frame-up 1 want to go aud band them 
money mjraelf. 

production, "The Passing Show of 1913.' 

Kb.nnkhv and Fabnwobth slipped away 
from Boston June 20, to Oil a four weeks' 
contract in Nova Scotia. 

Mas. Mart I). T>yloh, mother of H. W. 
Tnylor, proprietor and manager of the Tay- 
lor Stock Co., and Cling. N. Taylor, the the- 

Wl'th the more than sstlsftetory business done blliryof having Bclfman locked up, on Wednes- 23, in tueelgbty-flrst year of her ago!' 
by tbe shows since the opening, llualnesa Manager day wired Mr. Schllcbt that he should come Obcau Hamimhtotv hna emmiSxt 
Art L. B..lby haa_not been seen to smile jet, so at once, receiving the reply that ho was leav- 
ing for New York at r. if. He arrived in 
New York at r. m. Thursday. In the mean- 
time Mr. Morcy tried in every way to quiet 
Bellman, hut he gradually grew worse. 

On the arrival of his brother the three 
went to the club office for a talk, which last- 
ed until late at night. Bellman and his 
brother going to the Long Acre Hotel, where 
ihey bid each other "good-night" and went 
to their soparate rooms, Bellman seemingly 
being better. During the next boor Mr. 
bchllcht was called to the 'phono to talk to 
Bellman six times. Finally Bellman came to 
his brothcr'H room and they talked for a few 
momenta. Next morning it was mutually ar- 
ranged that Bellman was to roturn to tho 
nanllarlum for a few weeks, and left for tho 
train with his brother. 

Maine from a town In Western Now York, guaoru- ^ v £ n «£ ^treeta wagon came along and BeU- Banahine GirL" will stage "Madame Sherry 
let to open- on Monday, pay ror the posting and wan darted, ahead. That was the last heard jo r Oliver Morosco'a Borbank Theatre. Los 
newspaper advertlsU* and give twenty-nw, per of him until that night, when he called up Angeles. He returns Aug. 1, to "Hxie Sun- 
■asjt, on all. We pUy the town onder good jus- Ibe club where Mr. Morey^ and Mr. BchUcht shine Girl." 

Mbstatm has been engaged by John 
one of_ the principal parts in 'The 

led V»r«> •rther'with or wltboot a nuvke-up l 
want to know how." 

l.oreu Hull has offered ten dollars to the flrat one 
who pulls anything on Art that brings a smile; 
peraonally I think the money Is safe. 

At lisngor on the opening night, at T o'clock, 
wo were atruek by a terrific wind storm, but ley 
the energetic work of Oapt. LaUlp and the various 
heads of the dopsrtmenls ami the committee of 
fifty (Brewer Fire Department), only one tent 
went over, that of Laniberta Busy City. Fred. 
Cantaru was, however, able to open with the 
others. This, in fact, was the only town we 
were enable to open on Monday night a record 
that we are some chesty suout I assure yoo. 

That office of ours sure does look business like, 
two roll tops, one Oat aud two trunk desks, soma 

Blanche nail, wife of Lores N. Hall, one of tho 
owners, la vlaltlng with ns. 

Business Mansgrr Beiby Is awar on a flying 
visit at present Ue Is tiylng to And out how a 
carnival can Jomp Into tbe heart of the Stats of 

Obcab Hamubostbin has engaged Mile. 
Chenal for his coming season of grand opera, 
la his new Lexington Avenue Opera House. 

Arthi'h HorglNa will produce a new play, 
by Rachel CroOiers, early' In the Fall. No 
title bos been selexed as yet. 

Kxnnetii IIii.i, has returned from Europe, 
and has rejoined the cast of "Within the 
Law," at the Eltioge Theatre, laat week. 

.Hb.vky W. Bavaqb hsB obtnlEtd the Amer- 
ican rights to "La. Damolselle du Mogasln," 
a comedy by Messrs. Poneoa and Wicheler. 
It will be produced here next Beason. 

B. H. Bt'BNHiua la the future will make 
his headquarters at the Globe Ttoeatrc. Mr. 
Buixulde Is general stage director for Chas. 

Mar Bolbx will have a leading role In 
"The Passing Show of 1013," soon to be 
produced at tho Winter Garden. 

Jaubs Dabllho, stage director of "The 

pices, and play It right, but the noise of that were in conference, and they tried to locate ILuar 
contract got Art's goat, smt he ssya "If tbe him by 'phone. Catt for 

other fellow eao fill that contract with an organ- In the conversation, which Mr. Morcy over- EUxlr of 


The Ooraura A Bobbins CombLicd Shows played 
Sandusky, Ohio, week June '.'3, under the sanplceu 
of the Ragles,' Lodge. 444, and opened to big 

linnlneaii Monday night 

Wedntwlsy. st noon, a storm took possession 
of the dnut, and after the wind got through, 
there waan't enough olutT left standing on tho 
lot to tell a aliow hail been in town. After sev- 
eral henrs of hard work ioum of the small at- 
tractiusa opened to large trends. 

The lots will amount to several thousand dol- 
lars. Mr. Bobbins took Unit train to Chicago to 
replace canvas, and also to purchase a couple of 
Oat cars. 

The show Is now traveling ha a ten-car train 
of ltd awn. Tbe line-up of the shows Is as 
follows . 

1. Long** Old IMantntlon. 


la nn attempt to forestall this Mr. Morcy 
bad tho telephone boy ask the number of all 
calls that came in for him or Mr. BchUcht. 
Shortly after a call came for Mr. BchUcht, 
and was answered by Mr. Morcy, saying to 
Mr. Bellman that his brother was out for a 
half hour, that there was a letter for Bell- 
man from Louisville at tbe club, and to como 
over and get it, hoping; by this ruse to get 

bought the one night stand route (West) of 
"Frecklea" and will open BepL 10. 

IlAititr ■Mehtayf.u htm been engaged by John 
Cort for one of the principal parts In "Tho 
Elixir of Youth," which will be produced at 
the Cort Theatre, Chicago, Aug. 3. 

Mauxl. WtuiEB and her husband, Madison 
Corcj, sailed June 28 on board the Ooconto 
for a six weeks' vacation In Kurope, where 

ar, the 

timo Mr. Morcy told him that his brother 
had not returned. Each timo a call came in 
a member of the club was despatched to the 

finec, and by .this means traced him from 
lxth Avenue, across Forty-second Street, up 

Mas. IlAintr iMcBsidb (Mamie Goodrich) 
is sojourning at Mrs. Clara Stlnson'a country 

Tub Robin Hood Opera Co. has been lncor- 

<*eventh Avenue, and around to the Ulpp6- £?J 1 a, £' b X Peter Dunn *' *»• B - ^^ «*d Blcn ' 
dromc wherfi he waji neen. onhnoA wfin wprn ara_ taoill. 

2. (lorman A Bobus' Dig Btadtam, featnrlng drome, where he was seen. Those Who were 

out looking for him were telephoning in, and 

I'tlnce Nclaon. 
8. Wild Olri Show. 

4. Gorman's Oraay House, 

5. Jack Cbism's Wild West. 

0. JuBSBle Bay's Streets of Cairo. 

7. Jake Bchrtngold's 10-ln-l shows. 

Motse, the Cigarette Fiend. 

Doodsald's Museaa, fucty-two coneessloaS la 

Free attract Ions: Pries Nelson, high wire act 
and Prof. Yaarell, ballooa ascension. 

BUS Is sa folkiwa: Gorman A awtiblss, sols 
owners; AL Gorman, general manager; Jake 
Hehrlngold, bnaUiesa manager; Doc. Long, promot- 
er; Fred. Kelter, promoter; W. Vaa Oorton, sec- 

The show is headed for ike Northwest 


Wlllkra Morris and Morris Ilysms, bin 
manager, were arrested Monday night. Juno 
HO, charged with running a theatre on the 
New York Theatre roof without a license. 
They were paroled by Magistrate Applvtoa 
in the night court until the next morning to 

they were-asked to go bv different rotates to t I a ^S n b „ c ? n SBVRSfiP* " """ > 

the pin, o where ha was. /nally cornered... He H ^^»,"*i:„ D !! : . e f52L..,^ k _ u 

Tub M. Hoffman Amnstanent Enterprises 


JACK Johnson, accompanied by his white 

then came quietly to the clib, Mr. Moroy ..i^T..; ^ ?"• I %^? B K» , « I „ y ,^ 8 au,I 

and bis brother took him to the office of the *}**> Jj" JS^V^J.,.*;,.?* TJ?" SJf^V 

club, not the pool room, aa announced by the *£• ^ m ^' ^E"ffl^«? ^V^t.S! 

dallies, where Ihey arrived at 12.40 a. m. SS^li^-Jft.. 'S.iA'if^f? i.°LJi r (l lt K£ 

A talk of about four minutes followed. JifJ 1 "," J^if l fc S^'^. a ^iLE , %L t ?JSi 

during which time Mr. Morejr and his brother sgtJ* *JB!xQ »D»gJg *Saj "Ug'fg 

tried In everr wit to art Hellman to mn- Be i,B sustained hi als eonrt trials. He >W- 

SSr wV^bTwayceMl^nW S eSS SSPlS MMiSu** ""_?K 

contemplating but 
not seem to understand. Suddenly he took 
his htiDd from his coat pocket. Mr. More* 
knocked a bottle from tils hand, but tbe 
bottle had been uv&ide down, avowing at 
quantity to bo In the palm of Mn hand, This 
ho threw In his moan, while Mr. Morcy was 
holding his wrist It was done la the flasb 
of an eye, and a honored men could not 
have stopped it 

Dr. Stern, a member of tho club, who was 
in tho pool room, anil was at 4he side of the 
dying man in two tulnutea administering a 
hypo, but it wis of so use. 


peal from a white slave conviction is ari 
In November. Jehnioa took two asrtantoDUes 
with him. 

Mabcub Mays* was seriously lit in Lon- 
don, Bag., but Is rapidly recovering. 

Edward SatLcr, vaudeville manager, of 
Anbury Park, N. J., was drowned in Moun- 
tain Lake, near Gloversvtlle, N. Y., en J juc 

Edward Leach is the candidate of New 
York Lodge No. 1 for grand exalted ruler for 
the coming year, and all reports indicate his 
election at the Bocheeter Convention next 

Wat. H. Jci-FitEY, correspondent for Tun 
CtifPEn at Long Branch, NT J., died June 28 

Bellman died without a strugg'e in 

■pear before Magistrate Corrigan in the * minute after the poltmn reached Ms tongtie. 

est Bide «Jourt. Tbo cabaret show on tho ? he P°Uct were notified and allowed the 

roof waa shut down by Inspector Dwyer nnd body to be removed to an undertaking es> ft HfJ homo in that city, and was buried 30 

a policeman waa left to see that it did not tabllshment which was done within an hour. "> Ibo TV est Long I ranch Cemetery, 

start again. Mr, Schllcht left with, tho body at S.OS Ar ™ *pec!al invitation of Lew Fields 

A screen at ono end of tho roof garden to Friday, «"• at., for Louisville, Ky. Tho tm> *? l0 ./ Wn i; % Hearst the officers and sailors 

shield the cabaret Dingers while they changed presslon that Bellman waa In a bad way for °" ■• U. S. nnd South Amerlcnn warships 

costnmei!, was tho cause of the arrest, as 
under the law :t waa held that a theatre li- 
cense was necesiary. 


Wbma ft LvKBCiirn will put out "The 
Boss Maid" next ^aton. under Arthur Mil- 
ler's direction. 

Wbhba ft LUB3CUIR, mtend 
York a theatre devoted 

money waa not true. He had made somo good now unchored in New York Harbor, attend- 

investments and was comfortably situated *d a Bpeclal performance of "Alt Aboard," 

The brother had nn Insurance with' Penn. at ,no Weber ft Fields Music Ball Boof. Sun* 

Mnnml Co. for JB.OOO. day night, 29. 



MASTER OF TRANSPORTATION, BOSS CANFASMAN. Can always place sober, relink!. 
Men In any deparuncnt Address or apply 

Pert Jervia, B. Y^ Joly «; SatnTersa g, Wewburg 7, Hymela 8, Hackexuaeh a 

Bellman was of the team of BeUman and . J. A. BR«Atn* writes: "I have been with 

Mooro (his wife). •They have been separated *• ?- Deuunater, acting in tbe capacity of 

for two and ono-hnlf years She laMn rou- ouAlncss manager lor 'Beverly of Graostark* 

tend to sive New l° pc ' Hta .J! rtu " ">ade to her favor, giving ? n<1 ™*sW companies. Have closed with 

cxclnglvciV to the hcr ffSH?"!!' TL » v - <?• C. telegraphea J^« ^d am bow managing tbe Boulevard 

tvroducUon of comic operas Taud encrettas. cn . ? v dC1 ' for Auwcrs to bo sent to tbe funeral, S**"' 1 *- »' SJ*" 1 "!** «*"•. ?or the Smnrner. 

^Umf twrto fMa™. KdStac. *''»<* was held Sunday. In Loulavllle. lie »^>™ to Mr. Delnmater when the regular 

spoils are to the egeet £h?t th? BhuKrt b^,,* W *Sk-S * ««"«« «"« » brother, %«»» t mmm»\ " _ 

theatres In those cities are things of tho /!* J„ wW 1 0w - „ -_7 l S *£!? tt l* AaS *?* r Tc ? t „ ^w** 1 * Co. 

pasf, so for as first class dromntlc rbowb kB^jffi^SS? w 5i * *«Jorlto with all who I™™** "*' ""S? « M * r ftf! J Mo - *■»". 2 - 

are ctnremed. "P* * ln J w*" 11 - ^The end was a grest sur- for two weeks, to capacity busincBS. They 

, Als Biiban has been algned for Andersons Xlu,^* ™ w • ™ ,n * n » friends in the 2&JE& W\ "PJ * •»* orchestra, and 

ion. will ploy one and two weeks thrwsghout 

Gaiety Theatre. Ban Francisco. 
Fulton are also booked. 

Hock and 


Missouri and Illinois. L. L, Llndsey to xaan- 

Alf. Hatof an will sail for Europe July IK. AriTiina o. Mav and Anna Krurnvv »k« V**h ^Whitney, Bupcrtotcndcnt : Mrs, 

m Bbst FBiBiuiAN. of the Cohan A Harrla towe been playing the two DrlmSa.?^-*^ J £™ i * J . LlB ll se '' treasurer ; Fred. MeCord. 

forces, has returned from KurnneT parti m "ft, Pet o[ tht Paddoek -*S?SS '"KO,^ rector : Frank MeCord, stage mao»: 

FuiRgscB Rockwkm, has returned from clewed Its season June 21 at Jnckstm -Jvr.n C cr L !Icr . b Sln , ltb i' c ' tctrlcIan : ^. n. Womb, 

Salt Lake City, and will appear In Shake- havo formed a Mrtocrsbin nn^S^l^aWt- "*5?T^ 8t . cr Nr, C ' A Clnr fe' representative. 

spearean roles next season , "^ " ' produco a character ruS ^ comonV i*w7*^. - 'SiS * 4 .% HH,mr ' „ tD * * wclTO Y« r «W 

111 ' — —— — a^ one, and pUy%aBd^rille7 co,ncay ■*«*** ta Sf^^,** CjMfence Ilcimctt who wrote "A 

••TM nOHIT DOLLAR, THOU art e«S52!S! 1,e " ***"• **"H to "The Price- ""» 5H*-_ wt0 *°- "^ c - Bfue and tha 
Til m BOBS. WB """"'" 

RioruU ooplen free _ 

V. O. Uox 1070, New York 

JOIN in tin Prcfe$$ion 

Geo. Thatcher. 

Ed. Le Roy Bice sends us the following : 

Geo. Thatcher, one of the most fnmois 
of minstrel comedians, died at East Orange. 
N, J., Jane 2S. after an illness of sevcrsl 
anonths. Mr. Thatcher, whose full name was 
Caleb George Wright Thatcher, was bom la 
Baltimore, July 16, 1840. 

tie made his first professional appearance 
la his native city, in September, 1863, doing 
a double Jig, and appearing in black face; 
later, for a brief period, he appeared aa a 
Dutch comedian. 

In 1804 Mr. Thatcher averred that he ap- 
peared sb a monologue performer, and always 
claimed that he iwas tbe first man to do Buch 
an act ; this has been disputed by Willis I', 
fiweatnam. It was not until 1873 tbat he 
achieved any particular recognition, when, in 
the Fall of thatyenr, he made hla metro- 
politan debut at Tony Pastor's, then located 
at 201 Bowery. Here he played an aged 

On Nov. 10, same year, he opened at Sim- 
mons & Slocum's Minstrels, at their Arch 
Street Opera House, Philadelphia, and con- 
tinued with them and tbe later alliance ot 
tSlnrmoBB, Slocum A Sweatnom's Minstrels 
for about four years, and during that time he 
was one of the greatest favorites that ever 
appeared in the (junker City. 

On Aug. 20, 1877, be joined tho famous 
flan Fmnclsco Mnwtrels, bi this city, headed 
by Birch, Wambold and Backus, where he 
remained exactly three yean, leaving Bee. 
11, 1880. and opening Thatcher & Ryman's 
Minstrels at the Arch Street Opera House, 
Philadelphia, Dec. 20. 

This organization, comp.-iacd some of tho 
foremost celebrities of minstrelsy. In addi- 
tion to the stars, the roster included : Charley 
Becd, Chas. I ley wood, Andrew Mock (then 
known as Master Will L. Mack), Win. Henry 
Rice, Scamon, Sommers and the Girard Bros., 
one of the latter being Eddie Girard, who 
later become famous as of the organization 
of Donnelly end Girard. in "Natural Use." 
Thatcher A Ryman's continued until the 
Spring of 1881. In the Kail of that year, 
the following season, Geo. Thatcher's Min- 
strels held sway. 

At the conclusion of that season the long 
alliance of Barlow, Wilson, Primrose ana 
West's Minstrels terminated, and Mr. That- 
cher Joined forces with Geo. Primrose and 
the late Wm. H. West (died Feb. IS, llMiui, 
and until the early part of 1880 this company 
was one of the most famous In minstrelsy, 
and played to the largest week's engagement 
in Boston, ever known In minstrelsy. 

In 1880-00 he was the feature of the 
great Howard Athenaeum Specialty Co., for 
which ho was engaged for bis Justly famous 

In 1800 he again hcal"d Kbatcher's Mln- 
streia for a road tour, subsequently and for 
three ycajvj producing extravaganza and farce 
comedy, "Tuxedo/' "Africa'" aud "About 
Gotho/m," respectively, under the manage- 
ment of Rlcb A Harris. 

After this, and for two seasons, with Car- 
roll Johnson, he beaded Thatcher A John- 
son's Minstrels, 

In addition to doing his single specialty In 
vaudeville, he also appeared with Charley 
Ernest, Ed Marble, Banks Winter, Will rbll- 
lrps and bis wife Mrs. Zenalde Thatcher, 
whom be married in Chicago about eight or 
nine years ago. Mrs. Thatcher, who sur- 
vives him, was tbo widow of Odell Williams. 
At the inception of Cohan A Harris' Min- 
strels, in 1O08, Mr. Thatcher wag with them 
for several weeks. Tbe following season he 
was the feature of Eddie Leonard's Minstrels 
for a brief period. 

Within the past ten years Mr. Thatcher 
portrayed the "darky" roles in "OTie County 
Chairman" and "Cameo Klrby." tbe former 
being a comedy role, while the latter was an 
aged servant of more serious Import Two or 
three years ago he also played the important 
black face part in "George Washington Jr." 
for a couple of weeks. 

One of the moat Important engagements of 
his career was with Moore & Burgess' Min- 
strels, in London, where he achieved such 
success tbat has been equalled by few and 
excelled by none This was about thirty 
years ago. 

IKor the past two seasons, and up until 
about three months ago, he played the ser- 
vant to "The Littlest lleb>l. a black face 
part, and played It In such a manner that but 
one living exponent of the Mack face art 
could egual. 

So much for the life and career of Geo. 
Thatcher. Ab to hla talents, they were mani- 
fold, equally at homo was he in pathos or 
comedy. As a minstrel comedian he acbleved 
a reputation, and a merited reputation, 
second to no one. Geo. Thatcher was versa- 
tile and he was unctuous. He could tell a 
story on the end and get more out of It pos- 
sibly than any other man In minstrelsy. The 
spectacle of an end man taking several 
encores on a "gag" was almost unique. But 
it belonged to Geo. ITiatcher. Personally 
he was hall fellow, well met, aa popular and 
democratic with his brother performers as 
with the pubUc. We'll miss you Geo. That- 
cher, for wo cant forget your "Villain Still 
Pursued Her" nor your clever and timely 
parodies that told and sang so well.. 

Tho funeral services occurred Juno 27, at 
the home of his nephew, Joseph M Thatcher, 
where he died. Burial was at Weetfleld, N. J. 

James Callsua. — Edw. Le Roy Rice sends 
ns the following: James Callan, the last of 
the famous "Electric Three," died In Mich- 
igan City, Ind, June 10, from a complica- 
tion of diseases. Mr, Callan waa born In 
Brooklyn, N. Y., about fifty-two years ago, 
and entered the profession at an oarly age 
as a song and dance performer. It la not 
generally known there were six Callan Bros. 
—John, James, Joe, Pete, Willie and George. 
The last named alone survives About 
twenty-five ycara ago ho toured with Callan, 
Haley A Callan's Electric Three Minstrels. 
He had likewise appeared In many other 
minstrel companies as well as the principal 
variety theatre. His remains were taken In 
charge by the Actors' Fund and interred in 
their plot In Brooklyn, on Juno 26. 

John v Sefcaushea-t, aged seventy-seven 
years, for the post thlrty-flvo years active in 
theatricals in Cape Girardeau, Mo., and 
Chester, III., died June 21 in Glrardean. and 
wns burled 28 In Chester, his former home 
town. Until a few years ago Mr. Schuclicrt 
was actively engaged In mnnsging the Opera 
■louses in both of these cities, of which hs 
Wbb the sole owner. He Was a pioneer band 
director In that part of tbe country, baring 
managed and directed brass bands a half 
century ago. Mr. Schuchert'a two surviving 
eonB, Clarence and William, will operate the 
two houses separately in the future, no to 
also survived by hla widow and two daugh- 

_ E J Iw !!.' rd ..?" a, 'F» who Waa manager of ■ 
vaudeville theatre at Asbury Park N J 
was drowned in Mountain Lake, near Glovers 
E***jiP»l 28. when a canoe in which 
he was ■Mfii capslxed. A brother, llob- 
ert. of New York City, and a sister. Mrs. 
Hrary Usaras, of GtoverBylUe7iimve bint 

Little Usury Leon. La Hcane, aged 
four ycara and five months, son of Mr nnd 
Mrs. Harry La Reanc, died Monday Benin? 
June 23, at Chicago Junction, 0„ where ha 
was engaged with the Great Leon .Show 
Although a mere boy. he wng a good aW 
clan, playing the snore drum with the La 
Reanc Family Band and also taking im 
iiurtnnt parts on the stage. He was taken 
111 June 12. with measles, followed by pneu- 
monia, which resulted In hla death. The 
Fraternal Order of Eagles took charge of the 
funeral, and many beautiful floral pieces 
were received from friends. The bod; was 
taken to Mansfield, O., and Interment made 
In the Leon plot, In the Mansfield Cemetery 
by request of Mrs. Leon. Little Harry was 
the namesake of the late Prof, Leon. n>. 
is survived by bis parents, Harry and Eva 
La Rcane, and two sisters, Freda and Mlna. 

Joseph LaJole, managing director of 
Sohmer Park, Montreal. Cun., died June 29, 
at his home In that city. For many years 
Mr. LaJole had been a prominent figure in 
Canadian amusements. With his partner 
tbe late L. J. Lavigne, he had conducted 
Sohmer Park and brought it to a standard 
second to no out of door amusement resort 
on the American continent. The firm of 
Lejoie A Lavljne became a byword for all 
that was good in the line of vaudeville, for 
at their nark appeared none but the best ot 
talent. Few headllners escaped them, and 
few theatres, and certainly no parks could 
boast of having played such high priced 
talent u ; had appeared on the stage at Huh- 
uer Park. Mr. Lavigne died Jan. 18, 1900. 

Walter K. Webb, aged tlty yearB. died 
at the home of John E. Cain, at Greenlawn, 
Long Island, N. Y. Tuesday, June 24, after 
a tihort lllneis. Mr. Wcob was musical di- 
rector for Gub Hill's companies for many 
years, and also for Rice & Barton, and Hose 
lltll English Folly company for several 
years: Miner's Bohemians, Hoble's Knicker- 
bockers, Uaverley's Minstrels and many 
other minstrel and circus organizations. He 
is survived by hla widow, Guasle Ncwcomb, 
daughter of the late Bobby Newcornb; bis 
father, a brother and a sister, who live la 
Cleveland. O. 

Al. Bellman, of tho team of Bellman and 
Moore, whoso name In private life was Peter 
J. Schllcht, committed suicide in a fit of 
melancholy early Friday morning. June 27, 
In the grill room of the Vaudeville Comedy 
Club, at 107 West Forty-fourth Street, New 
York City, by taking a solution of cyanide of 
potassium. Members of the club who were 
present called Dr. Louis Stern, of 221 West 
Thirty-fourth Street, who was In the club, 
but Schllcht died In a few minutes after he 
had taken the poison. 

Henry Knopp, aged elghty-nlno years, 
well known among musicians in this city for 
his mastery of the 'cello, committed suicide 
June 27, in Ms home. 1008 Hall Place, Bronx, 
N. Y., by inhaling gas. Mr. Knopp had been 
despondent since the death of his wife. 

Walter Bnrrldse, scenic artist, died at 
Albuquerque, N. Mex, June 24. Mr. Unrrldttc 
went to California on account of his health 
several months ago. 

gggflegjje 11ote$. 

Ai,. and Nan Dbl Mont, comedy musicians, 
arc meeting with big success through the 
Middle West, playing nark3 and slrdomeH. 
Miss Del Mont's acrobatic dancing to the act 
la going bigger and better than ever. 

jack Hkni'Kiihun, of "The Pink Lady." 
and Nona Blake will appear In the Fifth Ave- 
nue Theatre as a singing and dancing team 
during tbe week of July V. 

Adwjd Ritchie will be one of the attrac- 
tions at Hamtnerateln's Victoria and Boof 
Gsrdcn on July 7. This will be ber first ap- 
pearance on the stage since her recent mar- 

John W. Voaiu, and Mas. Vooit. are 

iroendoag tho Summer at their bungalow at 
Vogel'a iBeach, 'Buckeye Lake, Ohio. 

Maibb and Froaiub, the novelty comedy 
' vandevilllans, have Just finished the United 
time and returned to New York. Tbelr act, 
"The Stage Carpenter and tho Prima Donna," 
which is new and. novel, has met with an ex- 
cellent reception wherever they have played, 
and local managers havo requested return 
dates. The act, with new and up-to-date mu- 
sical numbers, one number in particular, 
which was written by Harry Mayer, bns 
proved a great success. They may play a 
few weeks this Summer around New York, 
and negotiations are now pending for a 
Pacific Const tour, opening In September- 

iDDfflOlIll FAIRS FOR 1913. 

(Other tain appeared in Currass doled Bay i, 
Mag 31 anS June 7.1 


BaooaiKoe Oouittt Kais, Brookuup), 8. 23-2C 

H. B. Blley. 
Biulb OotrNTT Fats, Kimball, A. 27-29), P. V. 


Bdvfalo Oodntt FaiX, Qanu Valley, , T. 

B. Swarcoat. 
Cuablbb Mix Oboirrr Kaio, Platte, S. 3-8, Ceo. 

11. Henry. 
Oorson Oountt Fan, Mcintosh, , H. A. b. 
Dnum. Oountt Faib. Clear Lake, S. 21-27, W. 

T. Noble. 
Douolas Ootnrrx Faib, Armour, A. 27-20, n. W. 

BAT Oiuntt I'aib, Webstar, J. 2-4, Geo. Ham- 

FAniitniB' Pall Fbstival, Humboldt. 8. 1718, 

n. H. Sherwood. 
Fall Rivaa Oountt Faib, Kdgemont, , II. 

Goddard. N 

GaxconY Cou.nti Faib, Boncsteel, S. 3-5, 8. M. 

Hanson CotrNir Faib, Aleaandrla, S. SB. Percy 

Indian Kits or Sisbbton Uks'sbvation. Slseeton, 

8. 28. f>. 4. J. B. brown. 
Lakb Coonit Faib, Madison, 8. 10 19, T. L. 

Lawxknob Oodntt Faib, Bpearflsh. , Cbaa. 

B. Oooper. 
Mbudb Oountt ITats, Bturgla, , A. L. 

MoOooK COOOTT Faib, Balem, 8. 2-4, J, W. Glh- 

Mnonxu, Conn Bblt BxroamoN, B. 22-25, W. 

A. Wheeler. 
Moouv Oourtt Fats, Plandrean, 8. 1-4, B. J. 

PxaaiNa Obusrr Fab, Lemmon, 8. 1T-20, Lagan 

BANSoBK Oountt Faib, Buskin Psrk, FVrreotounj, 
. 8. 2-4. B B. Judy. 
Sptwa Cotnm Faib, ReUfield, . O. H. 

Walker. Oountt Faib, Ksdska, B. 3 5. tewlf 

Wbbtbsn Bourn Dakota Faib, Rapid dry,. 8. 

2-B, Ben Wood. _ 

WooNnomuT Wateb Carnival, Wosnaocket, J. 

18-20, H. B, DowdiU. 



July 5 





(■. F. HO0BB3, MOB.) 

A doien electric fans, placed on the walls 


DIlAMATIO AMD MUSICAL. A d<)len electric ~fan87~p!aCTa'oa Oie w»ll» A fairly good llTed aWlc'nc'e, who were *-, Sw, "« mgr.l— Huslnexa lias improved of 

AVPOR.— "Quo VadlBl" «i motion, pictures, and front* of the balcony of the theatre, very liberal in applause, not withstanding the gJM"S^»g. fg** 3*F&^*£*5jP* ftp 

* eleventh week. _, huge exhaust fans In the dome, and palm- hot weather, was in attendance here Monday , W 5SK- ,» T ii?,„t aslcst Way - wltU Tuc Mn " 

fiA«M>— "The Purple Road," tMrd week leaf fans placed at the disposal of every matinee. Uon ** follow. 

at this house. , . . patron, make It possible, even during the thcr- Tho house Is one of the coolest In New 

nnrTTMBIA. "The Kissing Mali,' Oftit mometer's highest altitude, to enjoy com- " 

LUL.UMU fortably the excellent performances now 

/vrntf—Laurette Taylor, In "Peg o* My being given at this old-time but popular 
C Heart " twcnty-eUrbth. week. theatre. 

-- — =*• — "^-SBCOND STRHErr.— For this week the premier position of the 

bill Is Justly accorded to the Manon Or- 
chestra of seventeen musicians, the vocal- 
ists being John Lnren. and. Frances Lloyd, story of two brothers, one being on the wrong 
the former a well known operatic tenor, path. Was Weir, who plays the wife of the 
while Mlns Lloyd Is very favorably known good brother, gave a very convlndngpcrform- 
as a member of the Atom companies. John ance, and one that stamps her to be an 
Bradford la the conductor, and the title of actress or the first water. She Is the author- 
ity new production is ''A Night at the ess and producer of tho sketch. She has "■"/*, ™ ?'» , "?? B > "»"•■" " , i»i>"»' fiS^S" 
Opera." (See New Acts this Issue.) hSidled each Situation cleverly, even to the »****"▼'»*. S&E* E&P^SS %2?'iS 
A new one act dramatic playlet, entitled smallest detail, and In consequence the audi, "f 9 - Jyaonondo. »» "He Smith awl tlio Jug- 
" A Close Call/' received its first presentation enco, who thoroughly enjoyed tho perform- ' u Z*x"*™\ m „,„.^, ♦„„„-. „j„ t„ »„„,_» 
here 80, by John de Persia and a capable ance, gave her and the company auroral cut- ,S?t fc 5 m 8 cloied ' to onea •*"* ln Al| B u »t 
little company of Ave people. (See New tain calls. Of her support, William Chambers, W, 2L •Ji 80 "?' 
for~tne first half of last weens diu nere. Acts, this Issue.) who plsys a dual role, was easily the best, 
inii not satisfied to live up to the prominent Armstrong and Ford, as "The English and gave a meritorious performance. billing Manager Matthews had given Johnny and the Cop," provided unlimited fun As far as the audience is concerned William — J. n " . .'.? " n , d P |ct " rc8 „ 

h?r way sh? "stopped the show" at the In tbclr cross-flre dialogue. «H material be- Blsto. the Italian AWrlean. cin coma back . Yorkvllle (Lawrence Bratus, mgr.l— Hill 

Vm»Omj^ ►rty.fourth wee 

LBW ROW GABDBN.-r'All Aboard," fifth 

«HW AMSTBBDAM.— Wegfeld's "Follies of 
w 1018," third week. 
PRINCESS.— Four one act plays. 


(ous mccu.nb, uon.) 

fork, being cooled by a patent apparatus 
that makes a difference of nearly twenty de- 
grees from the street. 

Talented Jean Weir and her excellent com- 
pany presented one of the most Interesting 
sketches that has ever been Been at this honse. 
It Is called "Ills Last Offense," and tells the 

mgr.)— This house closed Saturday evening, 
Juno 2H. 

Keith's Harlem Opera lloasc (Harry 

Krlth'i Bronx— Rc-opencd with "Tile 
Battle of Gettysburg" pictures, at ten, twenty 
and thirty cents, on Monday, .'to. 

Tremont (J. Wells, mgr.) — Pictures only. 

Prospect (Frank Gcrstea. mgr.) — "The 
Woman" la the offering of the week of tho 
Stock company. 

Sponner Theatre (Louis Fosse, mgr.)- 

For a fow weeks this houso will present tho 
Paul J. Kalney African hunt pictures. 

National (Harry Lowe tngr.) — BUI for 
this weak Kcegan and Henley, Spirit I'alnt- 
Ings, Mate and Itllcy, Bruce, DuffYtt and com- 
pany, the Htantons, Three Pnppas, Schrock 



Lillian Bradley was a very proper hcadllner i ttie con 
,r the first half of last week's bill here. Acts, this 

Family (J." Carr, mgr.) — PlcturVs only. 
Elahtr-slstl. Street (It. McGco, mgr.) 

her, why 
' 'sda 

tie "'appr->cta5ve"'8pecch to her" audience 

Wednesday (Jane 25) evening performance, 
ami was found capable of making a neat 


and satisfying their wishes with another 
number. Hlsl Bradley has begun her stage 
career with a hound, and if she 1 ves up to 
the adage that Frank Campbell told us 
about, ns to women and wine Improving with 
«m what a future tile voice gifted girl has. 

iDg of a good order, and their work gave evi- 
dence of a sincere desire to please. 

Gordon and Blca, ln a cycling specialty, 
and Lorenzo and Gallagher, a new duo of ec- 
centric comedians, were new here, Monday, 
30, marking then* first appearances here. 
(See N'ew Acts, thin issue.) 

Miss Marine and her company of six sing- 
ers put over their songs and dances ln good 

Blsto, the Italian American, can come back 
here any tlmo ho pleases. The reception ac- 
corded him was a glorious one. He has a 
fairly good voice and puts over several songs 
with good results. His talk Is bright and 
up-to-date, and went over with a bang. 
Conroy and Le Mai re. In their latest skit 

for this week : Katharine Ktare, Dolly Mor- 
rls.ey. Ithoder and Cromptin, Kurnan and 
Walters. Rouble 81ms, Fred St. Ongo com- 
pany, liarrett and Stanton, Glean Rllion, 
Livingstone Trio, Vassar Girls and Tony Gar- 

Riverside (Barman Goldman, mgr.) — 



Weir and Second Iland Scenery la Stock 


WAtVTSBK MAKR Y.Mgr. Tel. MSaMnr. Hill. 


Juan Wiib, tho charming Scottish come- 
dienne, and her company arc presenting 
"The Last Offense" at 1'roctor's Fifth Ave- 
nue Theatre, this week. I eased It to you 
not long ago that Miss Weir was working 
the wrong "time." Frank McCune took a 
slant at It at the Twenty-third Street house. 
KcHiilt — Now on the time she belongs. 

Mir.o BSI.DON Ami CoMrvNV are "deceiv- 
ing sister'* at tho Temple, Detroit, this week. 
Miss Miller is the particular pretty girl who 
does tho "sister" rulo to perfection. 

ItlANCHN, ono it the "winsome.! 
of tho winsome" singing comediennes, melo> 
died out another lmrmonlnus hit at the New 
"lrlghton, down at tho beach, lust week, 

'1 n»: Four Society Girls, a new singlns 

Brighton, down at tho tx-ach, last week, 
Tun Kour Society Girls, a new singing 

enmblnutlon, npenei) on the Sullivan-Const- 

of glee, called "Tho New Phrstelan," had as> M L .*g5g 1 "". '," e 1 f5! , 
little, trouble here as they do at other New V, S*!"Jri /riJS*. Sii- m« 
York houses, ln making the audience laugh. »'«•"* <C'*««»o Tally, mgr.)— Music and 
'it was the first time we had seen one iof rtyle. their whirlwind finish winning big While they held the stage the crowd was In V^SSL //.k.. ar Th«™««». »„i 

am mmmf m»m «>>P»Wy m m* »Wl «PPj?«»e j B ,_ M , Mxa a couvulelou of laughter over the i way vaudoWMe and nl'ctares n»gr.)— 

Mount Morris (I. Mldicls, mgr.) — Pic- 
tures only. 

Washington (.Louis Cohen, mgr.)— 

ov a single or sny other act, and so we muat Mildred Grover, in songs and sayings, ddd funny situations. The present act Is eaiily 

give Miss Bradley full credit for what she nicely with her songs, though she sang one the best they have ever been teen In. 

compllslHd here last Wednesday night. too many, and should hare retired on her <rh e Modern Srengall, assisted by Elsie 

Major Doyle, Belle and Jones, e'ngers and third song. Her storiea were too long, which Terry, gave their mystery, and at Its conclu- 

a ceo; 


talkers!* and" the Three Lublna, dancers, ran caused' them to lack Interest. 
neck and neck for place money. ( See New The Musical Alvlnos have a fair act, open- 
Acts for last two acts.) log with banjo duets by the man and woman 

The Major, though as diminutive In statue who compose the act. These were foUowed 
as ever, Is growing fast ln his ability to en- by piano and banjo numbers, and they fln- 
tcrtaln. He sang a few songs and talked a igbed with the banjos and imitations. 
heap on a scarcity and style of woman's Thos. Potter Dunn, as a humorist, vocal- 
clothes to-day, and he kept the house In con- 1st and Imitator of different nationalities, 
tinuous laughter throughout his bright mono- iced tako a back seat for no one In present 
logue day vaudeville. His child Imitation, the 

Herbert and Wlllln, Mask face comedians, yodllng song and the tipsy young woman on 

the clever dancer of the team as a wench, tho car were quite perfect. Old Timer. 
are as speedy os they ever were In delivering 
their funny chsttor, and they went oyer 
with their usual success. 

Ed. C. Jordan and company, ln a comedy 
drunk aot, entitled "Tom Katz's Night Ot t." 
end the Four Brass Men, completed a avud 

iVILJ. gBYU IUCU IHJ.TIVIJ, Will m* •(. W,.W.«- ^ , V 

slon had the audience guessing. The act PJ 2 ur * , li ° 1 B 'I' ,„ , , „„> v ..„ 
was played some tune ago at an uptown "■"J" " 1 < a AuUI < ">««■•)— Vaudeville 

house and met with fairly good results. Its end Pictures. 

presentation here was the best It has received 

so far. 

John Cardo and Frltsl Noll. In selections 

of operatic gems, was a M« 'feature. The ■ n i. p ' ctu r ,", 

Audubon Harry Thorns, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 
Lafayette (B. Nelbur, mgr.)— tVaudcvlllo 

evening of good entertainment, and both are 
also more fully reviewed on our New Act 

Flossie Le Vere and her boys and Jack 
Strnusse shared first honors on the incoming 
hill of Thursday, June 20. MIbs Le Vere Is 
sure enough a hard worklug cirlle. She is a 
"little blonde bunch of motion" from the min- 
ute die maUcs her first entrance until tbo 
Inst bow is taken. The two young men work- 
ing with her are clever wooden shoe dancers, 

flinging of both numbers waa very much en- 
Joyed. "I'm Falling In Love With You" was 
a big feature, and showed what a aplendld 
voice Mr. Cardo possesses, The offering Is 
refined In every sense of the word. 

McMahon, Diamond and Clemence in 

their classy singing and dancing specialty, 

have played almost every vaudeville house ln 

New York, and are so well known thnt com- 

Whlln tho nliow at this cool resort on rnent Is unnecessary. Safe to say that they 

■MmTda, 9 n^fMled'toprXce^ythlSg dupUeated Uie .ucews here that has attended 

out of the ordinary, It enabled one to spend their efforts at each house. 



a hot evening in a pleasant and comfortable 

John Zlmmcr, a Juggler, opened the show. 
He missed bis tricks frequently and did not 
leave a good Impression. 

Tile Newsboys Sextette arc billed as "popu- 
lar singers of popular songn," and this fully 
describes their act. All of tnem hnvo good 
voices, and they work as If their lives dc- 

The Two Roses, in their musical specialty, 
are also well known In New York. Their 

Tfeano (Jack Lowers, mgr.)— Pictures nnd 
good vaudeville, 

One Hundred nnd Sixteenth Street 
(D. Johnson, mgr.) — Vauderillo nnd pic- 

Lowe's Fifth Avenue (A. Lowe, mgr.) 
—Pictures, to fair business. 

Locw's Seventh Avenue (C. Howards, 
mgr.) — For this week : A'lrlenne, Murphy 
and Foley. Chas. Bachtnsnn and company, 
Mr. and Mrs. W. DeWnlf, tho Dainancos. 
Thornton and Onrlow, "Cupid's Syndicate," 
Baity Sisters, and l^iwton, Weston nnd Lee. 

Proetor'a «Jnc llnndrrd nml Twenty- 

SSrET IsUaTeiali •>! laWaaT falls Tto «««• street (C. O. Allen, rngM-Kor 80- 

Flier fVnhirp litiwit-mo avfjvweja mm. 

Vmie Gardner roller-skated himself Into RUIta. ft"SK^liS™^-*S^^^ffi: 
rS , B v r. He demonstrated manv fancy Lillian tarter. O^onne.l l^her^and Mme. 

ret, Jess. Lasky's "In 10l»fi," Frederick An 

but the boys should pay a bit more attention pended upon it. 
to "making up." Tack Strausse had little. piirkln's dogs and monkeys please! the 

trouble winning his way with that singing children. The do K9 onMondny night, did 

voice of his anft a good Italian characterlza- not work with their accustomed case, due. 

Jinn •» — -— — ■ no ,j „bt to the hent. Ono of tho docs does a 


much favor. He demonstrated many fancy 
nnd difficult Btuots on skates, and at the con- 
clusion of his worthy performance received 
several encores. 

Valveno and La More, ln acrobatic fentn, 
opened the show nnd proved that this spot 
Is no handicap. 

Ruby Lusby and Girls, In songs, were seen 

drew's Magic Kettle, Ileulcy and Duuwnlt, 
Mnttdo Ornfton and company, tbo Bo Anos 
Brown and Frnzlor. l<'aunt and Faust, and 
Kldridge, tho San-Man. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. — ftrnnd (Louis Barr, 

•The Goldlc Boys, dancers; Harry _ 
and company, ln a comedy family wrangle. Been on the stage. 
"A Matrimonial Blizzard ;" Bollinger and Corcoran _nnd Lloyd 
Reynolds, wire artists; Staynmn and Hay- 
ten, comedy musicians, and Vera Bcttiim, 
singing comedienne, made up a bill that was 
not equal to the one that opened the week, 
but an unusually good program of pictures 
helped out the weak spots very well. 

Bill for first half of the current week in- 
cludes : Charles J. NellBon, Jane Knowles 

the same stock company 

no doubt to the hent. Ono of the dosa docs a »««y ^' t lmiln ticyrXork (See New mgr.) the Grand Opera House has closed for 

Hotter fall that is one of the funniest thlngB ever ?g »• «"« tim * lD New xon - "•■ " ew tl ," e Summer, but will re-open Aug. 1!3 with 

are two voung men Tli4 Pnulham Team, who play basketball ' 

..i™ Tholr "cbfttter" wn »» riding bicycles, proved a big novelty, 

who know now to dance, incir cnaxier ,„..., ., rJCZ _v__v JT_j k.i,in°a,i«m« 

they could, wcl^ dispense with, for not only 



and company, ln "What Henrietta 1'id; 
Edythe Gibbons, the Stroud Trio, the Three 
O'Connor Sisters, and Toledo nnd Burton. 
For the last half, beginning Thursday : Fran- 
cis Wood. Lawrence Gordon and company, ln 
"Who's Boss :" Rube WllllB nnd Three Types, 
Altaian and McFarland, "Tho Goddess Nico- 
tine," and BIk Jim. Tod. 
s ' 


(W1C HtlTMraMTlK, MOB.) 
Sophie Tucker, after a long absence from 
New York, made her appearance at tbo house 

Is It old, biit it is" unfunny. It was only 
when they danced that the audience appeared 
interested lu their act. 

The act of Dick Bernard Is reviewed la 
our New Acts column. 

The Tony Cornotto Trio 19 composed of 
two men and a mere mlto of a girl, Just 
why Tony is the featured one of the act Is a 
question, for his assistants divided the 
honors. The aot Is preiented ln one, and la 
full of knockabout stuff. 

The Eight Vassar Girls Is a big "flniih 
act with nno electrical effects. It makes a 
pretty stage picture, and this lets it out. 
Tho dancing is nothing remarkable, nnd the 

bi'Biiwick (Frctf'k whUbock, mgr.) 
They" SSSgfifiSSi and' Kid tho" audience «eek of Juno S-) the HP Keith, Popular 
jcated until tho conclusion of their perform- ^fgVErtlSSjSriSS^ big 



(sau'l mckbb, uon.) 


vaudevlllo ucts nnd the latest photoplay 
Sitmir.uT (Wm. Shcehy, mgr.) — Loew's 

vaudeville continues to big houses. Tho pro- 

grnm Is changed twlco weekly. 

BKoronD (Men. K«hn, mgr.)— Continuous 

There Is a fine comedy bill holding forth vaudeville and the Intent photoplays. The 

' rs nnd Tour 


at tho handsome seaside theatre, presided program Is changed Mondays 
over by Sam McKee, for/ the current week or and pictures dally. 

dine Circuit recently, and '.ove heen sort 
o* cleaning things up ever «lncc. Tho girlies 
arc : Melanle Miller, soprano : Bessie Frank- 
lin, nlto: Kleanor Klllot, mexzo, nnd GcrinKla 
Alter, lontrallo. lu "Chi." this week. Zt the 

ldmA ami Ink/ K.u kman, chaperoned by 
Jlumu Ktiufmau, will snll for Europe for the 
stwntii tlmo July 5, to nil contracts that 
will keen tbem busy abroad until late In 
11)10. Ihese girls are without a doubt ono 
of the fow classy sister acts In tbo business 
on cither side of "the pond," They recently 
finished another "big" tour over the Or- 

S lieum time, and inndeil in New York Juno 
1. And now I hoy blow right away ugalu. 
A couple of sweet girls, but what else could 
they be when ono stops to consider Mother 
Kiiufmnii. Wlutt u three act they would 
make '■ 

Ui.ihh Mt'iinAY and dm- bWAYNB have add- 
ed two swell numbers to their recently 
launched singing and ilnnclng net. Ellse Is 
on a par with any nf her sex when It comes 
to warbling or itnuctng. whllo Ouy oat* 
plnuoi for breakfiiBt, lunch and dinner, and 
sleeps In a pulr of ilnnelng shoes. J. C. 
I 'cobles Is the bloke who quickly decided to 
handle this clever pair. 

Ma and Mim. Fukd. Tkomah are still 
mourning the loss of little "Mnookutns," their 
fussy little poodle, who was killed by a street 
car In Now York ithout n week ago. Out at 
their home nt Bnyiihorc, L, I., now, 

Ous UcCitnh saw tho Twonty-thlrd Stroot 
show "stopped" Wednesday evening, June 1!B| 
and who dopo "that little thing" •but Mlllan 
Urndlcy, tho prima donnn soprano, who not 
so long ago did not fully realize what a 
bcnutlful voice wns being hidden nwny from 
the public's appreciation 'way down ilcop ln 
that "swanny" throat of hers. Rho was 
urged to drop down to a Fifth Avvuuo try-out 
one Friday morn, slio wns. And over since 
then Lillian has been tlin song treat of evory 
bill she. has graced, sho hiis. And now "wlss 
i'tiy" Gus Is going to slip her Into the Fifth 
Avenue Theatre, lie is. And site will clean 
up Just the same, she will. 

•MAyiiKi.i.n ltoTiiRii, of Bother and An- 
thony, Is another inhabitant of Huvshore, 
I* I., every Hummer, and sho Is enjoying 
that Invigorating atuioHphoro and farming 
along with Fred and May Thomas, her near- 
by neighbors, "idlerost'' Is tho handle to 
Mtiybclle's bungalow, while tho Thomases 
have christened theirs "Ourdollght." Homo 
Onlngs planned for "tho grand old Summer- 
time-" out thorn ln that llttlo Heavenly villa. 
ursdnys, Hahut IUit'b Three Kldlets act, whleli 

June 80. Cbbscbnt. — "Battle of OoMysburg" pic 

Zeds and Hoot, contortionists, were the tures opened a week's engagement hero miu< 
openers, and fared exceedingly well la the day, 2V, to a packed house. 

number one position. 

Innes and Ityan were second, a little early 

for them. They were Just themselves, a 
playing of Instruments proves conclusively « ma rt and classy singlns; and talking com- 
that the girls will never gain fame as binatlon. 


Brown and West (man and woman) havo 
a classy patter act that would have no 
trouble In getting over big on tho big time. 

Julia Nash and company presented a com- 
edy playlot, entitled "Her First CaBe." The 
■ketch Is a trifle talky. hut Miss Nash makes 

on the ''Corner" the current week, and Uoth of 'thorn .posses. perspoalltlM and can 

proved to K the Bamo big drawing hit that dance skillfully. ^' ''""'"* .'i *SS 

she has linen In »h» nasi and it contains many lines that only proics- 

Qutan and Qu « oponed the show with a slonal people comprehend. To Ue layiaaa 

clever singing and dancing turn that pleased, some ol tfiese lines arc Owl, but to tne 

f r om r , , asn e c!k tl,e ° U Ca^t00nlBt, ^ ° Ver Sh H W an , ro , n 8 a lt ni 8 H < n7.o t n Un nre gymnasts of a 

Hanlon and I Clifton played a return engage- high order, and their stunts compel applnuse 

ment with their stalwart band-to-band not. and amazement. ineludes- 

Bedford and Winchester entertained with . Thejdll for the rest of the, week "iciuaes. 

their up-to-date comedy Juggling act 

Frozlnl, the accordion virtuoso, was an- 
other hold-over. 

Grace Van Studdlford sang herself Into 
the hearts of the audience with a repertoire 
of songs, and scored a tremendous hit. 

Nick's Holler 31:ntlng Girls, a sextette of 
stunners, held the oudlenca all attention 
with their wonderful evolutions on tho 
rollers, tho dancing numbers were well exe- 
cuted, and tho act scored. — , 

Heibert and Goldsmith presented their 
dancing classic, "The Swan, ' which scored 
several wcekB ago at the sonic house 


Ben Welch, the Hebrew comic, never 

Dena Cooper and compnny, flcrney and Sah- 
bott Dick Bernard and company, Cowboy 
Minstrels. Billy Barlow, Brown nnd West, 
Frankle Drew. Three Gcrts, Emmet nnd Hai- 
rnet. Kelcet/. 


Under the personal direction of Carter 
De Haven, the New York Roof has been 
handsomely re-decorated In gay colors and appearance 
re-named the Jardln de Dansc. Beneath, 
arbors of wisteria, upon a beautiful ballroom 
floor, and to the melodious strains of a 

the best of rather limited opportunities, and and vaudeville, 
secures tho coveted laughs mainly through 
her clever acting nnd intelligent rending. 

Marcler P. Leslie and Henry Chesterfield 
capably assist the star. —^ 

Two men, titled as Sharp and Flutt, ec- 
centric German comodlnns, who played cornet 
end trombone as a. finishing bit, were accorded 
a fine reception. This Is evidently not the 
old black face musical act of the some name. 

The PInaforo Klddlci a company of clever 
Juveniles, offered a tabloid version of "I'lnn- 
fore." The honors wero easily carried off 
by Max Hudnlck, Jerome Tobin and Master 

When It comes to comedy, who can handle 
the old school stuff better than Ward and 
Curran? They wero in great shape Monday 
night. Curran sang "Tho Old Stage Door" 
which brought back memories of other days. 
"Fop" Ward Is getting younger at each re- 

FtiLTON (A. M. Llghton, mgr.)— High class 
vaudeville, changed twlco .weekly, is drawing 
capacity houses. 

Jonks (M. T. Jones, mgr. )— Vaudovllle and 


Firrii AvBBtm (41. H. Hnxe, mgr.)— ^Mo- 
tion pictures ond vaudeville. 

Rotai. (Marcus Loow, mgr.)— rholoplnys 

Fot.r.v (Wm. For, mgr.) — Pictures and 

Comisiiy (Wm. Fox, ragr.)— Pictures and 

Columbia (A. Hlchel, mgr.)— Six vaude- 
vllle nets nnd motion pictured. 

Olympic (Hermsn waste, mgr.) — Photo- 
plays and vaudeville. 

Lindhn (A. 11. Schwartz, mgr.)— Tho 
latest photoplay« are irtiown here. 

Hai.hky [ill; II. Haxo, mgr.) — Miniature 
musical comedies, together with vaudevlllo 
and the latest photoplays »r3 shown here. 

Bijou (Geo. Schenck, mgr.) — Loew's 
vaudeville, changed twice weekly, also latest 
photoplays. __ 

Oxvono (Cyrus Gale, mgr.)— The latest 
photoplays ore shown here, 

T/Ibbbty (Edw. Strauss, mgr.)— Tho latest 
photoplays and vaudovllle, 

Marie MeFarlond and Madame? two excel- 
lent singers, with trained and cultured 
voices, were a big hit. Their selections, of 

hit % VSOk SUSJ? ... •~„»Itt. ¥ hert e^r*_aoowB taJMow York. _ 

Carter De Haven has Installed a restau- 
rant service, nnd tho wet goods to be had are 
of the standard or the best hotel, ln New 
York. The opening night, June 24,{be "400" 

was well represented. Lawrence Waterbury. act, "The Misery of a Hansom Cab/' wero a 
W. K. Vouderbllt and a number of well welcome addition to a strong bin. They 

Another act that is a repeater at this 
house Is John F. Conroy, with bis diving 
girls. This is a great tank act. 

Don, the talking dog, obliged with a fow 
remarks In German. 

^t^iLXnZriVZ^f^om known' ,ocreF'p'»>plo>ll _ the rj.rdln , de iiiwS airSj "comedy, and 'It Field, nad 

be marked down al «malto tho best ln their Dan.c a visit, and If the management lives them roi ling off tho seats, as usual. 

Particular iw up to ltB present standard of excellence, this Tho Four Harveys, an excellent wire act, 

Sophie Tucker received a wonderful ova- new De Haven and Morris enterprise seems was the closing number, 

tlon, this being her first appearance In this assured of success, 


'eorla. III., hud the 

a performance of 

ArfhuTDunn and Catherine noyes. offered S n |"» * Jerrys '^"^oToVs Cabin" Com- 

g£5S ffusf- cr"o n w d d wi Tho p cor S«£S fflkeSS 

Parhlon betwen tie size C f Arthur andCatU- W* "*£_§ gLMS "ffl? 1 *^ 

Brine Is good for a few hundred laughs alone, their opcnlrlg dato, Apr 1 ■K ta ^* ■">>£; 

FloiAd Lewis. _ln„thelr_conversatlonai ™&*\& &^Td mo^ow" fea'ture. 

travo been added. 

The company number, fifty people, nod the 
roster remains tho samv as when opened: 
W. O Dickey and E. D. Terry, proprietors 
and managers', A. C. West, business mana- 
ger ; Orlcn Lewis, stage director ; E. C. Jones, 
Band leader; Frank Loltenberger, orchestra 

uon, iniB Deing ner ursc nppeuraueo m iujo mo™™ «» ...—-.- —. . n*«i» iit„h e«» Mia ■ — 

house ln four years. 8he 1b tho same Sophie Pj» p rjOM aw JMB.a) ll t«a «g Bg JW bjij-Bsj (jc. I* Weill, mtT.)— Motion pie- leader: Guy Long, Nllcs G. Nelson, J. D. 

Tucker, with the same great voice and the regular Broadway sple cr but we better ^," m, * , "' » B - ■" " el "' "■•»» " w ™ *"■ Wal | V;, g Wilson, F. S. Blmpson A. fl. 

rag order, and the audience didn't seem to 
get enough of her, as she had to sing seven 
pongs before she could bow ofT. Frank West- 

filial accompanied her on the plnno. "Float- 
ng Down the Blvcr" was a fine opener. 
"Moonlight on the Mississippi" was another 
standard. "Somebody's Coming to My Home, 
"Swing, Swing. Swing." Irving Berlin's med 

U^J&JS^m^mm,^ ^.aCTflrt AT..B. (Ed. J. lb. mcZ n ^^ U W. I 3 rC rVlckcy! , °Ml C s B ^ 
^^^&SSmffSTi&R MS mV.)-Vaudev...e and Uuon pic Con $£ ^^orlnn^ »^ N^Ue^arneU. 

rlnc? HIcrirlnB. Hires. 5~_* ' «,._„..'_ ». l..-. .....i A „...■». r,.. n 

clng Hlgglns. 

Acndcmy of Hnslc (Tlobcrt FJ. Irwin, 

mgr.) — The stock Is presenting "The Do- 

- sertera" this week. The part originally 

Thi >Vom ■ AthletaV and Bedlnl and Arthur opnortunlty to plcaso ber admirers while Mr, 
closed the Low Olio. Frlebus has the opposite role. Julian Noe. 

Marie Curtis and Angola McCanll havo 

James J. nyan plays bis mgr.)— Vaudeville ond motion pictures. 



City (Samuel 
and pictures. 

Lincoln Sqnare (Ctina Ferguson mgr.) 
—Vaudevlllo and pictures. 

Jefferson. — Vaudeville and pictures. 

Lotn'ilkinmryHtrcet (Bernard Frank, 

■ign recently put on the front of this house 
gives Manager Buck's theatre a greatly Im- 
proved appearance. The two bills on 

i>,, ,.,.,...•. i-w,^- ,.i,ri,ti, street (John prominent parts. James J. UyOL plays bis 

■JrlRhton Bench Mosle Hall (C. S. 

Breed, mgr.) — The bill for this week In- 
cludes : Virile Daly, Cblng Ling Foo and com- 
pany Billy Gould nnd Belle Ashlyn, Sophye 
Barnard, Lou Anger nnd company, J/>hn and 
Mao Hnrke. ThoBe French Girls, Ben Beyer 
nnd Brother, nnd Joe Welch. 
Henderson's (Carlton tfoagland, mgr.) 
This week's 1>1H Includes t Harry; Fox and 

Clark Conway, F. L. Coup, John McBvert, 
Joe Hnrsliman, Harry Armstrong, Kobe 
Parker and Corlnno Snyder ; Ed. Hale, candy 
butcher: Charles Thompson, boss canvas- 
man; Dick Thompson, boss bustler', Phillip 

" Ardmlro 

Broadway — Motion pictures. ai **Zr "? a V. c 1. of P'operllcB : J. C. , 

Fourteenth Street (J. Wesley Rosen- ond Fred. Ilottensfein. advance men. 

boards for tho current week hove an extra- 
ordinary touch of class to them, and tho 
regular patrons find this "laugh brewery 
coolest on tho hottest nights. The. bill for 
the first half Includes: The Goldlc Boys, 
Conboy and company, In "The Claim Agent ; 
Dllks and Wade, f 'Tho Goddess Nicotine.' 

quest, mgr.) — Vaudeville and pictures. 

Plasa (F. P. Wiley, mgr.)-— Vaudovllle 
and motion pictures. 

Yorkvllle (Lawrence Ceatus, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and pictures. 

Loew'a Avonne B (S. N. Kiihn, mgr.)— 
Vaudeville and motion pictures. 

Clrcler— iVaiidcvllIn and pictures. 

Comedy (Albert Kaufman, mgr.)— Motion 

The show Is playing the larger ono night 
stands In Illinois, and the wens and public 
have praised the show all along the route. 

C. F. Ackerman, of Martin's "Uncle Tom" 
company, visited the show at Keokuk, la. 
Chas. Terry and son are at present tho guests 
of his brother, 13, D. Terry. 10. C. Jones has 
leased tho show for the Winter season. It 
Is Mr. Jones' intentions to have ono of the 
largest "Undo Tom" shows on tlio road. 


uitre wiii Decenaries j. nitrpfvu, «■...,».«. jj- -| -_ -- --- , MmIo _ — p Jrat run motion pictures aro shown hero. Blanche Bates and her company Rave a 

pyso, Ed. Jordan pad company, Stroud Trio, Al S_ t ^ n nn ^ qn , B ^; C7 hoof Gnraea.— The Snvoy (Rosenberg Bros, mgrs.)— Motion performance of "The Witness for tho Dc- 
ffl^^JS* 1 " CrbCrt ' Wondcrfu" Clilnenc Wishing Tree continues pictures In which leading stars appear Is the fense." at Sault Htc. Marie, Mich., recently, 

and Albert Donnelly. . „ ^.^ . ^ il „ rnvored attracUon here. On Monday attraction at this bonsc. ln the r ord nary street clothes. The railroad 

Manhattan Opern Honse (Comstoch A to h e a lavorea atcra cti °^*; r ^^™ a ° T l " Lyrlc^Captaln Scott motion pictures company foiled' to get their Imggago- car 

addiKl to tiie regular performance. Dancing continue nt tills house. placed for unloading In tlmo and tho ward- 

In tho moonllrht and dlnlnc under tie lmlms Grand Opera lloose (R, J. MaddeD, robe trunks didn't reach tho thcatro until 
arc features V.ebes-'a— Motlou pictures. tho performance was near y over. 

SETT. K. u , " au , e, T>i i V! , _""i^',°»i.»";nJf Jennie Dolly. "Tho Purple Lady," with Ralph pictures and Illustrated songs.. 

Gcst, mgrs.) — For this week the stock com- 
pany presents "Paid ln Full," with F-thel 
Orey Terry. Clifford Bruce, William Riley 
Hatch and Bernard J, ilcOwen In the cast. 

had a try-out at the Fifth Avenue Fi-ldny, 
June 20. were announced for tlio regular hill 
at that house this week, but were replaced by 
Ruby I.usby and her girls at tho Inst minute 
because a permit was not forthcoming. 

Hvbi.yn Wauk, one of our fow real good 
"singles." came, within tho radio. Of our 
orbs ono evening; last week, and she looked 
Just ns charming ss over. lOvelyn hopped 
over to 1'hllly Monday, along with Loons 
Stephen*, after being continually haunted 
with offers to heap some of her talent upon 
the pntrons of tho varieties over there. 

Uii.bkn IIiihmi, who very properly filled 
principal roles with HIHy Allen's musical 
conu.'dy nrodiictlons lust season, slips me nn 
earful of what big things tbo Rosar Family 
arc adding to their classy musical act for 
next seaMin, The folks are tnjoylng thess 
days at their eottagn at Tottenvllle, Stnten 
Island, and Kllrr-n should worry about get- 
ting nil Hinhiiriit. 

Tub Flflli Avonuo try-outs have been dis- 
continued for tho hot spell, Ous McCune 
In thoroughly satlsllod with what fruit he 
has plucked from these weekly gatherings, 
and they will be resumed on the name day 
of each week beginning tho latter part of 

wiiy Adolph Olose, father of Augusta 
Olose, Is not nelng seen yet is a mystery to 
those who saw the performance no gave nt a 
try-cut Way back on May 3. WhyT So say 
we nil of ns. 

.Tub iiKiiiiiMtr and Lillian Oolosmith are 
•till doing tho big thing with "Tho Danea 
of the Siren." At Ous McCuno's corner week 
of July 14. 

Pliny Htm.Bnnn and Jhannb -Pickbrino 
ksn company, Including Hurley H. Ollmorn, 
opened on the Vroctor Circuit Moudny. Juno 
all. In their rural comedy sketch) "A Fatted 

Haiiuv WAicnr.r.L, late utidorstudy for Al. 
Jolson at the Winter Onrdon, will slip over 
on Impression of that popular burnt cork 
comedian ot Proctor's Twonty-thlrd Street 
Theatre, July 10-12. Violuttk, who played the role of 
the District Attorney In T 'Court Uy Girls," 
the suffragotteri, who played at Proctor's 
Fifth Avenuo week of Juno 10, Is hard at 
work rehearsing "somo" act with Lena 
1'lnatnl, who gracefully kicked herself Into 
dally lilt* os tho witness for tho defense, 

llt'Tii Wiieki.eii, who not long ago signed 
a contract "for life" with Harvey Maxwell, 
recently shot mo with the Information that 

Jirctzels were good bait for catching bow- 
egged German eels. Naomi, the other half 
of tlio Wheeler Sisters, dropped me n card 
and told me different, and said tho "grass 
grow, green" all around their homo ln Pbllly, 
and as long as Harvey holds out with the 
mower nnd tlio hedge clippers they will con- 
tinue to sprinkle the lawn with hair oil. 
Cook up another pill, James. 

Jimmib Kennbdv ank Maiiiib KJiAHra will 
wooden shoo It at the Fifth Avenue next 
week, This wns predicted throo weekH ago 
as their sentence. 

*'■ ' 

Sidney and Towley have signed under the 
manaKcment of Floyd Htokes, nnd are back 
tn New York after a fli icwsful W estern trip. 

A WABbant of attachment ngnln.t Harold 
Thompson, manager of the Ornnd Opera 
House, Pulradeiiilila. ap/illod for last week 
by Bernard lUnmeuthnl, In a suit tor 
91,077.00, wWch tha plniutlff says tho man- 
oger hna owed him for more Hinn two years. 
Justice aiegcrlcli signed tho warrant. 

Max RAniNopK 1 , according to o decision of 
Supremo Court .Tusticn Gerard, will bp 
oblltied to submit to nn examination, pend- 
ing tho trlnJl of n suit egolnst llablnoff by 
Ben Atwell for nn accounting and dissolu- 
tion of partnership, 



July 5 



Founded In 18118, 




Editorial ario Uosinxbs M»kui 

NEW YORK, JDLY 6, 1913. 

Entered June 24, 1879, at the Post OOet at 
New York, N. Y., as second elm matter, under 

the «ct m March 3, 1870, 


Advertisements— 12.80 per Inch, single column. 
Advertisements let with bonier, 10 (tret, extra. 

One year, Is atlTance, t * ; six months, (2 ; three 
BODtba, (1. Canada and foreign postage extra. 
Single copies will be tent, postpaid, en receipt of 

10 cents. _, . 

Oor Termi are Cash 

From Winnipeg, MM-, comes a story to operated on lines similar to tiose followed 

!____, s m____ __»_«_. * ____«. g SKfsaSs £ 

strong vaudeville acts and offer moving pic- 
Mr! Morrison la unfamiliar with theatrical 
affaire, but he propoees to surround himself 
with a staff of theatrical men who know the 
game from A to ft 

the effect that a Walter Morrison, ft million- 
aire mine owner (who makes hie? home la 
that city), has decided to become a vaude- 
ville magnate, and with that end In view la 
going to organize nity-two vaudeville shows 
and secure control of fifty-two theatres In aa 
many cities. These shows will play a circuit 

< i » 




FfliDAi, June 27. 

A beautiful warm mom was slipped to as 

for the final try-oats (until after tbe hot 

weather) last Friday, and there was quite a 

gathering of nobles out front to enjoy what 

TUB CLIPPER I. Issued ever, WEDNESDAY. WILL COPYRIGHT HIS PR0DUC- H_m W |_lr_ a_d d the "resf of 


Forma Closing? Promptly 
Tuesday , at 10 A. Kf , 

Please remit by express money order, check, 
P. 0. order or registered letter. All cash enclosed 
with letter Is at tlik of tender. 
Address All Communications to 
47 West 2(ith Street, New York. 

Tel. 2274-Madlaon. 
Rtgitttrtt Oalilt Address, "Adtdobiti." 

of Tin OLipraa la located at Itooni SOS, Ashland 


Lee Bhubert, who, although tinder forty 
years of age, is one of the leading theatrical 
managers of America, arrived .from ^Euroge 

tbe Plymouth 
Club were tip brighter and earlier than ever 
to welcome or mourn ( ?) tbe last bill of trials, 
and even Frank MoCunc came la on the hop 
before eleven bells wiping the remains of an 
Ebret omelet from view with a silk handker- 
chief marked H. V. 

Ous McCone blew the whistle on the tick 
of eleven, and Anderson and "Vance, a man 
and a woman, eased their way on In a "walk- 
ing" song, but both appeared very shy of 
making their voices beard further out than 
J. Then the woman danced a Spanish num- 
ber with tbe castanets, and was followed by 

on the JfaurcionWa on Friday. June 27. Be 

looked tbe picture °* health. He waa met on 

tbe pier bv the theatre reporters. He sold 

that tbe theatres of London, Paris, Berlin 
... - end Vienna offered very little In the matter ,, 

Block, Chicago, Warren A. Patrick, manager and f plays, and that American ragtime was In the rnaD> w j, | d two different character spe- 
corretpondeut. great vogue over there. Indeed, many of the cialtlea, a tramp and a rube. The tramp was 

Bits in tbe revues were taken from the New away g ^Mt the rube bit was good and was 

York Winter Garden productions. helped along by noises, made with his mouth, 

"Of course," said Mr. Saubcrt, "It waa our f farmyard inhabitants, trolley cars, animals 

fault for not having our productions, songs, an(I tne cranking f a limousine. He finished 

and music copyrighted over there. The man- ■ 

agers admitted that they had now to look to 

America for their successes, but they did not 

credit us with it on their bills or programs. 

The Empire and AJbambra revues have a 

number of sonjp and musical numbers from 

the Winter Garden, and the revue, 'Come 

Over Here,' at tbe London Opera House, 

which Is a great success, was taken bodily 

from the 'Passing fihow of 1012,' and the 

'Honeymoon Express.' 

Thb Currxa oiw aa obt.inid wnoLisiu AMD 
a— an., at our agents, ttrentano'a news depot. ST 
Avenue de ropera, Paris, France; Diamond News 
Co., >20 Prado. Havana; Manila Book and Sla- 
ttontry Co., 128 Kacolta, Manila, P. I. ; Gordon 
A Oateb, 128 Pitt -treat, Brduer. N. B. W., 


________________________ __■__————_——■_ 


this wltb a song, and was Joined by his well 
formed partner to dance it out In a neat 


M. W., Kansag City. — There are ft number 
of dancers who appear on tbe stage with 
bore feet 

J. G.. New York. — Charles Hoyt wrote "A 
Parlor Match.'" 

knee length pink dress. They have some Idea 
of what Is wanted, but were not ready to 
show to best advantage. 

The Burg company was tbe next to show. 
It Included ten hard working girls, and very 
much reminded us of tbe Rooney Sisters' 
"Woodland Nymphs" net. Two of the girls, 
doing kid parts, are shown asleep in the 
woods. They sleep through the opening song, 

went on to say, r as we shall protect our 
selves in tho future. This la the first time 

A. M. 11., Oabkosb. — He 1b with the Sella- { Dat the European managers have hid to com* 

Floto Circus. to America for their revues and vaudeville 

A Rsadkr. — 1, We do not know bis present attractions In such a large way, and aa the 

wbcreaboutB. Address him in care of this puD ]i c have taken such a liking to American 

"It will not happen again, * Mr. Bhubert led D , a „ 00 j soprano-voiced maiden, but are 

* awakened at tbe close of the second song, led 
by two girls In wblte costumes, assisted by 
the chorus. Then the "babes" went to work 
and led the other elgbt girlies In military 
uniforms. Tbe last number found the chorus 
In another change, blazer Jackets, white flan 

ofllce and wo will advertise letter in Clifmw , p \ ayv ana gone,, they will have to continue ne i DantB Btn £ nata a nd canes,' and led by 
letter list. 2. The i Progressive Circuit ^offlcea f comp |y with the demand. Tho successes the % oy .t ana two or the "Njmphlets." The 
are in The New Yurk nmci Building, New j n London at the theatres -were nearly all ... _ ' flne ,, C08t umed and - 

York Oity. 


K. G. M., Philadelphia.— Aa he did not 
touch tbe cards and called the dealer's atten- 
tion to the fact timt he only wanted two 

American plays. The reason of that Is the 
demand for good plays and acts of all kinds, 
as well aa songs and music, is far greaer 
bere (ban in Europe, and the composers 
know that this la the best market In the 
world to-day. American managers pay 

Srt'ii'h.rk'.'nd reVurnTt^'ttedeck^^ •"•>•"««»•*"»» Productions, and pay better 
* A*?. iMSe^T g££ fantcroa.e «I«H« tt.n to Europe w they get the 

R. I... Snvannab. — . 

American managers 

p_m »•""«'=» " V„ , „\?„„,i „„„ .iwiVi production of "Drcadnaugbt." with Arthur 

SVAfn^ n& eDC i? «.,«,.? to SenSilio Collins, Cecil Raleigh anl rfenry Hamilton. 

:S^ne^op^ra%o"Jl.hrt B o P ene^nd » wiu'ta produced at the Manhattan Opera 
this penalty, which, aa a rule, Is twice the 

House. Mr. Bhubert said that one of tbe 
most ambltloustfiroductlona for next reason 
would be the staging of "Pauthea," a drama 
of minimal character by Monckton Hoffe. It 
la Haiti to be a success In London, where It la 
now playing at tbe Ambassador's Theatre. 

In London Mr. Sbubert arranged for tho 

~~~~* farewell American tour of Sir Johnston 

ft\t v rrr* nrTimuc T A it nntnuTAM Forbns-Roborteon and Gertrude Elliott, In 
LUL14J-K KJClUJKftj i\) fJKUHlTLAJl Rhakesnearcan ploys and standard successes. 

Sir Johnston, aa be Is known since he waa 

original ante, must be put In the succeeding 
pot and played for by all the players, 

I'olicrman. — When a hand Is called It 
must be placed on the table, face up, bo that 
all the players can gee It. 

It whs reported last week on good au- 
thority that William Collier would return to 
tho management of Charles Frolininn. Tbla 
will bo the drat time that Mr. Frohman baa 
permitted a star, who baa voluntarily left 
his management, to return. Mr. Collier will 
have tho choice of two plays. One of them 
la by Richard Harding Davis, which the 
comedian likes very much, and which be will 
undoubtedly choose as his vehicle. 

The reason that Mr, Collier la leaving; 
Lew Fields' management la duo Bolely to tho 
fact that Mr. Molds has no available play 
for him, This change of management will, 
of course, remove the name of William 
Collier from tho Comedy Theatre, as tho Bhu- 
bcrts wero interested with Mr. Fields In tho 
Collier engagement Mr. Collier's play of 
last season, Never Bay Die." will be sont out 

knighted recently, will open tbe Bam 8. Shu- 
bert Theatre In West Forty-fourth Street, 
now nearlng completion. 

Mr. Shubcrt boa obtained the rights for 
England to the Viennese operetta, "The 
fiypsy Leader," which he will present at ft 
West End theatre. Henry W. Savage haa 
the American rlghta. Mr. Shubert also ar- 
ranged to prouco at the Royalty Theatre in 
London "Romance," by Kdwnrd Sheldon. 

Doris Kenno and Dennis Raille will have 
the principal rolei in the London production. 
Mr. Bhubert had a conference with Granville 
Barker and arranged for the production of 
another Bernard Bbaw play In now York In 

Among tho performers that Mr. Bhubert 
engaged abroad for 'the coming season In 
Mile. Lydla Kyaah, a Russian donBeuse, who 

act was finely costumed and gave evidence 
of being possible to make It a real "go" 
When differently arranged and drilled. It 
was presented by Fred E. Btegltch, formerly 
stage manager of the Chicago Grand Opera 

The Pruette Quartette, announced as "the 
perfect quartette," c»"ie along In the next 
position. We found \ . m. Pruette, of Frltzl 
Bcheff'a "Mile. Modiste" and "My Little 
Friend" companies, baritone; Boydon Keith 

Woodland" company, first tenor. Bob Klser, 
erstwhile leader of the Oak Hotel's Sym- 
phony Orchestra, and now wltb Shapiro A 
Bernstein's Music Co., did his part very well 
by accompanying the boys at the piano. Tbey 
were all In good voice with tbe exception of 
Franklyn Wallace, tbe tenor. He was ill 
when he arrived and could not give a proper 
account of his vocal ability. However, they 
warbled enough to show they could do some 
big time work and get away easily wltb It. 

Cella Ternon, a little Jewish girl singer, 
did that little stunt quite a while and made 
a fair impression in only one number, her 
last, a raggy one. Celia is not ready to 
cause any sensation Just yet 

Lotta Virginia Plcard, a soprano singer, 
sent down by Phil Nash, sang a few numbers 
In a aweet soprano voice, but did not come 
up to necessary qualifications. 

Marvin, Kahn and Nugent, ft rathskeller 
trio of young men, were the main up-to-date 
treat of the morning. Two of the boys, one 
possessing an exceptionally fine tenor voice, 
handled the big share of the songs, while the 
piano party equalled his partners' fine work 
on the keys. Tbey have all the proper ideas 
and good stago business to go to work imme- 

Another quartette of singers also made 

?ood. They were the Rlalto Comedy Four 
Messrs. Cameron, May, Raymond and Blake). 
Tbe boys sang nicely together, and tbe tenor 

■■■ i — D ™* BU "' . ™. " . "'. ."m, """ " -«—-. «- «• rune, i.yuia nyueii, « jiubhibu uuiibcuhv, wuu rn. a t, Avn Bfln , t.i™1v ,nn>llwr nnd 
by Fields and Bhubert wtb another come- for four years has been a leading, artist at JA 6 ." °?1 % "StSred l vodffig nuitw 
ft". ATl^EOT»L*m*^JjlffiH «>« W«. la London. _ Bho wlft bring to eh ? tVotw^h'o snowed wen 

role.' As Collier Is co-author with William 
H. Post, of "Never Say Die," ho will receive 
his royalties. 


A test case has been started by Louis B. 
Mayer the new lessee of tho Walnut Street 
Theatre, Philadelphia and an order to show 
cause why a license should not be Issued haa 
been granted by the court, Tho argumeat 
on the proposition will be beard July 2. 

The case is of Importance to all managers 
and lessees In Philadelphia, as tbe proposed 
changes In construction, to meet the new re- 
quirements' would cause great expense. 

The managers during tbe last session of 
the Pennsylvania Legislature won with a bill 
which provided that tho new building lawa 
and requirements could not bo retroactlvo 

America her cntlro eorpt de ballet, scenery 
and music. She haa a repertoire of ten 

Sylvester Schaffer, who Mr. Shubcrt re- 
gards as one of the leading musical enter, 
talners ho saw abroad, was engaged for the 
Winter Garden. Mr. Shubert said his firm 
will produce "The Surprises of Hell," by 
C. B. Fernold, and "Simon Street. No. 10," 
by • well known English playwright, nt the 
Princess Theatre. He engaged many novelties 
for the opening of the Hippodrome. One of 
the early productions at tho New Theatre, In 
London, arranged by Mr. Bhubert, will bo 
Clyde Frtcn's comedy, "Girls." 

A farce, called r, Oh, I Say!" which Is 
being played by James Welch at the Cri- 
terion Theatre, London, will ho an early pro- 



This weefc, THB KlgglaTO MAID. 

4IIV, IJVMUUU, TT ■*! ft/u ftllt IBl IJ imv— 

.,,.„..,_ ductlon by the Shubcrts In Now York, Mr. 
snd to refer to theatres erected properly Shubcrt also Ms tho American rights to the 

within tho requirements, at the time of tho melodrama, "Cheer, Boys, Cheer." It may 

building. In Pennsylvania, both a State and 
city license Is required for theatres. The 
Philadelphia authorities bold that tho act 
of the Legislature does not hind them. 


Edward Bailey, manager of a vaudeville 
theatre at Asbury Park, wuh drowned in 
Mountain Lake, near Qlovcrsvllle, N. Y., on 
Saturday, June 28, Ho was canoeing with 
a young woman when tho boat capBticd. She 
was saved. 

be produced at tho Manhattan Optra House 
the coming season. 

a i > 


On July 4 William Collier will entertain 
at his Bummer homo, lit Bt, James, L. I., • 
few personal friends. They are: Jean C. 
Haves, Fred Block, Irving Meyers, Den 
Holder and Jack (Reason. 
« I > 


Cllve, a. well known English actor, 

B. B. 

Of the others who showed were Iaabelle 
Balle, a pianist ; Marion Shirley, a pretty 
young woman who has heaps of ambition 
and can hit high "C" in piccolo style, but 
who lacks jproper stago movement. This was 
Mlsa Shirley's aecond appearance at the 
trials, but wo regret to report she showed 
but little Improvement with a voice that ap- 
pears to have possibilities still hidden In ft. 

Georgia McNelce, assisted at the piano by 
her slater, surprised us a bit with the easy 
manner she showed and the unfluttered way 
she sang two or three raggy mclodlCB. Miss 
McNelce would do quite well for tbe small 
time with but little rehearsal. 

These trials have reaped quite ft few prom- 
ising acts since they were Inaugurated by 
Manager Gus McCune, and they will be con- 
tinued the latter part of August. Tot. 
< i » 


Ida May Fuller has entered suit against 
tbe Marcus Loew Booking Agency. 

On Oct. 31, 1018, declares Miss Fuller in 
her complaint, the Loew enterprises, know- 
ing the reputation of her act, engaged her 
to present the fantastical spectacle over their 
circuit for ft period of ten weeks at a solnry 
of $500 a week. From this gross sum was 
to be deducted five per cent, for booking com- 

The act opened for the week of Nov. 16, 
•t Loew's Yorkvlllc Theatre, but closed the 
name week, although for tho following week 




14th St., Phone 3400 
Etnyvcsant. Matinee 
Dally 26c.; Nights, 
7tc. to $1.00. 

Mildred Grovcr ; Miss Maxlne 
and Whirlwind ricks; LOR- 
Thomas Potter Dunn; GOR- 
DON A RIOKA: Armstrong 
4 Ford; Musical Alvlnos. A 
new and original Dramatic 
playlet, "A CLOSE CALL." 

ODCrt'tlon^anMndlc ^^ has been Engaged 'bJWtothrop Ames for'aii Ml.s" KuTle'r is auw sho" was" booked for 

3h killed to a wreck on a troHcy lino to Important rolo In ^'Tho Great Adventure." Lincoln -Squft.-o and other Loew^ houses, 

&Stt\^™\j&&m lM»«U*i^a»! i 8 !»^, „%.h«^.^„«W h y^K2S, 

Theatre, In Sydney, Australia, on May 80, 

snd scored an emphatic hit. All the Amcri- 

vllle. Mr. Joso will play the leading role can players In the cast scored personal sue- 

.1 u ln »... «t.1,.,l i.-i. *V>»..,. >^lA..,.B.n _»^ «■. * Paduiu li'n(ra»niTirin, 1— 4*m* , I ,<i, a- m*aI» 

Robert, resides to New York City, and a 

sister, Mrs. Henry Lamms, in Qloversvllle. 

a» » 


Edouard Jose will shortly produce Jean 
C. Hayes's latest act, "Llttlo Max," In vaudc- 

and will be aided by thrco players, ono of 
them a woman. Tho piece Is, in reality, ft 
comedy scene with a touch of heart Interest 
Tho act will go Into rehearsal early nest 

Si I 


Solly Brown and Felccla Bprague hare 

formed a stage partnership and will shortly 

open on the u. B. O, tlmo In an aot which 

la full of smart songs and sayings, Mlsa 

In West Forty-fourth. Street, on Oct 0. 


to play the remainder of the tlmo damaged 
Miss Fuller's reputation and pocketbook to 
"Within — h— Liwii isr irwnmi the extent of $4,275, she declares, and de- 
W ™n^, .v , 7, I . ., ^Jr manda Judgment for this amount. 

"Within tho Law" opened at Her Majesty's aa » 


Engagement Is for eight weeks 


Supreme Court Justice doff, on June 27. 
set aside the Judgment of (22,800 of Edith 
Sinclair against Klaw tt Brlonger. A new 
trial has been ordered. 
I «» 


Messrs. Hlrchfcld & Wahn, leasees of the 
State and Broad Street Theatres, Trenton, 
N. J,, have given up their lease on the latter. 
The owners, Messrs, Glllnsky A Hovenson, 
turned this into a five and ten cent moving 
picture theatre prior to Messrs. Hlrschfeld 
A Wahn taking tho lease, but nothing suc- 
ceeded in It 



Herman From me, a well known lawyer. 
i, Es_*]fl9 mny theatrical clients, died oi , 


A new theatre Is to be built In Memphis. 
Tens., by James I. Barnea. It will be located 
on Third Street, opposite the Broadway The- 




A report current around the neighborhood 
of Miner's Eighth Avenue is that the old 
house will bo devoted to vaudeville and pie- 

Iures. The top price will be 26 cents. It 
s also reported that tib.9 Ikhw offlco will 
furnish tut act*, 


Maude Adams will close an unusually long 
Mason, at Clinton, la., on July 12. 

Wnx H. DoitiiN has jrone to his country 
home, at Kalamazoo, Mich., to spend the 
Summer. He haa been engaged by Rowland 
A Clifford to support William V. Mong, la 
his new play, aext leaton. 

new Barnes Hotel, and will have a seating 

capacity of about 1,000. Tho bouse will be 

devoted to vaudeville and pictures. 



Will H. Fox, In an attractive poster sent 
to his friends In America, announces that he 
will arrive In tbla country about December, 
1018. He Is booked to return to England. 
S^'M "iJP? Palace, Douflas, Isle of Han, 
June 14, lfcUi, 

F.F. Proctor's 
6th Ave. 

B'way ASStb Bt. 
Dally Mat., 260. 
Eves. 260 toll. 

Sun.. 2.16 48.16 

All-Star Bills 


The World's Greatest Mystery. 
Conroy A I Paulham I The Three 
LeHalro I Team Kidlets 

William Blsto, The Two Roses, 
Willie Gardner. Lombard! A Knoll, 
Jane Weir 4 Co., M'Mahon, Dia- 
mond A CTemence, Vaiveno A 
Lamore. . 


Advertisement* not exceeding one line hi lennn. 
will be pobllahed, properly classified. In tbla in,"™ 
at the rate of $10 for out year (G2 IsBuea). a 
copy of Thb Nsw Yo»k Cuppas will be s«,t fn» 
to each advertiser while the advertisement is run. 
alng. ' 


0. W. Trainer Mfg. Co., TO 


Sat. 2.16, 

Phone 8420 

Evg.8.16. Mats. Wed. and 

ed. Mat. Popular. 

Jnst W. of Broadway, 
'opt- - 


Direction < 

42d St. 

Theatre Announces 


41th St Just E. of B'way. 
Telephone Bryant 4ft. 
[fecubn of John Cort. 
Eves. 8,1 J. Mats. Wed. and SoL 2.18. 


In the Comedy of Youth, PEG O' MY HEART. 

42d St.. near B'way. Eves., 
8.16. Mats.,Wed. A Sat, 2.14 
Coolest Theatre In the World-THG ONE BIG 


(Series of 1818.) Staged by Julian Mitchell 
Remarkable Caat-rDEAL Z1E0FELD CHORUS 100 


Just West of Broadway. 'Phone 7202 Bryant. 
Every Evening at 6,16 (except Sunday) 




Evenings. 8.16. Matlm 

rt S* A — — , rt »< »■ Vri.« »W BT d 

Broadway and soth St. 
•Phono 8846 Greeley. 
. Matinees, Wed, 4 Sat., 2.16. 


ENTIRE 1st BALO., (1. ENTIRE 2d BALC, 600 

WANTED— For Saatelle's Circus, Mast- 
clans on all Instruments to enlarge Band (low 
pitch.) Wire or write lowest. E. B. FLANAGAN, 
Marlboro, Moss,, Jul; 2; Mlllford, 8; Concord, 4; 
Attleboro, 6. 

Vaudeville Act, Including new, original, novelty 
and comedy tricks easily learned, wltb many 
valuable pointers and full Instructions to quickly 
learn the act and about 26 pieces of assorted ap- 
paratus. No time for correspondence. Tho first 
one sending $6.00 takes It. Satisfaction guaran- 
teed. Address CARL MAItTELL, 8822 McDonald 
Ave., Bt. Louis, Mo. 

WANTED— Souttrette, with Al specialties; 
General Business Man, Cornet, Bari- 
tone, Drummer. Other Musicians and People, 
write. This Is three night and week stands, nnder 
canvas. Opera bouses In winter. Work year 
'round. State lowest; pay own. Address Man- 
ager EASTERN THEATRE CO., Bradford, 
HIT, June 30 to July 8.; Wyoming, 111., 4-6; 1'rlnce- 
vlllc, 111., 7-0; Chllllcothe, III,, 10-12. 

WANTED— Hcrklmor Co. All 'round Come- 
dian Magician ; other useful Med. Performers that 
change Ifor week and work in acta. Must Join on 
wire. GIBSON'S VAUDEVILUANS, Gray, Herkl- 
mer Co., N. Y. 

WANTED— Comedian, Irish, Dutch or black- 
face : Boubretto and Sister Team ; Musical act, 
novelty act ; also Musicians for band and or- 
chestra. Two weeks' stands under canvas. State 
what you want In first letter. Long's Medicine 
Show Summit, Bill, Pa. 




Member A. P. of M. Sober and reliable. Address 
K. F. KEL8BY, eare "A Western Girl" 
Co., Clinton, Me., July 5; after that. 
Gen. Del., Portland, Me. 



WOMAN who can and will do Negro Mammy. 
AGKNT who can and will hustlo for salary 
and percentage. Name lowest salary for Hum- 
rnor and Regular Season. All particulars, first 
letter. Address 

Farnalngton, Me. 


The best 8. and D. Med. Comedian In the business. 
Put onactsand make them go. Also an Al Song and 
Dance Sketch Team. Winter and Buminor Work. 
Money sure, lillllu B. Duller, where are your 
Address HARRY KERSHAW, eare Sharp- 
■teen Comedy Co., White Pigeon, Mich. 

Lady with small capi- 
tal for partner In 
. Dramatio Business. 
Prefer one capablo of playing some leads. Send 
photo. Address 

Niagara Hotel, Toledo, Ohio 


Mediclno Porformors of »J1 kinds forstroctchango 


Btand^Best of treatment, stop at hotels. Address 
ARTHUR OARDIN, Mgr., MUlctte's Famous Snow. 
Morgansfleld, Ky., week of June 80. ' 


DR. A. B. PAKE, Havana, HI 

NEW POLO A. A., Park Avq. and 129th St., 

N. T. Books now open for rehearsals, meetings, 
etc. Two halls, TEL. 64 HARLEM. Rehearsals 
lor aejobaUo acta, companies, etc 

Alto or Tenor Saxaphono (low pitch). Must be a 
bargain. Describe fully. EDi SI^ILL, 460* 
X*go ATfc, Chicago, iSr "wiuiii* am 

Pearl St., Boston, 

Hart ilfg. Co., 862 Atlantic Ave., Boston, Mass 

R. H. Mayland A Son, 64 WUIoogbby St., Brook, 

lyn, N. Y. 

Baeckhelm Bros. 4 Eckstein, 245 Bo. Peoria 3r_ 

Chlcago. ^ 

S. Bower, 117 Barman fit, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Edwin R. Street, 28 Brook St, Hartford, Conn. 

A Braunelss, 1012 Grant Ave., Richmond H11L 

N. I. ^ 

J. C. Deagon, 8800 N. Clark St, Chicago, HI. 



H. J. Harwood's Sona, 68 Pearl St, Boston, Man. 

Roeckhelm Bros. A Eckstein, 246 Bo. Peoria St . 


0. L. Story Scenic Co., Somervlllc Station, Bol- 
ton, Masa. 
Set—an A Landls Co., 417 8. Clinton St., Cblctro. 
Tcemey 4 Volland, 2312 Market St., St. Louis. 
Shell's Scenic Studios, 581 So. High St., Oolam- 

bas, Ohio. 
New York Saodlo, 1001 Times Bldg., N. Y. a 


Planet Show Print A Eng. House, Chatham, Ont 
Paul Tauslg A Son, 104 E. 14th 8t, N. X. O. 

Kuukely Tent A Awning Co., 103 South St, N. X< 

Boston Regalia Co., 887 Wash. St, Boston, Man. 

E. Walker. 309 W. 89th St., New York. 


Look at these prices for cash with order. No ship- 
ments made C. O. D. Union workmen, Union Label. 
MM 8x8 to-nighta, a ohanges. i side, no oasts, $10.60 
80M 4x12 to-nlghts, iside.aohangee.nocaats, 12.00 
sou tii2 to-nlghts, with cost and synopsis, • ia.60 
MM 4x12 to-nlghts, printed both sides, • it.00 
10M axxtK card heralds. .... 10.00 
10M 8x24 heralds, both sides (or TxH) 

10M 12H8 hsralds, 4 pp. (or »x24. both sides) 16.00 
10M 14x21 heralds, 4pp. (orlOXx2S,botb. sides) is.w 
MM ladles free or coupon tickets, - • • 10.60 

MO holt gheeta, from type, black on yellow, 4.M 
1000 half sheets, block on yeUow, - - . TJO 

MO one sheets, from type, black on yellow, too 
1000 one sheets, black on yellow, • ■ • 11.00 
1000 tack cards, 11x14, one color, ■ • 8.00 
We carry no stock paper. Above prices are for 
special forms from your own copy and out*. Good 
ahlpplng facilities. Oatalogof stock outs. Pottos . 
pondenco invited. GAZETTE 8B0W FRJNTHKI 


For Permanent Tabloid Stock (3d season), 

good General Business Mau and Women, 
ong and Dance Comedian, Scenic Artist 
that cau play parts. Rep. people pre- 
ferred. State YOUR LOWEST, photos, 
etc., first letter. MUST JOIN ON WIRE. 
Rehearsals July 24. Open July 28. Two 
bills per week. Ono show a night. Michi- 
gan all Bummer. W. V. M. A. time this 
Winter. Walter Sunford and wife, write; 
also Elizabeth Montgomery. One year's 
work to people that will DO AS DIRECTOR 
tolls them. All mall answered. Spcolalty 
jorlo preferred. Address MANAGER 
1L0ID STOOK, Escnnaba, Mich. 


Al Amateur Cornetlst desires position IS 
Orchestra or Band, Can do somo Solo work. 
Plasterer by trade, and used to foreman's posi- 
tion. Best of reference In both lines. Member O. 
P. I. A 23 yearn old. Wishes to seonre good 
paying position. None but those having same, 
need waste stamps. MUSICIAN, caro of North- 
western Conservatory of Music, HOST North 
17«h Bt., Philadelphia, Peon. 

Musical Blaokfaoe Comedian 

Also song and dance sketch team that are up In 
acts and can change for one week. Steady work 
winter and summer. Salary, single, $16 and all; 
double, 120 and all. It you can and will deliver 
the goods write or wire at once. Tickets If I 
knowyou. Address GREAT MYSTO TENT 
SHOW, Shannon v 111.., Ontario. 
Booz ers save stamps. Don't answer. 


For a season of five to ten weeks, 


About 26 people, for Summer Park, on guaranteo 
or shares. 


About ton people. 
Address H. F. WILSON, care of Llbble Show 
Print, 242 Dover Street, Boston, Mass. 

liKBT YOU FORGET JSJH ft ^t,<aaa_ft 


Contracts, Tickets, Envelopes, Free Samples, etc 
STAGS MONEY, lsc. Book of Herald data, 260. 




Now yon Western performers, It you want a new 
act written, It's up to yon for the real big tinw 
goods, 1601 California St, San Francisco, Col. 


Manigar Dramatic Dapirtmant 


Booking Reliable People (tor Reliable 


Bnlte MO to 8M, It No. LaBallo St. CHICAGO, ILL. 


tlrecntown, tod. 


July 5 




Fall Hirer, Mage. — Siroy (L. H. Boas, 

mcr.) Mallcy-Dcnnlson Stock 0». presents "The 
Lottery Man?' week of Juno SO. 

liuou (Ohaa. B. Cook, mgr.) — Tbo Bsylles- 
Hlcks Stock Obv, under tbo mansjement of Thro- 
don B. Bsytica, opened at this theatre, 30, 
with "Plney Bidgo" as tbo cpc-nlng bill. Tbe com 
nany csma from Fltcbbnrg, Mass., wbero It was 
Installed lot aeaaoa at tbo Auditorium Theatre. 
Is tbo company are: Henry I licks. Oorinno Cant- 
well, Florence Johnstone, Mauil Blair, Oraco Bent- 
frow, Pearl, Lytoll, Eugene Webber, J, Arthur 
O'Brien, George Walsh, Harry King, Bernard 
Steele and Georgo Gow. Henry arabbert l» scenic 
artist. Tbe plsy* wUl bo produced under the di- 
rection of Mr. Hicks and Mr. Steele, and moving 
pictures are to be Introduced between the acta, 

Acapwt (L. M. Boas, mgr.) — Bill 30- July 2: 
Apollo Qnartette, Jane Bote and company. Frankla 
Drew and the Maacagnls. For 3-8: Ward and 
Ferry, Sam J. Bams, Carrey and Lee, and 
pearl Stems. 

Pauoo (Walter Blgelow mgr.)— ^Motion 

(H. -Mlcnclfelder, mgr.)— Motion 



Stab (El. Mlchelfelder, mgr.)— Motion pictures. 

Olobs (Walter Blgelow, mgr. ) — iMotlon plctnres, 

Nicfslodbon (Walter Blgelow, mgr.) — Motion 

Soihio (A. H. Archer, mgr.)— Motion pictures. 

Hllford, M«i« — Lato Nlpmue (Das J. 
Sprague mgr.) vaudeville and plctnres. Bill June 
to and week: Barto and Olerk, Sadie Bodgers, Ed. 
UcBnelly, Mattlo Qoinn, r.-edo and Primrose, 
Joggling De Lisle, and Snyder's Quartette. Added 
attraction for Sunday, 20, was Waltham Brass 
Band, John Flocton, conductor. 

Tnrpou Hall. — Motion pictures and Illustrated 

Ltoiok (Luby Bros., mgra) — Motion pictures 
sod illustrated songs. 

Idku. (M. Perham mgr.)— Motion pictures and 
Illustrated songs, 

Notbs.— Lake Pearl, In Wrenthaut; Town Hall, 
Holllilon; Town' Hall, Upton; Town Hall, Hop- 
ktntou, and Morse Opera House. Franklin, are all 
showing morlng pictures and illustrated songs, to 

good business The new curtain, also the lira 

surtelr. hare been bung at Millard Opera House, 
and scene painters are getting oat an entire new 
set of drops. Resident Manager Franklin Tomp- 
kins has announced the opening to take pace 
kept. 1. 

Haverhill, Mass.— Tie Pines Theatre (I. 
W. Gorman, mgr.) week of June 30, "The Dainty 
Quakeress," by .Matthew Ott, featuring Lew Will- 
iams, Harold Dunn, Nettle Hnlse, Fay Darling, 
Bernan Hanson and a big company. 

Majbstio (Prof. Jannelll A F. Boskettl, mgrs.) 
—Motion pictures and Illustrated songs. 

Bcbnio (A. Benganman, mgr.) — Motion pic- 
tures and Illustrated songs. 

siilleb Baos.' 101 Banco showed here Jane 33. 

Attleboro, Ma**. — Hates — Bill June 80- 
July 2: Baymond and Lclgliton, Bonis and Dar- 
ky, Toklo Murato and pictures. 

Columbia. — Pictures and rnudevllle. 

Notes. — Slg. Sautelle'g advance agents hire pe- 
tered this and surrounding towns, announcing 

shows appearanco In Attlebrro July B 

Columbia Orchestra has disbanded for tbe Sum- 
mer months. 

Mansfield, Mass. — Pastime — . Motion plc- 
taree and Eddie Ohllds, In iluabrated songs. 
Fawtneket, R, I. — Scenic — bill Juno 80- 

July : Buater Brown Maids, Kiel Trio, Freda and 
la Van, Jane Markel and pictures, 

Nbw Stab. — Pictures and songs. 

Mdsio Hall. — Pictures and songs. 




We'll BO cut on (be ocean. 


In' op ana dovrn, 

Bobbin* np oint down. 
O •> , w 1 1 a t a motion— 

Bobbin' «p »'■<• (own, 

Babbitt* np and down. 
It's a Jiann v ship, 

And you'll take a dip 

In the btinjr honey, if y ovist r«el ebotaM 

All (he chairs and (he dlshos 
Are bobbin' up and down, 
Bobbin' up and) down. 
Even t ho .lies 

As* bobbin' up and down. 
Be* (he Captain and (ho Crewi 
I aBveirybod y, ewers you, 
I Kexp bobbin', UoubIfs>.ttabbiK'ai*avnd 




143-145 WEST 40th STREET 
Through to 1437 BROADWAY, NEW YORK 



Sond for /'Our; Band and 
Orchestra - Catalog 













ophm irov. ao . 



BIO 8P0CB88 -Open Nov. 20 for Engagements. 






aHI Cortlan dt St., N. T. 


raekir Duck and Rubber Co., Ft. Smith, Ark. 

Bake good tenta. Bare you money. Write for 
anr now catalog. 



H Beaton with the Hamum Show 


•ns of (He filatures with 101 Hunch 


5uiet Jack Oliver Moore VfZSsz 

Htlll with (bat different wire aet 


with lui Itanch show aa a feature. 

101 RAM N OTES, 

(bt job umSi) 

The week of June 23 wm tremendous In paft. 
ronage. following tbo BlngUng.Broe.' Circus, and 
Geo. Arlington was much pleased although the 
opposition was closed, 

The Fourth of July Is near, and the little oics 
crare for the crack of the whips and Jingle rf 
spurs which hangs so snugly Id a pictorial display, 
cowboys, cowgirls and Indians mounted In parade, 
received many pleasing comments from the spec- 
tators on the curb. Home psride, some saow. 
It's blff-blng-bang from start to finish. 

The 101 Ranch Show train, outbouml from 
Doston, was derailed neat East Somerrllle while 
taking crossing, caused a late performance at 
Lynn, the following stand. There were three 
men hurt, two sent to the Doston Belief Hospital. 
Al. Hutchinson had bts finger smashed wvcrUy. 
Be is a performer well known to the profession, 
doing banjo and black face. 

Tbe performance was given to a packed hroac. 
To tho quick mangemont of Manager Blgsby all 
was In running order for the evening show. 

Joe Lewis Is now doing tbe Dutch cop In the 
Wild West. Watch him neit season. No, watch 
him now. Some cop. hey I 

Dan Dlx, the silly yap and cowboy clown, Is 
proud of tbe gold tooth placed this week in his 
mule, "Roosevelt" Show your teeth, Teddy. 
now smile. 

Chief Iron Tall, the Indian who now Is fa- 
mous for tho new nickel, has Taa Nsw You: 
Cvivvn read to him every week by the Indian 

Milt. Blnckle, cowboy broncho buster. Joined 
the show at Boston. , . 

Tex. Ocoper, the noted cowboy, ts coatem- 
plating placing an order for a new pair ' of 
chaps. staufTvr Is gome shop maker. Look oat 
Stauf. dot me? . 

Chief Tephon aays RoasUn tobacco la harmless, 
lie Is dreaming, dreaming Mecca. 

Johnny Pbeeney says I should worry let Shorty 
do that. Shorty aays a few more like Gloucester 
and I will bave to work overtime some H11U." 

Tommy Klrnan, tho noted trick rider. Is laying 
off for a few days, as polion ivy got the beat of 
him. Shorty Janlcke la tilling hla place until ho 

Mrs. McQoIro and daughter, of Revere, wen 
visitors at Salem, Mass. A guest of Chester Byers. 
Bus tor Mack, the pretty blonde cowgirl, and 
Bllllo Mack, round two bank checks valued at 
f 1,200, at Gloucester, Mass., while on th'lr way 
to the show grounds In the morning. They re* 
turned them to the owner, and received a reward, 
nunc and Buster are looking for checks evory 

Dolly Clark shot herself accidentally while lay- 
ing a revolver away at the matinee petfvtmance 
at Lynn. 

Myrtle McBrlde Is a new subscriber for Taa 
Naw Yvbk Ourrxs. 

Mabel Ollne has a pretty beauty mark 'on her 
left cheek. Don't blush, Mabel. 
Mlas Clyde Lindsay, the Cheyenne broncho 


(2710 Boy Wonder.) 

Juhs 28. 

Sunday we arrived In Utlca at 1 r. at., and 
every one waa all togged up to see tho ball gamo 
that we had arranged with the Dearfleld team 
of Utlca, and this bunch certainly turns out when 
there la a ball gamo In sight, and when It comes 
to rooting they have got tho world beat. The 
ladles were there in full force and mnilo a pretty 
sight, sll dressed In white, and they are not 
bsckward in rooting either. It was a great gamo 
and our boys worked tine. Tbe game waa a tie 
at the ninth bmlng so wo had to play the tenth 
inning, and If it hadn't been for an error on our 
part we would surely bave won the game, but 
aa It was tbo score was to 4 In favor of tbe 
Dearfleld team. Wo were all In hopes that we 
would have a game with the D. ft B. Show but 
they wired ub that they had no team. But we 
hear, over here, that they have one. Now we are 
sll wondering If tbey are afraid of being beaten. 

Jlmmlo Ward was locked up tho other day, but 
broke out with poison ivy, and la now a sight. 
Zvery time Jim sees any tall grass ho stiles. We 
sre certainly having our share of raffles— two and 
three every week. Lillian Klncsld has been tbe 
lucky giTl; ao far she has won a diamond ring, 
lost week, and a pair of diamond ear-ring* this 
week. That la going same for luck. Now, she 
wouldn't miss a chance on inylhlng. 

Doe. Blcase. the original fountain of yonth. S r ;» ar ". n | th ,° *, bo 5; m "'„"",* "'! 1° J !/i ,c jJ™ 
attrlbtues his boy!»h countenance to the olive oil » T-* 1 *; «•"-, !■«■ tooks One, Ho la sixty-one years 
diet. Art Wsterson and Doc. Just talk them * 
folks right Into that Zoma Show. 


a business busy bee you tare do buss around. 
More checks to you. 

I hate to part with this watch, boys, aa It has 
been la ray family fourteen long years. Very 
Well. Abby, give me three chances. 

Now Uint we know Ann's age, how old Is Kid 
Cush. Watch your step, Prince. 

Boutbon Bob's noble pro01>3 still Illuminates the 
Indian Village souvenir bourd with that always 
ready smllo. 

Our lmmncnlste Bert, be of csnlne fame. Is 
giving a bow-wow Sunday. Be claims to have 
originated a step be calls "the dog trot" for that 
Drciiroland that will moko them all growl. Some 
bark, that Bert. 

Be who hesitates never accumulates twenty-two 
Iron men. Och, Louie, 

Barney McCann don't entertain tho Ides for 
a moment that Initiation Is coming off surrep- 
tlclously. We Will all be there with bells. 

Nick Lombardo says If business keeps up Blmeby 
Bltneby big bouse In Brooklyn. 

Deacon Wilson and White "Tats" fluenther 
still Insist that Charlie Llmoklns Is the real 
Charlie Ross. Don't knock, walk right In. 

miss that for anything, But Herbert got with Ik 
at we were qulto worried about you. 

Well, this Is Saturday, and to-morrow la the 
diy we all wait for, aa that la pay-day. quite a 
number of folks nro going 10 spend Sunday In New 
York, aa wo are only twenty miles from the 
Urge city Monday. 

Woll, boys, nothing to do nntil to-morrow. 

Hay. If Jack's a herring- la Sol Wise? 

And has anyone caught little Jack Moore after 
live o'clock Saturday. Oeel but lie wna pale. Say. 
boys, that was one on me. Qool-nlgbt. 


Fletcher Smith, press ngent of the Sparks Shows, 
sends the following story of tbe burning of the 
private car of the Sparks Shows, which occurred 
while the train was en iouf« from Ooconto, Wis,, 
to Munlalng, Mich. The train waa about a mile 
from Burk River, Mich., when the Ore waa dis- 
covered In tbe stateroom occupied by Mr. snd 
Mrs. Sparks. The Ore evidently started In tbe 
roof of the car, but its origin la a mystery, as 
no lights or lamps were In the apartment. Mr. 
Sparka seised hla wife and rushed her through 
the car to a place of safety in the privilege car. 
On hla way he attempted to arouse the sleeping 
musicians snd performers. Be succeeded In getting 

old. He enjoyed the show snd got enough orders 
wouldr.'t miss a chance on anything. 

Tuasdsy, Oswego, N. Y — A swell dsy, grassy 
lot and one block to tbo lake, which is One for 
the boys, as tbey all enjoy a good swim on a hot 
day, and there waa also a ssw-eulll Just outside 
the iiieMriiur, room, and tho riders and acrobtta 
were out on the sawdust pile doing stunts tbey 
never thought of before. Mac. McCrre is certainly 
getting to be some tumbler. Msc. Is a flns boy, 
and everyone likes hlin. Ueno sure has cause to 
be proud of him as be la auro a coming rider. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cola are entertaining friends 
snd relatives here to-day. In Watertown, and by 
the looks of the crowd I think his sixty-second 
cousins were all here, but I ssw them all drinking 
lemonade and eating crackerjack, so I am aura 
they had a good time. Tbey came over from 
rottsdam, M. Y., which used to be Bert'a boy- 
hood borne, After the matinee I bsd the pleasure 
of meeting a few of tbem: Mrs. De Lane, Bert's 
slater, and his charming niece, Lucius Bcnter 

buater, is still making them sit np and tale notice Mnnlnlng It way necessary for jnoat everybody to 
In her dating riding and busting. "Kf! n ""^S? i? S 

Jong, for shipping econory, automobiles, advance 

•aggago. prtvIltRO, motor boat, utock and morry- 
go-roimilH. - Desirable for sbow and clrc-nj com- 
■anles. Reasonable ratcH. 

Boom 014, aa» 8. Michigan Awe.. Chicago 


One Roman Chariot, one iso-ft. Round Top, one 
JO-fU Middle, one lw-ft. Konnd Top with two 80-fj. 
Middles. Folding orgunii, Baby Grand and Rayna 
Convertible Pianos, Morry-Bo-ronnd, Monkey Or- 
gans. Send for froc, Bargain Booklets. 


W anted,, At All Times" 



WM or write. Can nso you at onoe, 


Care of CLIPPER. 

Wearer Gray can throw three ropes At one 
time on a running horse, soms trick. '.:' 

If you ever visit the 101 Ranch Sbow go to 
and hear Prof. Baker's Colored Concert Band, a 
feature band, playing all of the raggy, catchy ones 
from muslcvllle. The comedians are: Fratdl Nash, 
Ohas. Brown, Ernst Williams. > 

James Mitchell snd the well known comedian, 
Sam Ford, who pour's the new songs down melody 
lane. They all present at one act of "Down In 
Dixie. Some singers, eome dancers. They are 
real laugh makers. ' 

Bill Orets and Ohaa. Tipton smile at the good 
eatens, some cook house. <:- 


Walt until yon hear the Scotch bagpipers play 
"Tbe Cock of the North," In their new suits. 

May Joe, the three legged child, Is of on a 
Bhort vacation, ' 

Oapt. .Claud la sura (ho Beau Brunirjdl of the 
Six in One. 

Yon ought to see the new plctnres Jolly May. 
bello has for 'tale. 

Mile. Blectra. (Mrs. Bllllo Warren) sore holds 
the crowds. ' • • 

Blllle Warren makes two hundred lectures 
every day. 

(Jean Milton longs for Buffalo BUI. "Whyt" M 

"Shorty," work tbe monk. 

Is Yellow "sick." .Mile. T 

The Mulligan Guards made their quarters at 
the Putnam Hotel, and found Prof, Irred. Putnam 
one real fellow, aa show folks Is the centre of hla 
cognomen. On the closing night he had the Mul- 
ligan Guards Just chuck full of bofniltallty. In- 
clilently. Chauncey, to open, had best look to 
his laurels, as that man Ilealy Is aomo story 
teller. , 

Chappy Bunnell, tho fashion-plate of the Molll- 
-jtnn Guards. Is some shining light' with that 
sparkler. How'dy, Butch. » 

On with tbe Mllllooalie'a Club, Barry Flak. As 

Lewie Uesd, the .elephant man, out of bis berth, 1 - 

and soiling a can of water they endeavored to get also Mlas Wilson, who Is a cousin, I think. Then 

to the scene of the Ore. there was a hunch of awfully good fellows among 

By this time the smoke was so dense thst they them that I remember was : Geo, Barnett, Jobn 
were unable to reach the Ore and were driven 
back and out of tho car. Meanwhile, the engineer 
bad discovered tbe Ore snd he rushed ahead with 
all speed for the town, There were sixty people 
in the car and It Is a miracle that any of them 
are alive. As It was, they escaped only In their 
night clothes, and bad the Are occurred before 
daylight. In all probability there would have been 
a horrible catastrophe. 

There were many exciting rescues and Ohas. 
Williams owes bis lite to the bravery of bis bed- 
mate, Barry Bowman, who stayed with blm until 
he had aroused him and pulled blm oat of his 
bunk. Michael Lepon was pulled out of hla bed 
by William Green and W. J. Daplyn snd lust 
escsped with his life. The ladles lost sll of their 
street wardrobe, and the men tfielr clothes snd 
all of their valuables. When tbe show reached 
asry for most everybody to 
cars until a new supply of 
clothing could be procured. 

Hod it not been for the efforts of Manager 
Sparks it la probable that no one In the car would 
hive been saved. He rushed back and aroused sll 
the sleeping Inmates and worked like a Troian 
to save their lives. After tho Are he remarked 

Mullln, Wm. Floyd, Fred. Morgan, and so many 
others that I can't recall their names, hut tbey 
were all real fellows, and by what I hear tbey 
bad acme time down at tbe hotel, between shows. 
Anyway I saw Bert, holding his bead mighty high 
that night, but a little White Itock fixed blm up, 
and he was right on haad when It was time to 
mak« his announcement and say, Bert is some 
snnounccr. The other day when announcing about 
the overland auto, I saw more than one old 
farmer put his band In his pocket and start to 
draw out his bank roll. 

We have Just started a collection for the Fourth 
of July and we are sure going to have some fire- 
works after tbe show at nlgut, also plenty to est 
and drink, as we have already over |100. There 
la certainly some great bunch over here sll In for 
a good time, and believe mo we certainly do have 
good times. We hsve also planned for a ball game 
with the Hudson, N. Y., team, so we sre all look- 
ing forward to celebrating the fourth In grand 
holiday style. The following are tho committee In 
charge of tbe big time: Jock Moore collector ; 
Arthur Thompson, Billy Bice, business managers) 
Bert Cole, Joe Goyle, Geo. Conner*, Carl Lsster, 
Sam Newman, Mac. MoOree, In chsrgo of shoot- 

be didn't mind his loss so long aa no Uvea wore jm b fireworks; Reno McOree and Harry Liu! 
tost He lost all of hla wardrobe and Mrs. 
Sparks the same, a diamond atud valued at IftOO, 
and about $800 In money that was hi bis clothes. 
Fortunately most of the money wss In the safe 
In the offlce. but there was about $3,000 In paper 
and sliver In a closet in tbe office which waa 
saved by the daring of Clifton Sparks who fought 
back the Ore with palls of water until be had 
secured all of the money. Tbe performers aided 
by the townspeople, worked valiantly, and suc- 
ceeded anally In putting ont the lire, but not until 
the cor was completely gutted. 

The performers lost all of their money and 
only one or two saved a particle of wardrobe. It 
was a sorry looking bunch that huddled In tho 

Brimem car until the train reached Kscaneva. 
[ere the officials of tho Northwestern road proved 
friends In need. Tbey furnished a 72-foot steel 
ear and told Mr, Sparks to keep it aa long as It 
was needed. 
Mr. Sparks left immediately for Chicago to 

{lurchase a new sleeper and the sbow proceeded 
o Munlalng, It wan exceedingly fortunate tbst 
the Dro did not occur earlier In the nlgbt, as in 
all probability not a lite could have been saved. 



W.KD P. NK OMANN, Jr., Pros. WALTER F. DRIVER, Vlco-Pre». A Trcas. BDW. a MTZINQBB, 8eo*jr 
JW-W-MO and »8 Norttt Street, CHICAGO, ILL., V. 8. A. 
SIDE fiUAW AIMfa I Prices Right. We Challenge tho World. Best Work 

° ,,#ts OnVPW AIiU . Flngft Equlpptd Studio In ths UbH»i1 States 

CARNIVAL QANNERS I w * >arom j*p o ^ ?J?. *^f°°i t, * n 'M Iinie<,uteI J 

and to guarantee del I very OH time 

: g't 1 

A: I. ! 




Calvin Obnlen, seventeen years old son of A. 
8. Oonlon, tbe well known .circus man, of 1837 
Bardstown Road, Louisville, Ky., was killed by 
a live wire dangling from a polo in tbo rear of the 
Oonlon residence, afternoon of June T, while In 
the act of driving chickens through an alley, 
Tbe boy brushed against the dangling wire, 
screamed and fell. Be was. dead when assistance 

A, S. Obnlen has been manager of the Sells- 
Floto side show for tho past two seasons. 


Rain bud no effect on the Two Bills' Snow, 
June 24, st Terre Haute, Ind., both performances 
showing to capacity. Col. Cody received a rous- 
ing reception as be appeared in tbe arena, and In 
a short speech Introduced bis partner. Pawnee 
Bill. Splendid business Is reported. Col. Ohas. 
W. Heeley left tbe show week of 23, for Montreal, 


ger. Is chsrgo of refreshmenbi. Will toll you sll 
about It In next week's notes. To-day la Thurs- 
day, and we axe all sitting around waiting for 
Taa Old Remasli, aa It sure tells us sll the 

Well, 1 think wo have now got a boas canvas 
man who Is Johnny-on-tho-auot with tbo canvas 
every morning. Paul (Doe.) Christman is bis 
name, and tbe boys all work bard for blm, and 
they all like him. 

Lota of birthday!. Three yesterday, flhas. 
Fisher, Sam 'Newman ami our qld friend Pete 
Cornelia. They all told their age bat 1'ote, and 
he says be is as young as be reels, and by tbo 
way be acts around hero ho must bo a chicken. 
One of bis boys let It slip, sud dfty-threo wca 
tho sge, but say, when It comes to having a good 
time Pete has tbe young ones boat a mile, so I 
think he has tho right Idea. 

Tony 'I'att was the first to fall off tho band 
wagon tbla season. Tony ssya Its as good ss a 

We passed tbe Singling Show, I'rlday night, 
on our way to Amsterdam, we are having besps) 
or opposition with the II, A II. and Bingllna 
Show, but It seems to make our business all 
the better, as our tents sre full every day, so 
Uncle Ben should worry. 

Our ball team has played two games this week 
and lost both games, Oee, boys, yon wgnt to 
get a move on you and get to be a regular team: 
There Is going to be a wrestling match over here, 
between John Galium and "Pittsburgh," one of 
the drivers, snd the betting Is pretty even so 
far, and 1 think It Is going to tie. some .match. 

nere is our regular Sunday "Mulligan" bench, 
who bave a good Hum every Sunday Hal Wlsa 
Is royal chef: Bed •UorndorfV Ohas. -Ilhler, Mr. 
Hageiman, Pete Marlow, Ueo. Connors, Governor 
Wallace. Eddie De Vos, Max Allen, Prcd Meyers, 
Sam Ucrris, Dig Sweeney, Ohaa. Corey, J. Mur- 
phy. Al. Massy, Mr, Turner.- Pete Jenkins, A. An- 
sderson. si: Davis, Sam Newman, Joe Pricket, 
Kid Kcnnard. -Cuss. '11011, J. M. Marolll, Jack 

Herbert Lamer now has a "Big Ben" alarm 
clock, aa tbe other day be never woke up until 
after three ojclock, and everyone was wondering 
what happened to Herbert, When In he walked 

lost la tzoe for ov wire act Herbert woulUa'C 

1 '«••« 


JDNa 23. 
The sh 1 . lining a NCurd business through 


At Conors, Mask., 10, tbe aUige-eoncb overturned 
la the nreuu, but no one waa hurt. 

At Winnipeg we turned tlioiu away for two days. 
On Monday, 111, we bad to give two shows at 
nlgbt, to capacity business, 

Ulll Dear win. Is getting tho money on the uptown 

Walter A. Shannon la a wlaard at handling the 
crowds, and his slilo show is getting the money 

I received my button and card from The Show- 
men's League of America. I can boast of being 
one of tho youngest members, being barely out of 
my tetna. 

Otto Klein, our champion, received quite a 
band at Winnipeg. He Is to defend his title 
there In August. Bill Surlock, our new press 
sgent, Is a wonder. HI* stories of the wild and 
wooly West wake tho nattres up along the line, 

Kildlo llrown our over popular steward, sets e 
tabid at tor a king. "Kid" iongllsb, our head 
waller, has a corps of eOclent men, snd sets a 
nice dining room and good service. Muldooa la 
the assistant steward and cArf, and la a real 

Pete King hae the fastest crew thst ersr 
bandied a big top. Pete Is the superintendent of 

Oeorgio Mullisll and Charlie Mnlhall joined la 
Thief Itlver Falls, Minn., snd are leal features. 
Miss Ciurgio snd her hliu school horss, are "all 
there." Tho Kearneys are nlwsys favorites la 
pistol and rids shooting. 

Uncle Dan Boylugtoo and hla $10,000 troupe 
of mules sre real favorites with the ladles and 
children. Be has a ftaturs act that would make 
your high school horses turn green with snvy. 

Ben Oaspsr has bts fonr-ln-ooe and bis knlfs 
rsck hers and la one very busy man counting his 

Al. Lewis and A. Woolf have concessions, and 
report good business. 

Jsck Lewis, our head porter, is the "the king 
of tbem all," and bas lbs neatest trsla I hsve 
ever bsd the plessure of traveling on. 

Lucille Mnlhall, lady champion roper and rider, 
la he centre of attraction In tbe arena. 

James Orr, our front door guard and press 
agent, broke his right hand playing baseball last 

Chris Ayets bas tbo Inside concert tickets, snd 
his buys get a record concert each day, 

Hasclis, the wlre-balred man, Is quite a nov- 
elty, and hla lifting two ladles by his balr la 
nothing short of .wonderful. 

Prof.siiornman Is a real fellow, and hla com- 
edy msglc act Is a riot. Ills flying lady or sus- 
pension set Is good, 

Leooa La Marr, mind reader, and Belos, with 
her snskes, are restores, Prof. Reed's band and 
minstrels are good. Oeo. McCoy Is lesder. 

.'ewell Jelt has a real feature formed for the 
Winter season— Jewell's Lady Minstrels and 
baud of ten pieces, playing the big snd little. 
None too big or little. 



"That Bovthem Clovm." 

Mr. Vino left the Blngllng Show In Springfield. 
'Mass., on account of a smld-jsi Illness, We are all 
glad 10 know be Is booked solid on tho U. li, O. 
circuit. Luck to you. Vino. 

Ml'iiies. Die Mexican wiro wonder, hail an awful 
bad tall Inesprlngfiold, Mass., while doing hla sea. 
satlounl high swhig on tbe wire, but hopes to be 
back In a few days, greater snd grander than 

Wm. Carroll, oomwly knockabout and producing 
clown, is still making good with tbo World'a 

I'.d Walton U back with us again, after a few 
days of sickness. The Mange Club has lost all 
inenii.x-rs (aa well aa tholr hair), Only one bot- 
tle of mango hair euro was bought (tbst wsa ' 
enough ) . 

There- Is one little fellow nn tbo sbow that keeps 
all Hie clowns guemlng and ho la no ether than 
that'fuiwy ilttln Kiujllib clown, Paul Mluuo pro- 
ducer of .original clown stops. Next week I will 

endeavor to give to 70a a line-up of our unde- 
feated baseball nine. And believe me It Is some 
baseball team, too. 

Tbey are open to any and every team, and so 
far ore cfaarapkjiHt, as they bave won six games 
cut of seven. Their last was with tho Taunton, 
Mass., team of picked men. Tho score stood four 
to three hi favor of the Singling Bros, team la 
tbe tilth inning. Oomo called ou account of dark- 

Tills Is enough for this time. 

s ' 


»Mn recline, the well known Hippodrome clown 
for several' years, will head au Indoor circus at- 
traction -on tho Kluw & ICrlanger time, under the 
direction of If. M. Harris and Jed. Shaw, Incor- 
porated under Hie title of B. A S. Amusement Co. 
a I 1 


Three men were Injured and a score of others 
Invlly shaken op Juno 23, when tbe 101 Hanch 
Wild West train was derailed on the lloston * 
Maine BaUreid, Bear Bast ooiaervllle. Mats. . 

!j( *; . ••::-.BT 

■1 I ■>(!■ ■-- • 




July 5 





(BptMl vHrt to Tub Clipper.) 

July 1. 

The Two Bills' Show* opened a nine day*' 
engagement In Chicago Saturday afternoon, 
Jane 28, to an audience which mi remark- 
ably large, considering th< extreme heat 
which prevailed. The night bouse was ex- 
cellent, although It wis nppe.rcnt that the 
hot weather hod a tendency to reduce the at- 
tendance. The business yesterday at both 
performance* waa good and It Is fair to pre- 
sume that If the torridlty subsides the big 
Wild West and Knr Kant will round out a 
Torv successful Chicago engagement. One 
thing Is certain, neror wa* a better Wild 
Went and Far Host exblbtlon ever given la 
this city. . . . 

On Saturday evening, Juno 28, a luncheon 
was tendered by The Showmen's league of 
American to General W. F. Cody and official 
stall of the Two .Mils' Knows on the roof 
garden at the Hotel La Salle. In the party 
from the Two Bills' 8hows were : General W. 
V. Cody, Major Gordon W. Lllllc, Louts B. 
Cooke, Major John M. Rorke, Charles 
Thompson, Richard Radford, Horri Wilson, 
Johnny Baker, Charles Metlus and jaeedamea 
LUIIe end Radford. Mcrooera Of The Show- 
men's League of America who were there to 
help commemorate the occasion were : Cbas. 
Andreas, first vice president ; Warren A. Pat- 
rick, secretary; Walter F. Driver, K. P. Neu- 
mann Jr., II. M. Bbotib, Charles Bell, Arthur 
Davit, Harry Prentice,- Davo Edmunds, Fred 
L. Griffith, M. 8. Bodkin, A. K. Greenland, 
If. M. Howard. B. M. BlckcriUtf, of the 
United ■States Llthograh Company, and Bd- 
ward Morrison, were alio members of the 
merry party. 

This morning at 11 o'clock a breakfast was 

even through tbe courtesy of the Hotel La 
die management to Oen. W. F. Cody and 
Major Gordon W. Llllle, In the form of a, 
peace pow-wow. 

Indiana, cowboys, cowgirls, prominent tuf- 
frugette lenders and oilier noted personages 
raano up the warm but happy party, icdwnnl 
Mixinger, a prominent attorney of Chicago, 
presided as toastmastcr, and opened tbo af- 
fair formally by presenting Oen. W. F. Cody, 
Who responded with n brief talk expressing 
his gratitude In behalf of his associates and 
himself for the royal entertainment afforded 

him. After breakfast waa served one of the 
Bloux Indian chiefs present spoke for his red 
brothers, his remarks being Interpreted by 
lied Feather. The chief expressed tbe good 
will of himself and bis braves toward tbo 
white brothers, and his remarks fitted in ad- 
mirably with the atmosphere of peace which 
predominated in all of the talks. Other 
noted speakers were: Prof. Frederick Starr, 
of tbe University of Chicago; Mrs. George 
Bass, a leading member of that organisation ; 
Major Gordon W. Llllle and Major Burke, of 
tbe Two Bills' Shows. Gen. W. K. Cody, who 
spoke last, in pursuance to a request by tbe 
toastmastcr, gave a few of his intimate ex- 
periences with tbe Indians. Tbe breakfast 
this morning was undoubtedly one of tbe 
most remarkable functions ever arranged in 
this country. Not a detalltwa* overlooked to 
make the affair memorial. 

To-morrow at noon (be Hamilton Club 
will entertain President Gen. W. F. Cody, 
Major Gordon W. Llllle and executive officers 
of The Showmen's League of America at a 
luncheon In the clubhouse. 

Wednesday morning, at the Hotel La Salle, 
a suffragette breakfast will be tendered to 
President Gen. W. F. Cody, of Tbe Show- 
men's League, by the ladles moat prominent 
In bringing about the enfranchisement of 
women In Illinois. Oen. Cody will be tbe 
only male guest. 

Among those who gathered at the Buffalo 
Bill peace pow-wow at the La Salle this 
morning were : Howard Biting, president 
Chicago Association of Commerce ; w. Buf ns 
Abbot, secretary Industrial Club of Chicago; 
Gay Guernsey, president of the Hamilton 
Club; Wm. B. Austin, president of Indiana 
Society of Chicago ; Charles F. French, presi- 
dent of the Irish Fellowship Club; Capt. 
Hlcock, adjutant-general of the Department 
of Lakes ; Virginia Brooks, settlement worker, 
and Nelson Lamport. Messages were read 
from Governor Edward P. Dunne and Mayor 
Carter II. Harrison, expressing their sincere 
regrets In not being able to be present Mov- 
ing pictures were taken of the event, as well 
as several still photographs of General Cody, 
Mrs. Grace Wilbur Trout and the Indian 
chiefs smoking the pipe of pence, probably 
tbe most interesting group of pictures ever 
made. Wabuen A. Paibick. 

bomb nonce*. 

The next few week* will prove the busiest 
days for the music publishers, as all will 
shortly announce their new numbers for the 
coming season. 

Seldom before la the history of music have . r» '.■■ >n so backward In announcing 
new nil' ■• ', Heretofore the middle of 
June fo> i" songs en the market. 


A 'i!.' -i ' ' Csenssed these days is 
a boat *■ - re won cups and have 

proved I, 

To »' r« ' * .'-meat, a certain pub- 

lisher n i . •-. I -cups with his song, 

and the ». ■ -c . • •■ '..n has hardly been 
heard ou-' t uf i » • •«•" •• it these specially 
conduct ci. • " con ••*._ 

On the oth.i bJtna, the Broadway Music 
Corp. have a song called 'Ton Made Me Love 
Too," which has nev- won a cup, and still 
It is the biggest bit at the present time. 

Tbe pnbUshers are fast getting wise to 
these "frame-npe." 


The boy wonder, Joe Huntley, Is now con- 
nected with tbe above firm, and extends a 
hearty welcome to all friends to pay blm a 

Charles Meyers la In New York for a fly- 
ing trip, to talk It over with the "big onea" 




people went down to view ibcm at one time or 
another during tbe ilny. 

Some question was raised as t» whether there 
was another light on tbo band stand. 1 can 
dellnltelj- state that there Is not, but have no- 
ticed the brilliancy myself lately. Don't know 
wbat It Is. 

How for tbe movies. , 

at At.. Tiin.-r.iiAn. 

BiNOoa, Ms., Bonriay, June. 20. 

Am a little afraid tbe Young Buffalo corresinuid- 
ence will be sonMwhat shorter this week than 
usual, because there Is virtually nothing to tell 
tat the old story we hate repeated here the last 
three or four weeks. 

Beautiful weather and big business. Yesterday 
was particularly Batletlng. We shewed Tort, 
land. Me., two weeks after Rlugllng Broe., and 
one day before the 101 Itsneh, to capacity busi- 
ness, both afternoon and night. 

ijit Sunday we were In Parnlian. P. Q. : 
mail and very quiet little place lhst la. full 
of excitement onos a year, when the mllltls makes 
■la Bummer camp there. There were several 
veslaients of the Canadian mllltls there, taking 
their yearly ccorso of study In things military. 
sad among the Intrroetoni we found several of 
the Itoyal Canadian Dragoons we had met In 
at. Johns a week previous. These boys are very 
exoch Interested In oar "movies," so we pat on 
a new film for them that evening. 

Some rsees between local horse* were trailed 
off at Farnbam on 8iu«lay, and Vernon Beaver 
Jr. entered to win second to two heat*. Tbo 
yoangater showed oonaldrrahle skill In the man- 
agement ot bla mount, wln-.ilng over some very 
■sod horses and more viperlenced riders. 

On Wednesday, >f>, we retnrned to tbe States, 
to Island Pond, Vt„ and while Canada treated 
as great aa an enhlbltlon end Individually think 
we were all very glad to see tbe good old "Stars 
sod Rtrtpe." at Ike bead of the parade again. 

CM. Cummins left the show at Lewtaton for 
Portland to see the newspapers snd prepare for 
oar coming tbe following day. 

While at Portland 1 had the iiteaaare of meet- 
ing John K. Mulany, llanfor. Me., correso a nent 
for Tua Ci.iivaa. Mr. Mulany and bis little 
tlangbter witnessed the afternoon performance, 
after which Mr. Mulany and myself bad a wry 
enjoyable little ctiit on the general superiority of 
C'Lii'vaa men over the Teat or humanity. 

Mra. Heaver, with Vernon Jr., ana Mrs. Ool. 
Cummins sad daughter. Lota, Client our Portland 
day at Old Orchard-Beach, one hour's trolley ride 
from tbe city, and a very famous old watering 

Joe Miller, ot 101 Ranch faane, was a visitor 
in Portland. Mr. Miller waa ru the lot all day, 
guest of Mr. Beaver and Ool. Cummloa, and was 
very lavish In his praise of our show and stock. 
This waa Indeed praise, coming from tbe pro- 
prietor of such nn organisation an the 101 Ranch 
Bttosr*. for If any one Is a Judge of these things 
it certainly Is Mr. Miller. 

To our lasting grief and regret one "Dusty" 
Hematreet, Worthy drand Commander of too 0. 
M. Society. an:l one of Its most active workers, left 
as at Montreal. Dotty was anaooccer, and 
ranted the parade. Jsat the cause of his de- 
parture la yet a mystery, for we have beard not 
s word from bin, but It is suaplcloned that be 
transferred his afrectiona to tbe LMekey Wild West 
hi iow, now playing Dominion Park, Dusty Is 
ttw salt of tbe eartb. and while oar loss tan be 
somewhat mitigated by state aunoaaoers, we are 
glad If he baa bettered Dlnwclf. 

While nl Khawroeban Falls, P. Q., we were 
treated to one of the sights of Canada. The falls 
are located abtnt a mile and a half from town, 
and with the wonderful scenic setting they are 
In form a annat beautiful sight. About Ave hun- 
dred yards above the falls are twelve large Iran 
•taxi-rate*, three of which were open. These 
gates release the water from above to go tumbling 
down in Immense volume- toward the fall* through 
a rocky canyon perhaps two hundred yard* In 
width. Arriving at the falls the water drop* ono 
hmxlred feet Into a basin studded with huge 
rocks, snd this with tbe pine elad mountains 
rising sheer on three tides, makea a eery beautirul 
and Impressive tight Practically all the show 


Well, we are In onr ninth week, to capacity 
business. Roster of show Is ns follows: T. L. 
Finn, owner and manager ; Mrs. T. L. Finn, treas- 
urer; Ed. Dunn, aaaletant manager; Phil. Hid- 
den, superintendent; Jsck Csnden, equestrian di- 
rector ; Jsck Louis, boss hostler ; Jsck Ryan, 
charge of big top; Kid Shaw, Whitle, charge of 
aide eliow top. 

Wo have ninety-six people all told and one hun- 
dred and eight head of stock. Our noonday street 
parade Is a hit sll along the line. Parade con- 
sists of three bands snd Ore open dens, seven 
cages, three camels, Cracker Jack, the boxing kan- 
garoo, which 1s always a hot favorite. 

The side show is in chsrge of Manager Finn, 
who makes all openings, etc. Although the weather 
man has not' been In our favor we neve been 
playing to 8. R. O. business everywhere. 

At this writing everyone Is well snd happy 
sad Tu a Ou> Rbuaiu Clivpxh Is a welcome 
vliltor every Friday. 



John F. Robinson, the Cincinnati circus man, 
won a 1820,000 suit against bis two daughters, 
Mrs. Pearl R. Lamkln and Mrs. Caroline R. 
Stevena, in the Ohio Hirppeme Ooart, at Columbus, 
June 24. 

The conrt held that Robinson does not have to 
account to Mrs. Lamkln for $118,000, or to Mra. 
Rtevrns for $120,7(10 in back dividends on stock. 
It also rated that $40,000 in dividends accruing 
on each set of stock, since tbe luJts were begun. 

Eies to Milton Hnyler, assignee for creditors of 

Mr. Robinson retain* tltlo In all the stock which 
had been In the same eg his wife, who died In- 



Jack Henry, of the New York oOlee of tbe II. R. 
Vurlnelll Company, and before that a circus man 
of wide experience, bus placed under contract a 
genuine thriller, It Is an automobile standing on 
a aort of lattice work, held by two poles about 
s'aty feet ln.belght, In this automobile Is seated 
a young woman. The automobile will, at a 
given signal, revolve eight tines. Mr. Henry 
slated to a CLtrraa representative that In all his 
experience as a circus man that this was the most 
sensational thriller that he has ever seen. He 
will show It la Pittsburgh for two weeks, begin- 
ning July 14. A representative of tbo RIngUng* 
will see It there. 


Alfred Gartner, -who has been promoting a 
scheme tor a gigantic permanent circus In new 
Tork, waa arrested last week on the complaint 
of Nlcol Oeraon. 

Osrtner'a scheme called for tbe eatallahment 
of a elrcna to cost $0,000,000, which was to he 
s fixture In Hew Tork. Genoa claims to have 
given Gartner ft ,800, and aa be does not see any 
likelihood of we circus plans being carried out 
out he charge* Gariner with getting the. money 
under false pretenses. 

a i 


Pen II. Atwell, whose press work In the Interest 
of "The Whip" la now theatrical history, baa 
resigned as general press representative of Ootn- 
Mock A Seat, to ester tbe inuring picture field. 
Ho will be connected with the Monopole Company. 

Ted S. Barron has returned from.* three months' 
trip, snd Is once more looking after bla music 
lot* feats In New York City. 


1 Fred Ilailen and Joeehn Hurt will be re- 
smiled next season, Not A« actors, but As 
manager and actor. Mr. Hart will star his 
former partner In n farce comedy. They 
have been spending their Sundays reading 
plays but the proper vehicle has, as yet. 
r,ot been selected. uMrt. Ilallen. who Is 
known to the stage aa Mollte. Puller, will 
have au Important role. 
. For many years .fallen ana Hart have 
been prime favorites with theatregoers, as 
they were funmaxers pair raceltenee. To 
name their juccchbps would take up a full 
column of Tm CLirraa. Mr, Hart retired 
from tbo stage to manage tbe affaire ot bis 
clever wife. Carrie De Mar. and to pro- 
duce several large vaudvllle acta, lb. Bai- 
lee continued to act. 

Tub Cmipkx congratulates this fhatous 
old firm and hopes that mosess and prosper* 

' Ity will be theirs In their new venture. 

Bsjbt Fkihuevan, confidential representa- 
tive of Cohan at Harris, returned from Europe 
on Saturday. 



The above doesn't mean that this popular 
Scotch-American minstrel la golug to play 
taneball thh season. Nothing like it, 

It la the slmplo announcement: that Johnny 
Dove, after a pleasant and profitable Reason 
with our old friend, Al. O. Field, has re- 
engaged with that well known minstrel mag- 
nato to do his specialty, produce the dances 
and to further the Field Interests generally. 

Aa all this calla for an increased salary. 
Dove feels happy enough to fly. Naturally. 


The Lyric Theatre, In nackensack. N. J* 
opeaed Saturday evening. June 28. under the 
management of Hugh Otis, presenting Klue- 
tascolor and black and white photoplays as 
the attraction. Later on Mr, Otis and Dels- 
van Howland, writer of sketches and songs, 
will put on new vaudeville acta and a mini- 
ature musical comedy and amateur produc- 
tions In order to get them In shape for 
regular bookings. 


. Jab. K. Backbit amp Cohfaxt will bead 
the bill at tbe Savoy, Atlantic City, next 

ime Bong.' 


"Who's the Cilrir is the title of a new 
song recently turned out by these rising 
young authors. Considering H baa only been 
out about four weeks ana the way It has 
been received. It will most likely prove a 
winner for tbe boys. 


Nat Vincent, formerly professional mana- 
ger for the Ted Morse Music Co., is now con- 
nected with that enterprising young firm, 
Uie Brondwav Music Corp. Nat thinks that 
"You Made Me Love You" Is the greatest 
song ever written, and Is telling hundreds 
of Ills friends that they can't do 

The man with a hundred hits, Harry Von 
Tllzer, Is spending four days each week at bis 
Summer home. 

Harry promises to return with several of 
the greatest songs ho has ever written, 


Aftr a tour lasting about three months, 
Ted Barren nrrlvcd in New York Inst Mon- 
day. Ho announces that be will shortly em- 
bark In business for himself. His principal 
numbers luclude: 

"If Ever I Forget You." 

"Paradise for Two." 

"Let Mc See Your Rainbow Sml'e." 
m "In the Shadow of tbe Dear Old Blarney 
Stone " 

"How the Honey Rolls In." 

M. Wltmark Is .Sons are fortunate In se- 
curing tbe services of Jack Drislane, who 
Joined their staff last week. This boy la one 
of tbe fastest hustlers la -the business, and 
should bring thorn in good returns. 


The friends of Max Bitter will doubtless 
be glad to know that he Is rapidly recover, 
ing from hla recent Illness, and will shortly 
be on tbe Job again. >He is at present at 
homo in Boston, Mass., with his folks. 

This Is whit Blobard Henry Little, of the 
Chicago American, says of Nonet te : ''A lady 
with tho whimsical name of Nonette succeed- 
ed in stopping tbe show at the Palace yes- 
terday (Monday. 28) for several minutes, 
while the audience madly applauded her 
songa." Her songs, he it known, were all 
branded Will Bossltcr. with "Floating Down 
the River" the prime favorite 

The Popularity Trio, three young ladles 
With charming personalities and melodious 
voices, will be booked exclusively by Harry 
Splngold. while Will Rossiter songs will pre- 
dominate. - i 

Nelmeyer and Dunn report success extra- 
ordinary with "Floating Down the River." I 

Grimm and Elliott, having completed their 
time In Canada and the Far West, will now 
go on their park time in the Middle West, 
featuring "Floating Down the River." 

Ollle Carew Is enjoying wonderful success 
with two Will Rossiter numbers, namely: 
"Floating Down the River" and "Oh, You 
Wonderful Child." 

"No song In years," writes Emma Cams, 
"has taken the fancies of my audiences like 
'You Were AU I Had.' It la a three act 
drama boiled down to five tense minutes of 
dramatic atory and haunting melody." 

"Harmony Joe," .the song rage of -San 
Francisco, nan been acquired by the "Honae 
of Hits." The original publishers, the White 
Kualc Co., sold over 100,000 In the few weeks 
that this song was oa the market, bnt they 
found that their facilities were too Umlted 
to give the song all the publicity that they 
desired. Jot. W. Stern * Co. have put It 
among their big leaders. Band and orchestra 
arrangements Save been Issued, and It Is one 
of tbe big favorites with turkey trotters. 
Vaudeville favorite singer, Sophie Tucker, 
baa the song In rehearsal, and will make It 
her feature number Id her coming engage- 


Eddie Lewis, of the Remlck offices, left for 
Buffalo, N. Y„ June 28, to spend bis vaca- 
tion. Eddlo will visit Niagara Falls, and ex- 
pects to remain up State for two weeks. 

Phillip Kahn. a music publisher, was found 

Sillty of libelling criminally, Henry Rnsscl, 
rector of the Boston Opera Houae, and was 
sentenced to one year In the House of Cor- 


Muriel Ringgold, with Will Cook's "Turkey 
Trot Opera Co.," Is using "Junkman Rag" to 
great success, with Lucky Roberts (the boy 
•who wrote this great song) at tbe piano, and 
(Muriel singing it -This explains the re- 


One ot* the feature acts which were held 
over for a second week at Keith k Proctor s 
Fifth Arenne Theatre, New York, last sea- 
son, was Doris Wilson and company, in the 
novelty presentation, "Through the Looking 
Glass/' In It the company font urea Stern k 
Co.'e new success, "I Want to Be Bombody's 
Jtaby Girl," which they put over in great 
shape. An entire page on the program was 
given to the act and this gong, creating con- 
siderable favorable comment. 


Alfred dolman, who baa been vacating for 
the past ten weeks In California, returns to 
New York about July 10. During his tour 
Mr. iSolman composed several ballads that he 
will place with bis publishers, the Joe Morris 
Music Co, 


George Edwards, of tbe Joo Morris Co,, is 
busy night and day placing big tirm's num- 
bers with the burlesque shows, and has met 
with good results. Almost every show in 
both wheels will feature the Morris numbers 
the coming ueason. 


Fay Evans, formerly professional manager 
for Gene Ellsworth, who is now playing In 
vaudeville, occupies a similar position with 
Ellis and Armltage, tbe now but coming Chi- 
cago publishing company. Mr. Evans Is an 
entirely competent man in his line, and bla 
addition to the Ellls-Armltsge people should 
mean a great deal to that concern. 

"On the Sllv'ry Sea," a new song published 
by Ellis A Armltage, looks like one of the 
lives t ones yet, and tbe Chicago crowd, which 
Is considerable Judge of music that sticks, 
are picking It up rapidly. Jane Barber la 
featuring It at tbe Planters' Cafe, in Chicago. 



Frank Clark reports that he is about to pub- 
lish a new number by Breuer and Lee, called 
"Cheer Up, Daddy," another song full of Paul 
Dresser sentiment. The new ballad has a 
wonderful sei. of lyrics, and Is Just the style 
of song which is replacing so much ot tbe 
ragtime with Clilcagoans, 

Another new but coming music publication 
Is "I Wonder If You Will Miss Me, My 
Mother Used to Say," put out by the Frank 
Clark Music Co. 

llelle Baker Is using "My Boy" at Ham- 
mersteln's, in New York. 


The Tlieo. 'More* Music Co. carried away 
second honors In tbe song contest at the Lin- 
coln Hippodrome last Wednesday night. The 
sweet singing of "Dear Old Girl," by Vera 
Ulll, wou the honors. 

Gilbert Hosee, the triple voice vocalist, re- 

£orts "Dear Old Girl" a tremendous hit for 

The Sailor Four are featuring Then. 
Morse's big song, "Bobbin' Up and Down," 
and went big with it at tbe Thalia Theatre, 
In Chicago. 

Vera Long, at the La Salle Roof Garden, 
has them all commenting on Theo, Morse's 
ballad, "Dear Old Girl." 


Blatchford Nelson, lyric tenor, while play- 
ing at tbe Casino Theatre, in Chicago, last 
Week, was a good booster for Wenrich-How- 
ard, featuring "Kentucky Days" and "Tear 
netsce iMoon. 

Elisabeth Glover, orchestra leader at tho 
Academy Theatre, in Chicago, line been fea- 
turing all of this Arm's numbers, for which 
they extend their sincere thanks, and desire 
to see her there again when the honae re- 

Chris. Smith, leader of the Kedrie Orches- 
tra, In Cliicngo, has also been programming 
Wenrlch-Howard cumbers for some time, and 
has complimented them upon their publica- 
tion* ._ _ 

Ask that classy sextette In tbe Casino, at 
Forest Park, which is composed of thoso 
clever girls. Baker, Cameron and EstelleWyn- 
nlngs, and Shepard, Gerard and Toollii, 
whether "Kentucky Days" and "Tenceseo 
Moon" is n hit for them or not 


"Are Xon a Maenot" — NaabvUle, Tenn,, Jane 30. 

July 6. ^ 

Bowman-Martin Stock — Kl Reno. Okla., lenc art. 

July 5. ** 

Bad 4k Henry Musical Oo/ueily — McAlester Okln 

June 3U-jruly 8. "" 

Baylles-Hlcks — Fall River, Mass., June 30-July 3 
"Battle of Gettysburg" — 1'letores — Oindnnatl' 

June 30-JuIy 5. • 

Cileten Oootedy Oo. — Lyndonvllle, Vt., Jane 30- 

July 5. 
"Country Girl. The"— Afont^omety, Ala.. Inlv 7. 

IS. Hot Springs. Ark.. 14-ls.). 7 ' 

De Pjb Bros.' Uunttre.*- ... -rtion)— Heights. 

ts..d, M. J., a, Bases i -3fy.tmm 5. 

E-^n». Geo., Mlnslxelv- .tlantle Oily, N. 

"3lrl from Dublin, The"— Nasi-. : lie, Tenn.. Juoe 

SO-July 0. 
Or<et, Ben, Players — Cincinnati, June 30-July 5 
Long Beach Stock— Long Beach, New York. 3 li. 

Bbarpsteen Oomedy— White Pigeon, Mich., Juno 

30-July 5. 
Spsrka, John H. — Merrill, Wis., 0, Toniiiluiirlr 

10. Park rails 11, Meilen 12. Ooteatee 14 
Tiger Llllles Musical Comedy— Hot Bprlncs \r'k 

June 30-July 5. v ' ' "•• 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" (Oeo. H. Pitt, mer.)— F,». 

Icrls, Mich., 2. Mayvlllc 3, SUverwood 4 ilir. 

ford 5, North Branch 7. 
Vera De Vere Stock— Emporia, Kan., June 3D- 

July S, Lawrence 7-12. 
Young Buffalo — Ool. Conunlns— (Correction I— 

gpence*. Mass.. July 12. Cl) 


Olympic (White Slar Line), July 5: Jin- 
Lang Meyers, Nell Gwynn, Daisy Jerome. 

La Satoic (French Line), July 3: Kdwln 

Hamburg (Hamburg-American Line), July 
1 : Norma Hoage, Herbert B. Morton. 

Kronprins Wilhelm (North German Lloyd 
Line), July 1 : Arthur C. Dorrance, ltose 

Mauretania (Cunard Line), July 2: Ina 
Claire and her mother, Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair 
Graham, John Henry Mears, Lady Constance 
Stewart Dlchardson (who lust closed at Ham- 
merstein's), Wlllette Kershaw. 

Rotterdam (Holland-American Line), July 
1 : Mr. and Mrs. George H. Baker. Bruce 
Conover, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Webber, Mr. 
end Mrs. Frank Lelglrton, Mr. and Mrs. Ucrt 
Leighton (tbe Three Lclglitons), Harry Kan- 

Oceanic (White Star Line), June 28: Mr. 
and Mrs Madison Corey (Mabel Wtlbur), Kd- 
wnrd E. Bloom, George Howe. Margorle Sin- 

Chicago (French Line), June 28: Paul 
Hartley Mabel Hall, George t L. Harrison, 
Helen Johnson, Mr. and Mr* Robert I,. 
Kelly, Jean Morln, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 

Lapland (Red Star Line, June 28 : Mr. and 
Mrs. Joseph Belfeld, Byron Horton, David 
Keith, Tom Kenneth, Wallace Rowland. 

Carmanta (Cunard Line), June 28: Robert 
Bctts, Kenneth Wilson. 

Bt. Paul (American Line),, June 27: Geo. 
Milton, Alan Simile, Daphne Hope, George 
Fierpout, Ethel Pope, ficldou Taylor. 

CeUlo (White Star Line), June 20: Will- 
iam Armstrong (the music critic), Ruth Chat- 
tcrtoti and. her mother, Gertrude, Rosnllcatul 
Jcano Dolce (Dolce Sisters), Malcolm Cru- 
ham, Ben Linn, Krnest Pollard, Alice Put- 
nam, Edward 10. Itush, Julia Sanderson and 
her mother, Mr. and Mrs. F-rank Worthy. 

Imperator ( Hamburg- American Line), June 
25 : George Ade. Lee Harrison, Hugh D. Mc- 
intosh (the Australian vaudeville manager), 
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Well. 



posted encores, 

■Lou Chlla, the great xylophonUt, featured 
"Snow Deer' 1 at tbe Garfield Theatre, In Chi- 

('fllfd lllht Wtssssstta 

Eddie McDonald, at the Severe House Cafe. 
in Chicago, is a hit with "Tennessee Moon" 
and "When it's Moonlight In Mayo." 

There Isn't tho least doubt In tbe minds of 
any of the wise ones but what Maurice Abra- 
ham's latest sons *^3i0 Pallxnhn Porters on 
Parade," will MNM of tfr» Merest; hits 
on tho market me coming season. Sac spng 
Dbas only been, oat about eight MA aM 
shows up better ttiap anythin^-chi trie, no 
ket, "Oh, You MJDlos Uolip.r Dollf "auoUfcr 
by the sutmo -writer, Is also Uiowinu; OU gtux& 
aid pramlBea to ho tb* Brans eecomj aest net 

OPENS BUM* aaxartuttot, 4 

The Popular Music run. Co. ***■. sttcjtti 

new offices la tt>p*3er*i Building, ajtB extcti 
a hearty we!CM.<i Is.'i >^c:c:deszis. Toe 
nrm'a \eSfi"r^ •_ sabers include: "Wbei> * 
Found F -•• **j£y Harem Gom-jT Wa 
Stella" txnd "Ono Little Girt Is the 
little Girt," am golup over immense on 
big time. John FlscV-. die noted plat 
la on the staff, s/lfi t-idney Voralmetv ttsat 
Industrious and athbuloot Mugger, In diaxgo 
of the professional department. 


Shapiro, Bernstein k Co.'s latest ballad, 
"It Takes a Little Rain With the Sunshine, 1 ' 
written by Harry Carroll and Ballard Mc- 
Donald, Is showing wonderful results in a 
short space of time, and If it keeps up at Its 
present rate of apeed It will prove another 
''Lonesome Fine" for "Tbe House of Hits." 


••Mammy Jinny's Jubilee," Gilbert and 
Mulr'H last song hit, is being featured by 
hundreds of big time acts all over the 
country. Last Sunday one of the boys from 
the Mills house singing 'With the band at 
Luna Park, Coney 1 Bland, bad to sing tho 
chorus six times. This is Indeed a record, 
aa seldom will the management of this resort 
allow any singer to repeat more than two 


Ue ports have it thai cue of America's lead- 
ing composers Is cleaning up on the other 
side. I wonder If tbey mean Irving Berlin. 

■— ^a**i i a 

Jamxts MtraBAT la still with the Franklin 
Medicine Company, under the management 
of the Araoad Bros,, fid. and Will, and play- 
ing Racine and Kenosha, Wis., for the Sum- 

Tin Musical Holbrooke play at Lever- 
ronay's Cafe, Chelsea, Has*. They met many 
friends recently during the visits of tbe 
IllngUiiK and the 101 Banch Shows. 

William T.imsierman. manager of the 
Kingston Vaudeville Agency, began suit in 
Chicago against the Mills Novelty Co., owners 
of the Wonderland Theatre, for commissions 
doe him for talent furnished to the theatre, 
and which wae deducted from the perform* 
era' salaries. Edward J. Ader. the Chicago 
theatrical lawyer, represented pla'ptlg. 

TM Kltiho Mabtins, high trapese artists, 
who are both Tnsuon, N. J., boys, and gradu- 
ates or the Woodslde Athletic Club of that 
city, will head the Union Square Theatre, 
»» York, week of July 7, and oa Tuesday, 
July .5, will sail for Europe, where they are 
booked for ten months. Negotiations are 
pending; for their appearance In South Africa, 
aad Australia. 

Pauunb Welch. Id private life Mrs. Bud 
Fisher, was badly hurt early on the morning 
of Juno 26, at the Piedmont Hotel, Atlanta, 
Ga. She waa going for water with a pitcher 
containing Ire. and slipped and fell. The 
pitcher broke and a Jagged piece cut her 
throat It waa feared she would die, but the 
doctors report that she Is recovering. 


O. M. Anderson, known to devotees of the 
"movies" from one end of the country to the 
other as "Broncho Billy," and outside his 
ohotoplay acting hours onu of the two business 
sends of the hTssanay Co., will endeavor to 
demonstrate In Ban Francisco that if a rule 
holds good in one reading It ought to also In 
the reverse. In other words, Anderson, the 
Him magnate, has Invested $500,000 of his 
motion picture millions in a "legitimate" the- 
atrical project, sow on Its structural way to 

This, of course, is at variance with tbo 
present rule. Prominent poduclnr manager* 
have been "loaning the car" to the siren of 
tho films. Klnw k Erlanger hsrve taken, a 
dip In tbo motion picture field, a thing en- 
tirely outside of their previous operations; 
Daniel Frohman, always Identified wKh the 
highest sort of dramatic productions, now 
controls the destinies of the "Famous Play- 
ers" Film Company; A. H. Woods, the ag- 
gressive producer of some of the best at- 
tractions now being shown to the public, has 
lust established a chain ot tnr>Hon picture 
Louses in Burvnpe on a scat*, i-^cr before 
n*csrjrj«ut! t here: Cohan * Hurts, :o to the 
»*B > in ah uwiuflnshln. ax** a* »np of their 
b«» inrcrssBt an, xne xeaatro L^u, "Quo 

J OdW KSeT «■-» ■ M. Anrl'rsDn, who 
ho>i*>eS — a ■Be* a_..-.j« la ;:* jotloa 

picture Be*. »>•- _ a •*; STan- 

Obno a theatre ix.. ; •■ ■ ■»"*"» A mo- 
ejrxyl aosv*"**- jl a sBC.s' never 

, stfn , m >, — .«:- it, ;•_ : ilsea/icre 

•t Use sour tr — — j*> *v jn^sd. It has 
been wnfdtcty ttv*ri i -**• -"* -itwse "An- 
fi£Jeoiy* Gsaeo-" -• „ .. - jaflnitely 

BMjdel fiat tat tan tsnee win oe one dollar. 
st t|iNat tint InasT aad the theory," 

» boseixtbd't, What an* oeen selected 

afantoo to manage LVe nouse, "tlmt 
—Went rapacifj, a really meritorious 
shew at the two dollar class *Wii dratv mors 
money on tbe week at dollar prices than It 
will at two dollars. In the Gaiety we will 
Lave, a capacity or 1,600. Our weekly ex- 
pense will be equal to that of the Mont- 
gomery-Stone and Blslo Janls combination 
which, outside of grand opera, Is the' highest 
priced musical organization in tbe would. 

"We will nuke Now York .productions In 
San Francisco, and have already contracted 
for eight new musical comedies to be -done 
liere simultaneously with the New York pres- 

"I hare also contracted with several of 
tbe Important song writers for thelr'matcrlul, 
which wl:l enable me to have the songs ren- 
dered here long before they are published or 
«ven heard anywhere else. 

"The Gaiety will be the house of variation, 
as we will continually give the public new 
ataterial. Our aim Is to give two dollars' 
worth for Just half the price, by tbe best 
talent that money will buy." 

Mr. Rosenthal will be in New York In a 
few days to complete negotiations with sev- 
eral bhr musical comedy stare for the Initial 
production. The only definite engagement 
made so far Is Rock and Fulton. , 

"When I return to San Francisco, about 
tho middle ot August," said Mr. Rosenthal. 
"and the list of people Is announced, toe 
theatregoers of San Francisco, I feel sore, 
will be more than delighted." 

The Gaiety will open In October. 
0»> ' 

At,. SHiAnT will be a prominent member 
of the musical stock company to be installed 
In Anderson's new Calefy Theatre. San Fran- 
•claco, as already noted In Th« CmptbR. 
William Bock and Maude Fulton are also 
members of the company. , ._ 

■max HA.TKAWAT writes: "Was forced to 
close Htthaway's Theatre Co. because of ine 
midden Illness of Mrs. Buckley, piano player. 
However, we wlU cpen as soon as I get peo- 
ple. The company waa doing nicely tnrougu 

'" .. * .<■■«' 4 

July 5 






Jaantta Owens was specially engaged by 
Manager Clarke Brown to play Mrs. Bannan, 
Jr^-The Country Boy," leaving 23 for Mon- 
£«l to attend rehearsals tfiere, and will 
aooear in the part this week. 
p feffle Darling la playing Mrs. Stsnton. In 
.•a WomanTvYay," with the Malley-DcnWn 
Stock Company, at Newport, tola week. 

wAderikaSleinons Is playing Liule, In 
••The lottery Man," with the Savoy Theatre 
rS» CompanyTat Fall Blver, Mass., tab. 
«,2? lltes SlemonB made an Individual hit 
!J.^Ann Boyd," when Lucille La Verne pro- 
ftced her dmnatfeatlon of the book at that 
2.™? at Wallnck's Theatre recently. 
n0 Eoma Bl'lott, Bobert Le Sueur and the 
jJananr which has been for the past flye 
weSwaf the Lyceum Theatre. Bayonne. N. J.. 
are continuing toplcase good audiences. 

Carol Arden, Wtllard Blackmore, Frances 
VcOratb. Nellie Young, Fred. House, P. 8. 
wnltbam and Cecil Koolhaas were seen in 
the original production of "Homespun," Lot- 
KB0|kWI new rural drama, when it 
was played at the Empire Theatre, Paterson, 

N '0racS Bt Lea e th Hodgklna and her daughter, 
Marie h»ve been signed by the United Amunc- 
^St Company to play Mrs. Wdggs andLovey 
Mary, in "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch," 
seit season . 


The Long Beach Dramatic SHock Com- 
oony <n "A Butterfly on tte Wheel" being 
Sweated with a cast .Including Mary Boland 
ind Edwin Arden in the leading roles, 
5ueno'= June 28. The Long Beach Pavilion 
°s P tM*M I on the Board /alk, with a well 
eaulDncd stage. The auditorium Is a can- 
vas affair, seating 700. ' 

Olive Temple and Lucia Moore play the 
roles they created In the original New York 

P On Wednesday evening, the second pro- 
duction-will be made Si "Comtesse Co- 
auettc." The cast will include: Mary Bo- 
land, as the Comtesse Nina dl Lorenzo : Ed- 
win Arden as Olno Blccardl; Jack Stand- 
in? as • Comte Silvio dl Lorenzo ; Hegine 
Wallace, us Blanca: Don Hancock as Glu- 
senti!, and .Toseoh Allenton, aa tho Footman. 

The performances on Wednesday and Sat- 
urday evenings begin at 8 o'cock, and dan- 
cing until 12 will follow, dancers being re- 
quired to appear in evening dress. The Son- 
day evening performances start at 8.30. 
Senator Reynolds, president of the Long 
Beach Estates, will donate the pavilion, 
with music, one evening in each week, free, 
tor the help In the employ of Long Beach 
residents, for a dance all their own. 

The Chicago Stock Co. (Chas. H. BossKam, 
manager) will close the present reason Sat- 
urday, July 5, after a successful tour of 
forly-nino weeks, during which time the 
company bos prcmonently located in Boston 
and Niagara Falls, together with a road tour 
filling the rest of the time. During the eca- 
jini the company has successfully produced 
Llitocr & Co.'s "The Fourth E/tnte" and 
"The Battle;" Shubert's comedies. "Girls" 
tnd "Uolng Some;" the rural plays, "The 
Dairy Farm" and "York Btate Folks ;" the 
De Mllle successes, "Stronsheart" and "The 
Charity Ball ;" Henrietta Crosman's "Sham," 
Uaxlne Elliott's successful play, "Myself, 
Dcttlna," and many other recognized offer- 
ings of the same class and prominence. The 
tooipuny will be laid off until Aug. 4, when 
Mr. UossKam expects to open the season 
with a larger cast and one of the greatest 
lists of plays obtainable, for which the me- 
chanical stalf will be kept busy during the 
Hummer building. 



B. D. Slpe writes from Danville, 111.: 
"The company closes here, and we will 
take a four weeks' vacation on the Great 
Lakes, taking a thirty day trip. 1 have three 
scenic artists that Btarteu to work this morn- 
ing, all the scenery is to be rc-palDted and 
rebuilt, I have three workmen repairing and. 
recovering all of our scenery, fourteen shceta 
In all, and sts exteriors, so that next season 
when we come out we will no doubt be the 
largest and most completely equipped travel- 
ing stork organization In the United States. 
• We will also play the East again this season, 
as Miss St. Claire certainly gained an en- 
viable reputation for herself In that territory 
last season." 


. The Long Beach Dramatic Stock Company 
will continue to give pcrformancccs every 
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday evenings 
and Saturday matinee, with extra perform- 
•jicch on holHnys during the season. "A 
Butterfly on. the Wheel" is ibis week's at- 
traction, to be followed by "Comtesse Co- 
quette," and thereafter. In the order: "A 

Woman's Way, Get-Itlcu-Qulck Walling- 

ford." "DIvorconB." "The Fortune Hunter," 
"Jimmy Valentine 1 ' end others. 

The company Includes: Mary Bnland, Ollvo 
.leniple, Lucia Moore, Kegino Wallace, Knth- 
.erlne Irving, Edwin Arden, Jack Standing, 
Kenneth Hunter, Edwin Mordant, Charles 
Harbury, Don Hancock and Joseph Allenton, 
engaged especially for the respective plnyB, 
•II under the personal direction of Edward 


"Fobti-fivb Minutes pbom Bboadwav." 

Ceo. M. Cohan's famous musical play, was 

frpduced by the Cal. Smjth Stock Co., at the 

• Blppodromo Theatre. Reading, Pa., last week, 

to capacity at every performance. 




Her Own. Co, 

there's A REASON! 


The Francis Saylcs Players presented "Oar 
New Minister" at the Murray Theatre. Rich- 
mond, Ind., last week, to the largest business 
of the seaooa. The house was sold out five 
nights, xntl the three matinees were capacity. 

Mr. Snyl?s surprised bis many Richmond 
friends In- appearing as the Constable. It 
wns bis first attempt at a part of this kind. 
However, he made good In It, and the news- 
papers o." the city gave him long notices on 
ILo part. 

Olga Worth Is doing the lead* and making 
many friends each week by her excellent 
work. Mcta ISyferth replace! Agnc4 Karl. 
Other members of the company are: Pauline 
Le Rev, Evelyn Klnrald, Hose Pollen, J. J. 
Flynn, Sam Is. Wlkon, Joe Schattcr, Carl 
/.damson, Cash Tomllpaon. Carl Rnnyon. The 
scenery Is being built by Charles Fallen, aad 

B stated and designed by Charles Beekan. 
i.vre Heilman Is .ooking after the business 
end for Mr. Saylea. Mr. Saylea has con- 
tracted .'or the following plays for the next 
eve weeks: "The Squaw Man,'' "Alias Jimmy 
Valentine." "P&!S In Full," ''Brewster's Mil- 
lions'' and "The Barrier." 

Bo well pleased is Mr. Murray with the 
company that he has arranged with Mr. 
Saylea to play his bouse until the flrat of 
the year, which will make the longest run 
any company has ever had in Richmond. In 
fact, this is the first time that a company 
has ever attempted to play one bill a week 
la aa small a city as Richmond. However, 
Mr. Saylts is now In his tenth week, and has 
been doing capacity. 


At the Bushwlck Brooklyn, this week, 

Mabel Montgomery is ninylni; Lanra Murdoch 
• In the Belasco play. Caroline Locke, as 
Edith Sinclair: Kate Rlancke, as Annie: M. 
J. Briggs, as John Madison ; Wm. Macauley, 
as William Brockton, and Mr. Evarts, as Jim 
Weston, assist. 


BironMAw-GusTisE Stock Co. Noras, 
from CarrMlcoj], 111. — We Just closed our 
seventh wetl: of capacity business. While 
this part of the country is suffering from the 
want of rain, so fir It bos not affected us 
any. We recently ordered a new thirty foot 
middle piece uud seven more lengths of blues 
to ttke care of the n'.tlvea that congregate to 
see the best little ' rep." show In this part 
of the country. Mr. Gustlne. who has been 
staying at borne this Summer so that he can 
look after the booking of the Winter show, 
came on to see us Saturday, June 14, and 
to the delight of all the people brought ua 
good eld "Joy water." Homer Swadley aad 
wife recently Joined us. 

Hauby J. Pauplin, who Is directing the Ma- 
jestic Stock Co., at Texas City, Tex., reports 
business good. Mrs. Pamplin (Lola S. Hay- 
ward), with Master Hayward Famplln, Joins 
the company early la July. The company are 
playing at the U. S. Amusement Park, owned 
and controlled by K. T. Gllot, of Texas City. 

'sadixlf. F. Aheabn will spend her vaca- 
tion with her father at the Atlantic House, 
Mntunuck, It. I. 

Gbace Scott will head the permanent stock 
company which will open In 11. Q. Sommcrs' 
Auditorium in South Bend, Ind., Sept. 1. 

The Montrose Sisters write : "We have 
a $5,000 bungalow at Highland Park, De- 
troit, where wc will spend our Summers. We 
have our own. stock company, and are playing 
to capacity business, but will take the road 
in tbc Fall. The Old Reliaulb reaches our 
bungalow In time to cheer us, every week." 

iBen Obeet's morality play, "Everyman," 
wns the attraction last week at the Grand 
Opera Houhc, Pittsburgh, Fa., with Sarah 
Trunx in the title role. The piece was under 
the stage direction of Thomas Coffin Cooke. 
This week they have selected for Miss Truax'a 
farewell performance la Pittsburgh, Charles 
Iloyt's famous satire on the suffrage ques- 
tion, "A Contented Woman." 

"Ouii New Minister" was produced last 
week at the Murray Theatre, Richmond, Ind., 
with Francis Saylea playing the leading part. 

Fob week of July 7 the Columbia Flayers 
will produce John Drew's success, "My Wife." 
at the Columbia Theatre, Washington, D. C. 
with A H. Van Buren, Everett Butterneld 
and Jessie Qlendlnnlng playing the lead* 

•*Mai>amb X" was produced for the first 
time at popular prices at the Seattle Theatre, 
Seattle, Wash., fast week, under the manage- 
ment of Bailey & Mitchell. 

"C. 0. D.,' f Frederick Chapln's play, had 
Its fourth and last week at Morosco's Bur- 
bank Theatre, Los Angeles, Cal., to capacity 
at every performance. 

"Tub Fortune Hunthb" was played last 
■week by the Home Stock Co. at the Colonial 
Theatre, Akron, 0. 

Jack II. Koiilkr la endeavoring to secure 
a theatre In Osbkosb, Wis., for the purpose 
of Installing a permanent atock company 

"Uevbmt OP Gbaustark" Is being plnyed 
this week by the Albce Stock Co., ut Keith's 
Theatre. Providence. R. I., under the man- 
egemnt of Chas. Lovenberg. 

"Thb Fobtuns Hunter" was the attrac- 
tion last week at the Dominion Theatre. 
Ottawa, Can., under the management of 
CInrk Brown. 

."Abb You a Mason t" was given last week 
by the Lucille La Verne Co., at the Academy 
of Music, Richmond, Vn., with Thomas A. 
Wise la the leading role. 

Tub Bonstei.le Co. opened the aeasoa 
last week, at the Oarrlck Theatre. Detroit, 
Mich., In the comedy drama, "The Mario- 
nettes," aa played by Madame Na/lmova. 

"TUB Oiikat Divide," with Brandon Ty- 
ncn and Florenco Stone, was the attraction 
Inst week at the Utah Theatre, Salt Lake 
City, under the stage direction of Dick Ferris. 

'■Fonrr five Minutes vbou Broadway" 
Is the attraction this weeek at Keith's Tho- 
otrc, Toledo, 0. 

Roma. Rbadb and Company, In "Monto 
■Crlato" last week, at the Grand, Ottawa, 
scored a great success. AH the members or 
the company anoearcd to advantage. 

"Tbe Man who Owns Bboadway," an- 
other Geo. M, Cohan's stock success, makes 
tbe third Cohan piece that Ralph Kellard has 
produced at the Empire Theatre, Syracuse, 
tho other two being "Forty-live Minutes from 
Broadway" and "Fifty Miles from Boston." 

"Maiiy Jane's Pa/ by Edith Ellis, Is tbe 
cltractlon this week at the Wletlng Opera 
House, Syracuse, M. Y., under the managed 
ment of Win. J. Carey. 

"Abb You A Mason/' by Leo. Ditrlctisteln. 
Is tbe attraction this week at the Interna- 
tional Theatre, Niagara Falls, N. Y.. with 
Mae Desmond and John Itlgncy In the lead- 
ing roles. The company Is under the man- 
agement of Dan Feeley. 

"A Trip to Chinatown," by Chas. Qoyt, 
was selected by John Craig to close his sea- 
son with at the Castle Square Theatre, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

"Maiiame SHBBBY" Is underlined for an 
early production nt the Jefferson Theatre, 
Portland, Me. This house Is under the man- 
agement of Julius Cahn. 

"Tub nAVOC" was the attraction laBt week 
at the Imperial Theatre, Chicago, III., with 
Marie Nelson and Rodney Ranous playing 
the loads. This week the same stars will 
play the piece at the Victoria Theatre, Chi- 
cago, III, 


Tho new Washington Theatre, built by De- 
trolt capitalists, will be operated by Wm. 
MoitIs, opening July 21. The theatre scats 
2,000, ned Is described as the handsomest 
playhouse in the Middle West. 

A permanent atock company will present 
standard and modern dramas, with an occa- 
sional musical play. Each week will show a 
different star. Thus far four have been 
placed under contract. James K. Ilackctt 
will be the first "Guest." Then will follow 
Louise Gunning, Amelia Bingham and Cecilia 

i ■ 

"Litti.b Joiinnt Jones." by George M. 
Cohan, is being played this week by the 
Lytcll-Vangban Co. at Harmanus Bleecker 
Hall, Albany, N. V., with Mr. Lytell and 
Miss Vaugban playing the leads. 

"TJmdbb SODTHBoii Skies " the best story 
of Dixie, by Lottie Blair Parker, was tho 
attraction at Poll's Theatre, Springfield, 
Mass., last week. 

"FoBTY-riVE Minutes raox Bboadwat" la 
to be produced shortly at tbe Bentley Grand 
Theatre. Long Beach, Cal., nnder tbe manage- 
ment of Captain Ament. 

Thb La boy Stock Co. Noras. — We are 
playing to capacity in Ohio mining towns, 
and Improved business mak«s necessary the 
addition of the big top 40x100 feet. We 
are In Pleasant Cltr week of June 30. Mr. 
and Mrs. York, and the child artist Baby 
Dorothy Joined* 10. and H. Wolf, trombone 
player, was added to the band 23. The 
band is nnder the leadership of Terry Lane. 
Roster: Harry La Boy, manager, and F. J. 
York, press agent; Terry Lane, Earl White, 
Jack Ray, (Happy) Andrews, John Sherldaa, 
Herbert Wolf, Chas. Marseilles, Emma A. 
York, Baby Dorothy York Luella Sheldon, 
Blanche White, "the Uttle favorite," Marie 
Hayes. Tub Clq-feb comes as regularly as 
the ghost walks. 

Florbncb Malonb. leading woman of the 
B. F. Keith Harlem Opera House Stock Co., 
will leave that organisation after the per- 
formance next Saturday evening. She will 
spend a abort vacation at Casco Bay, Me., 
returning in time for rehearsal of "The Sil- 
ver Wedding," In which she Is cast, and 
which opens at the Longacre Theatre on 
Aug. 11. 

For their farewell week at tho Saxe Thea- 
tre, Milwaukee, Wis., the Saxo Players, un- 
der the management of C. A Newton, are 
playing "The Lottery Man," Rlda Johnson 
Young's fsrec. 

"IIawthohne or tri U. S. A.," tho pat- 
riotic play of romance and laughter. Is the 
attraction, this week at the Lyceum Theatre, 
Rochester, N. Y. _ . 

Mh. and Mbs. Jack Graham, formerly of 
the Whiteside Straus 8tock Co., at Attloboro, 
Mass., were recently made the parents of a 
ten pound boy. 

"Florodoba" opened tho comic opera sea- 
son at tbe Woslom Park Theatre, FUchburg. 
Mass, last week, nnder tbe management of 
W. W. Sargent M 


with the Honey Girls as an added attraction, 
la billed this week at the Grand Theatre. 
Sacramento, Cal., under tbe management of 
Ed. Redmond. 



Dl RVC QlfCTpUCC DARnniPQ In connection with A-LVLV MYER AGRNCY, 
■ LHIO arVCIUnCd rJHiWUICO Onlay Theatre Hid);., 40th 8t. and H'way. 

WRITTEN TO ORDER ON HAND ^„£S ML n n c .Vrs B, a 8 t'^ort X anU 

80LD BOUGHT PLACED MA. rtin OIXON, Mgr„ at Gayety Theatre. 



Also Single Specialty People and Piano Player 

BUte lowest salary and join on wire. Address THE VUHA UEVBKB STOCK CO., 

This week, Kmporla, Kana.; uoxt week, Lawrenco, Kana. (The Dell Circuit). 





•tely ok wire. 8t»t. lowest .alary. W. pa>jr nil .aponi.a. No other way, 


JOHN M. MILLER, Manager, 

Donnellson, Iowa 

GLADYS KLARK COMPANY WANTS, for Summer and Regular Season 

Al Character Woman, Woman for Characters and Heavies 

Rehearsals Jalr T, so mart be able to Join at one*. 

Address J. B. BALFOUR, Rockland, Blalae. 


Cleveland, O. — Colonial (P. Ilur Comstock, 
eiRr. ) (or week of June 30 tbe stock company, la 
"Forty-Are Mlnates from Broadway." "Tne l'as«. 
IriK if the 1'ti Ira Floor Back" neit. 

ML-ribPOMTAN (.Mm ITjctVenhcaer, mcr.) — 
111 In theatre Is dark week i,f 30. 

HtrroDuoME (II. A. Daniels, mgr.) — Bill week 
of 30: Wilson and Aubrey, OrtnuW, Fluke, "Aa 
Aliwtan Honeymoon," Locket and Waldron. In- 
riorr. Oon and Corinne, Kdwlu Oram, O'BrW-n. 
McDett and O'Brien, Chick and Chicklets, and 

I'uxciua (P. E. Seas, mjr.)— Bin week of 30: 
The Oteat Mispah Bclhlnl aad her Pige, Nut 
Wbertrn, Minor Slstars. Beach ant Carrol, Janus 
liellly, Aichlo Boyer, Bexlo Deneo and pictures. 

Qa*HD <J. II. Mfctucla, nun-.) — tiuj theatre 
will close Jar/ 0, and teopei about Sept. I, wlta 

Ducncss (W. B. Oaryn, mgr.) — Motion pic- 
tures and mnalc. 

OoiDoK Saoiaa,— "Qoo VidliT" in motion pic- 
tures. Is tbe feature for week of 10, with Taode» 
Tlllu acta cbingcd twice. 

Star (Drew * Campbell, Dg> .) — Tte Nlgbt 
Owls week of SO. 

ALmKBBA (F. M. Hataell, mgr.) — Picture plays 
and high class orchmtra nraslc. 

Kniokxbbogkib (K. K. Dvwni. mgr.) — Vocal 
solouis and multi-reel fllma, with music by 
Svltoliij'n Orcbretra. 

Luna i'asic. — Open-air touJovIHo aad band mu- 
aic every day, with tbo naual bathing and dan- 
clog attractions. Balloon aacennkras and uroworka 
three tlnwa a week. Patronage good la spite of 
tbe lntcnaely bot week wo buvo had, 

Akron, O, — Colonial (E. M, Stanley, mgr.)— 
Home's Stock Oo. preacnta "Tbe Vlrglnlin" week 
Of June SO. 

Lakzsidb Pabk Casino (Harry A, Hawn, 
mgr.)— Bill for week of HO: Walter C, Perclrsl 
and company, in "Tbe Choice ;" Teddy tinhorn 
and Peta, Pbemle Lockbnrt, Three Musical 
Stewarts, the Peerless Peers and tho Cracker- 
Jack Four. 

Gbanu (O. L. Ellsler, nigr.)— Edison's talking; 
pictures July 3-5. 

Bank, Fabtimb, Nationala, Dkotto, Dbbau- 
LAND, PLAZA, Aliiamiiua and WlLOOBr, motion 

Notis.— Rlngllng Bros.' Circus will show here 

July 8 'Tbe Waldorf Amusement Co. have 

opened a picture bouse In this city, named tbe 
Waldorf Theatre. 

Providence, R. I. — Providence Opera House 
(Felix Wendelscbafer, mgr.) is dark. 

Kami's (Charles Lovenberg, nurr.) — A I bee 
Stock Co., In "Beverly of Orautark," week of 
June 30. 

WasTMiNBTza (William Collier, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Scbmo (Fred, nomas, mgr.) — Homau Block 
Co end picture*. 

Union (Charles Allen, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 

Casino (Charles Williams, mgr.) — Photoulora. 

ISkbb (Sol. Braunlg, nurr.) — Klncmacolor and 
black and white pictures. 

NiiiKBu (Frank Westfate, mgr.)— Talking; mo- 
tton pictures. 

Ituciu (Matt, Belly, mgr.) — Pictures. 

Notss. — Bullock'a Theatre has closed for mak- 
ing extensive Improvements. Will re-open In 

August Att the shore resorts, Orescent Park, 

Bockr Point and Newport are opened, ^and all 
report good business. 

Plttaburcrh, rn. — Grand (John P. Harris, 
<ngr.) lor week of June 30, Harry Davis' Stock 
Oo. presents "A Contented Woman," This is the 
last week for Sarah Truax, the popular leading 
lady. After a short real, she will be wen in 
"The Garden of Allah." "Oraustark" next week 
Business very good, 

IlARBia' 10. B. Beaachtit. mgr)— Bill week of 
30: De Uutb-SUnley Beitette. J. K. Murray sad 
Clara Lane, Great Zends, Billy Horse, Johnstone 
and Wentworth, May and June, Lawrence Trio, 
Frank Lanark and talking pictures. Business Is 

Libkbtt (J. H. McCarron, mgr.) — Bill week of 
SO: Anthony SI. Junes' Quartet of Welsh Singers, 
Craig Whitney company, Great Heorl, Sweeney 
and lUwney. Billy Falls. Norman Scintilla, Camp* 
bell uud Parker, Mayer and Hyde, and moving 
pictures. Capacity business. 

Uiii'CDaoiis — with Its Iretnendou. seating ca- 
pacity and admlsakina at 10. 25, 3ft and 50 rents, 
the fourth season of this placet was begun 30, 
with a varied bill of blgb class acts. Including: 
Merranldu and her Diving Ulrls, Six Stylish Step- 
pen, Klx Snmarlan Dancers, IIouKhton, Morris and 
Houghton, Three Musical Johnstons, Woods and 
Woodu Trio, Grey Ragle, .McDonald Bros., Three 
neddcra. Winkler and Krrsrf. Unique Lobaklns, 
initio Tucker, Margaret Hills, Miller nnd Muni. 
Conti'3 Fireworks, Lauglilln's canines and Nlrelln'a 
Baud. Harry Davis nnd John P. Harris agala 
liave charge. 

Kehnywooo Pabk (A, H. McSwIgnn, mgr.)— 

Nl relli's Band. Large crowds St sll times, AH 
coneem.'ODs doing well. . 

Win Vibw (O. 0. McKalllp. mgr.)— Westlnf- 
houae Band. Business good. 

Nora.— The New Harris, In tho Ksit Knd, Is 
rapidly nesting completion. 

Sonbarr, Pa. — Boiling Green Park (Blanch- 

and Amuse Co., nigra. ) moving pictures and vaude- 
ville. BUI week of Jnnc 30 Includes: Joe Syu- 
ney, Kltaer and McClay, Guudford'a animals. 
Florette, aad Aries Quartette, Business Is ex- 

I'Ki'i'LB's. — Moving plctnrcs, to good business. 

VioroBU.— Moving picture*. 

WllUamsport, Pa. — Vallamont Pavilion 
(A. W. Webster, mgr-> for week of June 30. 
"Tbe Great Joha Ganton" tor the first half, and 
"His Last Dollar" for last three days. 

Spokane, Wash, — Auditorium (OtiaB. W. 
York mgr.) "Fine Feathers" June 20-28. 

AJtsstCAK IB dark. 

Oarnstm (Jos. Mutter, mgr.)— Bill week of 30: 
Qua BdwardV "Khl Kabaret," Will Rogers, Jane 
Cot-nelly and company. Bone Valerie Sextette, 
La Valcra and Melvln Btokeu, and Helen Trlx. 

Pamtauxb' (E. Clark Walktr, mgr.)— High claaa 
vaudeville and motion plctnrcs. 

F.urnBsg (Geo. B lakes ly, mgr.) — High class 
vaudeville and motion pictures. 

fiit.i.s-FLoTo Cwuus. — Ithoda Boyal's horses 
proved one of tbe big cards, also Margaret III- 
carCo's Hona and tigers. Without a doubt Miss 
Zora's elephants were tbo biggest drawing card 
with tho ahow not only with tho Hclla-Floto i>eo- 
pie, but far surpsaalug any post act of tbe kind 
b this city. Capt. DcrluVs Zouavea and the 
Buynl Scots PIikt Baud from Toronto were 
orguiilratlons entirely new *o the thouaambj who 
lined tho atreeta to witness tho parade. 

ISvTES.— Uer orst apiwdranco at home proved 
unforlunate for Rita Boland, of the Harris Bo- 
land and Holts Co.. when she was rushed to th» 
lutpltal, on her opening day, for an abdomlual 
operation. Sbo Is now on tho road to recovery, 
and will join her company In 'Frisco tho latter 

part of July The death of Mrs. Thompson. 

wife of Fred Thompson, iiroiwriy man at tho 
Oi'pbeiun, cnine very suddenly Juno 13. Her 
funeral waa held Sunday, 18. 

St. Louis, Ha. — Marguerite Olark (Opiien- 
helmer Bros., mgrs. ) "The Man from Home" week 
Of June 20, featuring Thurston Hull. 

SunuiiUAN I'auic (Siicuruniu Lewis, mgr.) — 
"Sunday," week of 20. 

Foueht Pabk IltuittANns (Harry Wallace, 
mgr.)— Bill week of 20: Foster Hull ami Ford 
West, tbe Langilons, Jack ileyunn and Luetic Val- 
mont, Frank Mullane, Three Arthurs and Lydta 

Hm.uAii Gardens (J. 0. Jannapulo. mgr.) — 
Bill week of 20: Three ICelcey Slaters, Knapit and 
Murray, Seven American Whirlwinds, Mole Bros., 
and It l go. 

Diuiu TnsATBB (IS. IL Pipe, mgr.) — "Dolly 
V'urdeu" week of 30. 

Norfolk. Va. — Academy (Otto Wells, mgr.) 
vaudeville bill for week of June 30: Paul Seldom/a 
"Poems In Marble," McAllater and company, 
Mlnty and Palmer, Artistic Trio and Cadieux. 

GsANar (Otto Weill, mgr.)— "The Miracle," 
In nxtlon pictures bold, the boards for week of 

AurratcAN, ASOADB, Wonobbuno. Columbia, 
Bonita and Foioauo, report good bualneis with 
motion pictures. 

Naabvllle, Tena. — Orphenm (Geo. H. nick* 
man, mgr.) "Are You a Mason}" week of June 

PaiNOsas (Hurry fludekum, mgr.) — "The Ulrl 
from Dublin" week of SO. 

OarsTAi-, ICuto. ALiiAKana, Firm AvSMUS SO'l 
Bex, motion pictures. 

Note— Tho Bijou opened CO. for lire weeks, 
with moving pictures, each subject to be run tor 
ono seek. 

Cumberland, Mil.— Maryland (F. G. He- 
Govern, mgr.) Arthur Harris aud .hla l'uuauia 
Olrla were the feature June 20-28. 

LiBEtiTr (Frank Fisher, mgr. ) — Moving pictures. 

Viutouia (Werthclmer Bros., nigra.) — Moving 

HiiToonojiu (G. Bossworm, mgr.) — Motion pic- 

llSLVEUEiiB (Chas, Flsbor, mgr.) — ilovlng pic- 

Troy, IV. Y. — Proctor's (H. Graham, mgr.) 
moving pictures and vaudeville. 

Majestic. — Photoplays. 

Tuojan. — Photoplays. 

Novbltt. — Photoplays. 

Ksitii'h. — Photoplays. 

Notes. — Blngluig Bros.' Circus gave two pe^ 

formancea here. June 20, to crowded tenia 

Ilngenbeck-Wallace Shows July 2 Benistiaer 

Park baa opened and U drawing large crowds. 

Coboes. IV. Y. — Proctor's (Dan Corr, mgr.) 
Kdlaon talking pictures continue to please at this 

Majestic (U. Dobbs, mgr.) — Motion plctnrcs. 

KuruiE. — Moving pictures nnd illustrated songs. 

Buiour SruY. — Moving pictures. 

Clarksdale, Ml«a. — Cacnm's Alnlome (Slg- 
aor Uaeum, mgr.) motion picture* and song* to 
capacity busloeaa. Tbe manugement baa found 
It necesaary to enlarge tbla popular alrdome and 
Increase tbe seating capacity several time* this 

Nora — Manager Dill, of tbe Albnnibra. bis 
found It necessary to close down bli picture bouse, 
and It It now for sale. 

Kulamnsoo, Mlcb.— Uajeatlc (Gerald Fllt- 
girald mgr.) bill June 30-July 2: Alexander 81s- 
Icth, luimlas Trio. Dyer and Dyer, Jack Burdette, 
aud I'atrlcola and Myers. For 3-5: Siulletta Sis- 
ters, Buckler's Animals. Straub Hlstrni, Howard 
l.angford, Klet and Demont, and Msjestlescope. 

umbs (L. a Barnes, mgr.) — Klnomaoolor and 
black and white motion picture*. 

Rnelae, Wis. — Bsdne — Moving nlclnnw. 

New Oui'Ubum (D. A. Bovte. mgr. 


uoe 30- 

July 2, "Tbe Bemtnary Girl." For 3-5 Mark 
Lee's Big Uesuty Bevu*. Buainesis la good, 

Majbitic. Osand, Buoti, J.ibio, Amiss, One 
and Cahino, motion picture*. 

Nora— This city Is heavily billed tor Gentry 
Bros.' dog and pony circus appearance July «, 
also Barnum 4 Bailey IT. 

Richmond. Ky. — AlaanibTa (Colonial 
Amusement Co., mgrs.) motion pictures. 

GsANn (W. P. Baxter, mat.)— Bill week of 
Jane 23 Included: Tbe Kennedys, Mack and 
Trainer, the Dixie Kids, and motion pictures, 

Neva — A, 0. Marshall has snrcceded Al. A. 
I'oellnc as orchestra leader at the Grand. 

Trenton, IT. 3. — Stabs Street (Herman 
Wnhn, mgr.) bill week of Jane SO: flying Mar- 
tini, Demlema, Jamie Kelly, Cowboy Minstrels, 
Kelley and Fern, Burner and Hallo, "Nalla," 
Henry and Martin, Sterling and Chapman and 
Klnemacoler pictures, 

l'liilnflrlil, X. J.— Proctor's— Vaudevlle sad 

Heconp Htbekt. — Closed, 


POKMU WIT1I MTJBIO: If You Have Love; Oh, 
You Oklahoma Girl: In a Valley Aiming the 
Honntalns; Meeting TVo 'Till Now Unknown ; My 
Kentucky Qucon; Will You Ever Think, My bur- 
ling; Please Toll Uo Who you Aro; Nula; In Mns- 
tcon Fifteen Honoy, Wo'll Ho There, ; When Yob 
anil I Are Old, Dear Heart; Would You liellrvo Me 
It I'd Say I Love You: My Heart's In old Utah; 
Won't Yon Be My Chlckuu; The swing Hong; our 
Purling; A Lovo Story; Sweet June time; The 
Titanic; I Long and drlovo For You; Take Mo To 
Detroit City; Forever and A jo ; Tbo Sea of Repose; 
Tho Bound of the Buglo U Calling; Coma Take a 
Trip In Mr Aeroplane; When the Columbines Are 
In Bloom* What Did Ho Do; Tho Drunkard's 
Childe. Beautiful Spring: Ferry Mo O'er; Bun. 
shine; Jcbus Doetb AH Things Well: Imposition; 
Our Bailor Hoys; Young Maiden's Bulll'xiuy: 
My Picture Show Girl; My Uhorokoo Ouoeii: If 
you Oared No More For Mo; I'm n, liny who 
Fights For Undo Bum; When the Silvery Moon 
la Creeping O'er the Hilltop; My Sweetheart 
O'er the Bca; If I Only Had a Sweetheart; I 
Miss You So; O, Ain't It Nice; That 1'iinny Dip; 
The Loafers For Love's Sweet Sake; This Is the 
Dream of My Heart; Sunshine; Kentucky; Ho All 
Oue; Kbenoaor Brown; I Long for tho (lift of Your 
l.ove, Deep and True; I Miss You; Brown Kyoi; 
Oralis Widow; Wedding Boll Sersnade; In tho Vale 
of Yesterday; Dabbling Brook; Ilusklii' lies; I 
Know that Yoa Love Mo by tho Light in Your Kyoj 
I'm a Dandy Coon ; Dm miner ; Tho Samo old Moos 
that Sbono on Sweethearts Long; Ago; lllslah 
Bumbo Johnson; Old Carolina; Do Yuu Love Me 
Blnco My Hair IsSnowy Whlto;Flowora;Tliiitlllce 
Little Dogglo of Mlno; Tho Only Cue; That Sunny 
Southland; My Old Country Homo So Fur Away; 
To Bo My Mother's Pride; I'm Going to Den r Old 
Frisco in 1015; 1 'in Irish, Just Llko You; Texas 
llouoy Moon; Roll Hum F.yci; I'll Wrlto a Leltsr 
and Ask Her If She Loves Mo Just tho Same; If 
Dreams Wcro Only Real; Tho Soldier's Last Fare- 
well; There's on Old Plantation Lying Under 
Bunny Southern Bklen; I Wnndor WImt HhoTliliiks 
of Mei'i'hotllrl I Coiililn'tOctjMyLlfo-LnngLovc; 
Although Sho Is Not My Bwoolftcurt; My Aero- 
piuiio ltusu;On tbo Sltnrcs of tho Golden Gate; 
Alone by tho Light of tho; Let Ub Wulk In 
thoMnoullglit To-Slght; Dear; Tell Mo Dearest, 
Do You l.ovo Mo; Sweet Peace; 1 Dreamed of 
Tliec: Irish Jim's Married Life. BIANCHllt I PT 
BALKS CO., 57 W.MStli St., New York 
City. _^_* 



Take Mo Back To Dlxlelnnil — Momorles— 
Sweet Dreams of Long Ago— The Little 
Ilrown House On tho Jllli— Moonbeam — Meet 
Mo In tbo Stilly Twilight— When tbo Maple 
Leaves Aro Kslftng— -I'll Always Ho Tnio To 
You — Donkoy Hag— Soul Longing — Life's 
Roues and Life's Thnms — in tho linriiynrd at 
the Old Stable Door— Tho Star or the llaH 
— *"or You, You, You — Knrowell — Kisses — I 
Love Just You, Just You — Hack to tho Orange 
niosaoms — Moonlight Waltz — Oh, Mr. MuiM 
Man — You'll Never Miss You're Mother- 
Mind Your Uncle, Willie — Dream Lovo— 
Chauffeur In Love — Wanted — A Llttlo Sweet- 
heart— <A Southern Homo and a Southern 
Cllrl For Me— To tbe Girls In New York 
Town— Sweet Wathcna— (Mildred— Tho Money 
Fiend — Just One Sweetheart — Hho I Walt— 
Swinging — Panama Dxposltion — Just a Little 
Hiittd Sled, Brothor ond I — Mnnoy Can't 
Hrlng Mother Hack — I'imn-mn — Daddy It 
drawing Old — 'Marry Mu nnil tho World IB 
Mine— Tributes — ,My l*roiiosal — Down lo the 
Mendow — Tbnt Hogged, llugtlmo Sure BnougJl 
Rag — Drooping; willows — Onco I Had • 
Lovely Flower — You'll Miss Me When I An 
done — Bpenk Oently— -Those Dreamy Wrm 
fit Hliio — Mother's IClss— That Shiitlntc Rink 
Hag— .Won't You Come Back. 




Two Useful General Business 
Men for Repertoire 

Prefer those doubling Brass or Bpoolslttes. Piano 
Plnyor.doublo limns or Stage; Louder, Hand and 
Orchestra. Musicians. donliluSlugo. Oooil salary 
and treatment. Two Oar Tent show. Adilruss 
UOYP BllHROWH, Orweley, Web. 

Oboror Kvann' MiNSTRr.r.g will open at 
tbo Apollo, Atlantic City, July 7. 

notice : 

W hen W iring Advertlnem«ata 

to BM CLIPPER, also wira 



(Copy right No. 20731). Special drop 18 by M. Act 
can change with slnslna, dancing or wnslcnl In- 
strument. Why selnngT bavo joined lilttrnthal 
Urns.' M. P. Stosk 00. Act Just tlulHlie.d Six weeks 
In N. Y. 0. United nrogrsmines on roqiiest. Call 
or write. MOB. BALL, White Kate Oliiii. N. Y. city. 


GEO. M. WHHPAUOM, I-n lt»y, New York, 
drills West With Street, Now York. 


Leading man, do spec HI Men; also bavo good short 
cast and tabloid scripts. After July « address 
moOnnoral Unlivery, Dim Holn«H, Iowa, 
or wlro main oilier, w«»t«rrt Union, thore. 

sopuiEi Tuctcrcn sions. 

Rouble Tucker has slnm'tl with Joe tlcay 
ard to he featured In nix new production, 
"llrnr.ilwnv Honeymoon," wUcll Opens In D0- 
trolt, Mich, Sept. 28. 



July 5 




Nn, Otli Skinner Scrnnrlo Writer. 
The Sell; Polyscope Co. bas announced 
for release on July 19, a two reel drama 
from the pen of Mrs. Otis fcklnner, entitled 
"The Ne'er To Return Road." Thin la not 
the drat time this brilliant and accomplished 
woman las placed her pen to paper for 
dramatic purposes, but It Is practically Jier 
debut as the scervirlo writer for a pictorial 

?>)ay, The subject is particularly strong In 
be moving quality of "mother lore." A 
liagedy perpetrated and one Imminent, add 
'o the Intensity of Its Interest. 

List week Manager Tom Persons, of the 
Sellg branch of Chicago, sent a carload of 
animals to the Bdlg animal farm at Eden- 
dale, Cal. Among the snlmals. listed wag 
the wonderful baby elephant, Annie May 
(only four feet high) ; a pair of most mag- 
nificent royal Bengal tigers that ever, came 
fiora the Bagenbeck Zoological Gardens, of 
Hamburg; a mountain lion, a sacred cow, a of bear cubs, and a number of smaller 
unlmal*. The baby elephant, Annie May, 
will soon be utilized In a picture play, with 
"Baby" Lillian Wade, at the California 

Although the Sellg Polyscope Company 
has the largest skylight of any structure in 
Chicago, tbe Intense heat of the first few 
days of last week was not as perceptible as 
might bare been anticipated by reason of 
the fine new cooling; plant that has been In- 
stalled In the building, supplying Iced air 
to the big studio. 

The rnrnoms With Sails;. 

William Fnrnum and his brother. Marshal 
Farnum, stalwart favorite actors, associated 
with many dramatic successes, have been 
now engaged by the Sellg Folyscopo Com* 

Einy, for some special productions that will 
e made at tbe big Sellg plant in Los Ange- 
les, Cal. They will begin work there July 8, 
In a new pictorial -version of Vincent Church- 
bill's most famous American novel, "The 

Sellg- Release* Week of July 14. 

At the present all the world Is on wheels, 
consequently there is an almost universal 
Interest In a railway drama. The Sellg 
Polyscope Company have a unique piny of 
this class, called "Tbe Only Chance," that 
will be released July 14. In this remarkable 
film, a lineman makes a thrilling run on an 
up-to-date electric handcar, catching an ex- 
press train running sixty miles an hour, and 
averting a terrible calamity. 

In an eminently practical age, symbolism 
that point* a moral Is relished for its con- 
sclcnublo ruslltlcs. Such is tbe investment 
of "The Tree and tbe Chaff." This petite 

tragedy lists the wholesomo person of kntli- 
lyn Williams as the good spirit, and Barney 
Furey as the no'cr do well son of a Goo 

fearing donson. He stands for chanco-blowa 
chaff of fate. Hie good influence eventually 
lifts him free from tho evil and worthless 
chaff to which be has given himself. "The 
Tree and tho Chaff" will be released July 15. 

A wild Irishman, whose dream of political 
ambitions reaches to the presidency, thinks 
he has attained this high office during bis 
noon-day nap between trips of his hod to tho 
top of n building in the course of erection. 
He surrounds himself with n bunch of "flan- 
nel mouths" and "low-brows," who proceed 
to play ball with politics. The ouly thing 
he really accomplishes is to settle the hod- 
carriers' strike, when tho boss wnkes him up 
with a kick. On this same reel Is an educa- 
tional subject of Interest. "Fancy Fowls," 
This reel will be released July 10, 

"Put to the Test" is a pathetic play with 
an admirable point, showing tho occnsional 
obstacle) placed In tho way of artistic am- 
bition. A country girl with a beautiful voice 
attracts tho attention of a well known 
teacher who instructs her, and on the night 
or her debut in opora her voice vanishes. 
The girl is sorely tried by the calamity, but 
eventually returns to her old home, marries 
a wortby man, and settles down to domestic 
duties. When the first baby comes the 
mother-love wells into song, her voice cornea 
back, and eventually sho returns to the stage 
and realises her ambition In a higher and 
nobler way than she had ever dreamed of 
before. This Interesting and touching play 
will be released July 17. 

"Granny's Old Arm Chair" Is a play In 
which love and faith are well rewarded. It 
Is a. plav of simple, Godfearing folk, who 
Idolise the Old Granny, who eventually 
passes away, leaving liberal dispensations 
for her relatives. The best beloved nephew, 
strangely enough, receives the most ordinary 
gift — her old arm chnlr — which he accepts 
with duo gratitude, although other members 
of the family fear he will break the will. 
Eventually bis bouse burns and everything 
is lost, but the old arm chair. This Is so 
burned that he discovers In the upholstery 
valuable securities that make him tbe wealth- 
iest member of the family. On this same reel 
Is on Interesting Sellg educational Bubject, 
"A Moro Fish Drive." oy Jolo. The release 
of this fllm Is July 18. 

««— ^— ^—•■^■^ 


..Under the title, "Field Sports at Hong 
Kong, Chins," tho Vltagrapii Company re- 
leases a film which cannot fall to Interest all 
lovers of outdoor sports. It shows how ath- 
letes are developed on tho other side of tho 
world. Clonk Kong, being an English treaty 
port, Is the most up-to-dafo city in the Orient, 
and the audience is largely composed of Hng- 
llih and Americans of the better class, These 

Kmcs show to what a remarkable degree tho 
Itatlve feature of the Chinese is applied Id 
athletic*. Their hurdlo races. Jumping; con- 
tests and other events would do credit to 
some of our leading colleges. 

■ ■ — s— - i— » 

Joseph M. Weber, Patrick A Powers and 
Morris Rose have incorporated Joe Weber's 
Photo Pray Co.. of NyackVN. Y. 


BsBMar Players, psste 4. 

Klelne Optical Go., pace S. 

Officers of the M. P. io. L. (Illinois 
Braaeh), rasje B. 

Illinois Delegates, paste a» 

M. A. Neff, paste B. 

J. J, Itetder, paste B. 

W. J. Sweeney, psuje B. 

Isidore Bernstein, paste B. 

M. A. Ghoynsltl, paste O. 

Ad. Kessel Jr, paste 0. 

S*. A. Powers, paste O. 

Vranlt A, Tlehcnor, pace *. 

V. B. flannels, paste 6. 

Thomas Saatsehl, pstsje 0. 

I.unlar- Vale, paste 0. 

Hopp Hadley, paste o. 

Helen Gardner, paste 6. 

Utile Marre Hall, paste 0, 

Serstt. J. O'Connor and Herat. Jos, In 
Tlaclinrl, paste. O, 


In the Vltagrapb release, "Tbe Spell," an* 
nounced for release in July, Edwin August, 
the photo-playwright and star, gives us a 
sample of his remarkably effective versa- 
tility. Besides playing the leading- part, he 
is credited with the authorship of tbe story, 
which Is a particularly brilliant one. It tells 
of a young and pretty girl, held in the grasp 
of a hypnotic spell, being cleverly saved by 
the quick wit and action of ber (lance. 

"The Spirit of the Orient," another product. 
of the Vltngrnph "globe trotters," promises 
to demand no small-share of the great popu- 
larity of the photoplays of that now famous 
company. The drama, staged In and. around 
Bombay, India, deals with the domestic 
troubles of en Englishman who marries a 
beautiful hnlf-caste Hindoo girl. It proves 
again that blood Is thicker than water. She 
tries to kill her husband for the love of a 
man of her own race. Tbe two conspirators 
die by their own hands. 



So much has been said and written about 
the big convention that it la nearly lmpoael. 
ble to add anything. The notion picture 
exhibitors from all over the country will 
assemble on July 7, at the grand Central 
Palace, some five or six thousand strong, 

ML A. Neff, tho president, will open the 
convention, and later a speech of welcome 
will be made by some high city or State 
official. During the week an elaborate plan 
of entertainment haa been prepared, and It 
Is confidently, expected that there will not 
be a dull moment during the stay of the 
motion picture men in tbe big town. 

Clem Kerr and Lou R. Thomas, national 
organizers, together with M. A, Neff, have 
been working like beavers for months past, 
and it looks a? If their efforts will be crowned 
with success. 


Nothing very definite has been settled In 
the Interesting conflict over the control of 
the Universal. Friday, June 26, when tbe 
case came up before Justice Golf for a bear- 
ing, the Powers and Swanson faction was 
represented by John Delahunty, and the 
I.oemmlo side by George Gordon Battle. 

Justice Golf, after hearing both sides, or- 
dered them to hold a directors' meeting and 
try to come to somo sort of understanding. This 
was done, but it BcemB as if it was of little 
or no avail in trying to straighten things out 
satisfactorily. Other meetings will be held 
this week, and It is thought that something; 
of a definite nature will be decided on. 





The announcement that the Blograph Com* 
any has formed a combination with, Klaw & 
Irlanger for tho purpose of producing, In 
■notion pictures, some of their moat popular 
stage plays, comes as a welcome surprise. 

The offerings of this combination will em- 
brace an excluive repertoire of copyrighted 
Clays. Already nearly four hundred havo 
been secured for this purpose, and rehearsals 
for tho earlier releases will bo begun at once. 
We can look for the first productions of this 
combination about Oct 1. 


cuW.yV' >■**»«. 


. George Klelne, of Chicago, Importer of the 
famous Clnes and Eclipse Dims, has made the 
statement that he does not Intend to release 
any more single reel subjects, but will devote 
bis entlr d time to multiple, reel Alms. Among 
the coming Klelne Alms which are announced 
for release In General Film Service nro ! "A 
Villain Unmasked," "The Statue of Fright," 
"Honor Thy Father," three very strong fea- 
tures, particularly notablo for fine photog- 
raphy and artistic sittings. 

■ i I 


Under the subject head, "Customs,'* In the 
General Film program, comes a picture en- 
titled "The Consecration of a Buddhist 
Priest." This strange ceremony, illustrated 
In every detail, makes a welcome addition to 
the already generous proportion of "educa- 
tlonals" furnished by tho General Film Com- 
pany. Preceded by a corps of musicians, tbe 
future priest marches with tbe members of 
Ms family to the temple, and there the 
temptation ceremony takes place. Tho mu- 
sicians, pcroonlfylng the evil spirit, take 
turns at tempting the young candidate, thus 
allowing him an opportunity to show bis 
strength of character. Finally, after proving 
his ability to withstand the various tempta- 
tions which might befall his priesthood, he 
Is presented with his sacred vestments, which 
ho accepts after a curious and impressive 

On the name reel Is shown a travel subject, 
entitled "Pisa (Italy) and Its Curious Monu- 
ments" — a tour throughout tho ancient city 
of Pisa, with stops before its many land- 
marks, which are all very old, including a 
view of the Leaning Tower, the most famous 
and one of the mn6t mystifying structures in 
tho world. 

— ■ m i 


Mary Garden has written for an "Alkali" 
Ike doll. Not tho Mary Garden we all know, 
but nevertheless, a Mary Garden. The Mary 
Garden wo sneak of Is a little girl, seven 
years old, who lives In Bangor, Me. Her 
mother read her a story In one of the Bangor 
papers, In which the child learned that the 
■fVME Manufacturing Company was selling 
"Alkali" Iko dolls on horses. Mary became 
very enthusiastic and wrote to the fllm com- 
pany, telling them that she had saved sixty- 
three cents and would like them to send her 
an "Alkalol" Ike doll. Tho company have 
forwarded to this little photoplay fan a 
doll mounted on a horse, gratis. The Essanay 
Company hopes that Miry will receive as 
much enjoyment out of the doll as they did 
In receiving her beautiful letter. 

Motion plcturo fans throughout the country 
are showing unusual Interest In the recent 
announcement of Pathe Frcres of their In- 
tention to issue two rathe Weekly films each 
week. The new arrangement is particularly 
*ttractlve to all concerned because the news 
of the world, In both reels, will be three and 
four days earlier than was previously posalr 
Me, The staff of camera men employed on 
the weekly has been increased to twenty-tour 
expert photographers, so that, there will be no 
dearth In, Interesting news items for bott ., t , i l.fvJ.. ■.... ... 

IDrsECTORB of fllm companies receive many 
queerly worded requests for positions, but 
the appended letter is entitled, at least to 
some consideration as a contender for first 
prize honors. 

iMB. Movik Pitches Co, Dear Sir: i am 
a comlkal in a flllum and wood Ilk to wurk 
for yore pitchers. If you nede a actor rite 
away who nose a lot of funny stuf write and 
telegraf write away and oblldge, John Obteh- 
hauhen, Milwaukee, Wla. 

(Rot E. Aitkin, managing director of tho 
Western Import Co.. Ltd., London, England, 
Is now In New York City, looking over the 
local situation, and incidentally, making a 
host of new friends by his sunny person- 
ality and charming manners. Mr. Altken Is 
very optimistic regarding the outlook on the 
other side of tbe water. Ho declares that the 
Keystone. 'Broncho and Bay-Bee films, for 
which his company is sponsor across the 
pond, arc absolutely creating a sensation and 
fully Uvlng up to their American reputation. 

Larhi, producer of the Turner 
Film Co., of which Florence Turner Is at the 
heed, has had placed at his disposal for the 
making of Interiors the studios of Cecil Hep- 
worth. Mr. Trimble will arrange bis out- 
door settings In those sections of England 
best suited to the individual picture. The. 
class of stories to be filmed will be those la 
which Miss Turner has been so successful — 
clean, healthy dramas and comedies, and oc- 
casionally a picture In which Miss Turner 
and one other will constitute the cast. A 
likeness of Jean, tho canine film favorite, will 
servo as the trademark of tbe Turner Film 

On pads 6 of this paper will be found a 
very good portrait of Hopp Hadley, publicity 
representative of the Reliance Co. A phase 
of his character that few people have dis- 
covered is that he is studiously Inclined, hav- 
ing studied law at the New York Law School 
only two years ago, preferring to spend his 
evenings pouring over Blackstone rather than 
In pursuit of pleasure, He is also a musician 
of some ability, having educated himself as 
a violinist and as a vocallut, his baritone 
voice being the reason for bis original stage 
activities. Of course he Is an enthusiast — 
a press agent must be one — be needs it In 
his business. If you wont to hear him en- 
thuse ask htm about J. V. Rltchey's Tuesday 
night meetings at the Reliance studio, and 
the methods employed by Manager Bltchcy 
wherewith .he hopes to make Reliance pic- 
tures tbe greatest in tbe world. It Is then 
that you will see his face, which usually 
bears a broad smile, grow serious, and tho 
grave born of a long line of mlnlHters (bis 
three brothers are all Episcopal clergymen) 
come into his eyes as he talks about the fu- 
ture of Reliance as if nothing in tbe world 
was of any Importance except moving pic- 


Some wonderfully Intimate views of Cardi- 
nal Farley are claimed by the New Majestic 
photographers la their film of the Golden 
Jubilee ceremonies of tho New York Catho- 
lic Protectory. These views are stated to 
be the best "close una" of the great digni- 
tary of the church that have thus far been 
possible to procure. "It Is like standing 
alongside his eminence," says C. J. Hlte. The 
picture can be strongly recommended for 
Catholic Church entertainments, and In the 
regular picture house it will be educative 
to the many who like to see, at close range, 
bow a real cardinal moves and acts at an 
important function. "The Golden Jubilee," 
as the fllm Is called, releases Tuesday, July 1. 
\ Mrs. Lawrence Marston, wife of the vet- 
eran stage dlrectc:- now with Thanhouser, is 
aeen in a new type of part In "King Reno's 
Daughter" where sho has the principal female 

role in support of Maude Fealy. Mrs. Mars- 
ton, since her entrance Into picture work, 
has gathered some reputation for her hand- 
ling of roles of an Amazonian nature—- 
fighting suffragettes and strenuous business 
women. In this connection, she mast be 
remembered in "Good Morning. Judge,". "A 
Mlllltant Suffragette" and ''A Business 
Woman," all featuring on up-and-doing fe- 
male, who represented her sex as the stronger 
rather than the weaker. . So readers, tnay 
smile at the Thanhouser announcement that 
this Dim-ferocious female's part . in- "King 
Rene's Daughter" Is that of a patient, placid 
nurse! With Mrs. Marston In the support 
of Miss Fealy are: Harry Benham, Mignon 
Anderson, David Thompson, William Russell 
and Leland Benham. There are three reels, 
releasing Tuesday, July 1. ** - 

They gown fllm productions Just ns accur- 
ately as they ever did stage productions, 
nowadays. It is Interesting to note In this 
connection that Maude Fealy, starring In 
Thanhouser's "King Rene's Daughter," wore 
the very some lavender gown that Ellen 
Terry did In her celebrated stage production 
of this play. 


"Tkb Scamooat," a story by Lloyd Os- 
born, is being produced In two reels by the 
American Film Manufacturing Co. From 
tbe Interest and enthusiasm displayed by 
the leading man, Warren Kerrigan, and bis 
supporting cast, the picture promises an un- 
usually successful run. 

Thb capacity of the drying room of the 
American Film Manufacturing Co. has been 
Increased to twice what It formerly was. 
This was necessitated by the large and 
steady increase in business during the past 
several months. Other Improvements- axe 
also being Installed so as to ln«ure an even 
better pbotog.-aphlc quality tb'n has here- 
tofore been deemed i osslbie. 

Sio.vor B. Gcazzoni, one of tbe best 
known of the Clnes directors, was the victim 
of an odd accident recently, according to 
advices from Rome. Guazzonl was the di- 
rector of "Quo Vadla?". and while making a 
scene from a multiple reel subject of Oriental 
setting, had much difficulty In making a base 
python remain within the lines of the 
camera. While stooping over the body of 
the glint snake, a setting close by collapsed 
end fell with a crash, startling tbe snake so 
that Giiazzonl received, a severe glancing 
blow, which broke his right arm and stunned 
him, Guazzonl was taken to a neighboring 
hospital where his condition was reported 
serious. This is the first accident of any 
consequence that has befallen any member of 
the Clnes Co. 


"Things are coming along pretty nicely for 
Itamo," says C. Lang Cobb Jr., manager of 
sales and publicity. This is demonstrated In 
the fact that C. Lang has discarded his cane 
end rides about town In his new automobile. 

Wray Pbysloc, manager of Ramo produc- 
tions, Is planning tome new trick pictures, 
soon to be produced at tbe Jtamo studios. 
The Alms will be In live hundred foot lengths, 
and will Involve educational and scientific 
subjects. John Arnold, who has been re- 
sponsible for llano's excellent photography, 
has been experimenting with Mr. Pbysloc for 
several months, and they both claim that the 
result of their labors will prove to be won- 
ders in cinematography, ________ 

Win. 8. Davis Is directing a very interest- 
ing feature picture this week, entitled "Men 
who Labor.' Tbe story Is adopted from 
Emile Zola's "Labor." Mary Aldcn, Jack 
Hopkins aad Stuart .Holmes dominate the 
cast end. Judging by 'their acting, they are 
lifting this strong story to a very high level. 

Wray Pbysloc keeps adding to the Ramo 
Stock Company. Arthur Finn, formerly with 
Lnbln and Reliance Companies, Is the latest 
addition. Mr. Finn will be featured In some 
forthcoming comedies now under direction. 

DiBccTon J. Fasrbu. MacDonald, of the 
Powers Photo Plays, Inc., Is making big 
preparations for a picture which promises 
to Ms wonder. In fact . the preparations 
have been going on for a long time now, and 
the photoplay starts this week. The subject 
Is "A Dream of the' World's' Tragedy," and 
play is suggested by Mary Correll's book, 
entitled "Bnrabaa." It Is not yet decided 
what the length of the play will be whether 
three or four reels, but the play will be ac- 
corded tbe treatment It merits. Before start- 
lag It Tom Evans, the general manager, was 
approached, and the expense was laid before 
hlm/and Ms comment was, "Go to It." This 
'production will be a revelation of Just what 
can be done In California. The play will re- 
quire a very large cast and a number of extra 
Jieople, between two hundred and fifty and 
our hundred. Tbat much Is certain. Whilst 
'all "of the' important parts are not yet cast, 
It Is known that "Barnabas" will be In the 
hands of Arthur Maude, who will have an- 
other chance to show what a (splendid picture 
actor he really is. Judith will be taken by 
Constance Crawley, one of the finest classical 
actresses In the business, and Joe Harris will 
Impersonate Calphas. 

A series of big Important scenes will be 
capped by that of tbe Judgment hall, and 
for this, as well ns the other scenes. Charles 
Wallace, tbe scenic artist, first designed a 
cardboard set which is to be preserved by 
the company. Special costumes are being 
made for thJa picture. 

At.TFRATIONB to the fltudln Of the POWCrS 

Photo Plays (Inc.) ore constantly being made. 
and many additions show week by week. A 
new carpenter's shop is In progress, one 
capable of handling the large amount of 
work, and of accommodating the special ma- 
chinery for furniture making. New dress- 
ing rooms are also being built. 

i i •■ 


Record was made last week of the transfer 
of the store buildings at the Northeast cor- 
ner of Juniper and Market Streets, to the 
Finance Co. of Pennsylvania, for a 11, 300,000 
consideration. Nearly tbe entire lot will be 
used as a sits for a moving picture and 
vaudeville . theatre, I which has already been 
leased to .the' Moving Picture Company of 
America, which owns a dosen ether houses, 
principally in Market Street. 

Peter Magulre has awarded a contract for 
a photoplay house, 72 by 112 feet, at the 
Northeast corner of Sixtieth Street and Cedar 
Avenue. . It will cost 918,000. 

Ogden D. Wilkinson is having planB pre- 
pared by Albert -E.-Westovcr for a "movie," 
J00 by 70 feet, at Second and Noble Streets. 

Joseph J. Goodsteln bas awarded a con- 
tract for a moving plctnre house, 86 by 100 
feet, which will occupy the site of four 
dwellings, Nos. 2011-18 Frankford Avenue, 
and Nos. 2010-12 Bepvlva Street. The cost 
mm be $10,000. „•••-■.. 

I.cvlek, Waido w & Kopncr have started 
work on a $100,000 vaudeville house, to be 
known as tbe Jefferson, at Nos. 2216 to 2228 
NV Twenty-ninth Street. It will be. a com- 
pletely equipped house, With a gallery, and 
mill measure 80 by 181 feet. 

The Mansion Realty Co. has also begun 
•work on a $22,000 picture house at the 
Southeast corner of Itldge Avenue and Na- 
tional Street. The dimensions will be 78 by 
»4 feet. 
I <S. Alllnger has awarded a contract for a 

i 30,000. picture house en York Road,' above 
uzerne Street. " 

Freedman & Itose have awarded a contract 
for a $12,000 moving plcturo house at tho 
Northeast corner of Twenty-flfth Street and 
Ridge Avenue, The dimensions will be 78 by 
70 feet. 

















Booked Exclusively by COHAN & HARRIS, 

1482 Broadway, New York 


OARRICK , Phi ladelphia 


TR EMON T. Boston 
LYCEUM, Ithaca, N. Y. 
APFOLO, AtlaaUo City 

ACADEMY OF MU8IO, Baltimore 

GRAND. Atlanta, da, 
BIJOU, Richmond, Vo. 
PRINCE88, Toronto 


• ■-: 





July 5 



****_±+ * ** +* * ** * ** 


July 13.— Tho Summer solstice has a Sellg two-tcol rcleaso worthy trio n»mo In 


&/>e Wild 


Can you Imagine anything more speedy, spirited or Interesting for a real good, run 
tban a lovely lady racing over the South African veldt on the back of an oitrloh- 
to aronae the military and thwart the hideous designs of murderous Zulus? 
"The Wild Ride" Is a Sonth African heroic— picturesque and potential. , 

July i-i .— THE ONLY CHANCE. A railway drama of speed and thrill, In which a line- 
man overtakes the Limited In his Electric- oar and averts a collision, 

July in.— THE THEE AND THE CHAFF. A playlet of lovely symbolism— In which 
the example of a pore woman regenerates a young man who drifts with tho wind. 

Jaly 16.— SWEENY'S DREAM. Another rip-roaring comedy of the Sweeny series, In 
which the hod-carrier dreams he lias been glided to the highest office in tho gift of 
the nation. On the same reel Is FANCY FCWXS, that has more class. 

Jaly 17 — PUT TO THE TEST. A pathetic drama <ri an ambitious young singer who 
loses her voice but finds it restored In the joy of motherhood— Is an Interesting 
theme charmingly handled. , 

Joly is. -GRANNY'S OLD ARM CHAIR. A simple telling play, with big humanities 
to touch the heart and win the approval or all who see It. On the same reel with 
a Sellg Educational from our Island possessions. 




•4^ •!• (■! iii (Xi ill .Ik ilk ^Tl ^Xi ^Xi ^1^ ^1\ ^J^ ^ti ^Ai 


Prophesy \hf Essanay 
Proclaims B*"» Establishes 

Photoplays « Exceptionally^ 
Please "*■ Excellent 

Patrons §^ Examples 

and BOE7G- S3L-2I33E3,® 

A Big Reduction in Film, 100 reels at 1 cent a ft., tome at $3 a reelfhave Western and Indian Reels. No* 
worn ont film, boo flats of Song Hides, 11 and | a set; Power's No. 5 Machine, f 75: Power's No 
6, $1M: also other cheap Machines; Model "B" Calcium Maohlne, |M. I also ljuy Film, glide* 
suad tt (whines, If good, q. |>. OAIXOT, 10 Ohrlstophor Btr—t, H. Y. Oltv- 

and "Squiring 


June 24 "Out of the Past" (Dr.) 

Jane 20. — "Who Is la Ibe Hoi? 1 ' (Com.) and 

"Mrs. Sharp >n<l Mis* Flat'* (Com.) 
July 1.— "An Hour of Terror" (Dr.) 
July 0. — "Tho Olrl Reporter." On tame reel, 

"Much Engaged." 
July 8.— "The Chivalry" (Dr.) 
July IS.— "Pearl's Dilemma" 

Things Willi Wlfey." 

101 Bison. 

Juoe 24. — "The Guerilla Menace" (2 reels. Dr.) 
July 1. — "The Battle of Manila" (Dr. 2 reels). 
July B.— "At Ballon" (Dr. 3 reels). 
Jury 8.— "The Powder Flash of Desth" (War 

Dr. 2 reels). 
Joly 13.— "The Head Hunters" (3 reels. Dr.) 

June 28.— "It Happened at the Beach" (Com.) 
June 28. — "The Ten Thousand Dollar Bride" 


June 27 "The flpell" (2 reels. Dr.) 

July 2.— "The Quarter Meter" (Com.) On the 

tame reel, "British-American Polo 

July 4. — "The Heart of Remands" (Dr.) 
July 0. — "Klsle's Aunt" (Com.) 
July 11.— "Morgan's Treasure" (3 reels. Dr.) 

June 23.— "The Badge of Policeman O'Roon" (3 

reels. Dr.) 
Juno 29.— "He Was Not 111. Only Unhappy" 

(Com.) "Torpedo Finn" (Ed.) 
July 2.— "The Witch" (Dr. 8 reels). 
July 0. — "In the Night." On the same reel, 

"How Diamonds Are Utile." 
July 9.— "The Trail of the Hanging Rock" (2 

reels. Dr.) 
July 18— "It's Hard to Please Dim" (Com.) 

tod "The Catholic Mission" (Ed.) 

June 26 
June 20, 




Khi|>|>U<l to (ill purls of Miu country 

l'0«Tt!K8 SUPPLrBO 

Wi'ito for ..Tortus 


Film Eiciiange, 61 W. 1 4th .St., Ne* York 

July 12.—' 
June 23.- 

.1 cm III. 
Juno 24.- 
Juno 2(1.- 
Juno 27.- 

June 28.- 
Jnne 30.- 
.Tuiie 30.- 
July Li 
July 3- 


Jane 28.- 
Jane 26.- 
Jane 28.- 
Jane 80.- 
Jaly 8.- 

July B, 

July 7. 

July 10. 
July 12, 


-"A Compromising Complication" (Com.) 
-"Mister Jefferson Green" (Com.) 
-"In Diplomatic Circlet" (Dr.) 
-"Her Mother's Oath" (Dr.) 
-"A Gamble With Death" (Dr.) 
-"An Old Mtld's Deception" (Com.) 

On same reel, "Fault and the Lily" 

-•The Borrowful Shore" (Dr.) 
-"A 8ea Dog's Low" (Com.) and ■ 

•—— A> OCR 4/V) ■ avrwv*. «w»— . , 

Noisy Boltors" (Com.) 
—"The Enemy's Baby'' (Dr.) 
.—"The Mistake" (Dr.) 

Jen. 27.- 

July 11.- 

Jnne Me 
June 38.- 
June 38.- 
JSM 37.- 
June 38.- 
Jaly 1- 

July 2.- 
July 3.- 
Jnly 4.- 

July B.- 
July 7.- 
July S.- 
July 9.- 
Jnly 10.- 
Joly 11.- 
Jnly 12.- 

(0. Klelne.) 
-"A Vlllltn TJnmaaked" (Dr. » Welti. 
-"The Stttue of Fright" (Dr. 3 reels). 

-"Across the Bio Grande" (Dr.) 
-"Easy Payments" (Dr.) , 
-•The Divided House" (Com.) 
-"Wltnett A-8 Center" (Dr.) 

-"Broncho Billy's Strategy" (Dr.) 

-"Re-Tagged" (Com.) On same reel, 
"The Drummer's Umbrella" (Oom.) 
-""The Strongest Link" (Dr.) 
-The Life We Live" (Dr.) _-_-, 
-"What's the Matter with Father" 

July B.- 
July 7.- 
July 8.- 
July O.- 
July M.- 
July 11.- 
July 12.- 

June 26.- 
July S.- 
July 10.- 

June 23.- 
Juno 24.- 

Juoe 25.- 
June 28.- 
June 27.- 

Jwve 28.- 
June 28.- 

Jnne 80.- 
Juiy 1.- 
Juiy s.- 
Juiy 8.- 
Juiy 8.- 
Juiy «- 

Joly B.- 
July O.- 
July 7.- 
July 8.- 
JUy B.- 
July 10.- 
July 10.- 
Jnly 11.- 
July 12.- 

'Roandlng Dp the Oountcrfeters" (Dr.) 

"Hustle Hearts" (Dr.) 

"At the Telephone" (Com.) 

"The Zulu King" (Com.) 

"The Other Woman^' (Dr.) 

"Dob Buys an Auto" (Com.) On Sams 

reel, "The Beaut From Butte" (Oom.) 

"Tho Love Test" (Dr.) 

"Her Atonement" (Dr.) 

"Tho Penalty of Crime" (Dr. 2 reels). 

"Her Husband's Picture'' (Dr.) 

"The Angel of iho Slums" (Dr.) "The 

Walter's Strategy" (Oom.) On toe 

tame reel, "Tho Wrong Hand-Bay" 


"Hit Niece from Ireland" (Dr.) 

"The Mysterious Hand" (Dr.) 

"The Profits of the Buslneia" (Dr.) 

"A Hero Among Men" (Dr. 2 reels). 

"When I.otc Loses Out" (Com.) and 

"Building a Trust" (Com.) 

-"On Her Wedding Day" (Dr.) 

-"Her Only Boy" (Dr.) 

-"The Sultan's Dagger:' (Dr.) 
"Tho Rice Industry "a( Ed.) 
"Hit Chinese -Friend" (Dr.) 

"Psthe's Weekly." No, 28 (Top.) 
-"The Carrier Pigeon" and "How a 
Blossom Opens" (KJ.) 
-"The Hunger of the Heart" (Dr.) 
•"Clarence the Cowboy" (Com.) 
-"The Spotted Elephant Hawk Moth" 
(Ed.) and "Athene" (Hemic). 
•"The Second Shot." 
-"The Tripper't Mistake" (3 reels. 
"Psthe's Weekly," No. 28 (Top.) 

"The Miracle of the Rosea (Dr) 
"The Missionary's Triumph" (Dr. 

-''•At tie Lariat's End" (Dr.) 
-"The Forbidden Way" J 2. reels. ^ 


June 38. 
June 34, 

June 28, 
Jan* 27. 

June 28, 
Juno 28.. 

Juno 80. 
July l.< 
Jaly 2.- 
July 4.- 

July B.- 
July 7.- 

July 8.- 
July O.- 
July 11. 
July 13- 

Jane 38 
Jane 38, 

June 25 
Jane ST, 
J one 28, 
June 80, 
Jaly 3. 

Jaly E 

July B.- 

Jnly 7, 

July e, 

Jaly 11 

"The Daughter of the Shcrin" (Dr.) 
-"The Outer Shell" (Dr.) 
—"A Flurry In Diamonds" (Com.) 

l"'B?Sncho ,,, Bl| { ly )r 'and the Western Gltl" 


-"A Taste of His Own Medicine'' ,/Com.) 
—"Where Shore and Wu er Meet" (Dr.) 
—"How Did It Finish!" (Cora.) 
-"KrlmJi Smiles.'' Twelfth and last 

story of "What Happened to Mary 


Z^^nSrtanciV'Mtke Heroes" (Com.) 
-"The Story of the Bell" Tor.) 
-"The Patch-Work feJ &F .<»& /rhm . 
-"All on Account of a .Portrait " Wom.) 
—"A Gentleman's Gentleman" (Dr.) 

I^ B «ne'are. D t r, DIvlde ta'Cotorado;; 
(Scenic). "Winsome Winnie's Way" 

-•'Scenes of Other Dpaa^tMM* . 
-"HU (Mether-ln-Law's Visit" (Com.) 
—"In the Old Dutch Times" (Dr.) 
—"The Diamond Grown" (Dr.) 

—"The DetecUve'e Trap" (Br.) 
—"The Knight of Cyclone Gclch" 

On time reel. "Curing Her 

gtnee" (Com.) 
,— R Tho Straggle" (r reels). 
r-"Tbe Cloak of Guilt" (Dr.) 
,— "Ont of the Jaws of Death" (Dr.) 
—"The Fight to a Finish ' <Or.) 
-'The Raiders from Doubls p BancB 

(Dr.) On same reel, "Hlstorlo New 

-"■nenandoth" (Dr. 3 welt). 

-"Tho Hidden Wltnett" Trr.) 

-"A StoMa Identity" (Dr.) 

-"The Ti«Cbery of a Bear" JDr.)^ 

— "Kntertalnlng Uncle" (Com.) and. "COS- 

mtooUtaa New York" (Top.) 

. (Com.) 
"Oorlng Her Egtravt- 

Jane 23.- 

June 24.- 
June 25.- 

June 20.- 
June 27.- 
June 30.- 
Joly 1.- 
July 2.- 

July .I.- 
July 4.- 
July 7.- 
July 8.- 

July O.- 
July 10.- 
July 11.- 
July 12.- 

June 20.- 
Jnne 28.- 
Jane 24.- 

Jane 25.- 

Jane 28.- 
June 27.- 

June 27.- 

Jnne 2».- 

June 80.- 

July 1- 

Jaly 2.- 
Joly 2.- 
July 8.- 
July 4.- 
Jaly O.- 
July 7.- 
July 8.- 
Jaly B.- 

-'Tbe Joy Ride (Com.) 
-"Pttbe't Weekly," No. 20 (Top.) 
-"Pisa, Italy, tnd Its Curious Monu- 
ments." On ssme reel, "Consecration 

of a Buddhist Priest." 
-"A Modern Oarrlck" (Com.) 
-"The Miner's Destiny" (Dr. 3 reels). 
-"Pethe'a Weekly" Ko. SO (Top.) 
-"The Airman's Bflde" (Dr.) 
-."The 8chool-ma-am" (Dr.) 
-"Hannlgan's Haiem" (Dr.) 
-'Tathe'e Weekly," No. 81 (Top.) 
-"Porcelsln" (Ed.)„ _ 

-"Dynamite, the New Farm Hand" 

(Ed.) and "A Little Trip Along the 

Hudson" (Scenic). 
-"The Kentucky Derby at Churchill 

Downs" (Ed.) ' „ ._ . 

-"The Marshal's Capture" (Dr.) 
-"Papa's Dream" (Com.) and "The 

City of Gold" (Ed.) 
-"When Men Forget 1 ' (Dr.) 
-"Western Romance" (Dr.) 
-"The Beaded Buckskin Bag" (Dr.) 
-"Songs of Truce" (Dr.) 
-"The Sultan of Sulu" (Ed.) On same 

reel, "Arabia and the Baby" (Dr.) 
-"In God We Trust" IDr.) 
-"Halite's Sue Shot" (Dr.) 
-"The Trail of Osrds" (Dr.> 
-"Old Doc. Yak" (Com.) and "A Jolt 

for the Joultor" (Com.) 
-"The Reformation of Dad" (Com.) 
-"Made a Coward" (Dr.; ■ 
-"Budd Doblo Comet Back" (Dr.) 
-"A Wild Ride" (3 reelt. Dr.) 

Vltotgrnpn. . 
-"The Lion's Bride" (Dr.) 
-•The Snare of Fate" (8 reels. 
-"No Sweets" (Com.) 
-"Jack's Cbryttnthemuni" 
Dr ) 

-"Her Sweetett Memory" (Oom.-Dr.; 
-"One Gcod Joke Descries 

(Com.) ' 

-"One Over on Outey" (Com.) 
-"Cloisonne Were" (EdJ 
-"Roughing the Cob' 1 (Oom.) ^_ 

-Bingles at the Cabaret'' (Con.)- On 

too same reel, "Sight Seeing la Ja- 
pan" (Scenic). 

-"The Song Bird of the North" (Dr.) 
-"The Tiger Lily" (Dr. 3 reels). 
-"Sweet Deception" (Dr.) 
-"An Unwritten Chapter'' (Dr.) 
-"Love's Quarantine'' (Cera.) 
-•The Glove" (Dr.) . 
-"Count Barber" (Com.) 
-"BollUlret" (Com.) and "A MUllMry 

Bomb" (Oom.) 
The Carpenter" (Dr.) 

July 2.- 
July u.- 

July 10.- 

Jnne 23.- 
Juno -«.- 
Juno 28.- 
June 30.- 
July S.- 
July 8.- 
July 7.- 

July I". 
July 12.- 

Juno 25.- 
July S.- 
July. O.- 

June 22. 
June 24.- 
June 28. 
July 1.- 
July 5.- 
Jnly 8.- 
July 8.- 
Jnly 12.- 
July 18.- 

June 24.- 
Jnno 27.- 
July 1.- 
July 4.- 
July S.- 
July 11.- 
July 18.- 

June 25.- 
July S.- 
July 9. 

June 27.- 
July 4.- 
July 11.- 

June 23.- 
June 23. 
June 20.- 
June 20.- 

June 00. 
July O.- 
July 7.- 
July 10.- 

Jnne 23. 
Juoe 28.- 
Jane 80.- 
July a.- 
July B.- 
July 7.- 
July (I.- 
July 12.- 


-"Mutual Weekly," No. 27 (Top.) 
-"Mutual Weekly," Ko. 28 (Top.) 

Mutual Bdaeational. 
-"Funnlcu* an-1 Hit Mother-ln-Law" 
(Com.) and "Saigon." 
-"A Husband's Mistake" (Dr.) 
-"Calamity Ann Take* a Trip" (Oom.) 
-"Deed Man's Shoes" (Dr.) 
-"Quicksands" (Dr. 2 reels). 
-"1'rldo of Loncnoroe" <Dr.) 
-"A Tale of Death Valley" (Dr.) 
-"San Francisco the Dauntless City" 

-"The Foreign Snr" (Dr.) 
-"Tho Song of (be Soap' 1 (Oom.) "A 
Garden Party In California" (Ed ) 

-"The Transgreasor" (2 reels. Dr.) 
-"All Rivera Meet at Sea" (Dr.) 
-"Grand-Don" (2 reeli. Dr.) 

-"Side Trscked by Hliter." 
-"The Politician" (Dr.) 
-"Dora" (Dr.) 
-"The Golden Jubilee" (Dr.) 
-"Gattiler't Glsdittor" (Com.) 
-"The Shadows of the Past" (Dr.) 
-"One of the Finest" (Dr.) 
-"The Innate" (Dr.) 
-"Impulse" (Dr.) 

-"Forgive Us Out Trrspstses" (Dr.) 
-"The Lett Comblnotlon" (Dr.). 
-"King Rene's Daughter" (tl reels). 
-"Her Two Jewels'* (Dr.) _ . 
-"For the Man She lored" (Dr.) 
-"An Errand of Mercy" (Dr.) 
-"A Crepe Bonnet" (Dr.) 

-"The Worth of Man" (Dr.) 
-"I'm No Counterfeiter" (Dr.) 
-"Man and Woman" . (Dr. 3) 

-"The Seal of Silence" (Dr.) 
-"The Crimson stain" (Dr. 3 reels). 
-"The Banshee" (2 reelt, Dr.) 

-"A Bandit" (Com.) 
-"Peeping Pete" (Com.) 
-"Ills Crooked Career" (Oom.) 
-"The Largest Boat Ever Launched 
-"For the Love of Usbel" (Com.) 
-"Rastus and the Gameeoek" (Com.) 
-"Safe In Jtll" (Oom.) 
-"The Tell Ttlo Light" (Com.) 

-"The House of Pretense" (Dr.) 
-"The Tingled Web" (Dr. 8 reels). 
-"Her Father's Choice" (Dr.) 
-"Dick's Turning" (Dr.) 
-"Death's Short Out 1 ' (Dr.) 
-"A Rural Romance" (Dr.) 
-"The Wager" (Dr,) 
-"Ashes" (Dr.) 

—"The Siruaw Man's Beward" (Dr.) 
—"An Enters Cyclone tt Bluff Ranch" 

— "The Secret of Pedro Antonio" (Dr.) 
—"A Rote at Sixteen, a Cactus at Forty* 
Ave" (Com.) 
July 10.— "The Frtntler Twins Start Something" 

July 13.— "The Lino Rider's Sister" (Dr.) 

Juno 23.— "Every Inch a Hero" (Dr.) 
June 80.— "Mistaken Intentlona." On same reel, 

"Teek Wood." 
July 1.— "Billy, the Wise Guy." 

Great Northern Feature. 
June 28.— 'The Flying Circus" (8 reels. Dr.) 

June 20.— "The Burden Bearer" (Dr.) 
June 20.— "Drsgs, the Oypsy" (Dr.) 
July 8.— "A Womsn's Folly" (Dr.) 
July «.— "Suspense" (Dr.) __. 

July 10.— "Reouty and the Beast" (8 reels. Dr.) 
July 13— "Through Strife" (Dr.) 

June 20. — "FIls Daughter" (Dr.) 
Juno 27.— "Brother and Sister" (Dr.) 
July 4.— "Shifting Fortune" (Dr.) 
July 11.— "A Modern" (Dr.) 


June 23.— "A Slater's Devotion" (Dr.) 
June 80.— "Our Future Heroes" (Top.) 

June 24. — "Tho Demon of Destruction" (Dr.) 
June 25.— "Gaomont's Weekly 1 ' No. 88 (News). 
June 20.— "When the Cat's Away" (Oom.) 
June 28. — "Kings of the Kennels." 
Great Northern. 
June 28.— "Cupid's Score" (Con.) 

June 27.— "Sammy, the Scorcher" tnd "Ob, Ton 

Unbreakable Doll." 
July 4.— "Pat Gets on the Trail" (Com.) and 
"An Easy Dsy" (Com.) 

June 28 "An Innocent Conspiracy" (Com.)' 

8.— "The Code of the V. 8. A. 1 ' (Dr.) 



lory 11."— "A Spirlt"cf "the Orleii." 

July 12— "The Moulding" (Dr.) 


June 25,— "Universal Animated Weekly" No. «f 

July 8.— "Universal Animated Weekly" No. 08 

July 10.— "iJu'l-erial Animated Weekly" No. 00 


Jane 38.— "Hie Mother's Lore" (Dr.) 
Jane 38.— "The Angel of Death" (Dr.) 
Jons 38. — "lly Msyer's Cartoons." 
Jane 28.— "Leo's (/rest Cure." 
Jane 80.— "The Old Melody" (Dr. 3 reels). 
July 8.— "Jtne Marries.'' 
July 8.— "Leo, the Indian." On the aame reel, 

"Hr Mayer-* BkeUbet." 
Joly 7.— "His Mother's Birthday" (Dr.) 
Joly 10.— "The Wop" (Dr.) ,„. J . J _. 

July 13.— "Ob, Xoa Flirt'* and "Lightning 

Sketches, by By. Btyer." 
June 38.—" 'Poteen the Trapper" (Dr.) 
June 35.— "Ptrtoert" (Dr.) . m _ 
Jane 37.— "Professional Jealousy" (Goal.) 

Jane 80.— "An Indian Netneets" (Dr.) 
oly 2.— "The Bang* Deal Line" (Dr.) 
Joly 4.— "Be and Himself." On some reel, 

"To the Brave Belong the Fair." 
fsly 7— "Ttjo Proof of roe Man" (Dr.) 
Jury 9.— "John the Wagoner" (Dr.) 
July 11.— "Four Quenu. ami a Jack" (Octa), 
■' and ''When He Were toe Bine." 

June 27. — "The Message to Heaven" (Dr.) 
July 3.— "An Unexpected Meeting" (Com,) 

July 4 "Tree Hearts" (Cou.) 

Jaly B.— "The Flea Olrcns" (Scientific and 

(Dr. I reals). j,, y n.— " At th3 Bell Binge" (Dr.) 


In an interview J. w. O'Cosnor bad tbla 
to say j 

"The police censorship of moving picture* 
in Chicago hns attracted much attention, 
•nd «s a genoral rulo, very favorable com- 
ment from municipal authorities throughout 
tbe world," said Sergeant J. W. O'Connor. 

"The Chicago censorship is conducted by a 
squad of mea selected from among 8,000 
members of the police department becauso of 
their sound Judgment and careful Interpre- 
tation of tbe ordinances governing litis sub- 

"All Dims shown In Chicago gro Inspected 
in advance. The ordlnanco require* this aud 
autborlred the elimination of any objection- 
•hie scenes. If tbe subject Is so overloaded 
wltb objectionable feature* that tbelr elim- 
ination •polls tho story the entire film Is 

'jKecently delegates representing all of tbe 
leading Dim manufacturers In the country 
called open Mayor Harrison bo procst against 
any change In the present system of Inspec- 
tion, declaring; that manufacturers and the- 
atre operators were thoroughly satisfied, and 
that a big Improvement in tho tone of tbe 
moving picture sbows had brought about 
more liberal patronage of them, 

"Iho Censorship Bureau also lias general 
supervision, of the suppression of Improper 
song*, scenes or sketches In theatres, ate 
display In public places of art works which, 
though in themselves entirely proper, but 
which might have a detrimental effect upon 
public morale. 

"Since the failure of (he first attempt to 
suppreM the public display of "September 
Mom," a nude picture, the city council has 
passed an ordinance ranking the display of 
nude picture* and statoeo in places Li view) 
from Cbe poMie street* a finable offense. 

"Tbe Judge* are inflicting tlncf upon all 
offender* brought before tb«m, • '■ - 


"Films that are condemned are not taken 
up, but a record of their tltlo Is kept and a 
synopsis of the pint retained. If the film It 
then displayed tt is eon risen toil as evidence, 
nnd the usual punishment Infllrted Is a heavy 
line and tho confiscation of the (Urn by tho 

"Tho record of the bureau la being highly 
commended every day. Other cities through- 
out tho country are constantly writing for 
copies of our ordinances, and otber boards 
are dally nsklng for an outlluo of the method 
of censorship exercised in Chicago, 

"Only a day or two ago I received from 
Berlin, Germany, a request tbat the munici- 
pal authorities thoro bo supplied with an 
outline of tho system employed here, as it 
was considered ono of tho most satisfactory 
In the world, 

"Films aro considered from the offect that 
they may bavo on tho morals of those who 
see them. Tho Chicago ordinances permit 
the admission of children even when not ac- 
companied by their gunrdlans, anil for this 
reason its censorship Is sometime* stricter 
than If adults only wero admitted, 

"I'ubllc opinion has always Indorsed the 
method employed, and tho bonrd feels proud 
of Us record, 

"I might also state that I find tho owners 
and managers of moving picture exchange* 
to be a most courteous, liberal and responsive 
set of business men, always ready to assist 
and co-opernto with tilts bureau In the dimi- 
nution of any scenes or subjects which might 
bo In tho least considered detrimental to 
public morals," YVamikn A. Patrick. 




(Speotal to The New York Curren.) 
Chicago, Thursday, June 20. 

The German consul In Chicago anil a num- 
ber of friends wero tho guests of Hergennt 
Jeremiah O'Connor, chief of tho Censorship 
Doard In Chicago, and Chief of rollco Mc- 
Weeney, at a "Aim feat" held In the County 
Culldlng thin afternoon. 

Approximately 1,200 feet of pictures, con- 
taining BOO objectlonablo or suggcstlvo 
scenes, wero thrown upon tho screen, as tho 
best means of demonstrating to the Oermaa 
consul Just what sort of pictures tho Chicago 
Censorship Board deemed advisable to cut 
out. Tho red containing theso scenes will 
bo shipped by Sergeant O'Connor to the 
Board of Censorship In Dorlln, Germany, so 
tbat tlicy mny pattern their vlows nfter Chi- 
cago's manner In handling tho samo. 

Most of tho scones In this lot woro vlows 
of hold-ups, suggestive dancing and death 


Ok Monday evening, June 2, tbo now Ks- 
sanay Studio at Miles, Cal., was Informally 
opened. G, M. Anderson and all tbo mom- 
bers of tho Western Stock Co. received the 
Invited guests, consisting of prominent busi- 
ness men of Nllcs and Ban Francisco, Tbe 
speech by Mr. Anderson was enthusiastically 
received and gave the cuo for the festivities 
to begin. Dancing, interspersed with gallons 
of refreshment* (grape Juice), comprised tbe 
evening's enloymont, 

Mondav, Juno 0, was moving day for tbe 
F.ssanay western Co., and everything, from 
pins and needle* to auto-trucks, was moved 
Into the now studio. On Wednesday Director 
Ingraham Initiated tho new plant with Its 
first picture. The building Is equipped with 
Wtn improvement necessary In producing 
tho par excellent picture* tbat this firm turn* 

J. J, Roddinb, genoral manager of th* 
Kssanay Western Co.. Is on a sbort visit to 
tbo Kant, gathering Information on all the 
latest improvements 'for tho Western Studio. 
This Is Mr. Ilohblni' first visit to tbo East In 
three year*. 

■ i s ' 


To one who haw beard "tho call of the 
West" In tbo Rocky Mountain* of Colorado, 
tho announcement of tho Edison Company of 
tho film "Over tho Great Divide in Colo- 
rado," brings back a flood of pleasant recol- 
lections, memories of golden day* on plain* 
• mile above sea level, visions of rugged, 
snow-capped peaks and yawning canyons, 
thought* of engineering Achievements that 
must bo seen to be believed. Colorado bss 
furnished tbo setting for many dramatic 
photoplay*, but tbe sceolcs aro tho best of 
all, for they show nature In Its silent gran- 
deur, quietly Impressing one that America 
is the country to see first. 

"Over tbo Great Dlvldo In Colorado" will 
be on tho screens July 7, 

One of "Kato's Cases," a series of 
detect Ivo stories, by J. Boarlo Oawley, ha* 
been dramatized by tbe Edison pccplo under . 
tbe title "Tho Diamond Crown," anil will bo 
released In tbo prominent motion picture the- 
atres of tho country early In July. 


Plana are under way for oae of tho finest 
motion plcturo theatres outsldo of Chicago. 
It is to bo located at Decatur, 111. This the- 
atre, according to ono of tho promoters, will 
cost about SiB.OOO, and will be erected on 
one of tbe prominent corners la Decatur 
within a year. It will be modernly equipped 
throughout, and will bavo a pipe organ. 


L. I.— 1, Several traveling companies tent 
out bare been called In. 2. A little too 
cheap and sensational. 

Mabtinsviimj.— 1. Not at present 2. 
We publish relesses of all companies making 
"weekly" releases. _ __ 

Buzanvru.— 1. He I* with tbe vitagrsph 
Co. 2. He la A member of tbe stock com-;', 

Connbix. — Any kind of contest held for 
increasing attendance 1* trod, hat should be > 
away iron •anything tpproachfig a lottery. 





July 5 






•The Detective'* Trap" (Kalem). 
Ilelcnsed June 23. 

A detective story wltli a good plot and 
plenty of action. This, of courac, Is ncccs- 
nary nnd desirable in a photoplay of this 
particular kind. The situations arc cleverly 
handled. la nil, a very Interesting dim. 
I'botography up to standard. 

"Mister fcflenon Green" OBIogrspli). 
Released June 23. 
A "coon" comedy, strongly resembling In 

place* some of tho Rood old time "nigger" 
nets of ancient variety days. "The Doctor 
Shop" would possibly be tbc one that would 
be recalled to trie spcolator. In all, however, 
a rather good farce Is portrayed by the well 
balanced olograph cast. 

"Papn's Bream" (Sells). 
Released Jane 28. 

A story written on a theme which has 
been done a few times, but in this ease it ban 
been handled with Intelligence and marked 
ability, and makes an exceedingly good screen 
fitory. The playing of Adrlenno Krooll and 
Morris Mciliigh is worthy of commendation. 

"Witness A-.*l-Centre" (Estanay). 
Helen* eil Jane 27, 

Here Is a story with a theme that Is at 
nearly original as It Is possible to write. ID. 
II. Calvert, Ruth Stouehousc nnd Beverly 
Raync are entitled to great credit for their 
excellent work In tali mm. Photography 
good. ^ * 

"Poleon, the Trapper" (Nestor). 
Released June 23. 

A story of the North woods that la told In 
Interesting fashion, The plot, however, has 
boon used in somewhut different form for 
more than one photoplay at least. The central 
character of Polcon Is very well done. Di- 
rection and acting capable. 

"The Guerilla Menace" (Bison). 
Released Jane 24. 

A story of love nnd war that holds all tho 
way through. It 1b In two reels. The battle 
scenes aro especially good. Tho management 
of tbc players throughout shows capable di- 
rection and commendable attention to detail. 
The individual acting of Wallace Held and 
Pauline Bush arc both excellent. 

Wm. II. Oldknuw writes Interesting oa 
comprehensive essay on film conditions In 
South, in this week's Universal Weekly. 

O. A. Mktzoab, general manager Film 
Supply Co., of Oregon, completes arrange- 
ments to handle Universal program for olg 
Western territory, including States of Ore- 
gon and Washington. 

Isadoiie Bcbnstbih, known to the film 
trade as Hemic, appointed manager Universal 
Pacific Coast Studios. 

Hamri/ro • AMBMCAif t.iNB Imperator, 
world's largest and greatest steamer afloat. 
(limed for E'nficrjal Weekly. Also by not 
less than a thousand amateur and profes- 
sional camera men. 

Kinq Hauoott and Clauds' Graham 
White, the famous ariator, appear together 
in new photoplay In England, under direction 
of Herbert Drenon. 

David Hobsklt left the field of battle 
to Messrs. Powers and Laemmle, and sailed 
for Europe Thursday, June 20, to remain 
•broad three months. 

Ai:k an8a« exhibitors hold session at Little 
Bock Ark.. June 29. 

Wbioht and Btowtr. carpenters, gat Judg- 
ment against Motion Picture Centre, Inc^, for 
f 588, for work performed in fitting up office*. 

Glin White engaged as leading man by 
Ryno Film Co., producing Dragon Brand 

Wm. Fox Co.. the Greater New York Film 
Renting Co., loses suit against Patents Co. 
over question of service. , 

Exhibitors' Liaouk to give banquet, Fri- 
day, July 11. Not Vltagraph Co., as has 
been stated heretofore. 

Suit for $25,000 brought against N. Y. 
Motion Picture Co. by (Morris Levee was dis- 
missed, by Judge Seabury, in Supreme Court, 
New York. Wednesday, June 25. 

suiik W. Dintknf'asb, manager Champion 
Studio, at Coytesvlllc, N. Y., acquitted In 
court of charge of libel, made by F. B. Farm- 

Vitaohapii additions to studio in Flat- 
bush will soon be completed, Including new 
developing rooms and large and airy rooms 

to be devoted to publicity department's use, 
"Alkali Ikb" Doi.i.8 prove popular Inno- 
vation, Soon will outrival "teddy hears" as 

"The SmiiKKlnl Laces" (Crystal). 
Itclcused June 22. 
A good story with situations that give many 
opportunities for well handled comedy busi- 
ness. Tho lifting; l» good and tho direction 
capable. Photography o. K. 

"Will Power" (Crystal). Released 
June 22. 

One of Pearl White's best efforts In the line 
of comedy photoplays, Situations arc prop- 
erly presented, with Intelligent understanding 
of comedy values. Well sustained story una 
good photography make a film of excellence. 

"Ills Mother'* Love" (Imp). Released 
June 23. 

A story somewhat similar to one that was 
produced recently by another independent 
company. The acting nnd direction nro both 
good. Dramatic situations of the "Intense" 
kind predominate. Photography good. 

"It Happened At the Uracil" 
(Powers). Released June 25. 

A farce comedy, with scenes laid for the 
better part nt tho seaside. All of these are 
very well token. The story, which Is a 
trifle conventional and on the farcical order. 
Is well told. Playing and direction good. 

"The Burden Rearer" (Rex). Released 
Jane 2(J. 

Phillips Smnlley and Lois Weber nro tho 
featured players In this Interesting playlet. 
Tho story bus the proper "punch" Situ- 
ations tire very good aud well enacted. 
Photography good. 

"A Husband's Mistake" (American). 
Released June 23. 
The story, which Is developed through tho 
fnct of hubby serine someone kiss wlfoy, who 
Inter turnK out to Dc her brother, Is conven- 
tional. Tho playing, however, Is good. Di- 
rection and photography up to the mark. 

"The IIoiinc of Pretense" 
(Iteltiincc). Released June 23. 
A photoplay with a good moral attached. 
The drama Is presented by clever players, 
who depict renllstleully tho well written 
story. I'rotogiaphy good. 

"Forgive Us Our Trespasses" 
(Tlinnliouser). Released June 24. 

A story hosed on the subject of good for 
evil. The big s-.'enes arc worthy of especial 
comincut. Story cleverly told by competent 
cast. Photography, of which n double ex- 
posure Is n future, Is very good. 

"The Worth of Man" (Ramo). 
Rclenscd Jnne 29, 

Good, story, with interesting situations. 
Lovo anil Jealousy arc the keynotes on which 
the dramatic scenes arc built. The playing 
end direction arc both good. 

"Lore's old Sweet Song" (13 d I son). 
Released June 21. 

Story written on the theme of the old 
standard song, which has been a genuine fa- 
vorite since grandfather's time to the present. 
ihc usual clover playing and direction Is 
noticeable In this picture, as It is in most 
Edison productions. The scenes aro finely 
photographed and enacted. 

"From Ignorance to LiKht" (Lubin). 

Helen. id June 21. 

One of ifcV W. Sargent's cleverly written 

scenarios. Tho love theme is wolf handled. 

'Playing nnd direction are good, Photography 

gOOll. or* 

Ralph Incb and several members of Vita- 
graph Stock are at Ssrnnac Lake, N. Y. 

C. Uiiu Cobb and Agnes lSturt Conn start 
on business expedition to cover large West- 
ern territory in flying trip. C. Lang repre- 
sents Ramo, nnd Agnes Egnn Cobb Union 

Vitascopb Co. Incorporates for $1,000,000, 
to make motion and talking pictures. 

Keai. Lira Talking Pictures go into 
Grand Opera House, Brooklyn, N. Y., for a 

CmumBN Motion Picture Exhibitors' 
Lkaovk op Giikati'.r Nbw York Is started 
by Mrs. Cogswell. League has very 
laudable and ambitions objects In view. 

Dull, WsBK. — Mod, Law didn't Jump off 
Ginger Building or swim Niagara Falls. 

Cum K. lUcrnnr, in aim production of 
"The Bishop's Candlesticks," under manage- 
ment Ernest Shlpmnn, a coming feature re- 

"Quo Vadis?" Ktelnc's masterpiece, still 
going one hundred miles a minute. Sensa- 
tion of dim world. 

"The Hunger of the Heart" (Pathe). 
Relensed June 25. 

The dramatic Interest Is well sustained In 
this photoplay, written on tho subject of tho 
eternal triangle." The .playing and direc- 
tion arc nil that could be desired. 

"At the Telephone" (l.uhln). 
ltrlcnNc.1 June 21. 

A comedy with a bunch of good. legitimate 
laughs. The story Is well told. Plwtog- 
tinny and direction both good. 

"Bob Bays An Auto" (Lnbln). 

llelciiHcil June 21. 

Another of the "nob" series. This time 

the stnrv Is based on the mls-ndventures of 

He* nnd mi iiiitnniiihle nuto. This has all 

snttnS IV;',",' 1 "." 1 ' »<>»' vaudeville sketch. 
ciilltlcd Motoring," tl m t anything on the 

in.',"': }"[ wmU \ llnvc t0 "» "marvellous" 


The first exhibition of tbc cinematographic 
art to be held In America, und the third in 
tho history of the world, will be an auxiliary 
of the third national convention of the Mov- 
ing Picture Exhibitors' League of America, 
nt Grnnd Central Palace, New York City, 
July 7 to 13, Inclusive. From present Indica- 
tion three thousand exhibitors will be repre- 
sented on the floors of (he exposition. These 
will Include about forty European exhibitors, 
who were represented at the English exposi- 
tion 11104 was held in the Olympla, London, 
ICnc, last Mnreh, 

Tbc exposition will have both a popular 
and a technical appeal. All of the promi- 
nent actors and actresses of the various film 
companies will be on hand, and a aeries of 
nets will ho posed and photographed dally. 
King llnggot and his supporting company 
that the Imp recently Bent to Europe will 
be present nnd scenes In which he will ap- 
pear will he put through a developing pro- 
cess on the exposition floor, end the various 
piecesses of manufacture will bo demon- 

Thomas A Edison will be the guest of 
honor, along with Colonel Theodore Roose- 
velt nt the banquet of tho Motion Picture 
("digress, and many other notables In tho 
Held of cinematography will lend their pres- 
ence to make the .iffiilr n brilliant one, 


A Motion Picture Exhibitors' League has 
been successfully orgnulzcd in Maine. The 
first meeting of this organisation took place 
on June 23, nt the Fnlmouth Hotel. Portland, 
Me. L It, Thomas had .■li.u-je of the meet- 
ing. Officers elected were as follows: 

President, Moxlcy Brumenbcrg, Portland, 

V'lee-preslrleat, Hiram Abrams, Portland, 

if'rat vlco-presldent, T. P. Portia, Lisbon 
'Pails, Me. 

i,..^' 011 ! 1 vlce-prealdeirti J. A McConvllle, 
Portland, Me. ' 

Secretary, J. A. Emory. Bar Harbor. 

Treasurer, J. W. Qrcoley, Portland, Me. 
u aergeant-atArms, A. P. Blber, Lewlston, 

The meeting was a very enthusiastic one 
and attended by a largo number of motion 
plctnro men all over the State. The dele- 
gates elected were : A. A. Allen, A. B. Rosen- 
berg, J. W. Greeley, P. E. Mortimer. J, A, 

I)ciogatcs and friends wW tour to New 
York In automobiles, whero they will attend 
the exposition to bo held at Grand Central 
I'nlare, July 7 to 12. 

■ ■ l 

Prom the standpoint of historical ac- 
curacy, perhaps the most rr-marknblo film 
oyer made Is the Kalem thico reel produc- 
tion of Brouson Howard's great play, "Shen- 
tindonh." Practically nil the guns and uni- 
forms i used to making this great film were 
?i' lu ?J,' 3 '., "i?, od « Shenandoah Valley during 
the Civil War. There were urod In this plc- 
tmc over 30 000 rounds of small arm am- 
munition. 5,000 rounds were used la the bat- 
tery of twenty cannon. One of the Con- 
re-derate flags used was raptured by a Massa- 
th££h v? Klm r nt °. urla K Shorlrfan's raid 

was loaned to the Kalem Comonny by a Mlchl- 
pan Grand Army Tort. The scenes showing 
^lierlttnii'B ride were made along tbb artuil 

«„ iS» n - fl,e "V** 1 "*" views the production 
o the screen ho will find visualised an e™ 
ill reproduction of Sheridan's spectacu ar 
'' '«• »»■ fully of the Union troopr. and "ho 

si SfiiE&TO?* at . ilx,> Conredera cs hi the 
Bucnaudoah Valley ot Virginia. 

lures' y o^v 8, . orv of r "P ,nln *»*» P«e- 
liiaMhe'nWrn. o'n K"3„. in KX 




SPEND $1,000,000 IN 


Largcil Zoo in the World to 
t be Feature of Los Angele. 

Wm. I Sells Jeeks Hlgtost 

Quality in Film Product. 

CHICAGO, It*., Miy .2. Itt1.-Mr. 

Win. N. Sclic prtiidcm of the Sett; Poly- 
icopc Co-, rcturntd loChicafo thi. week 
liitr i nroIoftBcd viiii 10 the Scli* Studitn 
ufcd W,'j Animil Fum in Loi Arptlci. 

The film mictiole reticular made public 
unit of l-.ii filamfura Kieaitrin>Jio and too 
in flic Southera Ctlifornu Mttmpolii. 

Theic |>lani indude proviiioru for<atem* 

i»* Ir jdi of [.T-irJ, tir « and crtirpcit il'tdini 
wiiti complrte equipment, the larccit too m 
ihe world, ir.d an elihot-tc outlay of rate 
planti and loteicri veceution «hieli will be 
iinporied to ttii* coumrr n Kftn cipenie. 

Tiic S>! ,• Colvtrnpe Co, it today -cknow- 
led|ttd the i.irctii and foremott (notion picture 
manulacluring Hr«n in thii countiy and 
pot.ibly in the wnrld. lit rmin ptaiit and 
alvdioi tie in Cliira^o, Ahere it occupies 
wveral act es of LTound. 

The preitnt Lot Angrlft propeniea con- 
tin of the eatrmiire EJemlale nudiot and a 
120 acre tvild.ifiimit farm adininin); Ka.i- 
bkr Partt, which it io Lot ArkcIci w(uu 
Central JNrk i» to Ntw yofk and Lincoln 
P«k it to Chicago. 

$500,000 Property lavestment 

In adiliiHin io their pfopeftir*, the S«li(; 
Coit'tuny pt«ratet other cuteniivc propet- 
tit t in varioui patt» of the wotld. 

Durli j hit recent .int to Lo, Ar-cU-i, 
Mr. in. .j ! 'iTriJif..t ouin'clit teveral tracta 
ol land iinmrdntily adjoinlrtf* the Selic 
Wild Fitrn. Theie pmclutet will 
more than double the preicnt tut of the 

The pretext too at the animal farm coo- 
taint a r y.'.r tnon of anima 1 * vaJoed at upward 
of |4j,0l0 and two mote shipmcnlt cf 
animali *rt now enioute whirli will cott in 
the iteighborrtood of IJO.OuO. 

Bcfufv the ummtf hat pamd, over 
fULi'.u.-J worth of jungle eamivon wUl 
be huuicd at thi. •mmente too. A model 
ihi.lio m\i Lr erected en the prcmiiei and 
thoittandi of d J!.(i nonh of rare tropical 
planti, tieei and jjn^lc growth *ill be added 
to the alrtadr fnctuintjur effect which pre< 
vailt in thit unique ptctu'C-makfnf* eround. 

The Lot Aiyelei tiutiio mil be int rented 
bv '( vrxjl inure cnnip.tnict in the neax future 
ami Mr. Sr I ■- hat anangrd io buf a home 
in the CaliJvniia rhy uhere he plan* to 
tpentl from four to -i* montht of every year 
per*ofiilly oveneeuiL* the work ol the differ- 
ent cumpanitt. TV new ptani, when 
conturnmaied wiltrepreient a total inveitineni 
hy the Srlic Company in Lot Anftclet of 
clote to one million dollar.. Thii, in addi- 
tion to other citcntire hotdtnen of the 
Selit: Company, will pbec thii taititution 
away alitad uf ail contenders lor Artt honors 
in the matter of equipment and permanent 

When rccoat the Selig offices yesterday, 
Mr. W, N. Srli E talked cnthuiiutkally 
atxmt hit plant for the Iwiurc. "ThecahiW 
tor it conttantlf callity (or better picture*,*' 
taid Mr. Sclif, "and we prof<ax to giv* 
him the bett pioduct that nooer. braina and 
Uleitt cut teewc. The film produciefK 
butineu it Erowiitg to rapidly that it it 
tlirncult to keep pace with it. So wc arc 
lumping a bit ahead of the proceatioo. Wo 
are uncinatifiej the future. Thai (a why w* 
are at prttrnt ipendinir to much money on 
our C-Monnia propenio— to tccurt qi*ality." 





4J The House of Solig, recognized as the cham- 
pion of all progressive exhibitors, takes this occa- 
sion to extend to you its earnest congratulations 
and sincere best wishes. 

tj The name of Selig has reached the utmost 
corners of the earth. 

Q Selig success is at once admired and envied 
by rival picture makers the "world over. 

q The uniform standard of excellence which 
marks Selig Nature Productions is universally 

q The aim and ambition of Selig is to please 
discriminating exhibitors. 

q Selig success is due largely to perfection of 
production facilities. 

tj No manufacturer in the world, at the present 
time, has more extensive properties or better 
equipped organization than that owned by Selig— 
the maker extraordinary. 

•J Notwithstanding this fact, The Selig Polyscope 
Co. will spend, during the next two years, close 
to $1,000,000 in further equipment, properties 
and studios. Read the article. 


q In the iuture the name of Selig will repre- 
sent, as it has in the past, the very highest quality 
obtainable in film product 

« So, Mr. Exhibitor, if you are constantly 
striving to improve the artistic side of your pro- 
gram— if you desire to give your program a dis- 
tinctiveness — an in lividuality that will attract 
attention, cause comment, and increase business— 

Follow the Selig Flag 

CLFI T.T. polyscope 





Declaring that the Sunday moving picture 
show Is a moral cxhlWtlon. T. 1». Flnncgaa, 
KTXttklng as president: of lie Dallas Motion 
Picture lirlilbltors' liengue. Issued a state- 
ment Inst week regarding the Knowing ot no- 
tion pictures ou Sunday. Mr. Flnnegaa's 
statement follows the Indictment of a large 
number of Dallas picture show proprietors 
by the county grand jury. 

Mr. Plnncgnn's arguments are In the form 
of on open letter to the public. In substance 
bo ssys: 

'To whom It may concern : 

"In the beginning let me state that we do 
net desire anything except -what Is fair and 
right nnd In giving us just this and no more, 
Justice will have been done to thousands of 
other Dallas citizens. 

"When public sentiment concerning any 
public Institution or service Is divided to 
any noticeable degree the only safe and ra- 
tional means of settling the difference Is In 
putting the question at issue to a popular 
vote and let the majority rule. Is not tnla 

"At the last municipal election the people 
of Dallns, la nu overwhelming majority, de- 
clared themselves In favor of Sunday amuse- 
ments. Notwithstanding this fact and oIho 
tho fact that the homo rule act which per- 
mits the citizens of any city to decide tor 
themselves such matters as nre not directly 
at variance with State and national lawB 
<wc believe tW.: is a fnlr interpretation). 
The Simdnv moving picture chew moat scema 
to oc working overtime, cvci to the exclu- 
sion of many other ordinance;), which, If en- 
forced with the same decree of ardor nnd 
vigilance, would rid Dallas of the Bnced 
omn ac, the street comer masher, the social 
gambler, the gun totcr nnd many other 
slnillnr evils that are really vicious and a 
pu"l"- r and moMls ot tn ° general 

*„!!J! 0W ' S her *,. a r e amusements and amuse- 
ments and realizing that none but clean and 
jcvatng amusements can or should endS?e, 
«ur theatres are open for Inspection of any 
properly authorized committee of censors at 
■II times, and we pledge owselvcs'to c»idJ. 

nato anything that could be considered as 
demoralizing or degrading. 

"if the moving picture theatres are evil on 
Sunday, they are evil on Wednesday nnd 
Saturday — and every day, and should be 
closed eternally. If they are not an evil on 
weekdays, they are not an evil on Sundays, 
and why should thousands of working people 
in the city of DnllaB be deprived of the pleas- 
ure of taking their families to see them on 
the one day of the week which they can call 
their own? Dallas Is a city of 116,000 In- 
habitants, and the greater majority of these 
arc employed on week-daya, and have but the 
one day (Sunday) In which to step aside 
from the hard life of fact to Indulge in a 
little healthful diversion and recreation. 

"The park system does not afford these 

F iconic ample opportunity for recreation, and 
t does not require a very great mental effort 
to judge how a man, woman or child would 
decide between two to four hours in the 
sweltering sua, or the same In the cool, 
music Hlled theatre, where, seated in com- 
fort, they may watch tho unfolding of nn 
Interesting story with a good moral attached. 
"The good that Is done by moving pictures 
far outweighs tho evil and many a Sunday 
afternoon hns been pleasantly and profitably 
spent with them which otherwise might have 
been given over to a poker seance or — worse. 
Think It over. 

"Dallas Motion Picttjbh Exhibitors' 


"By T. P. Flnnegan, President." 




Genoa, Italy— The use of the cinemato- 
graph In public Instruction has been availed 
of here lately by adopting motion pictures in 
the public schools of Genoa, the first Innova- 
tion of this kind having been the recent In- 
stallation of a cinematographic apparatus in 
one of the Regie 8cuo!c Normall of Genoa <n 
school for girls), for the Instruction of tho 

1 i 

"Silvhb Kino" Picture Production.— Tho 
old melodrama of the "palmy days" period 
will be produced by the Gaumont Co. Henry 
Arthur Jones, the author, will superintend 
rehearsals in nerson. 


Little Marie Bllne, better known In the 
world of motion pictures as the "Thanhouser 
Bid." will be In New York City during the 
week of July 7, when tho Motion Picture 
Exhibitors' League of America holds its ex- 
position at Grnud Central Palace. This really 
wonderful little actress will appear «t two of 
the Proctor "theatres that week, and will un- 
doubtedly be a great drawing card. 

Manager William Matthews, of Proctor's 
Twenty-third Street Theatre, realized he 
should have something to rhyme with the 
surrounding ntmosphere for that week:, and 
immediately put in a bid at the U. B. O. 
headquarters for the Thanhouser Babe, with 
the result that the clever chHd actress will 
open at his theatre on Twenty-third Street; 
Just West of Slsth Avenue, on Monday, July 
7, for a three day stay. John Buck, mana- 
ger of the Fifty-eighth street Proctor house. 
will have "the little magnate" for the last 
tour days of that week, beginning Thursday, 
July 10. 

Every exhibitor who visits the city for 
this great festival week fully appreciate* 
what little Mario Ellne has done towards clo- 
vaUng this still advancing line of amusement, 
and they will undoubtedly endeavor to 
make a vlBlt to one of the Proctor theatres 
during their stay here, to witness this phe- 
nomenal little performer as a real actress 
before a regular audience. She Is. without 
doubt, one of the most photographed little 
actresses in plcturedom, and when she makes 
her first public appc&rnnco In Now York, 
at these two theatres, she should live up bo 
the wonderful record she has made before 
the camera, and test the capacity of B*. B". 
Proctor's bouses all week long. 

A remarkably strong multiple reel film, in 
which is ingeniously combined the Indian, 
Western and humorous elements which aro 
popular with the American audience. Is an- 
nounced as the first Blograph special. 

The story, "The Battle of Bldenbush 
Gulch," deals with the visit of two orphans 
to their bachelor uncle in the Wast. Bring- 
ing two tiny puppies with them, complica- 
tions arise when .uncle announces that he'll 
have no dogs in his house. The pups cause 
all klnfls of trouble, not the least of which is 

July 5 




.. 17. 

7. 10. 


District of Columbia, 

Illinois 1J. 

Indiana 7, 

Iowa • »■• ?*• 

Kentucky IS. 

UonlslBM • • « 

Stbraata....... 19. 

New Hampshire..... 

New Jersey 18. 

New fork....... 7, 

7 Unas 11, 10, 27 

ae Michigan.... 7, is, is 

27 MlDittaoti 7 

7 Mississippi IS 

21 Missouri. 13 

10 Ohio T. 18, 1ft 

20 Oklahoma. 7 

27 Pom 10. 10 

10 UhfKlo Island. 11. 18, 10 

7 South Carolina 21 

27 Tennctwe ,. 18, 27 

TTfZU , 19 

10 Virginia 13 

13 Washington is 

T Wisconsin 19, 1» 

an attack by a hostile tribe of Indians. The 
day Is Bayed by tbe timely arrival o( a troop 
of cavalry and the complete root Of tbe 
attacking party. 

.Reliance, 8) Solas, 1. 

Tbe bascbaxi team of tbe Reliance Motion 
yioture Company added another victory to 
Its long string at Lenox Oral last Saturday 
Afternoon when they swamped the Bolax nine 
■under an 8 to 1 score. The Reliance boys 
fcmi their nattiest batting togs on, and 
banged out fourteen hits, Including a triply 
try "Sam Smith, with, tbe bases full, In the 
■fourth faming. Jim Bailey ires In: rare form 
■gain, and allowed bis opponents bat fire 
scattered Mnglee. 

Next Satarday the Reliance warriors will 
slip over to Philadelphia to battle Sigmund 
Luhln's strong nine, and a great game is 
looked tor. Tbe Reliance teefm will be ac- 
companied by about two hundred followers 
to invade the Quaker City and root for "their 


■ s 

Ok application of Prank L. Dyer, the 
General Film Co., of Portland. He., has 
been authorized to do business In New York 



(Special Dispatch to The New Tobs Clipped. ) 

Columbia. — Monday. June 80, second and 
last week of Blanche Bates and company, in 
"The Witness for the Defense." 

Cost — Sunday, 29, third and last week of 

'Savoy.— Monday, 80, Xtr. and Mrs. Chas. 
Kemp, In travel talk illustrated with views. 

-Alcazar, — Monday, 30, Leo. Dltrlchstein, 
assisted by Isabel Irving, Cora Wifherspoon 
and Madge West, and supported by the stock 
company ox the house. In "Before and After." 

Tivoli. — Monday, Jane 80, "Iolanthe." 

Obpileum. — Bill opening Sunday (marl, 
nee), 29: London Palace Girls, MJbs Norton 
and Paul NJcfcolnon, Otedo's Five Musical 
Gormans, featuring Katherinc Gorman; G. 
8. Melvln, Zelda Sears and company, Chief 
CatrpoUcan, Frank Coombs and Ernest Aid- 
well, the Four Rotters and Thomas A. Edi- 
son's talking moving pictures. 

BiiPBEBS. — Bill opening Sunday (mati- 
nee), 28: Lohse and Sterling, Fay and Mynn, 
J. Herbert Frank and company, Crelghton 
Bros., Ray Thompson's high school horses, 
Ella Bacblrn. and Twilight pictures, 

Pantaqes'. — Bill opening Sunday (mati- 
nee), 20 : Harry HoVman and company, Mrs. 
Sob ntzstmmons. the Ferris Wheel Girls, 
Marks and Bosa, Klein and Erlanger, Willy 
Zinrroenaan, Grazia Nardint and Sunlight 


(Special TTire to The Cupfbr.) 

Chicago, July 1. 

The benefit performance given at tbe Audi- 
torium Theatre yesterday for the Actors' Hos- 
pital was a huge success, all expectations 
being more than f ulfUled. 

An excellent program was offered, includ- 
ing Sit HawallanB, Grace Wilson. Morton 
■ad Moore, Stella Mayhew and BUlie Taylor, 
Bessie Kaplan. Gene Greene, Joseph. Santley, 
earanoff and BHvie Hein, and La Petite Duo. 
Dave Lewis made a capital official announcer. 
Talks were given by Lee Krause, Adolph 
Marks and Dr. Max Tborek. The orchestra 
was under the direction of James HensheL 
The musicians were supplied by the Visita- 
tion Society, A. F. of M. The stage was 
under the direction of Abe JacobB and Will 
Cunningham, while the stage mechanics were 
supplied through the courtesy of <the Inter- 
national Alliance of Stage Employees, Local 
No. 2. Nurses from the American Hospital 
acted as ushers, flower girls and program 
sellers. Total receipts amounted to seven 
Unusend dollars, and donations amounting 
to one thousand dollars were received. It 
was magnificent, In which everybody re- 

aionded to such a noble and worthy cause, 
ther with actual services or financial as- 


(EfKiai take to Tus cmtpeh.) 

Chicago, July 1. 

•George Warren, laanager of McVleker'j 

Theatre for the past fourteen years, retired 

frc i bis position last night, and was pre- 

eer .ed with a gold watch by the members of 

his staff. Warren Is one of the best known 

aho-VL ,j, in the United States and entoys a 

world of friends in the theatrical field. 

« ■> 


FOB WBXK or Jcly 7. 

Nert week's bill at Proctor's Fifth Avenue 
Theatre will include as fine array of enter- 
tatters aa the Summer season at Gus Mc- 
Cunes theatre has yet been graced with. 

Jack Henderson and Nena Blake, fresh 
from successes musical comedy, will be seen 
to. as graceful and snappy a singing and dan- 
cing speclaly as the patrons of this noose 
have gazed upoa hi many weeks. 

Will Oakland and his company of singing 
tnonsrebs will offer an elaborate Terston of 
their tnrst of harmony, entitled "At the 

Marlon Gray is another new singer said 
to possess a splendid manner or displaying 
her talent. 

Pealson and GbTflle, .the class of singing co- 
medians, will be heard in new songs and 
Sayings, while others will be the Stan Stanley 
Trio of acrobatic Jesters: Ray Conlln, the 

the elsver dancing duo, and Charles Hiomp- 
son, the Juggler. 

JoBnriA A. M Sollas. manager of too 
ward Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica, Is In New 
sort engaging attractions for Ms home. Ho 
tins iiiOic-T contracts with the ArujcTnl Gnt- 
ttitl Itsttan Opera Company for an engage- 
ment In October, and with W. B. Haiklns 
and Fred 8. Lorraine for the Harhins .Way- 
Ms, In nmslcsH comedy and vaudovlle in 

Bossy WbOLsar and Gkbtbups Wbtxiko- 
rON have formed a partnership, amd will soon 
*t seen in vaudeville .together. 

La *"oro amd Waltbbs, "The Honey Boy 
Kids," are working together again, after a 
WPiratkm of five years. 

Itf IT.W Harry Hotter and Company, la "A 

* 1S '" Mutrlmonlnl Bllsasard." 

tf A V T'T%U^'^7"¥'k 'W 'W? Pbuctor's Twsntx-tbibd Street, Joun 20. 

W Xm.^J Mj^Lt V J 1 -■ #JL This p.irtlcutnr mntrlnioimai hlUtard riasncB 

^^ "■■* * ' " ' ' within the office of Lawyer "Ffergy" Kergu- 

Jk f*T*2 eon ' a drled-up character of that profession, 

* m ^** <J Whose authority on things lawful had prob- 

_,._._ ._•.. «bly never been seriously taken. Ferry Is 

_ '"**« I •■ DIn •• visited by a Dick Savage, who desires aorrico 

PaocroR'8 Twemt-thikd StbeXT, Jem 25. for taking steps towards getting a divorce 

A trio of speedy dancers and Blngers who from bis Republican wife. Dick was a Demo- 
scored heavily at -this house last week, were crat, and therefore they failed to "love, 
the Three Lubbvs. Two girls snd a young man honor and obey." ne talked and walked 
compose obis act. They worked In one. on through his pact, slapped Fcrgy's bands at 
their own mat, opening together rn Dutch every opportunity, and rfbuscd tbe poor old 
costume with song and dance. This was guy's high hat and umbrella until he was 
followed by r. song end dance by one of the satisfied he had advtco enough, and went to 
girls and the man, he In white eUk blouse an adjoining room to plan his harvest 
shirt and black velvet knickeibockers, snd Hardly bad rvrkey made his getaway when 
the girl In pale blue knee length kid drew. V^ 8 - D,l '! c Savage cormc, went through the 
They started it with a bit of tango and tin- same Hoc of talk and action as her hubby, 
lahed with a Jig. It was finely executed. and Ferry was a dilapidated looking adviser 

Then the other girt, in purple ankle length by the time Dick ramo from his room and 

dress, sane "Snap Your Fingers With Me" met wlfey. Things were satisfactorily ex- 

In a real clever manner. The sister followed plnlned as to the right of a man's overcoat 

this with a single dance bit which showed found hanging In tin. Dick's room by her 

her to be one of the fastest little workers husband, and her discovery of a pair of 

ha tbe wooden shoes that bas clattered 'cm lady's silk gloves in Dickey's wardrobe. Each 

here hi a good while. She wore s fresh- happens to be tbe owner of thctsaid "cloth- 

looking knee length pink dress, was Joined ing," and Fergy believes himself the cause of 

by the other two (sister In blue dress), and the reconciliation. 

they closed the act to a good hit with a trio The woman In tbe sketch did the beet work 

dance. Speed -and accuracy mark the Lublnn v * th w,l «' material she had at hand, and she 

an O. K. dancing act. fit for any bill. At»ut snows how to carry good fitting dresses. Too 

•nine minutes, in one. Tod. much slnp-stlck work for laughs snd a bit of 

i | over-acting br the "busbancr* spoiled what 

John de Persia and Company. would otherwise be fairly good entertainment. 

Keith's Ukioh SgrjABI, lUtixm, Jem 80. S « TentMn minutes, interior. Tod. 

This Is another of those sketches wherein b..„,. . _ v .„ __ - «.___._ 

the wrong man Is accused of murder through rioeoie lit vere ana cosapaay. 

circumstantial evidence, and Its title Is "A Proctor's Twenty-third Street, Jbbe 26. 
Close Call." A chic blonde girl is Flossie l* Vera, and. 

The evidence against the man is very with the assistance of two young men, she 
strong, but be stoutly declares bis innocence put over a neat singing and dancing act here 
In the one scene which occurs in the district last week to Just ss neat a reception. Flos- 
attorney's office. sle doesn't claim any Tetrazzlnl honors as a 

The arrest of a woman who had loved htm singer, but sbe warbles pleasant enough to 

before his marriage, and her confession that accompany her real clever stage personality 

she had killed the woman through Jealousy, and dancing ability. 
saves tbe husband's life. The cast: The act opens with Miss i.o Vere and one 

Robert Larkin W. F. CanBeld of the boya singing "I'd Do As Much for 

James Burke J. Bevlns You," seated on a bench. They are Joined by 

Olacomo Roberto John de Persia 'he other boy for the chorus, and finish It 

Mrs. SUversteln Leona Price fltb a soft shoe dance. For this song Miss 

Tbe? M. Diston &• Vere wore s pretty red and black aeeor- 

Dan Costello H. Cowan dlon-plaltcd dress and a large btraw hat, and 

John de Persia, as the Italian husband, toe boys wore gray' suits and sailors 

(lid a capital bit of acting, and Leona Price, . /he boys follow this with a soft shoe num- 

as Mrs. Silverstein, was excellent. bef, finishing with an Irish Jig, while Flossie 

OH Tlmtr. changes to a pretty pale blue gown for her 

a "Waft Until We're Married, Dear" song. 

Belle and Jones. Then tl| e h °J' 8 again, in bell hop uniforms 

PRnrrnn'n TwiPKTV.Tninn Stmft Jtjvh 2S ! nd °?. the . WOOdeu soles, giving Miss Le 

t-ROCTORB iWEMY-iniBD aiBEET, June m. Vere time for another change to a white 

Man and woman. They are classy workers accordlon-plaltod dancing dress, white stip- 
end have fine delivery. The man is a very pers and stockings, and "The Gum Shoe 
clever straight comedian, while the young Man" gave Flossie the opportunity to show 
woman's good looks and personality make her what a flexible dancer sbc Is, wben the boys, 
far above the average "feeder" role. looking their best in dress suits, Joined her 

They open under spot, making a slow en- for tbe finish dance, 
trance with "Underneath the Cotton Moon," Good workers, all three, and merited 

with him In straight street costume and enough for an early -position on big time, 

straw hat, while she wears a neat black About fourteen minutes, in one. Tod. 

dress and hat. He followed with a Yiddish » 

number (single), which was very cleverly de- Seven Minstrel Kiddles. 

Ilvered. Then a duet, with tbe girl In pretty c-c. Swinvru TnrA-rnn u..,»„ Tn «- oa 

white spangled gown and cap, and "Levey ™" ssooner .theatre. Matinee, Josh 28. 
Dear" showed them- to good advantage, with Byeu though girl minstrel acts are nothing 

tus comedy business properly worked in. unusual, th s one is an exceptionally clever 

The act closed with a medley of songs, °nc Tbe kiddles (six girls and one boy) 

which the man burlesqued with funny busl- a , re . feally kiddles, for none of them tan 

ress. claim over the fifteen year mark. Alt of the 

Belle and. Jones are an entertaining duo. youngsters have good voices and their nam- 

Both make a fine stage appearance, and they bere were well put over. Bach kiddie has 

sing their duets welf The act should keep an opportunity to display his or her talent, 

working steadily. Tod. snd the singing of "You Made Me Love Yon' 1 

i and a number, entitled "Sis," put on by the 

nv._. ii,«.- w.. Morlarity Sisters, showed these Juveniles to 

Four Brass Men. advantage. Master Carey got alt there wss 

Proctor's Twentt-third Street, June 25. out of Ms song, although the number could 

A colored musical quartette. They open be Improved by having the girlies work In It 

In Ugbt minstrel frock coats and high bats, with him. 

on trombone, comet, clarinet and flute. The "It Takes a Little Rain with tbs Sun- 

This is followed with s trio number, with shine" number was also s wee bit thy on the 

piano, cornet and trombone, the latter instra- possibilities that could have been built around 

ment being played by the comedian of the It Tbe addition of a little more dancing 

act, la "band" uniform. It was a well ren- would greatly add to its "getting over" in 

dered offering and was fully appreciated. proper style. Allen Foster Is credited with 

Tho comedian then holds tbe stage alone directing all of the numbers, and taking tbe 

with a solo on the trombone, working tbe act as It stands he neglected but little. It 

slide with his foot. Tbe fourth selection was has the meat for a great kid act and when it 

given onthrce saxophones Including a powerful has been re-arranged will undoubtedly resell 

ass, played by the comedian, three la neat that stage of prosperity. Pttt. 

Hussar uniforms, with the comedian remain- » 

Ing in tbe burlesque one. After another num- nielc Bernard and Coummuv. to "Tfce 
her on four xylophones they closed on from- * Animal Stutter!" 

bone, cornet, clarinet and* flute, with the Aaaasnasilfnsm ^Tjmat M 

comedian leading in comedy antics. They American Mubic Hau,, Jtrsa 90. 

used "Suanee River" in half a doren differ- , Dick Bernard Is a brother of Sam Bernard. 

ent "times," and were a musical bit. Fifteen It has been so long since Dick has been on 

minutes, full stage set. Tod. the stsge that bis appearance could easily be 

a considered a debut. In make-up, voire and 

«A WtoUt at the Opera." SSSIf 3 "" he reBerc,We8 hl « fMBM » °**°«- 
Keith's Union Square, Matinee, June SO. Mr. Bernard bas for bis offering s one set 

The Manon Orchestra, composed of seven- playlet, which In plot appears to be a eon- 
teen musicians (mostly string), with James oeesed version of "The Han That fttoud 
Bradford as conductor, ana John Lorens, Still," which Jules Bcksrd Goodman wrote 
tenor, and Frances Lloyd, soprano, headed for Louis Mann, and which that comedian 
the bill at this bouse for the first presents- played for several years. Instead of making 
tlon of the new act, Monday, June SO. tho leading character a Jeweler, be is, in this 

The orchestra gave three selections from Instance, a taxidermist. It la full of clever 

Bopulsr operas, John Lorens gave "La comedy lines, and hers and there la an Injet- 

onna," from "Rigoletto." tlon of pathos. 

Miss Lloyd did an Italian street song from Mr. Bernard gave an excellent performante 

"Naughty Marietta," also appearing with Mr. of tbe excitable but kind-hearted taHdennirt. 

Lorens in tbe "Miserere." Tbe role Is almost a monologue, bat never do 

John Romano rendered s bsrp solo In hlfl you tire of bun. He la ably supported by 

well knowa finished manner. tiro men and a woman. The program fails* 

The act Is a musical treat, still many In to give tbe names of these players. Aboat 

the audience walked out. twenty minutes, Interior set ATelosy. 

Either the act is too classical for Four- ■ a 

ieenth Street ajfj |t nay bm beat tlwbal Rnby ,,■»», Md oista. 

position of the bill (closing the show), which »-„_„_._ ».__ a™*™ ».*»•• in. an 

caused some to wend their way to the street, roewma Finn Armrra, Hatiheb, Jtma SO. 

Old Timer. _ Pat on tbe bUl bere at tbe last minute, 

i Baby Losby, assisted by Ave girls snd a 

Bd. C. Jordan and Cunwanr. I» ajsje plsno Player, presented a Banging eps- 

"Tom Kata's Niaht oat." clalty that will not cause any amount of 

n «j n c conjnieot. 

Paocroa'Ai TwraTT-THrgD Street. Jtra lb. ^^^ wno j e performance can be iiasiiml 

"Drunk" acts hove about hid their day. up in a conpte of words, "it is too sanck 

"Tom Kate's Night Out" features tbs com- burlesque," and will hardly do for tbe ksf 

Ing home of Ton about 2 A. yt., bis wife best- time vaudeville. 

ing him Into the Kats apartment by merely in rendering one of the songs the piano 

a second. Tom arrives fully "soaked," nulM player runs off tbe stsge. followed by tbe 

an abundance of staggering stuff, and finishes girls, the idea being so old that it proved a 

by loving up the housemaid. Here his wife dismal failure. 

enters and consumes enough evidence to war- The act runs about twelve minutes, in one, 
rant her breaking up furniture snd ortca • VMS. 

brae, and even to the stunt of pulling . a 

down tho portieres. The maid was a chic Bollinger and Reynolds. 

little thing, and she found time to do a ^— T— ~ — 1- -- J 

"aklrt dance." but with no Introduction as ™>cw»'b Twbntx-toibd Street, Jotw 2fl. 

to why she desired to donee. . Man and woman tight ropo and wire per. 

Tom Kate got some laughs because a formers. Man works hi tramp make-up and 

"drunk" usually does. Otherwise the act Is «! « ♦xceptlonally good pintomime cobm- 

empty of anything substantial. Sixteen mln- dlan. He Is a clever performer on tbe rope, 

utes. interior Tot. doing the nsnal stunts and somersaults, sic, 

' i and featuring a stand on one foot ea a 

Paul Gordon and Ante Rica. * 3, *X tbe nl ? a HP °,' * ,nl< * Jr e halansts 

_ «•»• ««"«»« i»«i«.im™B ...v.*. on th0 r having a amp on nds bead the 

Keith's Union Sqcam, Matisse, June 80. while. 'Tne woman. Inknee ^ lergtadstsa 

This cycling duo, In which tbe young man works alternately with ban en the loose 

does some of the best single and carrying wire below, bnt by ber work sbe does not 

riding even seen here, had a very (suable** appear to have been doing her end of the 

assistant ha Miss Rlra, and their debut bere set very long. Tbe art dors very wsM. 

June 30, was a very auspicious one. About eleven minuted, full stage. 1o4. 

Their attention was given principally to I 

the high wheels. In which they showed a Stayasan and Haydea. 

M Mott cT ttexTwoA was of aa original F ^»'» l^T^V^ ^^'iSJL 3 '" 

order. „'^? ^,l * ,, and- black face comedy Esasklans. 

OHM Rica also did a neat akbnlng rope *~*,SL p '55^2„ b ?*! Instruments ss If JV» 

dance. <M Timer" I**?* ono^rstood their work, and we didn't 

Lorense aad Gallaaher. Neither neglects his character In vote* er 

«, . — - -.— ' «■■■■■■»". action during their entire stay, and it nekwd 

Keith's Uniow Square, Matikes, Jdnb 80 scmo In theft going over to a big reception. 

These old time performers have formed a They feature what .they are there fos — to 

partnership and are appearing la nearly the play— and offer Just .enough fanny ba at a a s B 

same act that the former appeared in for a and radiance chat to balance tho act nbstr. 

long time with another partner. German works to hand leader costume, tie 

Tbe act. went well on Monday, and they black face In a roomy white suit Fourteen 

created a deal of laughter. 0(3 Tnaer. mimilos, fnU Mage. Ted. 

m > ■ * 

v / - . 


Goldle Boys. 

Proctor's Twentt-third Htrbet, Jura 26. 

A smooth working wooden shoe dancing 
duo. The boys dance very well together and 
alone, the smaller giving nn cstibltlon of 
tho material change of stylo In dance steps 
of to-day as compared with the dancing of 
the past, while bis partner did equally good 
work fan a comic dance number In 1, boob" 
make-op. A change from Mue serge to gray 
suits and they finish together without tho 
orchestra accompaniment, A good art for 
this time. About nine minutes. Tod. 
Jack Strauaae. 
raocroR's TWBNTX-rniBD Street, Jcntj 26. 

Character singing comedian. Opens dress 
aust, top bat, etc., and did well, good voice 
with "Pollmon Porters On Parade." Quick 
and clever change to Italian make-up, and 
under yellow flood he delivered a "fast" 
monologue to follow a song. His dialect ts 
close to perfect In this character, and "Sac- 
ramento'' closed him a big favorite. Right 
minutes, In one, 


Vera Hettlaa. 
PnocTOB'B Twenty-third StbesT, June 26. 
Vera Bettlna. plumply ungraceful, half 
talked and half sang four songs, but without 
the proper "get-over" spirit. Of course, tho 
evening was warm and Vera Is no light- 
weight, to whether she possesses a voice for 
a single act or not was not demonstrated at 
two shows on tho above date. Blevcn mln- 
utes, In one, Tod. 

Summer Parte and Tain 


(FROM conbclab AQSNE XV m. a. heard.) 

The Predericton, New Brunswick, Biennial 
'Fair, Sept lfc20, 1013, Is open to tho Do- 
minion of Canada and State ef Malno for 
live stock, poultry and agricultural exhibits, 
while tbe Industrial section Is open to all, 
Premiums for live stock, poultry and agri- 
cultural exhibitions total 815,000 ; Industrial 
cihlblbors will receive medals and diplomas. 
'The FredcriPton exhibition Is considered the 
largest in Eastern Canada outside of Toronto 
and Ottawa. Attendance In li»U was 50,000 
So 00,000, but It Is expected to bo much 
larger this year due to several new railway 

In 1011 there were eleven American In* 
dustrial exhibits, representing fertilizer, roof- 
ing and paving products cream separators, 
tobacco, perfumes and extract*, farmlug ma* 
chlnery and spraying outfits. One American 
concern has already secured space for a 
largo exhibit for exhibiting chocolate and 
cocoa. Space costs five to ten cents per 
square foot. This Is nn excellent oppor- 
tunity for American manufacturers to bring 
their products to the attention of the people, 
especially agricultural machinery, as great 
activity 1b being shown, both by tbe govern- 
ment and tho people, In the advancement of 
Agriculture. In this connection it may be 
noted that a "better farming train" will 
lour New Brunswick beginning the middle of 

Further Information concerning the fair 
may be had from W. 8. Hooper, secretary, 
Box ISO, Predericton, New Brunswick, Can. 


(Special to Tub Cttrraa.) 
MomiBAL, June 28. — Dominion Park, the 
Coney Island or this city, was partly de- 
stroyed today, by a most spectacular fire 
Tbe nark lies six miles Kast or the city, and 
'the lire engines from Montreal proper man- 
aged to get there quick)/. Several persons 
were Injured In tho crowds that gathered to 
sec tbe blaxe. The damage la estimated at 

S . ■ ii 


By far the beat program i» far this iea> 
son was on the boards for the free circus st 
Luna, Coney Island, last week. The free 
performance, which Is given In a large ring 
over tbe lagoon in the centre of tbe park, Is 
continuous from noon until midnight. Luna 
was never more inviting than It Is now, and 
record breaking crowds are In daily attend' 

"Fire and Sword." tbe realistic reproduc- 
tion of the fall of Adrlanoplo In the war be- 
tween tbe Ralkau 8tates and Turkey, Is the 
big show. An- tbe tew rides and thrills are 
thronged dally. There aro sort of aqueous 
roller coasters, compromises between a switch- 
back and tho chutes, and jjlddy dips which 
furnish sensations. Tornado and Flood, tbs 
reproduction- of the Omaha and Dayton dis- 
asters continues to draw, and there Is a new 
animal show. This is the Darling aggrega< 

t I . , r. Hfltl. »..i__A_ .A lit I ". 

lion, with twenty groups of wild animals, 
far better trained (ban the avenge. Hugo 
•Jons, tigers byenau and besrs go through 

ibeir work la a inlet obedience to their 

as though a magician had waved bis magic 
wand over Hs acres of beach laud, Frederic 
Thompson bas transformed tbe whole en- 
•leeare into a wonder place of novelties. 

B i 

for the holiday week Manager Nicholas M. 
Bebanck has, at tbe PaUaadea Amusement 
Park, a program of free attractions which 
Is quite the moat elaborate alncc tbe big New 
Jersey pleasure rttort has been onder tbe 
dlrertlon ef the Schenek Brothers. Fourth 
•f July will bo observed In a safe and snno 
manner, with a special display o.f fireworks, 
g 9* evening, on the plaaa overlooking tho 
Hudson River. In addition there will Ijo 


Tho Hippodrome, on the Million Dollar 
Pier, opened June 80. The bill Includes : J. 
Hortia and his fifteen minstrel boys, Charles 
and Annlo ti locker, Kmmett Welch and com- 

{•any, the Knur Bottouilcys, tbe Luclfcrs, 
tcx Comedy Circus, Archie Dutobar and tho 
Car rays, 

Geo. M. Cohan and Sam Harris were at 
the Shelbnrno list week, also Kildlc Dunn. 

Eelrir Selwyn enjoyed himself on the 
Boardwalk last week. 

Margaret Illlngton will be seen In "Within 
tho law" at the Apollo, July 1-1. 

Tho Tennessee Avenue pier Is expected to 
open this week. 

Work on Nixon's Theatre Is progressing 

Ned (Clothes) Norton gave tbe slrls a 
treat last week, by promenading the lloard- 

"Mine. Sherry." In tabloid form, is a spe- 
cial ((Ature at the Savoy. 

Marshall I'. Wilder and his big black and 
white bull are chairing the Uoardwalk every 
afternoon. He will shortly be at the Savoy. 

Geo. Dclmore and the Mrs. aro stopping at 
the Dunlop. Bathing and ball playing arc 
their favorito pastimes. , 

J as. Cnmanack, petit exulted ruler of tbe 
Rlks, had a "twenty years ago" notice , in 
the Chicago Hotel Reporter, where he re- 
signed as chief clerk of tho Glrard House, 
in Philadelphia, to take charge, of the Mnln- 
testa Hotel, at Atlantic City, In 1800. Jim's 
place Is a popular resort. 

The free PiAich and Judy Show in front of 
tho Million Dollar Pier la a groat outside 
attraction and the professor Is a great favor- 
ite with the kiddles. 

At th-.- Savoy: "Madame Sherry," with 
Iiclne Duvi-t and a good cast ; Inslto and 
Hearting. Kdlson talking pictures, Mjillon and 
t'oogan, Hell and Caron, Hobart and Hale, 
Eva Taylor and company. For next week, 
Ja<>. K. Ilnckett and company are underlined. 
"520 Per Cent." was announced to open at 
the Apollo 30, with the following people In 
the enst : Ilobert Ober, Jerome Patrick, Ren 
Southland, Wm. Kenugh, .Harold Gran, Mrs, 
Stuart Itorison, Kathnlne La Salle, Paulino 
Duffleld. Amy Hodges, Cecelia Clay, Aiy'ilo 
Boyd, F.ihvnrd Gllllaple, James J, Garden, 
Oe.orgo Hnrbcr, Genrgo K. Henry. Neat Week, 
George Kvnns' Honey Hoy Minstrels. 

Vesselln'n Hand Is fcu-tured at the Steel 
Pier, nlso Murphy's Minstrel*. 

The Thrco White Kuhns continue at Jnck* 
son's Cafe. 

Atln'ntlc Garden opened SO, with the Huh. 
sell Sisters, Pony Baker, Rabc Btnrr, Undo 
and Bertram, Herman Krenscr, Bernard nnd 
Hill. Florenco Wrlghton and Hill and Nuua- 


Another finely equipped playhouse lias 
been added to tho resort s attractions through, 
tho completion of the Colonial Theatre, At- 
lantic, below Now York Avenue. 

Work Is being rushed rapidly forward on 
tho six stored fronting on Atlantic Avcntio 
and flanking the entrance to .the theatre. 
They are finely equipped and ore to be oc- 
cupied by tenants immediately after they 
have been completed. The entrance leading 
to the theatio Is of attractive dcaRjn, and 
tho body of tbe bouse Ii tastefully decorated. 
Thero aro scats for sixteen hundred people, 
and the floor Is so elevated that an excellent 
view of tbe stage la furnished from, all sec- 
tions of the house. 

The theatre is to bo opened as a motion 
picture playhouse, but ft la tbe Intention of 
tbe management to secure a stock company 
for the Fall and Winter months. Workmen 
arc now engaged In the erection of dressing 


On July 14 the new Nixon Theatre opens 
ttith a vaudeville bill. The now Nixon has 
been built with every thought for the ex- 
treme comfort snd safety of the pstrons. 
There are many exlta on St Charles Place 
and on Delaware Avenue, 

On the St Charles raktce side an Rnmense 
driveway has been built for auto* and car- 
riages. The entrnnce on tbo Boardwalk will 
present one of the Boerdwelk's biggest at* 
tractions, Tho Interior will be cool, and airy 
by'sneena of an expensive cooling plant In 
Summer, and warm and comfortable In Win. 

The house has no posts, the balcony being 
of the cantilever construction. Every seat In 
the bouse, balcony, orebsatra, orchestra 
circle, boxes and loges Is unholstered. Tho 
marble construction o( tbe Interior reminding 
one of an old Greek temple. 

Harry Brown, for 'five years manager of 
the Savoy Theatre, In this city, but during 
tho past eight months manager of tbo Nlrd- 
llngnr-Nlxon vaudeville theatres in Phila- 
delphia, la supervising the work attendant 
upon the opening of tbtsztendeome structuro. 
He took up bis headquarters hi a suite of 
offices located on tho St. Charles Place ftldo 
of the theatre. In sn announcement given 
out yesterdny he declared that the biggest 
headllncrs In vaudeville would be Been during 
the Summer and Winter months at the Now 
Nixon, and lie also guaranteed that there 
would be no departure from the scale of 

B rices adopted, no matter what tbe attroc- 
on. ^ 


•isabln flights' by Frank Qoodaie, band con- 
by Prof. Loslto's Royal Italian Guards 


Bead, and a bewildering array of circus act*. 

m 1 " ,S le .. Bl !! Uc J nw ?» ro tte M " Inelndes: 
May Ward, tbe Dresden doll comedienne, aw 
tbe headllner ; the Naconla Opera Co., tbe 
Grey Bros.' Minstrels. Charles Andte and) 
company, Nsuon's birds, Paul Aiord'a acro- 
batic Troupe, and Jack and Jill, Juvenllo 
comedians. All of these features will be Id 
evidence for tbe entire week, beginning Mon- 
day. On Thursday night tbe regular display 
of fireworks will be given. 

a i » 


The, Lagoon, at Ludlow, Ky„ opposite Cin- 
cinnati, is coming to tbe front this year aa 
one of the most successful parks in America, 
due partially to Its wonderful natural advan- 
tages, bnt more to the bi« free attractions 
that have been presented and to tbe costly 
asnueemente installed, one being tbe new 
Motordrome, rostlDg over forty-fire thousand 
dollars. Anotber improvement that has been 
betofal to the success of tbe Lagoon la tho 
new* sub station, glaring tbe street car Hno 
an extra OOO-horse power, calbllng them to 
Increase tbe carrying csparMy to nine thou- 
sand nn hour in eacb direction, or during cer- 
tain rush hours a total of eighteen thousand. 

Tbe Park Amusement Cm operates the La- 
geen. Tbe officers of the company are: Joel 
Ward, president; John V. Hunt, secretary 
aad treasurer: J, J. Weaver, general mana- 
ger; Arthur D. WJwer, acting manager and 
eniector of amusements. 

K»io. W. Wbab and his wife (LUIIan 
Btneke) arc enjoying a much needed rest 
asltb sir. Wear's parent* at Great Falls, 

ar xcKs ntn. 

Two more Texas Tommy exponents eelVed for 
London, Bunnd, June 24. wiMvter and Fear, 
booked solid for three month.. 

LiMCOUf BauciiBT, the aviator, took a flyer 
Into vsndevllle Jone 90, at (ne Palace, Cbleaap., Mtssls and Oaur are booked solid. 
Eddie's taking a rett and sa.s "I abotfld anrry." 

IIahby vmoDALo tisj* opened r»«t «flv« in tbe 
Palace Theatre BuMillng. Home elas*, Harry. 

Viwm Bstahv I* looking for emcea these hot 
days. Vlnle bas joined hands with Billy Jerome 
to write varolerllfo material. 

Urns WmSTON, who -judo such s bit with ber 
dancing In and around New York, will talc a 
much needed rest for two mouth*, tben bark on 
tbo Job again, 

Ibvino Drbun. after a lino trip, arrived In 
London In tlie best of beailli. Irving was ulveo 
a olg reception upon bis arrival In denr old Lon- 

EvwuTHino Is In readiness for the Idg Jnbllee 
efthe V. a 0., at llrhjuuin f..-acb. July H-ll). 
Over 100 acts bave volunteered to appear. 

Mat mb Bbminotoh itul lier picks are* certainly 
cleaning up In Rntdaod. Mayiue has an offer for 
a tour of the world. 

Bnstia Ouwobd Intends to remain In London 
for some tlmo to cnine. 

Bnxr AaMNOTON, wlio forwok burlesque for 
vaudeville, was a hit with Ills tramp stuff at tbe 
tinlon Ktjmre last week. Iim'a hooked wild over 
the U. B, o. time. 

Louis Wssxsi reports some business at the Ha- 
joy tbo last three weeks, f/.ulo says, (rive them 
tbe goods and res pack 'em lu. Wesley '» allsplng 
«»« thu big stuff, and 0» 8, It, O. sign Bawrs 

Waits* has Joined bands witb Cbarllo 
Howard and Dorothy Ilayscii. and toe two will 
present sons act at the Union Square next week. 

Gii ace Djxon nude a lilt at la* t**w T«*k The. 
atro lost week with her alrutfe chB-ptng act, 

Joe Kbno and Itosia Oases tslaed for a tour 
of tbe old world on the /?. 8. Rotterdam. July I. 

Ohabub AuauN sold his Natrons! Oar to Dm. 
Arrastrvni, who l» burning up tbe auto paths from 
New York to Oaney. 

KrmiB retains offices at the Onlnnohln 
DnildlDg, and acrstchlns oat new material dSHy. 

Wiuua Halob, the clevsr little entertainer ut 
Bnanley's, nafls for London. Aug. 2*1. 

Jaubm U, Wilson, of the team of Wilson and 
Hills. Is a daddy now. Jimmy says tbe new 
addition to tbe family In 
seven weeks old, June 24, 


July 5 




CHICAGO, Monday, June 80. 

This week brings to view one new play, 
"How Much Is a Million?" and sees Mc- 
iVIcker'B restored to tbe uses of tbe drama, a 
revival of "The Blindness of Virtue" having 
teen arranged. The Cort, Studebaker, Grand 
and Garrlck will continue In operation, re- 
taining their popular attractions. The Vic- 
toria and Imperial will remain open for the 
rest of tbls week, and then close cor a period 
of four weeks. 

"How Much Ii a Million '(' Is a new Ameri- 
can comedy in four acts, and la on view at 
tbe Fine Arts Theatre. The setting of this 
comedy is In Washington Square, New York, 
and the story has to do particularly with an 
eccentric and Impracticable writer of fairy 
talea, who wins an heiress over the heads of 
his wealthier competitors, and marries her 
after stipulating tbat each shall be financially 
Independent. Dp to this time none of hit 
books hae been published, but the young 
woman arrangei to have one printed at her 
own expense, and he Is made to believe that 
it is bringing la large royalties. Complica- 
tions follow nil discovery of the deception, 
and he leaves borne bocauso he cannot share 
his expenses equally. Subsequently he makes 
a fortune and tho wife loses hers. The 
author of the play Is C. It. Hopkins, who has 
bad considerable experience as an actor. In 
tbe company besides the author are: Mrs. 
Hopkins, Grace Grlswold, Lionel Belmore, 
Robert Brandon and others. 

.Supreme faith In his desire of the public 
for his goods was typified by T, C. Glcason 
to-day when he Installed bis company of 
players, with Frank Sheridan, at McVlcKer'a 
Theatre, In spite of the terrific heat. Two 
performances dally will be given by this com- 
pany In "Tbe Blindness of virtue" for a four 
weeks' run, at exceedingly reasonable prices. 

The same pltce hod a marvellous run at 
the Studebaker during the past season with 
an all-English cast, although this Is Its first 
production within the exact bounds known as 
the Loop. And Mr. Glcason has spared no 
expense or palm to make his downtown debut 
a notable one. The drama Itself Is a sure-fire 
one, having been given a test which It passed 
faultlessly. The new production is spotless 
and the players are all notables. Others In 
the cast besides Frank Sheridan are: Edith 
1-yle, Thomas Swift. Winifred Burke, Basel 
Kelly and Lora Bradstrcct. Miss Burke will 
t>e remembered as the delineator of the title 
role In "The Vampire," with Robert Billiard, 
Sheridan himself has been seen as the star 
In many a cast, and during the past season 
was In "A Thief for a Night," "The Unwrit- 
ten Law" and "Fine Feathers," in Chicago 

Fritz! Scheff, now playing at tho Stude- 
tnker, Is so well pleased with the welcome 
•lie has received In the revival of "Mile, 
itfortlste" in Chicago, that she purposes con- 
tinuing that opera tbroughout the next sea- 

On Tuesday, July 8, Joseph Santley, In 
•When Dreams Come True," will pass his one 
hundred and twenty-fifth performance at the 

Love, romance, thrills and laughter ore the 
Ingredients of "The flhost Breaker," with H. 
B. Warner and bis company, at tho Cort The- 
atre. This Is the eighth week. 

The Oliver Jlorosco production, "Tho Tlk- 
Tok Man of Ox," entered upon its sixth 
week of an all-Summer engagement at Co- 
han's Grand. Adele Rowland, Harry Kelly 
and Joe Whitehead have been added to the 
♦nit. Joe Whitehead is a popular vaude- 
rllllan, having been seen recently at both 
tho Pnlnce Music Hall and Majestic Theatre, 
In Chicago, where be was a pronounced hit. 
His work in tbe new sphere is exceptionally 

America* Music Hall (Samuel P. Gor- 
ton, mgr.) dark. 

Auditohioh (B. Tllrich, mgr.) — A benefit 
performance was given lxr tho Auditorium, 
•n Sunday, June 20, for tho Actors' Hospital. 
A number of stars who were playing in the 
city took part, together with several who 
tame horo for that purpose only. The house 
will continue to be dark for some time. 

Blackhtonb (A. J. Pioti, mgr.) — Dark. 

CoitT (U. J. Herrmann, mgr.) — "The Ghost 
Breaker," with H. B. Wamor, Is a pronounced 
success .by tbls time, and Is to continue in- 

Fine Anra Thbatrb (Albert Perry, mgr.) 
—"How Much Is a Million?" a new comedy, 
presented by C. it. Hopkins, has been in- 
stalled in tbls theatre. 

OAnmcK ( A slier Levy, mgr.)— Joseph Sant- 
ley, in "When Dreams Come True," is a true 
musical hit end a light pleasant warm 
weather entertainment 

Georcii M. ConuN's Grand Opdra Horjsn 
■(Harry J. Ridings, mgr.)— "Tlk-Tok Man of 
Oi" is an Ideal Summer show, and evidently 
1 will have an. extended run. 

Illinois (W. J. Davis, mgr.)— Dark. 

McVickur's W. G. Burch, mgr.)— CotfJM 
Hamilton's domestic drama, "Tho Blindness 
•f Virtue," Is having its second loop produc- 
tion, this time at McVlcker's Theatre, with 
'Beaton's all star company, featuring Frank 

Olympic (8am Lederer, mgr.)— Tho Olym- 
pic Theatre has discontinued moving pictures 
and has closed Its doors to be cleaned up 
for. Its Fall opening, which is to be quite 
early In the season. Probably "Within ths 
Law" will be the drat booking. 

Towers' (Harry J. Powers, mgr.)— 4Paul 
J. Rally's African htmt pictures. 

Pmnc«88 (Tin. A. Singer, mgr.)— Dark. 

Btdorbaksb (B. M. Leonard, mgr.)— • 

Frltzlo Scheff In "Mile, Modiste." 

Zisotbld (W. K. Zlegfeld, mgr.)— Dark. 

Columbia, Umpire, Star and Garter, and 
Folly remain dark. Tho Columbia will be 
the first to open, with Eld. Wrothe, In "The 
Ginger Olrlt ' r July 12. 

Crown (F. W. Oarruthera, mgr.) — Pic- 

iMPniAx. (Kllmt at Gaxtolo, nigra,)— <"The 
Master of the House" will be the last attrac- 
tion for the Summer at the Imperial. The 
house will he cloted for four weeks. 

National (John F. .Barrett mgr,)— Stock 
Co. ' 

i VlCTOBlA (Alfred H. Spink, mgr.) — 'The 
Havoc" will finish at the Victoria, tbls week, 
after witch the house will close for a period 
of four weeks. 

Palacb ttvsic Hall (Mort H. Singer, 
mgr.) — Several feature attractions are at the 
Palace Music Halt this week, among them 
being Joseph Sheeban, late star of the 
ban Opera Co., assisted by Antoinette Le 
Brun and company, in scenes from "II Tro- 
vntore" and "Cuvnllerla Rustlcana;" Lincoln 
Beachoy, the world's famous and daring avia- 
tor, who tells, In a humorous way, his ei- 
?<rlences, and also Illustrates them with mov- 
ng pictures of bis various flights; Jessie 
Busley, well known leading woman, Is acting 
In Rupert Hughes' farcical sketch dealing 
with department store life, entitled "Miss 
818." Others on the bill are: Grace Ed- 
onond, a prima donna soprano; Mycoff and 
Vanity, novelty dancers; Smith, Cook and 
/Brandon, comedians; Kramer and Morton, 
black fact artists, and Meehan's novelties, 
consisting of a troupe of trained dogs. 

Majestic (Lyman B. Glover, mgr.) — Lulu 
Glaser is the chief attraction at the Ma- 

jestic Theatre. Miss Glaser, who played the 
principal role in "Dolly Varden," ''Mile. Mis- 
chief,' 1 . "Tho Girl and the Kaiser" and "Little 

principal role ! 
chief,' 1 "Tho ft - 

Miss Madcap," is seen In a playlet with 
music, entitled "First Love." Raymond W. 
Peck wrote tbe book. Miss Glaser Is sup- 
ported by Tlios. D. Richards. Laddie Cliff, 
''England's Clever Boy Comedian," Is seen In 
a repertoire of humorous songs and eccen- 
tric dances. Tudor Camerou and Johnny 
O'Connor present their original sketch, 
"Hired and Fired." designed for the purpose 
of extracting laughter. The Six Brown Bros., 
a company of comedy musicians, manage to 
mlnglo fun with artistic playing on a dozen 
or more Instruments. Oen. Plsano, a sharp- 
shooter of Italy, exhibits feats of marksman- 

Great Nohtiifirn Hippodrome (F. C. Eberte, 
mgr.)— The Great Northern Hippodrome will 
hereafter present fourteen acts on Its pro- 
gram. Among tbe more prominent on the 
hill this week are : Reed's acrobatic bulldogs, 
Dr. Nixon's Spirit Paintings, Virginia Grant. 
"My Lady Dainty," a songstress ; Fields ana 
Allen, comedians; Geuerro and Carmen, in- 
etrumentallsta ; Jack Winkler Trio, sensa- 
tional acrobats : Harry Beatry, comedian ; 
Patterson Troupe, five young women who do 
an aerial act, and tbe Castrlllions, acrobats. 

Colonial (George Harrison, mgr.)— The 
Mil at the Colonial for tbls week contains a 
number of novelties, Tbe bill is as follows : 
Marlott Twins and company, Brandy Twist 
Duo, Joseph Remington ana company, In a 
comedy sketch ; "The Millinery Salesman," 
Russian Balalaika (ten people), musical act ; 
Hamanda Japt, comedy novelty acrobats. 
Beginning Thursday: Melbourne McDowell 
end company. In "The Sheriff ;" Carl Randall, 
comedian; Robinson, Brown and Carbonette, 
the three cavaliers: Joe Mole and Brother, 
cycling comlques ; Mack Dugat and company, 
scenic production. 

Aoadkms (T. I. Carmody, mgr.)— Vaude-' 

AroLLO (R. L. Jacoby, mgr.)— Vaudeville. 1 

Casino (II. B. Schleslnger, mgr.)— Vaude- 

Cottaob Grove Empress (W. H, Raynor, 
tngr.l — Vaudeville. 

Indiana (Ben Levee, mgr.) — Vaudeville. , 

Julian ( J. D. Conderman, mgr.) — 'Vaude- 

Kbdzib (Wm. B. Malcolm, mgr.)— Vaude-' 

■Lincoln (Wm. V. Newklrk, mgr.)— Vaude- 

Linden (C. S. natch, mgr.)— Vaudeville. 

Pjjiiu. (Sldmund Rennee, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville. ' 

Willard (J. G. Burch, mgr.)— Vaudeville. 

Wilson (M. Llcalil, mgr.)— Vaudeville. 

Hippodrome there continued to play vaude- 

Thb Popular Four, now composed of Panl 
Ortmclr, baritone; Gus Goodwin, second 
tenor ; George Pelrce, first tenor, and Harry 
Willard, basso, opened on tbe Hodklns Cir- 
cuit, placed by C. L. Carrell. 

Habri Millib announces tbat the houses 
Which hi has been booking for several years 
will be apart of tho Inter-State cbaln next 
season. The Inter-State plans to split tab- 
loids and vaudeville In eighteen houses In the 
States of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and 

Tub Gem burlesque theatre has been par- 
chased from Jones, Llnlck A Scbaefer by 
Sellg-Flcbtenberg Co. Charles Bell, well 
known to all, a good friend and a member of 
The Showmen's League of America, has been 
Installed as the new manager. 

Jones, Linick & Schabfbr have installed 
Summer policy of pictures and an entertainer 
at their Willard Theatre, on Fifty-first 
Street. Gene Greene is there this week. All 
seats are ten cents. 

Tom Faxton and Tell Tailob have left 
for tbe woods in tbe North during the hot 

W Ml til PI" 

•Tillib Zick, who made her debnt as a 
dancer In Philadelphia with the Chlcago- 
I'hlladelpbla Grand Opera Co., In "Alda," baa 
been engaged to dance at tbe Jones, Llnlck & 
Schaefer houses during July. 

Belli Baker is off for the East. 

Pbbss matter says Joseph Santley has In- 
vented a new tango, with no suggestive fea- 
tures to those who cannot see it for art's 

Thb Crown Theatre, under tbe regime of 
Jones, Ltnlck Sc Schaefer, will open with 
vaudeville Aug. 18, playing five acts each half 
of the week. It will offer tbe same class of 
attractions as the Willard and Wilson. It is 
also barely possible tbat it will split with the 
Plaza, on North Avenue. 

Thb Academy, in Chicago, is closed for the 

Sans Souci Cabaret Is now being booked 
by George Van, instead of Fred Webster, who 
booked It only for a week. 

Harrt Van Fossb.n, who played In Chi- 
cago for two consecutive weeks at the Palace 
Music Hall and Majestic, goes with NcU 
O'Brien's Minstrels. 

Alex. Christiansen has been booked at 
the Willard and Colonial, in Chicago, by 
Frank Boyle, of Jones, Llnlck Sc Schaefer. 

Laurie Obdway Is recovering rapidly from 
ber operation In Los Angeles. 

It is reported tbat Lillian Russell will 
undertake vaudeville abroad. 

Frank Doyle cinched a five years' con- 
tract with David King, of the National Thea- 
tre, In Louisville, Ky„ while he was there 
last week. Mr. King, who also has charge of 
the National Theatre in Detroit, will book 
vaudeville In both houses through Jones. 
Llnlck & Schaefer. 

Conlin, Steele and Casb, who were seen 
at the Majestic, in Chicago, and also the 
Palace, are bonked to open again on tbe Or- 
pbeum time In Minneapolis on Aug. 24. 

Will. Aobahamson, manager of the Em- 
press, In Dulnth. Minn., was a Chicago visitor 
last week. 

Al* H. Webster, owner of the Webster 
Circuit, was In Chicago for the past few days. 

Manny Newman, one of the La Vlgne & 
Langner managers, was a Chicago visitor 
last week, and states tbat his new house in 
La Salle, 111., will be ready to open about 
Labor Day. F. Frazer, of Mondota,, 111., an- 
other manager, was a La Vlgne A Langner 
.visitor last week; He Is keeping his house 
open all Summer, playing vaudeville from the 
Doutrlck Agency the ''last half" of each week.' 
.The Thalia, another. house. booked from that 
agency, had the following. show for. the four 
days. ending Sunday: Eggert and O'Rourke, 
'Anna E. Inman and company,' Katharine 
IKeogh, Craig, and Williams, 'and Three. Ne- 
•varros. The show there Monday: Tuesday 
and Wednesday' consisted of :~Eul and lLa 
Vlgne -Sisters, Pauline Parks, .Joe'Bannlster 
and company; Harry Van Fossen, and .Five 


Are Cordially Invited to Hake 

Headquarters at the Western Bureau 


The Hew York Clipper 

la the Heart of the Itlalto 

505 Ashland Block, Cor. dark & Randolph 

" m " lB8 tA1JTO 44-331 

It not convenient to call, MAIL ROUTES 

venttonal. It 1b original, aggressive, lm 
partial, reliable, and above all, IT HAS A 


'Boyle Woolfolk has returned from a four 
weeks' trip, His route covered tho Import- 
ant cities from Winnipeg, West in Canada, 
down through the United States and back by 
way of Denver. Mr. Woolfolk's tabloids all 
aeem to be doing well, and from all indica- 
tions the demand for this class of entertain- 
ment bids fair to continue Indefinitely. 


Valerie Beck, tho pretty little songstress, 
who has been affording more than an or- 
dinary degree of pleasure to Chlcagoans for 
tbe past season, is considering the acceptance 
of ten weeks' time from tho w. V. M, A, In 

Valerie, for the last few weeks, bas made 
hosts of frlenda and caused more than fa- 
vorable comment with her singing at the 
JUvervlew Cabaret, North American and the 
Olympic Theatre, Last week she added 
further laurels to her already bedecked 
wreath at the Warrington, in Oak Park. 
While undoubtedly the new time being con- 
sidered by her would make an adorable ten 
weeks, still it would be bad to have her Jour- 
ney so far from the "Windy" City. 

Movinji pictures havo been eliminated as 
part of the bill at the Great Northern Hippo- 
drome, rids was brought about after Mana- 
ger lOherts had studied tho situation and 
found out that tho majority of his patrons 
considered this part as dead entertainment, 
for so often they had seen tho "movie" at an 
earlier dato in Bomo other theatre 

Jurat Mkaoiibb, accompanied by his wife, 
will sojourn at Atlantic City for tho next 
four weeks for his Summer vacation. 

An. Zimucrmak closed a very successful 
season with "The Pink Widow" tabloid, June 
if ILJSfrft sOS" J"'', headquarters will be 
in Chicago untirhe agnln takes -up the mann- 
gorlalrplns when the show goes out next sea- 
son, which will bo about Sept. 1. 
x. l u ™ 1 ' r :E v,N ' 0( *"• Jones, Llnlck «, 
Schncfer office, left Saturday for a four 
•weeks' vacation at Sodus, Mich.: 
«-if; . ? C,IA P»» returned recently from a 
fishing trip, wliero hp got two hundred pounds 
of fish. Ho left Chicago again on Thursday 
of Inst week on a business trip; destination 
not given. 
J"M Damow's father died at Mlnneapo- 


who hnrt n show under a top at tho Fire- 
men s Reunion at Monroe, Wis., report that 
It was anything bat n success. 
sJf!! B . n 1 l »»""ia-Docklll Troupe Is suing Sans 
Souci, being canceled by Earl Cox when the 

.lusgllng Normans.' 

. I.. l\ Allabdt announces that the Or- 

J'heum, at Hammond, Ind., will close July 20 
or three weeks, during which time the house 
will undergo renovation, The Orpheam at 
South Bend, Ind., . Is closed for the same 
process, and will open the middle of August. 
The Orpheum at Racine, Wis., closes July 8 
for a Summer cleaning. Mr. Allardt la plan- 
ning a vacation In Europe, and will get away 
the middle of July. 

Milton PottocK, in "Speaking to Father," 
Is to make the Orpheum tour and then tbe 

Fbakk Q. Dotus was in court four or Ave 
days last week on the attachment proceed- 
ings of Jones, Llnlck A Schaefer against 
Alber's bears. He expects to play the courts 
again tho present week. 

A ukw theatre at Norwood, O., opens Aug. 
SO, and the bookings havo been awarded to 
Frank Q. Doyle, of tbe Jones, Llnlck & 
Schaefer Agency. The owner has four pic- 
ture houses In Cincinnati, which may turn 
to vaudeville any time. 

Fbances and Madeline Murray (La Petite 
Duo) appeared at the American Hospital 
benefit at the Auditorium last Sunday with 
great success. They aro the children of Tom 
Murray, popular manager of the Thalia The- 
atre. They are highly talented. 

Halton Powrll is now located In Chi- 
cago. His tabloid, "Henpecked Henry," 
closed at Port Huron, Mich., on Wednesday 
of last week, and Powell came on here to 
occupy the office that W. S. Butterfleld had 
had fitted up for him In the Majestic Thea- 
tre, Chicago. Powell has engaged Jack 
Tralnor to succeed himself in ^'Henpecked 
Henry." Trnlnor has been the backbone of 
the Billy Clifford show. Earle S. Dewey and 
Mabel Rogers have been engaged for "The 
Runaways," which Powell sends out next sea- 
son. Dowcy's Dancing Dolls recently com- 
pleted the Pantages tour. It Is a well known 
act IH>wcy is a good light comedian and 
should prove a hit In "The Runaways." Mabel 
Rogers 1b also looked upon as Ideal for her 
role. Hal Johnson will bo starred In "Tho 
Arrival of Kitty." There will bo no featured 
artlstn In tho other tabloids Powell la pre- 
paring, but care is being taken to have well 
balanced casts. 

Dak Fibhrll, of Dan and Arthur S. 
Flshell, who operate the Princess Theatre. In 
St. Louis, and havo lots of other theatrical 
interests a-hornln', was In Chicago last week, 
ond gave out tho nows that ho and his broth- 
er had leased the Garden Theatre, tn Kansas 
City. Mo., of J. D. Swafford. The Flshells 
will tako possession Sept. 15. and will Install 
popular priced musical comedy, with Frank 
Moulon and Grace Van Studdifofd featured. 
This will be something entirely new for Kan- 
sas City, and FiBholl thinks It will capture 
the town. He Is a good showman, and la 
probably right in his diagnosis of what that 
city needs. 

Provol Is a brother of one of the national 
organlicrs of the Loyal Order of Moose, and 
he began working as an organiser for that 
society last week, He got thirty-eight mem- 
bers for tho Chicago Lodge the first threo 
days. The Great Leon, J. Schlckler, general 
msjinagor of Minnie Palmer's attractions; 

ThB Theatrical Lawyer 


ADVICE free. 
l W80tlsBIdg.| La Salle and Madlaon Bta,, Chicag o. 



Maurice L. Oreenewald, manager for Minnie 
Palmer's "Running for Congress," and Harry 
Blsundln, of the Earl J. Cox office, were 
among those of vaudeville who Joined owing 
to Provol'a efforts. Provol will play the 
Great Northern Hippodrome week of July T, 
and expects to secure a number of members 
that week. 

i 'Frank Q. Dotus has closed with a number 
of attractions for next season, such as: 
Edwin Ford and company, Hamada Japs, 
"The Sambo Girls," Chester's dogt, Gllmour 
Corbln. Wilfred Clark and company, H. B. 
Fitzgerald and Grace Cameron. C. L. Carreu 
offered Mr. Doyle Cecilia Loftus for four 
weeks starting early in Senuptember. The 
matter is still hanging fire. Should the con- 
tract be closed It will be the biggest money „„. _, 
tbat Jones Llnlck A Schaefer have ever paid. ">ore. which would be the natural trend of 

PtiSc^s Lcda Merofp went to the Ma- Anyone n thhi situation. 
Jestlc Theatre at London, Ont., from CM- ***$} a ^Sl, t0 .JLLrt} m te i£ ¥^ h<:v 
oago and returns her In a few weeks to open »nd Billle Taylor are the same popular pair 
with Hurtlg & Seamon's Taxi Girls, as lead- which thoy have been for some time past 
lng woman. Her engagements In Chicago It. seema everything that Stella does Is 
were very plessant, and won her honors. thorough run, while her partner, in more 

C. S. Hatch Is to have a burlesque show ways than one, BlUIe Taylor, helps the kld- 
rhe coming season, and turns the New Lla- ding match, along with his piano playing and 

den Theatre over to the new wheel attrao- a couple of songs. 

tlons. Hatch's show will be called "The The Curaon Sisters closed the show with 
Mlnthmakers.' Office room has been taken an exceedingly oaring display of iron Jaw 
in Minnie Palmer's offices In the. Crllly Build- work. These two girls, so fearless In their 
lng. Johnny Fogarty will be principal co- work and yet modest withal, could not help 
median of the new show, which bas been but command the admiration of tbe spec- 
booked by Addison Bnrkhardc. tators. It Is quite safe to say that the act 

is unsurpassed in its line. ► 

The name of Frank Keenan comes first on 
Manager Glover's program for the week of 
June 23. Not that the rest of the names are 
not deserving, for they should, indeed, all 
be commended for adding their share to an 

, _ ,.,_ , , , . ... , __, __, excellent program, but Mr. Keenan comes 

BILL AT MAJESTIC HEADED BY Drst . ^ all means, and the audience ap- 
bb A mv 'VVTrta Ibctbiii Plauded madly Ms few momenta of real act- 
FRANK KEENAN— STELLA fag.lj a skit entitled "Vindication," written 

by Willard Mack. 

To start with, Valeria Sisters, two clever 
girls, appeared, and sang and danced, much 
to the delight of the enthusiastic crowd, who 
were gathered together on this warm night 
This sister team may be classed as one of 
the best In vaudeville, and their talent has 
been presented to Chlcagoans several times 
before. Unfortunately the ladles cannot sing, 
but they have a rapid-fire way of put- 
ting over their songs, which easily excuses 
the lack of voices. But right here it would 



(Special to Thb Now York Clippie.) 
Chicago, June 28. 

An otherwise good solid bill, made stronger 

by tho presence of Stella Mayhew and be well to add tbat some new songs will have 

Nonette, tho violinist who sings, constituted to be added to their repertoire in order to 

the two hours and a quarter of excellent keep the stunt up to the standard which it 

warm weather entertainment at the Palace 
Music Hall for the past week. Three of the 
acts were new to Chicago, the others have 
paid us many visits in the past However, 
the majority of those which have been seen 
here before were of strong enough calibre to 
be welcome the second time and still be en- 
Joyed. A good example Is Stella Mayhew, 
whom, perhaps, everybody has heard at some 

has attained. The comedienne of the pair la 
quite capable of getting tbe full amount of 
laughs out of her material, but once again 
we repeat that the act must be replenished 
with something more fresh and new. The 
dancing was very mediocre, but again It was 
a case of putting It over. The. girls closed 
with a nice hand, considering their position. 
The Woods and Woods Trio, who appeared 

time or other during her career, yet this In an original pantomime, called an "Elope- 
comedlenne found a very pleasant haven here, ment by Wire," simply •_ presented, the old 

and was the big noise on the bill. 

Norrls' baboons, "Emperor'' and "Em- 
press," are two of the best monks In the 
business. They accomplish all the old tricks 
and a lot of new ones with a most likable 
predseneas, and on occasions really show 
startling intelligence, so much so tbat It 
nearly converts one to the Darwinian .theory 
without hesitation. The act Is staged in a 
novel way, and Introduces both a dog and a 

stunt of tight wire walking, In their own 
novel manner, and It was this fact that dis- 
tinguished it from the many other acts of 
lis nature. The ability displayed on the 
wire demanded no special attention, for It 
was not superior to the hundreds of other 
like performers who have appeared on the 
Majestic bills. But it was disclosed with 
enough originality to bolster Its worth up. 
The comedian, although he worked hard and 

■ ik> y»t,,)- 

'•-»> k *' 


■. .'..V\*,il-:.-. 

•' •■ viuv ,-i 

squealing little pink pig, to which Empress made a lot of noise, could hardly be called 

feeds milk from a bottle. This Is one of the funny. Miss Ollle Wood, who according to 

acts by no means new to variety fans in Chi- the program, was the feature of the affair, 

oago, and may havo been seen a little while appeared to be a vivacious little creature, 

back at another house. full of life, and agile on the wire. 

■Again In. second position we stood repetl- The worth-while part of the entertainment 

tlon In the person of Harry Van Fossen, started with Hal and Frances, a lady and 

who made t. short Jump from the Majestic gentleman, whose names were not printed 

of last week to the Palace of this week, on the program, but to be eure Manager 

But Harry was not ■boresome at that, and Glover showed exceedingly good taste wheat 

managed to run away with his audience aj fa e acquired the pair to 1111 up position three 

usua L. £ m ^ 5. etn , uea review of the act in which Beck and Henny were originally 

xnay be found In the Issue of June 28 of Thb billed. The whole proceedings were a* 

Eft. Y ^ SK C""™- Harry cannot sing, honeyed and sweet as could be, and equally 

but ho has a funny method of pronunciation as fresh and clean. The girl of the duo la 

which, after henses It continually, succeeds very pretty, modestly likable, and possesses 

to landing Ita desired effect to create mirth, a very true and clear voice, which she knows 

Harry also adds a catchy little dance to his how to use. The gentleman, on the other 

endeavors, which makes a good close for him. hand, was pleasant and breezy, and could 

He received a nice hand and was forced to also sing in true vaudeville style. As a re- 

encore - suit of this combination there was scarcely 

The Four Vanlers, presenting a story in a noticeable fault, and Hal and Frances 

song, entitled "A Fisherman's Betrothal," withdrew In the same modest manner with 

were enjoyed very much, it hi safe to say which they sang and danced, but not with- 

that for all. although it was too warm to out a huge shower of sincere applause, 

exert oneself to applaud very heartily. The . ** *M Williams, Thompson and Copeland; 

number la prettily let, the costumes appro- to their few mlnucs of laughing, called "The 

prlate for the story, and the foursome have Burglars Union," James Thompson, in black 

excellent, strong voices. Ester De Lonr was K CB make-up, was tho whole show, and the 

the feature of the affair, and ber soprano b '8gest and best laugh of all. The offering 

singing was mildly marvellous. Every num- Itself is nothing more than a bit of bur- 

ber received a satisfactory hand, although lesque doings, but who cared as lone aa 

the quartette of singers did not take an en- ", a,me " was there to put it over. This jgen- 

core, which thezmlght have easily enough. tlemaa without doubt is some comedian, and 

"Fixing the Furnace" Is the name of a 2 ne °* ttte t6W black face artists left who 

most novel and comical little skit by Billle does not become tiresome. Jack Willams 

Burke, and presenting George Holland and P n ? V. arl Co P e l»nd were good enough indeed, 

company. George Is a slang artist, and thus ftut Jlnwnle accepted nil tho chances alone 

somewhat of a comedian, always talking, but £ n , d d.dn't "muff" a one. The affair was 

fortunately it Is always something worth *"" °" speed, and thankfully no dull moments 

while which he Is saying. His remarks were vrere obvious. 

the hit of the proceedings, which otherwise RoJybins, who imitates various musical in. 

Sf,V ld Tr n ?, T8 J * mounted , to '"y "Ma- B <* struments for a living, turned out to be a 

Billy Kelly deserves a lot of credit for the deal more Interesting than it aonearedL ha 

fun cxposer, as he is an eccentric little Eng- would be from reading the nrojrram. He 

lishman, with a correct cockney accent and a uses a humorous make-up and a bunch of 

yery ridiculous appearance, which Mr. Bol- paraphernalia to aid him In 0I3 comedy but 

land accurately ^scribed as looking like an his ability lies in his power to nSmlc and 

ant-eater. Mhe Gerald, although not having not as a comedian, and he must be Judged by 

very much to do, was quite satisfactory In tho former. From the standpoint of an 

every move. There is no plot, merely a imitator ho did very nicely, in fact excellent 

humorous situation, which is squeezed fun- In certain spots, out it Is nottfiti Und of 

vZXlt. ?S M, '; 1 Rol "«'q » n «l B l»y Kelly, stuff that causes anyone to go Into a riot 

Thmr make a fine pair. so that the hand which he'tccelved uoon 

J&Zift °??? e K r S c i not nw & Chicago, closln? might well give ^us the T right to w 

appeared In No. 6, but new or old, Nonctto that this gontlemnn went cxtrenSfy bhV 
wlfl always be a hit on any big time bill. It was a hot : Sight for ^'Tn^Tono' tV 

6ho sings and piays the vlo/ln equally w.ell, World" Dancers, tut they worked hard 

? n ,?n£ w ?H M M be S*K td " J'J st iS" l9 nworthelcss, on? I they were Srtoptaff WHS 

the most likable part of the affair. She cos- perspiration and for thla snlrH "alone Siev 

fSSKJ&SPUiJ* SEW dress of many were worthy of both the Xn Ion Md ap^ 

and varied colors, with a neat red turban plauae which they later received : There ana 

hung Jauntily upon a head of Jet black hair, twelve of them to all, and a ^c?ahch« f do?m 

SSSL V c 7 pret *7 J> lct ore. fconette, while they Biirely are. Dance dance dance fast 

&ft5&.*?% f-rtrfng on her violin, but slow, and every which way! but" always «SSl 

fin. w'uh 5„ rap i d ,, rc 'i <>Tery °*/l>M««l«ig vte. Vivian Ford, as the Doll Mcess was onlte 

tri«5? r -i!i Sa * lB ? cd ' a*" » clw-riy con- worse In spots ?S? w£r. The rtorus worked 

tl trnatri I and ? ■£*?»£. thl? E^SiV'SlH wnen ' n « T1 '«*> Du-For Boys appeared anS 

haviln. IrtiurT m "Jin this, to find them danced so splendidly that we received them 

mint *'#h" tH f **!£!? in h,s friend's apart- with double the enthusmsni The lc2t wav 

os^hnndreds oVsklte* SPSS tM * F rt ' SjSE ■■ TtowSto Tne jffgSS, 

line., "tills indeed IntcS,^^ °?.« f S Me 7 h ! cb r| 8 h ««lly, states that they offer every 

made a bit more emotional BHi*£?& b 5 burat °1 applause. The. act easily rants 
a bit unnotuSS To not endcAvori™ £ i^ m ? d ftn iS ng PS- moat superior In its line. 

uuuwiiww in not endeavoring to explain Frank Keenan afforded us more than Jost : 

. I.'WIJ'- v.' 

•I V J. - 

w«l st': 


1 1 tag 


■ :|im>0 

■I \I11Y 

July 5 




Has Sent Ds 

many good things 
bat belt of all Pear., tbe Map of 
qaelity Mid purity -there'* 1SS» 
years Off reputation behind — 



—lio. a Cake tor the Vmccntcd 

Jileanure In hie episode, called " Vindication," 
or be solicited and received our deep Inter- 
est from beginning to end. And bow natural 
Mr. Keenan did act, and now realtsltc be 
made it all seem with bis wonderful char- 
acterization of a Southern colonel. It was 
•Imply great every minute. The skit Itself la 
an excellent -vehicle for the star, and Mac 
Barnes, In the part of the Governor, gives 
able assistance. Mr. Kecnan was forced to 
take a half dozen bows. 

■Hcey and Lee proved to be Hebrew come- 
dians of merit. They sang snappy parodies 
and talked a lot of foolishness until they bad 
them all laughing. In spite of the fine bill 
which preceded them, the boys came back 
very strong and closed with a big band. 

Harry Weber and the Wilson sensational 
dancers, wbo were late of Marie Dressler's 
Co., offered some of the latest fade In dancing 
in a pleasing way. They were well applauded 
for tnelr graceful work, and more of It would 
bavc been readily accepted had the two 
artists saw fit to present It 

Considering that this is practically the, 
hottest period of the year It is amazing to 
see the huge patronage which Jones, Llnlck 
A Bhaefer's Colonial plays to, both afternoon 
and evening. Another feature of the policy 
•f this house Is that they do not advertise 
• big headliner, hut endeavor, very success- 
folly, to have six or seven standard acts, 
one equally as good as the other, and con- 
sequently making it live entertainment 
throughout. Instead of sitting through • 
"dead" show waiting for the one big noise. 
Manager Harrison runs the show with a 
nap, -which is Indeed another attractive fea- 

>For the first half of this week the Jean 
King Quartette was the first number to 
arouse tbe seat-slumping audience from its 
state of coma and stir up a little enthusiasm. 
Soring such hot weather it Is very easy for 
the audience to simply slide down In their 
■eats and remain there, while It Is equally 
as hard for the artists to pull them back up 
and make them applaud. But the Jean King 
Quartette proved to be such a pretty and 
pleasing musical stunt that It Imbued the 
spectators with enough life to make them sit 
so and take notice and applaud quite heartily. 
Miss King, who formerly appeared alone, 
has surrounded herself with, an able trio 
of singers, who render bits of opera, popular 
ballads and a little ragtime all In good style. 
It Is true that the members might unbelt 
themselves a little more and not be quite so 
stiff, even though they are all dolled up la 
dress clothes and evening gowns. But they 
tan sing, and that Is enough to make It at 
worth while affair. 

Knapn and Murray succeeded in making 
the audience laugh at a lot of their Jokes. 
These two gentlemen pulled a lot of bur- 
lesque melodrome and "got by." 
, Murray's Canines were put through a num. 
ber of clever, stunts, such as tight wire walk- 
ing and turning a complete forward somer- 

The Alvo Acrobatic Troupe did some ex- 
cellent work. The straight gentleman of tbe 
trio was considerable of a wizard on the hori- 
zontal bars. Their ability on the bars was 
the feature attraction of the number. Their 
attempt at comedy was weak. The act 
closed with a usual amount of warm weather 

Combls Bros, offered a very pleasing phy- 
sical culture act, also a series of Grecian 
poses, In which the boys used appropriate 
costumes to go with them. Half of the act, 
It might be well to say, was the winner, ac- 
cording to the banner displayed on the stage, 
of the first prize In the physical culture 
contest of the United States. That Is fair 
enough, Isn't ltf In fact, that alone gives 
anyone a license to appear In present day 
vaudeville. The boys closed their act with 
a number of strong arm feats, which were 
both Interesting ana excellently executed, so 
that, all In all. tola duo ranks as one of the, 
best en the bill. 

Nat Carr and company found no difficulty 
in winning the good graces of tbe audience 
right from the start. Mr. Carr is a well 
known (Hebrew comedian in vaudeville and 
knows how to portray the character In the 
correct manner, adding to It all with a good 
dialect A Utile story was Involved in the 
skit, enough to sort of hold It together and 
keep up the Interest until the end. The 
young lady and gentleman assisting Mr. Carr 
were capable, but were a minor factor along- 
side of the star. 





(Bpeotal to The New York Clipi-de.) 
Chicago, Saturday. June 28. 

As Sans Souci Gabdbns preparations are 
being made for a crowd on July 4. There 
will be numerous holiday features. A big 
celebration will be held in the Gardens, and 
there will be fireworks In the evening. The 
celebration will begin on Thursday night, 
and will continue during the afternoon and 
evening of the Fourth. Creatore and his 
famous band will also entertain. The Winter 
Garden bill will Include: Jay B. Rellly, 
tenor; Alma Fleming, singing comedienne; 
Archer and Ingersofl, dancers; the Acmo 
Four, society entertainers; Frank Lowe, the 
wlsard pianist, and others. , 

Fomst Pabk has arranged for one of the 
greatest Fourth of July celebrations ever 
held in Chicago. A *12,000 fireworks dis- 
play, depicting some of the memorable events 
In the history of tbe nation, will be a bio 
feature of the amusement. The principal 
part »f the affair will begin at 0.80 In the 

Will be given on every Wednesday and Sat- 
urday nights at this piece. 

Whits Citt announces on additional at- 
traction In the Great Raymond, the magician, 
who has taken possession of one of tbe 
targe bondings In the park. The White City 
Billet has changed Its program, and will 
present a new terpslcborean endeavor, en- 
titled "The Masque Ball." It Is reported 
that the various shows ore playing to ca- 
pacity during this spell of warm weather. 

Bmnrww'a various rides arc in prime 
favor, especially the new one, called "Shoot- 
ing the Baplds." Both new and old are en- 
Joying the best of patronage. The Chicago 
organisations whoso object It Is to perpetuate 
the folk songs of Norway will gather to- 
morrow at Illvervlew Park's picnic grounds 
for their annual outing. Tbe sporting events 
for tbe week aro baseball games and motor 
cycle races between Chicago and Cincinnati. 

IUvinia Park. Bismarck Gardens and 
Co-mlskey Park will exert for the Fourth of 
July demonstration s. 



Now that the tourist season is at hand, a 

fS7, 9ll, . 1 f ,,t ***** "SMdlng Chicago, our great 
little city, may not prove amiss. 

Chicago Is bounded on tbe North by 
Morse's Garden. Morse has been dead for a 
number of years, but if you are curious to 
know who runs the resort, start something. 

On the South Chicago Is bounded by the 
Btock Yards. Any hot night in Summer, with 
a South wind, will verify this statement. 

On the West the city is bounded by Forest 
Pork, where many .wise citizens go, as it Is 
some distance from said wind of the South. 

On the East the city Is washed by the 
waters of Lake Michigan, which is the only 
part of the city that ever gets a bath. 

Chicago has a sky over It, but It is al- 
most impossible for the visitor to believe this, 
on account of our well known smoke. 

The city has the largest number of smoke 
inspectors of any city In the world. Over 
two million and a batf Inspect smoke here 
every day. 

Englewooo Is a part of Chicago, and was 
so called to give tbe vaudeville performers a 
chance to localize their jokes and get a laugh. 

Chicago is known for Its hog industry. 
If you doubt this try to get on a street car 
during the rusb hours. 

That' black smudge just East of Michigan 
Avenue Is the I. C. Railroad. It is next to 
our beautiful lake, and the people are "next" 
to the I. C, but It doesn't do them any good. 

They are going to electrify the I. C. some 
day. They should electrocute some of Its 
employees first. 

.Bobdehino on Michigan Avenue are some 
of the highest priced hotels In all the world. 
They overlook the lake, and a lot of other 
things besides, but not your money. 

•DiBECTLY to your right is the Art Insti- 
tute. It Is now tbe only place In the city 
where "September Morn" is on exhibit, and 
they don't back up tbe wagon. 

The Loop is a well known Institution in 
Chicago. Gold was discovered there in large 
quantities some years ago by Geo. M. Cohan, 
and he has continued to discover It every sea- 
son since — In large quantities. 

Any part of the city may be reached from 
the Loop by elevated trains, providing cars 
stay on track, which they sometimes do. 

the Blalto is in the heart of the Loop, 
end is only a five minute walk from any or 
the principal hotels, which Is why it was so 
located, as walking Is quite popular with tbe 
average actor, 'likewise less expensive. 

The College Inn 1b a famous eating em- 
porium. Yon can get something to eat there 
If you are strong enough to carry a bribe 
heavy enough to catch a waiter's eye. A boy 
at the door takes your hat when you go In 
the College Inn. When you come out he 
hands it back, providing you band blm some- 
thing in return. If you have any money left 
after tipping tbe waiter and bat boy, you 
may then go to a lunch room end get some- 
thing to eat. 

There are a few cheap lnnch rooms In the 
Loop, but they don't make any money, merely 
enough to buy their owners half-million dollar 

Wr. are now entering the famous Lake 
Shore Drive. To the left is the beautiful 
home of Mrs. Potter Palmer. She loves her 
beautiful home so much that she lives eleven 
months of every year In Europe, and the 
other month in New York. 

Hbinib Zimmerman is to get a hundred 
dollars if he Is good for two weeks. We 
have to be good on a great deal less than 

"How -Mbch Is a Million ?" is listed for 
production at the Fine Arts Theatre. Don't 
ask us. Ask one of the College Inn waiters. 

Theefi are 3,424 languages and dialects in 
the entire world. Friend wife can speak 'em 
ell on some occasions, believe us. 

The irony of fate. Harry Splngold, as 
related In this column last week, became 
possessed of an automobile. No sooner had 
he got It so that It would stand without 
hitching than some miscreant etoll It. Mr. 
Splngold says he doesn't know the true mean- 
ing of "Irony of fate," but If It's a new Une 
of swear words, It goes double and takes in 
the chauffeur. 

Nonette, the violinist who sings, is scor- 
ing her usual success at the Palace Music 
Hall, this week. "Floating Down the River" 
Is her encore number. 

Later: Mr. Splngold went to the police 
regarding his auto. Every policeman on the 
force, however, swears he will stand for a 
search, consequently Mr. S. will have to look 
elsewhere. __^__^_____ 


Harry Lawrence, Billy. Edelmann. George 
Brommersburg and W.' W. Riley are among 
local musicians who have Inspected the Bnr- 
ola Orchestra recently, being shown around 
by James H. Harrington. Every one of them, 
thought the new Invention a wonder. 

Ray D. Lewis, of the Lee Lash Co., wit- 
nessed a, demonstration of the Bartola Or- 
chestra at Schiller Hail recently, and Is. quot- 
ed as saying that It is the greatest thing of 
the kind that ever came to his notice. 

Messrs. Ashton and Burns, of Australia, 
partners of MesBrs. Spencer, Carroll ana 
Valdare, were la Chicago, en route to New 
York and spent some time at the Chicago 
headquarters and exhibition hall of the Bar- 
tola Orchestra. Messrs. Ashton and Burns 
ore going to Australia, via London, but Mr. 
Carroll will return to Chicago and arrange, 
it Is said, for Bartolas for Australia, Philip- 
pine Islands, China and Japan. 

Jack Baxley is singing at the Healy Thea- 
tre, In Fort Worth, Tex., where a Bartola 
Orchestra was recently installed, which Is . 
reported to be a big success. 

W. McGowan. or the Grand Theatre, at 
Evanston, HI., Is going to Install a Bartola 
Orchestra shortly. 

■Sam C. Hallcr, of San Francisco, stopped 
In Chicago recently to witness a demonstra- 
tion of the Bartola Orchestra, and is said to 
have Invested in several of the Instruments. 

Bodkin 4 Kane, owners of several picture 
theatres In Evanston, 111., are to Install Bar- 
tola Orchestras In place of mechanical or- 
chestras at present in use. 



Another tarn of the Thespian kaleidoscope 1* to 
trlxo the Orpheum on Walnut Hllltt a ttock com- 
pany next seaaoo, and this time J. Herman Tbu- 
sum, dramatic and musical editor or The Enquirer, 
will woo fortune on the hilltop. Hi. Orphean 
baa certainly had a variegated career time I, U. 
Martin made hta drat heroic ploy to torn the trod 
of theatrical pilgrimage lo the city on the bill. 
The Orphemn Stock Co. will take hold Sept M, 
and a season of tblry week* is outlined. Manager 
Tboman is now la New York looking rti» ground 
over for players and plays. He severs his news- 
paper connection In the Fall, but will retain hl» 
post of business manager of the May FVssttval. 
He baa already booked Pavlowa. the Russian 
dancer; Yuye. the violinist, and Paderewskl, the 
pianist, for Winter engagements. Tbe weather 
continues of the parboiled sort, and the outdoor 
manager* an In clover. Good Fourth of July 
adclcl attractions aro offered by all tbe resorta. 

OnisTza Pabk (I. M. Martin, togr.)— Arthur 
Halm. "The Man Who Plays to Beat the Band," 
cones Jose 20. to head the vaudeville till at the 
Opera Home. Omen: The Two Gabberts, Dema- 
reat and Obabot, "Tbe Knbellks of Vaudeville;" 
Lea Aradas. and tb? Curtis Sisters. 

Zoo (W. P. Whltlock, mgr.)— Tbe Ben Greet 
Players began their second and last week at 
Wcdland Theatre 80. Large audience* greeted 
tbe favorites, and their engagement Is now accept- 

ed as an annual feature at tbe amphitheatre 
under tbe trees, Besides Ben Onete there are 
Georgo Vivian, Lawrence Eyre, Oscar Petterle, 
Douglas Boss, Dainty Bath Vtrlan, Isabel Memos. 
Orlo Lea, Daphne wheeler, I«slle Aaaten. Noel 
Leslie. Ellubotli Hereon, Ucvrgc Oarlton-Somns, 
John Wlnthrop Kelley, Thomas Kelly, Harry Oli- 
ver, George nn-nglo Hare, Kdtnund (Jurat and 
II. Royer Smith. At the band'sholl. Janlna Bnt- 
klewles, too dancer; Cornelias Van Vllet, the 
'oellst; Edith Roberts, vocalist, and Lena 
Roberta, accompanist, aro pleasing crowds. 

CONir Island (J. K. Olrard, mgr.) — nertls 
of Moose swarnicd over the grounds 28, and 20 
raw the Red Men and Bears In great evidence. 
Cabaret features are now clubhouse apedaltlea, 

B. F. Kami's (John F. Royal, mgr.) — Rata 
Ling Foy, modestly announced as former enter- 
tainer to the ex-Dowager Emprcaa of China, la 
coming 20, tn "A Night In tbe Orient." Others: 
Lydla Yoamsns Titus, McBrlde and Cavun*ngti, 
Kipp and Klppy, and Vlctorlne and Victor. Cin- 
cinnati is motion pictures and photoplays. 

Ludlow Lagoon (John J. Weaver, mgr.) — The 
motordrome races have taken precedence a* the 
biggest magnet at tbe Kentucky resort. Three 
fireworks balloon ascensions are given weekly. 

Walnut Sraarr (W. V. Jackson, nxgr.) — "The 
Battle of Gettysburg" begins a second week 20, 
after an Inaugural week of crowded houses. Much 
entbiu-laaia hm been displayed by the crowds. 

AnnoarOK. — The Children's Entertainment 
Company of the aoldenborg School presented 
"Katydid" 23. Mattel Mason was the Instructor 
jt stage dancing. r 

Olimfio. — ''The Promised Land" was pre- 
sented under the ansptcea of the Zionists 24. In the 
cast of this price Harvard play were: Dunes! 
Matthews, Gabriel H. Wolff, Louis Rappaport, 
Jacob Hyinan, Samuel Gottlieb, Harry Ellis llecd, 
Andrew H. Streng, Kdward Susadorf, Miriam 
Kurtamann, George Klaber, Robert G. Toepfert 
and Nathan Bernstein. The play was staged bj 
Edna Manohehner. 

GxiHn Ofsxa House. — "The Struggle" and 
"The Trapper's Mistake" are the feature fllma 
for the first half of the week beginning 28. 
Emmons and Collns continue as vocalists. 

Lieio, Familt, Licei'M, Heuck's Opxxa novas 
and CummT continue to show motion pictures, 
struma mws txrrrnts. 
0. 0. Lawbkkci, "Bex the Globe Trotter." 
has been giving bis novel Illustrated act at tbe 
nearby resorts. Norwood people gave him splen- 
did hearings at tbe Norwood Park Alrdome. He 
la traveling with Mrs. Lawrence and "the Foxy 
Kids" — Baby Pearl and Little Rex. Lawrence 
waa a sailor on tbe Oregon, and went Into vaude- 
ville after a loner time experience In tbe navy. 
Be is a West Virginian. 

Four hundred Timts-gtnr newsboys were guests 
at tbe Monday night performance at B. F. Keith's 
Theatre They occupied the gallery and enjoyed 
the treat. 

Oat-tain BinNXT Binkan and his troupe of life 
saving dogs are doing an aquatic act at tbe Lad- 
low Lagoon. 

MANAOin Jakb Rohioi, leader of the B. F. 
Keith Orchestra, bas been visiting at ChurchlanJ, 
and they're telling the story on him tbat after 
attending a performance there he started out by 
the exit under the stage. Just force of habit 

Cincinnati teachers bavo been flocking to tbe 
Empress to see tbe Alaska-Siberian Expedition 

Bciloinq Association Dat at Cheater Park, 
July 5. will be a notable affair. 

Antoinette WxaNia-WBST was tbe soloist at 
a concert given at Mastc Hall by 1,000 singers 
of the North American Snengerbund and tbe 
United Singers of America. 

Edmonton, Can. — Empire — Ous Kdwirds' 
"Kid Kabaret," with Eddie Cantor and George (ves- 
sel and company of twenty, featured In a strong 
bill, June 23-25. Scored. Others: Will Rogers, 
cowboy humorist; Jane Connelly and company. In 
a pleasing playlet, "A Strong Cup of Tea;" Brent 
Haye*. banjolst; Helen Trlx, Rose Valerlo Troupe, 
La Valeria ana Melvln Stokes, in "A Bash of 
Spanish ;" Edison's talking pictures. Big busi- 
ness. John Mason scored in ''As a Man Thinks," 
20-28. S. R. 0. all performances. 

Paniaobs'.— Joseph E. .Howard and Isabel Mc- 
Cane were the headline™ 23 and week. Others : 
The Velde Trio, acrobats; Mabel' Harper, come- 
dienne; Lopea and Lopez, and Jack Taylor. Ca- 
pacity, • 

Ltcxtjh. — The Permanent Players played to ca- 
pacity in "The Deep Purple" 23 and week. Grace 
Ayleswortb, as 'Frisco Kate, and James Iiynell, 
as Wlllam Lake, scored another success, They 
were given excellent support by too balance of 
the company. Big business. 

Majestic. — The iMaJestlc Musical Comedy Co., 
which bas been playing for tbe past four weeks, 
closed for the week of 23, the company taking 
to tbe road, from Edmonton to Vancouver. Tbe 
Majestic Amusement Co. opens with a new com- 
pany SO. 

Undeb the auspices of the Edmonton Baseball 
Club, Con T. Kennedy, who bas ono of the larg- 
est carnival organizations will bring hla nineteen 
shows to Edmonton, July 14, for one week. One 
of the unique features will be tbe choosing of a 
queen for the carnival. A valuable diamond ring 
will be presented to tbe popular young lady secur- 
ing the largest number of votes. Tbe contest 
opened Tuesday, June 24. 

London, Can. — Grand (John R. Mlnhlnnlck. 
mgr.) Lyman Howe's travel festltal week of 
Jane SO. 

Spbinomnk Pabk (W. L. Stewart, mgr.)— Tbe 
season opened here 23, with the Stoddart Stock 
Co., In "Dora Thorne." The leads are In the 
hands of Leah Stoddart and W. L. Stewart Bills 
will be changed weekly. 

Note.— The Western fair will be held Sept 6- 
13. Attractions are now being booked. 

Hamilton, Can.— Temple (J. 0. Appleton, 
mgr.) "The Palace of the King" week of Jane 80. 
"Leah Kleachna" next week. 

Mountain (0. H. Bummers, mgr.)— For week 
of 80. "A Stranger In a Strange Land." "Tbe 
Spendthrifts" to follow. 

Sprlnjjfleld, Mass. — Poll's (Gordon 

Writ-liter, mgr.) "Under Southern Skies" June 
28-2(1 took well with good houses. "The notary" 
80-Jnly 5. 

BaoaowAT (D. D. Seniles, mgr.) — "A no- 
minee of the underworld," Jose 23-28. was wit- 
nessed by well Oiled houses. "Tbe Nigger" 30- 
Jnly 6. 

Nelsoit (J. J. Moewer, mgr.)— Vaudeville and 
motion pictures. 

Plaea (J. IT. Carney, mgr.)— 'Vaudeville and 
notion pictures. 

Biversioe Pabk *,Horan & Haloney, mgrs,)— 
Talking pictures. 

Octiho Pais:.— Johnny J. Jones' Exposition, 
23-28, was tbe mecca for good crowds all the 

Abuxu,, Biiop, EmsoNtA, Giiett, Cbans, 
Globi, Hudson, Lion, Miaaos. Novn.Tr, Pat- 
ao» and Sodwat, moving pictures. 

Tbb latest addition to the local moving picture 
booses, tbe Lion, at 108 Main Street, opened June 
20, with Pascal L. Morse, monster. Tbe seating 
capacity is COO, and five reels will be given at 
each performance. 

Almbt a. Queen, the popular orchestra leader 
of roll's, was married to Alice E, Killer, a 
Springfield yonog lady, in (he presence of a few 
friends. After a trip to Prince Edwards' Island, 
Will be home to their friends Sept 1. 

ObaiLEs Houston, an animal trainer with 
Johnny J. Jones' Show, bad bis tight arm and 
scalp badly torn by a lioness on 20, and was 
treated at tbe Collins Bmergen<y Hospital, after 
which be returned to tbe show. 

Oabl Bbiukeht, leading man of tbe Poll Stock, 
is to lay off for three weeks and vlalt hla old 
noma In Indiana. Daring his absence George 
MacQnarrle will play tbe lead. 

OoxtrxMOiNO the week Jane 80, tbe Broadway 
will only give a matinee Tuesday, Thursday and 
Saturday during July and August. 

Tin parents of Oapt. Cnrley Wilson, tbe Hon 
tamer with tbe Johnny J. Jones' Exposition Co., 
took a ran np from Providence, B. t„ Sunday to 
see tbeir son, whom they bave not seen for ten 

Si grsBBiMS and his wife were visitors Id this 
city the past week. 

Taunton, Mass.— Park (A A. Kellsmans, 
mgr.) moving picture* and raaaevlUt, 

WiirrrBNTOM (Donovan * Walker, agrm,)— 
Uovlng pictures. 

OoumtiA (W. J. Locke Jr., mgr.)— Mot lug 
pictures and vaodevllle. 

Stab (Leonard Bros., mgr».)— Morlns; pictures 
and TandVrvllle. 

OAsnco (Donovan * Walker, mgrs,)— Moving 

NioatBX, (Joe. laplant mgr.) — MotIdc picture*. 

Sabbatia Pa»k. — Honuua Musical Stock Co. 
pleased large audiences week of S3. A change 
of program will be given week of 30. 

MOW RELEASED! At ti each. "Trail of the Loneaomo Pine." "That Old Olrl of Mlno." "In M> 
Harem," "Ton'ra My Baby" Each Parody and Permit signed by NAT m. WILLS. Apply to 
author of above parodies. MATT WOODWAAD, gaiety theatre cldo., n. T. city. 


BARTD ACTORS and band men doubling orchestra. Two general bcaalneao meat 
doing apeelaltles. People tn all Hues. Band leader (cornet). Trap dramm* 
-with traps. All mast deliver the goods. State what yon do. Wire or writs* 
Mnit Join at once. Address 


Mountain Grove* Sbu 



Man and Woman for General Business; prefer married eonple; Uarltono Ploy or, Clarionet, to donlfa 
Second Violin: Viola or 'Cello. Other good Kcportolro people write 
HOY B. B'OX. Ramble, Tex., week of Jane 30j Saratoga, Tex., week of" July 7. 


Most join immediately. HARRY SHANNON, Payne, Ohio. 


LIGHT COMEDIAN, Man for Heavies, Character Woman, also Ingonno Woman capable of play- 
ing strong lino of parts. People In all lines wrlto. I'refcrotico given to those doing specialties. Re- 
hearsals July 11, A long and very pleasant engagernont to experloncod ladles and gontlomon. I'eopa 
carrying snakes, dogs, lizards, rats or other pots or atllnltlcs, plcnso don't wrlto, the place you wantot 
has Just been fllfcd. BVP. UILLHAN; r" 

mane ooni write, tito jiiuce you woniei 
, 1T03 Dodge St., Omaha, Neb. 


FRMIINIi Fl YNN "w m light comedy 

CUlflUllU rUrail 6B5 H. CLARK ST., CHICAGO 


58aro-flro, langh>get.tlnfr parodlcson "The Trail of tho Loneaomo Pino," "SnookloOokamj" "Tbata 
How 1 need yon," "When I Loat You," and the, funnlost p nruily over wrltton on "Sllvor Threads.* itr i « ,,„r,i, .„.,,. „„.i,,.,i,,. .,,r«.<lr« I Til ° oiitlro sot of 6 for no cents. Hen! 
SPECIAL I «™»'°.f VWiiS ' suravllre I co|n or , Wm „ f0 !,„,!,„„,„, 
material. Price gl.UO. | Q» ra of 0L .ff EB| « w , - M n St., M. E 

Ban Claire, 'Wis. — Orphean, Lyric, Unique, 
Rex and Star nil report splendid dullness for 
Jane, with motion pictures Koliert War- 
wick, of the American Theatre Curtain and Supply 
Co., has placed one of their radium gold Dure 
acreen curtains in the Orpbeum for Mnuagrr floo. 
McLaughlin. Citing tbe Orpbeum the viclualvo 

rights for this city Major O'Lsughlln haa 

been spending the week of 2 at Kau Claire, with 
friends, and coaxing members of the tinny trlho 
to come out of Lake liollie with hla famoua 
casting rod and dowaglac bait. Major will open 
at the Ml Jos, la Minneapolis, June 30 Hvou- 

Bll and Madame Ilellna bave been ploying at tho 
Ice resorts in Western Wisconsin and will open 

their regular aeaton at Ontlgo, Wis., July 1 

jack Peterson, after a four months' tour of tho 
picture bouses In Wlsconrln and Minnesota, 
closed a week's engagement at Lyric, Claire, 
Wis., and will spend three weeks at hla homo In 

Milwaukee, Wis. — Davidson (Bheman 
Brown, mgr.) tho Davidson Btock Oo. present 
"Checkers" week of June 00. 

CarsTai. (Wm. Of ay, mgr.) — For week of SO; 
Cfaas. Dingle, the present leading man of the 
Saxe Stock Co., will elte a piano monologue, and 
Harry Stafford nud Ruby Blackburn*, two other 
memters of that company, will bo hcadllnera on 
this wetk's bill. _ , „ , 

Majvsrio (Bcverung Bros., mgrs.) — Moving pic- 
tures week of 80. 

Saxb. — The stock company closed Its ran Jnly 

6, and on Monday, 7, moving pictures will be 
the attraction for the rest of the s-ummer. 

WitrrsTiBH Bat (Richard Becker, mgr.) — Lorn- 
bardl's Band .'s entertaining crowds uljhtly. 

Note. — At Pabat Park and Wonderland the 
usual crowds assemble dally, 

Newark, N. J.— Newark Theatre (Geo. W. 
Bobbins, mgr.) tbe Pay ton Moalcal and Comedy 
Co., In "St. Elmo," week of June 80. Sadie 
Badcllffe returns for this week. Week of July 

7, "The Olrl In tbe Taxi." 

Paooiox's (B. 0. Stuart, mgr.)— This house 
closed, for the Bummer, June 28. 

Washington (O. B. New, mgr.)— June 80- 
Jnly 3: Dave Austin and company. Stambcrg and 
Lee, Boas and Faust. Spear and Shannon, Thorn- 
ton and Carlew, Eatelle Newton. July 8-B: HcMD 
Plngree and company featured. _ 

LTBIO (It. 0. Stuart, mgr.)— June SO-July 3t 
Wilbur Bwealman, Flossie Le Vere and company, 
James Duffy. Evers-Wlsdom and company. Key- 
stone Four, Juggling Le Belles. July 8-B : Yomna , 
Craig and Overboil, ■ Metropolitan Trio, Wlllsom 
and Gallagher, Butledge-Plckerlog sad company, 
Bollinger and Beynolds. , _ 

•Olthpio Pabk (J. M. Beldon, mgr.)-JTlio 
Olympic Park Opera Co., week of June 80. to 
"The Mascot" instead of "Tbe .Gondoliers,'' as 
anwenced, with Blanche Morlsou, who Joins Juno 
80. Week of July 7, "Der Flledermaoa." 

hotss. __ 

Manaozb B. O. Stuabt, of Proctor's, will 
spend tbe first two weeks of July In Vermont, 
at Lake St. Csiierlne, 

Obosob THATonns, the well known minstrel 
nan, died tn Bast Orange, N. J., last week. 

LonUTlIIe, Ky. — Fontaine Ferry Park 
(Hurry Bllger, mar.) the Intense hot spell drew 
thoussnds of people to tbls psrk during the psst 
WOTk. Dig. NsttletO'S Band continues as a fea- 

Fomtainb F«m»t Pask rnsiTasi (Harry Bllger, 
mgr-)— Bill week of 20: J. a Nugent and com- 
pany, Manon Opera Company, Shrlner and Bleb- 
eras, and tbe Three Millers. 

Majistic (L. Dlttmar, mgr.)— "Mary Stuart." 
is the feature film week of 2». ,,„ . 

Novn/rr (B. Lereoson, mgr.)— "His Mother's 
Lore" features week of 20. 

Casino (I. Simon, mgr. ) — "Othello In Jones- 
vllle" features week of 20. , ,__ „„ , , 

Ohtuuk (I. Simon, mgr.) — "Tbe Politician" 
features week of 20. 

Hippodbomb (Mag L. Simon, mgr,)— "Two Lu- 
natic," features week of 20. , _ 

OuMno (Max L. Simon, mgr.)— "The Bandit" 
features week! of 30. _ __ 

Avsxna (M. A. Shaw, mgr.)— Vaudeville til 

Idbai, (L, Drttmir, mgr.)— Vaooovlllo and pis- 

Columbia (1. Simon, mgr ) — ' Tho Stolen Idol" 
features week of 20. 

Woom-awn Pass:.— Vaudeville and motion pie- 

Slnteravllle, R. I— BIJoa Theatre (Oesn* 
Dausteaa, mgr.) closed June 28 for tbe Summer. 

B Mini's Thuthi (J. Meatb, mgr.)— Moving 
picture* and songs. 

Moan. (A. Tetrault, mgr.)— Moving pictures 
sad songs. 

AlSDOMa (Geo, Dausteaa, mgv.) — Moving pic- 
ture*. This house has changed the prices to tire 
and ten orals, and bas seven reels of pictures. 

Ofbsa H'idsb (Ob as, I'etiord, mgr.)— Vaude- 
ville sad pictures. 

Oraaba, !feb — Krng Park (Oeo. Hoschoff. 
mgr.) Clrlclllo Concert Band Is drawing good 

Mamawa (II. M. Biroet, .msr.)— Don Philip- 
plot's Grand Symphony Band Is the added attrac- 
tion st this park. 

Nora— Buffalo Bill-Pawnee Bill Shew will dja]) 
their annual visit to tils city, July IS. 


Ann Arbor,. Mien.— Majestic (Arthur Lane, 
'.) Klnemseoler and other feature films. 
law WiuTsn (Arthur Lass, mgr.)— Dark. 

Tbuplb (Gordon 4 Knapp, mgrs.) — Featura 

Sun. — Gentry Bros.' Circus showed to capacity 
business here June 21. 

Wllkes-Burrc, Pa.— Poll's I Harry Dexttt. 
mgr.) for week of Juno 80, the Poll Slock Oa» 
pnwnt "Tho Ne'er Do Well." 

Nbhditt (Jos. Kallakte, mgr.)— Dill 30-July as 
Victor Burns and company, Lewis and Lewis* 
Hermann Zelts, Falls and Falls, and Keltlna, 
Last half: Three llylos, Kelly and Fern, Holes 
Datles, snd Crawford and Montroae. 

Noras. — Tho Poll Theatre will close July 8 for 
period of three weeks for repairs anil alterations. 
The stock company will lay over until tho com- 
pletion of tbe work Tho Nesultt closed Its 

vaudeville policy June 28 and Inaugurated pic- 
tures commencing Monday, 80 Vaudeville 

attractions 'will be ctaged at the Majestic Tos- 
atro next season. 

Johnstown, Pa.— Majestic <M. J. noyle, 
mgr.) closed a very successful season Juno 2a. 
The bouse will re-open Aug. 4. 

Cahbbia (II. Hchcrcr A J. T. Kelly, mgrs.)— 

Pabx Faiiilt (Scherer 4 Kelly, ogre.)— Mov- 
ing pictures. 

Nbiio (M. MoOann, mgr.)— Moving pictures. 

Obano (Oeo. Panagotacos, m«r. ) — Pictures. 

Stadium (Oeo, Panagotacos, mgr.) — Pictures. 

Globs (J, O. Foley mgr.) — Vaudeville and pic- 

Dunn DntiM (J, 0. Foley, mgr.)— Pictures. 

Luna I'aik (Park Shows, mgr,)— Concessions 
and dancing. Good crowds dally. 

Altoona, I'n.— LokemoMt Park (J. M. Shack, 
mgr.) "Under Southern Hklei" was presented by 
tbe Hall Btock Company June 23 and week, te 
lorgo attendance. 

Obano, Kami's, Familt, Idial, CararAt. 
Pahtiub, National and I'alacb, moving picture*. 

Noras. — Manager Mlahler and Mrs. Mlsnler ars 
spending a vacation at French Lick Springs, lad, 

Ohambersbnrsr, Pa.— New (W. P. Brltsch. 
mgr.) bill week of Jane 80: Moore and Stscia. 
Ernest Duplle, and Temple snd Boot, 

Kobbdalb.— Photoplays, 

'Reading-, Pa,— Hippodrome (0, 0. Keener, 
mgr.) Calami th Stock Co. presents "Mam'sells** 
week of June 80. 

Notes,— This week marks the close of the the- 
atrical season In tills city. Tbe Hippodrome wut 
re-open early In Auguat, 

Peoria, III,— <PrIuceas (Beaver Amuse. Oa, 
mgrs.) vaudeville and pictures, 

Al Fsbhoo Pabk (Seaver Amuse. Co., mgr*.) 
— Vaudeville, pictures and outdoor amusements, 

Dkuisbi'b (Martin Demuuey, mgr.) — BUI for 
week of June 30: Virginia' Hoyden, Tom Crowley 
and Princess Znleka. Tho pritccej continues a big 
bit In "Tho Devil's Dance." Crowded houses 
are tbe rule. 

Ooiumbia, Da Lrxr, Eirr-nsss, Illinois, Iji- 

Banoaiio, picture bouse,. 

Oltmno, Staslaho and Whits Citt, slrdotnes. 
aro doing well. 

Faust, Mavot, Osibnt, Bivsrvibw and Ya . 
Olos Inn aro running Cabaret shows, 

Notb. — Grace Paeey, of Dempsey's Btock Bnf- 
waque Co. Is In tbe box office of tbat bouse durlntj 
the Summer season. 

Dallas, Tex.— Lake Cliff Casino (dm. A. 
Mangold, mgr.) good business roles. 

OrcLS Pabk (W. J. Drown, mgr.)— Good busi- 

Wasiiinoton, Quxbn, Palacb, Oandt. Psin- 
CBis, EMi'iiSBs, Oners, HirponxoMB, Div-las, 
Dalton, Nickslooban, Osmiivk, Hafft lloua 
and Lvaio moving pictures. House* are operating 
on Sundays on the contribution plan. 

Noras.— Work has begun on the new Crystal 
Theatre, which will be one of tbe most com- 
modious lo Dallas. A steel and concrete construc- 
tion to coat 1100,000 A building permit bos 

been Issued to Dalton Bros, to erect a three-story 
brick veneer building at 1B20 Blm Street, at a 
cost of 145,000, work to begin st once, 

Onltnqne, la.— Grand (John Maclsy, cgr.) 
la closed. 

•Majxrtio (Jake Rosenthal, mgr-)— Tbla boss* 
(s also closed. 

AisDfMti (Jake Rosenthal, norr,)— Jack Besssy 
Stock Co. present for week of Jane 20, "The 
Burglar and tbe Lady" snd "Saved by U» Stan 
and Stripe*." Record business Is being dose. 

Union PABK (Jake Rosenthal, mgr,)— Vaude- 

STAB (A. O. •Thompson, rap. )— Oloafrt, Man- 
ager Thompson and wife will spend six weeks' 
vocation In (Michigan. 

Pamosas (II. W. Fulton, mgr.)— Picture*, 

AMUEB (A. I,. Stevens, mgr.) — Picture*, 

Botal (A. L. Heevens, mgr.)— Pictures, 

Woodland.— •Pictures. 

Dbbamland 1 (J. K. Boyle, mgr.)— Picture*. 

DbXamland II (A. 0. Wrlibt, mrr.)— Picture*, 

Keokuk, la. — niru>odro»*» (Mark Ang-il, 
sngr.) In spite of the extreme beat this theatre 
Is pitying to splendid business BUI Week of 
Jons 80 1 S. A. Gedmln, Ada Carlton, Ofphou* 
Comedy Four, the FJniford*, Herrotny's eats «•) 
dog*. Daisy Cameron, Mann and Dogmata, and Jet 
and Ktbel Dooley. . ___ 

Gamp, OsFuavK and Colonial, moving pic- 

Nora— As Oottoa-BIoAScia Theatre Boat plajvdj 



July 5 










ntxfenld Lilian, Most, El«> 
Kiaeraon, laartel. Allle 

Gtuvco Celeste] .Noun, Jruule 
Ellcson, Tllllc |Mcb<jlas. Evelyn 

Clipper Post Office. 

In order to avoid minnkn »d to 
Insure the prompt delivery- of the 
letter! advertised In tills list, aa 
envelope plnlnlr RddrriKd Blast be 
■cut for f-nch letter, and m written 
order tor the letter, signed with the 
full name and mldren and the line 
of baslness followed by the sender, 
must alao be enclosed. 

Please mention the date tor nun. 
ber) of the CLIPPER la *a>tcli the 
inters sent for were advertised. 

Ardelk, Roth 
Anbrr. lisiel 
Allen Florence 
Alderauu Vcrnlc 

Adanui, Oars FiUum. Lillian A Kicliolsaa 

liucbc-r, Mnrlc 1'uller, Dale Naumann 1'red 
Brad, Louise Forrest, Dorotbj New ten, Neola 
Ulnlr, Mabel Fowler, Emma OUretto Kite P. 
Iiouroe, Hsxel Farlnsloo, Bob* O'Ftrrell. 
llvfter, Lconla Glbbws Benito. Miss H. A. 

Uoaweil, Uuuldlug, Plumstead, 

Bonnie Jean Mrs. Oeo. Ulllas 

Bannister, Gillette, Jens Pincswr. 

an, Harry Harris, Iitbby Florence 

Doom OonaUuM liolcomb, Pries, Cirua 

Jtuylan, Oeeella QraTOOE. Paul, Aln.'i-e 

Burivall, Hoc?, Kmma Bofm, I.lnle 

ISurnclta llunK's, Florence Howe, May 0. 
Bond, Buimle Harden. Mils V Bandolrili, 
ltrady, Srl»la Uess, Heltie I>urothr 

Conic Mar^u-Tlte Isaoohaen Iioaltf Boss, Ethel T. 
Orawford, Kclincr MnLoon Rockwell. .Mauds 

Madeline liwig, Blauche Ulclimouil, 
ClIITord, Isina Kent, Louise Mm. Dui.eaa 

Vbnee, Mrs. Kirk, Anna St. Olalr. Ethel 

Cvunell}-, Belle Kebm, Bay Short, Fruiters 

C.iri.r. Jlrall.U. LaXonr Luella Stall, Ve'ds 
Ciirrlugtoa Alice Lewis Jetnuellc Sites, Mr*. J. W 
Olnrk, Dorothj LaMcnt, JenaJe Slarr, Lillian 
Onuter, I.ruue Locav, Marie Bltwarli, F.tnel 
Curlla, Orrlune I.oclnrood Nellie Shannon, ilnrle 
Clark, Mabel Lowls Blaocbe A Stanly. LVroUir 
Curler. Lillian I.eno, Cedl Salrky. Merlon 

Duuxlas, Mods I.amWey Gcrtrud Tolbott, Killtli 
Dunrre Josjililne Lteiiard, Tuompaoti, Flat. 

Dlioii, Dorothy "Isidore" Taylor, Zeld^ 

Duuiond, Lonrltt Jeaanett Vernon, Kitty 

F.dlth May Leoo, Cecil Wrlu'jr. 

Detwylor, Mason, Dab/ Mrs. Fred K. 

Dorothy Marry, Edythe Wlieeler Slaleri 
Dodson. Maraton, Bobo Wllsun, Anua K 

Mlas Theo Median, Belcn Wadlelira. Vers, 
Drake, Kstellc Murray, Laura Waiue, Leoua 
Uunliam, Norlne Me()lll, Effie Wallnnce Dainty 
Uupree A Eckles McDanlol, Klnko. Susste 

Dooley, Bay Henrietta ZaBoll, Clair 



1 sat down late one evening sUter the JWMet of the Day, 
1 floated to the Dreamland* with the (Mrif 0/ the Oay White Way; ■ 
The Rltina Sua ca*t a ruddy glow on. treat and sylvan brooks, 
I vow 1 saw tic Itotcland (HrU standing with Uotden Crook: 

It surely was a Beauty Pirate, The OehmbU* abowed me. 

Of jrirla. nnd gtrU, and yet more rlrU. to one BigJutaee: * . 

The College dirt* mixed with Social Hold* and Happy Widowi, too,' 
All mingled in tha merry throng, Cracker tack* thro 1 and thro*. 

These Queen* of Part* held my breath, they were BeUrn of Beauty Row, 
Hut I fainted at the heaxywakbta, oh 1 job BUty WcUon'e Blum: 
Urn Welch'* and Vave^daiio* 1 * Oum came fast, with bead erect and proud. 
There was Beauty, I'mttft and FoUv In all that motley crowd. 

Oh t Herri Garb from Happyload, and Gov Veto Yorker*, too. 

With Hurtix & Beamon'a Bowertet, decorated with Star and Oorfer anew ; , 

Tell me, American Beautlet, with all your smiles and curls, 

Why I could dream the lifelong day about those Ginger Qirl*. 

I dreamed of Boeeu Poaey Qirl*, with lights turned dim and low, 
The Honeymoon Girls, too, passed la Use, with A I. Beeve*' Beauty Show;* 
I saw in happy vision the Stria from Btarlani bright. Jh 

It aeemed that Fate was good to me la rosy dreamt (bat night 

The Troeaderot, Liberty Girls and Behman Show were there. 
With Bon Ton Girlt, the whole mass ot pride and Vanity Fair; 
I rubbed my eyes and looked again, saw RobUf* Beauty Show, . 
The Broadway Girl* they marched along with Mollie Williams' Co.; 
When Uiner'i Big Frolic appeared In line my head In clover laid, 
For I was drifting high, above, wttb 0am How?* Kitting Mali. 

I drifted on with Harry Hatting*' Btg Show, my mind a maw ot whirls, 
The Watton Bitten hand In hand, those handsome, defer girls ; 
Last, bat not least, the TaH Writ, those queens of happy mirth, 
" iy reverie and I came back to earth. 

They rounded off my 

LiLiiAs Hist (Beach and Hart). 



Alnwortli, 0. B 
Ailums. Ilownrd 
Andrew! BUI 
Arthur A Bay 
Ambrose Jos, 
Arclij , J. 11. 
Adaius, Sam 
Adaina, Lloyd 
Arnolds, Clias. 
Alliiun, Cbna. 
Alien, Mr.AMrs. 
Archer, Sam 
Attawny, Tom 
Andrews, BUI 
Athey, L. E. 
Bradley, Oka*. 
Uuclier, Hurt 
Barlow, Law. 
Uobuuuon A 

Bandy. Geo. 
lloluiid, Jno. A, 
Vurhorn, J. F. 
Bui ley, I* Boy 
Brums, Olins. 

Beneii. Uaaaleca 

Borunl. A. 
Bondell, i:d. 
Brown, Tom 
Brown Kirk 
Bobnont Murrey 
Bnrlugton Chaa. 
Bulon, Mr. 
Barbour, l-ouls 
Beriuml, llnrry 
Ballot, Anton 
Boweu. Fr ink A 
Burton, flus 
Bowcn, F. A. 
Brown & 

psl man 
Bloeiufleld. F. K 
Bruce, Mbt 0. 
Burns, Ntal 
Breton, r A 0. 
Brennan, Rdw. 
Barnes, Kddlo 
Belford. Oeo. W 
Brady, Paul 
Booms. Jns. 
Browua, Two 
Bush, 0. 
Belt rage. Geo. 
Barry, Rich. T. 
Cuulnghain Wm. 
Onniiibclla Mus, 
Ooyle, Jas. 
C'urrnu, Ohna. 
Curler. W. J. 
Cash, Butlelgb 
Carinody, Jas F 
Carter & Waters 
OriNton, Ben 
Urowui, H. 
Oiuuii, 3, D 
Onlo, B. 3. 
Ooiuior, Chris. 
Ouiiuon, HiiKhey 
Carnioiljr, Jn« F 
Oarer, B, D. 

Great Mue, 
Oralir. K. I). 
Clarinet 1st Prof. 
Oarllitle, J. T. 
Oronlii. Morris 
Oonuilln. Fotc 
Carver, F. 0. 
Carlos, Guns, 
Campbell, Mr, 

cami'ueii, i>»r. 
Carvel. Blckurd 
Oamiibell, W. XI 
Campbell, Kobt. 
Our lei on, Al. 
CbllilB, 0. A. 
Chapman, II. 
Clarke. Fredk. 
Carroll A lSHer 
Cleaver, Laura 
DeVcldo. Ed. J 
Dlstler, 0. H. 
Donovan, J. B. 
Do Sylvia, H. 
Fox, Peck & 

Donnelly, J. A. 
Daniels. Lot 
Pliton, Bowers 

& Dixon 
Davis. Oweu G. 
Dunning, F. W. 
Daly, Artb M. 
Oelutar, Dan 
Denton, Hal. 
De Cnarltal 

Doris, Jack 
Duucnn, Roy 
Donnan. Oeo. 
Dldd, Wm. a 
Daly. Obaa 
Donnelly, J. A, 
Darling. 8. F. 
Dillon, 1. 
l>e [tees J. LcO 
be lltwrn Herbt 
Edwnrda A 

Bccics, Wait. Mulford, E. A. 
Edwards. K. B. Mecacuo, Inrlq. 
Emerson, 11. A. Moore, Frank 
Kiumctt, lSugeiie Morrlssey, T, P 
Klmer, Geo. Neola, Bdw. 

1'rllz, Juo. J. Newton. Billy 8 
Foster, Wlllnrd Nutt, Bd. 
Franklin, 0. K. Nore, Ben 
Freeman, Lew Norrts, Wesley 
French, Henri Nleheraou BUlle 
Friinu, sig. Nat. Stock Co. 
Friiukoll 1 rou|>e Nye, Tuos. F. 
FerKn6on, Dick Newman, J. 
Fuller, B. F. Newman, Arnold 
Green, H. T. O'Kell, Jos. J. 
Grew, Win. Ustrudo, Mr, 

Gallagher St U'U'arv, BobL 
Blienr Plekert, Willis 
Gerard Palmer, Dock. 

(Jrcshain T. P. I'ooller, Kddlo 
Gabriel, Master Phlllliw, W. L. 
Grew, Wm. Patterson, ft, 

r irant, Geo. Perry, E. IL 
Gardner, Ernie Porter, Carl 
Gillette, Lorent Parker, B. W. 
Gordon, F. H. Ridsselie, F/lind. 
GuTilner, Jack Raymond, Billy 
Grabuni, Fred Kogers, Dave 
Gruliam, Austin Rlccl, Ani-elo 
Oruvetta. Tho*. Uussell, M 
Grey, Band. U {toss, Lew 
Harris. Bob Rockwell, O. L. 
Harvey, Doe. B. Russell, Prod 
Horner. Jnck Rollins, Jack 
llolibs. Fred Rollins, Grorir 
Ileclow. Ohas. llodreglei, Mas. 
Ilobson, Ben Rockwell, Geo. 
Ulckmany. Richie, Willie 

Bessy Oo. Betss, Nat 
Hickman, Lee Reed, W. O. 
Herbert's Bego, Jas. A. 

Canines Red Eaglo D&Oo 
Oalme, W. U. Roy, Walt. 
Hennlug, Fred Boy. Wallet 
Uodgc, Edwin Biffin, .'itred 
Ballon, Fredk. Remington Jos. 
Harvard, Four Madeline, AaulJ. 
Henderson, 0. A Rlnaldo. Bruce 
llnvett & Ignore Birlnirer Opera 
Ilmnlln, Frank House, Mgr. 

llm>kell & Day Strauss, Will 
Hack, Billy K. Schetiaer. I. 0. 
Horun. Jus. Sidney, Arthur 
Hulstenbaeh Ed Swenson, Alfred 
lluliue, W. H. Sumner, Roy 
Ilellm.'iu Magic. Sldnols, T. 
Jncknou, 0. T. Sidney, Arthur 
Jenks, Frank Sliennan, Dick 
Juekq.ill, Ons. Snyder, Geo. B. 
Johnson, BlllyM Seymour, F. V. 
Jiuiu's, Alf. B. Smith, 0. J. 
Jeans, Hugh Sterling, Bd. 
.Tonics. Q A. Stelllng, F. Wm. 
Kolb Paul F. Stanton, Blebd. 
King, W. Earl Saunders, Bert 
Keyes, Cheat A Slebblns, 81 
Kelly, H. P. Sbarpley, Ad. 
K nil sober, M. Sclier mer, I. O. 
Keith, Cato 8. Stuart, F. 0. 
Kidder Bert A Savage, T. F. 
Dorothy Slellman, Wm. 
Kolb. J. W. Shoemaker. J.H. 
Kennedy, Perelf. Sutherland J. 
Knlll, Milo J. Spink, Goo. 
k oilier, Otto Sbreyer, Mr. 
Kelly, Art. B. Symonda, Jack 
Kelly, Olaud TaomnD, Ohas. 
Kerr, Mr, Terrli, Chas. 

Kennedy. Jim Tlerncy EdftJ. 
I.tllfv, Edw. a Tralnor, Jack 
Lewis. Grant Tllkln, M. 

n Vler Tessler, Wm. 

LaVelle, P. F. Tbor, Musical 
l.lnti, Horace Thompson. J. L 
LeVere & PalnulDDnne, Willy 
l^rdell, Albert Underwood, F. 
Lancaster, Todd. Vail, Rdwu 
Logreuia, Ohas. Varley, A. H. 
Leonard, )no. B, Von Hyman, S. 
Lnwrence, Albt Vino, Wm. 
Uvslle. Oeo. Varntll, Chick 
Leonard, Jno. B Vlcoccbl Bros. 
Liulellu, Anton Vldoeq, Pary 
Lester, W. II. Wallace, Ben F. 
Larktns, Wm. White, Oolton 
nvln ft Oombet Wllaon, BlltV 
UiKivnia, Obaa. Xlnta, Monte 
lA>UarRC, J. A. Wlllsrd, B. H. 
Murphy, F. J. Wood, Bert O. 
MoElhcrn, Jas. Whitney, W. H. 
McDanlels. J. II Weaver, V. U 
Mayo, Frank O. Wilcox, W. S. 
MeOarlhy, lWil'.e Williams, Frank 
Morton, Obas.K. WlllUnn, Las 
Mclicnn, Mr. Walker, Jack 
Mnlilhaur Otlo Warren, Perce 
Mcllugb, Ed. Welnatcln, M. 
Miller, Oeo. Wright, Edw. 

Mets, Theo. Western, Al. 
Moore, Burt Wellington. S 

MeOallum, K. D. Wllll»,n, Herbt 
Melnotte, Claude Wnnl. Hippy 
Mlron, Joa. 0. Wllllama. Dan 
Morgan, Dirk Young. May 
Miiglln, ICdAltov Yeoman, Geo. 
Moore. Arthur Yatca, Wm 
Moffett, O. T. Yard, Geo. 
Raymond Modrna, Louis 

Lew Watson, Charles Yeager, Mrs. Ycarer, 
Florence Bell and Kittle Davis form a men? 
quintette of bathers every day. Last Friday 
was almost unlucky for Lew, as he nearly 
lost his bathing trunks while cavorting 
around on the beach. The girls are great 

Mr. and Sirs. Harry Hastings are expected 
down this week. 

Joe Golden, musical director of the Golden 
Crooks, is playing at Steeplechase Pier. 

BUlle Davis, last season with the Marion 
Show. Is sporting a natty bathing suit. 

Olile Bamsey, of the Golden Crooks, is en- 
Joying a lew weeks rest, 

Although nothing authentic can be learned 
as to the houses acquired by tho Progres- 
sive Circuit for their new wheel, from very 
good authority the following houses are given 
aa those secured by the burlesque combine : 

The Gotham and Dewey, In New York ; the 
Haymarket, Chicago, and a new theatre under 
construction at Sixty-third and Balstetd; 
the Trocadero, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Imperial, 
Bt. Lonls: Colonial, Indianapolis; Cadillac, 
Detroit; Grand, Cleveland; Dr. Lothrop's 
two houses* fh Boston, the Grand Opera 
Bouse and the Howard; the Colonial, lUn- 

George Barrett, leader of Billy Watson's gf a P 0, &:J?, t * r > M IffiU c 5? k > S *** 81 ^ 

Big Show, nnd tors. Barrett are visiting, gtar, Buffalo; the Gaiety, St. Louis; F.W. 

Last week George took the place of the S^ IrB nou8e to T& r o°t»» «"<> the Bender, 

Savoy's musical director, who was suffering *"J9V „ , , _ , _„ ^ ., 

from ptomaine poisoning. Th e Howard, in Boston, wiU be a weekly 

Wm. 8. Campbell brought his mother down guarantee s and of 1,590 ; the Colonial. Mln- 

to Jack SydelPs hotel. Phil. Sheridan ac- neapoUs will play the 1,500 guarantee basis, 

companled them. Rose Sydel! and Chrlssle Up to the present Ume twenty-elx houses 

Sheridan went down on Saturday, and they nave been secured by the new w heel, 
all come back to New York this week. 

i s 



"Billy" Watson, otter a forty-two weeks' 
tour with his big beauty chow; has returned 
to his home In Pntorson, N. J., and is de- 
voting his time to superintending the re- 
modeling nnd decoratlug of his Orpheam. 

The show house has undergone a thorough* witch is nearly completed. 
overhauling, and when it opens early in Lawbxmcs ano Tboupsok h»w etoed with 
Russell, Melville August It will bo tho handsomest show house ""* Marlon, and wUl ro wita -Marion's Own 

Mauellx Paokei (Schwarta) little Earl and 
Mnffct era spending a port of their vacation with 
friends In Omaha, Neb. On July 9 they will mo- 
tor to Cheyenne and live on a ranch where Mass 
Parker expects to gather color for ber new book 


Tho Indies' I . . ' "- 

C ™Z,™**r*lL*„ r *'L! t »° n ^^A^^Tw^nn^ent'a^oa. 

Charlie Franmo goes ahead of Henry Dixon 

features again uext season, at ten and 
twonty.flve cents. Smoking will not be per- 
mitted at the matinees. 

Mr. Watson In altering his show bouse, baa 
provided n Indies retiring room. 

Carl Schilling and his Empire Orchestra, 
which for the past three seasons at the Em- 
pire Theatre, has been engaged by Mr. Wat- 

Thomas McCrcady, of St Paul, Minn., will 
be tho manager, lie will arrive here about 
July 2B. Lew Watson will be treasurer. 

The opening attraction at the Orpheum circuit, 

operation at the Astor Sanatorium, on West Seven- 
tieth Street, has recovered, axd is about again. 

Bkbt Bakxb la back to the Columbia told after 
a serums operation. 

Metbb Babbis la spending a few idle hours in 
(no mountains while others are awful lonesome 
and hot, bat right on the :ob! 

Bwaatns ahd Bonarrs have signed to replace 
Bill Arlington and addle Johnson with the Golden 
Crooks— Jacobs & Jermon's Own. 
„ Law Hilton has signed with B. A. Forrester 
tor bis American Beauty Show over the OolnmbU 

will be "The Rising Son" Co. 



Sim Williams has completed the cast for 
bis Girls from Joyland Co., playing over the 
Progressive Circuit Sim will Introduco some- 
thing new in the way of a leader. A, M. 
Zlnn, the well known leader of 'Frisco, will 
produce the entire show, write all the num- 
bers nnd Instead of being a violin lender will 
uso tho piano In the pit The cast Includes : 
Jnck Miller, Six English Bosebuds, Fred. Do 
Sllvo, Bob Barker, the Four McNnllys, Cora 
Mcise, Lcnoro Butler, Walter C. Smith, Jimmy 

Galilean, Nick Murphy (the old reliable), stlvh "Jason-/ the "little Ronbrette "with the 
and Edna Hooper. Danny Mnck will pilot "KJaning Maid," bjs aimed with the Bed Boss for 

Da va Umxmn also goes with B. BV Forres ter. 

Dan OnooxNHBncai left the heated paves of 
the Great White Way for Oreenwond Lake, then 
to New Orleans for two weeks. 

Habst Pbbscott bis ahmed again for nest sea- 
son with 8am Howe. 

Alice Saylbs returned to the Ponyrow of flao 
Howe's Show. 

Loots Talbot will take his Girls from MJasooxi 
over the Progressive circuit this season. 

Sam Micals Is spending a few weeks of his 
vacation In PhUadetphla, Pa., combining pleasure 
with a few weeks la vaodevltle. 

Mir.cis Adams closed with the Bam Howe Show 
at the Columbia, June 28, and will take a much 
needed rest at ber home In Trenton, N. J. 

the show. 


next staaon. 

Mat Howaed will have a show over the Pro- 
gressive circuit this season with J. D. Barton. 

Eddie B. Collins, Irish comedian, who re- HO \v many WEt.rirFS arm mrnrt 
cento severed his connection with tho firm txvw K.L.L1U. 

of Wb alien ft Mart ell, Inc., has signed con- 

tracts to appear under the management of 
Billy "Beef Trust" Watson next season over 
the Columbia circuit, to the character ot 
Grogan. In "Krausemeser's Alley." Mr. Wat- 
son will furnish epoclnl paper *or Mr. Col- 

■ s ' 

Contracts have been signed whereby the 
Progressives secure the lease of the Gaiety, 
the former Eastern wheel house, for ten 
years. Tho Columbia Amusement Co. have 
settled the claim of Mr. Crawford for tho 

Ben Welch bad a kind of a family re- 
union July 1, In honor of his brother's re- 
turn from Australia, the Rev. David Wooi- 
Insky, who has been in Australia for forty- 
five wars. Ben took a crowd of friends for 
a ashing trip Id the "Alice," owned bv his 
brother, Jack Edit. These In the party were : 
Tho three brothers. Ben Scnaffer. Frank Free- 
man, Pat Kinney and Frank Murphy. The 
bunch sang "If It Weren't for the iflah and 
the JowbT^ 


Hube Bernstein is always on the Job, and 
unexpired time of their contract The Pro- certainly gave the boys something to sit up 

SressJves will probably land a good house in 
lansM City. 

and take notice about last week when ho 
signed up Dan Coleman, (hat inimitable Irish 
comedian, for his Big Review show, over the 
Progressive Circuit, 


The roster for Hughle Bernard'a Honey nsrani ami mnrvanw Msaauaas 
Glrla includes: Barrett andDunn. Barrett ^"^"^ ROBINSON, CENSOR. 
and Bell, Carrie Young, Marie Revere, Joe Charles Robinson has been appointed by 
Murphy and Flosnle McCloud- Hugble will the Progressives Board of Directors to act 
head his own Rhow. The staff : Icty Grods, as a general overseer of the productions on 
manager; Henry Wolf, advance; Mike Hume, the wheel, and will pass upon all shows he- 
irons; Jim Stewart, electrician ; Arthur (ore they take the road. 


oung, carpenter. 


Frank Abbott is a busy commuter nowa- 
days. People's, New York, In the morning, 
and the Empire. Newark, hi tho afternoon, 
divide bis attention. 


P. A Nelken. of the Avenue Theatre, De- 
troit, la spending a tew days* vacation In 
New York, prior to the opening of the De- 
troit house. F. A. Is accompanied by his 

At tbe Empire, Newark, Dave Marlon will 
give nn opening performance with his own MEYER HARRIS GAFILTER FISHING. 
company, Aug. '.». 

Wait until you come to PhiladelpDIa ^Vr" 

by rhotos MADE RIGHT by SCOTT (tho man with 
tlcns). llil-ld N. 91P St., Fnlln. 


John T. l-'nriell. one of tho Throe Mus- 
kuleTH, win- in:irrled In Albany, N. Y., on 
iriiui'tHlnv. June 120. to Einnin V. UlgKlus, ot 
Broidil.vii The newly married pair were prc- 
scnlefl with n Inrgc floral horseshoe by the 
tTJnnngement of. the Urmul Theatre, In that 
tlty, where the act wns working. 

Letter at hand from Meyer Harris, who Is 
spending his vacation at Catsklll. N. Y. 
OtIRLEY CLOSES WITH UOWE. Ko thing bat a great time aU the time, writes 

Polo Chrlcy closed with the Sam Howe Meyer. Regards to all Lor members. 
Show June 28, nnd was replaced by Fred. s 

Nolan, who played the Irish part during the OBRTB UUM HAYES AT INDIAN LAKE. 
regular season. Pete Curley has signed with „ qrt frn _ _ u.,-. m„\, , m „„ „ ..,,„„|. 
Wnsh. Martin, tor his Sunshine Girls, playing 
tho Progressive circuit this season. 
Fred. W. Rtnlr. of Toronto ; James D. Bar- 
ton iiud Hrnest J. Carpenler have Incor- 
porated the Northwestern Theatrical Com- 
pany, nt Allmny, N. Y. 

Two Minnies* wnlk from the Empire. 


inuM-SJf Illdpe Avenne 

Prop., Vincent j. Torpcy PhlladplpIila.Pn. 

poatai was received from Gertrude Hayes, 
who is spending her vacation at Joe Indian 

Lake, Me. 


Habbt S. Lb Van "The Hebrew with the 
Funny Laugh," also burlesque's youngest He- 
brew comedian, Is signed with Barney (Je- 
rard's Follies ot the Day for next season. 
He is nt present doing a double act on tbe 
Family United time, with Joe Fried, last sea- 
son with Yankee Doodle Ulrls and Winning 
Widow, doing straight for Harry. They are 
booked solid until rehearsals. 

Ki.nncNcr llri.i. vrfll be with one of tho 
Jacobs & Jermon shows. 

For Burlesque Stock, Character Women 

This work: Is permanent and steady in Chicago all the year "round. 

No traveling. 

Also earn efftr 10 to M weeks Heady tne Lady Nowelty Feature and Dancing 
Acts, In osur Hlalatare Burlesque Wheel. 


Remember this U steady wark la C h leago. Ba Lranl lng. 
Apply With fall part le Hl«r. and photos to THE FICHTKXBEBO, SELIG COaV 
PAN Y, Orlglaators «r Miniature Baurlasane Stock, 5»i S. STATE STREET. 


THE NEW CMKASO THEATRE, 614 8. Stats 8t AslEfllCAK THEATRE, 522 8. 8t*is 8L 

U. S. MUSIC MALL, 646 8. SUU St GEM THEATRE, 450 S. Stats St 


*rs enraged by the undersigned, will report tar Rehearsal on 

MONDAY, JULY 14, 10 A. M. 



K lndly ae knowledge above by mall or in person. 










Kindly report for rehearsals Monday, Jnly n, 10 JO A aL, at miner's in the Bronx Theatre, lMtta St 
and 8d Ave., Kew York City. Acknowledge call to ED. DALBY. Uiaa«er, Room 314. 1641 Broadway, 


iadies and gentlemen engaged for 


(Eastern WheeLI Will assemble tor rehearsals at Imperial Lye earn Hall, 162 East 55th St., oar. 
Third Ate., Mew York City, on Mondnv, July 14. at 10 a. m. 

WAirrfeD— show oirls.mEdiims axd fovfes. Acknowledge this call to P. B. 
VORRESTER, Knickerbocker Theatre Building, 14011 Broadway, Kew York* . 

All Next Season in Detroit.Mich.,at FOLLY THEATRE 


photos, and lowest salarjr. Must be sober; best ot wardrobe required. We want the beat 
•Experienced People that can bo Becured. SHOW OPENS ACGUST 17; two per day. Address 



Tbone 8886 Brraat. Suite 804, Columbia Theatre Building, 47th Street and Broadway, Kew York. 

t«miri «**!«> T0 LET F0R REHEARSALS 





botli most doable Band; Trombone, Baritone, Baas, Clarinet, preferred. BABTD 

ACTORS, on all instruments, write. Salary, first letter, and report August 1 for rehearsals. 

N. J. LORANCER, 2617 Jackson Blvd., Chicago, III. 

Producer of Tabloid Musical Comedy 

ALSO GIRLS FOB. CHORUS 'WORE. Ma st be able to produce the work. 
MTTJ-MBEHa. Will furnish tickets if not t oo far . Write or wire, etating salary 

WANTED-Tuba and Cornet Players 

Atones tor "Along the Kennebec" Co. Also Comedy Old Han and Juvenile to play In band. Ad- 
dress C. R..REKO, Krtlckerboclter Theatre Balldlng, MOi) Broadway, M« T, City. 


again with Dave Marlon. 

Dollt 6mtT, It Is reported, has canceled 
ber contract lor tbe Campbell s Rising Son 

Habbt C. Jacobs, of Jacobs 4 Jermon, re- 
turned from Germany last week, accompanied 
by Mrs. Jacobs. Both are greatly Improved 
in health. 

Violet Hilsox bos signed with Wash. Mar- 
tin ns soabrette for the Sunshine Girls, play- 
ing the Progressive time 

Fbed Rkesb, Charley H. Johnson and Elsa 
Leslie go with Billy Watson's Big Show, 

Bills Watson's Bio Show will open la 
Philadelphia, with the Murray Hill. New 
York, to follow. He refused the People's 
opening date In New York. 

Ciias. Pale* will be associated with 
Wash. Martin in a Progressive show. 

Dollt Fiblds goes with Hurtlg & Seomon. 

Jack Btdill, tho well known and popular 
advance agent of Boss Svdell's London Belles, 
will spring a surprise this season In regarda 
to advertising the show. 

Kittie Oivia will go with the Ben Welch 
Co. next season. 

Tub Kissing Mam started another suc- 
cessful week at the Columbia, New York, 
June 30. 


dmbcrly and Mohr sailed on tho Matin*. 
tania for England, July 2, and open at tho 
Empire Newcastle. July 14. Tho boys have 
been booked solid for eighteen months. 


When George "Goodfeller" O'Brien, of tbe 
D. B. 0. forces, weds charming Grace De Mar 
on Jnly 7, there will bo "some" doings by his 
noble friends. George Is wearing a new 
cane every day in the week now, having re- 
cently bean tne recipient of a seventh one 
from admirers who envy him as he goes 
along "dear old Broadway" iummlng "Good 
Bye, Boya" 

Jules Buby Is on the program of festivities 
for July 7, and is announced to exhibit his 
ex ttaordinar" talent with a Pat Malone 
harem dance. John Buck, Billy Matthews, 
Tom Kyle and Gene Hughes will compose tha 
Shortcake Quartette, while John Buck Is also 
headlined to do a black face number to Billy* 
Matthews' impersonation of Napoleon. 

It will be some night of celebrating and 
all that la mourned Is that George and Grace 
will become so deeply Interested they will 
postpone their honeymoon and remain wibH 
r the crowd" for the big jubilee. 
Si 9 
One of the recent additions In vaudeville 
theatres, which opened last January as the 
Kenynn Opera House, in Pittsburgh, Pa., 
and later changed to the Penn Avenue The- 
aa atre, has been leased for a term of years to 
a syndicate of Pittsburgh men, who vnl 

place a high class stock and repertoire com- 
pany In the Held In September. William 
More Patch, dramatic editor of The Plttf- 
burgh Dispatch, a young man well known In 
theatricals, will be In full charge of the new 
company. The name has seen changed to 
the Hltt Theatre. Mary Hall and Robert 

n $£ mY Stanford will play Jerry, In a No. Glockler'wlll play the leads. They are very 
S Peg o My Heirt" ompany. popular la tbe smoky city. 

ULY 5 





iNew Jersey Central 

OH Hottr Fiftjr DlBitw 
LAtwrtp-BU, HA. M.totP. ■. 

_*m UxtiM *>f tit* Bow 
•3d St., «.BO A. M. to 5.SO P. «. 

T.fO, 8.50, W.6V0, 11.90 P. ■. 

CwMBli P. W. KEROY, E. P. A«t. 




»-^k'lTWir__WJien no date la 
HUIIv/Js'Vtcb. the week of 
Jane SO-Jaly B Is represented. 

"A Close Call." Union Sq.. N. Y. ft _ 

Abeles, Edw., & Co., Forsythe. Atlanta, G*>; 

Keith's, Pblla., Jul/ 7-12. 
Acme Four, Racoma, Grand BapMs, Hteb. 
Adair, BeBe, Temple, Detroit 
Adams, Bill; a Edits. Keith's, Phila., 711 
Adoote * Doc. Victoria, N. X. a. 7-ll 
Abeern Troope, Morrison's, Bockaway, 7-12, 
Alvinos, Musical, Union So.. N. I. a 
Alexander, Bowdoln Sq., Boston. 
Alexander Bros.. Kettb't, Boston; Shea's, B«f- 

falo, July 712. 
ABen A Clark. Ootmoe, Washington. 
Alex" Three. Victoria, N. Y. ft. 7-12. _ 
"An Alaskan Hooejraooo." Hipp., Ctarvdgna. 
Armstrong 4 Ford. Union Sq., N. T. 0. 
Arthur* (3). Forrest Park, 8t. Loots. 
Armors A Victor, Orpbeuoi. Edmonton, Can. 
Artistic Trio. The. Academy. Norfolk, Va. 
Art Adair, Hartford, Hartford. Jane 36VJary J. 
Aruu-trong ft Manley, Henderson's, Cones; Island. 
Arlington, Billy, Oo.. Keith's, Phila., 7-12. 
Andes, Lee, Wetter Park. C rnrlnn a tf . 
Auletas, Poor. Victoria, H. T. C. 
Barton (3), Wernersvllba, Pa. 
Bmjcphlends, Meyers Lake, Canton, O. ; Man 

Fatk, Youngstowo, O., 7-14 
Ball a West. Forest Lake, St Louis. 
ionnxns (3), Medford Boulerud, Boston. 
Barnet Homer, Nixon, Pblla. 
Earrlson, Mloa, A Co., Hartford, Hartford, Cm., 

Jolj 20. 
Balalaki Orchestra, Lyric, Indianapolis, July 3* 
Barnard, Anger A Co., Music Ball, Brighton 

Ballets, The. Keith's, Boston. 
Brnilix, Tbeo., Players, Orphenm, Portland, a 
Berklo, Mike, Orpheus, Oakland, CaL 
Beachv, Lincoln T., Pnlace, Chicago. 
"Behind the Footlights," St. James, Boston, 
Benway & Dayton, Old Fort. N. 0. 
Bernard & Weston, Shea's, Buffalo. 
Beatry, Harry, Gt. Northern Hipp., Chicago. 
Beach A Carroll, Prlscllla, Cleveland. 
Beyer, ben, ft Bro., Music Hall, Brighton Beach. 
Bell A Caron. Savoy. Atlantic City, N. J. 
Bedlnl A Arthur, Victoria. N. Y. 0. A Tucker, Globe, Boston. 
Black Bros., Orphenm, Boston. 
Boise* (4), Touring Europe. 
Bowers, Walters & Crooker, Tearing England. 
Bond & Bentoa. Orphenm, Los Angeles. CaL 
Bogart A Nelson, Orphenm, Los Angeles, CaL 
Boganny's, Joe Lunatic Bakers, Empress, Col., 28- 

Joly 5. 
Bottomleys (4). Blpp., Atlantic City, N. 1. 
Bollinger A Reynold!, Lyric, Newark, N. J., July 

Bonner * Powers, Orphenm, Boston. 
Botter, Barry. A Co., Proctor's, Albany. 
Bowers, Fred. V., A Co., Henderson's, Coney 

Islana. 7-12. 
Brook*. Wallle, Woolford's "Hlracn at tie Ctta- 

Bronson A Baldwin, Orpbeom. Oakland, CaL 
Brown Bros. 16), Majestic, Cbleago; Temple, De- 
troit, Jnly 7-12. _- „ 

Breaks A Doyle, Tabor Grand, Bearer, CoL, Jo- 
July 6. 
Broderlck A Crawford, Cosmos, Wu hl ngtca. 
Broncho Boor, Proctor's. Albany. 
Brlee. Fanny, Music Ball, Brighton Beach, 7-li 
Bnrnttm A Irwin, Orpheum, Los An ge les. CaL 
Bnsley, Jessie. A Co.. Palace, Chicago. 
Baa Bros., Hartford. Hartford, Conn., July 3-C. 
Burnlson A Taylor, Lyric, Indianapolis. 
Burke, Jno., A May, Music Hall. Brighton Beaeh. 
Bnlger, Harry. Co., New Brighton, Brighton 

Beach, July 7-12. __ _ 

Carter, Suxann, Coiy, Eouston. Tex., ImVtrn ltr. 
Carroll A Flynn. Dot Bose Players. 
Carson Bros., Orpheum, Portland. Ore. 
Carl A Lotty, Orpkevm, Seattle, Wash. 
Caopollcan, Chief, Orpbeom, San Fran., OB, 
Ouneron A O'Cotrner. Majestic. Cbleago. 
Carrays. The, Hlppodrorne. Atlantic Car/, 8. J. 
Carletta, Orpheum, Boston. 
Ortdieux, Academy, Norfolk, Va. 
Darren* Trio, Greeley, Poniard, Me. 
Oastrlllions, The. Great Northern Hipp., Chicago. 
Carlisle's Dogs A Ponies, Forsythe, Atlanta. 
Canon A Brown, Keith's. Boston, Jury 7-13. 
Cabaret Trio, Victoria. N. Y. 0„ Jnly 7-11 
Campbell A Parker, Liberty, Pittsburgh. 
Camus (4). Touring Europe. 
Chick A Oulcldets, Hipp., Cleveland. 
Caing Ling Poo. Music Ball. Brighten Beach; 

Victoria, N. Y. ft. 7-12. 
Ch a loner, Kstherm, A Co., Keith's, Boston, July 

Chip A Marble, Music Hall, Brighton Beach, 7-12. 
Ckarog, Hwa Comedy Poor, Keith's, Ptn*., 7- 

••Circumstantial Evidence." Metropolitan, Phils.. 

Jnly 3-5. 
Clarke & Owes, Sydney, Australia, lndennUa. 
CHIT. Laddie. Majestic Chicago. 
Clifford A Douglas. Oordon'a Olynpla, Boston, 
Clark A UeCnBoagb, Empress, St. PaaL 
Claire, Ins. Sbea't'. Buffalo. 
Clough. Iocs. Greeiy's, Portlsxd, Me. 
Conwy's Models, Victoria. N. X. ft. 7-12. 
Conlln, Bay, 9th Ave., N. Y. ft. Jury 7-li. 
Cotton, Lolo, San Diego, CaL 
Colborn, Jennie. Billy "Swede" Hall Co. 
Conlln. Bay. 3th Ave., N. Y. ft, Joly 7-11, 
Corson. Cora Yoongblood, Sextette, Pamtages*. Baa 

Fran., Cal.. Jnly 7-12. 
Coonb* A Aldwell, Crphemn, San Fran., CaL; 

Orpbeom, Oakland, CaL, July «-20. 
Conroy A Lemarre, 5tb Ave., IT. T. O. ; Morrlsoo'a, 

Bockaway. July 7-12. 
Connelly, Mr, A Mrs. ItwlD, Orpheum, Spokane, 

Cooper, Fitch. Nonrmbega Park, Boston. 
''Concealed Bed, The," Nixon. Pblla. 
Cressy A Dayne, Yokohoma, Japan, 30-July IS; 

Manila, P. I., 18 27. 
Cromwells, The, Orpbeom. Los Angeles, OsL 
Craig A Overboil. Lyric, Newark, N. J., July 3-6. 
Crowley. Tom, Dempsey, Peoria,. 111. 
Creigbtoa Brjs.. Empress, San Fran., CaL 
Oraig-Wnltaey 00., Liberty, Pittsburgh. 
Cunalnahais, Jerry — Dnmont's Muistrels. 
Curtis Sisters, CtKBter Park, Cincinnati. 
D'Arrllle, Jeanaette, Montreal, Can. 
Dsvls A Mscauler, Orphenm, Portland, Ore. 
Daly, Vlnle, Music Hall, Brighton Beach. 
Dale, Violet. Keith's, Pblla.. 7-12. 
Detro A Pletro, Victoria, N. Y. a. July 7-11 
Deelej. Ben. Oo.. Kelth'a, Boston, July 7-12, 
Da Pennon, Jno., A Co.. Onion So.., N. I. ft 
D* Tors. Harvey. Keith's, Boston. 
Do Oroote A Langtry, Casino, Charlotte, K. ft, bv 

B* Funkte. Sylvia, Idora Park, Toungstovm, O. 
Dalro, Orpbeom. Oakland. Cal. 
De Grace A De PaaL Bowdoln Sq.. Boston. 




Van Cortlandt 

142 b 146 1. 49th St., leir BmitiT 



10O Booms— Near Bath, »1. 00 per Day and up 

Boom and Bath, 12.00 per Day and on 
Parlor, Bedroom and Bath, $87k> per Day 

and op 

Excellent Hestanjraat 6ood Hnalo 

Club Breakfast, 25 cents op. 

Special 75 cent Table d'Hote Dinner. 


Bong* or Instrumental Music ' If so, bo 8CRB to 
hive same arranged by an BXPBKTI An artlatlo 
arrangement means SOOCESSI 1 bare done HUN 
ORBDS ol BIG HITS! w rite or call afttrnoons 8-0. 

Care Shapiro, 1* ia Broadway, N. Y. C 

De Oslo A Vernon, Orpheum. Boston. 
De Alma, George, St Janes, Boston. 
Demareat A Ohabot, Qheste.- ts-lr, Cincinnati. 
Da Voto, Original— Hartfonl, Hartfonl, June 30- 
July 2. 
Denton A Geddls, Lyric, Indianapolis, June 30- 

Jnly 2. 
Denen, Baxle. Prlscllla. Cleveland. 
De Moorie. Helalne, Sohiner Park, Montreal, Can. 
De Lesao Troupe, Sobmer Park, Montreal, Can. 
De Muth, Stanley, Sextette, Harris'. Pittsburgh. 
Dickinson, "Bute," Orpheum, Edmonton, Can, 
Diving Girls (7), Oosmos, Washington. 
Dixon Sisters, Sohmcr Park, Montreal. Can. 
Doyle Harty A Bessie, Orpheum, Portland, Ota 
Dobson. Frank, Globe, Boston. 
Donnelly, Abert, Proctor's, Albany. 
Doyle A Dlxou, Victoria, N. S. ft ; Music Hall, 

Brighton Beach, 7-12. 
Don, Talking Dog. Victoria, B. Y. 0. 
Dunn. Emma, A Co., Morrlsou'i, Bockaway Musle 

Hell, Brighton Beach, 7-12. 
Dunn. Tbos. Potter, Urjkm Sq., N. Y. ft 
Dnnbar, Archie, Bhppodrome, Atlantic City. N. J. 
Donbar A Turner, Metropolitan, Fntta., July 3-0. 
Dudley, Gertrude, A Co., Proctor's, Albany. 
Dunn A Hayes, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, 

L- 1. 
Dunbar* (4), New Brighton, Brighton Beach, 

L. I. 
Duprce & Dupree, Henderson's, Coney Island, 7- 

Edna A Albert, Olean, N. T„ Indeflnlte. 
Edwards, Tom, Touring England. 
Edlnger A Cooke. Win. Todd Shows. 
Edwards', Gas, Kid Kabaret, Orphean, Spokane, 

Egry A Mrmdcll, Tabor Grand, Denver, OoJ., 18- 

July 5. 
Ellas, Harry, Stetsen'a "C. T. ft." Eastern Co. 
Ely, Edgar, A Co., Shea's, Buffalo. 
Empress Quartette, Lyric, Indianapolis, Job; 3-5. 
Engllss & Bedding, Savoy, Atlantic City. 
Enge, Raymond, Victoria, X. Y. ft 
Ernests (3), Toariog England. 
Fay A Myna, Empress, San Fran., CaL 
Fantoo, Joele. Proctor's, Albany. 
Falls, Billy. Liberty, Pittsburgh. 
Fenner A Hotom, Tabor Grand, Denver, Col, 

28-JuIy G. 
"Ferris Wheel Girls, The," Empress, San Fran., 

Fen ton, R., A Boys, Foray the. Atlanta. 
Fltxslmmons, Mrs. Bob, Pontages', San Fran., 

Fields A Allen, Great Northern Hipp., Cbleago, 
Flske, Gertrude, Hipp., Cleveland. 
Fields A Lewis, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, 

Bltzglbbon, Bert., New Brighton, Brighton Beach, 

Flora, Prince, Henderson's, Coney Island. 
Four Society Girls, Empress, Chicago; Cnlqrje, 

Minneapolis, July 8-12. 
Fostell A Enunett Boston. 
Forrest, Kelly, St. James, Boston. 
Forbes, Ocas.. Lytic, Indianapolis. 
Box A Dolly, Henderaon'a, Coney Island; Vic- 
toria. nTy. ft, 712. 
Franklin A Green, Orpbcum. Portland, Ore. 
Blank, I. Herbert, A Co.. Empress, Ban Bran,. 

Frorinl, Victoria, N. Y. a 
Fuller, Ida. A Co., Empress; Kansas (Sty. Ho. 
Calvin. Johnnie A Ella, "Little Miss Mix-op" Co, 
Gardner, Willie. 5th Ave., X. Y. ft 
Gabheita. Twit, Cbeeter Park, Cincinnati 
Gee Jays, Bast End, Memphis, Term. 
O eoiuc tl e. Keith's, Boston. 
Gerard, Fraaees, Nlxoa, Pblla. 
Gebon, Oailaisa, A Gehon. EngUsh's, UuJamapoHA 
Geuerro A Carmen. Gt Northern Happ.. OsJeagO, 
George, Edwin, Hipp.. Cleveland. 
GascE Slaters, Union So,. N. Y. ft, JaJty 7-U. 
Glllen, Eddie. White City, CsYJeaaa. 
"Girl, The. ami The Jockey," Empress, St PauL 
Glbbs, Cats., Lyric, Buffalo. 
Olaaer, Lulu, A Co., Majestle, Chicago. 
Qlockers. Chas. A Annie, Hippodrome, Atlantic 

City, N. J. 
Cordon A Bleka. Union Sq., N. Y. CL 
Gormana (S), Orpbeom, San Fran., CaL 
Goyt Trio, Orpbeom, Oakland. Cal. 
Golden A De Winters. Keith's, Fata*.; Keta's, 

Boston. July 7-12. 
Golden. Ethel, Keyatone, Phila. 
Gould 4 Ashrjn, Music Han, Brighton Beach. 
Gordon, Jno. R., Co., Forsythe, Atlanta, 7-12. 
Green, William, Majestic, Chicago. 
Green, Jlmmle, Lexington Park, Boston. 
Grant Virginia. Great Northern Blpp., Chicago. 
Orover Mildred. TJnkm Sq.. N. Y. O. 
Grey Eagle. Hrpp., Plttsborgh. 
Gray, Marlon, 5th Ave., N. Y. ft. 7-12. 
Gypsy Qneen, Orphenm, Loa Aageles, Cal. 
Gypsy Countess, A Co., Nixon. Phila. 
Harvard, Harry, A Co., Wonderland, Tulia. 

Okla. ; Princess, Naahvllle, Term.. Ju ly 7.13. 



Bart Bros., Baraam A Bauey, IndeBnlte. 

Hanson A Drew, Colonial, Dayton. 

Harris, Bound A Holts, Orpheum, Seattle, Wash. 

Hayes, Brent, Orphenm, Spokane, Wash. 

Harlan A BoUlnson, Pontages', Denver, OoL, 28- 

J uly 8. 
BaD, Billy k Effie, Brattleboro, Vt; BeUows 

Balls, Vt. July 8-5. 
Hawaiian Quintette, Norarabega Park, Boston. 
Harriet Mile.. Gordon's Olymnla, Boston. 
Hastings A Wilson, Nixon. Phila. 
Hayden, Virginia, Demuwy, Peoria, IJL 
Habn, Artbnr, Cheater Park, Cincinnati. 
Hass, Jack A Doris Welti, Grand, Albany. 
Handera A Millas, Shea's Buffalo, Joly 7-11 
Banlon A Clifton, Victoria, N. Y. a ; Dako Sq.. 

N. Y. C. July 7-12. 
Hart A Le Van, Benderson'*, Coney Island, 7-12. 
Hanloo A Banlon, Hipp., Pittsburgh. July 7-12. 
Hatbaway's Monks, Keith's. Phila., 7-12. 
Henri, Great, Liberty, Pittsburgh, 


Heddet* (3), nipp. Pittsburgh. 

Beoman Trio, Keith's, Boston, Joly 7-li. 

Henderson A Blake. Sib Ave., N. Y. ft, 7-li. 

lllll A Ackerusan. Moss Tour, England. 

Blbbeler, Ray, Ante Inn, Chicago. 

"His Nerve," Kmpress, St. PaaL 

Hint's A Fen ton. Kmpress, Tacoroa, Wastl. 

Hlckiy Bros.. Tbrce, Rseo.nn, Grand Itaplo*. 

Hill's Animals — Hipp., Pittsburgh. 

Bill A Sylvian}-, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, 

L. I.. 7-12. 
nines A Fox, Forsythe. Atlanta, 7-12. 
Uoueton, Henry, Cnnton, Clt'Jia; Nankin, China, 

Botmau, Harry, Pantage*', Sau Fran., Cal.; Pan* 

tages', Oakland, Cal.. Jnly 713. 
Holmes A Wells. Baapress, Denver, Cola, 28- 

July 0. 
Hortr, J., Miatrel Boys, Dlppodrome, Atlantic 

City, N. J. 
"House Boat Perry," Gordon's Olympls, Boston. 
Boluen A Harron, Keystone, ITilla. 
Honey Girls, Proctor's, Albiny. 
Hoagtton, Morris A Hougbton. Hipp.. Plttsbargh. 
Hoey A Lee, Music Hall, Brighton Bescb, 7-12. 
Hughes, Mrs. Gene. A Co., Keith's. Pblls. 
Hussey A Lee, Morrison's, Bockaway; Hender- 
son's, Coney Island, 7-12. 
linboff. Conn A Csruuie, Hipp., Cleveland. 
Innls A Ryan, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, 

L. 1. 
loleeu Sisters, Music nail, Brighton Beach 7-13. 
lsmad, Keith's, Boatos. 
JackMin, Tbos. P., Orpbeom, Seattle, Wash. 
Jackscn, Joe, Orpbeom, Oakland, Cal. 
Jewette, Bob., Scenic. Providence. R. I. 
Joyce A Donnelly. Keith's, Indianapolis. 
Johnstons Musical. Hipp., Pittsburgh. 
Jciiuton, Howard A L.. Sobmer Park, Montreal. 
Jordon Trio, Hlop., Plttahargh, 7-12. 
Joison, AL, Music Hall, Brighton Beach, 7-12, 
Johnstone ft Wentwortb,, llttsburgh. 
Karl, Prof., Lexington Park. Boston. 
Kelly A Mack, New Century, Loa Angeles, Cal., 

30-July 81. 
Kennedy A Kramer, Proctor's, Schenectady, H. 

Y.J Proctor's. Troy, N. Y., S-5. 
Kelsey, Joe, Empress. Denver, Col.. 28-Jnry 5. 
Kelley A Galvln, Cosmoa, Wasbmgtoo, D. ft 
Kennedys, The, Empress, St Paul. 
Keillors, The, Henderson's, Coney Island. N. Y. 
Kennedy A Melrose, Forsythe, Atlanta, Ga., July 

Kirk A Fogarly, Esat End, Memphis, Term. 
Klur. & Klppy, Keith's, ClnclnnatL 
Killrtdge A Co., Hartford, Hartford, Conn., Juno 

30-July 2. 




Have It sent to yoar Summer address, 

6 WEEKS ... 80 CENTS 

Send orders to 

41 W. 28th Street, New York. 

Kimball A Donovan, Greeiy's, Portland, He. 
Kitatuura Japs, Sobmer Park, Montreal, July 7- 

Klein A Erlanger, Pantarca', San Fran.. Cal. 
Klein Bros., Empress, St Paul. 
Bloving's Animals, Morrison's, Raekarar. 
Koller-Hall A Morton, Unloi Sq., N. I. ft, 7-12. 
Kramer A Morton, Palace, Chicago. 
Knott & Hilton, Victoria. N. Y. a 
latngdons, The, Highland Park. Bt Louis; Or- 

tdieum Pnric, Louisville, July 7-12. 
Mmbfrtl, Orphean, Seattle, Wash. 
La Vetera A Stokes, Orphenm, Spokane, Wast. 
La. Vler, Keith's, Phila. ; Shea's, Buffalo, Jaly 

La Ford A Walters, Woodland Park. I/njhvlH*. 

Ia Groclosa, Racoma, Grand Baplds. 

La Craadall, Temple, Detroit 

I.oughllr.'s Dogs ITipp., Plttsborgb. 

■aaBnMkasaasa. The, Hipp., Pittsburgh; Temple De- 
troit, July 7-12. 

Lawn Party, Kerch's. Phila., 7-12. 

Lawrence Trio. Liberty, PlUaburgk. 

Lewis, Jack, IS.. "Seminary Girl" Or* 

Leigh, Lester, A La Grace, Empress, Denver, Col; 
Empress, Colorado Spring*. OoL, Jnly OIL 

Lester, Great, Eaat End. Memphis, Tenn. 

Leery A Miller. Tabor Grand, Denver, Col., 28- 
Jnly u>. 

Le Clair, John, Middlesex, Middle town. Coca; 
Lyceum. New London, Cons., Joly 5-d. 

Lesley A Mellen, Nommbega Park, Boston, 

Le Boeuf .. Medford Boolevard, Boston. 

Lennon, Bert, Cosmos, Waahlnaton. 

Le Maria Trio, Grand, Albany. 

Lewis A McCarty, Keith's, Boston. 

Leltxel A Jeanette, Forsythe, Atlanta, Ga. 

Lewis, Henry, Temple, Detroit, Joly 7-1*. 

Le Mark, Frank, Liberty, Pltuborgb. 

Little Parlalenne, Morrlasa's. Bockavrsy. 





Herbert A Goldsmith, Victoria, N. Y. ft 
Hedge, John, Pan tages', Los Angeles, CaL 
Herbert's Canines, Keith's, Phils. 
Hennlnga, Jno. A Winnie, Shea's, Buffalo. 
Heesler. Hermioe. Shea's, Buffalo. 
Bermada Japanese Troope, Lytic, Indianapolis, 
Jnly 3-8. 

p^tcaM Francis X. Keaatssy 

Irish Plper.Scotch Piper, Irian Dan- 
,.,, eer, Scotch Dancer, Vlollnistlllnst- 
WVlcUnJ. SMMAva^XtwYork, 
aajgjg 7., or care B. Y. CLIPPER. . 

Beasler. Helen. Hipp., Pittsburgh. 7-12. 
Her*. Ralph, Temple, Detroit; Bbea's, BttfUlo, 
Joly 7-12. 



Utile Lord Roberts, Morriaon's, Bockaway, 1-12. 
Larch Family. Touring F*sjsnd, Indeanlta, 
Lomberdi A Well.. 5tE Ave.. N. Y. 0. 
Lottos, Cecilia, Orpheum, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Lockbart A Lcddy, Globe. Bostan* 
London Palace Girls, Orneom. San Fran., CaL 
Lobso A Sterling, Empress. San Fran., OsL 
Lorettae. Three. Ratooa, Oraut Baphu. 
Locket A Waldmn, Blpp., CJeveUrod. 
Lorens A Gallagher. Union Bo,, N. Y. ft 
Love Trust, Henderaoa'*, Cooer Island. 7-lt 
Lucie. Vairnont A Beynor, Forrest Park, 8*. 

Lndfers, The, Hippodrome, Atlantic City, N. J. 
Lublna (8), Globe, Boston. 
Lst* Bros.. Gordon's Oiympls, Boston. 
Lusby. Boby. A Girls, Bui Ave., N. Y. ft 
Marnell A Melrose, Cook's Park, vanvrllle. Ind. 
Maxlne, Miss.. A Picks, Union Sq., N. Y. O. 
Mathtbewa A Bbsyne, Orpheam, Oakland, Cal. 
Manon Opera Co., Fontaine Ferry. Louisville. 
Major A Phil Boy, Empress, Denver, Col., 28- 

July 6. 
Mascott's Merry Malda. Bowdoln Bq., Boston. 


Does not mean Moving the thins; that lscheapee* 
in the rxfjlnalng — it's boylng the thins; that 
Is cheapest in the end, Doot buy the theatrical 
trunk that Is cheapest to buy— boy the one that 
at CHEAPEST TO KEEP. Buy the lightest, to lessen your excess baggage expense; the strongest, to 
stand the rough use (and abuse) It's bound to get; and the most serviceable, to Insure many years of 
Service. What yon need Is the trunk that costs you the least fer ten or more jean,' use. 



ac u, a JlarSSJlV? " „'.,„„; , lm# Mack Trunk Co., 102 B. Bain St., Memphis, Tenn. 
45 W. 45th STREET, ■ NEW YORK CITY victor Trunk Co., M BUls Bt, Ban Francisco. 

Mstnews, BUly. Bowdoln 80.., Boston. 
Martyne A Hard/, Medford Boolevard. Boston. 
Manballs, The, Goron'j Oiympls, Boston. 
Martini A Maximilian, KeysUinc. Phila. 
Mark* A Bosa, Pantages'. San Fran., CaL 
Marie, Utile, Lyric, Buffalo. 
Mack, Dugal A Co.. Colonial, Chicago, Jaly 3-5, 
Martha, Mile., Morrison's, Bockaway, N. Y. 
Martins, Flying, Union Bo,, N. Y. ft, Joly 712. 
Matilda A Blylra, Henderson's, Coney Island, 7- 

Mack A Nelson, Victoria, N. Y. O. 
May A June, Harris. Pittsburgh, Pa 
McAvoy, Dan, Bsgenbeek-Walue* Circus. 
McCarvers. The, Bonuolu Sq., Boston. 
MoBtide A Oavsoaagh, Keith's, OlnetanaU. 
McAllator A Co., Aeadeasy, Norfolk. Va. 
MeFsrland A Madaeao 1 New Brighten, Btnghtea 

MeOonne«..n. T., A Co.. She*'.. Buffalo. 
McDrnnottr Billy, Forsythe. AUaata. 
MeOoaleaab, Carl, Keith's. Beaton. 
Melvii:. O. 8., Orpbeom. San Fran,, Cal. 
Melody MaMs (5j7a Will Ward, C^rpoeta*. L*s 

Angeles, Cal. 
Meehan'a, Novelty, Palace. Chicago. 
Metnipolltan Trio, Lyric, Newark. M. J., Jsay 3-C. 
Meletc rrangerH, The. Keith's, Boston. 
Melbourne, McDowell A Co.. Colonial, Cnkage, 

Joly 3-5. 
Mendel A Naxel, Casino, Wenona. 
Mermaids, Hipp., Fliuljorsh- 
Merlin, Union 6q., N. Y. ft. July T-1X 
Millers, Joggling, Fontaln FWry. LouisvllJ*, 
Michel Broi., Norumhega Park, Boston. 

Ulata A Pakner, Aeadeasy, Norfolk, Vt. . 

Miller A Cleveland, Lyric, Indianapolis, Juno 30- 
Joly 2. 

Millard' Bros., Keith's, Indianapolis. 

Mlllera (3), Fontaine. Loulavlilc. 

Miner Bisters, Prbcllla, Otevrlaad, 
MIk>. IWdon. A Co.. Temple. Detroit. 

Mlgnon, La Petite, Union Sq., N. Y. ft, Jaly 7-12. 

Killers, Marvelous. Victoria, N. Y, a 

Miller A Kuril, Hipp., i'ltufurgb. 

Moran & Wiser, Orpbeom, Portland. Ore, 

Morton A Moon*. Palace, Chicago. 

Moore A Irving, Keith's, Boston. 

Morse, Harry, A Co.. rvoroabrga Park, Boston. 

Mowatts. Juggling (5), Racoma, Qrand Baplds 1 

Victoria, N. Y. ft, 7-12. . . .. 

Mole. Joe. A Bro., Colonial. Chicago, Joly 8-5. 
Uoorc A Young, Keith'*, Boston. 

Morton. 8. & K. Henderaon's, Coney Island, 7-11 

Moyvr A Hyde. Liberty. Pittsburgh. 

Morse, Billy. Uurrls', Plttsbjrgh. 

Murray. J. K.. A Clara Lsne. <Iarrls, PrttsburgB, 

Mulln's Band, Hlop , Pttlabu'.'uh. 

Mullue, Frank. Furiest Park. St. Louis. 

Mnsikalglrls (5), Hist End. Memphis, Tenn. 

Mailer A Stanley, Keith's. Boston. 

Muller, Gene, Trio, Eugllsh's, Indianapolis. 

Mollanl Slaters, Lyric, Indianapolis, Jane 30- 
July 2. 

Mullen A Ccogsn, Savoy, Atlantic City. 

Myrtle A Daisy, St. Jntram, Roaton, 

"My Lady Dainty," Crest Northern Hipp., Chi- 

Nordlni, Orasia. Pastages'. Ban Fran.. Cal. 

Nash, Julia, A Co., New Brtghlou. Brighton 
Beach. N. Y. ; 5th Are., N. Y. O, July 713. 

Nana, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, N. V., 7- 

Neptune's Garden, Keith's, I'hlln. 

Newboff A Phelps, Keith's, Phila.; Temple, De- 
troit, July 7-12. 

Newell A Most, English's. Indianapolis. 

Nabar A Knp|iel, Maslc Hall, Sobmer Park, Xlou- 
treal, Jnly 712. 

"Night nt the Opera, A." Uulon So., N. Y. O. 

Nixon's. De Spirit Paintings, Gt. Northern Hipp., 

Norton A Nicholson, Orpheum, San Fran., Cal, 

Norton A Knrlc, Nixon, i'lill.i. 

Norton, Dixie. Hartfonl. ilartfonl, Conn., July 

Norrls' Baboon, Temple, Detroit 

Nasent, J. C, Fontaine Ferry, Louisville. 

"Narsery Bhyniea," Keystone, Pblla. 

CFaricll's, The, Rngllng Bros.' Circus. 

O'Laothlln. Major. Miles'. Minneapolis. 

0*Day, Ida. Orpbeom, Buttle, Wash. 

O'Neill's (3), Bedford Boulevard, Boston. 

O'llrlvn. Mel>eit A O'Brien, III™., Cleveland, 

O'Maras, Gliding, Shea's, Buffalo. 

Oakland, Will. Co., Bth Ave.. N. Y. 0., 7-12. 

Ofado's Opera Co., Orpheum, Sau Fran., CaL 

Orfonl's Animals, Orpheum. Seattle, Wash. 

Patterson Troupe (aerlallsts), Gt. Northern Hipp., 

Palmer, Frank, Keith's, Indianapolis. 

Paultiam Team, Oth Ave., N. Y. ft 

Palace Girls, Orpheum, San Fran., Cat. 

Parisian Dancers, Gordon's Olymnla, Boston. 

Pacy. Giuev, Dempsey, Peoria, 111. 

"Persian Garden." Orphenm, Oakland, Cal. 

Petnn j. Olgu. Orpbcum, Los Angeles, Cat. 

Petltf Family, St. James. Boston. 

l'ealson A Uoldle. 6th Ave., N. Y. 0. 7-12. 

Pblnn A Picks, Empire, Edmonton, Can. 

Flr-uno, Gen., A Co,, Majestc, Chicago: Tetanic, 
Detroit, Jnly 7-13. 

Filigree, Helen, A Co., Washington, Newark, N. 
J.. July 3-5, 

Plcknrd'n Sea Lions, Carnival, Buffalo. 

i'liiufure Kids, New Brighton, Brighton Bench. 

Pollock, Milton, A Co., Urheum, Edmonton, Can. 

Potter, Tbos.. A Dunn, Union Sq., N. Y, ft 

Price. Harry, Meilford Boulevard, Ui.ston. 

"Porplo Lsily." Henderson's, Cotiey Island. 

Bappo Slstcnt A Koslow, JohanueBtiurv, So, Africa. 

Bay, Billy B., Mt Veron, 111. ;' Champaign, HI,, 
July 712. 

Ramses, The, Orpheum, Edmonton, Can. 

Bachll, Ella, Empress, San Fran., Oil. 

Bafayette's Dogs, Shea's, Buffalo; Hipp., Pitts- 
burgh. 7-12. 

Raymond, Lelghlon A Morse, Creely's, l'crtlond, 

Randall, Carl, Colonial, Chicago, Jnly 3-5. 

Beded A BUton, Colonial Beach, Va 

Reynolds, Carrie, Union Sq.. N. Y. ft 

Reynolds A Donegao, Majestic, Chicago, 

Beeves A Warner, Pantages', Denver, OoL, 28- 
July 5. 

Be* Comedy Clrcos, Hippodrome, Atlantic City, 

Heed's' Boildoga, Crest Northern Hipp., Cblcgo. 
Beilly, Jan.. Prlscllla, Cleveland. 
Bedford A Winchester, Victoria. N. Y. ft 
Baeda A Ctomptoa, Metropolitan, Pblla,, July 

Bice. Elmer A Ton, Touring Europe. 
Klo Bros. (4). Touring England. 
Blaaoa (4), Kelth'a. Phila., 7-12. 
Ritchie, Adele, Victoria, N. Y., July 713. 
Roy. A Wilson. Victoria. Pblla. 
RoblnaOD. Mimical, Le Mass. la. 
Roses (2), Oth Ave.. N. Y. a 
Koooey A Bent, Orrmean, Seattle, Wash. 
Bolters (4), Orpheum, Ran Frio., Csl. 
Borts, Will, Orpbeam, Spokane, Wssb. 
Bollnndow Bros., East End. Memphis, Tenn, 
Boeder A Lester, Orand, Albany. 
Bose, Theme, Greeiy's, Portland, Me. 
Robinson, Brown A Curbonette, Colonial, Chicago. 

Jaly 3-5. 
Royer, Archie, Prlscllls, Cleveland. 
Rose A Ellis, Sobiner Park. Montreal. 
Butledge. Pickering A Co., Lyric, Newark, N. J., 

July 8-5. 
BasseUs Plying, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, 

Banted, Too Great, Touring England. 

fiamoelr. Maurice, A Co., Lyric, Indianapolis. 
Jaly 3-0. 

oampsel A Rellly, Temple, Detroit: Shea's. Buf- 
falo. July 7-12. 

Sanderson, Moffat Co., Temple, Detroit, 

j as sakSMM (6). Hipp., Pittsburgh. 

Seirtoer A Richards, Fontaine Ferry, Louisville. 

Scott Sisters, Lyrle. Indianapolis, Joly 3-5. 

Sennits Trio, Casino, Wenona. 

Scintilla. Liberty, Pittsburgh. 

Seldom, Paul, Colonial. Richmond, Vs. 

■ears,' Zelds. A Co.. Orpheum, San Fran., Cal. 

Beaton, Blllle, Orpbeom, Edmonton, Can, 

Setoh, Lords J., I Co., English's, Indianapolis. 

Bslblnl. Mlapab, Prlscllla. CTrvtland. 

Stldoo'a Venus, Academy, Norfolk ; Mow Brigh- 
ton, Brighton Beach, Joly. 7-12. 

Ssefvey Boys (3), Tourlar Europe. 

Shirley, Eva, East End, Marnphls, Terra. 

Saacban, Joseph. A Co., Palace. Cbtcago. 

Shaw's Animal Circus. Pantages', Denver, Colo. 

Mariner A Richards, Fontaine, Louisville. 

Skavp A Flatt Near Brighton, Brighton Beach, 

Fberry' Mme.,_ Savoy, Atlanno CHf. Brigbtoo 

IWen. Jolr T-II 
Blsto. William, 5th Ave.. N. T. tt 


A laugh, scream, riot- At Liberty. 1430 Boyd Ave., 
WoodharcD, N. Y. Phone 16M W Richmond Mill- 

Blgnia, Talioi- Orand, Denver. Colo., 28-Joly 0, 

BUber A Duval. Globe, Boston. 

rTvengall, Modern, 5th Ave.. N. Y. O. 

rSmlib'a. Aerial, Touring Europe. 

flmltti A Pullnun, Uaconu, Grand Rapids. 

Brnlth, Cook A Brandon, TtmrJo, Detroit, July 7. 

Sotttalira, The. Grand, Albany. 

Splllers («). Victoria, N. Y. 0. 

Stevens A Marshall. Keith's. Boston. 

Stenhens. Lrann, Keith's, Pblls. 

Stewart A Donoliue, Hartford, Bar If Old, Oonn.. 

J una 30- Jnly 2. 
Stevens, Bdwua. Keith's, Bosloa. 
fltcvpers (6), Hipp.. Pittsburgh. 
Stanleys (3). Btnderooo's. Coney Island; 5!a 

Ave., N. Y. ft, Joly 7-12. 
Stone A Kallas, Temple, Detrot, July 7-lt. 
Button, Larry. Lynuou'a Big Show. 
Sallys (B), Keith's, Pblla. 
Salllvan, Mark. Proctor's, Albany. 
Sweeney A Rooaey, Liberty, Plttsborgh. 
Sylvia Paragon Park, Boston, 30-July li. 
Tasabo A Tambo, Toarlng Ksglssd. 

?!&BA5*3rTO Amatk <Bt " "* 

*JaI 7 Bl" 1 * Bn "'' t ''' U, ' "^"'V 1 *' Dstrolt, 

TVaaeJuivr's Cats, Racoma, Orand Rapids. 
'"sSTFr'"' "oil Q>(b BAM>> Uulan '' Bsnprtss, 


Thomst, T. V., A Co., Bowdoln Sq„ Boaton. 
Tkoninaon, Clias., Cosmo*, Waililngton; Oth Ave., 
N. Y. 0.. 712. 

Tlinman, Mr. A Mrs. Fred., Proctor's, Schenectady, 

N. Y.. July 3-0. 
Thomn* A Tanmia Hartford, Hartford, Conn., 

July 2-u. 
Those French Girls, Music Holt, Brighton Bench, 

Titos, Ljdla Yessnans, Keith's, Oluclnnotii Fair- 
mount, W. Vs., Joly 7-U. 

Trlz, Uele, Orphenm, Spokane, Wash. 

"Traplng Santa Clans," Emptess, Denver, Cos}., 
28-July 5. 

Troupers (•»), Park, Glena Falls, N. Y.; New 
Duchess. Pouglikeepslp, N. Y., Jaly 3-5. 

Trovato. Victoria. N. Y. ft. July 7-12. 

Toy, Bosh Ling, Keith's, Cluclmiatl, 

Tucker, Sophlv, Victoria, N. Y. C. 

Tucker, Billy, Hipp., Pittsburgh. 

Van Gofre & Cotrely, O. II.. Belle Plate, la. 

Valerlo, ltosa, Sextette, Orpheum, Spokane, Wash. 

Vauiler K«irn, St. Jtliues, Button. 

Vaughn, Hartford, Hartfonl, Conn., June 80- 
July 2. 

Vaaarrtnit A Moore, Union Sq., N. Y. ft, Jury 7- 

Van Studdlford, Grace, Victoria. N. Y. ft .. 

Vivian A Alton, Illeknrils Circuit, Australia, In- 

Vleocnl Bros., Lexington Park, Piston. 

Vlctorluo A Zolur, Keith's, ClnclnualL 

Vinos, Tho, Keith's, IiullKiiuiwIla. 

Vincent, Jno., Casluo, Wenona. 

Vlolliiahy, Forsy'.iie, Atlanta, Victoria, 7-12. 

Von Tilser, Albert, Keith's, l'hlla. 

Walters, Uelwa, k Co., Idora Park, Youngs- 
town, 0. 

Walker, Musical. Rluglbig Bros,, indefinite. 

Waaher Bros., Tourlluc England. 

Wni.vjii A Santos, Orpheum, 1'. inland, Ore. 

Walsh k Ileiitley, Oiphcuni, F.iluionton, Cnu. 

Wallace, Biuce, Pints, West Brlgliliiii, S. I. 

Ward It Ourriu, New BrlKblott, Brighton Beach. 

Ward Bros., Now Brighton, Brighton Heath, 7-12. 

Warren A lllaucharil, Forsythe, Atlanta. 7-12. 

Wakefield, Wills II., Mualc Hull, Brighton Beach 
7-12. . _ 

Warren k Onllsanl, Sotirarr Pork, Montreal, 7- 

Welsh. Ben, Victoria, N. Y. 0. 

Weir, Jean, A Co., Oth Ave, N. Y. 0. 

Welch, Knimct, A ttcoueld, Hippodrome, Atlantic 
City, N. J. 

West, John, A Co,, Medford Boulevard. Boaton. 

Welch, SlnM, Metropolllnn, I'hlln,, July 3-0. 

Welch, Frauds, & Co. Forsyllie, Atlanta. 

Webb, Joe, Music Hall, Brighton Beach. 

Wentwortb, Vestn A Teddy. Hubmcr Park, Mon- 
treul, July 7-12. 

Weber, Cbas.. Keith's, Phila.. 7-12. 

Whipple, Waliii), Mnjestlr, HelvMere, 111,, July 3- 
0; ltevere House , Clilcngo, 7. 

Wlinrlen, Nat, Prlscllla, Cleveland. 

Wilson ft Aubrey, Scarboro Beacli, Toronto. Can.; 
SoUuirr I'n. k, Montreal, Cnu,. July 7-14. 

Wlldc, Mr. A Airs. Gordon, Orphcura, Oakland, 

WIllluuiH, Hello, ICinpress, Denver, Colo., 23- 
July 5. 

Wilson ft Gulluglicr, Lyric, Newark, N. J., July 

Winters, Evelyn, Bowdoln Sq , Boston. 

Williams A Dixon, orpheum. Boat™, 

Wilton, Belle. U'lliiKtiin Park, Boston. 

Wilson, Frnnklln, A Co.. Keystone, Phila. 

Williamson, Bud, Hnrtford, Hartford, Oonn,, July 

Wlnkier. Jack, Trki, Gt, Northern Hipp., ObltsgO. 

Wllmm A Aulirvy, lllpp., Cleveland. 

Wlckcs* Skating Glrla, Victoria, N. Y. 0. 

Winkler A Kress, Hipp., Pittsburgh, 

Woodward, Ron 11I11 1 ... Cook A Haas Coojedy CO. 

WooilwurU. CtihIiii), Wenona, 

Wood A Wyde. i'emple, Detroit, 

Woods & Woods Trio, Hipp., Pittsburgh. 

Yuuinninto Broa., Keyslone, Pblla. 

Yeoman, Geo., Keith's, Indlaiiuuolls. 

Yiuiaii, Lyrle, Newark, N. J., July 8-0. 

Yvctte, Slorrlson's, ltoekaway. 

Bclda A Hour, New Brlghtou, Brighton Beach, 
L. I. 

Zcnda, Great, Harris', Pittsburgh, 

Zimmerman, Willy, Pontages", Ban Fran,, Csl. 

Zaleka. I'rlucesa. Dempsey, l'corla, 111. 



Fine weather, good attractions, and good bus), 
ness for U10 week. 

Bvusco (L. Stoddard Taylor, mgr.) — Captain 
Scott's Antarctic pictures closed June 20. 

Coil'MriiA (Fred. O. Bergen, mgr, I— The Oo- 
Itrmbla Players, In "Mrs. Lefflnuwell s Boots," did 
good work. Helen Holme*, who returned to the 
cast after a week's rest, received a welcome that 
cirtolny mmle her fed that she was mlried. Oar* 
rlo Thatcher, Francis Younj. Jeaale Mlemlennlng 
and Dorothy Bernard were all good. A. II Van 
lluren, Gcorgo Barbler, Stanley James, Wlllanl 
Robertson. Everett Botto.-neld. John M. Kline nnd 
Arthur Rilchlu were all gool, and with the as- 
sistance or rest of the caat a very dellghlfttl per- 
foruiacco was given and enjoyed by large audi- 
ences. "In Muaoura" week of June 30, "tit 
Wife" July 7. 

Poll's (Jainea Thatcher, mgr.) — The Popular 
Players, In "The Call of tho Norlli," scored one 
big hit. The play gave Edward Mackay s chance 
to Hhow bis shlllty to its fullest, and be was ex- 
cellent, Mark Kent, Frank Shannon, II. Dudley 
lluwly and Tliomaa WlllUma were all gooif. 
Irelta Jewel wss capital, little Mntblcius, Ger- 
Irude Bonilhill, and the rest of the cast gave ss> 
riilest snpiiort, and a fine perforiuiiiico was given, 
lllg buiilness rnleil. "Tii« Talker" week of 3D. 
'^Mso and Huperinan" week of 7. The class of 
plays now being given by tint I'lipulnr Players lias 
made the palmna alt up, and they are now taking 

Cosmos (A. Julian Ilrylntivki, mgr.)— Bill week 
of .'ID : "Tho Seven Diving Olrls." In their Water 
Nymcb'a Carnival ; Kelley and Galvln, Bert Len- 
non, Allen and Clark, Charles Tltoapson, Broderlck 
and Crawford, and new pictures. A contest lot 
boys has been srranged for Thursday night, nnd 
a like contest for glrla on Friday. Sunday con- 
cert! well featured and special music by That Or- 
chestra, do capacity. The cooling plant of this 
bouse sakts It an enjoyable scot. 

Mi.hdat HioiiT, June 33.— Columbia Players 
opened to a capacity hoove, President Wllaon and 
family telng among those present anil occupying 
a box. Poll's, wlili Popular Player*, bad earns 
condition— s full capacity opening — and Vive-Presi- 
dent Marshall anil Mr». Marshall were among that 
vaat number, occupying a box. Ho the naUon's 
brads were equally divided Ntweeu the two 

Tafia Is a great Improvement In the atace set- 
ting of tho plnyx at Poll's and It Is appreciated. 
In a great measure Ibis Is duo to Edwin H, Cur- 
tis, director. 

Now that tho Washington Baseball Team I* 
en route, and will Ihi absent ilio greater part of 
July, tho managers of the various houses are busy 
connecting up the iicoru<»urita, anil the fans will 
nav« all the chance to bear from the game. 

Dual no tho week of Juno 23. Old Hoi worked 
overtime, and made it lively for the patrons. Ho 
far tho patrons camu out heat. It looks at If 
Old Sol would wlu out week of June .'in, 

MAstr tumors of changes In various lumbers of 
the stock, but so far nothing has been found that 
OOOld bo depended, upou. 

MsiNAOxii Fasti. G. Bcsnttu has a good wcnl for 
lull Old I1SJ.HULK, for lie says "I always Ilka 
to read Tub Currsa for I Hod things In that 
pijwr I can find nowhere else." 

Tins Is the bnpiilrst time of the year for sll the 
attaches of the Columbia Theatre, as they are 
busy arnuvglng for their annual benefit. They 
,ltavu their tickets on sale and as theso same at- 
taches are popular with (be patrons a big benefit 
It assured. 

UoVlludton, la.— Grand (B. F. Holnes, 
mgr.) Is dark. 

Oasaicc (O. H. Holier, mgr.)— Closed for re- 
dcroTttlng. Will open Sept. 0. 

1'iUM (L- P. Blank, mgr.)— Moving plctere*. 
Good attendance In spite of extrume brat. 

Eura (Guy Robinson, mgr.) — Moving ptetsref, 

Oourr (P. Vogt, mgr. I— Moving pictures. 

Nruo (Allender ft Co., ingrs.) — Moving pic- 

i.tiio (Ben L. Shea, mgr.)— Moving pletoret. 

Not*.— .1. 0. Adams, of the llnrnnm ft Bnllcy 
Clrcai, and A. D. Jackson, of Iiuffao Blll's-Pawoee 
Bill's Kbovr, were In tho '.ity 28, perfecting ox- 
rengerumls for early aiqiear.incc. 

Cborleaton, 9, C— Victoria (Pistlroe Anvo- 
tnent Co., ingrs.) motion lilcture*. 

UaaKTo.t Panrt Anwouai tChat. A. Matthews, 
mgr,) — The Modern Drama Player* base been 
favored with One weather and are drawing well. 

Mijssna, WoHDaniLAAO, OuscxuiT, Umo nnd 
DixiruND, motion pictures, to good business 



July 5 






S E N T I 




lost Talkod ow" Playlet of th» Soasi 

llraotlon of WEBER & EVAN: 



■ ■ 

Rorttc Intended for Tula Column 

Mont nench '1'lila Office Not Later 

Than Saturday Before Day of 

Publication to Imsra 


Adams, Msude— St. Paul, Minn., 2, Minneapolis 
8-8, I'mmeuburg, I>„ T, Mason Olty 8, Mar- 
ahailluwn D, Waterloo 10, Dubuque 11, Clin- 
ton 12. 

"All Aboard"— Lew Field*'— 44th Street Boot 
(Union. New York, Indefinite. 

Bites, Blanche — San Fran., Oal., 30-July 5, 
Sacramento 7, Oakland 8-10, Stockton 11, 
Fremo 12. 

"Bought and raid For" — Wm. A. Brady's, Ltd.— . 
Touring England. 

"Bllndneaa of Virtue, Too" — Chicago, June 80- 
July B. 

Cirleton Slaters Oo. (Vamey A Montgomery, 
mgrs.) — Marlon, Ind., June 30, Indefinite. 

Callahan Dramatic — Mlnonk, 111., 3-5, Mazou 7-9. 

"Brer/woman" — Henry W. Ssvagc's— San Fran., 
Col., June 30-July 5. 

Fox Popular 1'lajera (Bar E- Cox, mgr.)— Hum- 
ble, Tex., June no-July 5, Saratoga 7-12. 

"820 Per Cent."— Oohan & Barrla'— Atlantlo 
City. N. J., June 80-July 8. 

Slnnlvan A Good Dramatic (J. II. 'Good, mar.) — 
Mancheater, Mich., June 30-July B, Burr Oak 

"Olrl Outlaw" (Clyde Anderson, mgr.) — 8an- 
tnarcua, Tex.,. 2, 8, New Uraunfela i, 6, San 
Antonio 0-0, Houston 10-12. 

Bitfield, Jolly Finnic— Oswego, N. Y., Indefinite. 

Hitchcock, llnyinond — Calgary, Albt., Can., 2, 
Edmonton 3-6. Winnipeg. Man., 7-10. 

•Hanky I'nnky" — Loa Angeles, Cal., Indefinite. 

•How Much la a Million V'— Fine Arta, Chicago, 
June .'10-July C. 

Harks Bros (It. \V. Marki, mgra.)— Hamilton, 
Can., Indefinite. 

Horton Opera — Albany, N. V., Indefinite. 

ilaaon, John — Vancouver. B. O., Can., 2. Vic- 
toria 8, 4, Tacoma, Wash., B, Seattle 6-12. 

Uartz, Al.— No. Solngo, Me., ft, Bed Stone, N. 
H.. 7, No. Conway 8, 0. Jackson 10. 

"Mlailon Play" — Mlailon Playhouse, Los Angeles, 
Cal., Indefinite. 

-Mliiourl Olrl, The"— Norton A Rlth's— Chicago, 

HcOlnley, Bob A Kra— Turtle Lake, No. Dak., 2, 
Underwood 30, Cole Harbor 7-9, Woibburn 11, 

Itsilntova. Slme. — Los Angeles, Cal., June 30- 
July ft. 

"Ob! Oh! Delphlne" — London. Eng., Indefinite. 

ffark Draniallo — 0. W. Park'a — Dotlian, Ala., 
Juno 30-July D. 

"Purple Boad, Tbo" — Oaalno. New York, Indefi- 

"ravagon Olrla. Tie," No. 1 (Ceo. W. Ochow. 
mgr.) — Paragon Park, Nautaakot, Moss., Indefi- 

"Partiron Olrln, The." No. 2 (Geo W. Oebow, 
mgr.) — London. Out., Cuii., 30-July B. 

ausk-Hlibiv Oo. (J. \V. Rusk, uigr.) — Auburn, N. 
Y„ Indefinite. 

llpley Dramatic— Tully, N. Y„ July 2, Fablne 

IchefT. Frlttl— Olilcago, Indefinite. 

-Sweetest Olrl lu lilxlo"— Qulrni Bros.— Western 
—Chicago 7-12. 

Taylor. Laurette — Oort, N. Y., Indefinite. 

"Tlk-Tok Man of Oi"— Chicago, Indefinite. 

"Typhoon, Tbo"— London, Bug., Indefinite. 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" — Dickey 4 Terry'i — Tuscola, 
III., 2, Areola 8, Oreenup a, Toledo B, Sullivan 
7, Butlany 6, Moutlcello 0, Macon 10, l'ana 
11, Assumption 12. 

Warner, H, I). (Maurice Campbell, mgr.) — Oort, 
Chicago, Indefinite. 

"Within the Law"— <Amerlcan 1*1 ay Oo.'s— El- 
tlnge, New York, Indefinite. 

"When Dreams Dome True"— Philip Birtholo- 
mae's — Oarrlck, Chicago, Indefinite. 

"Yellow Jacket, The" — London, Eng., indefinite 

Blegfeld's Follies of 1018 (Ploreni Zteyfpl.l, 
mgr.)— New Amatcrdam, Mew York, lndellnltc, 

Permanent and Truvellnn. 
Antrell'i Comedians— Oentralla, Mo., Jane 30- 
July B, 
Academy of Music Block— Wm. Fox's— Academy, 

New York, Indefinite. 
Academy Stock (K. E. Henderson, mgr.)— Jersey 

City, N. J., Indefinite. 
Academy Stock — Washington, D. O., Indefinite. 
Arrlne Players — Lancaster, Pa., Indefinite. 
Alomar Stock — San Fran., Cal., Indefinite. 
Academy Stock — Norfolk, Vs., Indefinite. 
Aubrey Stock, No. 1 (D. Otto Hlttner, mgr.)— • 

Huntington, W. Vs., Indefinite. 
Albeo Slock — I'rorldence, B. 1.. Indefinite. 
Bums Stock— National .Philadelphia, Indefinite. 
Buhlor, Richard, Block (A. Q. Dehunater, mgr.)— 

Columbus, O., Indefinite. 
Blihop Players — Oakland. Cal., Indefinite. 
Barrett Players (J. B, Barrett, msr.) — Haseltou, 

Pa., Indefinite. 
Bryant, Billy, Stock (Sam Bryant, mgr.)— Ford, 

Ky., June 30-July 5. 
Baldwin-Melville Stock— Bufrnlo Indefinite. 
Boyer, Nancy, Stock— Jersey City, N, J,, Indefi- 
Beaiey, Jack, Stock — Dubuque, la., Indefinite, 
Broadway Stock — Springfield, Mass., Indefinite. 
Bunting, Braina. and Players — Moruphls, Teiui., 

Bonstelle, Jessie, Stock — Buffalo, N. Y., Indefi- 
Bryant, Marguerlle, Slock— McKoeeport, Pa., in- 
Bowdlsh Stock — McDonald, Pa„ June 80-Jaly 5. . 
Colonial Slock — Salt Lake City, 1!., Indefinite. 
Orerccnt Players— B. F. Keith's — Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Colonial Stock (Cortland Hopkins, mgr.)— .Clark. 
Harbor, N. S„ 2-R, Harrington rnssago 7, 8, 
Sliclhurne 0, 10. Lockjiort 11, 12. 
Colonial Stock (Holdcn & Edwards, uigrs.)— In- 
dianapolis, Ind., Indefinite. 
Ooknlal Stock — Cleveland, O., Indefinite. 
Columbia Players— Washlnglon, Indefinite, 
Cook A Haas' Comedy — Soyre, Pa.. Indefinite. 
Colonial Stock — Norfolk, Va., Indefinite. 
Cornell-Price Players— Snult Ste. Mario, Mich., 

June 30-July 12. 
Calemlth Stock— Beading, Pa., Indefinite. 
Davis Stock (Harry Davis, mgr.) — Plttsburgb, 

Pa., Indefinite. 
Dudley, Frank. A Associate I'laycre — Galveston, 

Tex., Indefinite. 
Drama Players (K. Weston, mgr.)-*Lowcll, Mass., 

Delmar A King's Musical Comedy)— Denver, Col.. 

Dillon A King's Musical Comedy — Oakland, Cal., 

Davidson Stock— .Milwaukee, Indefinite. 
Dominion Stock— Ottawa. Can., Indefinite. 
De Oroote Stock (Ed. Dv Qroote, mgr.)— Char- 

loltr, N. C, lndefinlle. 
Dougherty Stock— Dowrtierty ft Oox's — Atchison, 

Kan., June 30-July B, Sedalls. Mo., 7-12. 
Dramatic Stock— St. Louis, Indefinite, 
Km pl re Stock (Bergman A Todd, num.)— Lan- 
sing, Mich., Indefinite. 
Elwjn. Ixinie, Block— Kccne, N. II., 80-July B, 
Fenly-Purkln Co.— Denver, Ool., lndefinlle. 
Ferguson Bros. 1 Stock (A. K. A A. O. Ferguson, 
nigra. J— Oklahoma City, Oils., indefinite. 

Frank, John B., Stock (O. Auaklngs, mgr.)— Su- 
perior, Wis., till July 20. 

Flslg A Qllpin 8toek— Antlgo, Wis., June 80- 
July B, Merrill 7-10. 

Oreoopolnt Players — B. F. Keith's— Brooklyn, N. 
Y„ Indefinite. 

Olsser Stock (W. B. Gsryn, mff.)— Cleveland, 
O., indefinite. 

German Stock (Ludwlg Krclsi, mgr.)— Milwaukee, 
Wis,, lndefinlle. 

Gotham Stock— B, F, Keith's — Brooklyn, N. T., 

Oirslde Stock (J, S. Gsrslde, mgr.)— Ptdncsh, 
Ky., indefinite. 

flayety Theatre Block (Onus. Frauklyn, mgr.)— 
Hoboken, N. J., Indefinite. 

Orsnd Opera House Stock (Louis Birr, mgr.)— 
Brooklyn. N. Y., Indefinite. . „ „ 

Gallop Stock (Bert B. Gallop, rarr-) — Sallnn. 
Kan., June 30-July S. 

Gordon, Eleanor, Stock— Plymouth, Boston, Indefi- 

Rale, Jess, Stock— Merrill, Wis., June 30-July S. 

Hsjrwird, Gnyee (Geo. M. Gtttf, mgr.)— Wir». 
rlngton, Chlcigo, Indefinite. 

ntmtTngton, Wright— St. Paul, Minn., tdefinite. 

HUlman's Ideal Stock — Omslia, Neb., Indefinite. 

Hlgler-Harrlngton Stock— Mobile. Als., Indefinite. 

Harrington Stock — Shawnee, Okla., Idefllte. 

Hall Players — Altoona, Pa., Indefinite. 

Hudson Stock— Hoboken, N. J., Indefinite. 

Home Stock — Akron. O., Indefinite. 

Hunter-Bradford Players— Hartford, Conn., in- 

Bomin Stock— Sabbatli Park, Taunton, Mass., in- 

Hampton Stock— Oiirlerton, S. O., MssMsa., 

Hllhnan's Ideal Stock (Harry Sobns, tngr.)— 
Ft. Scott, Kan., 20-July 6, Springfield, Mo„ 7- 

Hayes, Lacy U., a Players — Omabo, Neb., In- 
definite. . „ . 

Jacobs Brock (Oeo, W. Jscobs, mgr.)— Newark, 
N. J., Indefinite. 

Jefferson Theatre Stock (Julius Oahn, mgr.)— 
Portland, Me„ Indefinite. 

Juneau Stock (J. H. Belchest, mgr.)— Milwaukee, 
Wis., Indefinite. _ . 

Keycs Sisters Stock (O. A Keyes. mgr.)— Olirki- 
burg, W. Vs., Indefinite. . _ „ 

Kelly, Wtn. J., Stock (Ed. Kelly, mgr.)— Salt 
Lake City, U.. indefinite. 

Keith Stock — Portland, Me., indefinite. 

Knickerbocker Stock— Eugeaw J. Murphy's, No. 1 
Company — Champaign, III., June 30-July S, 
Terro Haute, Ind., 7-12. 

Kllmt A Oaznlo Stock— Baltimore, Md,, indefi- 

Kovaca' Block (Edw. A. Kovacs, mgr. )— Perth 
Amboy, N. J., Indefinite. 

Knickerbocker Stock — Eugene J. Murphy's. No. 2 
Company— .Washington, Ind., June 30-July B, 
ML Vernon, III., 7-10. 

Kellard Stock (Ralph Kellard, mgr.)— Syracuse, 
N. Y„ indefinite. 

King Dramatic (Ohas. P. King, mgr.) — Living- 
ston, Tex., Indefinite. 

Lstlmore A Leigh Oo. — Lynchburg, Va,, indefinite. 

Lang, Eva, A Players (O. D. Woodward, mgr-)— 
Omaha, Neb,, Indefinite. 

Lorcb Stock (Theodore Lorcb, mgr.) — Passaic, N. 
J., indefinite. 

Lllley Stock— Chllllcothe. 0., indefinite. 

Lyceum Stock (Fox A King, mgrs.) — Ogden, TJ., 

Lonergan Stock— Lowell, Mass., Indefinite. 

Lewis Stock (0. H. Lewis, mgr.)— North Yakima, 
Wash., indefinite. 

Lytell-Vaughan Stock— Albany. N, T„ Indefinite. 

La Hoy Stock (H. La, Boy. mgr. )— Plenum Olty, 
O., June 30-July S, Opiietsun 7-12. 

Lang Stock — Denver, indefinite. 

La Forte, May, Stock— Jamestown, M. Y. Indefi- 

Matthews-Elliott Co.— Lima, O., Indefinite. 

Morrison Stock (Lindsay Morrison, mgr.) — Lynn, 
Mass., indefinite. 

Mai ley A Dtxnisrn Stock— Fall Blrer, Mass., to- 

Mailer, Poll., Co.— Clayton, N. Y„ June 80-July 

Murat Stock— Indianapolis. Indefinite, 

Mountain Theatre Stock — Hamilton, Can,, Indefi- 

Moroico Stock (Oliver Morosco, mgr.)— Los An- 
geles, Oal.. Indefinite. 

Mount Morris Stock — Harlem, New York, Indefi- 

Majestic Stock— Topeka, Kan., indefinite. 

Mayer Stock— Orpheum, Haverhill, Mass., Indefi- 

Uinhittan Stock— Manhattan opera House, Kerr 
York, lndefinlle. 

Manhattan Players— Trenton, N. J., Indefinite. 

Modern Drams Players (O. G. Munthe, mgr.)— 
Charleston, S, O., Indefinite. 

Manhattan Opera Co.— Elmlra, N. Y., Indefinite. 

McDonald Stock— iPsrls. Tex., Juno 30-July B. 

Metropolitan Stock— Cleveland. 0., Indefinite. 

NorthMnpton Players— Star, Buffalo, Indefinite. 

National Stock — Philadelphia, lndefinlle. 

Newton Musical Comedy — Albany, N. Y., Indefi- 

National Stock— Washington, D. O., Indefinite. 

Newton Stock (Dorrlt Ashton, mgr.)— Okmulgee, 
Okie., 80-Joly B. 

Orpheum Players (Frank Williams, mgr.)— Phila- 
delphia, indefinite. 

Opera House Stock (Reed A Zibrlskle, mm.)— 
Ps tenon, N. J., indefinite. 

Oliver Drama Players (Otis Oliver, tngr.)— Li 

_ Fayette, ind., Indefinite. 

0M ts» Pt saM Players (Ed. WlllUmi, mgr.)— 
Oshkosh. Wis., Indefinite. 

Orpheum Playera— Montreal. Oin., Indefinite. 

Olympic Park Opera— Newark, N, J., Indefinite. 

Obrecht Stock (Christy Obrecht, mgr.)— La 
Crosse, Wis., Indefinite. * 

Poll Stock (Gordon Wrlgfater, mgr.)— Springfield, 
Mass., Indefinite. 

Prlngle. Delia, and Stock (0. K, Van Aoken. 

n l .? g J-'^r M00 o ^ Jaw - **■ C «- indefinite. 

^Sb^SiBK rl »^»-On»heam. Hancock. 

VdTS. %SR£*** — » ** * " 

■Pavton, Joe, Stock— Newark. N. J., ladefiolle. 
Princess Players (O. L. Richards ajtOa 

coma, Wash., lndefinlle. " ' 

PennawTit I'lwcrs— Edmonton, Can., indefinite. 
Pai-ton, Oorao, Stock— Park, New York, Indefinite. 
Princess Stock; (Elbert A Getcbell, DHH^DM 

Moines, la,, indefinite. 
Irorl sioeic (A. A. Webster, rugr.) — Vallamout 
r. "a*'?,' P ll l»™p0rt, Pa., till Sept' 0. BU ° nOT " 
rcrtichl-Gypzeoo Slock (A. Pcruchl, mgr.)— New 

Orleans. la_ indefinite. 

!^° S tocjt— Wllkes-Barre. Pa., Indeflulto. 
!, if BSg jtailiwd, Conn., Indefinite. 

!° f °« k — Scranton, Pa., Indefinite. 
Si" 8t ?J k — N « w Haven, OOnn., Indefinite. 
Plymontb Stock— Boston, Indefinite, 
ranama Stock— fill River, Mass.. indefinite. 
!Wr*y 8tpck-Oentervllle, 'IVnn., imleunlto. 

1(O J^ D fN 1 eV.'',!a i J l2! , "- SC,W,i; M<> " 3 ™ * 

Read. Koma— Ottawa. Can., Indefinite 

Reynolds A Hoss Players (Billy Ross, mgr.)— 

Salt Lake City, U., iiirflnlte. ^' 

Rentfrow Stock— Texas Oily, Tor., indefinite 
Rush Stock-Hot Springs, Ark„ June 3™Ju y B 
Rusk-lllaheo Stock-^eKrson, Aitara , N. Y., in- 

uotin lie 

Spooner Dnuaadc— McAlotw, Okli.. 7-12. 
Stanley Stock— London, Out., Can.. Indefinite. 
Spooncr. Cecil, and Stock (Louis J. Fosse, mgr.) 
- . ■V g ' l?. New York, Indcanlte. 
r r?i C .^ 1 ' l "'"«»7:?ln8b»mton, N. Y., Indefinite. 

ii.? 1 " 1 .'. 8,ock . (IIarr J 8t - t" 11 '. mgr.)— Bran- 

don. Man., Can.. Indefinite. 
"•OS p ™»t'». Plsyers (F. H. Sayles, mar.) 

Richmond, Ind.. lndefinlle. v ' 

Statilon'e Musical Oomcly (Jos, Stantoa, mgr.)— 

Dcavcr, M, indefinite. aasssaaa, mgr.) 

Suburban Park Stock— fit Lonls, Indefinite. 

Spoooer, F. E., Stock— Sim Angeto, Tex., indefi- 

Sherman Stock— Burlington, la., Indefinite. 

Hiubert Stock— St Paul, Mtna, indefinite. 

Stanford Players— WUdwood, N. J„ Indefinite. 

Stewart's Stock— Springbank Park, London, Can., 

Temple Theatre Stock (F. Falkner, mgr.)— Cam- 
den, N. J., Indefinite. 

Temple Stock — Hamilton, Can., indefinite. 

Tlvoll Stock— San Fran,, Oal., Indefinite. 

Taff Stock — Harrlsburg, III,, Indefinite. 

Underwood ft Bishop's Flayera— Oakland, Oal., In- 

Van Dyke A Eaton Stock (F. Mack, mgr.)— Des 
Moines, la., till Oct. 1. 

Vsoghan Olaser Stock— Detroit, Mich.. Indefinite. 

Wlnclnger Plsyers (John D. Wlnnlnger, mgr.) — 
Minneapolis, Minn., Indefinite. 

Wolfe Stock (J. A. Wolfe, mgr.)— 'Wichita, Kan., 

Wartmrton Stock (Carl W. Hunt, mgr. )— YoDkers, 
N. Y., indefinite. 

Wletlng Stock — Syracuse, N. Y., indefinite. 

Wadsworth Players (Edw. Omateln, mgr.) — Wash- 
ington Heights, New York, Indefinite. 

Williams Stock — Jelllco, Twin., June 30-July S. 

Williams, Joe., Dramatic — Hot Brings, Ark., June 
30Ju)y 12. 

Toungstown Plsyers — Yoangstown, O., indefinite. 

Young-Adams Stock (H. Wllmot Toung, mgr.)— 
Halifax, N. S„ Oan., indefinite. 

Ye Liberty Stock— Oakland, Cal., Indefinite. 

American Players (Via Richmond, mgr.) — De- 
troit, Mich., June 80-Aug. 8. 

Frits A Lawler A Msree Balney Players — De 
Kalb Junction N, Y., 7-12. 

Perry A Edwards* Musical Comedy — Owen Sound, 
Out., Can., June 30-July B, Toronto 7-12. 

Whyte Tabloid Co. — St. John, N. B., Can., indefi- 


Todd, Wm.— Old Fort, N. O.. Jane 30-July G. 

Wills, Mrs. John B., No. 2 Co. — Ogdensburg, N. 
Y., June 80-July 6. 


Avenue Theatre Stock (Jas. Weed on, mgr.) — De- 
troit, Mich., Indefinite. 

Folly Stock (Max Gorman, mgr.) — Folly, Detroit, 

Passing Review (Jack Blnger, mgr. )— Gayety, De- 
troit, Mich., Indefinite. 

Stan of Stageland (Wm. Dunn, mgr.) — Toronto, 
Can., June 80-July 12. 

The Kissing Maid— Columbia, New York, indefi- 


Down to Dixie Minstrels— Hlbblng, Minn., 3, 
Chlsholm 8, Virginia 4, Gilbert B, Buhl 7, 
Eveleth 8, Ionian 0, Ely 10. 

De Hue Bros.— Msnasquon, N. J., 2, Freehold 3. 

Georgia Troubadours— Allen, Kan., 2, Admire 3. 

Ballman's Band — Forest Park, Chicago, Indefinite. 

Oner oiler, N. B., Emanuel Baud — Biverrlew Park, 
Chicago, indefinite. . 

Cavollo'a Bond— forest Park, St. Louis, Indefi- 

Creature's Bond— Sana Soucl, Chicago, Indefinite. 

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra — Cincinnati, in- 

Clrclllo Concert Band— Kxug Park, Omaha, Neb., 

Conway's Band— WUlow Grove Park, Fhus., in- 

Davlto'e Italian Band— Tt, Breeze Park Phils., 

Eppel's Orchestra— Lake OkobsJi, Lynn, Mass., 

Femillo'a Bond— Delmar Garden, St, Louis, In- 

Geiren's Orchestra— Forest Pork, Chicago, indefi- 

Herbert Vlctor'a Band— Willow drove Park, 
Polla., e-io. 

Lily's Concert Band — Washington Pork, Pbllo., 

Lynott's Orchestra— Ideal, Oarboodale, Pa., indefi- 

Lorobirdi'a Band— Milwaukee, Indefinite. 

Marine Band— iProvldcnce, B. I., Indefinite. 

Natlello'o Band— Fontaine, LoolrrUle, Indefinite. 

Ohlmejer's Band— Jdora Park, Oakland, COL, In- 

Phlllippinl'a Band— Omaha. Neb., indefinite. 

1'lka's Orchestra— LogansporL Ind., Indefinite. 

Vessels's Band— Steel Pier, Atlantic City, N. J.. 

Zito's Brass Band— Palisades Park, N. J., Indefi- 


Bsrnum ft Bailey— M:alone. N. Y., 3, Watertown 
3, Auburn 4, Ithaca S, Cortland 7, Blaghomtoa 
8. Elmlra 9, Hornell 10, Olesn 11, Niagara 
Falls 12. 

Buffalo Bill-Pawnee Bill — Oouncll Bluffs, la., 14, 
Omaha, Neb., IB. 

Backskln Ben — Daluth, Minn., Jane 20-Jaly 
B. Winnipeg, Man., 7-12. j 

nlpeg, Alan., 7-12. 

Barnes, Al, G. — Algona, Is., 9, Humboldt S, Web- 
ster City 4, Kldora 5. 

Christy's Big Tent Show (Oeo. W. Christy, mgr.) 
—Hull, la., 2. Everly 8-0, Borden 7-0, Lennox, 
So. Dak., 1012. 

Cole A Cooper Show— Prestonburg, Ky., 21, Ba- 
nanas 8, Saylorrllle 4, Oam el Olty 5. 

Downlo A Wheelor— lAahlaxtd, Me., 2. 

Gentry Bros.— Indiana Harbor. Ind., 2, La Grange, 
111., 3, Baclne. Wis., 4, Waukesha, Wis., B, 
Minneapolis, Minn.. 7-12. 

Ilatlf nbeck-WsiUco— Hud«jL N. Y„ 3, Albi 

iToy 4, Sxdtenectady S, Syrseoas 7, Newark 8, 
Loekport 0, Buffalo 10. 11, Brie, Pa., 12. 

Howo's Great London— ^achate, Que., Oan., 2, 
St, Jerome 3, Jollette 4, Grand Mere S. 

101 Ranch Wild West— Mancheater, N. H., 2, 
Lowell, Mass., 3, Fltchburg 4, Wincbendon B, 
Albany, N. Y., 7, Utlca 8, Syracuse 0, Au- 
burn 10, Rochester 11, Buffalo 12. 

Oklahoma Banoh Wild West — Arlington A Beck- 
man's — Lloydmlnster, Alts., Can., 2, Vermilion 
S, Edmonton 4 5, Athabasca Landing 7, Wet- 
eskwln 8, Red Doer 0, Calgary 10, Qletehen 11, 
Medlclflo Hat 12. 

Singling Bros. — Buffalo, N. Y., 2, Jamestown 3, 
Brie, Pa., 4, Ashtabula, O., 5, Youngstown 7, 
AJtron 8, Canton 8, Lima 11, Ft Wayne, Ind., 

Sol ls-Floto— Helena, Mon., 2, BoBoman 8, Livings- 
ton 4, Billings B, Lewistown 7. Great Falls 8, 
Conrad 0, Kollspell 10, Ferrlli, B. QL Can., 
11. Lethbrldge 12. ' 

Bilvor Family Show (Bert Silver, mgr.)— flub- 
bardsto-irn, Mich.. 2, Crystal 3-0. Biverdale 7. 
Ellwcll 8, Alma 0, St. Lonls 10, ^^ ' 

Sun Bros.— Gladwin, Mich., 3, Sttandlsh 8, West 
Branch 4. Grayling B. 

Sawtelle, SIg. — Marlboro, Mass., 2, Hllford 3. 
Concord 4, Attleboio B. ^ 

•JJompklns* Wild West— Mexico, N. Y.. 2, Parish 
8. Oentrai Square 4, Pho?nlx B, Fulton 7, Han- 
nibal 8, Falrhaven u, Wolcott 10, Sodus 11 
Marlon 12. ' 

Woodward'* Big Tent Show— Avoodale. Mich,, 2, 
Hartwlck 3-5, Asbton 7-0, Bristol 10-12. 

Young Buffalo Wild West — Augusta, Me., 2, Bath 
8, Rockland 4, Brunswick 0, Blddeford 7, 
Ameshury, Mass., 8, Danvers 9, Maiden 10. So. 
Framlngham 11, Mllfonl 12. 

Yonkee Robinson Circus— Canova, Sask., Con.. 8. 
Yorktoo 4, MelvUle S, Beglna 7. 

Atop of the World In Moving Pictures — Beverly 
U, Dobbs' (Joseph Oouoly, mgr.) — London, Knr.. 

Atop of the World In Moving Pictures — Beverly 
B. Dobbs* (Joseph Conoly, mgr.)— Portland. 
Or*., indefinite. 





Kentucky Theatre. Paducah, Ky. 

Colonial Theatre, Athens. Gas 

Address W. A. FINNEY, PADUCAH, Ky. 



chas. h. rosskaM LINES FOR ROAD STOCK 


20th saccessfnl year. No season less than 46 weeks. No star. No one featured. Each, person signed 
to play any part cost for, for the good of the production. Rehearsals Jnlr 28. Address 





People in all lines. Need particularly Union Stage Carpenter and Union 

Property man, both to play parts. 

PARCY & WOLTORD, Knickerbocker Theatre Bldg., New York City 



Bll be sober. Reliable Musician, Singers, Dancers and First-Class Vaudeville 

Aots. Flute and Pic-Clarinet to double, 'Cello, Alto double, Second Violin or Viola, flrsUUass Cor- 
net B, and O. and other good Musicians with good doubles. Adlreea DE RUE BROS. MIN- 
STRELS, Manasanan, N. J. July 3 irelgntstown, Jf. J., 3: Freehold, AT. jT «t 
Jaxacsbnrs;, H. J., 5. After that Perm, address RocltrUle Centre, H. Y. 



Advanoe Man, one- experienced In JRepertolre and acquainted with Canadian territory Dreferred. 
Leading Woman who can play Sonbrettes or EmoUonal\eads. Also Specialty People who can pl»J 
parts, and Piano Player, write. Also Wanted, Leading Woman. Ingenue, Leading Han and two ken 
SS figgtf ISSSS?"^ ' tabloid stock; atagers preferred. Wr/te, CORT I^MDfiOPKINS, iSnageir. 
g«x«JJ^gO«WfVtft|y W. CUrlDraarbor, M. S.; Jnly 9, 10, Shelbourne? N. 8^ Wufli 
Locxport,y.S.; July lt-ifi, Liverpool, M. fl. After that see route In OtIppeb. ' ' 


MAN for HEAVIES and GEN. BUS., with Specialty 

Sarmter ealAry. Onenighter. Begular season. OTHEBS WRITE. 

J. fc PERCY, Arrow Smith, m. 



J? 1 *-?* *',*«*-'™B. that doubles Band. Three days ind wtek stands. Want to bny B. W. LU ht* 

MURDOCK BROS., PhUmont, S. Y. 

Usetnl people write. We keep yonr address on file. 

Atop of the World to Moving Pictures — Beverly Moss Bros.' Greater Shows— itmvuvw m vm». 

B. Dobba- (Joseph Oonel?: mgr.)-Honolulti; SO-July L UendS* 8 7 6 » w, -«« w,aee - ^ '«• 

».S i"J IE fl ^? , ij . «»— . ™._^_ _ ■ Mclntrre'a Modern Shows (H. 0. Mclntvre. msr.l 

**9 SlJftS w T OtW v ln Moving Piotures— Beverl/ — Pocohootas. W. Vi., 30>Jul7 £ aalm "**•' 

Bice A Dote's Water Oaralval Thsitt Bore, tngr.) 
— Ko. Platte, Seb., June SOJulr B, Lannde, 
Wro., w - 

B. Dobbs' (Joseph Conoly, mgr.)— Srdner, N. 

8. W., Indefiite. 
Balkan War and Panama Canal, in Klnemacolor, 

Uovlnf Pictures— Carnegie Ljcenm, New York. 

Balkan War and Panama Canal, in Klnemacolor, 


Belss. Nat, Oo.— BrarU, Ind., June 30-JuIr 5. 
Soothem Amuse. Oo. — Manebester. Tenn.. June 
30-July 5, Sparta 7-12. 

Moving Pictures— Ttemont Temple, Boston, la- Simpson y,\ H., Amuie. Co.— Sturgls, Ulch. June 

30-July 5, 

"Battle of Gettysburg" Pictures— Boston, lndeti 

^Bfk J 00 ? ?•■ Shows — Punxautawne/, Pa., June 
30-Julv 5. Indiana T-12. 

Capt. Scott Pictures— Lyric. New York, Indefinite. Sheesley Greater Shows— Princeton. W. Vs.. June 

Howe's Pictures- -London. Csn., June 80-JuIv B. _J I0Jb| J' 5 - *..•>-> 

Jack London Pictures— Criterion, New York, la- "ompson. Prank B.— West Brooklyn, III., July 

definite. l;o. 

"North of 88"— Lyceum, New Tork, Indefinite. "¥?*£ »ows— Bowling Gretn. By.. June 30- 

"Oao Vsdlsr , — BUelne-Olnes Oo.— Astor, New »W 6, Hopklnsville 7-12. 

York, Indefiite. HISCELLAlvTBODH 

"Qro VadUT^-Klelne-Clnes Co.— McVicker's, Georgia Coon Sboutors— Kieeland, Mich., 4. B 

Chicago. Indefinite. New York Amusement Oo— Vv^esltor w v. 

"Quo VsdlsT"— Kielne-Olnes Co.— Oarrlck, PhHa- taleflnite. r "" l ' Kan, ■ «».— wneeung, w. Va.. 

°'5!..?v? w— ? Uenb0P0 ' w - y «- *. Greenwood 3. 

Si 1 ^ 4 ? 1 A Br i^ 5' FI «^«ton TTlndepen: 
oence 8, Bowesrlile 9. 

Gary's IS 1 "***"* 6 ° naat ' 0PB " •* 0r * 

B, 3o o jui s 7 bo o r . &a«sp'>-*-*ft. «*- 

SP Va U .' e Jtrne r ?0 n Juiy T f 1,Uld ^ ~ *<" ChUrChl 
WsJden. Dana— Lebanon, Ky., 0, Beatrice Neb.. 

delphla, InileCnlte. 
"Quo Vadis?" — Klelnt-anes Oo. — Academy of 

Music, Baltimore, indefinite. 
Balney, Pool J.— Chicago, indefinite. 

Adams' Greater Exposition — Terra Alta, W. Va., 

30-July S, Berkeley Springs 7-12. 
Austin Amuse. Oo Point Pleasant, W. Vs., Jane 

80-July S. 
Gorey Bros.' Shows, Combined — Chlsholm, Minn., 

June 30^July B. 
PerarUshows, United— Niagara Polls, N. Y., June 

rolrjland Carnival Shows — EL A. Bttenger'a — 
Poaapton Lake, N. J., June 30-July B, Bloom- 
field 7-12. 

Ferari A Patrick Greater Shows— Medina, N. Y., 
Juno 30-July 8. ' 

Greater Now England— Pittafleld, Mass., June 80- 
Jaly S. 

Great Griffith Show— (Arnold Park. Is., Indefinite. 

Great Southern (Wm. T. Harrington, mgr.) — 
Muskegon, Mich., June 80-July B, Manistee 7- 

Great Patterson Shows (Jts. Patterson, mgr.)— 

Laorlum, Inch., June 80-July B, Thief Blver 

Falls 7-12. 
Great Bmplre (J. W. Harrington, mgr.)— Bar- 

beTrou. O. June SOJuly 'B, Alliance 7-12. 
Hspriyland Amuse. Oo. — Broekenridge, Ps„ June 

30-July 5. 
Hunter Shows (Harry O. Hunter, mgr. )— Gleve- 

hnd O.. 30-July B. McKees RocksTpa., 7-12. 

.» , 1, , ro *- National Shows— Now OasUc, Ind.. 

30-Jjily B, Logansport 7-12. 

"iT'l "b"' Gtcater Shows— Syracuse, N. Y., 

Kline, Ilorbert A— Calgary, AlU., Can., June 80- 
July B. 
L »^'« Model Shows— Burlington, N.'O., June 

Liberty Shows— Bradford. Pa.. 30 July B. 
Leonard Amuse. Oo.— nolly. Ool., June 30-July B. 
Metropolitan Showa-Jieyahme, W. Vi., JuneT 


l The Economical Way. Steam. 

| ore Frank Jones and Kaater- 
«kllt leave Pier 48, North River 
(root of W. loth r}t.»", att JO p. M. 
West 132d St. at 8 p. jfJ dally 
Round Trip Tickete good all 
season. DlnlngScrvlce. CAPI- 


Phono, Spring 0577. 


REP., UNDER OANVAS. Man for Leads. Spe- 
cialty Team, doubling parts. Money sure. Join 
on wire. Week Juno so, Manchester, Mich.: week 
July 7, Burr Cat, Mich. 

JT. II. GOOD, Manager. 





July i 


^T.-« -:•:'.■ - :#V*a-:r»<i ;i'i? ! iv..-, »•....«' ""> *\i 

No. 1.— Otto Klein, World's Champion Fancy 
nnil Trick Itlclcr ; Holder of the Uold 
Holt nntl Smlille, won nt Calgary. 

No. 2.— Dorothy Dnkota, Itlclcr. 

Ko. 3.— The Oklahoma Heal Wild West 
Show. 1018. 

No. 4. — May Foster, Cowgirl and Pick-ups. 

No. 5. — Side Show, Walter A. Shannon, 
i Manager. 

No. *-C£ 3 r..e op Muloall. Real Bronk Rider No. "-Col.^ck Mulha.l, our Historic No. , fl .-Luc.,.c Mulhal. and her Trained 

No. 7.— Lnellle Mulhall, America"! Greatwt No. 12.— Kid Barnu'm. the Jew Fred. Wilson v, „ "°"«. "Eddie C." 

v .- S^' !"" " 1 the Rube, andrte Mule ' ° - 17- &,,. IIo,mc8 ' EoI,cr and Snar P- 

No. 8.— Chief Lucca. No. 13.— Sascha. k. •■ « , „ 

No. 0.— Main Entrance to the Big Show. No. 14.— Harry Foster Cowboy and n«» vv „"S , Gco ? e ' In<1Inn ln 'erpreter. 

No. lO.-Jock Lewis. Head Porter. BronS Rider?'' ^^ and *»* * *«* J-** "Copper." fieri"*™ Wert'Slfowr 

No. 13.— Prairie NeU. ■* 20 ' 2 Vw2iL Kearnc * a . Captain Jack and No. 25.— Uncle Dan Bovlneton and bis Troupe 

Gcor B le - of Educated Mules. 

No. 22.— Homer Wilson, Chief of Cowboys and 

World's Greatest Kopers. _ 

No. 23.— Oklahoma Ranch Wild West Show 

Band. . _, ,„, 

No. 24.— Prince Lncca and Cossacks, Chief 

of the Cossacks, Oklahoma Rapcb 

Real Wild West Show. 




Trv .Ms treatment for whitening the 
■M to-night, /sa. before you retire 

Sallow, Freckled Skins 


Just before you retire, cleanse the 
skin thoroughly by washing In your usual 
way with . Woodbury's Facial Soap and 
lukewarm water. Wipe off the surplus 
moisture, but leave the skin slightly 
dump. Now dip the cake of Woodbury's 
In a bowl of water and go over your face 
and throat several times with the cake 
Unit. Let its lather remain on over 
night, and wash again with Woodbury's 
In your usual way next morning. 

Use this treatment with Woodbury's 
every night — unless your skin should be- 
come too sensitive, in which case discon- 
tinue until this sensitive feeling dis- 
appears. A marked improvement will be 
seen after a fewapplications, and your skin 
will become Just what you want It to be. 

Woodbury's Facial Soap costs 25c a cake 
No one hesitates at the price after their 
first cake. Tear oft the illustration of the 
cake shown below and put It in your 
purse as a reminder to get a cake today. 

Woodbury's Facial Soap 

For sale by dealer* throughout the 
United State* and Canada 

Write today for samples 

For 40 ice uHll 
send a sample 
cake. For 10c 
samples of 
W oodb ury'a 
Facial Soap, 
Facial Cream 
and Facial Pow- 
der. Write to- 

day to the Andrew Jergen* Co., Dept. 

P-7, Spring Qrove Avenue, Cincinnati, 0. 
In Canada, address the Andrew Jer- 

gens Co., Ltd., Dept. P-7, Perth, Ontario. 

^^~*^^~>^SCX^CCC^XCCCCCO000O0OOOO0O0OO0 OC OCO5s > C' 



Clipper Bureau, 6 South Si.nure Gray's Inn, London, IV. C. 

JrjNI 21. 
There is the false kind of nctivity not un- 
common at this season. The hot weather 
finds the weak spots ; prudent managers de- 
clare for a vacation; rash speculators step 
in and possess themselves of theatres for 
seasons that are sometimes very short 

Weedon Groamlth sketch, "A Week End," Is 
Just a quarrel scene between husband and 
wife on the eve of a vacation. 

"Booty Polls the Strings" was duly re- 
vived at the Playhouse on Monday, and well 
received. Kate Moffatt resumed her original 
character as Bunty, but Graham Moffatt, 

James Douglas, for Instance, who took the much . protesting, has been replaced by Rob- 
Aldwych to produce his weird melodrama. 5, rt ¥ orttI ! d w ^°.i°. ve U l08t betwcen c » rtl 
entitled "The Duchess' Necklace." onlv man! Maude and Moffatt I 

"J adore Ca has been carefully revised 
and many new scenes added. Its run at the 

'The Duchess' Necklace," only man 
aged six performances. Me is said to have 
lost quite a lot of money. Will It be believed 
that, on the eve of Midsummer, your cor- 
respondent has to record the production of 
three new plays, two revivals and many 

Middlesex now promises to be Indefinite. 

"Brewster's Millions" moved Into the 

Strnnrt Theatre on Monday — and seems to 

minor happening*. The crUici MsJaSii hnv « t^cn anew lease of life. It Is done 

Edward Hemmerdc whether It Is assistant ^J^™?^ 1 ? " 8 roa ?„ C0 . m . pany .S , whl ? h 
to his diznltv as a lawver and "i ■ hitely played it for a month at the Prlncos. 

Drury Lane box office Is besieged by appli- 
cants for seats to witness the performances 
of Knsslan opera and ballet, which begin, 
under the management of Thomas Beecham, 
on Monday. 

For years the censor has strenuously re- 
fused to license any play basod on the Scrip- 
tures, though Martin Harvey got "Great Pos- 
sessions" through, he thinks because tho of- 

dln t fl.™,S.T Srh*i h0 »J e i. P .» e ?£ acceptance of "Joseph and Ills Brethren" on 

***&*&* qrttog*. Wjjg. « t last lie si r Herbert Tree's account, and the result 

learned that he had been misled, he had ]„ that all the peoole who have been writing 

nothing better to offer the unhappy woman Scripture plays Tfor tST last twenty years? 

than the prospect of a re-union in Heaven, are raining the manuscripts upon the d£ 

Mr. Hemmerdc s method of dealing with the — *-■ ■ ■■ 
situation most nrbltrarllv set up is laboriously 

to his dignity as a lawyer and as a 
politician holding a Judicial post, to put 
his name to such plays as "A Car- 
dinal's Itomanre," which was produced at the 
Savoy on Saturday. A wealthy young man, 
whose father had been of loose morality was 
led to believe that the sweet girl whom he 
had married was his own sister. It Is a dis- 
gusting situation. Investigation wonld prob- 
ably have satisfied him that there had been 

melodramatic, and his dialogue is pompous. 

Sir Herbert Tree revived "Twelfth Nljrnt" 
at His Majesty's Theatre on Mondav. His 
Malvollo Is well known and well liked. The 

voted head of the poor censor ! 

Cyril Maude took his leave of the London 
playgoer after the last performance of "The 
Headmaster" at the Playhouse, In a pteas- 
ant speech, recalling that he had been on the 
stage thlry years that very night. He began 

novelty of the occasion Is a very charming | n America, which country he would shortly 
performance of Vllola, by Phyllis NeJlson ro-vlsit 


Doubtless because the novelties of the sea 
son have not worked out very well, the dis- 
position of managers Is toward revival. "Jim 

Charles Urban has secured the world's 
rights to produce Maeterlinck's "Mary Mag- 
dalen," by his Klnemacolor process. 

John Glendcnnlng produces "The Rosary" 

Comedy Theatre on Wednesday, with War- 
ren McKtnnel! as Jim, Grace Lane as Mrs. 
Ralston, and J. Fisher White as Baroa Hart- 
feldt. It had a eood reception. 

On the same night Rutherland Barring- 
ton, the old Savoyard, made, not by any 
means, his first adventure In management at 
the Olobe Theatre. Then and there pro- 
ducing a play called "The Glided Pill." by 
J. Spencer Clouston. But for Barrlngton's old 
performance, ns a shrewd, meddlesome old 
man. with a kind heart and a provoking 
habit of being funny, BUI Denlston by name, 
the piny would not nmount to much. It de- 
picts the life of a family, four in number, 
Sir Bcvls Seaton Glastonbury, his brother 
and sisters. They lived In a fine house, on 
an Income derived, as they believed, from 
the investments of their father, a deceased 
aristocrat, and tbey tried to cut a fine figure 
In the country, though they were. In truth, 
an uninteresting lot. They were specially 
unkind to a little girl, a poor relation. 
There appeared on the scene, their trustee. 
Bill Denlston. to whom they behaved bo dis- 
gustingly that the truth had to be revealed 

the Penman." so popular years ago on yonr at the Elephant and Castle, nn outlvinc Lon- 
slde ns well as an this, was done at the don theatre, on Monday. Other engagements 

prevent Jessie Millward's appearance with 
him. Beatrice Burdctt will accordingly play 
the heroine. 

There was a pleasant Interchange of civil- 
ities nt the Duke of York's Theatre the other 
afternoon. The French company, playing 
"I/IIablt Vert" at Ihe New Theatre, wit- 
nessed tho performance of "The Yellow 
Jacket." and was afterwards entertained at 
a tea party. 

"L'Hablt Vert" is played for the last time 
to-night On Monday Simonc will appear In 
Bernstein's "Secret" 

Henry Arthur Jones has agreed to prepare 
severnl of his plays for plcturo work — first of 
all, "The Silver King." 

II. B. Irving 13 Just home from South 
Africa. He will appear at the Savoy during 
the Autumn in several plays new to London. 

A play by George Moore, the novelist, Is 
shortly to be produced by the stage society. 
It Is entitled "Esther Waters." 

At the request of the king and queen, 
Melbu and Caruso are both to appear In "La 
Boheme" at the opera on Monday. 

A most Interesting collection of bonks, 
manuscripts and oddments associated with 
the stage, made by the late Bramstoker, 
''8 manager, has been disposed of by 
auction Bale during the past few days. 

Sir George Alexander celebrated his fifty- 
third birthday on Wednesday. 

"Diplomacy will be played nt Wyndham'g 
Theatre for the one hundredth time to-night. 
A. E. Matthews has joined the cast 

"Last nights" of "The Dancing Mistress," 
at the AdeTphl arc announced. 

May Isabel Flsk, the American authoress 
und entertainer, appeared in a new character 
on Monday, when she successfully produced 
two one act plays at the Little Theatre. 
One entitled "The Cormorant," Included a 
fine character study of an old man of good 
blrtb. Idle and selfish, maintained In luxury 
by the Infinite sacrifice of his wife, his boys 
and bis daughter. The other, called "Great- 
er Love Than This," tells the tragical story 
of a sculptress to whose Paris studio there 
came un aristocratic masquerading as an 
amateur. He mails love to her, and 
broke her heart with the announcement that 
be was engaged to a woman of bis own rank. 
Albert Tofts, the famous sculptor, fixed up 
the studio scene for Miss Flsk. It was most 

A reception to meet Irving Berlin was 
given by the directors of the Moss Km pi res 
at the Savoy Hotel on Thursday. Mr. Bishop 
shortly Joins Ihe company at the Hippo- 
drome. Berlin said : "I can't write a note of 
music. The melodies — the rhythm and lilt 
are taken from the negroes — strike my cars, 
I tell my pianist to play them, and I get an- 
other man to write them. That's how It's 
done. Berlin admits to an Income of f 100,000 
in royalties. 

Hugh Mackintosh, the. Australian magnate. 
Is In Loudon. 

Charles Ilnclden Chambers has delivered to 
Charles Frohraan the completed manuscript 
of a play founded on the novel, "Tante." Mr. 
Frolimiiu will produce It In New York toward 
the end of the year, but Mr. Chambers re- 
tains: the English rights. 

One of the World's Lending Hostclrles. 

Headquarters this week for The Showmen's League of America, where a scries of receptions 
will be tendered General W. F. Cody. 


W. J. Burrows, of London, Ont, Can., has 
been appointed by the London Stage Em- 
ployees' Union as a delegate to the The- 
atrical Workers' Union of America, for the 
twenty-first annual convention, to bo held 
at Seattle, Wash., In July. 

« H » 

Julia Sahdbhbon, who has been playing 
In the "Sunshine Girl," at the Knickerbocker 
A llca i£?i New York, sailed for Liverpool on 
the White Star liner Celtic, June 20. She 
was accompanied by her mother. 


Polo Grounds 

With WASHINGTON, Jul) 4, 4, 5, 7. 


With CHICAGO, July 8, 9. 

to them. Their father was the proprietor 
of a quack pill, he had bought his title he 
was low born and socially an impostor I What 
was worse, they were practically penniless, 
and dependent on old Bill, who, however, 
proved magnanimous, having, as he said, 
no tic to life but his dead partner's young- 
sters. The poor relation managed to marry 
a duke. 

Stanley Houghton does not manage to 
keep op to "Handle Wakes" form, or even to 
that of "The Younger Generation," of which 
"The Perfect Cnre/' which Charles Hawtrey 
produced at the Apollo on Tuesday night Is 
In some sense a replica. That Is to say, it 
still fights the battle of the younger genera- 
tion. Hawtrey figures as a selfish old man 
who pretends to be very ill so as to keep 
his daufhter always at his elbow, spoiling 
her chances of marriage and all 1 A common 
scnslcat cousin appeared and shook the old 
Ecauip Into manhood again, arranged the 
marriage of her niece, and then herself mar- 
ried the "Invalid." 

"A Narrow Squeak," at the Coliseum, 
proves one more burglar sketch. The bur- 
glar in this Instance plays the piano and 
charms his victims Into forgiveness, then 
sneaks away w|th the swag, Just the same 

",-; ih „'-■>.'' r>&?.- ' i 

v.* "■ ■•.:. ' , 

■ ■ : -*-->&mmk 

tek ■ 

IMsV.. ■■>.■■• 
Kaak ' 

' ».*3&s» ' 


■fflr"- •'^■1' 

• ■? V'.'^sM- ■ 

| w 

•..».*; ,-.7-ti - saKsai 

sV lumfi ' 

".',:" 'i*JjMHB 

jS»- ^Br ' 


Wfc" ■ 

.. , »•.•■•;' '^''sHn! 


Egg '■ ':.:£">■ »■'. 


sssa Ih 

Wf' -. » ■ 

l ^aaV NbIbsbK 

rtfaflf ssBTB '^ 

'■ "fc_VvV-''" 

jtfir::'--.'^'-' fe£- 

^mr^ 1 ■ 

'*-■''■= -^SSH ' 

**' *m 

■ "' ^B- -?■-'.■ 


■ ^. By ■' /P 


FM ft 

/.:'-."•" ; . _ ifft;-* 

-3 -f 

The song writer, whose latest march song hit, 
"Mllly Terry," is said to be as rousing ns 
"Dixie." Published by Shapiro, Bernstein ft Co. 

The "leading heavy** 
among wardrobe trunks 

This new heavy-duty Theatrical Trunk is 
starring as "The Amazon." Very light in 
weight Produced by "Likly" [of Rochester, N.Y. 
Backed by 69 years' experience in the making 
of fine, durable trunks and bags. 

This 'Likly' Trunk— 'The Amazon'— is beyond oues- 
tion the most durable wardrobe trunk ever designed (or 
any purpose. The foundation box it a three-ply bass- 
wood veneer. Corned and lined with strongest granite 
vulcanized fibre, harmonizing with the coloi of the trunk. 

Comer caps and bottom angle protector! are of cold 
rolled steel All rivdt are hand driven. Exits heavy 
hinges, boki and catches. The lelf-locking Yale lock n 
of cast bronze. 

Carries 15 to 18 suits or gowns. The model for 
women has sn extra hat-box drawer of tpecia. Wsign. 
Get full details from our catalog. 

The line of 'Likly' Luggage ii the widest in America. 
We have a special Theatrical Luggage Booklet which 
every member of the profession should have. Send for 
a copy today. It tells the points of difference bet een 
good and bad luggage. 


An extra-stout 
auit case 

Here's a suit eate, built 
•Lilly' fashion, called "The 
low*. " 

Notice how the handle it 
put on. 

Hat twin locks. Sewed 
leather hinge. 

Set-in bauwood ends make 
the shape everlasting. 

Comes with a fne-ytat 

Made of light oi dark ruttet 
cowhide— tmooth grain. Alto 
black fine line English grain 
cowhide. A 1 1 handsomely 
lined with cloth. 

Pricet $12.50 to$13.50. 
Full details in out catalog. 
Sold by high-clatt dealers. 

"The Anglo-American" 

A combination bag. Shaped 
like an Oxford Bag but hit ihe 
wide square opening kit frame. 
Packt and unpacks in a jiffy. 

Frame it hand-tewed. Serge 
lining. Your choice of five 
leather! and three tizet— all are 
guaranteed for five yean. 

Prices $26.50 to $31.50. 

Sold by high class dealest, 


Asks no favors of the baggage man 

Mary Elizabeth is hero again. She begins 
n tour of the provinces at tbc Aluarnbru 
Glasgow, on Monday. 

George llcvan has now got to work on tho 
Moss Empires tour with "Tho Sign of tho 
Kosc." lie opened at tho Empire, Stratford, 
on Monday. 

Arrivals by the llaurctania, on Tuesday, 
were : Alice Lloyd. Kitty Gordon, Edna May, 
Walter Hast, the Reals and P. J, Selbit. 

Mclntyrc and [tenth, who took ten years 
to moke up their minds to visit this country, 
open at the London. Hippodrome, In "Hello! 
Itagtlmc," on Monday. 

Claude Bostock, the agent, Is on a visit 
to London. 

Alfred Butt and his colleagues of tho 
Variety Controllng Company arc said to bo 
at tbe back of the new Dublin music hall. 

A receiving order In banknn/tcy lias been 
made against Joe O'Gorman. 

It Is announced that tbe death of Mrs. J. 
H. Elliott, aff the Klllott-Savonns will In no 
wny affect the constitution at conduct of the 

Charles Gulliver, managing director of 
what used to be the Gibbons Circuit, bad a 
sudden attack of Illness on Thursday, neces- 
sitating an immediate, happily, quite success- 
ful, operation. 

Samuel Lloyd has been refuced a licence 
to trade as an agent on the representation 
">t the Federation that contracts, In respect 
of which he had made himself responsible ns 
a Glasgow mnnngor. remained unfulfilled. 
Lloyd declares he will appeal. 

Latest news of tbc Sisters Macartc came 
from Bombay. 

Oswald Stoll will install a wonderful scries 
of pictures Illustrative of "Parsifal," at the 
Coliseum on Monday. 

Lew Stern, who declares that EhkIIhIi au- 
diences are the best ever, has lately lost 
his father. 

Seymour Hicks leaves the Empire revue to- 
night. They do not propose to replace him 
exactly, but to re-arrange the show. 

Zcnn Dare, who Is now the Hon. Mrs. 
Maurice Brett, a daughler-ln-law of Lord 
Esher, gave blrtb to a daughter ou Wed- 

Having been published at twelve cents, on 
Saturdays, for seventy-nvc years, The Kra 
Is now to be issued on Wednesdays, price two 
cents. Borne time ago It was sold by Kdwnnl 
Ledger, Its many years proprietor and mana- 
ger, to William Bass, the brewer, for upwards 
of $CO0,0OO. 

Edward Pickering, tho much esteemed 
"I'lck," of tbc Empire, tbe Alhnmhra and the 
l'alncc writes me from Johannesburg: "The 
Palladium here has closed, after a very short 
and inglorious life. I have been appointed 
manager of the Empire, and took over my 
duties on May 25. (The African Theatres 
Trust) my firm have been awfully good In 

organizing performances to help to pay tho 
fares of Palladium artists to London. The 
African Theatres Trust have alio taken over 
tho Palladium, but mean to keep it closed. 
The theatrical and vaudeville business out 
here is at a very low ebb, and showman's 
bankruptcies are weekly occurrences. How- 
ever, I am looking forward to better times 
when the air Is cleared. Tbe number of blo- 
scopo shows in this town Is ridiculously In 
excess of tbe demand." 

Some locations tor Monday next are: Her- 
hert Lloyd's Minstrels, Hippodrome, Bury; 
Alice Pierce, Hippodrome, Putney: the Two 
Bobs, Oxford and Hippodrome, Wcllcsden; 
the Two Brlttonl, Palace, Warrington; 
Hedges Brothers and Jacobson, Empire, 
Stratford ; Chung Ling Soo, Empire, Sunder- 
land ; Jen Latona, Empire, Ardwlck, It. G. 
Knowles, Alhambra. Glasgow; Carl Hertz, 
Theatre Royal, Edinburgh; Covelll and Gil- 
lette, Hippodrome, Newcastle; livers nnd 
tfermon, Empire, Edmonton: W. C. Fields, 
London Coliseum ; Fanny Fields, Empire. 
Shepherd's Hush i Charles Alilrleli. London 
I'nvlllon ; Alelvlllc Gideon, Loudon I'nvlllon ; 
(irnnf ngd Grant, Hippodrome, Brighton ; 
Wilson nnd Waring, Empire, Sheffield; Anna 
Dorothy. Empire. Bradford ; Stclllng and lte- 
velle. Empire, Edinburgh ; Barton and Ash- 
ley, Empire, Glasgow ; A. D. Bobbins, London 
Hippodrome; Beth Tate, Empire, Kllburn. 

I Radiant 
Beauty For 




J nut n liltlc Much nf CARMEN 
ct'lmi 1'i'K tho luvuty, youthful 
i rotniikxiiin nature irnvn yuii. It 
1 wilt nut'Vliow puwdcr" or rub 
off until rctnuvcil. 


Quito ilifWrcnt from ull othora. 
llurmlciui. pure, fine, will nut 
Injuru moKt Hcmltfvu »km — 

but r.i'.h. r brndlt*. Kasol- 

rwtliiK ctuluririH fragrance. 
Wtota, Flesh, Crwam* 
Wit*. Toilet Kit, 00c 

Stafford-Miller Co. t 

539 Ollvo Stmt, 

St Loub, Mo. 


Neck and Arms 

liiHtnnlly removed without 
injury to the most delicate 
skin. In rumiKiinidlnif, an 
ineijin 1'iete mlxturo was av- 
cldenUilly spilled on the 
buck of tho hand, and on 
washing afterward, It was 

discovered that tho hair wiusciimplutclv removed. 

Wo mimed the new discovery "MODEMS." An- 

Ely for a few minutes nnd tho hair disappears as It 
y magic. IT CANNOT FAIL. Moaono mipurcedcH 
electrolysis. L'seil by people of rcfliiemonl, and re- 
commended by all who Imvo tested Its merits. Mo- 
dene Is now for sale at drug stores, or will ho sent 
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Modcne Bhoufactarin; Co., Dept. 11, Cincinnati, 0. 


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I tarn NanpnclalileMkntwdt'd. Durabte.eaaj toope- 

rato. l»w prioudljecauwwjKlnipIe. Only itfo parta. 
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factory hv aamooiporta who malto K'liott-fc'liher 
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•Hi... P r L-. an. I tcop It, l.lo,,,.,, |„ ,|,|,l „,„.| „v,n1l,T, 

Olaiw-nd Cutter. lETfflUi! 

IWrtu tor r-M Cot.lo,. Over 2 

I to»«i, . ircharra pl-wld. If ..I,'. 
itm purrhw rirfca «n A It.op It, ulx 

B5ri ■ ■*•» Dept BS*I OS N. Ktiilu fit i'"».t»mm«t 

■afBrnicaiia chscaoo. ill. Wni'SSSi 

Fla&h Like Cenuitir 


IMS M« M m\ WIWl M tlll . « * 

. i».- iii rim <••• <* ttm 

,o»t<t>.flri t»» IllKM ■ ■' 

|co» ton m i Hn 

MlllM. IMwIlUs. ... 

VHt.r-.iit.ri M Mbtjstciaaia 

/• anjtrsrttsf; at: pleat* mention Clirm. 



July 5 


THE J. O. TU%rTK*TAXATHK&€>JB CO., X*S«i., Present 






"Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford," "The Fortune Hunter," "Officer 666," "Excuse Me," "Stop Thief," "Broadway Jones," Etc., Etc. 


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We Insert .ilTertlwmenta la tola column at • 
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N. 8HELTON, Manager Lyceum Tlicalre, 
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the I.ilx'riy cloKeil IIk aennon on 28, and nil tint 
Hill ii'iniiln ojieii lo defy tlic dot weather nri* tlic 
Metri>|«'llliin. Keltli'K Che, mill, Kontonv and 
Xlxnii. Wlifrcvrr llierc la nn open lot near n 
ri'Mlilintlnl Mellon mi nlrilo'iH* la Ivln^ oiienctl, 
unil even tliono nrc doing big bualncsa In whtcli 
Die iimlliH nro large na Hie running cxpcimcg are 
iiulli' llmlliil. 

(lAiintitK (Nlxnn & Zimmerman, mgra.) — Tlic 
"Qim VmlNV" Mini pictures continue to excite 
the iiilnilrntloii of everyone, nial an n renlilt the 
n I Iciidutiri' conlliiitca to be large. Storting 30 Is 
the eighth w<*ck. 

Fiiciikht (Nixon & Zimmerman, mgra.) — The 
kltieuiiieoliir plclnres hail good putronngo lust 
neck. The wtoiiiI week beghm 30. 

Citi'.rTWitT (1VIII A. I'lige, mgr.) — The Orpliouin 
Pliiyein offer 'The Clreim dlrl" week of .'to. There 
wnti eoiiHlileroble Interest ninnlfeateil Inet week In 
Ihe rcvlvnl of "Tliree Weeks. " Gertrude Pallao 
was the queen nail did larfect work. Kilwnrd E. 

Ceriinl. llnatlnga and Wilson, Horner Barnelt 
nml moving idctures. 

Kbvktonu (M. W. Taylor, nigr.)— "Nursery 
Khyiiiis." Martial and Msxlinlllan, Wilson. Krnuli- 
lin and emiipunj. llolden inil llnrron, t'.thrl Uol- 
ilen, Ynninmoln.llros. mid moving pictures. 

l.iiieiiTv (,M. W. Taylw, mgr.) — The neason, 
wliluli lias NH n n»st Itlgli'y antlsfiiclory one, 
came to a close on I8S. 

fluvinv ( I". Ke!dnnlt, mgr.) — The Sum- 
mer senson eoiitlhites ih-spit.. the wnrri weather 

'■ II r inns The crowds were of goml slic Inst 

week, ami eujoyotl the show ns well an Ihe lioxbig 
iimU-ilk. For week of .'10 One Round llngnn will 
Is- the fistic, slur. 

Wimow Orovb Panic (J. T. Davlca. mgr.) — 
Cunwnj'B nnnd excelled, Inst week, III |iopiihir 
selections, and the big pnvlllon wns crowded at 
all of the concerts, tin July 0. Victor Herbert 
and his orchestra starts nn engagement which 
continues until 10. The amusements arc all 
being well patronized. 

WooiiHion Park (Win. 0. Mnrlln, mgr.) — Miss 
Seller mill her intile symphony bnnd xcnreil I 1,1c 
success Inst week, lluslness, so far, thin season 
lias Is'cn liniiRunlly gooit and the two dozen 
nniiiKciucut features arc nil doing excellently. 

Point iiiikhzb Paiik (Fred McClellnn, mgr.) — 
All rends are now leading to thin resort which Is 
Isvoinlng more and irore po]>ulnr with the down- 
town re«lden(s. The big atlrnctlon Inst week 
was the free show offered by Captain Dan. In his 
"Dip of Death." Tlic motordomc lias exciting 

A Scene from Esannny'a Two Reel Feature, 

Released July 7. 

Ilorten wus satisfactory nn I'liul, while cleveniesa 
was ilbplnyoil by Sydney Seaward ns Hie king, 
anil Percy Winter ns Sir diaries. Fhnviuv ltoh- 
erlK. Huatita Ilrlce ami William Morris were en- 
tlrey neei^itnble In the miner role*. "Dlvorenus" 

II. F. Kmrn's III. T. .tniihiii, mgr.)— "Nee.- 
Iiim>'n lianleii" tfiiurlh \vc-k), cimlluueH a.< the 
feat lire tin-July 5. nie: The Fl\e SuIIvh. 
AIN'il Von rnarr, llerls-rl'4 OawbMSj, Morris Gol- 
ilea iieil tlruee lh> Wlutivs. I^.nn Stephens. Irving 
N'cvvlmlT tun) lhnle Phelps, l.n Vler ami moving 

MCTiinini.iTAtf tliEtiA lloiiss (Kugene Meyers, 
initr. I—The bill for ."Ill-July a conalnls of: 
"HttUlil'a Sjiidlente." Harry Brooks and company, 
the Yuldun. Rd. ami Jack Smith. Pave Ferguson. 
Williams nml Weston, Slg. and Bdvlli Pram. 
For Ihe latin- pnrt of the week the bill cnn»lnln 
1ST; lllnslii nml Draiiiplaii, "Clrcunistnntlnl Kvl- 
ileni-e." Mals'l Welch, i.™™ and Gallagher, nml 
lliiubar anil Turner. Itualiicss continues to nc 

Nixojj (Fred'k Leopold, nigf.)— Week of 30: 
"The Conrealtd Ileal," l''lc(cher Norton anil Maud 
Marie, Gypny Couuteas and company, Fraucca 

rnce9 on Thursdays a nil Snltinlnys, lo big busi- 

Wahiiinoton PAnK ox tub DMAWAM (n. V. 
Slelser. mgr.) — The lamia are carrying their full 
ipaitn lo lids resort. Lily's Ilnnil and the Schu- 
mann Qunrtette arc furnishing pleasing concerts 
twkv dally. 

ituiiii. iliiiAim. i*oiiki-ai:oii"s, Wh. Pknk, Ca- 
sino, IlABT'S, PHOI'I.R'a, Al.I.KOIIKMr. VlCTOIltA, 
COMIKIAI., I'l.ASA, PAIJI.-K anil Al.llAMIIItA. give 

vnuilevllle anil moving pictures. 


Tiih big event la moving plelure circles on 
July 4, Is the baseball game between the I.ubln 
Mnnunclurlng Co. ami the Pathe Co. The en- 
counter takes place at Ihe Wynnewoeu Athletic 
(Iroiuids, Twenty-slxtli Street and Allegheny 

M. W. TATixm. manager of the Liberty nnd 
Kcynlone Theatres, will shortly lenve for n well 
earned vacation at his Summer home, In Mary- 

JnskTit Coca baa succeeded lllehnnl Schmidt na 
leadei- of lh» Metro|wlltan tlpera House. He for- 
merly held almllar imslthnij at the Braid ami 
Forrest Theatres. 

Tun effort to build a picture liouao nt Broad 
nisi '11ioni|ison Streets has bten renewed despite 
Hie fact that the Common Pleas Court decided 
Hint the offmslvo occupation clause In the deed 
applied to movies. Thonvia M. Dougherly, to 
whom IIhi house wns ;» have Isvn lenseil, lias 
i«'iltinn«i Ihe cauls for leave to Intervene ns a 
party III Interest In order Hint tlic ense may ls> 
appealed to the Supreme Court. 

I.N order to prevent the erection ot buildings 
for uuiUHcincnt purposes near houses of worship a 
bill has been pnssed by the state Legislature, 
which provides Hint no plny'in >■<■ shall be erected 
within 500 feet ot any building used for religious 

Tiir Glrard Open House closed lis season of 
moving pictures on 28. This, It la announced, 
concludes the Stair & llavlln control of the house, 
us It now passes Into the control of Fred n. 
Nlxoii-Nlnllliige::. wls> will expend J.10,000 on Its 
Interior reconstruction, nnd will re-open Hie the- 
atre In September ns a popular priced vnuilevllle 

Cnrltondnle, Pa.— Grand (Frank B. Trnllls, 
mgr.) lis" High School Commencement exercises 
June 20 had cnpnclty, mid were delightful. Thir- 
ty-two were awarded diplomas. Charles Calvert 
Kills, A.M., Ph.D., of Tuotaln College, deliv- 
ered a strong, practical addrcFa on the theme: 
"Hilling the Murk." Klegnnt music wns fur- 
ulxlicd by Lynott's OrclH-strn. 

luitAt. (L. A. Kartell, mgr.) — I.ynolt's Ordies- 
Irn nnd dally dinngc of photoplnys. S|K>cbil added 
utlrnelkin each Yvcslnesdny evening. 

Gait (Alfonso sirrhmal. mgr.) — Mecbnnlcnl or- 
cbestru nnd a strong dally program of the Is'st 
picture products, which Incorporate Ihe Aiilmntcd 
Weekly service. 

Savoy (The Screen Amusement Co., mgrs.) — 
Excellent music and change of pictures dally. 

Victoiiia (Louis Mnlulc, mgr.) — Music and pic- 
tures of high character, and dully change of 

Lake Lotion. — Tills re»jrt, Willi modem eipilp- 
incut, Is doing well. 

Si-i-mi t nn. Pa. — Poll (John II. Docking, 
mgr.) for week of June fO, the Poll Stock Co., 
supporting Alfred Swensou nnd Lllllnn Beyer, pre- 
sent '"Hie Greyhound." 

Amu-.MY (A. F. Wlnslrom, mgr.) — Photoplays 
clinnKcd dally nnd sis>clal fenlurc nlghls. 

AniMi, i; Aimi-N (M. A. Oomerforil, mgr.) — 
Klnemiicolor pictures ami vaudeville. Pictures 
changed dully, vaudeville twice a week. 

Bum; Dhkahs, WoNnnus, Mamiattax, 'Colon- 
iAt„ llii-i'oiiiiiiMK, ViCTObiA, Wu.NiiKituxi) ami 
oiii'iiBUM. moving pictures. 

Greennlmrig, Pa.— .Oakford Park (Burl 
Hoart, nujr. ) Moorc'a I'luyera presenteil "Heaping 
the Ilnrvwl." June 23-2.1. iWra TllPTIW 20-28. 

South II, ml. Iml. — i — 'I'll,- Gentry Showa 
plnyeil to two capacity audiences June 20. F. II. 
Gentry Is In active charge and docs everything 
pnsKiiiie to make things pletisant. W. E. Wells 
handles most of the one ring acts nnd has bis 
incites nnd dogs working nicely, His baseball 
elephants were the lilt o( the bill and equal lo 
similar nets with the big shows. There aro 
two very good acrobatic acts, the Thomas Trio, 
la a comedy trampoline bar act, were a big hit, 
and the Four Da Comas offered a neat aerial act. 
Mrs. Pti Coinn Is the only woman with the show. 
Beverly White did some goad work ahead. The 
show opened In Detroit. Mich., 23, for six days, 

on different lots Tlic advance guard ot the 

linriinm A iinlley Show litis been hero. Ilie 

show Is due to appear here July 18 The 

ltlngllng Show will play but one town In Indiana 

on their trip West, Ft. Wayne, July 12 

The Majestic Is the only show house open here, 
nnd la playing two acta of vaudeville and pictures. 

The Oeplieiun Is being re-mo leled. en- 

larged nnd re-decorated The new Allart house 

will be ready In Elkhart, late In the Fall 

Grace Scott will head the company which will 
occupy II. G. Summers' Auditorium from Sept. 1. 
The Ilimtlnglou Stock played thirty-two weeks, 
lo good business there last season. 

Torre Hnate, Ind.— Varieties (T. W. Bar- 
livdi Jr.. mgr.) pictures. 

Oui'HKUK (Brentllnger & F.ngllsh. mgra.)— Or- 
gan recital and pictures. 

Lois (E. B. Sheen, mgr.)— Vaudeville and pic- 

YoiiKR'a AinnoMK (Snm Young, mar.) — Bnxter 
Slock Co. will close here June 20. Beginning 22 
Manager Young Introduced vaudeville between acts 
Tlic bill Included: Boyle Bros, nnd Billy Link, and 
Blossom Robinson. 

SAVor, Colonial. Fountain. rntNcnss, Va.k., Amkoioan, Royal, Imp, Mcork ami 
TllRATOitiUM. moving pictures. 

HOTKa, — Major .1. M. Burke, In advance of the 

Two Bills' Show, wna lime 18 Brazil Fjiglcs 

linve changed cnrnlvnl dale lo week of July 4 

Brazil Chautauqua program, lfi-21, constat of: 
Hcdpnth Opera Co.. Adam Rede, Joseph Folk, 
John R. Ratio and Finn Seldel. 

Ouklnnd, Cnl. — > Mncdonotigb (F. A. Gelsa, 
mgr.) '.« dark, 

Yb Liberty (II. W. Bishop, mgr.) — BIbIiop's 
Player" present "Arlwmn" June 30 anil week. The 
policy of presenting two different plays, one nt 
T r. >i„ , Ihe other at p. m., was not a success. 
Manager Bishop announces that In future only one 
stork production will lie given weekly. 

Oni'ilKUM (Geo. F,Ik\v, mgr.) — BUI 20 and 
week: l.ouls A. Simon. Kathryn Csternian and 
company, Joe Jackson, llronnoii anil Baldwin. 
Jones nml Sylvester. Ooyt Trio, Mr. nnd Mrs, Gor- 
do,! Wltile, Miss Mike Ilerkln, anil F/llsun's talk- 
ing moving pictures. 

Pantaobs (W. W., mgr.)— BUI 20 nnd 
week: Ed. Ford mid company. Herns Fundi v. Jack 
Symoncls. Dnvla, Allen and Davis, Jonrdnn Tr'o, 
l.n Bi-igere. Laaky's Hoboes, and Kevstnne Com- 
uly Pbotoplnya. , 

Ciu.i hiiia 1 1)111, .n (c King, ir.gra,)— For 2ft and 
week, Ihe Oidumbla Musical Co. presents "Rnzrel 

loon* Park (B. I„ York, mgr.)— The FerrlR 
lliii'tiunii li|H<rn On. presenteil "Jm-k and the 
UVBDMiHt" week of 23. 

BltOAPWAT (Guy a Smith, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
pbotoplnya. to S. R. O. 

Oakland, Lrnio, Caukta, Rment, Oiai, Man- 
lowm and Baow.s'aj, motion plcturea. 





Now considering offers for Burlesque for coming 
season. Tlio Dancer Mysterious. Featuring licr 
own original creallon, Tho Banco of a Thousand 
Mirrors. In NEW YORK, July 10. Address .1 AC K 
RANDALL, Mgr., 6043 Knston Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 



Other good Dramatic Pcoplo that double brass 
nml specialties), wrllo. Two car show. Three 
i light stands. Long season. Best of Ireatnicul. 
Salary sure. 


Point hi iimiik in July 3, 4 anil »i 
Mutton, III., 7, 8 and 1). 


Size 5x10x38 ft., complete. Roxlng and 
Iron work. Canvas No, 0, Jiiat aa good 
aa new. Ready lo act up on stage or lot In one 
hour. Cost. »460. Price. 1260. Address RICE A 
DORS) Sim WS, North Platte, Neb., week 
June 30 . ' 


Irish, Scotch, Indian and 
Minstrel Suits 

Show Girls' Cosluincs, Roots. Sboes, Swonls, Wigs, 
gowna-, etc. All very llitle used. Write J. II., 
P. O. Boa 13a, Itrookly ti, N. Y. 




Hvlglil, 8 It. 2 In.; weight, 120 lbs.; age, 20 vi*. 
Ilriinelln; good appearance, stock preferred. 
\iiliiiimlHO,Intl., tttilll July 6; after lluil :I7U High 
land Ave, Detroit, Mich. (Perm, address). 




Playing Under Canvas. 

Juvenile Loading Man. Pcoplo In all linen. Also 
Musicians that double Orchestra,. A long, sure 
season for good people. Bend photos that will la: 
returned. People who luivo worked forme wire. 
Address FRKI). P, McCORD, care of Lcstcr-I.lnd- 
spy Theatre Co., Carroll, Iowa, week June an; 
Kagle Grove, week July 0. 



Juggler, Dancer, Baton Manipulator, etc. 

change often. I'lny parts. Experienced and re- 
liable. Address 

SHANNON, 140 North St., Ucnninglon, VI. 


KART1I. Willi the tlrent Rlcton Show. 



Man lo lltllatc Balloon. 

Ticket Sellers, Adjuster. 
Privilege Men, and People In all branches of Cir- 
cus Huslncfw. Address tier route or Portland, Pa., 

July 5 





No Sumrmr Salaries. 



IIAHHV C. I.KW1S, General Manager 

The "TABS" that Work the Year 'Round 


Bljoa Theatre, Atlanta, Ga., week June »3; Majestic Theatre, Birmingham, Ala., week June SO. 

JL JatC> 1 At* "JL" C^ JBr* Jc^L. 1% I 3Sp aKoiioVii.ttKiiN 

Oi ph. ii„i Theatre, Jacksonville, Fin., week June 'i'4; Bijou Theatre, Atlanta, On., week June 3U| Majestic, Birmingham, week July T. 


Onem Auk. 0. 

Oars Always Use Good Prinoipala • rsci REAL. Chorus Girls •„,„„„,„., »,-n 

Address -■- HARKY C. LEWIS, as par route, or Room 81&, Crillay IMfe 35 South Deareorn SU CHICAGO. ILLS. 

Common Sugar 

Made Into Dollars 

Everywhere the boys 
are doing it. One pound 
of sugar makes 20 five- 
cent packages of candy. 
Takes like hot cakes. 
Gets the crowds and the 
money. Lots of the boys 
make the price of the 
machine the first day 

out. Best money-getter yet for fairs. 

picnics or wherever the crowds gather. 


Candy Floss 


Can you beat a machine that will turn 
you in $75 to f 100 a day right along, and 
all good clean money. You can do (his 
with one of those Empire machines. Let 
us prove it. Write for facts. We'll show 
you what others are doing and what you 
can do. Write today for catalog E-l 

Stevens Mfg. & Supply Co. 

FUher Bide Chicago, 111. 

A Uo ifecial catalog* if pop corn and peanut roasters 
andiacriamco*tmuhiiiu. Fritifyou vast thm. 


> ltcntovca Hair or Fuzz from 
Face, Neck or Anns. 
Delutonu Ih an old and well- 
known BCleutiUc prepara- 
tion III powder form, for the 
iiulck removal of hairy 
growths — no matter how 
thick or xtulilKirn they may 
be. A pusle In made with 
J\ Rumc Dulntono and water, 
iv, thou spread on liulry sur- 
W~ 3 face. After 1 <ir S mlntilcs It 
" is rnhlit'd on* and the hairs 
hare vanished. When the skin la wiiKhcd It 
will lie found lo he white, linn and halrlcHa. 
I K'llltnnc In iiki'iI I >y I llotlsuilds of people u ml in 
highly recommended hy Mrs. Mau Muriln, the 
authority on ••llcaiity." DmggkU Mil Drtalone, 
or an original one-ounce Jar will lemalltil lo 
n»V n'rirn'* vnon rrcttpt nf Oiw Dollar Int 
Hi'ifi Shcllleld Avenue— Dept. AT— Chicago. 



, Bronchial ^^ 


The Cough Remedy 

Convenient and effective Used for over CO years 
aad still unrivaled. 23c, COc. 11.00, Sample Free. 
JOHN I. DBOWN & SON, Boston, Mas*. 



149 W. 36th St. - - New York 

Tel., lUl-Creeley Send for Catalogue 



I I've Paid Thousands In Royalties. 

| Send your Bong poems or musical compoal- 
I tlona to me for acceptance. I'll puhltoh under 
I a 60 per cent, royalty contract. I composed 
land published "Wedding of the Winds" 
I waltzes. Million copies sold. Dozonaofmy 
publications are "FAMOUS HITS." Estab- 
lished lByearn. UON'T FAIL TO SECURE 
1 106 Columbus Circle, New York. 

TIGHTS AND Hill II I'M of ever J 
description. Padding, Frog, 
•untie and Honker Salts. 
Elastic and Cloth Supporters, 
Gymnastic Pomps and Gaiters. 
Bpanglea and Bullion Fringe. 
8ead for catalogue and aample of 
tights— KKICW. 


Successor to Sptcer Bros., 



DESCRIPTION. From Government Auction.! 
No matter what you want In that line, I can I 

■ supply it. New or second hand. Send fori 

■ catalogue. 


Write for Catalogue and Prtoes 


228 8outli St., Philadelphia, Pa, 






Rellend la 
24 Hours 

Eaoh 0»p-/^*> 
•ale hears the (M1DY 

Araon a] oounltr/riu 



Performers In all branches of the profession are rapidly taking advantaie of the oppor- 
tunity presented by this Institution to secure a fbrmanint imp bxliihli bbco&d, which 
can readily be called upon to five publicity to any lust claim for priority In presenting so] 
psrttcnlsr line of work, without any lengthy Investigation or any expense whatever. 

It Is your own fault if you do not place on record any new idea which you arc 
presenting, and It will be your own fault if you will not be In position, at any fntnre time, 
to call on this Borean to substantiate your claim ai to when and at what place yon 
registered the material in dispute. 




CUT OUT THE ATTACHED COUPON and send it to us with your descrip 
tion, one coupon for each act, gag, trick, or for a series of them. THIS COUPOIs 
will be numbered and attached to your contribution, and a certificate will be returned 
to you as an acknowledgment, and for future reference. The contribution should be 
signed plainly by the person or firm sending in same, and should be endorsed by the 
stage manager of the show or of the house where the act is being used. Further 
acknowledgment will be made by the names and numbers being published each week 
as received. 

Address your contributions to 


NEW YORK CLIPPER, 47 W. 28th St.. New York 


Enclosed please find copy oi my 

entitled .,.•„... 

for Registration. 



When you register ■ play or scenario that you intend to submit for reading to any pro- 
ducer, we will furnish a label to be attached to the original, showing that the same bai been 
entered In Tits Clipi'U Registry Bureau. 
Certificates filed from June 10 to Juno ao : 

21)8— Otto J. Krnmolkowafcy Hong 

SDD— pavid Kohn Sketch 

;i0u — Joseph L. Harper Bong Poem 

1101— J. Uullford Sorbolt Ticket Machine 

aO'J— Oloyton and Drew .Sketch 

SOU— Black nnd Black Skating Act 

304— Mrs. N. Do l'roctor .Act 

805— Martin Dobson Song 

300— K. II. Fnr.endc Hong 

307— Wm, A. Boylu Song Poem 

308— Morton C. Arthur Act 

300— rands Yates Act 

310— Kd. J. Kckhnrdt Hong 

311— Stuart Woodbrldge Hong Poem 

812— Stuart Woodbrldge Song Poem 

313— Stuart Woodhridgo Song Poem 



A liol nave at ruck uh hist wwk and knocked 
away the underpinning «f what little business tlio 
few hulr.or house* that are now open have been 
dolnu. 'Hie Castle Square Joined the dark houses, 
28 ufier a week of "A Trip lo Chinatown." All 
tiie vaudeville houses are upon ami bank on cool 
hIkmIm lo pay their expense*. The mnnaitera at 
the lieadicH say the crowds are iuiie enough, hat 
tin- I" "lie are not spumlhu; Iho money In proportion 
to their number. 

Plymouth (I'rcd Wright, nigr.)— -Klenuor Gor- 
don aad her stock players offer "Her Husband's 
Wife." Tliey savo an excellent performance of 
"Tho Hoese Next Hour" last week. 

Tiikmont (Jno. II. SchoenVI, ingr.)— Third week 
of tlio wonderful motion picture, "Quo' Viullat" 
with huslucss holding up exceedingly well. Scuts 
ure mi sale for four weeks la udvaaec. 

Kami's (B. V. Keith, nutr )— second week of 
"'Hie MelHtemlniivrs," III their acenlc production. 
"Ill the WUd Woods." Others on the hill are: 
ICdtvln and Thin Marshall, Midler ami Stanley, 
imiuil, Moore and Irving. Ilurvey Duvura Trio, 
Ciimvi-iI' 1 , and the Alexander llrothera. 

tJoauoN's Oi.vMiiA (J, K. Ooiuerford, mer.) — 
Mile. Hnrrk't, CIIITord ami Douglas, 1'iirlnliin 
l>niicers, Three Mnrslialls, Lulx Drutheis slid 
"IIoum! llout fiirly" supply the entertainment 
cm-rent week. 

National (fl, A. Haley, mgr.) — Secoml week 
of tlic womlcrful "llutllc of Ucttyshurg" uiolluu 

Uowiioin Rqi;aiih (0. E. I.allirop, mgr.) — Week 
of 30: Muscolle's Merry Maidens, T. V. Thomas 
nnd coiniinny, Do Grace nnd De Paul, the Mc- 
Cnrvcrs, Alexander, Evelyn Winters aud Blllle 
Mutlii-'WH. lluslness Is qaltc good. 

iii.i.iiu (Ilohert Juliette, mgr.)— Sillier anil Du- 
val, Il]i>inicll and Tucker, l.isrkhnrt and lashly. 
Three Lnblna aad Prank Dobson occupy the stage 
of this houHC week of 30, 

Oni'itKi'U (Victor J. Morris, mgr.) — For the 
nmt half of the week : Myrtle aad Daisy, Vnnder 
KiKirs, George Dc Alma, "Behind the Pootllghls," 
tveiley and Forrest and the Pettlt Family. For 
the last halt: Williams and Dixon, Do Lisle and 
Vernon. Black Brothers, the Soiihers, Bonner and 
Powers and Carletta. 

St. Jamis (Marcos Loew mnnsiement). — Will- 
iams and Dixon, De Lisle and Vernon, Black 
Brothers, the Sophers, Bonner and Powers, Carlet- 
ta, for the Brst three days. For the last three: 
Myrtle and Daisy. Voailer Koors, Oeorge De Alma, 
"Behlnii the Footlights," Kelley Forrest, and the 
Pettlt Family. __. , 

I.kxinotok Pabk (I. Ormand Jackson, rogr.)— 
Elliott, Belmont and Elliott, Vlsochl Brothers, 
Jlmmle c recti. Prof. Karl and Belle Wilton, ap- 
pear In the Bustle Theatre current week. 

Noiiur.iiEOA Panic (Oarle Alberte, mgr.) — 
Michel Brothers, Hawaiian Brolbers, Leander and 

Mellon. Fitch Coo|)er. and Harry Morse and com- 
l ii ii v u|i|:ear week of 110. 

Mnivono Boui.avAUt) (J. W. aormon. mgr.)— 
Miirtylv and Hiinly, I* Boeuf, John West anil 
eiimimiiv. Three Baminns, Thm O'Neills, and 
llurry Price. 

Pasaoon Pa«k (0. A. Dodne, mgr.) — Caharet 
hill : Matlllat l.loyd, Itaymonil Sisters, May Oreen, 
Winnie Crawford. Mirjorle Mack, Mile. F.merle 
Circus, Nervo, Williams and Williams, Jones anil 
lice wem the features last week 


Pictuhhh, twigs ami vaudeville are oaVrr.l at 
Ihc BIJou Diivi'ii. Seville Temple, Pastime, 
C.inlilir, ^ Star, Unique, Pnrllaii, Hlmwiiiui. 
A|»lh>, Llla-rty. New Palace. Harvard. Win- 
throp Hall. Ideal, Suiierb, Williams' Ideal. Dml- 
ley, Orleuta, Buck Buy. Drranitnnd. Niagara, 
lliirchester, Imparl il, Hub, Cambridge and the 
lluutlnKtoa Avenue. 

Tiiidiik was quite a time at the Boston Nn- 
tloniil 1 entile biiHehall grounds on the morning 
of 'XI, the occasion being the annual ball game 
between the single and -aarrled employees nt 
KelthV. Mel Mooro was the lender of the single 
Mien and pitched a wonderful game, and also leil 
otr la Ihc hatting honor*. The married men were 
miller the guidance of Mike OiHtello. After ten 
liiiilniM of Hie linrJ.Ht kind of llghlliig the slngl'! 
men cn|itured tiie anme by I score of 8 to 7. 
There were many npectators present. 

Mi-iiiiililn, Trim. — Lyric (BenJ. M. Slain- 
hnck, mgr.) Knuiin Hum lug und couipuny prrseat 
for week of June :I0, "line's Young Drrsin." 

Fist Emu Paiik (A. It. Morrison, mgr.) — llusl- 
n<fs contliuieH gnod. Bill week of Ms (treat Ixn- 
tor. Llrk and Fogarty, Five Muslkal ulrls. Kva 
Shirley, llollnndow Bros., ami motion tileture*. 

Porui.Aii, llfiiu.Kviin. Maiiihon and Mozaut, alr- 
ilotnes, are having gioil utteiuluMe. 


can, Echo, Doi.oniai,, Ai^iho, Cabboi.lton. Pal- 
Ai-ii, Mt.Tiiiii'iujTAN, the two Pastiubs, DAtsr. 
Jor, Savoy, I'kkin, Okm ami ltorai., nmlloii pic- 

Kstosvllle, Tciin. — Slaab's (Frits Ktauh. 
mgr. ) "Quo Vuills?" In motion pleiun-.i, week vf 
July T. 

Hum/ (Frank Ibigeri. mgr.) — Tabloid muHlcal 
comedies nre playing to gootl hiHlness. 

OlIll.l.iiWKl: I'AKK (liiinrles Pliinlng. mar.) — 
Beginning Jinn- 110 free inullisi plclurcf, together 
with one net of vaislevllle. 

Oat. SIajkstic, Itm, IiTRIC aad (li:>i, moving 

Ottawa, Con.— (Irmid (P. T. Bonsall, mgr.) 
Iiniii.-i Iteude Slock (>>.. In "The daint of Monte 
UrUto," week of June IT,. Krrol Kltlnge scoreil 
u grmt hit as Hie Count. 

Dohimon (J. F. Clancy, mar.) — The Dominion 
Stock Co.. In "Tiie Fortune Hunter." wek of 33. 

Family <K. I".. Flnlay, mgr.)— Motion pictures 
niul vaudeville. 

Kbancais (K. K. Flnlay, mgr.) — Ottawa's new 
theatre otwncd Its doom to the public 2ft, with a 
clany vaudeville slmw and motion pictures. Tlio 
acts lucluiled: Valentine's dogs, Alice Clark, sad 




Hot Springs 


Kui. I 







Wichita Falls 



Sulphur Springs 



Kn ills 



Mineral Wells 

Drill ii u 

\ Ii nl In,< 

For lime address TCTT1.E TIIEATIKCAI 

Kull Ali«eln 
Port Arthur 
l.itkr Charles 
Orange, etc., etc. 
KXCIIAWOH. Dallas. Texas. 


" l'ii '-eminently the HliUri'lor of All Others* 1 


lloynl Cher, Three Twins, t'nmliiK Thro The II yr, Plnnforr 


Hnilil-Klile r.lllllirai'lliellta 

Fine Musical Orguni/ntlmi A. A. ELLIOTT, Mgr., Ilml-un, N. Y. 

Not liiiig better en runic F. ti. MctltiVKIIN. Mgr., (Mimherlniid, Mil. 

Croat Business, IH-llglllflll Ktiterliiliiiiu-iil I'. J, MARTIN. Mgr,, 

Miiinigeliii'iil liiiiiliin i . Conn. 

Jill kle-llimlel Amu lelllCn, llll.l.V AI.I.KN, 

All< nhurst, N. J. or II 7(1 Il'wuy, N. V. Allenhurat, N. .?. 


9th and Arch, Philadelphia, Pa. 

WANTED- Several good nil iiiiiiiihI Coiiiedlnns, fiilulllnr with iii'ls; cHpcchtlly low coinoily. 
Also Novel Hpeclnltlca. Address KHANK OUMONT, Miimh K< i . 




talllvaa and Consldlne Bids., Tstlrd 

and Hadlsoa St.., 8KATT1.K, WARH. 

IRIS. LIM OOLM, . . Oan, Bfcr. 

MOD Broadway (Ilaldalbarg Bids.), "• »"• 
CHRIS O. BROWN, . . . 

BRANCH HOOKING OFFICER i PAUL GOUBRON, < North Clark St., cor. Uadlson, OhloagO, 
m.; MAURICE J. BURNB. M and Madison Sis., Besttle. Wash.: W. P. l'.EKSE. «06 Market St., San 
mnolsco, Cal.; B..0BERM AYBK, Broadmead House, 21 Panton St., London, B. W., England. 

For Sale, PONY and DOG SHOW 

Broke for Circus and Vaudeville. Do (our distinct acts. Will sell 
cheap considering size ol show. Reasonable terms to responsible 
party. Excellent act tor woman to work. Full particulars on appli- 
cation. TALKING PONY ACT, care of CLIPPER. 



Comedian, with NiiorlHllh'M; I'liinu Player, In hiintllo front: (Ion. Hum. Man, with siiculallli'S, lo handle, 
stage; ecu. Hun. Wiiiiiiin, with guoil Hpci'lulllcH, ca|nihlii of playing smno strong innvli'i ami uharac- 
tem: Loading uml Heavy Man; HtroiiuChiiructer Woiimii, Tlinnndnliiu spechiltleHKlvon llrst riinsltl- 
urallon. Slute full particulars Ural letter, ivllh photoa nml salary. .Mnku salary low. Long kuiihiiii'n 
work lo soher, relialilti peojile. Relieiusals July til. Join Kiislurn Iowa. Jiisiinliluc Mlsson, wrlln. 
Al.HKHT II. IIIIA villi. I., MHlingcr Aligell'H Coiiiedhitis, tm Hiiulli Muple Av<>., (in Hay, Wis. 

At Liberty, MAX C. ELLIOTT 

First Class, Holier, iteiluiTTe, i.«|.irl. in ed AI4KNT. itonie, llonk, Wildcat. Tent 

Show Kxprrlrnrr. 

■ us 

Join on wire. Add. 



Par White or llhickface Teatti, llutoh Team, Hlstor Tenni, Coincdlaii mid Hntilirutto, lllaokfaco anil 
Hoiihreitc, straight Int. or r.l and Tramp mid Mirulght mid llehruw. Also kiiiiit-minhtk mono- 
I.UdUKH for Riilie, lllackfaco, Tramp, Irish, Hilly KldJlolirowaudOlil Maid. Kvoryavt mi OUHUNAI,, 
UP-TO-liATK HCRKAM. wic. each nr any four Cur II. fill. Cash or M.I). No stamps I Oilier maierlal. 
Send for catalogue and enthusiastic (cBthiiimlal*. K xclihi vk JlA'lKltl a Ii of every descrip- 
tion wrlllun to order undor t lie strongest poHHlhluguuruuteul I'rlco on uu vt hiug und A No, 1 references 
for the asking. Interviews By appointment ONLY. Always write or 'plume Imioro calling, 

MRU. MARY K. 1'. THAYKIt, i'lWi llltOAl) ST., I'llOVIDKNCK, It. I. 

E. H. MATLAND & SON M w Jgo2* Y Mr t 



BRT. lHtlfl. 




Orders tilled on short notice. Prompt delivery our specially. 

WRI6HT LUMBER CO., 140-150 W. 381. St, Miff York 

Iloyd Muriiii. Tliere was hut one iverfurniiiiire on 
olS'liliix iilKhl, hat einiiiiieiieliiK Tucsilay, Ml. two 
lirfeniuiiieeH ill the nftiviiuou unit two In tlio 
eveuliiK sliirkil the reKiilar ruutlne. 

limine, In. — Arlc (lien II. Wiley, iiikt. ) hmm.' 
reii|s'iu,i with pictures hum BS. 

VinuiNiA (Johnson & Day, uiiirs.) — Pictures mid 

I'lu.M i-hh (llrowu It Aiulprsnii, iiigrs.J—Plcturen 

illlll vaudeville. 

Anii'iHK (llriiwn A Aiiileis'jii, nigra.)— I'lclures 
uml vniulevllU*. 
I.vrio (W. !•'. Martin. nn<r.l — 1'lelurni (inly. 
Kwrav-^ lav Arlo Is Mug extensively rnnuileUil. 

IliislliiK". IMb-J, P. Nolwni SBfMd nn 
nlrilniiie hi this city .liuut l.'L Willi lln> "Luudiiii 
(.Ills," uiiislcnl liihlolds. Mux WHIels Is mima- 
Kir. Tiie cmiipjiiy left this elly 2tl, Mr. Nclsuii 
has I.hiIhsI WHiie very Ki'il sliick i-oiiipunles for 
Mils Nuiiilner, 

I'ai.mkii IIiiiitiikiih write : "Wc arc Just 
chmlng u pleasant cngugetncnt with L'rntv- 
ford's Co in ed Inns, through the Houtli, our 
tri'iitiiieiit nt the luimls of tlio innntigcmcnt, 
Kiiyuioml 1). Crawford, Ims hocn the very 
Lest. Wn joined the compnny last July, In 
Kentucky, and toured from there Houtli, nnd 
Into Louisiana, whore we showed moat of the 
Winter, doing a good business. Vfe can only 
Kiu'iik with tlio highest esteem for Crawford's 
Comedians, nnd hopo to he with them again, 
In the future. We will spond several weeks' 
Mieiiilnii nt our home, nt Uoawcll, Pa., after 
which we will Join Vogcl's Minstrels Cor tho 
mming sennou. Wo report for rehearsals on 
July 21." 

(HiAcn IlunuoYNfi wishes to slate that she 
will he known an Mrs. Ilussell lllnghnni licrc- 

REP. PEOPLE, with specialty 

PIANO who unit 

■ •ugn. Pay your own salary. Hiiro, long sea- 
soti. WANT IIKALTHY I'KOI'Lr!. Cniiiks, Troulile 
.Makers, keep oITt C'litnpnny was forced lo cluao 
on iii'cniiiit ur slekness. open At Once. TICK- 
K'l'.Hr Yes: Hiiiull cniiipnny, Make aalnry 
within rcasoii-you gut It. CRANK HATHAWAY, 
RICIIMONH, Vt., Ilnlhuway Tlii'iilre Co. ' 



Juvenllei and Light Comedlei. Some Leads 

Ciiiul waiilrulic: lelUlile. Age 21, height fift. Illlll., 
weight ipilhs. HAY I.A IttlV, INOo VVnah- 
liiglnn Illvil., Chicago, III. 



Thui iloiihlea HrasH In llaiiil. Cniiieily Juggler uml 
Musical Act. llallHIiiiw. LiiiiHscasiiii; truvul hy 
rail. Halary low, hill sure. Address Ah. MAHTZ, 
No, Hchago, Me., July dj HcilHliine, N. II., 1; No. 
Conway, a and gl Jucksou i n. 


Tliorouglily CXIierli-nceil. Ailiircss W. 0, DOWNS, 
ll'J I'eiiiliruki; Atrcot, lioslon , Mass. 


Containing cats of Leading Conlorors, SOo. New 
124 case hook Catal ., 10c. None Crec. 
W. D. I.KHO V, 103 Court St., Boston, 



July 5 



September 1st, to November 1st 

The First and Only MnVATION EXPOSITION Ever Held in the World 

Following Concessions For Sale on Midway Section: poodle dog wheel, candy 

ISTRY, HOOP-LA, and Nomerous Other Concessions, 

Already Sold Exclusive: teddy bears, stuffed dolls, stuffed monkeys, ice cream, 

GRAPE JUICE, ROAST BEEF SANDWICHES. Alio bivo For Sale all kinds of Concessions in Large 

All Out-door Concessions Will Be Placed on Midway Section. Secure 
Space for Exhibits while Best Locations are Available. 

Address H. W. WRIGHT, Amusements, Concessions, Special Events. 

P. S.-LOWEST RAILROAD RATES Ever Secured for an Exposition. 




Bound with oar New 
■tool Binding. Nirco-ply li.U.AU.trunk, 

WOOil, hand rlvi'ii'il lliiiiliiKtray. 


B, & B. TRUNK CO., PHlsourgh, Pa . 



Plain Kid, • • $3.50 
Patent Leather • $4.50 
All Colore, - - $6.00 
Ultra neat, will aot rip. 

In Oxford!!, Slippers as* 

lend for Catalog 
BentC.O.D.lfJl.OO per pair la advanced. ' 
ordor at 30 eta. per square foot 


720 W. Madl.on Street 
Opp. Haymarket The atre CHICAGO 

Earn $35 to $600 Weekly. Stud, 


Vaudeville Acta, SkctullOS, Drama, 
Nukc-up, I'lny writing. Personal In- 
struction by |)lii)niiKr»|ili nl votir lioinc 
If you cannot run 1 1' on to Now York. 
Wrllu for Illustrated liooklet how a,ooo 
Kimii'iiiH succeeded. EnKSKemouta 
Kiuimntced. Failure Impossible. 

Alvlene Theatre School of Acting 

gM St. and 8«h Avw.,N«\v York 




Scud fin (i\ir now oiltnloK 8. 

of Shoes nml lli.Hlcry. 

Hlioui I II A VIC sum; 

VAMP J fill A O SH»P 

400 NIMH Ai-«...1ii)t.5i & 0O8IH. 
Tol.lUMMad. Si|. 

I Real Hair. Crop Wlg,$l- Neero,i»o.;iJroM 
Wig, Import bald, Boubmue, $i.w) each: 

. t jdn. Orope Ilalr (Wool), $1.00. Aak Cata- 

' >guo Papier Mache Ueada, Uoimota.eto. 

nporter, Kllppert, lit r., < FourthAweH N.T 


Complete Line of 






Always 0>n Hand 

Orders Pilled 
THE BALIOT8 Promptly- 

Cotton Tights, very good quality, a pr. 9 >7B 
Worsted Tights, medium weight, a pr. 2.00 
Worsted Tights, heavy weight, a pr. . 2-73 
Silk Halted Tights (Imported), n pr.. 2B0 

Bilk Tlghtf , heavy weight, a pr U.00 

l'ure Silk Ttghta. 8.BO 

Shirt to Match, tame price as Tlgffits 






In endless variety In stoek and mad. 
to order according to .ketones. 




CATALOGUES and SAMPLES upon request. 
When asking for Catalog uo, please 01 nllon 
what gooda aro wanted. 

«tu AL.ITIKS the beat. 
PRICES the lowest. 


77-TU-Hi Wooater Bt., Now York 


Joseph Nolan 


Of Leotard!, lights, Shirt*, Pic- 
ture Hulls, Contortion, Dear and 
Monkey Suits, Paddings, Klaatlc 
Supportors, Pumps. Send rot 
price list. 

OB and O* Bllery Bt. 
Brooklyn, New York 



"™^ No. 2 


The most convenient Trunk ever made 
for Circus usage. She, 24 Inches long, 
18 Inches wide and 18 inches deep. 
Send for complete 1918 Catalogue. 

CHICAOOt «8 e. Randolph St 
NKW YORKi 131 W. 3Btn St. 



Cotton Tights, pair. 
Worsted Tights, pair. 

, 3.01 

Plaited Silk Tights, pair 2.2t 

Beat Bilk Tights I „ m 

,0 Inch cotton tonal "• 

Calf, Tblgh and Hip Paddings. 

Oold and Sliver Trimmings 

Bend deposit snd route with order 


887 Washing-ton Bt, Boston. Maaa 


TRUNK. Let our catalogue 
toll what an Improvement It Is. 
How easy to get at anything. 
How quickly packed. How use- 
ful In small room as chiffonier. 
Holds as much as n good box 
trunk. Costs no more. Strong- 
est made; hand riveted. So 
good that wo ship It O. O. 1). 
subject to examination. Send 
lie. stamp to-day for catalogue 
F. A.8TALLMAN, 86 E. Spring St., COLUMBUS, O 

Fine Magical Catalogue 

Grand End of Century, fully 
Illustrated. BOOK CATA- 

I.OMUIC, 20c, free by mall. 
Catalogue of Fnrtor Tricks 
free. MAliTINKA A CO., 
Mf rn.. 408 Sixth Ave.. N. V 


& STARR & SACKS 8cc S« d ^5r d J 

k Evening and Soubrette, Kanoy Htngo and i 
k Street Ureases, Opora Coats and Furs, Full- * 
k dross, Tuxedos, Prince Alborle, and English a 
a- Walking Bults, silk and opera Hats. * 

k 343 N. Cl ark St. t Ch icago. * 



Toupees. Lodlcs' nalr Gooda M. Stein's Make- 
Op. Bend for Price List. GEO.OBINDIIBLM, 
282 W. 4Iit St.. New York. Tel.. 8720-Bryant. 


|Pla>Ite.n^ :oV ,;-3 LA cK 



1,000 STYLES 


11G-117 So. Wnbnsh Ave., 


1165 Broadway 

r>08-10-12 First Ave., So. 

728 Mission St. 

The A. H. Andrews Co. 


DELIVERIES For All Theatrical Merchandise 





Phone Central 62va. 148 No. Dearborn Bt, CHICAGO, U. 8. A 


6th Ave. and 20th St 

Leading House In America for Theatrical and Street Shoes 

Theatrical catalogue "SO" mailed free. We fit ont theatrical companies without delar 
'CAHHEYKIl stamped on a shoe means Standard of Merit" 







oritur Is received, or we will let ron know by card. 
We are the LARGEST THEATRICAL MAIL ORDER HOUSF, In the country, and we will send our large 
Illustrated catalogue, lately revised, to any address free of charge. 
AMATEURS NOTE that we carry the largest stock in the country or Costumes for your show, 
and school plays. IP W. LAKE STREET, CHICAGO, ILL. 




Send for Catalogue A, Free on Request. 






MAHLER BROS., Oth Ave. and 31st Bt. 


Telephone 2673 Chelsea 

375 8th AVE., NEW YORK. 

2 ltlocks from I'enn. It 11. 

ft, fJ J fj 

VOLTAIC ELECTRIC INSOLES AND INHALERS are gooda that sell and pay the big 
profits. Just what you are looking for. Send 16c. for sample Electric Belt or pilr 
of Insoles and get complete price list and lecture front the largest establishment of 
Its k I mi in the U. 8. Bells, $1.10 doz. up; Insoles, tKSc. dozen 
pairs up: inhalers, 00c. doz. up. Fast seller, big profits. 
Send to-day. (Kat, 1878; Inc. 1881.) 

- < c o o c 



2Bln., $10; 281n., til; 83ln.. $12; 86ln., $13; 40ln., f 14.50. Circus Trunks, 21x18x18, $0.50. 
Bill Trunks, 80x23x15, Inside, $13.50. Lltbo. Trunks. 42^x28^x12, Inside, $1(J.!,0. Shipped 

■*... A.uuBq, wv»a.u«AV, lU.tUG, »u.w. U..UV. i.MU»o, ■ — rJ » ^ lj r j * . « , ■■in.v.i, v ^u.,,v. m 

on receipt of $.1, balance C. O. D., except over 8O0 miles, then remit whole amount. 
CENTRAL TRUNK FACTORY, Est. 1801, SIMONS A CO.. 8. W. cor. 7tb A Arch Sts.. 





fie carry a fall line or rrofesslonol wardrobe, isvenlog, Ulunerand Reception uowns, also Oentlomsn'i 
look, Cutaway, Full Dress and Tuxedos, Norfolk Coats and Trousers, Prince Alberta, and Overcoats Id 

01 weights. 

- MR.. L. BCHBUBR. 0»*-»0 Bontk Bt. ^ Fu || L(n e Of MeB-S SjMS 

r...J«.4.aa H ,.e„a.l M R "' i" BCHBUBR, tiai-MO Bontk Bt. 
IHIB0OS MI DrOSS SUltS I Between oth and loth Sts., Phlla., Pa. 



We specialise In Stock Wigs 





BROADWAY THEATRICAL COSTUME CO. 150 West 48th St., n.y. *»V£h*r 




amusement, Negro Plays, Paper. Scenery, Mrs. Jarley'a Wax 
Works. Catalogue Free I Free! Free I 

SAMUEL FRENCH, 28 West 88th St., New York. 



In Metal Iridescent, Black and 

all other colore. 

600 different shapes. 

Featherweight Jewels 

47 W. Third Street, New York. 


Send for Catalog C. 136 pages 140 N. Dearborn St., CHICAGO 



And the Latest and Most Popular Styles In Ladles' Hair Dressing 

A. M. BUCH & CO. 

119 N. Ninth Street - - - - - Philadelphia 


Largest assortment of Trloks, Jokes and Novelties In the world. Send 2c. stamp for Illustrated catalogue 
154 N. CLAHK STREET, f* W inn OUaT A tiX lift STATB STREET, 
(Main Store) Chicago. Us J. FELSM AN ChlengV(l'almc?House toil* 



•Oft 8a. H tat. IU., Ghtcasj. 

STOCK PEOrLE— Will send goods 
OB approbation. 


AILING LISTS of any businessin thewcrld. 


with whom you can do business throuirh tho malls. Wo have everybody's nnme la 

.rS.yiSa £!2 a . s !fiS?_ accoraln ' t *° business, trade or profession. Send for rstca. 


Blioliondorfor, Roiulnaton, Underwood, Standard Folding CaroDa, Oliver, and 
other makes, new and slightly need, from t!5 PP. Sold, Ronted and Repaired 

TIIK ( IWfnminO' PROItliRN IIow '.° F ct " 10 rl ^M effects for tho least expense Is readily 

r7«.nnJ^S„!Ir PB HSr=5 BOlTei1 ' & U8ln ? oaamun sparkle emuroiukrv on jour 

£f£«^.l8 0W . M, .K a . rlfllIlfl ' ? R » nc ™. P' - Spnrklo Kmbroldery also works wonders with old Cos- 
tumes and Qowna that you might consider wortlilcsa. Chiffon Tunics a Specialty. 

•Phone Bryant 8113. CRONKR'S BPAllKLK EMUROIUERY WO IKS, 208 W. I2d 8L, ». V. 

Oldest Theatrical Jotirin^t in Atnerica 

Founded in 1853 by Frank Queen 

— — 











male, and two female adults, and t ftuuxy. little' tog songs and exquisite eostaroeB has been the eluded la »»Mj ffrt.*** ttSBg ^WMft MauiM 

toft'of-toe city. The Jackson Family of cyclists, 5^™°™; . 8c0,t _'-f Bl I e ', ph "J l P» V»«i4 itrrri tl 
' ttelrm»tWf»L^cycIe_.ct,.rech.rmlo ? Bright SJstery. g«L!^^ H §&>f * ' 

' u ; 


kid, who 1> » mixture of the comedian, acrobat 
and contortionist, They employ a gorgeous stage 
setting of allk and telret, which Is said to havo 
coat > fabulous price. Without going Into detail, 
I can only repent Ibat tlielr act from first to 
last la absolutely marvelous. The other new 
turn* were: Man*. Herbert, novelty musician; 

to watch, and" the Flying Banvsrds are also M"on, Klcn^e Raymond, gfgtfUgMtllu 
particularly effective In their turn. . I* Cockier, .and the Two g aMw-jHq* ,, 

Btjoo (Directors. IT. Frankel and W. B. Kuto'e Tiikatm <!' Icr A BrexmanVi.- .,„.,.„ 

Hughes)— ! Tbe Speculators" still attracts large end May, totreold cyclers : the Two fWr*. ,„f 

enees, where tiTclcer work of Bert La Blanc «mo ggaggugg ^W^,^ 

BACK Nuubibs Coxtaimko tbb Notablb Puxbtm Alibadt Published Cam am Has 

Upon application. 

Henchy, Vlnoelta and Busb, American comedy 
acrobabi, wbo make good all the time. 

Pamelas (J. 0. Bain, leaiee).— Bain's Vaude- 
ville and Minstrel Co. are going (trong, all tblngs 
considered. The company la fairly strong, and 
made up from Australian artists. Here ~ 




Roland Lewi* Reed was born June 18, for Lis work. He refused un offer to con- 
1862, In Philadelphia, Pa., and bad been tlnue with the company, end next appeared 
identified with the profession all his life, as Foutelard, in "The Bridal Trip," ut the 
His first appearance was made oa a baby In 
arms In the farce, "Mr. and Mrs. Peter 
White." He continued as a stage baby until 
he could walk. At tbe ago of fourteen ho 
became stage doortender at the Walnut 
Street Theatre, Philadelphia. From that 
theatre be went to tbe Arcb Street Theatre, . 
first sa usher nnd then as call boy. As an entertainer Mr. Reed bad won great 

His first appearance in a speaking role popularity, and for the last ten years of bis 
was made at this house. The role assigned stage Ufa ranked among the most successful 

liljou Theatre, this city. He then resumed 
his starring and presented In succession 
"Humbug," "The Woman Hater," "The Club 
Friend," • "Innocent as a Lamb," "Lend Me 
Vour Wife," "The Wrong Mr. Wright," 
"Dakota," "The Politician,* "Hi* Father's 
Hoy" and "The American Eagle." 

too Xyutons, sketch artists; Morley and Bates, and Frank Vack, ably assisted by Carlton Chase, Urn *l*o Obracs, K ng MJHMi J .„,„,. 

Brooxb, serlo, and Miss Teddy Martin and the other members nf the wmedhina; Tesste Wilton, the Dentlne»,r#!|| It , 

company, give a bright and clean performance, bey, Emmie Hardy, the Drlscoll BoyiA <,,.) u,« 

The last nights of the company's Brawn in Mel- Double Dno. Business flourishing. 
bourne are announced, after which they open at 
tho Palace Theatre, Sydney, for a long season. 
Atkenabuu Hali, (The Dandies, Ltd.) — Too 

are the popular company of players. The Dandles, arc . ■*' > Th„ T^m^ i-Mrffi KC °~ 7\' LM -' 

names: Keldlne and Speed, comedy trick cycllito ; now flrroly established In their Winter ouartets WWMj^ ^M. JMW KBIjfflt^Os. are doing h 

Beiofa, mimic; Zlrf. caricaturist; Maud Fanning, at this hail, where they nightly give further proof "»'"?". ™' b ,, n ^, l ],h»»'».h. Ch baB beM bt " 

serlo j Arthur Elliott, comedian; Ida Jarvis, serlo; of tbelr versatility and inexhaustible repertoire. ,w n £"V^ n , u ;i 1 3. , m, ' 4 ,,,„ km , 

All toe artists ore seen here at their nest and ,%"°™ (RI S k !, r ^' ^td.)— A big Mil la pro. 

do their work with a cheeriness and refinement Tided here and business Is of the best. The new 

which carry toe audience with them throughout rirrlTalo this week are: Syd. Bacb, Reynard an | 

the program. Bosella, Irving Sayles, Harry Warton, Marls 

Gaiety (Fuller-Brennan. Ltd.)— This bonse of Qulntrcll, Charley Zoll, the Clarence Sisters ,„■■] 

Kino'b Thbatbb (Fuller A Brennan, Ltd.) 

Vera Kearns, serlo and dancer; Elliott Sisters, 
Con Morenl, Chas. Bklaner, Ray Devere, George 
Borlls, the Four Chrlssles and Jim Craydon. 

Duhino tbe absence of Mr. Mcintosh and lid. 
Corel! from Australia, Clifton Clarke has acted 


The managers report tip-top business and have a 
very strong company of variety artists. 

blm on this occasion was Tom, In "Tbe deal 
ou* Wife." When ho was reventeen years 
of age ho was prompter at the tuvxie theatre, 
and upon one occasion, during an engage- 
ment of Lotta. Robert Craig, who was the 
engaged as second low comedian at that bouse, 
was taken 111 and Mr. Itced was asked to 
take Ms place In the cast. The play wis 


"The Firefly," and Mr. Reed acqui- 


stars. In fact, few stars have ever enjoyed 
such great popularity In all sections of the 
United States. 

In the early part of the season of 1800- 
1000 he was taken III and he was forced to 
abandon his tour. Returning to New York 
he underwent several surgical operations for 
cancer of thu stomach, and recovered so 
much that he was able to open his ceason 

self so well that the following year he was as usual In tie Fall. In a few weeks, how- 
engaged as second low comedian at that house, ever, he was again forced to close his corn- 
He afterwards bad valuable stock experience itany. His return to this city was followed 
at the Walnut Street Tlieal.-o, Philadelphia ; Lv a long stay at a hospital, during which 
Bldwdl's Academy of Music, New Orleans, time bis life was despaired of on Eevoral 
La. : Olympic Theatre, St. Louis, Mo. ; John occasions. He finally convalesced mfflclently 
Eilslcr's Academy of Music, Cleveland, 0., to be removed to his home In Now York in 
and McVicker's Theatre, Chicago. III., with January, 1001, but the disease made fast 
which companies be was first comedian. progress, and be died March SO, 1901. 

During the season of 1870-80 ho was prtn- .Mr. Reed was a member of the Players' 
clpal singing comedian of the Colvllle Folly Club and the Actors' Order of Friendship. 
Co., and in tbe Fall of 1880 bo began his Mr. Reed died In the possession of ample 
first starring tour, the piece being Augustln means, and no charity contributed to nls 
Daly's "Arabian Nights." In lSbl-82 ho support during his illness, or toward bis ob- 
played Mo Jewell, fn Brooks fc Dickson's scqulea, which occurred April 2. In accord- 
"World" Co. Ho resumed starring in the nnce with a request he made shortly before 
Fall of 1882, in "Check," in whicu he ap- his death members of the Edwin Forrest 
pes red for several seosonB. He -rub the orlg- Lodge, Actors' order of "Friendship, attended 
Innl Ko Ko, In 'Tho Mikado," when It re- In a body. The funeral services were con- 
ceived Its first legitimate presentation in this ducted at his borne. 

country, July 6 1885, at the Grand Opera He wos survived by Florence Reed, now a 
House, Chicago,' 111., and won much praise well known leading lady. 


contracts demand (hat the piece must retire from 
tbe scenes of Its triumphs. On Saturday next, 
patrons of toe Criterion will have presented to 
tlieni, under the Williamson management and the 
direction of Fred Nlblo, the great American 
comedy success of "Excuse Me." TUs piece Is 
reported to be one of the greatest laugh catchers 
il'.at baa ever been produced. An extensive cast, 
under tbe leadership of Mr. Nlblo, will Introduce 
"Excuse Me," snd guarantees It to be loaded to 
the niuxtle with favor winning shot. Unfortun- 
ately Josephine Cohan will be absent from the 
piece, but under tbe present circumstances it 
cannot bo belied. Miss Cohan requires a boll 
day, a sea trip, and tbe lady hi 
her home and friends In America 

Rifbbtoibk Tbbxtiib. — The first of. a aeries of 
musical entertainments will be given In the Rep- 
ertoire Theatre (Federation Hall), Qrosveuor 
Street, ou Saturday evening. May SI. Caleb 

■;•- ±-lJr' '■■■ ' :■*• 


I>j" ' '" ■ l' ' f llllff BBsBf^tlT 




. -.'- 7r *"<' .1 , 


i ■ 

r. A>'S. fc 


■\^p*h # 




At Hobabt there are only two picture sbou* 
Spencers and the Empire, and tbe iieoplc largely 
patronise toe two places of amusement. 


Lew Watson. 
MrB. Ycager. 



Mai 30. 

Hkb Majbstt's (J. O. Williamson, Ltd.)— Tb« 
mirthful and musical "Count of Luxembourg" Is 
sailing along too sea of success at this theatre, 
on a voyage that promises to be as protracted us 
It will bo profitable to tho management, and 
pier rant to tbelr patrons. Tho new opera company 
Is simply reveling In a riot of sweet music aud 
delightful dialogue varied by graceful dancing and 
specialty turns of a high order, Tue opera, on 

as general manager for all tbe Harry Blckards, 
Ltd. Theatres throughout Australia, and George 
Tortus has acted as business manager and trea- 
surer at tbe Tlvoll, Sydney. Both gentlemen are 
courteous and affable and very popular with the 
playgoers of the city. 

Tus George Marlow Company, Ltd., after a 
twelve mouths' continuous run of melodrama, va- 
cated bis theatre, tbe Adelpbl, and leased to 
Mr. William Anderson. Mr. Marlow baa now 
nve cmnaules touring Australia, outside of Sydney. 

On 'Monbat lost David Blspbam arrived In Syd- 
ney from San Francisco. Tbe American baritone 
will commence his short Australasian tour under 
toe direction of Fred Shlr/mon on Saturday even- 

Janhen. the magician, pat in twelve nights nt 
the Crystal Theatre, nnd did remarkably well. 
Frenk Tslbot Is his louring manager. 

Bbandun Obxaheb'b Oomedt Co. have had a 
seven nights' stay at the Royal, and played to 
paoxed houses. The company Is a grand little 
one, and should do> well, for It Includes: Carrie 
M«re, Maud Chetwynd, Katie Arnold, Grace 
Compton, Enlce Bowman, Orosble Ward, and two 
other comedians. 

BaywajuVs Ehpixb IIali, continues to be the 
home of vaudeville. A very good program Is put 
forward, and additional artists appeared thu 
week — The Lontons and Desperado and Madam 

Olivkr'3 Vaudivjli.h Co. will arrive here next 
week. The following ore In the Joint: Ethel 
North, Jlaisy Bruce, Jack Barrlngton, Ethel Jef- 
fries, the Lynches, Victor Hardy, and Alice Jef- 
fries. Their tour has been eminently successful. 


On a standing Invitation The Clipped man 
paid a visit to the Falrhaven Boat Club 
House on July 4, and found the boys spend- 
ing a safe and sane Fourth, fanned by cool- 
ing breezes. 

About noon a coterie of boat captains and 
their friends embarked at the float and 
choo-chooed up to Bed Bank to view the 
vaudeville maintains Its high standard. Tbe star speed boat races, but a goodly representation 
turn la that of Schepp'a Animal Circus, which was left behind, among them: Ja& Ten 
Is really a show la itself and Interests young nnd Brook, Tom Lewis, Frank North, Tommy 
old. Stanley and Bernard, two YIds at a piano, Glenroy, Johny Cantwell, Homer Howard, 
opened on Saturday. They have a good reputation i,' ran k k Pierce etc who made themsplveii 
which toey fully maintained. Hnnley, Marguerite co^OTtoble In nceUrns MM? tBrtatasr^dtaT 
and Hanley are the limit In hand balancing and ^"y/wramem^ neglige e or gatin g suits. 
acrobatic work. Nell Cant Is a cut above the . " iB ? h .°" „ lo f ' a . P 00 ??"* 5 ; 11 containing 

some change, overboard while stepping Into a 
boat Later in the day, Arthur Otto re- 
covered It by one of his celebrated diving 
stunts. A stein was also brought up in tho 
same series. 

Little Bobby Hunting recently gained his 
laurels as a long distance swimmer by cross- 

Chas. Ycager. 
Florence Bell. Kittle Davis, 

ordinary Scotch comedians. The Era Comedy 

Four are making good, tbe bunch are very popular, 

but It Is np to them to change tbelr present 

stunt, and give the public something fresh and 

np-to-date. Van Camp and bis educated pig 

give a sensational performance. 
Gsosob Whitehead, tbe American baritone , 
tod? hisMHm? to StS iSF ,le S'„ He r, wm *"> iTC »°, D * £ cllaj8 „ at *• now singing at the Opera House. Melbourne, has i rK the rtverln record time foTIme so vourur 
'mcrlca £?*£ H fJi' .? to iSPf™ . on , Sa S r ?, a7 . w "L5° n ' hll<1 ■ » 0Bt Interesttog career to bis profession. ^»nKnuu^Amnye?vWwlt^^mi 

HHS: .- „ -. elude with, toe recital of Longfellow's "King H e has appeared in grand opera, comic opera, on sort of hrnin Xena» nTri SBLrtLtEL a? 

with grand organ and pianoforte the concert atage and In vaudeville. Mr. White- ' 

Robert of Sicily 1 

accompaniment. Clearness of enunciation Is one 
of the things noon which Mr. Blspbam prides 
himself. Mr. Shlpman has arranged for tbe via- 

continues to attract and dcllgbt crowded houses 
nightly. Tbe pleco baa now entered ou lis fourth 
week of triumphant success with every Indication 

propritton and managers of tbe new theatre. 
Tivou (H, D. Mcintosh, niniioglug director).— 

At to* Tlvoll Theatre, ou Saturday, and 
of lowcrlug toe splendid record put Up by "The M «BiOB, the Kcbbta Sisters tnndo their flrat np- 
Man In the Box." • . pearnnco In ABttrllla, .. and, Judging by the big 

Arsu-m (Dliectlon William. Anderson).— Un- c lan»o*-w1th which- the audience received them, 
Otr the management of the shore named popular tn vlr turn_ will have a good tuu. DreBaed one sh 
mtrtprmovr. the Adelpbl has eatered upon what > pgllesman aud tbe other as a Quaker, looked 
romlsss tohe a most successful season of drsnit, ..e^tiv.iiely funny. The llrst song they sang. -I'. 

0. 03," was heartily applauded. The setting of 


flavored with melodrama. la the In ItUl place. 
"Tbs Ivtt Mao Do," the rJuaa|eiBa«aV*firfouud 
aapls soap* for - those spectacular effects and 
ttnao ■DMsbbS that bold the palrons of vlrlw 
drama. The playwright bos performed bis task 
wall, and ths capable coinpiny of players wbo pet. 
torn) under the Anderson banner present the 
playwright's work In a manner that commands 

I 'alack (Direction Bert. Bailey) . — "On Our 
Selection" continues to crowd Ibis cozy llicatro 
nightly with audiences that never tire of the 
wholesome Australian humor that surrounds the 

production of Leo Fall's light opera, 
"The Jolly Peasant," on Sept. 15. 

Tub J. a. Williamson management have re- 
ceived a cable message stating that the Qulnlan 
Opera 00. had sailed for South Africa, where 
they will appear prior to commencing their Aus- 
tiallan tour at Melbourne, Iter Majesty's, la 
August. The message further mentioned that ths 
company totalled 178 people, and that tremendous 
enthusiasm marked the concluding performances 
of "Tho Ring" and "Tbe Melstersinger" the latter 
— Ill ~ 

head was the principal baritone singer in 
Albanl's Co. which toured Africa some few years 


Too Holland's ViunEvn.r.n Co Is keeping Its 
end of tbe log up at the Empire, Brisbane, in- 

the second song was In too Arctic regions, where of which will open the Australian season 
tl.ey aiiimireil cs a shin's officer aud su Esqulmo 
girl, liilerapersed with clever singing and neat 
aud stylish dincliig, toe end of tbelr net was re- 
*IH>iiattile for liumeuse enthusiasm. Kitty Dale 
again tilled tbe part of Miss Oaburne who is ab- 
sent through Illness, In tbe clever and amusing 
"drunk" sketch with Cordon Brookes, aud also 
Tv|>ciit«d her successes with her ordinary turns. 
The Belloclalr Brothers, with tbelr marvelous 
otblctlc act, brought down the bouse. Captain 


Tub Bispham Cohoxbts David Biapham, the 

American baritone, of whom so much has been 
heard lately, commenced his season lost night, 
Sulurday, May 81, at the Town Hall, Syduey, 
when a capacity audience greeted bis renditions 
yltb the utmost favor and appreciation. The 
frmcus baritone was In excellent voice and in 
raiJiy respects his is a remarkably pure voice. 

piece. It is a great Australian bucccss, and has delight tbe crowds, who showed their apprccla 

" lion of tbe turn by well merited applause. Tor- 
cat's clever band of rooaters again excited a good 
ileal of merriment, particularly wltb tho bur- 
lesque boxing match, Johnson vs. Jeffries. A. 0. 
Spry, the popular comedian. Is an Immense favor- 
ite, having to do six songs for his turn. Margaret 
ligllvle Is a bright and dashing serlo, snd worts 

Tlebor's wonderfully trained seals continue to ? nu hls lutcrpretattons of both classical and popu-' 

made history, from tbe fact that tbe author Is 
an Australian, and all the players taking port in 
the performance are Australians. 

Tlcatbb Bokai. (J. O. Williamson. Ltd.)— After 
a highly successful season of ten weeks, "An- 
tony and Cleopatra" was rung oft on Friday night, 
and the following evening, and "Kismet." brim- 
ful of Oriental splendor aud spectuculurlsm was 
staged before a crowded house. Ilrlllluut ss was 
Its original production, Oscar Ascho has ex 
ctedsd It In tho present one As the pleco will 
only bo played one week, no surprise can be ex- 
pressed that it Is testing the rcatlug enpuctty of 
the theatre. "Kismet" wilt bo replaced on Sat- 
urday evening next by "Tho Taming of the 
Shrew," when Mr. Ascho will be the i'etriiclilo 
to Miss Hr.iyton's Katharine. The treat thus 
vretalsed for lovers of Shakespeare Is anxiously 

lar songs were decidedly good. He devoted tho 
first part of his program to classical and modern 
songs by foreign composers, but rendered to Eng- 
lish, and toe second part was devoted to toe 
works of American and English composers. Mr. 
Bhpham promises to become a vogue In the local 
musical world. 
OaiTisioN Thbatmi. — "Excuse Me," 


hard to deserve her great popularity. Tbe Quaint S™*SS J? . ^ d B P aiklll !8 comedy, was staged 

t)s (4). Miss Clair, O'Hana San. Slgnor Sarlnl ««» Sm? fi* 8 ! on . S , a,urda fA *£?' J 1 ' for ,Jle 

and the Kremka Brothers, .all contribute to an HUg*^. f«* ^r7J > »» .* ** Nlblo and 

excellent program. Beatrice Terry In the chief parts. In toe hands 

Alhambha (Direction Joe Goodman).— Large ?{„",, A ? tron K company of coraedluus, "Excuse 

audiences are being attracted to this thenlre. ?f?i m wmc ?, cam t ?f "i. wl i" a wor'd-wldo repu. 

tatlon, easily upheld Its fame, and the quaint 
laugh maker put everybody in good humor. 

Tub Arm of J. O. Williamson. Ltd, has covered 
pretty well the whole range of theatrical enter- 

where an excellent vaudeville program is at 
present being shown. The Three Bacoous, orco- 
bats, and Jules and Lillian, sketch urtlsts, are the 
latest arrivals. 

National (Fuller Brennan, Ltd.)— This theatre J£L" J?' 8 ""* ? one "' musical comedy, comic 

looked forward to The whole of the dress circle stonui to ho making great headway nowadays The »P M s. drama and comedy, but the engagement of 

and reserved stalls have nlreuily been booked at program la not only refreshed with half a dozen ^ c , nee ani ? ,be Imperial Busslan Ballet will pro- 

is. Od. Mich. new, first class turns, but tbe main feature, the S rUB »•"»'«'« novelty, so far as the audiences 

Cbitbbion (J. 0. Wllllatnion. Ltd.)— "The Boyal llniunl Family of Japanese entertainers ore ?* 'bis. country are concerned. This is tbe first 

Fortuue Hunter," though still going strong and tho best toot has ever nppenred In tola land of "J 00 "" artist wbo holds the unchallenged position 

In Its tenth week, too cxlgcuclcs of change mil the "Qoidcn Fleece." The troupe consists of two ?' ,ha worl d's greatest dancer has been brought 

. to Australia, and the first appearance of toe 

"^ — — notable Imperial Ballet from St. Petersburg will 

also provide an attraction new to Australian 


PaiNoisa Tubatbb (Geo. Marlow, Ltd.)— The 
Hamilton-Pllmmer Co. revived "A Message from 
Mars," that sermon against selfishness, last Satur- 
day, as their farewell piece. The play has been 
so recently played here that it was a somewhat 
risky thing to stage it again so soon, even with 
certain changes of cast. However, all things 
considered, tbe piece done remarkably well and 
more than paid expenses. 

Kino'b Thsatu (fn, Anderson, lessee). — 
"Life's Shop Window" 1b In Its last nights, having 
ran four weeks to good business. The piece has 
many elements which rank it much above the 
average melodrama, and tbe second act is a very 
strong one, snd decidedly well acted. The 
Sailor's Wedding" will be staged on Saturday 
evening, seventy people being in tbe cast. 

Thbatbi Roxal (J.. 0. Williamson, Ltd.)— 
"Within tbe Law," which Is drawing Immense 
business to this bouse, is a well-built play. In 
which the Interest Is sustained from first to lost, 
snd tho comedy arises legitimately and naturally. 
However much one may cavil at Its moral at- 
mosphere for It cannot be denied that all through 
one's sympathies are with tbe criminals— It 1s 
one of tbe strongest plays we have Been here for 
some time. It (a very well acted right through, 
for the roles hsvo been Judiciously allotted. 

Has Majb»tt's (J. 0. Williamson, Ltd.)— "The 
Sunsblna Olrl" bas captured the fancy of the 
flcklo public and has ousted all along tbe line 
from tbelr mind, the previous beauties which 
iilryed In the operas. It Is the brightness tho 
go, ' and tbe octlon which pervade tbe niece 
wblch, after nU, la Just gay frothlncss, that spoils 

Oi'JBA Honss (Managing Director. H. D. Mc- 
intosh).— Harry Corson Clarke snd Margaret Dais 
Owen present a new sketch, "Strategy," which 
is an episode In the life of a middhVaged man 
who has Invented a sou by a former irlfe la 
order to acquire a little spending money from' his 

ff-S. £™ ? 1Ul 'sughter and much applause. Geo. 
■ ■""■ —*» • baritone with a fine robust voice, 


("Tho Man front the South".) 

The SKt/lB. „'BK "Hf' e H ? Va ^oUonal, Lending Man. 
Interesting and plcturesquo 583PNJ 'oet 10; age, 20; weight, 100; 


(A Current Itamo Itcleosc) 

scores a auoeesa. 

De Bruns, give an 

lura. showing the orlflnaV~mnaur<s upon" which vo ' c e. basso. Desires" perniancn'fstock'or 

nv?«J > l»lSf. 'i te *,'. b ,«"I 0O ! n dances are founded, metropolitan attraction, reputation of lame, 

:?.?*. w P rt . ***A. I «! t "HSb* flnlshed the season r j ,'wlll place a stock In Al city. Homo 

^^S^S^rS i ^^^^ $*"£*< 6 ">- S«l Sinn U on?oII., ll Mln„ U . o? 
an esttWlahed favorite right away. Her charm- Old Reliable, always. 

tost accounts he was somewhat better, but 
Dr. Warner does not hold out much hope. 

Frances Clare and Guy ltawson are among 
tbe steadies. 

Leo Hayes and Fannie Thatcher are enjoy- 
ing their Btay, not worrying over next season. 
Flossie Hope Is visiting here. She goes 
with the Sunshine Girls. 
Kittle Gebbardt is a welcome visitor. 
'Mr. and Mrs. Homer Howard are hero for 
a ten days' stay. 

Rose Sydell and W. S. Campbell were here 
cnily last week. 

Julian El tinge is expected down for an- 
other few days this week. 

Al. Jolsoti and Melville Ellis had the time 
of their lives down here, and also gave thu 
boys a fine time. 

A lot of the boys are stopping at Fred. 
Rider's new place, and seem to like It. 
Abe Bennett's is still a popular resort. 
Secretary Will J. Cooke, of the White Rats, 
arrived by trolley via Highlands, and seemed 
to like tbe .place. Be promised to come 

Tom Morrlssey gave a party at his home 
July 4, night, and there wob nothing missing. 
Hap Handy bought another lot on tbe 
main road and is busy fixing up. 

J. Royer West was one of the boat racing 
party. Lew Hunting came hack early and 
had several orders of benns served in bis 
private dining room on the float. Bobby 
Hunting wsb Tils guest, also "Rufus" Hunt- 
ing (halt Newfoundland and half water 

Patsy Doyle arrived July 8 and enter- 
tained at the evening concert. 

Important factors in the social life of the 
colony, besides those mentioned above are: 
Maggie Cllne, Annie Hart, Annie Morrlssey, 
Ada Burnette, Lottie Wesson. Bessie Lovett. 
Corlnne Hunting, Marlon Otto, Elizabeth 
Otto, Mamie Kelson, Ada and Curly Burn- 
master, Rita Walker, Eddlo Carr, Harry Vau- 
tclle. Lulu Keegan, the Two Stanleys. Geo. 
Moore (of Moore and Vanderbllt), Charley 
nice, Eddie Lovett. Lola Merrill, Battle 
O'Neill, Joe Sehroode, De Witt, Burns and 
'i'orrence : Ed. McDowell, Prank Howie, Mer- 
rltt nnd Douglass. Marlon Ford, George Qutg- 
ley, Murphy and Wlllard, Lester Pike, Arthur 
Mueller, Trovollo. Harry Emerson, Grace 
Celeste, Fred. V. Bowers, Ralph Smith. Annie 
reyeer, Frank Mnrtlneau, Frank Herbert, 
Bill Foster, George Sidney, Phil. Cook, Capt 
Nelson, Johnny Goodman. Joo Humphries, 
Frank Otto, Ernie Otto, Bill and Jack Mason, 
Inza Lord la and John Barry. The season 
has been somewhat slow, but a great many 
ndditlons to the colony are looked for within 
tho next two weeks. 

♦ »» 
Harry Houdlnl sails for Bremen, Germany, 
on the Kronprincestin Cecelia (N. D. L.), e« 
route to Stockholm, Sweden, where he will 
nppear for three performances at the Royal 
Celebration at the King of Sweden's Palace, 
July 16-18, he being the only American 
nppcarlng. This is quite an exceptional 
honor, as all the rest of the artists aro 
native born. 

Houdlnl will tour Norway, Sweden and 
Denmark for three months, will play tbe 
principal cities In France, and In January. 
1014, will play tho Moss' Empires in Great 
Britain, where he has been contracted to 
give the special matinee performances, in 
which ho will give the entire two hour show. 
It is not unlikely that it will be 1915 before 
he again appears in America. 
4 s» 
George W. Stewart will lie the musical di- 
rector of the Panama-Pacific International 
Exposition. Festival Hall will be the scene 
of Mr. Btewarfs activities in a Berles or 
musical festivals. He foun'led the famous 
Boston Bond, and was director of 
the Chicago and St. Louis Expositions. 


HALF TONE riCTUiUCS in tbe rend- 
ing nausea or THE CLIPPBR win he 
Inserted at these pricesi 

Front Pssare Cut ftW.OO 

Double Coin mn .flO-M 

listatle Cnlurxsn fB.00 

Copyright 1918, by the Frank Queen Publishing Company (Limited). 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, JULY 12, 1913. 

Price, 10 Cants. 


Messrs. Cohan A Harris have completed 
arrangements with Klaw & Erlanger wherebj 
the latter Arm will, In tbe future, manage 
Ibe George M. Cohan Theatre, the Gaiety 
Theatre and the Qrand Opera House, In this 
city. ■ •• lii 

Cohan & Harris still retain the same Inter- 
est In these playhouses that 'they have for 
the past several seasons, but In tbe future 
they will concentrate their energies In pro- 
moting the affairs of the Astor Theatre, at 
Broadway and Forty-fifth Street, and George 
51. Cohan's Grand Opera House, in Chicago 
(which they control exclusively), and to the 
production of plays and tbe management of 
the several stars now under contract to them. 
This arrangement accords with George 51. 
Cohan's recently announced plan to retire 
from the stage at the end of the coming sea- 
son, and devote bis entire time to the writ- 
ing of plays which will be produced ex- 
clusively at the Astor Theatre, New York, 
tnd the Cohan Grand Opera House, in Chi- 
cago. It will also allow Mr. Cohan to realize 
his long cherished desire of making a com- 
prehensive tour of the world. The above ar- 
rangements will not interfere with plans 
Cohan & Harris and Klaw & Erlangcr have 
In contemplation for the production of sev- 
eral pretentious plays. 

The Astor Theatre's second season under 
the direction of Cohan & Harris will begin 
on Sept 1. Tbe opening attraction will be 
"Seven Keys to Baldpate," a dramatization 
of Earl Derr Diggers' widely read novel of 
that name, made into a play by George M. 
Cohan, and In which Wallace Eddlnger will 
assume the leading role. 

The Geo. M. Cohan Theatre will be open 
for the season on Monday, Aug. 16, when 
"Potash and Perlmntter," tbe famous cloak 
and suit merchants created in tbe Saturday 
Evening Pmt, by Montague Glass, will be 
brought to life on the stage. 

The Gaiety Theatre will open on Labor 
Day, with a new farce by Edgar Selwyn, 
entitled "Nearly Married." in which Bruce 
McRae is to assume the leading role. 

Cohan St. Harris' Bronx Opera House will 
be formally opened the last week in August, 
with Eugene Walter's successful play, "Fine 
Feathers." presented by Wilton Lackayc, 
flobert Edeson and other members of the all 
star cast seen at the Astor Theatre last sea- 
eon. Incidentally, Cohan & Harris have ex- 
pended more than $300,000 In building arid 
furnishing the Bronx Opera House, which in 
ornamental decorations and modern stage 

equipment Is not surpassed by any playhouse 
In America. It will be conducted as a com- 
bination theatre, playing Broadway successes 
at popular prices, ranging from twenty-five 
cents to one dollar, wltb a change of bill 

Geo. M. Cohan will open his season at the 
Bronx Opera House, Monday, Sept. 28, pre- 
senting bis last season's success, "Broadway 

The regular Fall and Winter season at 
George M. Cohan's Grand Opera House, in 
Chicago, will commence on Aug. 25, the in- 
augural attraction being Carlyle Moore's 
farce, "Stop Thief," which succeeded so 
definitely at the Gaiety Theatre the better 
part of last season. 

Raymond Hitchcock will begin his fifth 
stellar year under the management of Cohan 
& Harris on Monday, Sept. 1. On that date, 
nnd at the Apollo Theatre, Atlantic City, 
Mr. Hitchcock will be presented In a new mu- 
sical play, as yet unnamed. Mr. Hitchcock's 
principal feminine support will again be 
Flora Zabelle. Following his engagement In 
Atlantic City Mr. Hitchcock will be sent to 
Boston, at the Tremont Theatre, for a run. 

"520 Per Cent.," a comedy by Porter Emer- 
son Browne, successfully produced in At- 
lantic City last Monday, will open in Boston 
In September. - 

On or before Oct, 1 Cohan & Hnrrls will 
produce a comedy drama, entitled "Back 
Home," from the pen of that well known hu- 
morist, Irvln Cobb, dramatized by Bayard 
Velllcr, the author of "Within the Law." 

"Home Ties," a play dealing with the all 
absorbing and world-wide question of woman's 
suffrage, and written by George Mldtlleton. 
will receive Its production at tbe hands of 
Cohan * Harris In Washington, D. C, during 
the week beginning Monday, Nov. 10. 

Among the new productions now being pre- 
pared for a Fall hearing by Cohan & Ilnrrls 
nre: Douglas Fairbanks, In "Cooper Hoyt, 
Inc.," a comedy In three acts, by Frank Lord 
and Hugh Ford; "The Brain Promoter," a 
comedv by Edward Laska ; "The House of 
Glass, 1 ' a drama by Max Marcln, and "Money 
Mania," a farce, also from the pen of Max 

Besides the numerous activities above men- 
tioned, Cohan & Harris have accepted play 
scenarios from the following well known 
authors: Wlnchell Smith, Itennold Wolf nnd 
Channlng Pollock, Porter Emerson Browne. 
James Montgomery, John Golden and Frank 

Under this heading we will publish each 
week Important and Interesting amusement 
events occurring in the corresponding week 
a quarter of a century ago. 

July 7, 1888. — Academy of Music, Haverhill, 

Mass., burned. 
July 7. — Myers' Opera House, El Paso, Tex , 

July 0.— As Violet. In "Our Boys," Adah 

Hawkins made her professional debut 

at the People's Theatre, St Paul, 

July 0. — Grand Opera House, Los Angeles, 

Cal„ dedicated by Denman Thompson 

and company. 
July 0. — 8oo Opera ousc, Sault Stc. Marie, 

Mich., dedicated. 
July ll.^Clrcle Blnk, Buffalo, N. T., burned ; 

two men burned to death. 


Fanny Rice's picture appeared on the front 

page of The Clipper. 
Lottie Kurort, Kitty O'Neill and Flora 

Moore were at Vienna Garden, 'Frisco. 
T) B. Bandman sailed for England. 
Robert Frahf.r and Col. Mii.likbn formed 

E. P, Hilton retired as manager of the 

Olympic, St. Paul. 
Lydia Yeamans was playing the London 

Frank Ramza returned from Europe with 

acts for McNlsh, Ramza & Arno Min- 
Josfph M. Allen, Tony Pastor and M. B. 

Leavltt were guests at a garden party 

given by Jennie Hill, In England, 
Sophie Thorn was at Stratton & Hender- 
son's, Coney Island. 
Harrt Lact and "The Still Alarm" Co. 

Balled for England. 
Fox and Ward Joined tbe Doris-Sullivan 

R. G. Austin engaged Weber and Fields for . 

his Australian Novelty Co. 
Harry Skfton sailed for England. 
James Owen O'Connob was at Koster & 

Blal's, New York. 
A benefit performance was given at Poole s 

Theatre, New York. 
Saw Bebnabd played at tbe London, New 

Robert Wm. Flack lost his life In the rapids 

at Niagara Falls, while attempting to 

go through them in a boat. 
J. W. Holmes advertised for sensational 

dramas for his Brooklyn Museum. 

Eugene Walters' successful play, "The 
Easiest Way," will not be played in some 

Carts of Germany. Word has been received 
y cable tbat the official censor of Cassel. 
Gcr., has forbidden the play to be produced 

The dramatized version of Montague Glass' 
stories of "Potash and Perlmuttcr' will bo 
acted first In Atlantic C.'.ty, on Aug. 4, and 
will be brought to the Cohan Theatre on 
Aug. 10. 



Perspective of tlie balldiiifr In wntcli the "Gettysburg" Panorama 

will be displayed at tbe Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 


Word comes from A. R. A. Barrett, busl- 
S"5 mnnagcr of the Tom Marks Company, 
that the- weather throughout Ontario terri- 
tory ig v er j i, ot biit^ regardless of the hot 
spell, ^buclness has been excellent with the 
iom Marks Company. It is Mr. Marks' in- 
tention to close the show during the very hot 
weather nnd give the members of his corn- 
pan v a vacation at his Summer home at 
I nrlstles Lake, Ontario. The show will wind 
"P its present tour at Parry Sound on July 
•', and from there Mr. Marks will move the 
eompnny to Christies Lake. This will be a 
RH'at tr«at for the members of his company, 
and a. treat each and every member will ap- 

XJW show will open again about Aug. 15 
witn all new plays, new scenery and people 
the show Is booked solid for the Fall and 
Winter tour. 

•— : * ' » 

Jeppo Delano, ex-actor, ex-alderman and 
"•city treasurer of Nlles, Mich., nnd Fannie 
uelono celebrated the forty-first anniversary 
oc tbelr marriage on June 30, at their homo 
in Mies Both are well and haopy. His 
term of office expired April 14, as the law 
allows two year terms only. He will loaf a 
year and then run again for the same office. 

4 «» 

KBAwrr and Mtrtlb write: "We Just closed 
with Boyle Woolfolk's "The Bell Hop" Co.. 
Playing the title part and soubrette lead, and 
will lay off, and spend the Summer at our 
cottage, The Myrtle,* East Side Barron Lake, 

Boyd and 8t. Claire write : "We are tour- 
irg the South for Sam Massell. of Atlanta, 
ua j and are meeting with much success." 

Ucmmkhb and Mobrib write: "We are do- 
wg well for Mr. Webster, on our eighth week- 
we are coming Bast with a new act," 


1 Through nn arrangement entered Into last 
week between Messrs. Klaw fc Erlanger and 
tbe Amateur Comedy Club, represented by a 
committee Including Messrs. W. Herbert 
Adams. Howard S. Borden, Edward Fales 
Coward, invert Jansen Wendell and B. Ray- 
mond Leffcrts Jr., the Aerial Theatre, atop 
the New Amsterdam Theatre, has been 
leased to the Amateur Comedy Club for a 
three weeks' tenancy during next season, dur- 
ing which its productions and revivals will 
be made. The Cercle Francalae do l'Har- 
monle will also give a three weeks' season of 
their performances in the same theatre, 
and in vlw of the requirements of the vari- 
ous popular amateur dramatic societies, 
Messrs. Klaw & Erlanger have decided to re- 
model the Aerial Theatre immediately by 
the construction of a number of boxes and 
by providing a complete scenic equipment. 
«i » 


Mme. Kenny Ltpzln, commonly referred to 
as the Sarah. Bernhardt of the Jowlsh thea- 
tre, has formed a co-partnership with the 
well known Yiddish players, Ellas Rothntcln 
and Jacob Cone, also with Edwin A. ltelkln, 
to tour the world. They are at present se- 
lecting their company, which is to consist 
only of the cream of the Yiddish theatre, and 
will start on or about Aug. 1 in some city 
near New York. This tour will extend until 
about Aug. 1, 1014, and will embrace tbe 
principal cities of the United States and 
Canada, and also those of England, France, 
Germany, Russia, South America and South 
Africa. This will be the first tlmo a com- 
plete Yiddish company composed of leading 
New York players will tour tho world. 

This Is being booked and arranged under 
the personal direction of tbe well known 
Yiddish theatrical manager, Edwin A. Belkln. 

The Actors' Society of America, like many 
another association whose members become 
apathetic, Is in trouble— auch trouble that 
unless It receives quick financial aid It Is 
likely to pass Into history as a has-been. 

On July S tbe headquarters of the Society, 
133 West Forty-fifth Street, New York, were 
rlslted by Deputy Sheriff Purccll with execu- 
tion papers issued on a Judgment of $3.14. 10 
against the Actors' Society. The sheriffs 
assistants stripped the walta of the pnlnt- 
Ings of Booth. Barrett, Fanny Davenport and 
other great stara of the paBt, and put them 
Into a waiting furniture van. Office furni- 
ture and other belongings of tho Society fol- 

lowed the portraits, and tho lot will bs sold 
July 10 at a salo personally conducted by 
Sheriff Harburger. 

The Actors' Society of America was found- 
ed many years ago, and has Included In Its 
membership at various times the greatest 
actors In Oils country. 

At the present tlmo many of our leading 
actors are on Its membership books, and tho 
ontlro list of members Is a formidable one. 
In explaining tho present trouble Miss Gil- 
Patrick, the secretary, said that the dues al- 
ways como In very slowly In tho Summer, 
nnd that they were slower this Summer than 
usual. She hones, however, that by Fall 
everything will bo straightened out. 



Julia Marlowe has received word that at 
a meeting of tho alumna and active members 
of tho Shakespeare Society of Wellcsley Col- 
lege, she had been elected an honorary mem- 
ber. In a letter Informing her of this honor, 
In recognition of her devotion to Shakcspcaro 
and her histrionic ability, Helen Toy, tho 
president of tbe society, wrote to Miss Mar- 
lowe : "Not upon you, but upon ourselves do 
we confer tbe honor in welcoming you to the 
'Gentle Companlc.* Ours is a bond of fel- 
lowship, and In greeting you we ask you to 
feel that yon are always welcome at homo 
among us, and that the door of 'the little 
house at the foot of tho hill' Is always open 
to you. We ask that you will wear our 
'mask nnd quill,' and be glnd to be remem- 
bered among a group of 'Scholalro Plalres. 

The Importance of tho honor conferred 
upon Miss Marlowe mny be understood when 
It Is known that up to her election as 
honorary member of tho Shakcspcaro Society 
of Wellcsley, the society had bestowed this 
compliment upon but three persons: Dr. 
Durnnt the founder of Wellcsley ; Henry N. 
Hudson, the Shakespearean critic, nnd Horace 
Howard Furncss, tho author of tho Variorum 

4 ■» 

Lillian Lorraine, tho actress, obtained a 
warrant lu the West Side Court July 8, for 
tho arrest of her husband, Frederick Ores- 
kelmer, whom she charged with stealing a 
S5.000 diamond ring. Herman If. Itoth, at- 
torney for the actress, bad prepared papers 
In a suit for separation and In a civil suit 
chnrgliig conversion. 

Miss Lorraine told Magistrate Corrlgan 
that her husband had forcibly stripped tho 
ring from iter finger while she was dining 
with him, and bad pawned it for (2,500. 
« »» 

I'crcy Wmrlcli has lust finished somo 
promising numbers for Julian Eltlngo's new 
show, "Miss Swift from New York." 

,,„-•• "CREATION." 

Outline of "Creation," one of tbe concessions to be presented at Use 
Panama-Pacific International Exposition. 

w ■'■'.. 

Haw rnr ^r jJB 



S^,iiU"-' . '^^0m 

*«W^**lssaCl~ 4 ••VW 
2sff**^V'^atasaa*- *• "*'' ■ 





:-'<■ «,'> .' -.■■' 

• , .' .-...*'* 
- -• ■ " y 

.. . :. - ■■■■<■" -■■■'■<*!?&* 

'40 CAMP. 

Ferspecttre of "*4t) Camp" to be shown at tbe Panama-Paclno 

International Exposition. 


Written by Harry Irving, one. of the guests 
at the Actors' Fund Homo, Staten Island, 
nud dedicated to Gus Bruno. 

(StillMIITHU BY afc rOBTELL.) 

Como all ye ancient actors and listen to my 

'Twill cause your lips to quiver and make 

your cheeks grow palo ; 
'Twns on a Sabbath evening, tho night was 

calm and still, 
When tho dreadful cry of flro resounded o'er 

the hill.' 

Somo flew to tho windows, and some flew to 

the door. 
And out Into the darkness a dozen of u* 

Wo looked towards the Bast and saw the sky 

was all aglow, 
'Good God, our barn Is burning 1" yelled out 

brave Gus Bruno. 

"Como on, boys," the-, he shouted, as be 

threw off his coat, 
And plunging through tho raging flames be 

drnirged out old Zob's boat. 
And with a noblo fireman and a cltlsen to 

On tho placid bosom of tbe lake the little 

craft was laid. 

Gus did not pause a moment, for nothing 

could him stay, 
And rushing back into the Are ho quick 

pulled out our sleigh. 
And when ho saw that It was safe, again be 

risked his life, 
And dashing in the chicken coop, he laved 

the rooster's wife. 

AH honor to Gus Bruno, tho valiant man of 

Ills name upon tho scroll of fame should 

blaze In letters bright, 
For nono but a true hero would daro to risk 

his life, 
To savo a boat nnd save a sleigh and save a 
rooster's wife. 




Janet Bencher, tbe actress, and H. Ran- 
dolph GnggenkeUner, a lawyer, with offices at 
No. 00 Wall Street. New York, were married 
July 8 in the apnrtment of the bride's 
mother, Mrs. Wyndham, at No. 201 West 
Fifty-fourth Street. Tho ceremony was per- 
formed by tho Rev. Mr, Harvey, of tbe Uni- 
tarian Church. 

Mrs. Guggenhclmcr'i maiden rmrno was 
Janet Rcccbcr Wyndham, Bbo is a sister 
of Olive Wyndbam. Miss Wyndham's 
Krent-grnndmothor was a cousin of Henry 
Ward Bcechcr. The brldo expects to con- 
tinue her professional career, She bas been 
engaged by Wlntiirop Ames to play the lend- 
ing female role in Arnold Bennett's comedy, 
"Tho Great Adventure," with which the now 
Gotham Theatre will bo opened In September. 

Mrs. Guggenhelmor returned only last week 
from London, where she went to see the origi- 
nal production of tho play- With Wynno Is 
'laying the role there that she will play In 
he New York production. 

' »■» 


The new- Lyric Theatre, at Hsckensack. 
N. J., Inaugurated Its new policy weok begin- 
ning Monday, Juno 80, with Klncmacolor 
feature films and a headline vaudeville at- 
traction in the porson of Carmen Erccll, 
"tho gin with the voice and tho violin." 

Miss Ercell received enthusiastic applnusn 
for her artistic and entrancing work as 
singer and violin virtuoso. She Is a native 
of Canada (that birthplace of so many musi- 
cal geniuses) and has studied the violin In 
Kurope where *he> appeared In grand concert 
work. She has- a beautiful, thoroughly 
trained volco which has been heard in opera, 
hero and abroad, and this combination of 
talent, together with her very attractive 
personality, makes her a unique vaudeville 


There will be a special performance of 
"Within the Law" at the Eltlngc Theatre 
dnrlng the last week In July, In which the 
entlro cast will be made up of lllllnutlu.i 
actors and actresses. Lord Roberts will play 
the part of Joe Qaraon. 


Miss Goldsmith, whose picture appears on 
the front poge of this Issue, will appenr with 
her partner, Joseph Herbert Jr., In tbelr re- 
cent big dance hit. They are two vaudeville 
recrulta from musical comedy, who have 
gained immediate recognition In their new 
field of endeavor. Bliss Goldsmith Is an ex- 
ceptionally attractive young woman, and Mr. 
Herbert Is a clean-cut, manly chap, and both 
fairly bnbblo with personality. For descrip- 
tive purposes they arc called novelty singers 
nnd dancers, but tbelr performance Is en- 
tirely away from the conventional. Their 
particular feature Is "Tho Dance of the 
Siren," In which Miss Goldsmith dances 
around tbo stage In n most graceful manner 
In her bare feet. Herbert and Goldsmith 
should be decidedly welcomed to the vaude- 
ville fold at Gus McCune's bouse next week. 



July 12 








Sfte PHOTO DRAMA COMPANY, Booms 505-6, Longaore Building, Hew York City 




Mat 30. 

fli'BNCEit's 8,000 foot reproduction of tlic 
famous Roman romance, "Quo V ml In 7" con- 
tinued to attract overflow audiences to the 
Lyceum nightly. Although the film la now 
In It* third week, the attendances nud re- 
ceipts, according to the managerial announce- 
ment, show no appreciable signs of diminu- 
tion. "Quo Vadls'/" has many features tu 
commend Itself to Sydney's dovotecs of nr- 
llstlc conception : Faithful mis-enncene, ex- 
cellent acting, oorgcoiiB dressing and settings, 
and flawless photographic work. The most 
popular portions of the picture arc naturally 
the burning of Home, the Coliseum scenes 
wherein Is depleted the awful martyrdom of 
tho i.'hrlstlnim. Nero's galley, the death of 
letronlua and Ktinlce, nud the ultimate down- 
fall of the mighty empire. 

Oi.yiipu (Direction. West's, Limited). — 
'"i'he Knave of Clubs" lias struck a big suc- 
cess at this theatre. It Is a cleverly con- 
structed ilramat-lc series. "The Heart of a 
Pierrot" was also scrconcd. In tills produc- 
tion the chief role Is sustained by Asia Nlol- 
son, the Danish actress, and an artist who 

mntlc series, called "A Lucky Chance," "A 
Dreadful Blunder" and "Simple Simon as a 
lloxlng Champion." 

i:\moiii-, Theatre (Szarka Bros., props.) 
— Spencer's Tbanhouscr special, "Sign of the 
Four," or "Sherlock Holmes." The story of 
the Agra treasure, pictured In an Intensely 
fascinating manner. "Patho English and Con- 
tinental Onzeltc," "The Risen Soul of Jim 
•Irant" (lidlson), "A Welcome Intruder," an 
A. B. of merit ; "The Stenographer's 
Troubles" (Vltagraph comedy), "Fuunlcus 
Has An Idea" (Eclair special comic). Big 
business results from such a good program. 

Colonial Tiieathh (J. D. Williams, Ltd.) 
— "'rim Hidden Message." This Is a great 
film of n fierce tragedy In the air, and may 
he Bummod up thus : Emily was .held a pris- 
oner by her guardians, who wished her to 
marry a relative of theirs whom she disliked. 
But through a note enclosed In a vase that 
young Jack Martin, millionaire and eccen- 
tric, purchased from one of the guardians, 
she managed, after a series of thrilling ad- 
ventures on sea and In the air, to escape and 
find happiness with Jack. "San Francisco," 
one of the famous l'athe scenles. and "The 
Long and Short of It," an Edison laugh- 
maker, were also screened. 


On Thursday, May 20, before the Equity 
Court, Sydney, Australia, Barrister Maughan 
applied to Justice Harvey, tn Equity, for an 
Interim Injunction on behalf of the General 
Film Co., of Australia, Limited, against K. 

Scenes from Sclls's Sensational 2-Reel Feature, 

To be released July 12, 1013. 

pany charged that the exhibition of sucb a 
picture under the name "Quo Vadlat" was 
an Infringement of Its rights, and that It 
would suffer great loss and damage if tho 
defendant was not restrained, by Injunction 
of the court, from exhibiting and producing 
the picture advertised by mm. Ills honor 
granted an Injunction until Monday, Juno 2, 
in the terras of the plaintiff company's 
prayer, to restrain defendant from exhibiting 
or producing any Dim under the name "Quo 
Vadls?" not Identical with the film now be- 
ing exhibited by the plaintiff company at 
the Lyceum Theatre, Sydney, or from repre- 
senting that any film not Identical with tho 
Lyceum film la such Dim. Leave was also 
given to serve notice on the defendant for 
Monday, and copies of the affidavits should 
be served upon film. 


AT AN T()l«. 

Absolute perfection Is the unanimous ver- 
dict of playgoers who are viewing tho mar- 
velous photo mntcrallzatlon of "Quo Vadls 7" 
Nothing quite so superb as this photo-drama 
has been offered tbe public since motion pic- 
tures became a reality. 

Jtomnn history is replete with Incidents of 
pagan cruelty, but particularly blood curd- 
ling are the events chronicled during the 
lost years of the reign of Nero and do matter 

how vividly these scenes are brought home 
to us in the perusal of Blonklewicz s power- 
ful story. It falls to impress with the reality 
of these "Quo VndlB7" pictures. 

Here is seen the horrors of the Roman 
nrenn, common in the Eternal City twenty 
centuries ago, and no greater tribute to the 
combined art of the camera and stage man- 
ager can be furnished than the constnnty 
crowded Astor Theatre, where these vivid 
views are being shown. 
(Continued on jiaj/e It.) 


A Scene from Essanay's Drama, 

(Released July 22.) 

holds a high place in the affections of lovers 
of the silent drama. Next week, West's star 
production, "Red and White Hoses," will be 
shown — the sweetest story ever told of a 
beautiful woman. A prominent politician, a 
candidate for governor, is mndo the victim of 
Ills enemies through a beautiful woman. Ilia 
Hainan with her lends to his defeat, the loss 
of his wife's confidence and love, and his own 
death. He leads a double life, wooing his 
wife with white roses, emblematic of purity, 
and favors his affinity with red roses, in- 
dicative of glow and amour. 

Chyhtal i'AT.ACB (J. D. Williams. Ltd.)— 
"Wheat and Tares" is tho film of tho week, 
wherein Is graphically told how n villain 
reaps the evil that he sowed. "Perfidy of 
Mary" Is another good dramatic In the same 
bill, while the other department a are filled by 
tho English Garotte, "Rambles in Yorkshire 1 ' 
and "Btarrlti" (scenles), and "Jim Jones" 
and "Sally's Quordlans" (comedy). 

Lvnic (J. D. Williams. Ltd.)— "A Human 
Target" Is tho chief feature of the current 
program, and gives a series of thrilling ad- 
ventures. The hill also includes: "A Rag- 
time Romance" and a film reproduction of a 
clover turn by the "Try-Me-Troupe" of acro- 

Ri<FM:sti (J. D. Williams, Ltd.)— This 
week the program Is featured by a fine dra- 

' It Is not easy ; to get Director J. Farrell 
MacDonnld to give an opinion on bis pic- 
tures, but he did give one concerning "Fran- 
ceses da Rimini," recently produced by him 
for the Powers Photoplays, Inc. Ho says 
that he thinks it Is the best picture he has 
ever turned out for any company. If this Is 
so then if must be some picture. 

At the Burko Studios they are busy on a 
particularly beautiful and stirring picture, 
called "Machuda." It Is a Spanish story. In 
which the leads are being token by Edyth 
Sterling. Charles Bartlett and Jack Conway. 
Miss Sterling is doing good work for the 
Burko forces and Is a talented little lady. 
She wob with the Warner features for some 
time, and later acted for the Frontier brand 
at Albuquerque. George Gobbort is the di- 

I asked Conitince Crawley the other day 
what Impressed her most in the moving pic- 
tures. She thought a moment end then 
sr.ld: "I think It is the comparative silence. 
This Is especially so when I am acting parts 
1 have acted on the stage. Take Meusande, 
for Instance. I wanted to buret forth with 
my regular speeches and almost forgot my- 
self once or twice. It seems as though I 
would have to burst out Into an Impassioned 
speech now and again." 

Frank Mostyn Kelly, the noted caricaturist 
and actor. Is at present with Director J. 
Farrell MacDonnld at the Powers Photo 
riay. Inc., Studio, at Hollywood. 
■ s 


A charter bos been granted to the Joe 
Weber Photo Plsys Co., .'neorporated under 
the laws of the State of Now York, with a 
capitalisation of $750,000. 

This new corporation Is to own and man- 
age a chain of moving picture, theatres and 
. It will be the first operation In this Held of 
Arcadia Thentre, situated In Victoria fttmafc luch 1**1? proportions, 

Williams, to restrain him, his partners, man- 
agers, servants and agents from exhibiting or 
E™S i c , lnR ' or announcing that he is about to 
exhibit or produce, any moving picture under 
tho name. "Quo Vadls?" In the statement 
of claim tho plaintiff company set out that 
v -..?.. rt'J purchased tho film, "Quo 
Vadls! together with the sole right of ex- 
hibiting such picture In Australia, and it 
was now being exhibited at tho Lyceum The- 
atre by Spencer's Pictures, Limited, for and 
on behalf of tho plaintiff company, Defond- 
s the proprietor and director of the 

■ -o7 -v— announced that on Sat 
urday, May 81, lie would exhibit a moving 
2KK? c ?A'° a 2S5 Vadlar » ni1 advertising, 
JSKSFi 3fc£ , t, J n f 8 ' tPftt ,l ™s a picture 

which had "set Sydney nglow." Plaintiff com- 

Weber A Fields: Morris Hose, an insurance 
and real estate broker in the Timet Build- 
ing, and P. A. Powers, tho moving picture 
operator, with offices In tho Candler Build- 


President of the Famous Players Film Co. 

Sample Cold Cream 


— Mention thifs Paper — 


July 12 


Attorney at Law 
220-224 West 42d Street 


SptdillstiiMatriioilal Difficulties 

Sfccbl Dcyarimot for Colkctbos 
Corporations Oira ntod, S25.00 



5AD8,HaiVB8^ASJgreM. A1MRE0W» 



*n or Stock Joint only. Will consider partner 
SlDln AlrdomeRep. Address EUGENE M 
fife, 806 ILL. AYB., MKHDOTA, ILL. 



»r Tabloid, Musioal Comedy or Dramatic, Stock 


«> median and Producing I Small Bonbrette' 
Director \ Specialties 

Have Scripts 



Ibo can work In acts and do some magic. Alio 
jfcnlBt to play (or tongs. One who can play 
aolin (or ounces, or do gome otber specialty 

R (erred. Hall show. One night stands. Salary 
, but sure. Address 



latest instrumental Bit. Send lOo coin (or com- 


rphenrn Building, Schenectady, W. Y. 


AliL KINDS of new and second band scenery 
to stock. Large stage (or scenic rchcarHiils. II. 
r. KNIGHT. 141)1 U SI. and Molt A v.... 
lew York City. SO minutes from Times Square 
to Mott Ave. Station, Bronx Subway, 'mono h»i 



fTREET WORK— One playing some Instrument or 
working Knee Figures, fllvo lowest; pay own. 
g. A. KENNEDY, 8t. Oharlw, 111. 


H and D, Comedian up In acts and make thorn no. 
Itate very lowest. Long engagement to right 
•arty. 1 want comedian : ex-managcrs, no. Just 
tot rid ot two. Address GEO. M. miller, 
Fort Littleton, Pa., gnlton County. 


riNEMT HOBS." New comlo song. Profcs 
tlonal copies (reo to slngera. Orchestrations. 
••8. MATTHEWS, P. 0. Box 1DJ9, Now York, N.Y. 

week Included: Cecil is Lotto*, Mma, Olfa Pe- 
trove. Irene Beroeny, tbo Oromwelli. Fire Mel- 
ody Maid* aud a Uin, Bogert and Nelson, Bond 
«id Benton, Bunnam and Irwin, and Edison 
talking [notion pictures. 

Paxtaobs' (Oarl Walker, mgr.) — Bill SO and 
week: Armstrong's Baby Dolls, Beamnonte and 
Arnold, Frlscary Lee Birth, Jewell and Jordan, 
and Hakarenka Duo. 

Brtunuo (Bob Oonnlntfiam, mgr.)— Vaudeville, 

Gluhb'h Finn STaxrr.— Motion pictures. 

Curia's Bsoadwai.— Motion picture*. 

Vancouver, Con— Imperial (J? J. Mc- 
Donald, mgr.) John Mnssu, la "As a Man 
Thinks," was the attraction here July 2. 

AVEXtTB (Geo. B. Howard, mgr.) — The stock 
company presented "WlWare" week of June 80. 

PaimoEs" (W. I. Wright, mgr.)— Dill week 
ot 30 Included: Fred Ardath Co., Boy La Pearl. 
Howard and Delores, Lester Bros., Olga Sanuroff 

OapnauH (E. J. Donnelleu, mgr.)— Bill week 
o( 89 Included: The Saroys, Golden and West, 
Walter and Daniels, George Richards snd com- 
pany, Sampson and Douglas, the Cavaliers, and 
talking pictures. 

Columbia (J. R. Nucals, mgr.)— Pictures and 
raiuleTllIe. . ■ 

Panama (Bob Dnsnrorjh. mgrV) — Moving pic 

Gi'axd (J. Lubelsky, mgr.)— Burlesque mnikal 

None.— GeoV' F. Oase, manager of the Or- 
nheum Theatre for the past three years, has left 
this city on account of Illness. E. J. Donnellan, 
well known In vsueourer, who has been away for 
Ore rears In the interest of S. A a bouses. Is In 

Mr. Case's place Olsra Beyers, well known 

to Vancouver, made her first appearance as lead- 
ing lady at the Avenue 30 The Empress 

Theatre Is being remodeled- for the Lawrencc- 
Sanduiky Stock Ob., which will open In that 

home July 14 Suit was tiled June 26, by 

Henry W. Savage, of New York, against D. 8. 
Lawrence, Walter Sandusky and Geo. B. Howard. 
of the Avenue Theatre, for Infringement of the 
copyright of the play, ''Madame %?• The plain- 
s' ta «* ,llln «L' or Penalties and an accounting.... 
2£?Je** ?heatre. remodeled at cost of about 
130.000. and with a capacity of 000, has opened 
»s s five cent picture show. 

Bobbins, the Pantaer Duo, Harry Bose, Faust 

snd ktauat. the Kstelle Sisters, Asahl Troupe of 
Japs.TiaDet London and company, McCaulcy and 
Connell, and lloward and Ryan. _ .. 

Marxs Bbuoh Paaz (J. J. Carl to, mgr.)— 
Great crowds to this resort 

Eubttuo Pass; (H. J. Chandler, nurr.)— At 
wer*Bu*tlc Theatre the. l"r*nklln-Bagrott Co. 
present* toe 70. 'The Blue Mouse." "Tbe^Tele- 
Phone Girl" 10-1J. _ . . .. ~ . 

Majsstio (HmU Delchee, ragr.) — tUttofaewry. 
bnstnea*. wfth moving pictures and vaudeville. 

Clbctok Bgnaia.— MoTlm Dlctareu. 

Bboaowat.— Photoplays. ~ 

OarBEOv.— Photoplays. 

Palacs.— Photoplays. «!t , 

Noxm.— 101 Ranch WIW West fate two per- 
formances hers 7, 

Troy, IV. Y — Proctor's (H. Graham mgr.) 
moving pictures and vaodeville, 

Uarsamo.— Photoplays, 

Tsojak. — Photoplays. 

Novsurr.— Photoplays. , 

KtRH's. — Photoplays. ■. - 1 

PxocTOB' Lvcbum EMIsOQ. talkfnr pictures. 

Sunday concerts are quite popular at this house. 

Noras.— The Elks held their snnnsl picnic at 
Rensselaer Park. July 4. 12.000 la gate prises 

were given The Hsgenbeck-Wallaes area* 

billed here for 3 was prohibited from showing b/ 
the local health bureau owing to a case of small- 
pox having been discovered among the performers. 

IV nn Tan, IT. Y. — Sampson's (Ohas. H. Ills- 
son, mgr. Edison talking pictures drew capacity 
business July 2. Fine prosrsms of silent picture* 
every night. Manager Slsson, who also manage* 
tbo Corning Opera House, has secured a lease 
of the Grand OpeTS rUouse, at Oarbondate, Pa., 
and> will take possession Aug. 1. II. F. Tutblll, 
who hss been resident manager at Coming for the 

fust two seasons, will go to Carbondale In a 
lko capacity. Mr. Slsson recently scqulred the 
rights for Western New York of the tour reel 
feature picture, "The Female Baffles," and Is 
now exhibiting It la his territory, both on rental 
aud showing terms. Archie McOallom, late of 
Buffalo. N. Y., and Camden, N. J., la Ohas. Sis- 
son's representative In the Held. 

Cohoea. IT. Y. — Proctor** (Dan Oorr, mgr.) 

Edison talking- pictures restore. 
MaissTio (M. Dobbs, mgr.) — Motion pictures. 



( SI IPS utwis .) 

The 101 Ranch la now trpc<Mllns: tack Into 
the Central and MUdle BUtesTln way up 
East the "101" has done nothing but tno 
usual capacity business, following tho CuuW 
nuns-Young Buffalo Show Into Portland, Me., 
cmo day previous to two turn-aways. Col. 
Oummlna was a guest of the show In Port- 
land, and was convinced that tho 101 Bnow 
deserves big patronage and was surprised at 
Its enormous growth. In tho past five seasons. 
He was very much pleased with the', per- 
formance. _ ____. 

J. C Miller visited tho Tonne Buffalo 
Show, and says they havo a clean, up-to-date 
show. Mr. Butler was * visitor while tho 
show played Portland. 

The Tanttlngers are still the big noise 
In their boomerang and shooting exhibition. 

Tom Bckard and Jim Wilkes, cowboys, for- 
merly with the Young Buffalo Show. Joined 
the 101 Show at Portland. 
-' Prof. K. Rogers has tho finest dancing 
horses In the world, featuring Hornet, tbo 
only hsrse dancing the turkey trot, with 
"Everybody's Doing It." 

Mr. Chase was a guest of the Tantllngers 
for several days. They departed for Boston, 
In Kitcbburg. 

The business on flit) Fourth was more than 
expected at Fltchburg. and the big feed at 
the dining tent Immediately after the show 
was surely complimented by all of the show 
folks. Mr. Tipton and Billy Grets were the 
busy bees, dishing out tho Ice cream and 
cake. The band played national airs, and 

vEft$3g3t&T^4£s> J&5B£g%&£9Sg£fSi £SS«iS« 

Tony Ybans Is talking about another butt; 
galow In Venlco this Winter. Get your rod 
and tackle- ready, Abby. 

A woman Is as old as she looks and a roan 
as old as ho (eels, so they say. Then, way 
the toupee 1 

Can It bo done without a make-up? How 
about it. Hank 7 

Geo. V, Connor* la still packing them In. 
From 'way down yonder the lot looks mighty 
lonesome after the side show opening, and 
George does It. 

Goodness gracious, but he Is one energeUO 
Irishman, bellovo tie. .. . . ... ._- 

Have you met our downtown ticket seller J 
Isn't ho the clip? . , . . , 

Jlmmle Kelly was some years old July 
4, and a* a consequence Invited all of bis 
business associates ("get that, Walton") to 
a delightful brew fest that ended in the woe 
ems' hours of the morn. After Bourbon Bob, 
the oecllatlna bug, was there with a death 
grip on tho cold one*, Chappy Burnell de- 
scended from the sprinkler temporarily for 
the occasion. "Awfuflly sweet of you, 
Cbsjppr." The Fish Quartette furnished the 
entertainment John Carey, as a town crier 
yon would bo a scream, but as a singer, per- 
ish the thought. Capt. Cronnn won his 
wager on the fight and Invited us to joy ride - 
to the next village, as Max Butler would 
say. "class or nothing." Kelly was highly 
elated over the diamond pin presented to 
him by Uutch Cohn as a birthday present. 
Jlmmle soys tbo left side of his chest I* al- 
ways for -Butch. Charles Lumpklns, Chappy 
Burnell and Barney McCann also presented 
James with a military set of brushes, so he 
would stop using Charlie's comb and brush. 


^BSBBSSBl SBSI —■». •— i^ <*^— — .^ ^— ■• 

Portland, He. — Jefferson (Julius Cahn, 

»T.) the Jefferson Stock Co.. supporting Aiie- 
do KeUn and Joseph Lawrence, present "The 
•I'J" for week of July T. Excellent attendance 

Kuril's (I. M. Moher, mgr.) — The Belnvena- 
«on of Aunt Mary" Is offered by the Keith. Stock 
Co. week of 7. with Blanche icrlderlcl as Aunt 
Mary, supported by Sidney Toler, Violet Hemlng 
and tho full cast. 

Vsv Pobtuno (Jos. A. McOonvlllc, mgr.)— A 
sew Summer policy wss Inaugurated tier.! T. This 
louse will feature for the rest of the wsrnt 
season high clnsa motion pictures, speclnllrlng 
Kltemaeolor and ■feature alms. 

Orssxt' (James W. Greely, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and motion pictures, tojrood returns. BUI week 
St 7: American Trio, Tom Bateman, Allen aud 
Arnold, and the pictures. 

Oiaoo (M, O. EloaneDberg, mgr. (—Motion pic- 
tures are featured, to the usual excellcut at- 

Bra Nioksx (Win. E. Beeves, mgr.)— Motion 
pictures, to large sudlences. 

IIiviiutom Paxk (D. B. Smith, mgr.)— For week 
« 7 this opcn-clr theatre offer* the musical e»- 
traviiansa, "A Dashing Widow." Attendance Is 
good. - 

Oars, Oar* Omtiob.— esMtSB Jilcturvs are 
featured for the Summer sensou. 

Qui, Patss' Islamd (J. B. Bishop, mgr.)— 
Motion picture*. 

„. N . or ".— Tbo historical pngcent of Portland was 
produced on the Eastern promenade on the after- 
noon of July 4 before an attendance of twenty- 
svo thousand people, over one thousand In costumo 
•J a'ygpert In tbo production under the direction 
S 'heSsiithor, Constance D'Arcy .Mnckay, of New 
Bfi „ T °® director ot naceaut dances was Ger- 
trude K. Colby, ot the Teachers' College, Colum- 
X 1 Um »*"l«r, New York. Will O. Macforlono, 
the municipal organlBt, of Portland, was miwleni 
Jii?i or t ,lul . composer, of pageant music. This Is 
J*L a to be the first production of Its kind made In 

»e United States The New Empire The- 

S , , r * P " under construction at Oak and Congress 
streets, will be teady for opening In September. 

tJk?JL An BT«les, Cat— Auditorium (L. B. 
lvri? ,r .S, gr ' ) *•* 2-1. Jacob Adler, In Yiddish 
srajus. "Saengerfest" 5. 

l,Si*Si' ,K J <Slu '^ Morosco mgr.)— "The Foi" 
June ao and week. 

»«.k ".IT (^fen Droit., mgrs.)— For SO and 
w.%. Ml " Liberty of the U. 8. A." 
■ppm (Dran Worley, mgr.) — Dill 30 snd 

OhTl~ «-i°^? l: .. J,mm » » rl "' ' uc Pltnn Bu K». 
siwi^S?. Msrilvn Miller. Barnes and Boblnara, 

? T ™ mwlr / motion pictures, 
of '^K'V-ii? lck . p ^ rrl "' mgr.>-«Iollon pictures 

MaV... VS.?' Q*t»rsburg," BO and week. . 

Inj ""?Vm2'>- Mnimo - m « r '>-"*«'«> «•"»- 

Je^?" C0 < ou »!w' Morosco, mgr.)— 'Toe Yellow 

wasujr. (CRarence Drown, mgr.)— B01 80 and 

MouNTAtM .(G. H. Surnimers, mgr.) — Attrac- 
tion for week of 6 la "The Spendthrift." "What 
Happened to Jones?" week ofl4. 

Norrt-The Jos. G. Ferarl-B. H. Patrick flreat- 
fL S i? 0W8 ' o"?" susplces of T. M. A, are show- 
ing here week of 6. 

Fn, l ^.*T. e *' M«s«^-Savcy (L. M. Boas. 

mgr. ) the Malley-DenQiion Stock 00. presents "My 
Friend from India" week of July 7. "* 

„, B i 30V a . •? h 'Sl E - O"?*. mrr.)— The Beylles- 
Hicks Stock Co. opened a Summer engagement 
at this house June 80, giving the best of satis- 
faction. Henry Hicks and Oorlnne Cantwell are 
C'ajlng the leads. "The Lost Paradise" week of 

AoiosiiT (L. M. Boas, mgr.)— Bill 70: Love 
and Hahjht, Weston and Fields, Marguerite Nel- 
son and company and Felix. For 10-12: Murphy 
and Foley, (Jlbuey Earle and company, Build and 
Clare and the posing dog. 

Lrxro (E. Mlchelfeliler, mgr.) — Motion pictures. 

Stib (B. Mlcliolfeliler, mgr.) — Motion pictures. 

Palacs (Walter Blgelow, mgr.) — Motion pic- 
tures. " 

Globb (Wslter Btgelbw, mgr.)— Motion pic- 

NiCKStonEos (Walter Blgelow, mgr.)— Motion 

Scenio (A. H. Archer, mgr.) — Motion pictures. 

Mllford, JInsi.- Lake Nlpmuc (Dan J. 
Spraifue, mgr.) vaudeville and pictures. Bill for 
week of July 7: Cunningham snd Marlon. Einllle 
Sinters, Sadie Bodgers, the Two Mortelles, Nor- 
man Merrill, E. McEnsley anil Tom Keane. 

Liobpm (Luby Bros., mgrs.) — Motion pictures 
anil Illustrated eongs. 

Idul (M. Perbam, nvitr.) — 'Motion pictures aud 
Illustrated songs. 

Tirou (M. Ooncolettl, mgr.)— Motion pictures 
and Illustrated songs. 

Notsb. — Geo. Clayton Frye and wife have 
taken out a concert party to play the Summer re- 
sorts Olaude and Fanny Neber are building 

a One bungalow on their farm In Muncton 

Cunningham and Marlon have received contract* 
from Sir Alfred Butts for eight weeks, at the 

Palace Music Hall, In London, England Joe 

Hughes, of Golden and Hughes, Is around town 
these days. Joe hns u farm at Deer Brook, on the 
outskirts of Mllford. 

Lynn, Mans. — Olrrapta (G. H. Lord, mgr.) 
pictures and Illustrated songs. 

DnuuuND (J. O'Oonnell, mgr.) — Pictures awl 
Illustrated songs. 

OoiiiquH (Al. Newbill, mgr.)— Pictures and il- 
lustrated song*. 

CSntbal Sqdasb (J H. Doornail, mgr.) — Pic- 
tores and Illustrated tongs. 

Auoitobiuu (Al. Jones, mgr.) — Pictures snd 11- 
luitrated songs, 

Floating BniDOS Pine (I, W. Chase, mgr.)— 
J. W. Gorman's Musical Co., in "The Man From 
Springfield," was the attraction week of Juno 
80, to good business. 

aTannton. Mnsa, — Pork (A. A, Kellemann, 
Dgr.) vaudeville and moving pictures. 

Sanaam Piax.— Ho>.nan r B Muslcsl Stock Co. 

Casino, Stab, Comjihua, Nioxsl and Wmi- 
tinton, moving pictures. 

Indianapolis, Iml. — Murat (Fred. J. 
Dalley, mgr.) the Murat Players, with Florenca 
Webber, will close n successful stock season at 
this house, In "The Climax," week of July 7. 

ENOLisn's (Bingham, Crose A Cohen, mgrs.)— 
Bill week of 7 : Jlmmlo Bliss, Theodore Doncet 
and Klenor Qrayce, Heidelberg Four, Carlo's 
Marionettes, Catharine Setson and "Quicksands," 
a photoplay. 

Kuril's (Ned 8. Hastings, mgr.) — Bill week 
of 7: Brown and Jackson,' Pat Toohey's Irish 
Singers, Grlndell, and Henry. Von Dell, John 8. 
King and company, and motion pictures of local 
scenes. Including a picture of the Buffalo Bill 
Wild West parade which appeared here June 23. 

Lrsio (Olsen A Barton, mgrs.) — Bill 7-9: 
Seven American Whirlwinds, Beauvals Msridor 
and company, Kennedy sud Mack, Godfrey and 
Washburn, and the Kalers. Bill 10-12: The 
Venetian, Four, Leora Walton Trio, and other*. 

Nots. — Work Is p r ogressing rapidly on the 
Columbia (formerly- the Empire) Theatre here, 
a new stags la being built, Ibe auditorium being 
decorated, new seati, carpets and draperies put 
In, and a new^- lighting system Installed. The 
Delaware Street lobby will be entirely rebuilt and 
beautifully lighted and decorated, and when com- 
pleted this house will be one of the finest in too 

Racine, Wis. — Racine.— Moving pictures. 

Nsw ObpiUuii (D. A. Rowey, mgr.) — The sea- 
son closed here July 0, with Mark Lea's Beauty 
Musical Comedy Co., In "The Aviator's Marriage." 

MAyiBTO, (lllAND, Buoir, Libic, Audsb, Que 
and Casino, motion pictures. 

Notbs. — The College Avenue Orpheum, plctnrs 

house, has closed for a time The White 

House, picture theatre, has closed, and the former 
manager, T. F. Keys, Is under conviction, in Chi- 
cago, tor disposing ot a one-fourtb Interest In a 

bouse be did not own Gentry Bros.' Circus 

was here July 4 This city Is heavily billed 

(or Barnum k Bailey Show's appearance here 17. 

McAIester, Okla. — Star Alrdome (Archie 
B. Wllklns, mgr.) the Bud snd Henry Muslcsl 
Comedy Co. pleated large crowds week of June 
30. Bpooner Dramatic Co. July 7 and week, 
Newton Stock to follow. 

Yal-b-Majibtio (D. A. McDonald, mgr.) — Mo- 
tion picture*, to good business. "The Beasts of 
the Jungle"' (Gnumont) drew big business. 

Libxbtt (John A. Stelnson, mgr.) — Motion pic- 

FoBtru (John A. Stelnson, mgr.)— Motion pic- 

Vicroi (Will Tlpplt, mgr.)— Motion pictures. 

Albany, JT. Y. — Hermanns Bleeker nsll 
(Bdwsrd M. Hart, mgr.) Lytcll-Vaughan Stock 
Co., In "Tbo Greyhound," week of July 7, "The 
Yankee Prince" next. 

Gbanu (Ohas. L. Robinson, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
bill for week of 7 Includes : Jordsn Brothers, Mack 
■nd Atkinson, George Leonard and Margaret Mere- 
dith, Edith Clifford, Lottie Williams snd ber com- 
pany, Schooler and Dickinson snd the Kbllng 

Colohiai. (Stacy ft perrln. mgrs.)— Morton 
Comedy Opera Co. It plesslng good sired andlences. 
for week of 7, "The Telephone Girl" is presented. 

PsocTos's (Howard Graham, mgr.)— The bill 
for week of 7 includes: "Fun' in a Telegraph Of- 
fice." William and Ella Moult and Stewart 

Memphis, Tenn,— Lyric (Benj. M. Stain- 
back, mgr.) "Love's Young Dream" was given it* 
Initial performs nee at this theatre, Monday night, 
June 30, by Emma Bunting and players, and 
packed houses prevailed at every performance. 
This ploy Is the one In which Mil* Bunting will 
tour next season. The company presents ^Tess 
of the storm Country" week of 7. 

East End Pass (A. B. Morrison, mgr.) — 
Attendance is good. BUI week of : J. 0. Nu- 
gent and company, tfanon Opera Company, Harry 
DeOoe, Juggling Millers, and motion pictures. 

Poppxab, Moiabt, Madison and Bsllbvub air- 
domes are doing flno business. 

TllIICH MAJESTI08, KMI'IBB, Aubbican, Pbin- 

csss, Echo, Alamo. Palacs, Oabbollton, Co- 
lonial. Qpsbn, Botal, Gaol, Two Pastiubs, 
Jot, MBTaorouTAH, Daiit, Savor and PaxiN, 
motion pictures. 

Peoria, 111. — Princess (Seaver Amuse Co., 
mgrs.) vaudeville snd pictures. 

Al Fbesco Pass (Beaver Amuse. Co., mgrs.) 
— Vaudeville pictures and outdoor amusement*. 

Deupbbt'b (Martin Dempsey, mgr.) — Week of 
7: Virginia Hayden, PrlncesB Zuleka, pictures. 

Ya oi.ii Inn (Ohas. A. Gray, mgr.) — Week of 
7: Rogers, Long snd Dusey, Butler and Butler, 
Tomllnsky and Bud Fields. 

Columbia, Da Ltixi, Ekpbsss, Illinois, Im- 
iiaiAL, Libbbtt, Majsbtio, Osrnauif. Botal, 
Sanuamo, picture bouses, report good business. 

Hahbis SisTins (Flo and Abble), two clever 
Cincinnati girl*, bavo gone Into vaudeville, play- 
ing Hurry's O. K. time. At the Grand Theatre, 
Latonla, Ky., tbey were pronounced the bit of the 
bill In their singing and dancing act. 

Zaneswllle, O.— Hippodrome (Helen Morrl- 

sou-Lewls, mgr.) motion pictures. Featured tor 
week of July 7 are: "The Mothering Heart," 
"The Tragedy ot Big Eagle Mine" and "The 
Bnare of Fate." Bualuei* Is big. 

Quiubt'* (W, 0. Quunby, mgr.) — "The Battle 
of Gettysburg," billed stronir ss the feature tor 
week of 7. Capacity business rules. 

Gband (James Collins, mgr,),— Good program* 
of picture play* dslly, and several feature* 

Aubbioan (James Collin*, mgr.)— Motion pic- 

Moxahala Pask.— Great crowds dally. 

Trenton, It. J.— State Street (Herman Wahn, 
P* r iL. D '"„. weck <* 3vi y 7: Jas. K. Newell, Hun- 
ter Twin Bisters, Bert Uunsn, That Singing Trio. 
Fall* and Kails. William Wilson and company. 
Martini and Maxmllllan, Pierre, Palltlerre and 
company, Spero and Lovlna, and Klnemacolor pic- 
ture*. - * 

Whits Oitt Pabk (Peter B. Hurley, mgr.)— 
Far week of 7: Professor Beiumjnt's Troupe of 
educated ponies and his trick bucking mule, "Cy- 
clone," are featured. , 

Not* — The management of the State 8treet 
Theatre will introduce prominent Trenton people 
In moving pictures all this week. Including: Gov- 
ernor Fielder, Judge Samuel Grey Near, known 
as "The Terrible Judge ;" Chief of Police Oteary, 
the City Commission and Mayor Frederick W. 

a vision to the old timer*. 

The cowboys whopped hooray to the 
Glorious Fourth, and wlsbcB of success to 
Miller Bros. A Arlington's Ileal Wild West. 
In the meantime mention* were made that 
all would be widely spread by a real circus 
newspaper, Tub Nsw York Clipfkb. 

Joseph Lewis, character comedian with 
the 101 Wild Wert Show, and wpeclnl renre- 
bentative of Tim Nbw Yoiik Clipi-bb, lias 
had quite a tussel through tho New 
States. Tho character played by Mr. Lewi", 
the Ylddlshcr cowboy, was stormed by of- 
ficials on account of a said Mr. Haas, of Hon 
ton, saying that tho character was exagger- 
ating. It has been proved by press and pub- 
lic that Mr. Lewis ploying bis part only 
shows In wit nnd humor. Ills work Is action 
without any remarks whatsoever toward tho 
Hebrews. The only lines ho speaks refer to 
tho displays performed In the arena. 

Mr. Kaplan, representing the tlcbrow 
Young Men s Association, says that the char- 
acter was tbo funniest ho ever saw. Mr. 
Arlington savs ho thinks Mr. Una*, of Bos- 
ton, has misjudged his entire matter, and he 
will bo convinced In the near future. 

Doc. Weber, physician with the show, ha* 
been seriously ill for sevcinl day*, but Is now 
up and about, doing well In nnd all around. 

Mis* Ions, who hns been bcfnro the public 
In her clever exhibition of fancy diving, 
<s now a member of tbo cowgirl string. 

Edward Lindsay says broncho scrntchlng 1* 
a pleasure to him, and be can bulldog some 
of long horns on a fast mount. 

Busaran CossackB arc doing snmo stunt* 
In tholr backward rides. Chief Tophon say* 
"N»W Iobk Clippbb good pupcr." 

Owen Doud, adjuster, has Bomo sparkler — 
some headlight. 

Prof. La Banca Is tbo one big noise— somo 

Tommy Klrnnn, trick roper, Is now back In 
tho arena after « few days' layoff. Tommy 
Is to competo for tho championship trick 
riding of the world at Winnipeg next Fall. 
If you want a good tip. watch Tommy and 
1*118 Nbw Yobk Clipper. 

Hank Durnell, the world's greatest trick 
•nd fancy roper, la one big favorite In bis 
new and original stunts. 

Scotty Is small, but ob, ray, no early falls 
for L. w. Weaver, can you rldo tho mule? 

Ed. Hopklnt, boss arena bottler, Is the 
busy man around the barn. 

Blacky Ward is now boa* property man. 
Baltimore skldoocd. 

There have not been any marriages on the 
show this season, but there are three couples 
contemplating the atep at the close of the 
season. Suspicion has been thrown on Late. 
Yes. He Is a tall, bandsomo cowboy. We 
all wish htm luck. , 

Dan Dlx, tbo cowboy clown and mule 
trainer, Is taking out next Winter toe real 

bleeding tonne. 

much weight for 'Is feet." Jacko seye: 

"Fine tolmc, old top, flno tolme; Lawd lev* 


Jlmmlo Kelly wishes to thank each and 
every lndlvldnul who participated in the brew 
fcat, especially Nlco Lombards, for that 
pretty littl e Irl*h piece. 


By a cable confirmation, reeolved from Buenos 
Ayres at the oflico of Richard I'ltrot. the contract 
for B. O. Carltilo's Wild West Show I* perfect. 
Mr. Carllslo will leave wltb hi* company on the 
Lamport A Holt Lino sleemcr Vaiarl, after the 
closing of tho regular season here in the United 
States, Nor. 1, and will opeii In December at the 
Jcptnesn I'ark In Buenos Aires for a season, with 
all the other principal towns to follow. 

The Wild West Show will be composed of a 
genuine cowboy band Irlbe of Sioux Indians, genu- 
ine cowboy*, fancy trick and ranch riders, eapert 
rcpers, foot and horseback ropo spinners, sharp- 
shooters, broncho buster*, lady riders and ropers, 
high school homes, jumping hones. The best 
people In their particular lines will be with this 
(treat show, Tho oulllt will ho eompleto with nest- 
ing capacity for 0,000 people, one hundred bead 
Wild West stock, outlaw bucking bronchos, new 
spread of canopy, sldewall tents, etc, 

Carlisle's Wild West Show will be the largest 
and beat outfit ever taken to South America 
under contract for the Winter season. All ar- 
rangements have been made by the American Im- 
presario, Blchard l'llrot. 

.wS > T!,* ,k, Jf'. J T '' n * w - p « rt . tt « °P»r*. big art'. Watch "ior notice 

"The Merry Countess'- week of 'uly 7. T8, 

- Nsajr^jc.-— APaMton MtxAilcal Con ty Co., In "The 
Girt In the. Taxi" 7 and week. 

in in us -A-axL" i ana week. 

Ltsio.— Bill 7-9 : Harmony Beau and Belles, 
tie Menard* .Herman and Mlllory. Joe Weltos, 
fSMi J2 d W n ' ■ BO Werdeu's Novelty Revue. 
5 m .»i?" la! . aoMto Bn L/ To"* Type*. Mauds 
5.™%°. *. ni L company, Walton and Brandt, and 
the Oxford Trio. 

V/ABiuMoTOH.-Tbl* bouse it dosed tor repair*. 

Akron. O— Colonial (B. M. Stanley, mgr.) 
Hornea Stock Co. present for week ot July 7, 
"Charley's Aunt." * 

Lakssidb Pabk Oasino (Harry A, Hawn, mgr.) 
— BUI tor week of 7: Jesnette idler, Kelsey-Oon- 
boy and company, Al. Lawrence, Love and Wil- 
bur, Ruth Bkeel and Mme. Busse. 

National, Pastiub, Bank, I'uta, Dbbak- 
Land, WALDOir, Gboto, Aluameba, motion pic- 
tures. " 

Nora.— iBlngllng Bros.' Show* were here 8. 

Columbut, Oe-Hartman (Le* M. Bods, 
mgr.) tout houso ha* closed (or the Bummer. 
. u S Lm H ITU 'SJ! Pab,c tW> J- Dusenbury, ragt.)— 
"The Man Who Owns Broadway" week of July 7. 

KanB's (W. W. Prosser. mgr.)-BUl week of 
V ^£8 fe 10 ' 4 Mwtery.'' Frank Le Mark, Cot. 
Una and Rose, Brooks and Lee, Klpp and Klppy 
and picture*. " 

-cttrlco Brosseau deserves credit for her 
attentions aa ft nurse during the LUnest of 
tba phy tlclan. 

Mrs. Arlington la now able to get about 
since the (all she had a month ago. 

(Mike Qulnlan, Rudolph Miller and Frank 
Byrnes are keeping the big top in wonderful 
condition since the opening of the season, 
without a rip or tare. 


Well, wo bad it, tho ball game, at least 
that Is what Capt Cronan called it, I havo 
another name for It, Batch Cohn's Brave*. 
with the accent on tho Braves, and tho All 
Nation team, tho annihilation ended In the 
sixth Inning, tbo score, stood 10-8 when Capt 
Bay murmured "•' nul." The Muff Twin*, 
Conn and Kelly, mutt bavo overlooked the 
finger bowl at Bert Karlo's, every time a 
ball was thrown to cither of these players 
that was the cue for tho Indians to do 
marathon* 'round the bate*, that Titian blond 
catcher tor tho All Nation*, true to his 
nature,. .let nary a one get by. 

Hits wero aplenty. Frank Stearns tw>- 
baao hit caused a sudden chill to cnclrclo tho 






BIO SUOOBSa -Open Nov. 20 for Engagements. 






*»-** Portlands St., IT. V. 



3d Bssnon vvlth the Barnntn Show 


One of ttt* features wills 101 Ranch 

„ m ... _ pedal extremities of one, Capt Cronan, go- 

Snnbnrr, Ptu— Rolling Green Park (Blanch, fng up. Kusllck still retains that title. Joe 

vn^FcatuSS, we^OT^ P ljerr« , !md ?Awr P,Byed *»*■ "* I? **' ^^ "*" 

Hoff, "Mott and Maxfleld/' and Takasawa Japs. 
Buslnesa Is excellent. 

Pbopli'b.— Olovlng picture*. 

Victobia. — Moving pictures. 

i P J s teM g jaBstt Pn.— Vallamont PavlUou— 

»arl fltaek (To nmLw ih* ...... m...^^.. n, r» 

Lcffer played good L 

Is In the box for tho next gamo I would sug- 

feat straight Jacket* for Capt. Cronan'* 
cam, to check that palsy feeling when they 
to bat. Fred. Iiealy, the umpire, and 

. . L J ,, *2? d to k** 1 houses week of June 80. 
July 7-0 "The \Vblrlpool" Is presented, and for the 
latter half of the week, "A Good Fellow." 

Altoonn, Paw— Lakemont Park Theatre (J. 
M. Shuck, mgr.) the Hall Stock Co. presented 
"The Wolf," June 00-July 2, and "Wildfire," 8- 
0. "The Girl In the Taxi" 7. 

Richmond, Ky.-— Tho Grand (W. P. Baxter, 
mgr.) vaudeville and picture*. 

Alhaubba (Colonial Amusement Co., mgrs.)— 
Motion plctnre*. 

Butch Cohn amused tho fans with a base- 
ball monologue. Bonnie Sunihlno says be 
Is going to organize a team, after witnessing 
tho game. 

I am a very curious person, Mr. Phillips. 
Which Is It, Boston or Brooklyn? 

Hub, wo should worry about opposition. 

What I* the uso of buying flowers when ho 
makes his demise pour It back in the bottle. 
Give yon three guesses. 


Quiet Jack Oliver Moore ?» h *&...r. 

Still with that different wire net 


One Roman chariot, one lao-ft. Round Top, one 
•0-lt. Middle, one lW-ft Bound Top with two ao-fi. 
Middles. Folding Organs, Baby Grand and Kayna 
Convertible Pianos, Ileny-go-ronnd, Monkey Or- 
gans. Sen* tor free Barajala Booklets, 
it. ii. AititinnimTKiririFa. co. 


Wanted. At All Times 



Wlre or write. Oan use yon at once. 

Care of OLIPPKB. 



WHIItLWlM) DANCER All season 
with 101 Raneh show as a feature. 

long, for shipping sconory, automobile*, advance 
baggage, privlllge, motor boat, stock and merry- 
go-rounds. Iioslrahlo (or show and clrcua com- 
panies, lleasonnhlo rates. 

Boons, 014, 33a ". Michigan Awe., Chicago 


Tucker Duck and Rubber Co., Ft. Smith, Ark. 
Make good tents. Save yon money. Write (or 
our new catalog. 


Sailing from N. Y. City on the Lamport & Holt Steamer, VASARI, 
AMERICA, under contraot. showing In JAPANESE PARK 

UfB U« f« fft All Around Cowboy*, Ropers, Illilera, Ilronrho Hatters, Lady 
■HAN II sTlI Hldera and Bopers.orcanised Cowboy U«nil,l»li»nketrd Insllttnt, 
■■ *■■■ ■ ■"■• BOSS Hostler, Boss Canvas Han. who understand* Beat*. Light 
Mats, assistant mgr. f *wlll consider partneri Illffh Mctaool Iiorae*. Jnanplnc Ilorte*, 
any Act that Is new and novel, suitable for a real Wild West Show. You caaa 

lit*. 3*-t **— .. .■-- K. l-"_.T.^ St .» a_ SX. *,_u « lu.Au ur..i »■_. 

this after all the big shows havecloaed In the United Ntatea 
ftorrn to seat 90001 and SOOOYeldlna; Ohalrs 

Want plat. 

For particulars address 

n. C. CARLISLE, Mgr., 47 W. 28th St., N. Y. City, care N. Y. CLIPPER Office. 

;-.\VV, ' ■ 






July 12 





The Oklahoma Ranch is plnylnc. Canada to 
a record business. In Iicglnn, Sank., wo 
played a turnaway. Arlington at Beckman 
hnve four aces In tuo famous Mulhall {family. 
Col. Zack U the life of Che arena and Is on 
the job all the time. lie bat bis high school 
horses here, and Wises Lucille ana Qeorglc 
Mulhall are certainly some riders. They 
have the best trained horses In the Wild 
West show business, and Charlie Mulhall is 
featured la the broncho riding and pick-ups. 
Pred. Iteckmnn has the ehow moving fast. 
We have 'lie largest bands ever carried by 
a show of this size. Woody Van, the leader, 
ras some stars from the biggest bands in the 
country— Creatore, Sou6a, Al. O. Field's and 
Kd. Brill have nothing on Mr. Van as a 
lender. Ed. Morrell, assistant bandmaster, 
held the baton Tuesday kn Begin* during tlio 
absence of Mr. Van. 

Kmle Krdman, Tub Clipper agent, can't 
get enough copies of Tub Old IUliajii.e to 
supply the show since my letters began ap- 
pearing in the columns, so see that lie gets 

Jack Goldberg thanks you and your paper 
for the photograph. 

I.ktle Tommy Douglas, the smallest cow- 
boy In the world, has been under the care 
of Dr. McLaughlin, our surgeon, with a. bad 
knee, but was down this morning for parade. 
Joe Knight, the old scout and stage coach 
driver, Is out of the saddle on account of 

Ilrimer Wilson and Fred Wilson, the ban- 
dits, hi the stage coach bold up scene, and 
show a lot of experience m that line, their 
former trade In Oklahoma. By the way, 
Homer Wlaorr ropes ten horses and riders 
at one trnre, a- feat nothing: short of mar- 

Lone Jordan wishes to state tlfat he fs not 
a Cossack, but a real steer bull dogger and 
bronco rider from Askaneas. 

Jack Dakota and Dorothy left the show at 
Ilrglntr, Bask. 

nr wnest i.NnxnnoN. 
(The Inimitable Kit.) 

Once again the foot of the Greatest en 
Earth Is on Its native heath, after a swell 
tour through. Canada, the business all 
through that country being mormons. Quito 
a number of the boys were eosry to leave 
Canada. Dome said because of the English 
ginger beer one gets there; others on ac- 
count of the climate. Anyhow they can't 
kill di for thirling. 

The B, 4 B. Loyal Order of Moose had a 
novel meeting ha 1'etertoro, Ont It was held 
In the bailey top, the officers desks asd seats 
being composed of trunks. 

The "Glorious Fourth" was celebrated 
with great gusto by everyone around tho 
(bow. Brother Henry did hlmstlf justice 
with the dinner he bad prepared for the 
bunch. There waa everything there from 
soup to nutf. Including turkey and Ico 
(he "llmejulccrs" with the troupe pot the 
cream, and the way the table waec decorated 
would Inspire patriotism In a statue. Even 
the "llmejuiecre" 




Clipper Po$| Qffke. 


Biddefobd, Me., July 0. 
Since you heard from us hut week we 
have spent a week in mqedkftn, sised towns of 
Maine, playing to excellent business, tho 
Fourth, at Rockland, bringing us two ca- 
pacity houses. The people have been Tery 
liberal In their patronage, and, as many of 
the Jumps 'were small, we found that an ex- 
cellent reputation had preceded Ob. The peo- 
ple had always heard' about us the day be- 
fore, and turned out In large numbers to see 
the Bbtrw they bad heard about. 

The Young BuValo Shows have established 
a precedent this year In the raying of bills. 
Usually the shown mfcria'ge lo Work off tBelr 
small change, Dickies and dimes. In the pay- 
ment of the local blHs and transportation. 
, — ... _ „._..... „.„. Our wagon force, however, Is settling all 
wnh the troupe put the obligations with currency of Ufrge denomlna 



(T he route* K id.) 

J rjxt 8. 
We made tbe run into Peekakill, H. Y„ 
Sunday, and it was quite long, but we all en- 
Joyed It as most of ft was along the Hudson 
lllvcr. which is certainly beautiful, and those 
that don't enjoy looking at the scenery had 
e good "Jeff," as the breeze was great. 

Well, most of the folks went boat riding, as "**■,* JEASfiLfi& a * te <°* anm. 
about the only thing to do taVetkt- N?> **_*M affSffl lL which it ™; 

In order to avoid mistake. . 
iniure tlae prompt delivery ol a° 
letter* advertised laa this II.. be 
envelope plainly addressed nao.'. B 
sent for rneh letter, sua a w,V., te 
order for the letter, .lapsed 1 with {2 
fnll sane and addreu and tho 1 1 
'' ,,,; * - : by the Tender" 

anaat also be enclosed 

little "banners of glory" In their coats. 

Mr* itrtl, tbe wife of Ned, baa joined us 
for a short while. Airs. Brill ia a very charm- 
ing lady, nnd is very popular with everyone. 
Mr. and Mrs. Llrisco vfafted The show in Au- 
burn, wncro they are at present In stock. 
They were presented wKh tho .Royal Order 
of the Glad Maud atl around. Ak night, Mrs. 
Drlsco presented May Wtrtb with* a beautiful 

On the night of -the Fourth a loud cxplo 

tlons, to the great satisfaction of the local 
merchants and railroad people. 

An example' of the policy of the manage- 
ment regarding protection of Its people was 
given at Portland. One of the colored car 
porters disappeared at that place, and simul- 
taneously two suit cases, several suits of 
clothes and some other articles were found 
missing from tbe cars. As Col. Cummins 
and Frank Butler were remaining over In 
Portland to visit the 101 Ranch. Shows, they 

slon was heard at first. Tbe folks thought tho were asked to keep a lookout for our. vanished 

crowd was putting a Hagenbeck-Wallace ever 
on us, but rt was only little Utter Arallon 
letting off firecrackers, 

t'. King, one of the bond? boys, has com- 
posed a swetr maroW, tbe title of which la 
■•Parcels Post" It 1a dedicated to CMvo 
Dayton, our esteemed rnoir man. 

Fred. Bradna has organised a fishing, 
bunting and angling club, composed of the 
following members : Olive Bell, Mr. and Mrs. 

JV Wilson's.,, he I, .not a Sears-Roebuck SVmndaU % && lSi,%2£ 
wboy, but an OklahotrJa cowhand, who' is ol„ Hw#«!;r ^5? *5*% t Fr ? n £. Chains, 

tvwboy, _ 

Bating good on the Oklsfboma Ranch Real 

WIM West. 

Edllc Brown Is a busy man. On the y>b 
aR the ttafc. To feed three hundred and 
fltty people and run tbe privilege car Is 
some, job, all right. 

Jasper Fulton Is •wearing, his new -3. L. of 
A. button over everything, and Us "Simon 
Legree"' goateC fs, as ever, on the fob. 

'liny Doclfec, the tiny dancer Is with? tho 
Lenutlfnl Orient. "Helen Zen Tour is the 
dancer beautiful. They are the most beauti- 
fully dressed girls in- the business. 

Walter Shannon Is certainly a sido show 
manager from the word go. 

(Jbto Klein, our young trick rider, 1b nil 
smiles when- ydir mention stampede to Mm. 
Odorgio Muihull is certainly a qirccn of tho 
coddle, and tier feats of horscwomansblp aro 
cquallccr by none. 

Lucille Mulhall Is the best all 're\ind>horsc- 
womnn errd roper in tho world, and she will 
defitid her title at Winnipeg. 

Homer Wilson and Fred, liecson and Otto 
Klein are to bo featured at the stampede. 

elms, and Lena llackney have a feature 
act In the big show, nod are making good. 

'Harney DomarcHt has his high Jumping 
Jiurse here, and they are featured. Uls 
riders are Emma Blair, Iflsa Bonn- and 
Tommy Douglass. 

Joonny Thresher and Ilarry Uoore have 
the .Inside tickets and privilege. They con 
peddle ducats. 

..Har.-y II. -Holt, the program mam, has his 
bands full, and gets his ah tho time. 
<^nls Avers has the concert tickets. 
I hear Johnny J. Jones Is to put out a clr- 
l cue next season. If so, It wHl be a real one. 
I Becaifse Johnny J. knows how.' 

I heard that Jewell Jett, the talker on this 
■ show, and .formerly of ltlngllng Hros. and 
I John Kobineon's i*n Bfg, Is trying to get 
I tbe side show tit tbe Johnny J. Jones' Circus 
I for next season. 

At Brine* Albert, Bank., 150 Sioux Indians 
from the Round Plains Reservation, imdcr 
Chief Tom Iron Face, paid the show a, visit, 
end gave their war dance In the arena at 
the afternoon performance. Paul Uedrge, our 
tnserpreter for the Indians, showed the old 
chief n royal time, giving thun iLuoThia squaw 

Cbas. Hutchison; Gns and frank -Ferlemen. 
The club assembled in Petetboro, Ont., and 
took a launch to Rice take, twenty miles 
nom> Peterboro, It was a glorious day and 
the club had one swell time; the "catch" was 
quite a big one. Frank Ferlemen took first 
prito for biggest fish, catching a tnuscallongo 
weighing twelve and a> half pound!. Fred. 
Brodsu. made the biggest eaten*, It was three 
muscalrongo weighing twenty-eight poundVi. 
Chfc Bell caught one weighing seven pounds 
besides muscalroUge the party caught seven- 
teen boss and a lot of flercb-. The party did 
not arrive home till two A. M., and were an 
hour and a half looking for the cars, they 
finally discovered them -half a block fronf the 
landing place. Chief Bngle Kyc claiming dis- 
tinction as being discoverer. 

.Mickey Graves has had quite a peck of 
trouble with his baseball teem In one game 
he tried out ten pitchers and finished with 
the ire water pitcher. 

Jim- Rossi, the only one of his kind in 
captivity, has entered the lists as an athlete. 
Me '.ias Invented a muscle developing stunt, 
which Is to drive iron stakes into the ground 
with tho bare fist. It certainly has developed 
Jim's hand, so much so that thev have or- 
dered an extra car to carry his hand In. 

Plum Bins, of the Four -Comrades, is 
rapidly gaining fat, so much so that be can 
now do a full twisting branny through tbe 
eye of a needle without missing his trick. 

Pat Valdo. that iron nerved youth. Insists 
on playing "I Lost the Sunshine and Roses" 
on rls nlto. Kven "Clem" is setting Jealous 
of tbe feeling Pat puts into tbe melody. 

supper at the dining tent. 

At Prince Albert Mr. and Mrs. Beckmsn 
entertained Mr. and Mrs, Con T. Kennedy 
Saturday afternoon, and visited the Con T. 
Kennedy Shows Saturday night, and were 
treated royally by all. Mr. Kennedy had his 
big touring car on tbe Job. Ho la one of the 
best fellows on earth. 

■Doc Turner has his "pit show" with Con 
1: Kennedy, and believe me, he has some 
stow. The Con T. Kennedy Shows are the 
last word In the show busines*. They start 
where others stop. The J20.0O0 carry-us-all 
la a dream. The motordrome Is a real fea- 
ture, Smith Roundtree and his Magic City 
are feat.ired Tlie'Samar Twins are a nov- 
elty, and the Astec Girls are something dif- 
ferent. The wild animal show and tore* 
ring circus are featured. 

Frank Morgan, our master of transporta- 
tion, Is a busy man. 

C. J. Clark, the privilege man, has 11b big 
•tore here. 

J. F. Ward, the advertising banner man on 
the show, certainly acta the "ads.," smd It 
busy sailing latlde tickets. 

ward, the boss painter, sent bis tralaed 
pig home, and Is lonely without htm. 

iMUldoou, the president of stew-bums corner, 
saya HngUsb, Is behind with his dues. 

Ik Lewis and Us big gum store la always 
on time. Ben Wolf Is his assistant 

Jante, the spotted 
Dan Boylngton, a 
at Sodltsoo, SaaL 

Woody Van and his band gave ft sacred 
concert Sunday. 

Windy Hawkins has the balloons and 
whips on* tho streets, and is, as ever, on tie 

t ' 


On the way from Ottawa to Montreal^ the 
first section of tlte B. & B. Show ran Into a 
freight car deeded with stone. The engine 
and three of the stock cars were overturned, 
seven horses were killed, tbe enclneer leaped 
from the engine, and escaped with a sprained 
ankle. All hands Joined la extricating tho 
stock from the overturned tars, 

potted pony, belonging to Uncfo 
a, gave birth to a colt Sunday, 


When the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus ar- 
rived in Troy. N. Y., July 2. they were met 
by tbe local police, and forbidden to unload. 
Tho action was the result of Information re- 
ceived from the State authorities that one of 
the performers had been taken ill with small- 
pox a few days previous. Manager Talbot 
explained to the focal health agent that tne 
State bad had representatives witb the show 
for the past five days, and that at the present 
time there wasn't tbe slightest evidence of the 
ditease among any of the members, bat the 
•r°nt refused to take any chances. Tho 
oi -era were that- no person Fhould be per- 
mitted to leave tbe cars, and as the animals 
end people had been without food for some 
time all were In a sad predicament Mr. Tal- 
bot was finally granted permission to move 
the cars to an IsolSted part of the city where 
food might be served, but about this time 
'word was received that tbe circus would be 
allowed to exhibit ki Albany the following 
day, and as it is only a six mile Jump the 
tioupe proceeded at once to that city. 
■ s 


YoraoROWN, a, July 7.— As the result of 
ft eult brought In Common Pleas Court by 
John KInsella against the BingUng Bros.' 
'Circus for $10,00(5, an attachment was placed 
en tbe show this afternoon, a bond being 
furnished biter by the ehow people. 

KInsella, who was employed by the com- 
pany, lost cart Of bis band here two years 
ago while aiding In unloading the etrcos, 

jAKxttrowx, N. Y. 

iRbjgaug Bros.' Circus played here July 3, 
and bad two tumaway audiences. The Joan 
of Arc spectacle made a big hit and drew 
vociferous applause. The parade waa fine, 
and tbe appearance of the stock caused much 
favorable comment This wUl be the only big 
show for Jamettown this season. 

porter. During the morning on Monday they 
spotted him along the line of parade. The 
authorities were notlBed", and within a few 
hours he had begun to serve a thirty days' 
sentence in tbe House of Correction. Every- 
thfcg was recovered except one suit case, 
which tbe Portland officials expect to secure 

Col. Cumnuna and Mr. Butler spoke very 
favorably of the 101 Ranch Shows, which 
they witnessed in Pbrtland, and were very 
appreciative of courtesies extended to them 
by Mr. Miller and others. 

Col. Cummins, Joe Frohsin, Mr. Montague 
end Capt. Harden were entertained at dinner 
Friday evening at the Colonial Hotel, Cres- 
cent Beach, near Rockland, by Mine Host 
fcmlth. Immediately after the night show 
started Col. jQunbnlns left for Portland, re- 
turning Monday at Blddeford, 

Information reached me that the report 
concerning Billy and Marlon Waits, Austra- 
lian ball-whip manipulators and boomerang 
throwers, who have Just closed a successful 
vaudeville .season? were Joining the Two 
Bills' Shows, is In error. They will go to 
Hells-Floto. They do a most excellent num- 
ber, and wril prove a big drawing card. 

Col. Beaver left Thursday, from Bath for 
Chicago and Peoria, to look after bis Hippo- 
dromes in those places. Will return Monday. 

Mrs. Geo. Gate, our auditor's wife, motored 
over to Island Pond, Vt, from Barton, with 
Frank Thrasher and Mr. and Mrs. C. 
Barrows, to witness for the first time 
the attraction that Mr. Gate has been con- 
nected with for four years. They spoke very 
highly of the ehow. Mrs. Gate being especial- 
ly delighted at becoming acquainted with 
tie enterprise and people she has heard so 
much about. 

Last week was very unfortunate In the 
matter of casualties, tbe first serious ones 
of the season. Monday night, at Bangor, 
Mrs. Grace Smith, wife of Young Buffalo, 
collided with a Cossack during the intro- 
duction. She was thrown violently to the 
ground, sustaining a dislocation of the hip, 
and was taken to a hospital two days later, 
In Augusta, when It was found that ber in- 
juries were more serious than 
appeared. Mr. Smith (l'oung Buffalo) 
last night for Augusta, to spend Sunday 
with ber, and If conditions warrant, Mrs. 
Smith will return with hinv to-morrow. 

Old Bald Hornet, the toughest bucking 
horse In our string, claimed three victims 
among the cowboys. 

Joe Sebastian sustained severe bruises of 
the left leg and internal injuries at Bangor, 
at the bands of this horse. 

Alkali Pete mounted him tbe following 
day and a tangle at the rear of the arena 
landed Pete 

that was _ 

kill, as It is certainly a dead one to Sunday 
In. Guess everyone goes- to New York over 
8onday. Monday night, after the show. Mr. 
Cornana invited a small, crowd to go for a 
ride in a swell motor boat up tbe river to 
West Point, twelve miles, and It was great 
after tbe hot day under the white tops. 

On the way back we stopped at a wayside 
Inn and there we met some more Joy riders, 
nnd we all had a Dutch lunch, plenty of beer, 
nnd music by tbe Italians, wbo were the play- 
ing kids, so we all bad a dance and then 
went back to the cars. It was certainly a 
fine time, and we all enjoyed it. (Tuesday, 
end tbe hottest day of the season, 116 in the 
shade, and that Is going some, and it la sure 
hot under tbe tents, and more than one was 
all In after their work. In tbe evening a 
nice breeze came up and everybody felt better. 
Blackle Williams (boss of the props.), was 
very slrk Tuesday wltb malaria, and we miss 
Blackle when he Isn't here, as be gets tbe 
work out of his men. So we were very glad 
to see him back again. 

Wednesday we were to show Troy, bat on 
account of smallpox scare we went over to 
Albany and bad a holiday. Went to theatres 
and had a good time. -Showed Albany Thurs- 
day, and to good business. George Connera 
went into a picture sbow, taking his Boston 
bull, wltb blm. George fell asleep, but the 
dog got Interested in ibe pictures and woke 
George up barking at a dog in the pictures, 
to George had to beat it out of the movies. 

Red Hohmdbrf gave a box party at tbe 
Grand, in Albany. N. Y., Wednesday night. 
and it certainly looked like tbe four hun- 
dred bad turned ont, as Red and bis party 
were ail togged up in their full dress suits. 
Little Joe Coyle Is sure some boy. Just six 
years old, and the pet of th: show from tbe 
front door to the back. He Is such a little 
actor and has such big blue eyes that tbe 
Sellg film and movies, when on talking pic- 
tures, are Just crazy to get 11m for the 
movies this Whiter. 

Poor of the boys from the advance car. 
No. 2, were back visiting tbe show. Ed. 
Branson. Bud Fisher, no relation to Cartoon 
Bud : Clark Moore, no relation to little Jack, 
end Bill Perkins. 

Fourth of July, tbe day we have been 
making Ibe big preparations for, and the 
weather was perfect, and two big houses. 
Well, between shows the committee went 
down to the cars to get tilings ready for the 
big night The cars were placed cut a lttle 
ways so we had a swell place to shoot oft 
the firecrackers and -at eleven o'clock sharp 
the celebration started, and it was certainly 
great. Every one said thit tbe fireworks 
were the best they had seen In a long time. 
We had (180 worth of them, so yon can 
Imagme the display. It kept eight men busy 
for two bours lighting the fireworks, and the 
town people had tbe benefit of tbem, too, 
as It was all aerial stair, and could be seen 
for miles. After the fireworks we had all 
the refreahnunts we could drink, end turned 
Into bed knowing that we had all had a 
glorious Fourth, and one to be remembered. 
Lon Moore says he got a letter in Sche- 
nectady, Albuquerque or Pougbkeepsle, as 
the folks at home can't spell them. Lon is 
sure some comedy and a regular clown. 
If Joe Coyle tsn't careful be Is going to 
the? first 5* v Ji S 1 H! rollers, cutting a caper like 
Bill) left £f d J a "? A1 °«>r- . G<* me. Tioys. This la 
d Snndav B1 £. Jo « L anJ speaking of. not Little Joe. 

letters sent for wen advertised 


A dm*, Both 

Mrs.Frank S 
Brans, Nina 
Booth, nope 
Barney, Violet 
Bernard. May it 
Clark. Delia 
Chester, EUta 
Oapron, Nell 
Collar* Floresct 

Donnelly Beta 
Dajre, Vara 
Darin, Idr 

Canflol, BUfc 
Grey, Adrrenoe 
Earned Virginia 
Harris, Brbby 
H»U KathesiaeV 
Hashes Florae* 
Bos-/, Evelyn 
Jewel, Camilla 
Kshn LllllanMay 
Kemp, XbeLma 
Leslie, Genie 
Leotard jiiti si 
Leonard. Susan 
Lawrence Lillian 
L'&tranBe, Ms/ 


■aria, Jina Laftss. Jeanle 
rranklyn, Kelll* Miller airs Ctrl* 

Fair, Fraeea'H 
Fox Fioreaee'O. 
Fsastna MadaiajOweo, 
Gibson Boolta 
Oresbam, Elsie 
Game*, Alice 
Gllmour, Stella 


Helen U MatH 
EoKslale, n,,^ 
JUynolds. iw m 

|t. Clair, R C ^ 
SfXton, Jos|« 
Shane, Me.leljn 
gjnoera. K«u 
cnaw, Marion 
Slcael', Un\ tt . 
Star/ley Down, 
aitli. Llomwii 
tatti, A^ic si 
Scott iliriUvm. 
slpperly, Kat.„. 
bliepard. Babe 
"winpsoti, Aor 
«*lln. Mir1t 

Totton Armsiije 
Verne. Lola 

OpeL'Mrs. H. -fef K 
Painter, Lou. g- Mrs Frank W 


UerrUI, A-kllce 

Mltcheir Cora L 


. Bay 
AticoU Bernardo 
Allan, Hatty 
Brmnan. ski. 
Beane, V. H. 
Boris, Wm, 
Bsmaxd, Arttur 
Baraett, Dt. 

Bsrtrand frank 
Basher, Bart 
Bretx. W.H. Jr. 
Brown, Ctuts. A 
Bens, Tbarlov 
BllUnjly. Ctaid 
PJtrtxssB, Frank 

Clippers, Two 
Clark, Lois 
Crore. Jaa. 
Ckrter, Wm. J. 
Cbpeland, Oarl 
Callahan A 

OhblJi. Werner 
Cummlnrs, V. A 
Daniels, Lot 
De Ban, Oeo. A 
Dlstler, Cbas. 
Desmond, L. L. 
DeLand, Dan 
Sadler, Great 
Punn, Rtuwli 
Tloty, Clarenoa 
Daly, Arthur If. 
DasbJnuton. AIM 
Ve Vet r.e A Van 
iie Mar. Paul 
Edwards A 

Eaterbrook Fred 
Flaher, Allen 


franklin, C K. 
Orsy, Barry 
Gars, Frank 
baling, H. L. 
Gsrtr, J. Frank 
Gay Minstrels 
naarro, O. 
Harsh, Frank 
Hall a Lstltp 

Stock Co 
Hurst ABebey 
Hanky, F. J. 
Hathaway Frnk. 
Hasen, Fred 
Ksops, Jbo. 
noye, Blebard 
Jewell aFamnai 
Ktog, N. Barl 
Kohler, Tan; 
King, Bud. 
Kirby, Tbos. 
■vent. Brace 
Lester. Blebard 
lorenx. H. 
Leroy A Harrey 
l.auwat, Harry 
Lyne, James 
.eaard. Harry 
Lombard Bros. 
Legerts, Les 
Leonard, J, B. 
Lyon, Geo. W. 
-xiftcs. Frank J 
'.other & Lather 
siattlee, W. B. 
Morris, Jno. B. 
SIcMtllon, Walt 
Maxwell, Cbai. 
HcOonYllle. E. 
Morehouse, Ben 
MrGalnness J. J 
Mnrphy, V. J, 
McDorauin, C.W 
Ferns, Kerns A Mansfield, W. J. 

Fischer A 9aale 
Faer 4t Waters 
i-'aust, George 
t'Ulier. Obas. 

Mack, Jos. P. 
Martin, W. N*. 
Ma well, H. J. 
Murphy, Jos. 
Morrtasey, T. P. 

Mlunock, Ttwj 
Newton Dilly a. 
Nolan. Jos. n 
Omar, A. Ben 
Paul, O. M. 
Putnam, 0. S. 
Reld, Gds 
Bdand, Jack 
Rogers iUartli 
Eodreglea, Mix. 
Beese, Jno. 
Roeers 4 Wright 
Beed. Bam T. 
Beysolds, Walt 
Roneii k Boot 
Boberts, F. P. 
.temlogten, J. Q 
HobUns, A, D. 
3Icbards, Harry 
Scb«rD*'r, L 
Sldonla, T. 
SpCTTT, Bob 
Sbaeftr, Frank 
Sale-man, Walter 
Seymour, F. V. 
Stanley, Ray. 
Stelllng Fred W 
Slddons, Geo. 
Snorgran, Bu'l 
Scbnlik, F. J. 
t. Vraln. Rich! 
Tonne, Willy 
Thoyer, Joe 
Table, E. W. 
Toy, Ben 
Udell, Obas. E. 
Vail, Edwin 
Vance, Wm. V 
Watson, CHtrorii 
White, Porter J. 
Wood, Solmer 
Ward, Mote 
WeaTer, Kd. 
Walte. Billy 
>Vll9on, Geo. 
Whitman, Ellli 
wnitama Geo.H 
Yager, Billy 


Wait ntfl p« toae to PHItfelpkia » d r ^ 

to^in^^^te'c^v^p?! 116 !^ ^rs^sv^n.^ 01 ^^ 

going to be some trotroe this Winter. Pntir deag). HM-M H. gtb. Bfc., Fhlla. 

f:orng to be some troupe tils Winter, 
adies and that fellow In dresses, 


.. — — ™ making a 

The only one In the busl- 

uve lady wire act. 

.„.. wd V **>**> to-day l« Saturday, and every- 
thing is rather quiet after the Fourth, 
baseball team " 
they certain 
bench of boys. 

The Gaiety Theatre, an old landmark la 
Albany, N. X., was burned down July 1. 
The Gaiety, first known as tbe Green Street 

ted for 

__ opened 

In 1611, and was the enterprise of a joint 

tner quiet after the Fourth. The Aioany, jy x., was burned down July 

ten is getting ready to play this „ Ti * Gaiety, first known as the Greer 

and we til hope they win, as Theatre, and the first building ertc 

ily pray a good game, and a fine theatrical purposes In that city, was 

on the ground, with his right 

Mu^d* tried°U to band^b^d&nFtt. ■ TMW «ffK' ta Syracuse, and I guess the ***sM^wlleiMat^«ed M0.bo6"j5 
eft aroTls InTaltas with B , a f? nm ' j°i* 9 «■><! our people will exchange Its cost. ,11 was opened" by John Bernard aTTd 

same result, his left 

HumY C. Cmrius writes,: "Closed with 

the Uagenbeck-WallBce Show June 28. at 

PeakaklU, N. Y., aiter a long circus career, 

covering at least forty years of actual ser- 

vice with the best shows on earth among ^^^'^^^JSSS^iSSSa^, 

Famous Band, under this versatile director, 
will be on tbe boards again this FalL The 

the shoulder dislocated. All three of the 
boys are Improving, and will probably be 
ready to attack the Hornet again inside of 
a couple of weeks. 

The elephant men expect to blossom oat In 
new uniforms by tbe last of this week. De 
Moulin Bros., of Greenville, 111., are making 

'Frank epeevack and Joe Waldorf, of the 
La Pearl- Trio, leave this week to open at 
Lexington Park, Boston, under the manage- 
ment of Jlmmle Rlgo. The boys do a very 
clever Roman ring act, and should make 
very good. Rlgo opens with them in bis 
Inimitable songs and dances. 

Otto Cook and Art La Pearl will handle 
the trampoline wagon In the Chlrlvarl num- 
ber, and are expecting Helvin Weaver, very 
clever acrobat, from Cincinnati, to join this 
week to work with them In the concert 

Capt Hardin has tost one of VLs Bpanlsb 
Lady Cadets. Lee Taylor baa taken tbe 
Mace In tbe side show made vacant by Mrs. 
Elisabeth Bussel. dancer, who left Monday, 
to Join tbe 101 Ranch. 

Beatrice Jelmore, one of the Cadets, Is tbe 
musical director, on tbe calliope. 

Miss Jelmore has showed considerable 
speed In the trial beats stud bids (air to 
become quite proficient ot> tbe whistle-wagon, 
which same is no Joke to handle. 

While we were In Canada, Conroy and 
Grimley applied themselves very assiduously 
to the Canuck dialect, and some of their 
French ga :, In the concert, were riots. Joe 
Frohsin secured- for them, yesterday, a 
French Joke book, to use In tbe Maine and 
Massachusetts towns where that dialect la 
spoken. We are expecting developments. 

Was talking to Side Show Manager Win- 
decker yesterday, and secured good news for 

vlslN and hare a good time, as they are fa 
Cortland. N. Y, only thirty-flve miles from 

Dave M. Evelten, late of the Judge Trap- 
2fi£ E7 Jf Uen Trl <b who 'ere with the Clrco 
•brpp Feltui in South America, left the show 
six weeks ago in Buenos Aires, going to 
London for a week, then back to the land of 
the Hying, good old V. S. A. He arrived in 
New York June 29, and Is on visiting Jack 
Quiet until Monday. 

'The West Indian 1 

players, Jan. 18, 
• and "Fortune's 

an excellent 
1813, in 

The theatre proved a good speculation dur- 
ing the war, after which there was a gen- 
eral business depression, 

In June, 1818, It was sold to the Baptist 
Society, and was used as a church until 
July, 1852, when it was sold to a theatrical 
company for $0,000. 

Wm. Preston, leasee, conducted It till Feb. 

Earl Blgler. one of the handsome fellows 2j,5?r ' wfien waa 80ld by the • her " 1 tm 

on the show, also a ball player In his own 
right, In Saturday's game made some hit 
Jlih a very pretty girl that was at the game. 
Earl is a wonder when It comes to copping 
tbe nice girls. 

So long, people 1 Here comes Duncan with, 
tie mall and his little whistle 

The Fourth is over, so save your money. 




Have it sent to your Summer address, 


Send orders to 

- - 60 CENTS 



The Oriental dancers of the* Slg. Sun telle 
Shown were not allowed to wiggle In Attlc- 
boro, Mass., July [i, authorities of that town 
deeming their performance improper tor 
"such good people." Tbo show was booked 
for Manchester Meadows, but the grounds 
were so wot that tbe circus camped on the 
Pearl Street grounds. 

Will Keenc, of Attleboro, an animal train, 
er, wns engaged, and left town with tbo cir- 

tbem the following of late years, viz.: The 
original, Forcpnugh Show. 1870 - the original 
Bnrniim. Show, 1877 : the Walter L. Main 
Show ; then the old Van Amtmrg Show away 
back. Of late years returning from the 
most successful season nbroad covering five 
years, I rotifrnod to the Forepasgb-Sells 
Show, then tho Ringllng Bros.' Show, then 
the IlageDbetk-Wallace Show, until I closed 
recently to embark Irr the real* estate busi- 
ness, where 1 have olllces for the exclusive 
sole of Long Island property, oetllng to my 
old show colleacucs homes, etc., on the 
Island, where' many, many, both, theatrical 
nnd circus t>eople own. their own homes. 
William Andrus, the famous breaker of wild 
slock, especially bucking mules, has last pur- 
chased a J7.000 home front me. adding an- 
other to the long list. With (bad reaam- 
brances to the fond' old days on too tot with 
the bunch, nnd hoping to bear from all of 
my old friends." 

«7 W. asm Street, {lew York 

band was one long scream for four seasons, 
and no doubt the fifth will be even louder. 

Speaking of bands, Artebcry, Cn tbe big 
show, has about as versatile a bunch as yoa 
could find. Besides contributing to the mel- 
low music which emanates from tbe band- 
stand, the boys sbow great aptness In other 
lines. We have two very expert French In- 
terpreters, and one dashing, dreamy-eyed 


Frank Bailey, a vaudeville actor, of Atlan- 
ta, Ga., shot and killed bis wife (Mazle 
Edwards), who was his stage teammate, In 

R'tTacrobar^tr. ptn-cu : 7SX \ P^f.^coS*^. ^^^ 
on his eye. Can also furnlsb several good 2.™~ *!??. .???*?'*■. .•?* "Js "We was. a 

96,975. Oa March 28. 1883, Edmund 8. Con- 
nor opened It, and for a number of years 
Booth, Forrest and practically all tbe great 
actors and musicians of that time plaTed 

In the FaU of 1886 the bouse was convert- 
ed Into a pork packing establish ment, and a 
few years later again turned into a theatre. 
and such stars as Charlotte Cusbtnan and 
Fannie Buckingham showed there. In tbe 
early eighties, J. K. Baunett, Mr. and Mrs. 
W. J. Florence, Joe Weber, Lew Fields and 
Haggle Cllne also played this house. Then 
F. F. Proctor became Its owner. It was badly 
damaged by Ore in 1689, and In 1800 Thomas 
Barry remodeled it and It became a success- 
ful burlesque house, and Mr. Barry's widow 
ran It after her husband's demise. Its last 
manager was Oliver Stacey, now maoaglng 
the Colonial, in that city. 
t The theatre had been elosed, except for 
boxing exhibitions, since last May. 
Joshua A. M. 8ollas, the theatrical Impre- 
sario from Kingston, Jamaica, B. W. I., Is a 
visitor here this week. Mr. Sollas has bad 
charge of all tbe theatrical companies that 
bave visited Jamaica, and has always proved 
to be a valuable man In this capacity, as be 
leaves nothing undone to make any com- 
pany's visit there a success, both financially 
and artistically. While here be will arrange 
to bring a few companies to Jamaica this 
Mason. So far he bas contracted with TV. 8. 
Harklns and Fred. 8. Lorraine to opes tbe 
season In September wltb a musical coc-iiy 
company. Tbe new Ward Theatre is now 
complete, and is tbe finest theatre In the 
West Indies. 

4 i« 

pugilists, any weight hakxrb 




I Prices Right. We Challenge tho World. Beat Wo* 
Flniit Equipped Stadlo la Ike Unllad Stats* 


Yino aud Fat Joined the 101 Ranch at 
Portland- Me., June 30, doing their Babe ad- 


so by M ft; waterproof. Used six Man on grass 
lots. Everything complete, Including scenery for 
slfcKe. Suitable for Moving Pictures or small Cir- 
ous. Come on and see It Bo n t wr ite unless you 
mean liuslnrsfl. ED. BROWITBLUS Leinont 
St., Bath, Maine. _* 


Care Washburn's Theatre, Chester, Fa, 


Messrs. Ssaia A Brianger bare selected 
George A. Kingsbury to act as manager of 
the Ureal Opera Hosse beginning w<tt the 
opening of the new season next month Mr. 
Btagsbtrry for tbe pest few years has been 
the manager of tbe Chicago taper* Bouse. 
Prior to 1U mate to Chicago be bad" been- the 

at the' time of the "iriiuoui nre"ta"aBcago; S, a i? ,,pe ^ of m tlle eJ »?*52 e i *LST. ,„d 
8he waa twentv-flve vean af a» «A «£r during tbe Thompson * Dundy regime, ana 
Bs3 tSpSrSJ?*^ ' " «•*•»« her o, tte American 'fheatre, wb»itwai leas^ 

by Henry W. Prmsge. 

dancer. Jealousy is said bo have*"becn~the 

Subs. UUlnat *" ml WMCb PreWdea toe 
Mrs. Bailey was tho daughter of ntomaa 
Kennedy, of Denver. Col., and before marry- 
ing Bailey, about three years ego, bad ap- 
peared with the "Mother Goose?' Company 
and with Eddie Foy'a "Blue Beard" Company, 

husband twenty-seven 

H I 


The United Booking Office, which has di- 
rected tbe policy of tbe Lynn Theatre, in 
Lynn, Maes., for the past two years, will not 
be coanecttd wltb the Lyra tbeatrlnfl altua- 
thai next season, because of tbe abandonment 
of the Lynn Theatre, by B. F. KeltJr, who 
held tbe lease. It is understood that Slarcna 
Isev will take over tbe theatre on Aug. 1, 
presenting pictures and vaudeville. 


A theatre managera* association, compel 
of <owna in Southern Kansas and Northern 
OklarKona, was organised in- Wichita on June 
18 with tbe following oncers : B. P. MlcliacK 
of Anthony. Kan., president, asd Carl i.- 
Dees, of Arkansas City, as secretsry *■ 
treasurer. Tbe purpose of the orgsnliatico 
la to get better attractione and to give i pro- 
tection to attractions playing their territory, j 


TflWi ' 

JULY 12 







„.,»■ ivn MTiint (0US * ecv,n > *"»»•> (8AM FREED, MOB.) 

DUUWI mu ■»»" ) ** An all star program, ta fact, as good a The bill for July T-» la fairly lnterwrtlnf. 

ASTOR- — "Q u o Yadlsj in motion pictures, one as lias ever liecn seen here, was presented Business light. 

twelfth week. Monday matinee before a falrlj* good site Dcane Davis and compa 

CASINO.— "The Putplr Boad, fonrtli weok audience. 

at this house. Leo Edwards and Flavla Arcara played 

COLUMBIA— "The Kitatag Maid," tilth their first New York engagement at this 

week. __ house since Joining hands, nud were seen In 

roftT. — Lauretta Taylor, In "Peg » My an entirely now performance. (Bee New 

Heart," twentynlnth week. Acta.) 
i niTRRION. — "Jock London's Adrcntaros." 
£l%EXcea F»Bfl>T«DCOND STREET.— 



tuu »wkhln tbe Law,*' forty-flfth week. 


ROOF GARDEN.— "AH Aboard," sixth 


LYRIC— Cant. 8cott's 8outh Pole motion 

pictures. . L.ocKnart ana fc.aay, tue snoeiaooui iun- 

SEW AMSTERDAM— Zlegf eld's "Follies of eters, had one of the beat spots on the bill, 

' ■■Al'v II 4/ii<>»k Kf/Ullr Anil AAkt^lnl.i knU tkolii .-.n.e, 

and certainly held their own. 

Mile. Louise's Monkey Cabaret came In at 
the last minute and made them alt up and 
take notice. It Is easily one of the best acts 
of Its kind In the business, and la always 
sure of a cordial reception. 

1913." fourth week. 
PR I NCES3-— Four one act plays. 



Phew I "Some warm week It turned out to 
be that "In IPSO" headlined for the first 
three days at this house, beginning Monday, 
June 30/but In spite of the Intense humidity 

tut bung breathless outdoors, this popular "the" Stanley Trio offered a novelty that 
house was quite comfortably fllled on Tues- wag new helei anQ were a D | g ,„ccess. One 
day evening, when we exbauatedly dropped in. of tne meu a j, Ial]t ln tne audience, gets 
"In 199» ' was very capablv presented by over a gr<!at llne ot talk wlttt nl . H partner 
a company of two -women and a man. The on tue gtagei g^a f or a time had the audl- 
latter Is especially good In his portrayal of ence badI y f 00 icd. They flnnlly get down t» 

work performing some wonderful tricks on 
the bounding mattress, which earned them 
much approval. 

Mary Gray, a singing monologlste, with 
many original methods, easily captured her 
audience with her cufrtlvatlr.g. manner. She 
puts both her songs over nicely, end as a 
finale presented a very funny dance that 
brought her rounds of applause. 

Julia' Nash and company were seen In 
their most recent success, entitled "Her First 

an English 
comedian, assisted by a lady, phyed a burglar 
6kct(b, wherein the husband fools tho wlte 
by his 
her boasts 

she readily hands over all her jewelry and 
even her gown. Ho later discloses his Iden- 
tity after she had given a wrong account 
of her dealings with the burglar. That 
finishes the lady's part of the entertain- 
ment, tittt Mr. Davis. In one, sings "Ange- 
lina,' 1 a comic; then illustrates different 
modes of crossing Broadway and other bits 
Quite a bit of a, tit 

Sally Brown came and sang sweetly, all 
dressed up In several gowns. Among her 
offering* wore: "Pulrmon Porters on Pa- 
rade," "Ob. You MUllun Dollar Doll" and 
"I Don't Wants," to good applause. 

Spear and Shannon, two ladles, one a 

qulvery soprano singer who changes her 

gown for each song, and the other, nt the 

Hay Conliu, fresh from his success at one piano, with a smile that won't come off dur- 

of the seaside houses, duplicated here. He fog the entire act. She also sang a character 

Is e, ventriloquist that takes his hat off to ditty, one about what mamma knows. The 

no one. During his entire performance he Is singer presented "You Made Me Love You," 

continually smoking. ,_ t _ m "Floating Down the River on the Alabam" 

and "Gambling Man 


Looked like a ticket speculators' conven- 
tion on tho comer the first performance of 
the current week. All tho hoys who peddlo 
the ducats at an advance rate along the (lay 
white Way were on hand, and the reason 
maeqiHsrodtng as a burglar, and proves seems to be the opening of Harry i'ox and 
nsta of bravery to be mere dream, as* Jennie Dolly, and my, what a send off they 

1'ealson and Goldle. in songs and much 
comedy, pleased Immensely. These two boys 
have excellent singing volets and are a big 
feature on any bill. "You Made Me Love 
You" and "That Naughty Melody" were their 
two best numbers. The whistling of Goldle 
wsb a big encore getter, 

Lockbart and Eddy, the knockabout fun- 

toY'role of'a "mere man" a century hence, 
and he kept the audience in continual laugh- 
ter all the way. , , 
Edytbe Gibbons, a pretty and graceful 
since? ran a tie for second place with Toledo 
and Burton, an eaulllbrilt and a singer, and 
Eert and Violet Stroud, who, unable to se- 
cure a permit to feature tbelr clever little 
daughter, Baby Violet, presented to very sat- 
tifvlnc results a singing double that showed 
Mrs. Stroud to be above the ordinary class of 

Sirs. Stroud to De aoovc me uramotj <.in» *,i meir most recent success, entitled "Her i-lrst gDO uses from off stace. Then together again 

They wore well liked. 

Wilfred Clark I'layer* had a bughouse 
sort of an act, with a lady whom "he" had 
met the night before, visiting him at his 
bouse, where her husband, bis "friend" Is 
getting tnli'id up with him and his wife, 
finally to meet and be forgiven. The comedy, 
mostly on the jump and shout order, kept 
things fairly lively until the finish, and there 
were quite a few laughs. The players did 
the host they could with the material. 

Brown and Warner, two big singers In blue 
tint evening suits, duetted In good style, 
opening with "Mellnda's Wedding Day," theu 
singly, "The Curse of An Aching Heart," tho 
"Oh, Georgia Lund," by the tenor, with re- 
Then together again 



(See Mew Acta for all 

Sane Knowles and her company presented, 
under the title of "What Henrietta Did," a 
cjmedy sketch that was seen on the big time 
not long ago under another title. Miss 
Knowles' presentation was very well given, 
and she as the actress who visited the big 

Sjy" ln search of money enough to move 
er troupe from the town, and who succeeds 
In collecting the cash, whan she la mis- 
taken by tho old party for the widow on 
whom his son Is smitten. Both son and 
fattier fall for the stage) girl, ««d propose, 
but Henrietta slipped gwty after consoling 
then with the answer that she was wedded 
to her art. Very cleverly presented, ontalda 
of a yellow tie wom with a black salt by 
the "son." 

Brown and Fraxer, Mack face comedians, 
and Charles Nellson. with a one string vio- 
lin, completed the bill. (See New Acts for 

Big Jim held the main position on the 
Incoming change of program on Thursday, 
July 3, but the monstrous bear found the 
weather too hot to show the audience bis 
best work. However, he skated; tuukey 
trotted and drilled as best he felt, and was 
excused amid plenty of applause. 

The Hayward Sisters, a good singing duo, 
and the Caullet Players, £ "The /Trial of 
Mary." were an equal hit on this bill, and 
further mention of their work lo«ninde under 
New Acts In this Issue. 

The Three Types, a novel posing act ; Col- 
lins and Manning, conversationalists nod 
singers, and Bube Willis, violinist, are also 
reviewed under New Acts. 

Francis Wood rolls hoops cleverly enough 
to find contracts at his disposal for some 
time to come. Besides spinning the rims 
around in the usual way, h« managed to 
amuse greatly by making them perform other 
stunts. A neat act. 

A notable feature among the motion pic- 
ture part of the program was Manager 
Matthews' securing Patho's Weekly for two 
showings at his house weekly. Klaemacolors 
"War and Peace" was among the holiday pic- 
ture feutures. Toa. 

of the hits of the bill. 

Kennedy and Kramer, whom the program 
states arc bidding for metropolitan favor, 
surely got It, and plenty more. Both are 
classy dancers, and rendered In perfect time 
to the orchestra a nifty clog that brought 
them good returns. The banjo playing of 
Miss Kramer pleased. 

Charles Thompson, "That English Guy," 
offered a juggling specialty and, although 
opening the oil' proved one of Its biggest 
features. Jack. 

a,. .. in i i r a 


(st. m. block, nan.) 

The bll for July 3-5 was entertaining. 

The Seven Plchlanl Troupe, with a pollce- 
ntej], messenger and a newsboy, performed 
their novel stunts, and the leaps to shoulders, 
ewlsted by the two sce-saw arrangements, 
made the usual hit, .especially two double 
somersaults to a four high by one of the 

McDermott and Wallace are a natty couple, 
end both could sing and joke. "That Old 
Girl of Mine" served Mies Wallace well. 
"Never Again," a souse song, was McDer- 
mott's hit, and both scored with "ltobert E. 
Lee" and a glnjery dance. 

Powder and Capmau, the well known dan- 
cers, were til there with the footwork, but 

Night," with the atout party Impersonating 
the result. Several recalls. 

The Three Bnnnies, one lady (soubrotte), 
an Irishman and a Dutch comedian, in a 
manicure restaurant With a few funny 
signs, had a boiled down jumble of every 
burlesque ever presented. As Major Day 

handed this team. If applause and a tre- 
mendous reception count for anything, Put 
and Dolly wero one of the hlggcst hits seen 
In a long Umo at Hnmmcrsteln's Emporium 
of Vaudeville. 

Lieut Bldrldge, hilled as the snnd man, 
demonstrated his ability as a sand artist, 
but his attempt at a routine of conversation 
was the kind that makes you drowsy. Barring 
the monologuo ho peddled ho got ovor. 

Tho Dancing Maddens, a young man and a 

§lrl, have a good confine of single and double 
anclttg, but In tho singing line fall flat. If 
they hold to the dancing und they will have 
no trouble In the position they are now 
plnvlng on any bill, and will get over easily. 

The Three Alecks have a real novelty com- 
bination, acrobatic, bar and bit act, which Is 
a pleasing feature on the bill. 

YiollnsSy Is on his third return engagement 
on the corner, thla season, nnd cleaned up. 
His violin and piano specialty Is always & big 
hit, and Vtollnrifcy Is a popular favorite with 
the Hammersterfi fans. 

Adonla and his dog. "The Act Beautiful," 
never went better, and Is a fine position car- 
ried off high honors. 

Herbert and Goldsmith, held over for an- 
other week, offered "The Dance of tho Siren" 
and mads the usual good Impression, 

Trovsto, billed as the Creators of the 
violin, kept the rudlcuce ln the best of 
humor with his ecentrlc vloln offering. 

Harry Fox nnd Jennie Dolly received a tre- 
mendous reception, and Just tore along from 
etart to finish with a conglomeration of song 
and dance. 'Harry Fox put over a lot of ex- 
temporaneous comedy which lilt the mark, 
nnd rt the finish of the act were compelled to 
take bow after bow. 

John F. Conroy and bis Diving Models, 
another repeater on tho corner, closed the 
Crst part of the bill with their capital aquatic 

Delro nnd Ills brother, Plelro, Jingled off 
a number of popular and operatic melodies 
on the plano-srcordlon. 

Adels Ritchie, In a number of pleasing 




flew and Sseaad Hamd Icsncr jr Is stock 


WAI/retn BIAXKY.Mgr. Tol.38I3Mur.UUi. 

Royal (Marcus Loow, mgr.) — Photoplays 
and vaudeville. 

Folly (Wdi, Fox, mgr.)— Pictures and 

Cohbiiv (Wm. fox. mgr.)— Pirtursa and 

Columbia (A. Blchel. mgr.)— *ii vaude- 
ville acts aad motion pictures. 

Olympic (Herman Wacke, mgr.)— Photo- 
plays and vaudeville. 

l.j.MiKN- (A. II. Scbwart, mgr.) — The 
latest phot onlays arc shown here. 

Halsby iM. II. Kaae, mgr.) — Miniature 
musical comedies, pogether with vaudeville 
and the latest photoplays. 

Uijau (Uco. Scbonck, mgr.) — Loow's 
vaudeville, changed twice weakly, also latest 

Uxi'oku (Cyrus Gale, mgr.)— The latest 
photoplays arc shown here. . , 

Liiikbtt (Kdw. Htrnuas, mgr.) — Tho latest 
photoplays and vaudeville. 

SinuiBirr (Wm. Sheedy, mgr) — Loews 
vaudovlllo continues to big homes. The pro- 
gram Is changed twlcv weoklj. 

llBoroiU) (Bon. Kahn. mgr.) — Continuous 
vaudovlllo and latest photoplays. The pro- 
grnm Is chanced twice weekly, Mondays and 
Thursdays. Tho pictures are chaugod dally. 

Cbbscxnt.— The Gettysburg pictures are 
playing to packed houses. ^^ 

. ever . 
and Judge Knight, they Impersonate wattera 

where the fun requires It, then return to their gong,, M ng in * manner that Is entirely oriel- 
original characters, then one plays a soldier na j w)tn Jjiss Ritchie. Scored a strong hit. 
In a funny suit. Tbe lady cuanges and comm China Ltflff I'on and company of fourteen 

to her own restaurant, not knowing tho 
prices, etc., etc. A checker game with an 
empty bottle and a full glass was funny. 
"Oh, German Love," "Please Give Ms Just 
One Little Smile," are warbled by the Ger- 
man. For the finish tho lady. In a Pierrot 
suit, sings "Old Mnlds' Ball," assisted by 
the men ■In burlesque bathing suits. Nothing 
overlooked, but It went. 

Kelly and Fern, a couple of lingers and 
dancers, started with tho telephone song, 
"Come tTp To-nsght." At tho plnno Mlsa 
Fern sang "Just a Little Rain with the Sun- 
shine" very well. "Tho Garden of Erin" old 
not match so well, but "In a llnngalo where 
Red, Red Rosea Grow" pulled them tocether 
nicely, and they left with the 0. K sign. 

Leonard and Lewis, the street clothes ac- 
robats, started with a little palaver, making 
one bellove they would do a sidewalk con- 
versation ; but they remove their hats aad 
coats and go through as lively and Interest- 
— d balances and 

sixth successful week of tbls popular rosort 
began Monday night, July 7. Dancing In t' 
moonlight on the itomnn dancing pavilion, I 
gether with a cood orchestra. Tho wondt 

the comedy was hardly in keeping with the Ing routine of head and hand balances and 
neat make-up In white. •'Poverty" and lifts and crossovers and unders .is could well 

be Imagined, closing the show with excellent 
results. Mill, 

'Boogyman's Rag" were their songs. 

Doc Rice, black face monologlet, talked 
about woman's suffrage and kindred subjects 
In very humorous manner and uncorked sev- 
ernl parodies, including "Ob, You Panama 
Canal," svlth good effect. 

«ig. and Rdyth Frans repeated with the 
success usually accorded their good bicycle 
act, Including the stunts on what Is claimed 
to be the highest nnlcyclo ever used. 

Snllje Klelds, as a lively young boy, sang 




This bouse was not filled to Its usual ca- 
pacity night of July 7. although the bill was 
one of the be^t that 'has been offered in the 

. l« sJr'ftnie »'l'Ukf t* 008 ond t^* 11 OP*™ th « M "' , TnJ ! Q»«"'. mgr.l— Vaudeville aud pictures. 

Itemebody a Coming to My House Jake. cleTer team, man and woman, do a little of s Manhattan 0,»er» Home <('omt, U v» «. 

£££*,».' w-£lw" ihiSh™,^! LJ *. .t,.i „f everything, but what little they do they do It Goat, mors.)— The stock company closed Ita 

Naughty Melody, which got her a share of ^t^ ^ whistling and Imitations of anl- engnkoment lioro flaturday evening, July 5. 

Orientals gave a wonderful demonstration of 
acrobatic Juggling ana magic art, and Were A 
pronounced success. 

Heflini and Arthur and Mang and flnyder 
closed the show. Olio. 


Madison srioarc Hoof Garden,— -Tho 

lu the 

?etxer wun a coou orineaira. tho wonner- 
ul Chinese Wishing Trou and amateur ntghti 
every Monday and Friday continue to bo di- 
versions. The Ust of attractions inrludo a 
cabaret headed by Bdlth Barton, who wilt 
remain with the garden the entire season. 

Unique (E. L. Weill, mgr.)— Motion pic- 

Hew York (Wm. Morris, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Keeney's Third Arenac (fid, J. Mr- 
Unhon, mgr.)— Vaudeville and motion pic- 

Grand Street (Harry Beekwan, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and pictures. 

City (Sniauel Freed, mgr,) — Vaudeville 
and pictures. 

Lincoln Square ((.'has. Ferguson, mgr.) 
— Vaudeville and pictures. 

Jrifersou. — Vaudeville and pictures, 

Loew'a Delanoey Street ( Dernnrd Frank, 
mgr.) — Vaudeville and motion pictures. 

Fourteenth Street (J. Wesley Boson- 
['omstock ft 


Klernan, Walters and Kiernan presented 
"Macbeta tfn-to-Date," and the burlesquing 
of the murder, the sleep-walking scene and 
the fight with Macduff seemed to be appre- 
ciated. Tho shouting nf the Macbeth and 
Macduff and tbe dramatic travesty by the 



For the Fourth of July Manager Pots- 
dam put over a bill tbat was bound to please 
everybody, and kern them In good humor, 

The St. Julians, a man and woman, did 
some very good work on the trapese, 

Billy Barlow tola some good atorles an.4 
sang some good paiodles, and he went oraf 
very nicely. 

Tlcrney and Stabott are man and woman «.'«<. -rest 

who do some very good singing aba dancing, a *K™?„"Xld«i ^Vest" 
and tbelr tittle offering Is excellent. 

Frankle Drew la a blonde )oung L_ 
herself into Instant favor. Miss Drew 

tnals Is deserving of special mention. They 
went over nicely. 

Frankle Drew sang herself Into) Instant 

Dunbar and Turner are as clever a team 
as ever did their line of work. They open In 

Academy of Maslc (ltobert K, Irwin, 
mgr.) — The bill this wook Is The Itogar/i, 
with the following cast: Reverend Brian 
Kelly, William D. Gerald; Bruce Wlltnn, 
Hooper D. Atchley; Wright, Julian 
Noa i Charley narrow, Joseph Croaghan r 

■■ o mV-' 

ng la - 

Monde young lady who 
sang herself Into Instant favor. Miss Drew 
could do ever so much more with songs bet- 

ter suited to her. 

Dena Cooper and company offer a dra- 
matic playlet, entitled T 'The Confession." 
The act Is sensational, and the actors make 
the most of their several characters. The 
act went very big. 

The Cowtoy Minstrels, fire men. with n 
special Western set, have very good voices. 
Their numbers aro all good, tho tenor, who. 
is also tbe comedian, being deserving of spe- 
cial mention for his good singing sad clean 
comedy. , 

Die* Bernard and company carried off tho 
honors of the bill la the lilflo comedy. "Tho 
Animal Stuffer." Plclc Is a brother of Sam 
liernard, and as a German comedian I.o has 

wn-t the Illustrated 
song offering. 

The pictures, ivere : "The Birth of the But- 
terfly," "The Coming of Gretcheo," 'The 
Shadowgraph (Message," "The Song Bird of 
the North," an Abe Lincoln episode, and 
"Out at the Beast a Man Was Born." 


(E. r. BOOERS, MOB ) 

Gertrude Vanderbllt and George W. Moore, 
one of the most accomplished dancing duos 
now before the public, hold the headline post- 
tlon of the bill hero this week. 

Not only do they display marked pro- 
flcency In their dances, but there are alsi 
songs and a diverting line of comedy running 
through tbe act, which makes It possible for 

Anderson and Golues, two moo, colored en- 
tertainers, do their best work In their opeu- 
big number. The number, "AH I Get I* 
Beans," was also well put on. The act was 
well received. 

The Juggling Jeweta are four very clever 
girls who do some good worls with tennis 
rackets and Indian clubs. The girls are nil 
pretty and dress tho act neatly. They went 

The pictures were all good. Pete. 

' i i iii 

Proctor's Flftr-clshth Street (John 
Buck, mgr.) — Vaudeville and motion pictures. 
Bill for first halt of tbe current week in- 
cludes : Frederick Andrews and his Wonder 
Kettle, Jcasallne Rogers, Frederick Bock and 
company, In the comedy drama, "My Father ;" 
Two Wards, German .comedians; Shaw and 
Swan, comedy skit; Rube Willis, comedy ln- onl 

front page. 

Keith's Harlem Opera House (Harry 
Kwift, xcgr.)— The stock company offers for 
ibis week 'nits (Million," with 

mgr J — Y» 



Prospect (Frank Gorston, 
this sveek, 'The Penalty" Is the 

Spooaer (Louis Fosse, mgr.) — Last we* 
business was good. Tho "North of S3" mo- 
tion pictures continue. 

Mount Morris (I. Mlchels, mgr.)— Pic- 
tures only, to fair business. 

Hamilton (J. c. Jones, rogr.J — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

And n In, n (Harry Thorns, mgr ) — Vaude- 
ville anil pictures. 

Wnshiugton (Louis Cohen, mgr.J — 
Pictures, to fair business. 

Family (Leo Solomon, mgrj — Pictures 


Mllford, Conn. — Toll's (Buy H. Averlll, 
niBC.) Win. Hownnl. Bolb anil .'JliiiiKiinn. ami wiv- 
Ins pictures coninrse tho attraction* here for 

tssawas "(iiurlitttuU Barker, m*r.)— Pictures and 
Illustrated songs. ..... 

I'Blta'Kss (Albert B. Oobb, mgr.)— Mutual plOj 

"labbwood Pasb (J. 1. O'Nell mp.l- Band 
concert*, csfnlval*, cabaict show and moving pic- 
tures are dtawlug crowds dally, 

QvMKW} Pabu (Mi MeOwDsU. ra\rr.)— Bsnd 
conceits, balloon ascensions and wattr fete ate 
drawing big limine**. 

I.ttro. almauum Oiuisiut,, ScMtn and 
UtmiDWAr. niollon pictures. .... __ 

Nuts.— Mr. Lanft. secretary to William Fox. 
is la town, superintending tln» new fox theatre 

Providence, H. IV— I'ravtitrnre (Felix Won- 
delscbsefer, U'lT.) is 'Inrk. ,,. 

Kmii's ((.'Us*, tavratwrg. mirr.)— Tuo AUiee 
Sleek Os, ■tlKi m "The Ueiitleinaii From »lls*is- 
sli'iil" week of July T. ., , 

WxsTuixsTxa (William Collier, mur.l— Vsude- 
vlltc mill iili'lnre*. . _ 

HcBNin (I'rcil ltomsn, mgr.)— H'imaa Stock Co. 
iiikI pictures. ,„ , . 

L'niu.n IChai. Allen, mgr.) — Vauderllle and lilo- 

Casino (Clias. Wllltsnw. mgr.)— Photoplays. 

llMi'ian IHnl BrsiiulH. mar.)— Klnmiacolur nnd 
block anil while pictures, 

Kioksl TFrank Weslxale, mgr. I— Talking mo- 
tion pli'turca. 

Bijou OUtt. Belly, mir.)— 1'ktiKM. 

PowtnoUet, 11. I. -• Scenic — bill week of 
July 7 i Ismed, Baby Glailys, tho Minstrel Pour, 
Gordon mill Flnley. Wilson anil (Isllagbor, We*. 
Ie>an Trio, and Cooncr anil Ewhell, 

(iLDUK. Stiii ami Music Hall, motion pic- 
tures and songs, 

Nc-tb.— Tiio llljou. formerly Keith's, which has 
been dark for tho put two yitrt, will rs-opsn la 

Maakotteo. Okla.— Broadway (B, B, Hte- 
vi ni, hhc'T bill July D, 4, Included I Harnionlan 
four aiwl Bill Orotty. _ 

OLvxno AtaoouB.— Bud « Henry Stock week 
of T. MiiiioMr Stock Gb. to follo.v. 

Wiowah (O. P. Anderson, mgr.)— Dill X was 
feutuvwl by tliu Motily Trio, Iluslnsis la vjOiI; 

Wwwam, No, 4 (0. V, Andtttoit. msv.)— Bill 
3 was beaded by l.lllene and Mario. 

Yam (0. L. Britten, mgr.)— Motion pictures, 

Attlelioro. Mass.— Bates— bill week of July 
T: Hawaiian Quintette, Bison City Quartette and 
motion picture*. 
Ooj.umiia. — rictures and viudsvllle. > 

Notsi— IMills Wiilils has left th* Pantluw The- 
sire. In JUn»ilu!il, where Ito bu been »l0Kln». .... 
Suutelle's Circus was here n. Osnt freed, of 
McUuectsily sod Jos. Oulion, Juggler, Joliwd tb« 
circus oil that date, 

nrantford, Can.— Ooloutat (R. Brmona, 
mur.) Mil July 4-d lncluiteilt Cotnus and hminet, 
Joint. Morrison aad company, and motion pictures. 

<.iu ((loo. Y. Low, hist.)— Hill 70! (Illeli 
and Bala and motion pictures, for 10-121 How- 
ell and picture*. 

Airi-ui (K, Moule, mgr.)— Motion pictures, 

Kotsh. — Kmlo Moule, uiaiiauur of tho Apollo 

Arizona" ,o Tlenln-. visited Toronto Inst usvk, attending a 

nieetliw of the Ontario Moving l'lctum Aswieln- 

I ion. Tiie ii*»oclntloii Is striving for the appoint. 


liernard, and as a German comedian I.o has wrougn tno act. wnicn maBcs rt possiwe ror atromentallst ; Leo Strannon, equilibrist, and <)deoa (Chas. W. Thompson, mat.)— 
long been considered among the top uotehen, J ne *» almost forget the hot weather, while Kinemacolor views and black and white Vaudeville and clotures. 


although the stage has seen little of hln» for WtV occupy the stage 

_j tut 

some years. Ho did capital work, and hit 
supporting company lent good aid. The act 
went over big. There are three people In 
the act beside Mr. Bernard, a young lady 
end two men. 

Brown and West, a man and] woman, do 
singing, dancing and talking. Their act 
lac k»WlglnalUy, most of their notarial, es- 
reelalhr the singing of "How BUIy,* forcibly 
remUMitag us ofBooley and Sales, 

Tbe Three Gerts closed the bill. They do 
some great hand balancing, and tne three 
men lure can tumble. They were well r«- 


(a. A. snit'LES, nun.) 

A new theatre opened at this Summer re- 
sort July 3, and It looks like a winner. 

Ethel Whiteside and Picks opened tbe bill. 
and she was a success, regardless of her po- 
sition. Her offering went over big. 

Hobby and Dale, two men who carry their 
own drop, certainly have a very good singing 
and talking act, nud pleased. 

i»c Lisle nnd Vernon got over very nicely 
as n sister team, doing; singing and Character 

Mary Gray is certainly a very clever girl, 
'specially when she waltzes with herself, 
one ean hag herself the same as Kate Bll- 
nore used to do. Her songs are all good and 
•he was a decided bit. 

Clark and Verdi, two men, Italian char- 
acters, won much favor. 

The Kitamurn Troupe of Japanese foot 
oainncerj and tumblers did some very good 
»"ork and went over nicely. «*» 

■ i i .. a ^«B]i 

VAiey were applauded unstldtedly on Mon 
day, and they easily carried) off the honors of 
tbe show. 

Acts new hero this week are : Jess Dandy 
and company, ln a musical sketch, entitled 
"Tbe Nodding Idol ;" Merlin, who U a myall- 
for, with a pack of ordinary playing cards; 
Charles Seward, Walter James and Dorothv 

photoplays, which are changed dally. Marie 
Kline, the famous Ttianhouscr Kid, will bo 

the bcadllner for tbe last half of the week. 
Jardln de Danae (Carter De Have 
mgr.) — Joan Sawyer and Wallace McCutch 

eon continue as the star attractions of the 
cabaret at the Jardin_do Danse, atop of tho 

New York Theatre. Busanne Bocamota, the 
Turkey Trotting Hoggins. Marlon Solomon, 
Mile. Mateo anil M. La Bare and Diane ap- 
pear also, 

Morrison's, nockownr— The bill this 
week Includes: Hopble Tucker, Paul Morton 
and Naomi Glass Ahearn Troupe, McUevitt. 
Kelly and Lucy, Tattle Lord Roberts, CaaOela 

ieroBBts hi the world"— this Is a mistake, w a„«Io«m ~ 

Hayden, presenting "Vaudeville Tidbits," and 
John I!. Gordon and company, is a farcelet, 
antmed "What Would You Do?" 

'Further mention of lucse four acts can be 
found under New Acts, tide issue. 

The aistira Gaseh surely delivered '"the 
fiwda" In their acrobatic apeclalty, The 

but It la a fact that this atage has never 
witnessed a more expert or autistic perform- 
ance given by young women. 
* tin: 

American, nookomoy — The American 
Is playing vaudeville. Tuesday of each week 
Is t'ountry Storo Night. 

Itenr Drlsrhtoa (Sam McKee, m|T.)— 
This weok's bill Includes : Bessie Wynn, Harry 
Bulger and company, Ren Welch, Beldom's 

The Flying Mnrttns And no dlfticulty ln re- 
taining theli prestige aa skilled and graceful 
aerlnlisti and their act scored finely aa usual. 

Hanloc and Clifton scored tbelr usual suc- 
cess with hand-hand lifting and acrobatic 
exercises, the undcrstandor displaying marvel* 

lous »tr«»£\f "**«",« A^K^SLSS? "iy?fo."— CapteLnT Scott 'inotlon plctares 
grace In new stunts that brought tho applauee, wnMll .. e nt tb tf hou90 . 

Lafayette fB. Nelbur, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and plcturei. 

Noma (Jack Lowers, mgr )— Vaudovlllo 
and pictures. 

itlvrrslde (Herman Goldman, mgr.)— 
iaudevllle tad pictures. 

Hearriit (B. Bowers, mgr.)— Pictures and 

S ,B i"w , * , 's fitef* <*• •* cCl **. "tw 

—Vaudovlllo and pictures. 

*ssBB> J( a M |e lMl antl Slatssntb Street 
(B. Johnson, .oer.)— llctures and vnudovllle, 

Lowe's Fifth Avenue (A. IiOWV. mgr.) 
—Pictures, to good sized houses. 

Trexnosit (J. Wells, mgr,)— Pictures nt 
cheap prices. 

„ Vs»s"aVirgl|e? < r,«evn>ne« Brutus, tofr.)— 
Vaudeville and nloturee. 

Natloaal (Harry Lowe, mar.)— Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Pieetera One HaadreU aad Twenly- 
flftfc street (C. A Allen, mgr.T- Por first 
half of the week i Hell Boys and the -Belle I, 

1'ocmi In Marble, Hmc. Besson and company, Lillian Kick and company, Wcrrtenlierg Bros., 
ltobert nnd Lawrcnco Ward, Cesar Itlvoli, ' 
Daniels and Conrad. Hill and Bylrlanl. War- 
ren and Conley, and the Plying Buesells. 

besides four curtain calls. 

Old Timer. 

Weber's. — Motion pictures. 

Henderson's (Carlton Uoagtand, mgr.) 
— The bill for week of July 7 includes: Ham 
nnd Kitty Morton. John ond Mao Burke, 
Dorothy Blchmond and company, Claude 
Ooldeo, Hussy and Lee, Freeman and Dun- 
ham, Daprcc and Dupree, Frederick V, 

Vorkvllle (Lswrence 
Vaudeville and picture,. 

Brighton Beach Masle Hall (C. S 

Breed, mgr.l— 'Heading the bill for thU week 
Is Emma Dunn and company, In "Making 
Good." Other fine attractions are: Fannie 
Urlce. Wills Holt Wakefield, 8am Chin and 
Mary Marble, In "Tho Land of D'kes ; ' 
Hoey and Leo, Doyle and PUon, Apdale ■ 
Animal Circus. Lyons aud xosco, and the 
loleen Sister*. 

Herald Siianre (M. Bothvhlld, mgr.) 
— Klrst run motion pictures are shown here. 

Savvy (Itoaentiertr Bros., mgri — Motion 
mar.) — pictures In which leading stare appear Is tbe and motion pictures. 

ettractloa at this home. Broadway.— Motion pictures. 

Laura Daau and company, Ward Delmar, 
Kugene MacGregor, Harry Warden, Gene- 
vieve Warner, Fox nnd Kvana Caroline Man- 
kell. Bvcond half: Johc Melano and com- 
pany, Hvrninu nmd Mitlloy, Lee .Hlstcrs and 
Mack, La France anil McNahb, Rutlcdgc, 
rirke.-lng and company, lle'aac nnd Baker, 
Wallace Mickey, Claude Itanf, others. 

Mkumbra. — "The Battle of Gettysburg" 
pictures will be shown here July 14. 

lirookiyn, N, v. — Ihiibwlek (Kredk 
WhPbeck. nu|r,) for week of July 7, Jho 

Bowers and company. Keith PopiHur l'layers xiresent 'The Only 

" uen'* Avenue U (8. N. Kubn, mgr.)— Son." 

Vaudeville and motion pictures. 

Circle— Vaudeville and plctuea. 

Comedy (Albert Kaufman, mgr.)— Jdotlon 
pictures and Illustrated songs. 

-lasa (F..P. Wiley, mgr.) — MM" 

l't.'LTnV (A. M. Leigh ton, mgr.)— First 
ctass vaudeville, changed twice wsoblr, Is 
drawing capacity ubttses. 

Jonbm' Hi. f. Joaes, mgr.)— Vaudovlllo 
and pictures. 

Finn Avarire (M. H. Bate, mgr.)— Mo- 
tion pictures and vaudevlMe, 

UKiat of a Dominion motion picture censor 
So thut a film *hOw In ono prorlnra can be sliown 
lu auolher. At tbe prexent tluu each nroTlnco 
has a efnvjr, and the tvsut Is that a film sn- 
pn.twl In ono province ha* been slopiicl or badly 

ent In iiaolhrr The CM. Francis r»rnrl's 

8luw«, united, arrived In town (I, to appear for 
tho Brmtfotd Osralval entire wei'k of T, 

Paris, Can.— Star — morion pictures. 

Obm — Motion pictures. 

N'iitk.— A. I). Campbell, of Brantfonl, Who Is 

liiiilnil tlic project of building nn np-to-ilato opera 
l.oi.m In this city, has atada application for 
sixty-two feat frontauu with a <1om||i of l'U) feet 
on HeetiiBlc street, Tbe uulldlnu will cost about 

HanTalo, If. Y.— Star (P. C. Ownell, mgr. tbe 
Norlbaniptou l'layers, In '"She Onmbloc*," week 
ef July 7. '"liie Million" to follow. 

ffnxA'n (M. hiiim, msr.) — for week of 7: At«- 

amlor Ilms., IinborT, Oouu aud Oorrlr.e/, Ralph 
Here, Haiujiiel and ftellly, Oordon ami Ulci, La 
Vler. Hamters and Mllllss, and tho Bossow Mid* 

CAnwn-AL Coittt (Jotiuson a Buckley, uigrs.)— 
.Motion plcturei and the scenic railway continue 
to stlract big crowd* dally. 

Notbi.— The lUifeinek-Wsllsee Circus Is bmksd 

io show here 10, U The Okmnablu Bur- 
•*<ioe IhowB will Die the UMj»tt» until the 
llulelv i* flulitieiJ, Which will be about Ur.t of 
next year, 

eimlra, \. Y.—MsjMtle Of. D, Gllmon. 
inirr. ) bill for week of July 7 1 Kronen and La 
Mar, Valentine Vox Jr. Relblnl and Qrovlnl, 
V red MUnfotd, Be Michelle Bros,, ilDil tho Broad, 
way UlnalNl MaTils, 

RniieB's OtBW (Oeorge T.yiltriir. uisr.l— "The 
Bed Mill." auog by tho Manbittau Opera Co.. 
wick of 7. 

Geneva, N', Y. — Snath ill. II. riutstmlt, 

mgr.) motion plotures, matinee* nnd evenings, 
to xgml bujlneu. 

Tumi a (P, O. Pierce, rngr.)— Pictures and 
Mgli eh** turns between (lie reel*, two perform- 
•Jiccs In the afternoon and two lu Hid vvrolnf, 
to satisfactory biutn«w. 

The rase of James Devlin, up for trial for 
the shooting of I'oltocirfnn consldlnc, was 
called by Supremo Court Justice Parker, at 
Haekensock. N. J., July 7, and, will probably 
take several days. 

' a nte ) 

rOY FOB V. B. 0, 

I'ddle Foy and the children are booked to 
open nt the 1'uion Mquare Theatre, Mew 
York. In Beptembcr, for A tour of the U. B. 
0. heuee*. 



July 12 


rounded In 18(53, 



NEW YOBK, JULY 12, 1918. 

Entered Jane 24, 1870, it the Pott Office it 
N«w York, n. Y., u Meant clisi matter, under 
(lie act of March 8, 187B. 

RATC8. . 

idwrtliemeou— $2.80 per inch, tingle column, 
dvettuwmeata let with border, 10 per ct. extra. 


One year, Is advance, $1 ; alx montbi, 12; three 
month!, |1. Canadi and foreign postage extra. 
Single coplei will be teat, postpaid, on receipt of 
10 centa. 

Our Terms awe Cn«U. 
THE CLIPPER is toned every WEDNESDAY. 
The Form* doling 1'romptlr on 
Tneiday, at 10 A, M. 
rleaie remit by express money order, check, 
P. O. order or registered letter. A'\ caab enclosed 
wllb letter la at risk of reader. 
Aildreaa All Communication* to 
47 Welt 28th Street, New York, 
Tel. 2274-UadllOD. 
IttiMtreiCalleAddra; " AuTH oauTT." 

or Tni Cliphb la looted at Room SOS, Ashland 
Block, Chicago, Warren A. Patrick, manager and 


arriiL, at oof.igeuti, Urentano'i news depot, 37 
Avenue de l'Opera, Paris, France; Diamond News 
Co.. 126 Prado, Havana; Uanlla Book and sta- 
tionery Co., 128 Eacolu, Uanlla, P, I.; Gordon 
ft (latch, 128 Pitt tllreet, Sydney, N. B. W„ 




a June 29. 

We seem to be In for A Summer debacle 

Cumm Erctix, tic classy, cterer singer 
and violin virtuoso, was engaged •■ the 

relal attraction at the Lyric, Hackensack. 
J., last week. Needless to say she filled 
tbe bill. 

Walter Weemr postals It to me tbat he 
la working bis way West via tbe U. B. O. 
load. Walt baa tbe very proper Idea of en- 
tertaining In a clever snatch of minstrel, 
cartooning and a few on brass. 

Ediths Gibbonb was among our midst last 
week. Edvthe, besides possessing a sweet 

voice, good costumes and personality, can ... we seem to oe in tor a Bommer aepacie 
boast some of a cleverly moulded ngure. ^yond .experience I . "Btewater's Millions" 

Edytbe was on the way to a fine llttl? bit J!lSiSwi2 u ^ t ^ir tr "» n , a, i™m , f?i-?.fI k? *£ 
even before she exposed those shapely limbs «oraIngly, anrl will not Immediately be re- 
in her final number, so they didn't "save 1 * <W«e4, , n« Cardinal's Bomance" braced 
this act ' VD a " tt,e after mT dispatch of last week, 

Gus' McCdNb was tbe tnncb disappointed jg to HjkMM .fiisa the Savoy to-nlgbt. The 

one when those Three Kldlets were notified ^ oa \ re Df cfo f e f/ 11 L th ^" r , lTa 1, of H-B. Irving, 

by the "arm of the law" not to show at Proc- Tbe lent nights pf •'Crresus." at the Garrlcx, 

tor's Fifth Avenue Theatre last week. « te Imminent. 'The Dancing Mistress • has 

"Tub Dancb ok tub Sihbn," Joseph Her- departed from the Adelphi, and the Eg- 
bert Jr. and Lillian Goldsmith's latest dance Zl T ¥? p ^ ople have not made np their mind; 
success, will be at the Fifth Avenue next !? nat „ t ? do ■R& , Uar i ,n Harvey " season at 
week. It's one of the classiest of Us typo tbe Prince of Wales' Theatre nears its end. 
tbat has been slipped to us in a good while. And t^ere are rumors, top persistent to be 
Held over for a second week at Hammer- ignored, too dangerous to record, of de- 

CUpper Darcao, 5 Booth Sanare Gray's Ins, London, W. C. 

Bteln's this week. 

plorable business at one or two other bouses. 

Bill? Mattkbws wag much elated over Meanwhile the season of Bussian ballet and 

securing the Thanhouaer Kid for his house, SHMs ^ ru 57 L , ane be #* a mo8t aospleioasly 

for tho first three days of this week, which with "Boris Goudonov.' r . 
Is "exhibitors - week" at the Grand Central Mclntyre and Heath, after much healta- 

Palace. Jobn Buck gets this clever little tlon, arrived In London on Monday last, 

juvenile for the last four days, and If you as contributors to the Hippodrome revne. 

are looking for. and can't find an exhibitor They can only spend a month here this trip. 

up at the Palace, run down to Proctor's. 

Toledo and Bukton, an equlllbristlc sing, 
lng act. Odd, eh? But clever. A fine per 

There was a great rally of professional 
friends, and the telegraph wires were kept 
busy with congratulatory messages. But It 

former, be, while the girl Is pretty, shapely, Is felt tbat tbe circumstances were not 

and can boast of an extraordinary voice. 

wholly favorable. Their act would have 

Bebt and Violet Stboud, the proud par- teen setter as a "tarn" than as an lnterpo- 
ents of Baby Violet, did a" double at the latlon to tbe revne. Moreover, much of their 
Twenty-third Street Theatre last week, as business bas been done here, even In tbe 
the "sheriff" wouldn't Issue a permit for the revue, to which they- have now been lntro- 
babe's appearance, by heck. Ha and Pa duced. Considering all ■these drawbacks It 
showed that they could do very well In ' s oulte wonderful tbat the artists made so 
such emergencies. Little VI 1» another jure- ¥ mit a success. But their gualutness and 

Me who has scored wonderful success out 5 un >°r were bound to appeal, and as oer- 
AKSWFkS TO fflPRF^POliTrffliTS 'through the West, and she was angry when ' crmall S , r has '""eeded performance, .Lon- 
AalWtTlWkl IV \*Vl\aM»rvni/Cllla« she found she wouldn't be allowed to ''alow" don audiences have begun to appreciate the 

us folks somethings, «Ji .<MI short-stay visitors, who will 

BrtXT Aeoall spent a few days with Fred. probably be encouraged to revisit this coon- 

and May Thomas, at their Summer home, at * ry J? s ^ oon a8 tat 3 A c *?-, . . .. 

Bayshore. Long Island, recently. Dropped a?*?™ WLfl w . <1IlllerfI1, JPerformance at the 

In here, sald^he had to tear himself away At. James Bite namely, of "London Aa- 

ln order to run to New York and case It over S 1 ™ 11 ^' J°F "f a «8mentatlon of the en- 

tbe front window sill that be has signed J} 00 . " SSJtSSP an <> Actresses, some 

with Al. Fields' Minstrels for next season. £ Jm e since Instituted by King George and 

Beba and Inez Kaufman and Motbbs bearing Wa name. The cast was made up of 

Kaufman grabbed that ship for Europe last 'J 6 .,™ ? dlstlnifulsbed actors and actresses 

Saturday, and won't put their little dancing ? f the f**?-^ Tbo eome dy was selected so aa 

feet on our shores jigain until about 1916. *• employ them effectively. In the ordinary 

Hatwabd Sisters cleaned up a fine hit at E*?- «* " 9°"* neglected now-a-days. The 

Proctor's Twenty-tlilrd Street first half of kJn )t, and queen were present, 

last week. The patrons of F. F.'a houses „„ ''J Adore Ca," the French revue at tho 

came near losing such talent. Considerable Middlesex, has prwed so remarkably suc- 

tslrln they. cessful at the Middlesex that there Is now 

Jose Melano and cohpant, late feature* »n Idea of permanently estobllshlng some 

of the Eva Tanguay show, will present "The fom ot u 8 n * 'French entertainment In Lon- 

Indlan Rustler" on the Proctor time for three don. 

weeks previous to starting bookings which ' Apropot, there wbb a tremendous function 

will keep them busy for toe next two years at the Palace Theatre last night, when a 

on tbe Pantages and W. V. M. A. time. number of Important persons concerned In 

Bat Howabd Is a singing comedienne who the visit ot the French president to London 

should work her way "up there" In a short visited the theatre. 

while. Miss Howard was formerly known "Ob, I Say t" Is a great hit at the Cri- 
es Mae Kennedy, her off-stage name. She terlon. James Welch will send tbree com- 
possesses all tbat Is necessary for ft regular panles on the road with this farce m tbe 
good single. Autumn. 

Miss pat Baker Is to dissolve partner- Cyril Maude Is to be entertained at 

ship with the Turner Twine in the near fu- luncheon by the Theatrical Managers Asao- 

tore. elation, of which he Is president, before he 

Laaxr's Tubed Types, a corking posing sails for America, 

act. will open for the Summer on Hammer- Lawrence Honsman, the dramatist, pro- 

steln's Roof July 14. tested against service on the London Ses- 

Jban Weir, who, with her company, erne- elons jury while women should remain on 

cessfully presented "His Last Offense," at a footing unequal with that of men. He 

Proctor o Fifth Avenue Theatre last week, was excused without argument, 

has been booked for tho whole circuit, be- r A vast number of actresses assisted In the 

ginning In the Fall. Scored a regular hit sale of roses on Wednesday, Alexandra Day, 

Miss Weir wrote and produced the sketch for the augmentation of the charities In 

herself, too. which that Deloved queen Interests herself. 

Stella Clabk at last reports that al- Many thousands of women pervade the city 

though she lost a trunk full of new ward- and sell roses to all and sundry. They raise 

robe and passed a trying experience in the nearly $100,000. 

Ohio flood at Hamilton, she Is "all there" Robert Michaels, who took a short boll- 

personally, and Is spending a pleasant visit day from Daly's Theatre on bis marriage 

with relatives In Cincinnati, and preparing with Phyllis Le Grand. Is once more appear- 


A, I., New York. — Make application at tho 


A, It,, New York. — In two banded pinochle 
a player must take a trick before he can 
snake a meld, and as soon as he makes It, it 
la counted on his score. He does not have 
to take a trick after ho has melded to make 
His meld good. Otherwise he would be com- 
pelled to take (too tricks before bis meld 
would count, The count for the dlcce should 
bave been added to bis score as soon as he 
declared It, aa be could not bave mado tbe 
declaration without having first taken a 

W. L. H„ Salt Lake City.— 1. The, meld 
counts 240. 2. Yes, they can bo melded in 
a two handed game. 


The Do Kalb Theatre, De Kalb Avenue, 
near Broadway, Brooklyn, closed July for 
alterations and Improvements. The an- 
nounced change of policy will start on Labor 
Day, under a five year contract for Broadway 
attractions under the management of tbe 
fitmberts. The Shttbert Is to continue Its 
vaudeville policy, and tho De Kalb Is to have 
the attractions formerly presented. The 
large seating capacity and the stage of the 
De Kalb make ft possible to prodnce them. 
The house seats 2,600. 

Among the early bookings are "The 
Whip," presented laet season at tbe Manhat- 
tan Opera House; Oaby Dealys, "Within the 
Law," tbe Winter Garden play, "Tho Honey- 
moon Express j" "Little Women," Sam Bor- 
nard, In "All for the Ladles;" William Fa- 
vershaan. In a spectacular Shakespearean pro- 
duction; Forbes Robertson, in repertoire; B. 
H. Sothern and Julia Marlowe, In Shake- 
spearean productions ; De Wolf Hopper. "Ro- 
mance," Robert B. Maotell, William Hodgo, 
tn a new play ; Docketadcr's Minstrels, Grace 
George, In "Dlvorcons," and other plays ; An- 
nie Hussell, In old English comedies; Will I ant 
Collier Laurette Taylor, In "Peg o* My 
Heart and many more. Frank Bohm chairman of Mia enter-tutu, where he has been taking a cure. He Is said 

The De Kalb will be the only theatre In tnent committee' for the Carnival Week «t th£ t0 be ,n n,uch ^ ttn beaIth - but he Is not 
Brooklyn at wblcb the Shubert plays will be VaudevlBe Comedy Club, at the Brighton attending to business. He proceeded directly 
presented at a scale of prices which is never Beach Music Hall, next week, has cornered t0 £ ls homeln the country. 
Jo exceed $1 for the best orchestra seats, an unequaled array of vaudeville talent for ., C1 5? do M? ro<le naB been added to tb * Lon ' 
The contract with the Shubert offices pro- the big event. The club will nlav the hon«. on doa °P. era J r °" Be r ? 7Ue - 
vldes that the attractions which tbe De Kalb 
Is to offer shall not bo presented elsewhere 
at leas than fl.50 scale of prices, and la 
many Instances $2 will be asked for the offer- 
ings which tbe De Kalb Is to present at $1. 

Shubert attractions will tie booked ex- 
clusively, but tbe management will remain 
with I. Fluegelman. 

« i > 

The flhuberts have secured the booking 
control of the De Kalb Avenue Theatre, In 
Brooklyn, which has been operated by Cun- 
ningham & Fluegelman as a small time vaude- 
ville house, The arrangement is for five 
years. The house will be opposition to Tel- 
ler's Broadway. The De Kalb Is a handsome 
theatre, seating 2,000, 

big sow act for vaudeville. 


.„ appear- 
ing In "The Marriage Market." He Is quite 
the favorite musical comedy jeunc premier 
of the hour. 

George Edwardes returned from Germany, 

favo b ra1,l7nIar?n e g d *nTs H WtfcftS On^ultd'reT^r'.nanctf have now been 

could not to£?*Trtt£\xiTX£™*«& P l a ^ r£ l he PSE&WSi YeUow Jacket '" 

than the "Annual Copers of the Clowns? at ,& e „R lke . 1 ot York a Theatre. 

Frank has a list of over onehundred ntunea m w " B,n «*• ^aw 'a said to have settled 

made up of he best acts of vaudeville Tallde. down , lnto a «r«"»lne success at the" Hay 

MSSc HaHurlng* the clubs* w^Vtbat ***** Brett, the brother and nearly th. 

place Tof aiuaement. The two previons "C«J 'l^K ot ©SE S ,ck M a8 "H* 1 a 

pers" have been held at Atlantic ("itv hnt divorce from his wife, May Ashe, who has a 

tEe dktence from New*Yotkhas nrevented cnrionB likeness to Bliallne Terries. 

the attendance of thousands of New Vortrem Another well known song writer, C. W. 

Who awrtSEch «tolr^of 0l the^aKl^ M a ^ b JL VtfV He wrote ' Hm inybody 

Comedy Club. For that reason It wE Hero Seen Kelly?" 

cldcdlo give this SSJISrZJ LSSLS: ■ It appears tfiat "Tb* Faun" is a failure, 

near the city, and to beassureS at TtSoI for Martin Harvey Is immedUtely reviving 

theatre where both audiences and players "£ h \ 0nI » Way" at the Prince of Wales 1 

would avoid the donresslar hear, the tuSSSSm Theatre. 

Beach Musl^ T HaM^vle sifocled as HlllSS .. 8o poP«>l«r has the revival of "The Second 

every requirement MIO «ea «» ni"tW Mrs. Tananerav" proved at the St. James' 

theatre, seating 2.0O0. TbeAop price will be _ Owlog to the great number of acts Messrs. T ,heatre that Sir George Alexander content- 

one dollar, and the ebuberAV»e agreed not Breed and Bohm have determined umfu^ t" 11 ' 68 no « han «« Jn h,s program till he takes 

to book another Brooklyn- house at that Jhange ot program each day, with atleast to i. he S a 2: , m 

ten new acta for each bin 8lr Herbert Tree revives "Borneo' and 

«i» Hi Juliet" at His Majesty's Theatre on Monday, 

PITTRPrmnufW n» annaima ia continuation of his Shakespeare festival. 

n.™ t? . ^ , . W THBATRB * He wlH Play Mercotlo. for the first tunc. 

-i-SS."" Dn y la . a 5 d Jonn p - Harris have Phillip Merlvale will play Romeo, and Phyllis 

SI22J2,. . c .°, ntract '°r the erection of a new Nellson Terry, Juliet. Miss NeUson Terry 

SSSLtS »i ne £, ,r . e ', 2U b * eoj. 1 of »2«>.O00, ends a two years' engagement at His Ma- 

P rmS.* » • Uot el8chenley, Pittsburgh. Pa. Jesty's as leading lady with this- season. 

a^sbSLPS?! wl " 5SJ* a Bta « e eapaclty of ' Percy Hutchinson and his road comoany. 

R2SI Si. . P 10 .? oper *' No nanM > na » *ho have been playing "Brewster's MluTons'' 

5« k» en yct 5S tb6 new structure, nor at the Strand, vacate that house on Satur- 

ln«»iKf5i^ nnoun .l ed w tb .? J P <>I,c y tbat W "I b « °ay. On Monday they will open at the New 

Instituted w hen the b uilding Is completed. Theatre In "Officer 066." 

__. _ ' __ • ■ • » Louis Meyer produces an adaptation of the 

BELLA BELMONT RETURNS. French farce, "Le Prise de Berg-Op-Zoom," 

Bella Belmont, who retired from the stam Bt & Strand In August. 

some Mx month, ago on account of thedeSS „*, B ? tlll l st tbe Holborn Restaurant on 

of her brother. Ah*red DilyVa ball playe? on Wednesday, committed Itself to the forma- 

Jhe White 8ox teamTwill return "to the foot! **■ of * Drama League here, on the lines 

lights again, booked solid over the Law and 2L . tbe American Institution, Frederick 

8. ft C. time. a WhelaYi said he was assuredjlhat In America 


.Lexington, Ky.. Is to lave a new vaude- 
vll c theatre, which will bo opened In the 

The house will be known as the Hippo- 
drome, and will bo built on the site of the 
B re ! pn L" nln >r Tbc seating capacity will 
p 1,000. Including the balcony. 
Gus Spa will Trook the house, and will 
change the acts weekly. Louis H, Ramsey 
will be manager. 

a i a 


John Schomaker, owner of Warde's Comedy 
Co., has closed his company for a few weeks 
to re-orgonlie for bis new tour, He Intends 
producing four new tabloid murlcal comedies, 
which he says are np-totho- minute la every 


"The Van from Home" Co. played the past 
week at the Marguerite Clark Tbeatre.^t. 
tools. Mo., on the sharing plan, and were 
thus enabled to secure their fares for New 
lork, tbe house closing July 6. 
♦ «» 
Walter Rosenberg has transferred his lease 
of tbe Lyric Theatre, at Red Bank, N. J., to 
Thomas Williams, J. 3. Travcrs and Fred 
van Dorn, the owners of tbe house. 
<i a 
The Colonial will be the new name of the 
S*!?*' , B"»Wnior«^.r«ccntl3r leased by Stair 
A liavlln who will renovate the house and 
open It about Sept. 1. 

> i » 

iJ£ a 3 a si£ /P"*? 1 ^ * u l ™«»te the af- 
fairs of the Grand Opera House, New York, 
next season, 

^«» " 

..i.vtu,, i.u>u in, n«n annuivuMmv ill aiutliv. 

m. good play bad very often**been saved from 
failure by tho action of the League In In- 

-Jk.g f'AMft of the team of Copeland forming and stimulating the public, 

SSLaV", JSSf W S. ,W *"** hi" partner. Andreas Edward Hanneford, one of the. last of the 

JgH' »ff .*»»%■■« fte e Mea t June 29, which old time circus proprietors. Is dead 

£2?*mFiS h *I th 2 S»%L?* °er left eye. She Anna Bva Fay home ere this announces 

ThV -I S y * oaseoall, when it came through her return to England In the FaU. 

win*™ "„ w / *. p «i»»ylv«nl» train, the A "third edition" 6f the Hippodrome 

21?^#K. w, qv l0 " rf - a . n ? P** * 8 of Haai cut wvue. "Hello I BagtUnel" Is promlsedat the 

bV7«» o. a **" taken B » Hospital In HrppodoxBe. Irving Berlin is to play an lnv 

5 1 all *Aj™-. and from there was removed to portant part In lbs preparation. ; ^ 

H?_*ll fH^fi*?. «otel. Kane, Pa. Tbe Alfred Butts la now credited with the In 

»*.? Jit if 7 ' r tbcr * intlM July 10, when tentlon of building a new music hall la 

tZilL. rSL£"?"f ***• Miss Walsh Is tuf- Parle. 

H,?ir° m J?*K. 0U8 8h » clt 8nd • bl »ek ey". _ ' ' 

lni?rt , i 8 < is9 > . PB 5 l J 0, U , 'rlte: "We are mak- e====- ===== =5= 

K W* wllf have* WtS-s toW? - BtKS ^VENE. 

„„ .' S? ".if** 1 ^ of tt e following com- New Srs Bro** 1 *? «nd the Bronx are rep- 

munlcatlon : "The 'Storif presented Mrs. Lee «?»nted by large delegations, and an Inter- 

n"Jf y ' "^ Haley and Haley, with a baby girl. * ,Un * program, of sightseeing and events Is 

Both mother and baby are doing nlcelv at "r*"** ' 

* h elr home In St Louis, Mo." * V ' The election of Grand Exalted Ruler Will 

■JF ££&E°'RJ3'* * ,rB (nob *y Bobbins) tj r ^ ba % t r *» n ' t ,*■> Bdward B. I^ach. of New 

and daughter, Doris, are spending the Sum- * ork » **laf returned the winner. 

S*I U . "* r f ^?*- " Bol *y Bobolns," Lake - ■ ■ . ■> ' » 

ALF. II ATM AN SAIXS. '.casea ft ?& i«57 """'T *S b 3i2 n 5«.* ■*"« x^hmTA opened July 2. at Hen- 

Alt Havmanamea Joh/aon-aie Olympic, .CHftortfl 4be &$£.»"** oI aWg <*# ffij^^S IttanS; for thTreniainde?^ 

Fred Minis, the ventriloquist, died In St. 
Bartholomew's Hospital on Wednesday after 
an operation. A while ago he became blind. 
Ho t.iok. an active part In the social and po- 
litical work of the profession, and was much 
esteemed. " 

Karl Frederick Grohler, otherwise Karl 
Hooper, bas obtained a divorce from Victoria 

■Klanca Waldo, who makes her appearance 
at the Coliseum on Monday; as a "Society 
eiffleuse," is the wife of Waldo Dewey, cousin 
of Admiral Dewey. 

An extraordinary play called "War In the 
Air" was produced at tbe London Palladium, 
on Monday. In a most Important sounding 

?rclude, (he management claims that the In- 
entlon is. in the 'spirit of "An Englishman's 
Home," to arouse the public of a sense of 
the danger to England that lies in the apathy 
displayed by the government in respect of 
aerial navigation. In truth It Is a crude 
sensational melodrama, not even good of 
that kind. It, Is generally described In these 
terms. . . .„ . 

(Susanna. Cole died In a nursing home. In 
her eighty-third year. She was a famous 
vocalist during Victoria's reign — almost In- 
variably Jenny Land's understudy. 

Everywhere it is the revue! '^Step this 
way," produced at the . Oxford on Monday, 
is a very successful attempt to accommodate 
this prevailing Idea to the conventional 
vaudeville houses, 'The book Is by Charles 
Wllmot, mandger of tbe Frances ft Day 
music publishing firm. Tbe music Is by Max 
riarewskl. the r 'lnfant agent," Tbe Idea Is 
tbat a big department store lays Itself out 
to supply entertainers, and so we are band- 
ed a.l the stars of the moment — Merry 
Widows, Dancing MlBtressos, Delphlnes and 
so forth. It la a. most ingenious and amusing 

Charles Gulliver, of the Palladium, proves 
to be more seriously 111 than was first be- 
lieved, and It may be a long time before the 
busy managing director Is at his post again. 

Some locations for Monday next are: 
Harry Brown, London Victoria Palace; Geo. 
Abel, Regent, Salford ; Perry and White, Al- 
faambra, Glasgow; Conrad and Whldden.Hlp- 
XKidrome, Leeds ; Annette Kellermann, Hlppo- 
orome, Leeds; Heeley and Meeley, Barry 
Docks Palace; Potter and Hartwell, Hippo- 
airome. Preston : Carlisle and Wellman, Em- 
pire, Swansea ; R. G. Knowles, Empire, Ard- 
wick; Donald and Carson, Pavilion, Ayr; 
Melville Gideon, - London Pavilion ; Maud 
Courtney, Hackney Empire; the Great Wei- 
land, Wood Green Empire; Margaret Moffatt, 
'J'ivoll; Mrs. Coleman, Tlvoll ; Radford and 
Valentine, Tlvoll; Charles Aldrich, London 
Pavilion ; WU1 H. Fox, Palace. Boston ; Whlt- 
taker and Hill, Empire, South Shields ; Wal- 
ter C. Kelly. Grand Theatre, Birmingham; 
Wilson and Waring, Empire, Bradford; the 
Aerial Smiths, ' Grand Theatre. Bradford ; 
Jen Latona, Empire, Dublin ; GUday and Fox, 
Empire, Sheffield. 

We are to see the Eight Clovelly Girls at 
the Empire next week. •» 

On Monday tbe Rathskeller Trio make their 
first appearance In London, at tho Victoria 

Edmond Hayes does "'The Wise Guy" at 
tbe Stratford Empress next week. 

Tom McNnghten and AHee Lloyd will do 
nothing but make holiday during their stay 
on this side. 

You are to see a very popular English duo, 
Jack and Evelyn, In the States. They are 
brother and sister, O'Connor by name. 

To tbe Victoria Palace, on Monday week, 
comes Ethel Green, whom Alfred Butt an- 
nounces as "America's foremost comedienne." 
Meanwhile, Harry Lauder .Is doubling the 
Palace, in Shaftesbury Avenue, and tbe 
Palace Victoria, for a .fine fee. -His elation 
on having now completed all his old, low 
price contracts Is unrestralnable. ■ ■ 

Oswald Stoll applied. himself to a great 
undertaking' at the Coliseum on Monday, and 
must be allowed to bave succeeded greatly. 
His ambition soared so high as to bring 
Wagner's "Parsifal" home to a vaudeville 
audience. With tbe aid of a well known ar- 
tist, Byam Shaw, he contrived twelve living 
pictures of great distinction. Musical ac- 
companiments, by an orchestra of sixty-five, 
are conducted by Sir Henry Wood. It Is a 
brilliant achievement. 

An opera based on the pathetic story of 
Haame . Ira Barry Is to be done at Coven t 
Garden on Thursday next. It is the work of 
a composer unknown here. Meanwhile, Biro 

Lyn Harding reached home on Saturday 

John Glendlnntng produces "The Rosary" 
at the Elephant and Castle, on Monday, 

H. B. Irving promises the production of 
Stephen Phillips' play, "The Son of David." 
during his season at the Savoy. 

Mary Forbes la to be the next tenant of 
the Ambasadors' Theatre. She will produce 
a piece called "Tbe March Hare," by Harold 
Smith, a brother of F. E, Smith, the famous 
lawyer and politician. 

"Milestones" will be played at the Royalty 
for the five hundred and fiftieth time on 
Tuesday. u 

Caruso's last appearance In opera this sea- 
son will be In "La Boheme," at Covent 
Garden, to-night He leaves for Italy im- 

"Typhoon" registers Its one hundredth 
performance on Monday, at the Queen's The- 

Leonard Borne, happily recovered from 
the Illness that brought him to the brink of 
the grave, resumes the character of the old 
Innkeeper, In "General John Began," at the 
Apollo on Monday. 

There Is said to be a serious disagreement 
between the two general managers of the Al- 
hambra. , 

Freeman Wills, a clergyman, who Is dead, 
i?. Rl ways cited as the author of "The Only 
Way. Canon Fredereck Langbrldge an- 
other clergyman, was part author. He' now 
publicly admonishes Martin '-Harvey, believ- 
ing the time has come for bis share In tho 
work to be publicly acknowledged. Once the 
clerical dramatist was a very rare bird, 
rtcxt week three of them will be represented 
on our stage. 

. Billy 8eeley and bis wife, Rhodesia, are 
home from South Africa. They open at Col- 
lins' Music Hall on Monday. 
-.m? 8 ."/ r -* UI,er preached a sermon, with ln- 

M xrm,.2? B P' ? .* "SH c Ve> '••* week. 

William Berol Is shortly due in London 
from South Africa. j — «■">>«• 

Wlllard, "The Man Who Grows," is off to 
Russia immediately. ■ ^" • ■ 


Advertisements not exceeding one line. In lenirtk 
will be published, properly classified in this index 
at the rate of (10 for one year- (53 Issues), a 
copy of Thb Niw York Currra will be sent free 
to each advertiser while the advertisement Is run- 
ning. _~"~" ~~~~ ' 
BOOTHS -.««■ 

0. W. Trainer Mfg. Co., 75* Pearl St., Boetov 


Hart Mfg. Co., 832 Atlantic Ave., Boston, Moss. 

B. H. Uayland ft Son, 54 WlUoughby St., Brook- 
lyn, N. xY 

Bncekhelm Bros, ft Eckstein,' 245 So. Peoria St, 

S. Bower, 117 Barman fit., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Edwin. Jt. Street, 28 Brook St., Hartford, Oonn. 

A. Braonelss, 1012 Grant Ave., Richmond H11L 
N. Y. ^ 

J. 0. Deagon, 8800 N. Clark St, Chicago, III. 


H. J. Harwood's Sons, 69 Pearl St, Boston, Masa 

Boeckhelm Bros, ft Eckstein, 245 So. Peoria St, 

0. L. Story Scenic Co., Somervllle Station, Bos- 
ton, Masi. 
Scsmsn ft Landts Oo., 417 8. Clinton St., Chicago, 
Toomey ft Volltnd, 2312 Market St., St. Louis. 
Shell's Scenic Studios, 581 So. High St.,,Colam- . 

bos. Ohio. rS 

New York Studio. 1001 Times Bldg.. N. V. 0. 
Howard ToRfe, 1202 Center St.. Milwaukee, Wis. 


Planet Show Print ft Eng. Bouse, Chatham, Out 



Paul Ttuslg ft Son, 104 E. 14th St, N. Y. Q. 

Kunkely Tent ft Awning Co., loS South St., N. Y. 

Boston Kcgalii Oo., 387 Wash. St., Boston, Mass. 

E. Walker. 309 Vf. 3»th St., New York. 

MT/SIOIAN8 WANTED in all branches for 
B. and 0. Long season to good people. B. R, 
Ball. Salary small, but sure. Bcthlenem, N. B., 
July 12; Jefferson, 14: Concord, Vt. 16, Hanvlck, 
16. Address AL. MABTZ, "Carey's Visit" Co. 

""WANTED I For Borner's Greater Shows, 
Good all 'round Sketch Team that can change for 
six sights. Also Piano Player wbo reads and 
fakes, double Band, good Trombone. Trap Drum- 
mer. I bave Traps and Drums, good Cornet; all 
double Orcb. State lowest In first letter. Allow 
one or two days for mall to be forwarded. One 
show a day. Week stands. Address JOB HOB 
NEB, Kaaota, Minn. 

■WANTED— To know the whereabouts of punk 
territory, aa we are tired of turning them away 
and counting money Such terrific business weekly 
Is dreadfully monotonous. Add. all communica- 
tlons to THE GREAT RICTON, Dnnklrk, 0. 



ACTOR, to double Band. Add. GEO. B. SWBET 
July 11,12, Green Valley, IA.; 14, 16. Emden, 1U. 
10, 17, Hartabnrg, 111.; in, 19, Now Holland, III. 






Wire Cattaraugus, New York, week of July 7 and 14. 


Stag* Dancing, Etc. 

«Up to Data la staff tstakto 



School Always Open, 
' and TEN OTHERS, 





Age, 24; height, « ft. o in.; weight, 188, 
rep. only. Photos on request Addres 


Stook or 



P£r£ a i ) Kt. mcke, »j E n** , ope8, Free Samples, etc 

STAGE MONEY, 15c. Book of Herald Outs, Ho. 



TROMBONE PLATER, to double stage; COMB- 
IRAN, with Specialties, that can play Piano. 
Salary low, but positively sure. H. LA ROY, 
Belto VaHey, Ohio, caro ot Stock Co. 


»t.Ii 3i!.* nn< S? cca at Cone » l»la»d July 
that Frederic Thompson would shortly leave 
Luna Park for San Francisco, wherVne will 
create a new amusement park at the Panama- 
Pacific International Exposition in 101S. He 
was given a dinner July ? by President James 
A. Nelson, of the Sea Beach Land Company! 
owners of Lupa Park. «"^n 

I ■ > 

Nate «plngold. of the Morris forces, and 
bis wHe returned from Franca last weak, ' 

Wl VTFIl MuH *clana and Singers, High Tenor, 

HfiMIr**" Baritone, two Violin, Viola and 
'Cello; all to double In band. Al property Man, 
double on Alto Saxophone or Clarinet, Also Flute 
and Pic. All must join on receiptor telegrams. 
No rares advanced. Hotel show and sure, long 
engajrernent. Address Dm RUE BROS. MIN- 
STRBLS, Per. address, RocfcvlUe Cen- 
tre, N. Y, 



Cost $225.00. Maroon color. In 2 pieces 18 x IS 
each. First «24.oo takes It A. GRAIN, sio 
Spring Garden St., PhHadalplala, P»» 

M. D., registered In THln ola. Long 
season. Address PARKER COMEDY 






JULY 12 




The Economical Wny. Steam, 
era Frahk Jones and Kaator- 
skl'Aieavc Pier 48, North River 
(foot of W. 10th St.), at 8.30 p.m. 
West lS2d St. at i r. it. dally 
Bound Trip Tickets good Oil 
BeaBon. Dining Hervlco. CAPI 
TAL CITY LINE. Pier 40. N. B. 

CENTS' _ . 


Phono, Spring 8577. 


Edmonton, Can.— Empire— The Ball Fam- 
a» Instrumentalleta and dancers, and Tutor 
ffUmes rccontour, divided the headline honors June 
MJulv 2 Otters wero: Angela Kelr and com- 
met the Swaln-Oatman Trio, Hamlll and Ab- 
Ett. Devlno and Williams, Edgar Berber and 
5w talUDC moving pictures. Raymond Hitch- 
5elt v«» tto> attraction 3-3, In "The Bed 

Paxtaoss' ■— Lottta Mayer and her divine 

-tokos headed the Mil 1. and week, -uhlch In- 
tToded: Alfredo Marshall, ' 'Clayton and Lennle, 
ToJettt and Bennett, Billy Mann, and Blmber?, 
w.rioD and Day. Manager GUIs entertained mem- 
■era of the B. P. 0. B., at a special performance, 
■Uht of 4. 

i,Tcxvit.—Thit Pernianent Players presented 
■The Squaw Man" Jane 30 and week, Wits James 
Brsell In the leading role. Hazel 8 tone essayed 
S* part of Nat-C-Blch, the Diana being Grace 
Jjleiwortb. The company ?avo good support. 

Worm.— 'Hie Oklahoma Bancli Wfld We^t, fee- 
•Bine the auto polo game; Otto Kline trick rider, 
gat ridicule Mulhall, roper, ehowed In this city, 

a e The Sells-Floto Circus will give four 

■erformancea In Edmonton, 18. 19 The at- 

•mer-general of Alberta has summoned the pro- 
prietor! of the Oem, Fortola, Orpheum and Mon- 
arch picture nooses on the charge of violating the 
Sunday law. Preliminary hearings will take place 
tcfore Inspector Raven, In the police court The 

Attendants will nuke a test case Hon. Chas. 

W. Cross, attorney-general for Alberta, has given 
aotlce that no prize tights or boxing bouts will 
le permitted In this province In the future. L. F, 
marry, deputy attorney-general, announces that 
the department has Instructed the police to arrest 
ale participants, promoters and referee whenever 
in attempt la made to stage a mill. 

ShreTeport, La. — Grand (Ehrllch Bros, A 
Coleman, mars.) is dark. 

Majistio (Ehrllch Bros., mgrs.) bill wok of 
Jons 29 Included: Richard O'Leary, Five Musical 
lands (scream, at every performance), Attaway 
and Green, and That Trio. 

SiBNCiss (E. V. Richards Jr., mgr.) — Plc- 

QtrrsN (B. V. Richards Jr., mgr.)— Pictures. 

P alios (B. T. Richards Jr., mgr.) — Pictures. 

Mcssa (0. A. Demerls, mgr. )— .Pictures. 

Eriamland (O. A. Demerls, mgr.) — Pictures. 

Kotis. — iD. L. Cornelius, for many months con- 
nected with the local Dreamland Theatre, has been 
■ought oat by the Dacnger enterprises. The com- 
netltive exhibitors In this city are bucking very 
lard, therefore the local lovers of the "movies" 

get the best E. V. Richards Jr., manager of 

she Saenger circuit of theatres, has gone to New 
Toik City to attend the big convention. He was 

the chosen representative from Louisiana 

loots N. Broeggerboff, secretary of the Louisiana 
State Fair, has announced the attractions tor this 
fear's fair. Mr. Brneggerhoff spoke at Merryvllle, 
la., on July 4, lu behalf of the Beauregard parish 
lair The Hippodrome, another "movie" the- 
atre, to be under the present management of the 
Dreamland, is hearing completion. ' 

Mobile, Ala.^-Thlngs have assumed much 
activity In theatrical circles in Mobile during the 
jast week. The Mobile Theatre which was de- 
stroyed by fire last January, remained untouched 
mill last week, when a prominent firm of the- 
atrical architects sent n representative to confer 
with J. Pollock, owner of the projierty. It was 
announced through the local press that a new, 
ap-to-dote, fireproof theatre will be built and work 
started Immediately. It Is expected that the new 
Jams* will open for business about Dec. 1. Tho 
tfoneer manager of the old Mobile Theatre, Jacob 
Saunenbaum, will be the manager of the new 
Sealre, which will in all probabilities bear the 
tame name as the old structure. 

Lihio (H. O. Fourton, msr.) — This bouse has 
dosed for the Summer season, after a meet sue- 
•natal year of high class attractions of vaudeville 
sad tabloid plays. Jake Wells visited this city 
*ne 35. and announced that his local manager, 
■r. Fourton, would be transferred to the home 
■flee in Richmond, Va., anil that the house would 
ss leased for the coming season Mo announce- 
"»l TO .made as to when the house will open 
*r the FaU season. 

St. Joseph, Mo.— Alr.lome (0. V. Fhilley, 
aujr.) Poulter ft Welsh Players opened a season's 
ancagement week of June 29, la "Molly Bawn." 
Week of July 0, 1'oulter ft Welsh In "The Sport- 
*g Parson." 
Kbtjo Pabk (J, H. Van Brant, mgr.)— Pictures 
... and vaudeville. 

Lakb Oontraby (L. F. Ingersoll,' mgr.)— Pie- 
tares and vaudeville. •'• 
MAjasxib (Fred. Cosman, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
..and pictures. .Good business. 
V Otpmrnc (M, B. Fields, mgr.)— Singers and 
" Iterates. Business good. 

Hotal (Barney Blley, mgr.)— Pictures and 
lingers. Business very good. 
, Paktaoss' Thbatbb baa been taken over. by 
t. V. Philicy and Fred. Cosman. Mr. Cosman 
will be manager. . win open some time soon. It 
k uncertain whether It will be straight vaude- 
ville or vaudeville and pictures. 

Denver, Cols— Blltch's Garden (Thomas D. 
Long, mgr.) bill hi theatre July 6 and week, 
The Heir to the Hurrah." 

Bupsass (Geo: A. Bovyer, mgr.) — Bill 5 and 
week; "Marguerite," Joe Fanton, Waterbury 
Bros, and Tenny, Hoyden-Stevenson and company, 
Jere Stanford, Adair Adair and Ganmont's 
steely. ^T 

Lakisisb (A. Bloedt, mgr.)— Bill In Casino 1 
and week, "Arizona." '' 

Tabob Grand (W. B. Dalley, mgr.)— Bill week 
of 6 Includes, the Stadium Trio, font other acts 
and moving pictures. 

Pantaoib' (Nat Darling, mgr.)— Bill fl and 
Week: Julls Blng and company. Temple City 
Quartette, Flying Fishers and moving pictures. 

BiKEn (Harry Ward, mgr,)— Delmar-Klng Ma- 
gical Comedy Co. and moving pictures. 

St. Penal, Minn..— Metropolitan (L. H. Scott, 
tngr.) "Mrs. Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch" is the 
eflertag week of July 6, by the Wrlgbt-Huntlngton 

Snonorr (William Oullen. mgr.l-JThe Musical 
Block Co., In '"The Gingerbread Man," week of 
e. ;"Madam X" week of 13. . _ . .' . 

>B)ktbxsb (Qua S. Greening, mgr.) — Oood.busl- 
ttess rules. Bll for week of 0: Anna Marecroft 
And .Helen Gaudeau, "The Mirthful Maidens," 
Yiivem Troupe, Melnotto Twins, and Dorothy 




tUimtfrEo^S.' S. 'Courtney, mgr.)— Moving pic 

Psnrciss (Bert Goldman, mgr.)— This house 
continues to blgr - business. Vaudeville bill for 
whek-of 6 s Sol. Bemce, Do Witt Young and Sls- 
t«r, Griffin and Emmert, and Wblltler and Oroes- 

„ Stabxand JO. F. Rose, mgr.)— The "movies" 
for week of Jane 28 Included: "Penalty of 
Crime." "Patch Work Qnllt." and "The Tiger 
Uu." Business Is very. good. \ 

Gwrrr,— The bUl forweA of 20 drew Mg. and 
included ; La Tell Bros,, De Verno and Van West. 
Bender, and motion pictures. 

Notb.— Gentry Bros.' Show will appear bete 
Jny 14. 

Clarkatele, Mlsa^-Cacnm's Alrdome (Sig- 
nor Cacoin, tan.) motion. plcturee, to capacity 
business; ■ ' ~ '. .'. ' 

Nora.— rrto Alhambra has been leased by Alf. 
George and I* jscobson. •' MoUoa pictures will bo 
thown. • 

, -.", • '." A \* .* V " •■ 


AJUCi PEOPLE engaged with nhovo Attraction* report fbr Ilchrnrials, 


Acknowledge this coll personally or by letter. 
W. V» JErVHIMGS, 415 Columbia Theatre Building, Mew York City. 

All LADIES and GENTLEMEN engaged for 



in. win mil ik. urn uui 

FOR SEASON 1813-14 

STREET, Monday, July 21, at 10.80 A. M. 

Kindly acknowledge this Call by letter or in person to GORDOAT-ffORTH 
AMP8KMBWT CO., Columbia Theatre Building, New York City. 




Apply Room 403 Knickerbocker Theatre Bldg. ItmiB HEIlN 8TEIV. 

LARGE HAl ugh t" a n d well~ve n tTla t e d 


POr ntntanSALS NATIONAL DANCIHB ACADEMY, 7th Ave. and 23d St., H. Y. 





Address this week 


Next week 





Wire, or Special Delivery. Add. KA-BL. Ton LAWHENZ, Hotel Analey, ATLANTA, OA. 

Billy Allen Hnsical Comedy Co. 


work In big numbers, good COMBDIAV. 

two more CHORUS GOU.S. 

Third scQBon East. Long, Bare season. Plays: Royal Obef, Coming 
Thro toe Bje, Pinafore, Green Bird, Three Twins. Rehearsal, start 
July IT. W. H. HAHDBB, Allenharst, If. J. 

(Account of ahow 

For one night— Rep., Tabloid Stock, or Permanent Stock 


Oharsoters, Comedy, General Boa. (Comedy preferred). Age, 82: weight, lto ; height, o ft. ». Scripts. 
Can direct same. Strictly sober and reliable. Wardrobe and ability. Some specialties. BeipoiktlDle 
managers only. Miss Bay A No. l piano player. Address 
STEPHENS eV RAY, Merrill, "Wis., care of Flalg dt Ollpln Stock Co. 


ncavT Woman, Soubretto with Specialty, Al Irtoh Character Woman, with Specialty; Character Man 
who can double Piano; must be good player: Heavy Man to handle stage and Union Property Man 
who can Dlay parts. Benearsals start Aug. 8 m Chicago. Send photo and state all yon can and will 
do- aiso age, height and weight and lowest salary In first letter. All letters answered, imtno time to 
dicker Joint engagementaf Yes. Tickets? NO. If you can't join and rehearse don't answer. Can 
uio Al Advance Mant mast be a worker and get the business. People Who have 

""«"■"■" ^giTifc-agiSoi., 3M» ». *r... A.., hrt.. P.,k. o.i...., m. 

(John) THE GLLPINS (Edna) 


On Account of Show Oloalng 
Character Comedies, Heavies and Gen- I Character!. Hearlea 

oral Business; Melaphone In Band Feature Irish Biddies 

HeJghMft. 11 ln.;'Welght 160 lbs; Age^ 3' 8 r ^ BCIAIjT I 4 |.^ lt ' 6ftl0 ' n '! Welgiu.iMllw. 

Poaltl velv Sober ant Reliable. Responsible Managers, only. One piece bill , preferred. 

Address THE TWO OlLPINS, "Badger Opera House," MERRILL, WIS. 

AUAaT Always songht-MAD- 


WiVVasi pro. 14. Contents In- 

nAIIAUIr elude 11 monologues, 

aVVVUn ■ o Bketcaea for male 
and female, 32 parodies, a great min- 
strel Urst part, a eno act farce, besides 
sketches for two females, for male quar- 
tettes; also hundreds of new jtags*and' f 8ld8 
walk patter" ]oke9. PRICE ONE DOL- 
Third Avtinat. New York. 


J auks MADISON writes for Joe Wetcti, 
Jit. /olson, Ben Welch, Marshall P. WU0tr, 
Howard ana Howard, liooneu and Bent, 
iVol Ctarr, Hunting and Francis, etc., etc. 





Those doing specialties preferred. OIIAS. P. 
GILMOBE. Summit Pal*, vtfSfcaBj, N. Y. (nsar 
Otic*, N.Y.). 



(Copyright No. 20781). Special drop 18 by SO. Act 
can close with singing, (dancing or musical In- 
strument. Why soflhur l have joined Mtttenthal 
Bros.' M. P. Stock Co, Act Just finished six weeks 
to. N. Y. 0. United jproRrammcs on request. Call 
or write. JACK BALL, White Bate Club, N. Y.CIty. 



Height, oft. 8 in.; wcl»ut. usibs. Tirketf Tea. 


To put on acts and do specialties with Med. Co. 
around N. Y. City all summer. Pleasant engaao- 
ment. S. Ml. Seabott, 3S7 W. 24th St., N. Y. 


For Burlesque' or Mtslcal Comedy, The Ore at 
Leo. tortnerly lUusionhjt and Magician. Nol bet- 
ter, but as good as (no best. Bail ary your limit. 
Reliable managers address LKO THB WHEAT, 
318 W. 115th St., Hew York. 

i rtJiX 

Two Mlautes* walk Irom the Kmplre. 


ia»a-a* nidge Aweauo 
PlW, Vincent J. ?«jner PbUadelpbla.Fa. 

• ' ■" , i.r 

.. ,.IBISI »J l . ' 


Al. Itcorcs pens the following! "Enclosed 
And roster of my ahow this coming season, 
opening at Rochester, N. J.. Aug. 23. All 
oar scenery, electrical tffecu, new first part 
and burlesque and practically a new cotn- 

Sany, headed, as usual, by Andy Lewis: 
ella Russell,' Vera, George, Carmen Carmen- 
.dta, Ollvcto Tremayne, Ulldred Huller, 
Oladys Slddons, ' Uuth Bhaptcr, Mildred and 
June Royd, Mao Smith, Etta Major, Doro- 
thy Wright Ruth Uaringtoo, Anna Bates, 
Arabella Si Francis, Mae MUford, Sadlo 
Melrose, Vera Phillips, Lulu Hogan, Trlxte 
Denton. Ella Taylor, Lillian Spnndau, Doro- 
thy Allen. Beatrice Drew, Duchess Bijou, 
Gladys Bijou, Anna Ooff, Mao Bartell, l'carl 
Hall. Loietta Hoag, Edna Terr;, Ida Qirlle, 
Chick De Lalnc, Taullne 8. . Francis, Mao 
Kerns, Dorothy Moore, Jolly Eddie Fox, 
John lliims, Qcorge Smith. Chas. R. Brown, 
Tom Cochran and Al. Reeves. 'Give Mo 
Credit' M 

The Progressive circuit havo added another 
houso to their circuit. Tho new. theatre will 
be In tho business section of Montreal, Can., 
on St. Catherine Street. F. W. Stair, presl- 
dent of tho Progressive circuit, arrived in 
New York July 1, after completing arrange- 
ments with a Canadian corporation to build 
to.e new theatre, the contracts call for a 
boose seating no less than eighteen hundred 
people. Ground will ho broken Immediately, 
and though the housa will not be ready until 
early next year, tbo Progressive people hope 
to bo able to play a few weeks at tho new 
house before the regular season closes. Tom 
Sullivan, flrst vice president of tho circuit, 
Is In Buffalo, N. Y.. while J. D. Barton is 
visiting Detroit, Mich. 

i » ■ 

Chat. D. Taylor sends Tim Cmiter a 
photo of himself standing near a telegraph 

Sole, on which the signs, "Forty Second 
trcet" and "Broadway" are nailed. He 
writes: "A lake full of water at my back 
and across the street from wbero I am stand- 
ing the Espanoy Hotel, full of cold Ehret's, 
drawn from the wood. This bunch of beer 

Suaffers are here: Charles (Single) Taylor, 
oe Madden, John Jess, Maurice Cain, John 
McVey, Jake Gordon, Frank Murphy, Tom 
McKenna, Carl Oath, Walter Myers, ltubo 
Bernstein, Charles Falk, Wnsh Mnrtln, Eddie 
Connors, Ross Snow and Arthur Whltclaw. 
Nearly all have their wampus with them." 
i i 


On Sunday, Juno 20, Mr. nnd Mrs. Al. 
Reeves were guests of Mr. Peter MoLauKhlln, 
at his Gold Bug Motel, Mlncola, I,. I. During 
tho afternoon Mr. McLaughlin arranged 
nn aeroplane flight for Mrs. Reeves, with 
Horace Klmberly, ouo of our best known avia- 
tors, in his Boland type bl-plane, nt tho 
Garden City Aviation Field. Mrs. Reeves 
bad a fifteen minute flight nnd renched an 
altltudo of about twelve hundred feet, an 
experience which sho enjoyed hugely. 

AL never goes up In the air except when it 
comes to talking about records. 

■i s '■ 


The coolest spot at Ro:kaway Beach la the 
Seaside Hotel veranda, Seaside Station, 
where mine host, Martin Clark, Is entertain- 
ing many guests. Including bis theatrical 
friends. All the Clarke aro there : Mr. and 
Mrs. Wm. S. Clark, Sam Clark and family, 
Lillle Clark. Over tho Fourth and on Sun* 
day. July 0, among tho visitors were: Davo 
Rose, Billy Arlington Mr, and Mrs. Andy 
Lewis and party, and Miss Yates. Milton 
Clark entertains capably behind tho bar ami 
at the piano, and several other pianists and 
singers and & lino dancing floor hold the 


After five weeks' vacation at Atlantic 
City, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Barrett leavo 
for the Catsklll Mountains for two weeks, 
They have signed with Watson's Big Shovf 
for the coming season. 

Geo. Barrett and Lew Watson aro soma 
swimmers. They walk five miles every morn- 
Ins: to reduce. George seems to be getting 
fatter — 210. A sextette of merry bather, 
are: Mr, and Mrs. Joo Golden, Geo. and 
Maudle Barrett, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Leslie. 
ii i 


H. M. Strouse will use his old title for hi. 
Progressive wheel show. He has signed: 
Harry Steppe, Geo. L. Wagner, Geo. Martin. 
Millie Enteric, Wm. H. Harris, Ruth Everett, 
Orsce Whitman, H. Zltto, Marie Lorerldga 
and Mary Gray. Nat Hoffman, orchestra 
leader; Frank Gorman carpenter; Jim Gor* 
man, props. ; Hsl Dlx, electrician, and Char. 
Franklin, advance. Rehearsals Aug. 1, opens 

a at— 

Wm. Gross, formerly of 'Gross and Jack- 
son, and for some time partner of Leon 
Errol on the Pacific Coast, goes with W. 8. 
Clark's Vanity Fair Co., formerly the Mid* 
night Maids. Mr. Gross, who has never ap- 
peared East of Chicago, is now starring In 
the tabloid comedy, "Running for Congress." 
Mr. Clark has also engaged Billy Richie and 
Richie McAllister, Lena La Couvlor, Anna 

S i i 

The Gaiety Theatre Albany, N. Y., was 
completely destroyed by lire July 1. Tho 
house was devoted to burlesque and was tho 
oldest theatre In Albany, It was a lending 
playhouse in 1018, and In 1810 was dedicated 
as a Baptist Church. It was ro-opened a. 
a theatre in 1802. 



Business was not up to tbo general stand- 
ard tho past week. The extreme hot weather 
Is accountable for the falling off In attend- 
ance. Sam Howe has decided to close the 
show July 12, and tbo Columbia will remain 
dark until the opening of tbo regular season, 
about Aug. 10. 

James II. Curtln writes from San Fran- 
cisco, June 28: "Arrived here after doing 
Texas and Lower California and will be hero 
balance of week, then go to Portland, Seattle, 
Spokane, Helena, Butte, Salt Lake, Denver, 
Omaha, Chicago, Buffalo ; then homo about 
Aug. 1. Regards to all, 
Dolly Sweet has signed with Chas. E. Tay- 

Jor, to play the French soubrctte part With 
<ls Darling s of Paris (Progressiv e circuit). 

Dolly Rodoers, formerly with the College 
Girls, will be married to .Billy Lucas, a buyer 
for Cudahy Parking House, Kansas City. 

Kittv Roth, formerly with Pat White's 
High Life, is taking a lend In Earle's Water 
Nymphs, now playjhgln Washington, and 
booked through on the Hulllvnn & C.'onsldlno 
circuit for an extended, tour, over tho West. 

Sam Robinson Will manage Charles Robin- 
son's Crusoe Girls (Progreaslvo wheel), next 
season. , e .„ 


"Ml Dm Olio: Many thanks, for ran* 
nlng my little letter In your last weeks 
column. The boys all read It. 

"Well, the bunch are all happy again. Tom 
McKenna, after playing last week af-Hom- 
mersteln'e. returned to the fold again, and 
hi. wife has taken off her black again, aa 
■he waa In deep mourning all week, and we 

all sure enough tried -to make her happy, but 
Violet would not stand for it, her Tom "in 
the big city and she here In the country. 8a> 

JohnnTe Jess wired him to move from the., 
Normandlo to tho White Rats (Stag Hotel)/ 
and that pacified her all right. 

"Going to have a ladles' swimming race 
hero July 4 between the ladles from North- 
wood and tbe Eepanongs. Northwoods lino 
up as follows: Violet Hilson, Bonlta Gofasca. 
Mrs. McBrlde, Mrs. Carl .Garth and Ester 
Meyers. iBapanonga : Mrs. Jess, Mrs. Cain, 
Emma McVey, Edna Allen, Miss Walton. 
The winner is to receive a handsome toilet 
■et given by the blr John Robinson, owner 
of the Eipanocg Hotel, and one prince of 
good fellows, 

"Johnnie Jess landed 'a Ave and a half 
pound bass last week. Charles Arnold Is 
proof, for It was sent to him, and he re- 
ports that It was a dandy. Well I Charles 
atands In with the clerk at tbe Bristol Hotel. 
Joe Madden is with us for a stay, and looks 
flue nnd funny. 

"A mysterious chicken strayed into us 
Sunday. Looks like Leslie Carter (Madden 
around the same day). We all wonder. 

"Our books show tho following folks here 
nt this writing: Mr. and Mrs. John Jess, Mr. 
and Mrs. M. B. Cain, Mr. and Mrs. Walter 
Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. Tom McKenna, Blr. aad 
Mrs. Chaa, Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Carl 
Garth,- Mr. and Mr*. John McVoy, Mr, and 
Mrs. Arthur Wbltlaw, single O Chaa. Taylor 
(but as happy aa a lark, and looks the pic- 
ture of goon health). 

"Joe Madden In doubt. Eddie O'Connor I. 
in fine health again, so Mr. Savago had hotter 
hold something open for his handsome Juve- 
nile man. Having some photos run. Will 
send you some as soon as they are ready. 
"Yours truly, M. B. Cain." 
ii s l 

The Liberty Girls, the burlesque show that 
T. W. Dlnklns will send out ovor tho tfastera 
Circuit, Is composed of tho following people, 
vis. : Mntt Kennedy, Al. Bruco. Brad. Sutton, 
Arthur Mayor, James Dillon, Hurry Cole, Kd. 
(Thau*, Anna Hastings, Mona Raymond, 
Frnnkio Rico nnd Canrlce. Tho olio will con* 
slst entirely of performers Hint do not ap- 
pear In either first part or burlesque, but 
only work In tho olio, namely : Dainty Mnrlc, 
that clover vcrsntllo artist; White Hawk nnd 
Red Feather, a couple of gcnulno full blooded 
Indians who do n novelty net, Red Feather 
1. styled the Apacho soprano, nnd has a 
wonderful voice. Gone Gomes, a discovery 
of Mr. Dlnklns, who claims great things for 

Alex. Gorman will be the manager nnd 
Harry Newman will bo In advance, the show 
starts rehearsals July 14, nnd opens In De- 

troit, on tho regular circuit, Aujr. 0, How- 
ever, a few one night stands will bo played 
before going Into Detroit Mr. Dlnklns chlros 

tho equipment, such as scenery and cos- 
tumes, will bo equal to any show on the cir- 
cuit and will cxcoll a number of them. The 
performers names speak for themselves. 


Brrm Weston Is having, a real time at 
Lako Oscnwana, N, Y. Bflle fays she will 
tnko a long vacation, as she needs a rest. 
Protty soft. 

Sa» sciuiisFit returned from the old vets.' 
camp at Gettysburg, after a One auto trip. 

FLOncMCB Arnold, enjoying tbo idle mo* 
meats of a much needed rest at Brie, Pa. 

Sim Williams took a flyer to Boston. 
Mass., last week. Strange, hi. act's not 
working this week. 

WllBBn'H Art. Mullcr? Coliikut, working steady in Can- 
ada with tbo N. Y. Tabloid Co. 

Paulino Palmrii, resting up in Detroit, 
Mich. With Tim Sullivan next season. 

Amdt GABONBn AMD lea Nicolai at tbelr 
camp In Joe Indian Lako. N. Y, 

Vic Babavelh, tho official pianist at a 
secluded spot In tho Catskllls. 

Wahii Mabtin add Ruur BxnN8T»N va- 
cationing In Eighth Avenue. Wash played 
Boston for a week, while Rube hooped up 
Bockaway for a day, 

Fbank Livinoston unloads bis Lox Club 
winnings at the Seaside Hotel, Rockaway, 
every Sunday. ., 

Gio. P. Muiu'hy and Carl HnNnr burning 
up the roads around Frecport, L. I., la 
George's big car. Gcorgo has a cbaffenler 

Tom BAnRBrr and May Hull, enjoying tho 
fragrant air of Long Island at their home, 
sweet homo In Free/port, 

iHuanm Bibnabd play, tho mountains 
three days each week. 

Davb Mabion, slipping over the knowledge 
■tuff at his country home, at Toms River. 

Ralph KonxwAr and Mabib Fisiibb. Just 
having a real time, that's all, at Fair Haven, 

wiiBOB's Dili Wntson? 

■ICiiuir Colli nh and Too Browning, back 
In "Vaude." with a three act, assisted by 
Maxle Robinson. 

Job Burton and wife, and Llzotto Hofco 
enjoying tho refreshing and cooling breoze* of 
Yulan, N. Y. 

Tom Sullivan and riAnar Welch busy get- 
ting things ready for tho Irlg show on the 
Progressive circuit, In tbe wilds of Stated 

Andy Lewis Joy riding In bis new Lozler 
racing hear. Some driver, Andy, 

'Lou IUhkkm, Is running an open bouse at 
his bungalow In Falrtmvon, N. J. Everyono's 
welcome. Crab' dinners nnd Geo. Ehret's, the 

'Burn BAMiocn piling up a bank roll at tho 
races In Canada. 

Jack Stdxll entertaining the cream of 
the burlesque profession at tho Schuylkill 
Valley House, Atlantic City. N. J. 

Frank Hiiwib Is enjoying the Summer 
months at his bungalow at Fair Haven, N. 
J., where a colony of real performers con* 
gregate for sweet vacation time, 

iMkysr IlAnnis Is tearing off a "Rip Van 
Winkle" In the Catskllls. Chief of tbe Loz, 

VinoiNiA Khxy hone Into New York from 
her "bung" In Newark, N. J., once a week. 
<8he says once a week's enough, 

Db, Louis (Ford) Svhh writes from At- 
lantic City that ho Is enjoying tbe breezes 
from the broad Atlantic, and will motor 
homo In his now touring car In a few days. 

Capt. Jim Atrwabd bold.' all motor boat 
records at Mays Landing, N. J., having cap- 
tured flrst honors af seamanship for the 
Jersey coast, 

iBillib Barry, chorus girl with tbe Cherry 
Blossoms Co., left Buffalo for ber bomb in 
Baltimore, June 17. 

John wereb and win are stopping with 
Tom Horrlssey at Falrbaven, having a On. 
time. __ 

Matt Woodward Is writing the book for 
Charles Robinson's alow, Progressive wheel, 
for next season. 

ftt r. 

,:.Vi. arfT" »:'; 

■/jfr '» \ &i 

1 i 




July 12 

Fopbtii District A. A M. Fin, Ourrellton, O. 
14-1". J. II. Melson. 

GOOD CHORUS WOMEN, Soubrette that can do specialty and a am, %Z& uuu F ** a*™** • »• a 

Orot.ciia.Caroiaxa Fara, Agusta, N. 5-16, Frank 

E. Reent. 
Coido* Cocxrr Fits, Canaan, O. 20-90, IL J. 

. RoA 
Oiaim ano SrAUUJiso Oourtt Fan. N. 10-17, 

E. P. Bridges. 
Laueins Countt Fasm, Dublin, — — , Peter 

Macon Oouxtt Fata, Ogeltbmpe, ■■ i . 0. T. 

VoDonn Countt Fan, Thomson, 0. 8-11, A 

& L. Etici. 
Milton Countt Fair, Roswell, O., 10-18, J. H. 


""^J" - ?- JM& *T* £* B '" 1 «' *«tha 

I.a* Oountt Aoei., Donnellson, A. 20-28, Chris. 

Iluffmr. too. O. 1-t Chaa. A. Hontaoaaen. 

Lion Oooarrr Amu., Back Rapids, A. 2O-20. A. Hiohlajio, MMdfefleU, a 8-4, John T. Brian 


first class quartet for Fennessy and Heik's "HAPPY WIDOWS'' 
Company, with Watson and Cohen. 

Herk'saurt (llrurd'H omcci. KMEAKSALS START JULY So, PLAZA HALL, e*h snd 4th AVENUE. 
Beaton Opens, Emplro Theatre, Brooklyn, August *. Company kindly ucknowledge by letter. 

8- 23-24, Oen*i 

t r. 

8, Wold. Uiuu, CasmisstOBj 

Laeb Puiiiis District Aon., PeiU, 8 9-11, Bsrr. 

Coat. Porter. ItaaSAK. Bingham. 8. 23-24, William L. How.r,] 

Uasskna DibTcior, Mums, S. 1-4, D. P. Be- HOOSAO Vallrt, North Adams, A. 29-S 1 n„ 

•an. . P. Miller. ' "**• 

Uoroto Fan Asia., kUlford, , T. H. Eel- Hotsrtowic, Gnat Barringtoa. B. 23-26 

soy. ar ifiUnw 

Maoison Countt Aqbi., Wintered, 


The calii or several burlcsaaa companies 
appear Id the clipper thii weak. Better 

watch later 
mean yuu 


It is reported that the Progressives bare 
secured the Diiqueene. In Pittsburgh, and tho 

Marshall Oountt Para Assx., MaTshalltown, 8. Marsh 

H. Makney. 
Loos Hortioultusai,, Lenox, A. 80-21 : o » 
23. George H. Intone. 

lsauea (or tbe call that may umpire, Chicago, which will mean 'affective Potnam Ooiirrr Pais, Estonten, N. 4.7, J. Frank 

opposition In both cities. 

Ext •il'EMEM' AT TUB LOX CLl'D. 
Considerable eicltement was caused at the 
"Loi" Club, now In aeaaion In the "Little 

Winter Garden/' when a member heretofore 


South Georgia Land Exposition, niton, , 

B. B. Layton. 
WrLxaa-LiNooL* Cos. Pna, Washington, 0. 28- 

81, J. Lake Bordette. 

6-12, W. M. Clirk, 

Mills Oountt Aou., Mil Tarn, A. 5-8, I. J. 

Mitchell Countt Aaai., 06ige, S. 9-12, Ctrl B. 

afoaoxa Oocstt Fits Assn., Onawa, B. 9-12, I. 

A Blohky 

Martbntld, A. 20-22, Uriel B. 

Martha's Vinxtaxd, West Tliburr, A. 2e-2g p 

AOea Look. 
M tis u i a as a s i e BamcnunruL, Boatae, B. 12. 

14; O. «-», wlUlaa P. Bleh. ' ** 

Mmt)Li3EX Nobth, Lowell, K. 11-12, Andrew 


"Motored with Gertrude riayes to Andy 
Gardner's from tbe Thousand Islands, and • 

winter unratn/' wnen a member neretotore i e (, there with Ida Nicola! In Dart» BlotxAim iw-i.ioib, 

known aa the bount Ualg and Hatg absent- it Loon Lake Lake 1 Wacfd L&e iSml Boow, BelrUam 8. 2-8 j Frank OBroy. 

mlndedly dlacarded hie coat, thereby die. SulD 8sraiac Lake ^ Vaomi. Mt. sterling, A. 20-29 ; Walter Manor, 

playing on bis lnalde lapel a gutter badge of H -U tbclatter n'lace we Tlalted Mr and | u »"°. Prtneeton, S. 2-5 j 0. I*. TrUnhle. 

corned tbat the badge was the Insignia of Emerson an d Mr. arid Mrs. Harry Roff. 

the office of deputy sberut. Upon. tbe. ncwa . We stopped at a twlnt two miles from 

il on State 

are now at 

general excitement prevailed. ' ' ~ wnlch'berg^wrstouldTeacb'in a few dayi' 

The count returning from bis trlpjto the Some trip. Then Ida Nleolai goes back to 

.'oa Indian Lake, to Join Andy. Gardner 
and Nlcolal are to star In a one act musical 
comedy I fixed up while at their camp. 

•Tim Bealey is to star In another. Fixed 
these and tbe new book for the Follies be- 
tween stops." 

Monsob Ooujtti Aou., Albla, A 18-21, Loren HnotMta. Bovtx. Fannlnxham, 3. 18-20. Peter 

inc pmee or aeputy saerin. upon me ncwa .. We Bt „pped at a Dolnt two ml 

of tbe discovery becoming generay known Ellrabcthtown and cooked a meal 

J.tSl?. w 'rS CTil 5 * f ..u T ff ltor J ' 2™»«*>n'" land. Miss IlnyeN was chct. Wear 

What will .we do with him, boys," etc., and L a tte Champlaln, and bound for Wbil 


Tie nappy Widows, featuring Wataoa 

C/m.oll. Mt. Carroll, A. 26-29; Oal. It. Peeier. 
CHiMPaaoN, Urbana, A. 26-28; J. B. Quirk. 
Cuuuc, Martinarllle, 8. 8-13; H. Gaaaway. 
Cut, Flora. 3. 16-18: R. 8. Jones. 
Cuiton. Brecaa, 8. 10-18: A. W. Grma, 

gias, Obarleaton, A. 18-22; W. 0. Glaaaoo 
twrono, Boblnaon, S. 22-20; Henry Ooulter. 
ODMBBB1.4KD, Oreouup, 8. 20; Nelson Thorp, 
DeKalb, Sandwich, S. 9-12; a U. Stlnaon. 
Docolib. CamarRO, ——; 3. B. Banunet. 
EDOiB, Parla, A. 28-29 ; W. B. Ourtla. 
BDwaaos, Albion, 8. 18-19; Ben. L. Uayne. 
ErriNomu. Altamont, A. 26-29; Tony Dettart. 
Foao. Piper Olty. S. 9-12: ». B. Paak. 
FuLTOjf, Lewlstoo, A. 18-22 : Eugene Whiting. 
Gaatxa. OarroUtoo, 0. 14-17 ; S. E. Sunnaaa. 
Obuivdt, Uaton, 8. 23-26: F. B. Clasp. 
Bxhut, Oambrldge, A. 19-« ; Theo. Boltenstern. 

Hbxbt, Kewaoaa, 8. 0-12 : Geo. 

lunch at this crucial time bad tbe effect of 
quieting the more conservative members, 
who counaeled proceeding In an orderly and 
parliamentary manner. In keeping with tbe 
dignity of the order. "Setback Klnbeiw," not to 
be dooied. charged tho count, to his face, with 
the deception and ■waa surprised when tbe 
count admitted the accusation ; Silent Rube 
Hernsteln then summoned Btrongarna Patten 

to place tbe count under suspension from tbe «■«.«— aw ?w » L ™iaai "««« Hamv, Kawanaa; 8. 0-12 : Geo. A. Antboaj. 
privlleKes of the club. The count vainly •"« S2S »re railed for rcbearaal Jnfr 25. moonoie, Wataekn, 8. is-i9: Gaa. a KeNamte. 
tried to explaii . , 

that followed, 
a glass 
beoame ! ._ 

ceedlngs for the time being. The Grievance 
Committee was called together to bear tho 
counts appeal, but It was found tbat a 
quorum was not present. Word waa dis- 
patched Immediately by Chief Buferer Abe 
to Snuffys Warfleld, but tbe trial had to be 
laid over to tho next meeting as answer . 
came beek. "Rcyer bitten by ferocious wild «"*••• w h «e be enjoyed himself farming. frrmesToir, ralrbiny, 8. 1-8 ; Geo. B. Gordon. 

LSdc House. MAtTiS K^ KVLTnS.V;?i i ^- e Sir ort00 - 

kmmm, j. hbb>>» Mack, of the Co- &ESg£5tt&£lffk 

lumbU Amusement Co., retumcKl after a LiSuj* Ottawa, S. 18-24; r. B. Wbartoni 

pleaaant two weeks' visit to Dolph Jantes'a LtSau, Btreater, 8. 8-12; Chis. F. Wesnlnsn. 

go let coon try estate at South Somerset, !■*«, Amboy, 8. 16-19; William L. Leech. 

onion, unable to leave now. Signed, Btrppy. 
l.'pon receipt of above tbe organization went 
Into general debate. 
P. B. — There la much Indignation. 

He reporta himself physically first claes after &*>*"■ AU * <a- 8. 2-6; Frank 8. Reran, 
his rest Be will be baiay for the rest of the H 10OWn, 'J?2 I , h " m ?i 8 - *° - *: '• ft Arnett. 
Suomer. MiMeow, Highland, 8. 4-T: J. G. Bardlll. 

Tub Columbia, New York, re-open* Arjg. JJXJin^'^L'ftJ, 1 V'Vi Pi •fc, Ho £SV4_ 

11 During the Summer .leat. the honlc, ggSSSSS: Ma^mo, t^- R F^ A SfrnT 

FaiNK Hahcoubt 1* going atrong vrtth the ^£,* a(1 '"">«• wl " l ,!K re "Jf^? ed J "R d r * n .°- MoHxhbt, WoodatockT A 26-29 " Tbio. Haror. 

Singer Btock, at the Gaiety, Detroit. Helen T ? ted . v to do » waT wMh « u *■• dull apota, MoLbun, DanTera, 3. 2-B; John. 8. r^pSft 

Bley, that claaay burleiquer, la also pleasing * „? 1 ^t s f?° e iT„ a ? <1 v P ro P, 8 - - _» ,. ^ , McLeih, Heyworth, 8. 10O2; 0. 0. BroVn. 

the not weather natrons * ^ASSF H > B t ,Na *^ ,s T 4gBed ^ 0,et PMrt " i:Lean ' !S S *" J S22 i ° K " M - ph « re '- 

En Diui nnd wife Lena arrived In New * nd Bll i/ Meehan, two clever burieaquera. Mbnabd, Petersborg, S. 9-12 ; B. E. Beekman 

York from Ailantl Taty^ J., afteT. we^a ,p«« Sonbhibb Gib« (Pr^eaalve wheel), BJ5 ^*»»». Kfo TwS&MmSm 

will open Aug. 18. 

Dolly Bowen will be prlmadonna for a 
Jacobs A Jeiuion show. 

Lew Kelly and Kbed. Wyokof? ore rest- , 

ing up prior to their opening, with the gg.g | »gBPA> J*g|Jft "»g wpBaai. 

tbe laughs. 

The Summer stock season at do Star, 
Cleveland, closed July 5. 

Tuc Progressives are reported to have 
secured tbe Olympic, Cincinnati, 

Maiuoihe Adams Is resting at her home, 
In Trenton. 

vacation at tbe city bv the aca. 

L, H. CaawroBn, owner of tbe Gayety The- 
atre, St. Louis, Mo., who bad instituted a 
eult against the Columbia Amusement Co. 
for $o(),000, for discontinuing the 1913-14 
booklngA at his house, withdrew tbe suit 
upon the settlement of 825,000 by the Co- 
lombia circuit, part of which amount be la 
reported to have exchanged for Progressive 

Frankie BtnwB, formerly known aa Lyda 
Franklin, returns to musical comedy via Al. 
Rich's "The Girl and the Karon" Co., playing 
the soubrette part. Company Is now rehears- 
ing, and opens about July 21. 

Sol Wabu has signed with Bluch Cooper. 

Peubt, Plnckneyvllle, 8. 16-19;*S. J. Barry Wil- 
Piatt, Montlcello, S. 2-5; 0. H. Bldgely. 
Pisa, GrlggsvllIe L Jy. 22-25; Ross P. Sblnn 


SonniLBn, Bushvllle, A. 12-16: B. E. McLaren, 
STiitK, Lafayette, 8. 2 5; F. T. Gelvln. 
Stibk, VTyomlng, A. 20-29: J. W. Smith. 
Union, Joneaboro, A. 12-16; A A Fulenwlder, 
Union, Anna, A. 26-29; F. B. Erob. 

WiBASH, Bellmont, ; Peter Meyers. 

Waykb, Falrueld. A 19-22; Harry L. Ldalnger. 
Wum, Oarml, 8. 9-18; O. at. Barnes. 
Woiiaaiua, afocrlaon. 8. 2-5: Pail F. Boyd. 

Will, Elwood, ; M. & Elb. 

Will, Monee, S. 11-13; Harry J. Osarad. 
Will, Peotone, 8. 17-19; Fred Oarstens. 
WnxiAnaox, Uarhm, 8. 9-12; Geo. O. Campbell. 
WnrNOBAOO, Sooth Beloit. A 28-29 ; A B. Skinner. 
WoooroaD, El Paso, A 28-29; B. J. Tegtmyer. 


(At tar at reported \chen tftit Hit went to 
btvm. AdiKtosol Itott taUl bs publtiAeil at 
]o*t a* Me /ofrs on HotAfa.) 

The following list la made op from the 
official llata furnished by too various secre- 
taries of the fair aasodatlon*, and the dates 
are these furnished try such offlclala. They 
are not taken from but yoaffj list, with the 
dAtta (netted at The claabrnf of dabss, the 
frequent changes and tbe difficulty In col- 
lecting all the material combine to moke It 
Impossible to make a list of this kind eom- 

eete, but this Uat is as neatly correct aa it 
possible to make it, and the lain ire record 
here will be found useful to many llama of 
•bowmen who have not yet arranged their 
routes for the coming Sumner and rail eta- 
son. Tbe letters preceding dates atand for 
the months, via. : Jy. for July; A. tor Au- 
gust ; 8. for September, etc 


ALABAMA STATS EXTO.— Montgomery, a 

20-O. 4 ; Geo. T. Barnes. 

9-18: B. H. Fowlkea, am 

Kauaaa City, 110., 0. 6-11; T. J. Wor- 

nall, sec. 
BLTJB GRASS FAIR— Lexington, Ky.. A 

11-10: John V. Bain, sec 

pec. July 8-10 ; A. W. Bell. 
CANADiAN NATL EXH.— Toronto. A 23- 

a 0: J. 0. Orr. 

Ottawa. & 8-13 ; B. McUahon. 

8. 18-20; C. Allison Telfrr, sec. 
bridge, N. Y, A 18-23 ; Elliott B. Nor- 

POSITION— -Denver— Lrvlng L. Baton. 

20 ; A, L. Price, sec. 

— Calgary, Can., Jc. 80- Jy f| B. b 
Richardson, eec. 

Del., 8. 012: & H. Wilson Jr.. sec. 
GEORGIA STATB FAIR— Macon, 0. 21-31 ; 
Harry C. Roberta, sec. 

Mil,, a 14-10; Palmar 

BAonns 1 


ILLINOIS STATB FAIR — Springfield, O. 

3-11 ; J. K. Dlcklraan. sec 
INDIANA STATB PAIR— Indianapolis, 8. 

8-13 ; Charles Downing, sec. 

Chicago, N. 20-D. fi ; B. II. Held* 
IOWA STATB FAIR— Dea Moines, A 20-28 ; 

A It- Corey, sec. 

Sioux City. 8. 18-20; Joe. Morton, sec 

token. HI.. 8. 1-8: Lcn SmalL 
KANSAS 8TATE FAIR— Hutchinson. S IS- 

20; A b Bponaiar, etc 

Topcka. S s-12: H. L. Cook, sec 

15-20: J. L. Dent, aac 
KilNTIJC'KY. — T>erry Victory Centennial 

Celebration. LouisrrUle, — D. R. Goode. 

5-12 ; L. N. Bruexgerboff, sec 

8-8: Jas, B. Nuasear. tee. 

1-8: J. C. Simpson, sec 

20: J. K. Hannon, sec 

28aN. T : J. M. McDonald, tec. 
U I SS 1 881 ri'I -A LA U AM A FAIR— Meridian, 

Miss., O. 20-25 : R M. 8trlpHn, sec 

MISSOURI.— Uve Stock and Hone Show, St 

Joseph, S. 22-27. 

O. S: John T. Btlnaon, sec 
MONTANA STATB FAIR— (Helena, S. 23-2T ; 

A J. Breltensteln. tec 

— Knexvllle. Tenn., 8. 1-0. 1 : W. M. 

Goodman, dlr.-gcn. 

Denier, Colo., Jan. 19-24, 1914; Fred 

P. Johnson, $9C. 

SHOW — Ft Worth, Tex, N. 22-29; 

John P. Stafford, tec 
NEBRASKA STATB PAIR— Ltneoln, R 1-5 ; 

W. R. Mellor, tec 
NOW JBRSBY. — Interstate Pair, Trenton, 

8, 20-0. s ; M. R. Marglrum. sec 
NEW YORK STATB PAIR — Syracuse, 8. 

8-18; Albert B. Brown, sec 
NBW STATB PAIR— Muskogee, Ok la.. O. 

(ill ; Wm. C Boone, sec. 

Chippewa Falls, S. 15-20; W. F. Hom, 


10-19: Ban Low. 

O. 20-25; Jos. B. Pogue. 

Forks, Jy. 22-27 i D. V. Moore, Bee. 
OHIO.— Forest City Lire Btock Fair, North 

RaiittailA. 25-30 ; H. J. Ktlne. see 
OHIO STATE FAIR— Columbus, S. 1-5 ; A 

P. Bandies, sec 

fl. 18-0. 4 : 1. 8. Mahan, tec 
OREGON BTATB FAIR— Salem, S. tS-O. 4; 

Frank Meredith, etc 

EXPOSITION— N. Portland, Ore, D. 

8-18 ; N. C. Marie, tec 

minster. B. C, B. 80-O. 4; D. B. Mc- 



Wash, S. 15-21: Root H. CoegrorRa*:. 

3. 8-lt : C. N. Mellvalne, eec 

Harbor, 8. SO-O. 8 ; A. S Miles. 

20-0. 4 : J. W. Rnsswurm, sec 

—Waco, N. 1-10: & N. Msjueld. eec. 
TEXAS STATB FAIR— DaUaavj 0. 18-N. 2. 

Memphla,TeniL,a 22-27 ; Frank D. Fuller. 
UTAH STATB FAIR— Salt Lake Clfy— 

S. 16-10; F. L Davis, sec 

II; W. D. Gordon, sec 

S. 20 O. 4; H. B. AverUL tee. 

Rapids, 8. 1-fl ; Cbas. P. Km nedy, ate 
WEST VIRGINIA— Wheeling, 8 Sll; Geo. 

Hook, sec. 
WESTERN FAIR— London. Out, a 8-13; 

A. M. Hunt. 

R-12: J. a MaeKentle, ate 

Cross*, 8. 22-26 ; C. S. Van Auken. tee. 


Aeon Htahy. itc 

S3-8. 2; 0. A. Vandry. ^ ,u " u " c ' • 

Babtow Oodhtt Fats Atsnv., OarttrsvIBa, 0. 5- 

11. RuotiB Pyran. 
Ow^.OooirrT Fara Assw.. Deoglas, a 29-31. 

Meltln Taaner. 
DonBtaa Oootctt Faib. DoajlajrlUe, O. taVSl, a 

P S*lman. 
Foca Countt Faib, Oommerce, O. 27-N. 1, Peal 

T. Harber. 

W. W. 

Aoaib Cofntt Aoai., Oreenaeld, — 

Adams Oountt Aaas., Oaralag, 8 6-11, 0«e. E. 

ALLaMAKxa Oosnn Aaai., Weaken. — — , Geo, 

Acdcbon Ooontt Aoai., Audubon, 8. 23-26, 8. O. 

Anamora I'im Aasw., Anaraaaa. A. 11-15, L. W. 

Bbmton Outran Aam., Vlaton, 8. t-lt, SoL 

Boone Cocnti Aoai., Ogdai, 8. 18-19, W. O. 

Boonx Duma Pabk urn Fara Aassr., Booae. S. 

1-4, John 8. Oreota. 
Bnou Vista Oountt Aqbi.. Alta, A 18-15, W. 

Joliaa Baddlck. 
BecsaXAX Oomm Fans Aaaat., ladepeadeBee, 8 

2-5. J. 8. Basset t. 
Bnou vraTA Ounm Aoai., Alta, A 18-18, W. 

Betlbb Oboarr Aaai, Alllaon, 8 9-11, 0. P. 

Bio Foca Fara Assn., Nashua, 8. 141, C L. 

Buffalo Otjnteb T>isr. Faib, Bnffalo Center, 

, J. P. Boyd. 

Bio Foua District Fara Assn., Fonda, A, 6-8, 

Ed. Elliott. 
Calhoun Oocntt Fan Aasn.. Maaaoa, S. 8-8, 

0. G. Kaskey. 
Cibboll Faib and Dbivinu 1'abx Assx., Carroll, 

8. 2-B, Peter Btefhany. 
Ciaa Ootnrn Aoai., Atlantic, 8 18-19, J. J. 

CmcKaaaw Oountt Aaai.. New Hampton, S. 9- 

12.. F. D. GrisUL 
Clayton Oocntt Aoai., National, 3. 9-12. Henry 

Clinton Oountt Aoai., DeWBt 8 10-12, 0. H. 

Cauls team. 
OuartOM Diar.. OUatco, J. B. Abreaa 

Oaawioan Oomrrx Fair Asa*., Ark*, a. 9-12, 

& 1L CceaaweU. 
OoLT/imrs Jmycnon Dist., Oolombaa Janctloa, 

8 2-5. D. N. Jehnstoe. 
CLAx ncriA Fatb Assw., Ofarrnda, 8 8-11 J. a 

Ccvtkai lewa Faib, Aaea, . I. O. Bos* 

Davih Oountt Aobi., BloecafleM, 8. 9-12, f. O. 

Delawjee Oountt Aqbi., Maacaester, 8 9-13, J. 

G. Sabin. 
Dickinson Oocntt Aoai., Spirit Lake, S. 8-10, 

A M. Johnaoa Jr. 
Elkadxb Faib and Track Assw.. Klkader, ,. 

D. B, Llvlngood. 

Edbn Disraicr AeatL, Rhode*, 3. 16-10. IT. M. 

Eldon Bio Four Dist., EldoB, 8. 2-5, H. 8. 

Fatetm Oocntt Aaai., West Union, A 25-20, 

E. A Mellree, 

FiuNKiui Oocxrx Aaai., Hampton, S. 2-5, O. D. 

Will lama. 
Gncmn Oocntt Pan Assx., Jefferson, 8 9-13, 

8 O. Oalbertson. 
OainrcT Countt acri., Grandy Center, A. 19-21, 

K. V. MeBroeea. 
Cdthbib Oovntt Aobi., Oalkrie Oeater, 3. 3D- 

O. 3, Waa. Bdwarda. 
Baxoooz Oountt Aaai., Brltt, 8 3-4. Tfaa. Bllaa. 
BaaBOt Oountt Aoxl, Baton. 8 2*. Oao, W. 

Haxri»qn Oountt Aosn., Sttasoirrl Valley, 8 0- 

13, A B. Baabraca-: 
Hxsrar Oocntt acb., Mt Pleasant, A. 12-25, a 

H. Tttbby. 
Hlmboldt Ooortt Aobl. Baabetdt w W. 

B. West 
Iowa OeUNTT Aotj., Marensn, A 5-T, F. H. 

tstteshSasca Pan Aaew., afarkaa, A. 18-21, Gene 

iKTBB-S TATa Pa n Aem^ Stou Olty, 8. 15-20. 

JacRBow Oaararrx Aeaa., Haajeaaeha, S. 2-5, W. 
D. McOaxrcy. 

■"■a "SS™ ***- l * , "» V *■ I**. P. B- 

i WfNI Omrrr Abb., ralrtWO, A. M, JU 

icm *! a L£P Tr l *•■« tal » <**• a 8-6, Oao. 
a. mheseock. 

Jonxb Coturrx Aaau.. Hoataealaa, A. 25 24, Fred 
W. Koop. 

Kt *VFl 5?°^" A<m -' *****> *■ l *^8 » H. 


Milton District Aobi., Milton, 8. 16-19, D. A 

MoriLLR Stock Brow, Morllle, 8. 3-5, R. I. 

Nsw Bbaxon Durraior Aoai., New Sharon. S. 

16-18, Frank Momlre. 
Noxiu Iowa Faib, alason City, S. 8-12, Chas. H. 

Oxlwdn DisTBicr Faib Assn., Oelweln, S. 3JS, 

O H. Knot. 
O'Biuea Oocwtt Aesu., Sutherland, 3. 3-8, It J. 


NASTSCxar, Nantucket, A 20-21, Joslah P. si,,., 

OxyoRD. Oiroci A 38-29, James E. Darllne. 

PltmooTB! Countt, Brldgewatei, 8. 10-li, How- 
ard B. WUbor. 

GuANNArowiTT, Beading, 8 23-25, Arthur W 

PrRKCBB, Bptoeer, 8. 17-18, Georpe H. Bamer 
M. Blandfocd. S, 10-11. Enoa W. Bolee ' 

l-NION. oivnu 

WaTrvotrra, Booth Weymouth, a 11-13, A Fran- 
<■ Bar nes. 

PoTTAWArTARtn Oot-Kxr Pan A.aa.. Avon, a wSacSS W&2* PtSat K w7rlS 

u-i*, caieD bmitn Goodale. 

Powbsh.rk Oountt CaNTaaL Aoai., Malcolm. A Wobcestxb North, Fltebborg, O. 11-14, j o 

18-21, Jaa. Novak. McOoUes 

PowasniBK Oountj Obnttial Aobi.. GrlnneU, -woacxamB NoarnwiaT, Athol, A 30-8, 2 Al- 

8. 2-6, J. T. Cessna. t*rt BUamorth. ^^ 

1100 VStCm. *V£S£ B ° CtWeU **' * W< *B^SenSe7 H ' Btarbriflee ' 8 " lll3 > «**^ 
Stbawbkrbt P^oint Dist., Stnwberry Point, B. VfoacESTRa „Oocntt West, Barre, 8. 25-26, 

Daniel B. Rice. 


Asoxa Co. Aori. Soc., Anoka, 8 19-26, Batel 

Hon her. 
Bacaaa Co. Auxl £oc., Detroit, 3. 19-20. Geo. 

W. Harris. 
Beitbavi Co. Aosj. Soa, Bemldjl, a 10-12. 

C F. Schroeder. ^ 

lie Btokb 00. Aobl Boo., Clinton, 8. 24-26. A. 

W. starges. 

Sbelion District Faib Assn., Sheldon, A. 20- 

22, Geo. Gardner. 
Sn-awAi>ooAB Fair Assw., KbenaBdoah, A 11-16. 

A. W. OoMberf. 
Bao Oountt Aobl, San dry, A 12-16, Gtj 

8caob meter. 
Shut Oocntt Aori., Harlan, A. 19-22, N. G. 

Siocx Oountt Aexi., Orange City, 8. lO-tR H. 

SswAi, Faib Aasw., Sewal. 8. 4-6, Lorea Mas- Sl -o Eabtsi Co. Aoxl Boo, Garden City, S. 16. 

ten. 18, W. A Roberts. 

Ttrrow Fam Asbh., Tipton, S. 2-5, a F. Bits. *» low * £* A 2'- 8oc -' ■••■»» J. 28-30, W. 

"*« FA » A " 1 *- "***«• > L - »• ^i7"9fF. A aTl>ieaier: 

Tama Oocntt Fan Assn.. Toledo, 8. 16-19, A C *" r \g- i *°* L 8oc -' CtoTer ' B " 25 ' 21, & E - 

Tatlob Countt Aobl. Bedford, Jy. 29-A. 1, C. *^ , y °gji J Ao11 - Soc " Plne BlTer - * •* G* - 

CnioV DjBTBicT_Aoat., West Liberty, A 18«, ^''g^ AaKL Soc - P" 1 **". 8. 25-27. P. H. 

Chippewa Co. Aori. Soc, Mooterideo, 3. 16-19, 

Jaa. R Burnlp. 
Cbisaoo Oo. Aou. Soc, Bosh City, 8. 10-12. 

C. M. Johnson. 
Cixaxwater Co. Aoxl Soc, Ba,iey, 8. 25-27. 

C. II. Bet?. 

Aori. ask Ixn. Assx., Barame, s. 

\Y. H. Shlpaaan. 
Victob Dmtriot Aoxl, Victor, A 12-14. J. p. 

WrLuiutBuae Fan Aasw., WUllasBsharg, a 9- 

11, J. A. Ogle. 
What Chksb District Aorl, What Cheer, 8. 

1-4. Geo. A. PoB. 
Waer Fonvr District Aoai.. West Point S 23- Oottonwood Co. Aobl Soc, Wisdom, S. 15-17, 

20, John WaUJaspec^ -_ L-JP- GborchlU. 

Wapsib Vallbt Fair Assn., Central Olty. 3 1-6 Oaow Wno Co. Aori. Soc, Peqoot, S. 17-19. F. 

H. F. Lockwoad. ' _ W. Ford. 

Wilton, A. 1244, W. A. 

Wtltoh Fan As ax. 

Wahben Coontt Fau Assn., IndlanoU. S. 9-12. 

Joo HcCoy. — — • »• •-»-. 


_ . J. Savage. 

Winnksaoo Oo. Pabk and Faib Assn.. Fbreat 
_ City. S. 9-12, M. M. Thompson. 
Wlssbshirk Codxtt Aqbi., Decorab, — 

K. Blakeman. 
WiNFiELO Fair Assn., Wlnfleld, , Jno. A. 

■\roitTH Countt Aobi., Northwood. S. 15-17 T 

0. Groe 
Whioht CouNrr Aobl, Clarion, S. 2-6. O W 



Dakota Co. Aosx Soc, Farmlugton. 

A. Carlson. 
Dodos Co. Faib Assx., Koaum, 


Geo. It 

Anaxts, West Union, 8. 9-18 T. W. Elrlsoe. 
Allan, Lima. 8. 10-19, 0. A. Graham. 

i4L»WW& H^H^g^*- IWM Sf S:.^"- *«- °W«^ »• «* * 
AcoiAiia, Wapakcneta, A. 26-29, A 8 8ehaffer. 

Douolas Oo. Aobl Assn., Alexandria, 3. 25-27. 

Geo. L. Treat 
Faribault Co. Asri. Boc, Bine Earth, A 18-20. 

F. V. Ooninuna?. 
FiutoRB Co. Aflat Soc, Preston, , Frank 

J. Iback. 
FREZBoaii Co. Aoat Soc, Albert Lea, 8. 17-10. 

O. M. Peteraoa. ' 

Ooodbub Co. Acm. 800., Zumbrota, 8 10-12. 

L. E. Slgmond. 
GlAI ! T SS^i? 1 - Alesr - Hermaa, a 22-24, W. 

URNxxea Oo. Asm. Soa, Booklns, 8. 17-20, 

W. S. 3»Detaiia. 
HocsToar Oo. Aosx, Aaax., Oaledgnia, O. 1-3. 

O. E. Burtaeas. 

Bxuiont, St. Cial-sTille, 8 16-18 J. B. Taylor, 
Bbown, Georgetown. 8. 80-0. 3, Lewis Rlcbey. 
Butlsb, H a mil ton. S. 30-O. 3, C. A. Kumber. 
Carroll, CaurroUton, 0. 7-10, P. B. Boudenbusb. 
Chahtaiow, Urbana, A. 12-16, J. W. CrowL 
Class. Spxlaaaead, A, 19-22, Elwood Miller. 
CLEiua-ONT, OwensrUie, A. 19-22, J. E. Christy. 
Clinton, Blaaeherter, A. 28-29, Owen Brown. 
Oja aaaa a aa taj Lisbon, A 16-18, B. F. Mere. 
OaauxectOH, Oaahactaa, a 7-11, W. A Millar. 
Crawxobd, Bucjma. A 9-12, J. I. Smith. 
COTtuMA, East, Obagrln Falla, 8 2-5, F. 0. 

Cuthoqa, Waar. Berea. 8 9-n. L. M. Coe. 
Daasa, Greeavilla, A. 26-29. Prank riiaslajjn 
DBnaaoa, HieksvUle. 8 16-ro. J. K. atereer, 
Delawabx, Powell, S. 16-19, A 8 NeaT. 
KmiR, Bandoaky, 8. 9-li, P. B. Xerbe. 
FaiamtD, Lancaster, O 16-18, W. T. MeOaeav 

Fatbttb, WaaUBfton, C B-. A 13-18 W. a 

Fclton, Waoseea, 8. 15-19. B. P. Ames. 
Oalua. Oslllapolla. A. SS-2A, A O. SlafforA 
QBaxaa. BortoB. 8. 9-12. W. 8. FerA 

Gbrxn, XeaU. A. 0-8, 8 8 Grieve. Mabtut Oo, Aobl Soc, Fairmont. 8. 25-27, R 

Gubunbbt, Washington, 8. 23-28. B. 0. MeOreary. „ ,» Trier. 
HainwoN, Cartbage. A. 13-16, D. U SampaoaL McLxon Oo. Aobl Soc, Batchlnaon, A. 

U. Duabar. 
Itasca Co. Aam. Soc, Grand Rapids, 8. 25-27, 

C. A. BnelL 
Jacrsow Co. Aorl Soc, Jackson, S. 4-e, A W. 


KAK t5^,°i,- Ao "- Ass! »- M «n- 8 17-19, Wil- 
lis Fairbanks. — — — 

Eanmiohi Co. Fare Aaew., WlUmar, 8 17-20, 
Wm. O. Johnson. 

Kittson Co. Aoai. Soc, Halloek, Jy. 3-4, C. I. 

KoocaicHTxo Oo, Aobi. Asaw., Nortbcme. 8 li- 
lt, P. A Serlboer. 

Lacqui Parjx Co. Aorl Soc, Madison. & 23- 

" 26. J. F. Roaeawald. ' **~ isD ■• ■ ** 

I ^ it ^ C 2; £?*1 8oG -- T* Harbors, A 17-10, 
W. B. WoodwarA 

■" ?F"S 9°i Aml 8oc - ** Saeor, 8. 818 

M. W. Grlmts. 
Ijmcolw Co. ao xl Hoc ft On. Fan Assn., Ty- 
_ |sh i A B. Brown, . 

LtoxOc AaxL Soc, Marshall, 8. 23-26. H. M. 

Maxkaio Fan A Blcr Earth 6c Acri. Sec, 
Mankato. 3. 11-13, J. A. Johnson. ^^ 

Malsiiall Oo. Faib Assn., Warren, S. 1C-17. 
E. T. Frank. 

Hancock, Findlaj, O. 1-4, A G. Bsraon 
BaRDiH, Kenton, A. 26-29, F. D. Jones. 
Harrison. Cadis, O. 1-3, 0. M. Osbarn 
Bxxbt, Napoleon, 8. 2-6, J. M. Itelger. 
Hiqoxanb, Ralnaboro, a 7-10. Ltelle Geoxge, 

K Betler. ' — 20 " 28> R 

Mebkeb Oo. Aorl Soc, Dassel, 0. 17-18 Oscar 
aj. i.tnqslat. 

I* L G° 8°' ^° U- S0 °" PrUloet00 ' 8 - 10-13. 

Jsitrxson, Smlthneid, 8. 24-26, Caaa. GUeraltA Mobrisok Co. Aobi. Assn., Motley, a 16-18, c 

Knox, Mt Vernon, 8. 23-26, Howard, O. Gates. 
Larw, Patne«TlIle, 8. 16-19, 8. Lew. 
LawaxNca. ProaoravBlr, A 19-22. B. W. Aafc. 
Lickino, Newark, 8. 80-O. S. J. U. Faraaer. 
Looajt, BeUetoatalne. A 19-22. L 8 Winstar. 
Lorain, Bayria, 3. 16-10, Aataaoy, Nddlax. 
Lucas, Teledo. 8 813, C A Bcwia, 
MarrsoN, Londew, A. 26-29, Laaur P. Wilson. 
Mauonins Casntld, S. 0-12. M. E. Baiwman, 
Mabsow, Marion, A 22-M, Boaeae Obarn. 
Mbtilva, MediRR, S. tA, O. o. Van D 
Mama, Beek Sprints, 8. 3-6. Jas. M. _ 
Maxesa, Selbaa. A. 18-28 8 I. Vtanw. 
Mimt, Troy, A 15-ia, a. D. afartta.* 
MowBea, Woa4aaead, A is-xi, Oea. P. Dorr. 
Moxtgoicbrt. Daytaa. 8. 14, I. L niMkiaiaii 
kfotOAti. MeCearaelavtrie, 8 17-19, J. E. Torbert. 
Uoaaow, Mt GileeA 8 80-a A O, L Miller. 
McaKiwonM, ZaiMTlUe. A. IMS. B. T. Wblae. 
Noblb, Sarahavttle, A 10-12, J. W. Maalbenr. 
Paultino, Paulding. S. 15, W. B. Jackson. 
Pilar, New Lexington, S. 24-26, Cbas. 0. ( 

Aasn. Soc, Ada, O. 2-4, Elaaore 


Plpestone. 8 18-20, 

Ftxb. Flxeton, A 6-8, 8 8 DaBey. 
PoRTAtn, Ravessa, S. 2-5, 0. A Sharp. 
Prbblb, Eaton, A 23-XA Hairy- D. Birrcr 
Pctnart, Ottaww O. 711, A. P. BaT^IeaT 
RrcBLAWO. Mansfteld. A. 25-28. W. H. Shrrock 
Boss, Cbllllcothe, A. 1J-22, Addtaoo p. aflaa»all. 
g airpcs arr. Frareont 8 16-10. O. A, Hocaenedel. 
Scioto, LaxaavlUe. A. 12-16. J. H. atockvreU. 
Kbnbca. Timn. 8. 2-A klorcan Iak. ^™' ra *- 
Shelbt, 8Mney, S. 9-12. J. E. BnsseO. 
Stabx, Oantoa. A 24-27, EA A Wilson 
Birarwrrr. Akron, 6. SO-O. 3, 0. J. Swtnehart 
TauitBCLL. Warren, 8. 2-4, Homer O. Uaetzy 
Tuscarawas. Oaaal Dow. O. 1417, I. A Kane. 
Union. MarysTllle. 8. 9-ll W. F. toodrte*^ 
Van Wirt, Van Wert, B. 8-12, E, T. Wslbare, 
Wabxeji, Lebanoa, 8. 8-12, PhlUp Bpenee. 
Wabhikotoji. Marietta, A IU-i^iTe. Amile. 
WaiNa Wooater, 0. 7-A O. J. Kfcrigst 
Wmuaata, Montneller, 8. 9-13, Robert Oatle. 
Wood. Bowling Oreea. 8. 23-26. B. A Sweet. 
WrANnoT. Upper Eanduakx, a 16-19, J. XEeaa- 
naugn. - 

oHko nvrAErxanaxT xans, 
AssruT. Ashley, a 10-18 A. T. weatbrak. 
Attica. Attlea. A 23-JA W. F. DaJeT^ 
BaaTr<«s, Oretoo, S. 10-12, W. BL 8aectrleA 
ViWRMAN. aanaaan, A. 28-28, HTj.^Sir 
|£lbt. Ripley. A. 6-A L. IL WiWaaaa. 
etatuaixiEui, SamsaaTseld, O. 2-4, C. H. Bala, 


Ajrawaear awnl Buxarrar, Amexbary. g. ta-35, 

- 5LS JS SS t^_ _ .. StETLi Co. Aorl Fair Absn„ Owattoua. 8. 11 

BAaararaaLB Oocwtt, Banctable, A S6-S3, Mar- 1A F. A. Dajaaaaa. asaaeaaa-a, 

BLac^srow. Tataar. tokrlage, 8 1A17 Dr. M. B ™ T 5 , -"-°°- AmL !oa ' "***> •>•*•» W ' 

R. Sharpe. ' 

DsHtTaLBVALiXT, Okarieaneat, A 11-Ut, A W. 

A Montgomery. 
aloEBtsoN Co. Aoxl Coop. Soc, Uttle Faua, 8 

16-21. A M. BerrbelnL 
Mowtu Co. Aan. Soc, Austin, A 0-12, T. A 

Mctbat Oo. Aobi. Soc, SlaTtoo, A 11-13. Bobt 

B. Forrester. 

K>a, J; L "S.9 a AmL Soc « st x'eter. 8 11-13, J. 

c kanlett. 

°™i? S*-^*™ x ""' Worfkaagtoo, S. 11-13, 
„ W. A OUver. 


Gi^sTBap Co. Aou. Aaas., Rocbester, A 16-19, 

F. E. Cutttag. - 

^"^ "£*"" °°- Aoax Soc ft Fair Aesx., Fergua 

Fails. 8. 23-26. Caaa. R. Wrlebt 
rraHAU Aoat Soc, Pcrbam, 8. 27-28, Geo. M. 

Paur mnoTow Co. Aoxl Soc, Thief Rlrer Falls, 

Pinb i Co. Aobi. Soc, Pine City, S. 10-18 H. W. 

Harte. ' 

rirEsroNi Co. aobi. Soc, 

Jeaele A WaJknp. 
Polb. Oo, Aobl Faib Assn., Fertile, Jy. 3-5, 

Theo. 0. Propi>. 
Porn Co. Aorl Soc, Glenwood, S. 23-0. 1, G. 

C WollaiL 
Rausbt Co. Ansa. Soc, White Rear, A. 28-30, 

J. K. Dlion. 
Ran Lake Oc Aoxl Soc, Bed Lake Falls, A 
_ 24-26, A, Rabertns. 
Red wood Co. Aorl Soc, Redwood Falls, 0. 1-4, 

C V. Everett. 
Renvillr Co, Aori. Soc, Bird Island, S. 10-12, 

Joe Baggett. 
Rice Co. Asm. Soc. NorthuelU, S. 25-27, A. M. 

Rocx Co. Aobi. Soc, Loerne, S. 11-13, J. B. 

Treat. ^^ 

Roaaac Co. Aorl Soc, Roseau. 8. 3-5, M. J. 

St. Lomx Co. Aaxt Soc, Htbblng. A. 28-31, K- 

L. OrltBn. 
St. Vincent Union A Ixo. Assn., St. Vincent, 

, Bd, Cameron. 

Scon On. Aauu. Soc, Shakepee, S. 11-13, F. II. 


Sbbll PaAaras Aoxl Soc, Park Bapkls, > 

_ P. A. TanderpoaL 

Sidlxt Co. Aoai. Soc, Arlington, S. 11-13, A. J. 

Sxaaaaa Co. Aobl Soc, Sank Gentrc A 11-13, 

B. F. Do BfiiS- 

8ia™» BARtnaw. a^haez, a 8-4, 


TopsfleM, 8. 16-17, Fred A. Smith. 


Bwnr Co. Fair Abrw., Appletsa, 8 11-13. Man- 
ford Horn. 

Tomt Co. Aobi. Soc, Long Prairie, S. 10-18. 
feaeph Deeaa. ,„ 

TaAVEBaB Oc aoxl Assn., vTbeatse. 8 17-19. 
A. T. Rustad. 

Pxajra^OJnxrr. CreemVM. ». 1T -IA J. h. Tlll^lYtgjaals, Boc, Brew. Valley, 8 U 

HAMrsniBB,' Anbent, S. 23-24, Jaaaea W. 

1A Gee, R. Seblefley. 
Wabasha Co. Industrial Fair Assn., Planne"' 

S. 24-20, Geo. F. Sylvester. 


■ i <tI > 


July 12 



waobma Co. Aon. Soc., Wadena. 8. 28-87, J. H. 

wassca Co. Aoai. Soo., Waseca, A. 28-30, Henry 

Mi oi!*^Stt. Soa, BsB^rtdge, & 1-8. 

^S&Aae * ■• **« AM * Bt 0h,d< * 

S. 0-12, w. E. Spencer. _ 

WiMasu Co. Tn-CouNTt ru» Assn., Wlnon*. 8. 

vJSiVK ȣ. Howard Lake, S. 10-19. 

WatStto^Oo^AobI. Soo., St James, 8. 8-10, 

Tnio» 1 MEmorM'oo. Fam Absk.. Oanby. S. 80- 
Y 0, 3, Frank B. Millard, Canby. 

mar,! Ootnrtr. OMnook. a. 10-18. Bar T. Moe. 

Dawsok CoOJntt. <aufo* * «-i»\ * H. Hoi. 
FiSutAn OonaWr, aUttspeU, J. Mb f. K. Ber- 
TjtceSSbtaTB Fan, Boamaa, A. K-taV W. K. 
jEirSSS^Obrarw. Wsdts*aU, ft, U-tt, Ike 

MADiSS'ooinwT, Twin Bridges, 8, UV88, Dwlght 

lmsbneU. __ L _~. . , - . . 
Montis a SXJS*, HeJrae. B. »-BT, A. /. BMt< 

rownx Codstt, Deer Lodge, O. 8-13, H. B. 

R..VALU Comrrr. Hamilton. 0. 1-4, Dm **«». 
Sandsss Oomrn. Elaine, O. 1-4. B. P, OaBtUe. 

Aiabotow* Fab, AUentaWB, 8. 9848, H. B. 

BloomsbubO Fan, Bkoaasbtrg. 0. T,10, A. N. 

Biacfobd Co. Aoai. Soo., Towinda, 8. 8»tt, Q. 

O. Johnston. 
Bucks do. Aau. Soo., Ptrka>l«, S. 17-30, S. 

Y. TJaiiliiftiir 
CiT-Tra Oo. Aaau Ass*., West Cbrsbrr, ft 18- 

10. Fred Do Boee BeM. ■ Fata ax» Aau. Baa, Gerry. S. 2-8, Wake 

C:i.v.\rar Lakjb Pais Assir., Erpostttoa Park. A. 

25-29, Cbaa. T. Bycta. 
Ootbbbbuhd Co. Aau. Soo.. Carlisle, 8, 28-28, 

M. H. McOrea. 
EaE.vascao Fans, Sbcnaborg. 8. 18-19, D. Alli- 
son Irwin. 
Guanos KKcaxmzBirx abb Pub Asah.. Centre 

Hall, S. 18-10, Leonard Boone. 
Ha.novkb Aon. SOO., Hanover, B. 19-19, J. B. 

Eaitoeo Aobi. Soo.. Harford, 8. HI, 0. F. 

Indiana Co. Aast Soo., ladloaa, 9. 9-18, David 

Ibtbb*iatb Par« Assn., Athena, ft 11-91, 

Cbaa. E. MlBs. 
JtwiiTA Co. Aon. Soo., Port Royal, 8. 9-12, 

James N. Qronlnger. 
KtnzTOWH Pais Assx., Kutrtown, A. 28-20, G. 

C. Bordnar. 
Lahoastkb Oo. Aau, Fan Aaait., tameaatar, S. 

«K>. 8. J. P. Mdcaarldae; 
Lbbajjok Paib, Lebanon, A. 10-99, Jobs Bollman. 
LiootOira Oo. faa. HagheavMe, O. 14-17, Ed- 
ward B. Fronts. 
Mimlttowk Fact Assn.. Mlddletown, & 2-5. 

John W. Uetager. 
Milton Fact and NcarHDHiBLam Co. Aobi. 

Assn., S. 30-O. 3, Jo. H. Jonnara, - 
Uontoomest Oo. Fact, Potttown, S, 1-6, Walter 

B. Baker. 
IIoxboi Co. Aoar. Soo., etrowlneorg, S, 1-8, W. 

M. Burnett. 
Kew Fbscoou FAttJrtas' T'-.t. Assn., {law Free- 
dom. S. 24-26, W. H. v«ed. 
N'oithaupton Oo. Aau. Soc, Nuaretb, 8. la- 
in, J. & Itelnieuaer. 
on, Oiar Aau. Pan Assy., TUostiUe, 8. 8- 

12. P. H. Flanders. 
OsrxnBBna Obakoam' Piokio Assn., Otterbarf. 

A. 18-23, 0«o. W. Oster. 
Ouoim Aobi. AeiM., Oxford, 8. 24-28, H. O. 

Pepbt Co. Aobi. Boo., Newport, 0. 14-17, J. O. 

F. Stephens. 
I-biladslfula Oo. Fan, Bpbatrr, Pbila., S. 18- 

20. H. Brosa. 
Beioino Fan, Beadlnf, 8. 9-12, D. 1. UeOer- 

Suttiib Pabc Asbn„ Hansdeld, 8. 18-10, R. O. 

Sionesoso Pan, StoneboTO, 8. 18-18, Geo. H. 

SnxirAX Oo. Aon. Boo., FsrkeflUe, 8. 80-0. a. 

0. N". MollDenz. 

Taor Aon. 800.) Troy, 8, 3-5, VT, ft HoaV 

txioN Oo. Aoar. too., Lewlsbuf. 8. 98-28. 0, 

Dile. Wolfe. 
L'iioK Aoai. Asbh,. Barantstowe, 8. 80-O. 9, D. 

8. Tayior. 
WAT.sseaoBa Pan akd Aau. AirrT.. Waynea- 

burg, A. 26-90, Barry P, Bailey. 
Washington fan Assn., frasatngtoe, 8. 1-4, 

H, V. Cbellnt. 
WATtsrlnBa Aasi. Soo., Wattsburg, S. 18-19, J. 

1. Rouse. 

Wbstuorb Faib Assn.. tonngwood, S. 0-12, W. 
_ F. Holrter, • 

•WSST ALBSAHtBS, 8. 16-18. J. It. OloBOD. 

loift Fit*, York 0. «•». H. 0. Beenrt. 


Adiks Co. Aon, Soo., One*. H. OBaan, Prferif- 

.•Mp.- 8. 1T-1?. 
Ashland Oe, Aotj. 800., W. Q. Konl,- AsMaod, 
" 8. 10-18. 

B abbot Oo. Fatt A«Bw. ( Jebd O. Bade, ftiee 
_ Blrer, 8. 912. ^^ 

BiTntLD Oo. Pin Assn., B. P. XMsleto, Irol 
_ BlTer, i 

Bbown Oo. Aon. A Fan Asaw., Herb. J. Smltb, 
_ De Pere, A. 28 28. 

Bosconn, Aau. A But. Paik Arisst., h. B. 

Buka, Bosoobelj A. 13-18. 
BnTrato Oo. Aobt. Boo., 3. 0. LeotSeher, Bton- 

_ dOTl. S. M-20. 

BmiNETT o>. April. , 

OrantBborg, B/Si-; 

Bababoo Vatirt Aobi. 

And. A. Anderson, 
, W. A. Stolte, Beeds- 

OMaris, a^tarftW 

Cu*x Co.' Pan, L. Willlunson, NeHlirtlle, 8. 


CEN-rUt. Wn., rjTAM Pifll Art*,, J. H. Win**; 

c*£T b ££-£b£3*a tm, & 6. Brio*. 

_ Qays MUls. 8. 30-0. 3. 

^owmbu Oo. Aon. SOfti P. A. Rhyme, Portage, 

DA *ff in ^ 0U- * ia ' U ' U ' 'BrnnwO' MaMsoa' 
DoM »^. Fan.A«uf., ft W. Harrepi Bearer 

D ™Ba?'sfTl8^ V ^ ^ ( 

Dooorig' Cto. Papi Arts., & <i Berfrtal, 8o> 

perlor, * . ^ 

Bobiiot Pm Aon. FinV B. F. Stoddard, 
_ DowrrtBg, i j ,, , T^ .... 

S Oo ; .Aon. BOO.'; I; D. Bpllar, Metaaonle,' 

Bao-XJtara.Oo. ABU. (Wc,; Hfrt PredrlcK, Aa- 


^HfiMpiP* ■* *• * <Btain - 

E*»tbbk MoNBpa 00. AOtt. Boa, M. Byreraon, 

-Toman. * 

Fond no Lao Co. AakL 800.^ ft. «. ttiaiow. Fond 

_ du Lac, B. 2-8. > ., . 

Fo "fi Oft Aobio. Soa. *. W. Orawfocd, Oran- 

don. fj, 2-4. 
Fox RfrtB Paib and Dnr. Abbk., iV. P. Stein- 
r. IK fWktoo. B. 16-10. " "". 

? Y -.* *- 8o °- w - K Bowdon, LliicaBter, 

a "? fl?".- 10 "' S* - M - B - i«»e*. Bfenroe, 

8. 10-18. . ,. 

Obeen Lau Oo. Aobi. Soa, a W. Hlteheoek, 

Berlin, 8. 0-12. 

Uillsdobo Aon. and Dbit. AiSN., B. V. Wernlck, 

H'tlsboro, . 

lNT ™-CoDKrr Pact, J. B. BtrrjoM. Sorlbl Oreen, 

A. 20-20. 

Qlbnwood Intbb-Oo. Pan Aim.. Herton T. 

BBker. Olenwood aty, 8.- 18-17. 
IntcbCoowit Fact, Prank 8. arable Stanley. 

8. 23-26. .... 

MOgajL Oa Aon. floa; it H. Party. Black 

Bl Ter Pails. i . u -,. . 
JRTRBson Oo. arm B^ox B. Vaturr Aau. Soa, 

toJL %sg& serSNBSm *** 

s. z.j. 
KtiBooBN i»TBB-Ooolr*T Fats Aai*., Wra. ttttes- 
ple, Eilbottto, 8. 2-0. 8. 


. Oeo. W. Bekraeder. Plola, O. 1-8. 

La Csosaa Intib-Statb Fact Assn. a 8. Tea 

AsAas, La Croase, S. 28-26. 
LATATBrra Co. Aon. Boa, Thoe. Klrsmn, Dax- 

llnaton, A. 28-20. 
LiNoLAsa Co. Aau. Soc, Henry Berner. AntJao. 

8. 16-10. 
Lracout Co. Aon. Soc, W. H. Kaiser, aferrlU, 

Loot Onion Aon. Soo., A. H. Hinds. LedL A, 

UABATHoir Co, Aon. Boo., held at Waeaas, Wt», 

JT. D. Chrlatle. SchoOeld, 3. 2-8. 
MABQuarra Co. Aau. Soa, held at WeatBeld, 

Via., Duncan H. Beld, BndeaTor, 8. 18-17. 


Cblupewa Palls, 8. 16-19, 
Now London Aau. am> iHnosrsui Aasai., A. 

w. Aa d a ism , Kew London. 
Saw BnaacoxB Pact Abbm., W. H. Brooks, Nee- 

Blrtaaed. S. 8-11. 
Ocosnro Oo. Fau Aaut., J. B Chase. Oconto. 
Onbda Oo. Aon. Boa, A. Harner. RAraelaaAer, 

a. 14-18. 
OcTAiAura CO. Asm Boo., t. A. Carroll, Bor- 

toattlVe, 8. 9-11. 
OiAinraa Oo. Aon. Soa, T. J. Eocicb, Oedtr- 

Isift, S. 18-Mv 
Vara q». Aaaa. Boa. Fred Haatlac*. BbbjsjsA, 
i'lsasa Co. Aaao. Boa. B> H. Poweee, EUawor*. 

Plastbtbjj Fai* avdj Aoat. Soa. O. H. Qrib- 
bls. PUttortlle, S. 3-B. 


throwinj. As his family enlarged, each 
as Caught something that weald fit In with 

Loan Williams, Aa- 
Palmet, St. Orols 

Poaaaoa Oo. Aon. Soc, Lo 

aenr, B. 10-12. 
Pout Oo. Pact Assir.. B. A. 

FaMs, 8. 16-19. 
Paroa Co. Aau. Boa, Oeo. R. Pester, Phillips, 

8. 14-10. 
BicartAHD 00. Aau. Soo., W. O. Barry, BJcUaad 

Center, S. 23-20. 
Rusk Co. Pant Aesn„ John Bronaky, Brace. 
Baok Oo. Aou. Boa. 8. A. Pelton, Baraboo. 8, 

BOO. 3. 
Sawtbs Oo. Aont. Fact Assn., A. Brouhard, 

Bayward, 8. 80-O. 9. 
SazMona Faib and Dbit. Pabjc Asbk.. Oeo. P. 

Fiedler. 8eyowar, 8. 3-5. 
Shawano Co. Aau. 800. , John. 0. Sekween, Ska- 

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SbbbotoaK Co. Aau. Soo., Otto Qaflron, Ply- 

month, 8. 8-6. 
SorrawtsTiiN Wis. Fan Assn., D. b. Jracoba, 

Hlneral Point. A. 19-22. 
Spabta Dbivino A A«uu. Assn., W. A. Holden, 

Sparta, i 

Btbtbns Point Fan Assn., A. B. Boorn, Btetena 

Polst, S. 9-12. 
Tatlob Co. Mbchaxicai. A aVeal. 8ca, A. J. 

Latton. Medford, 3. 2-4. 
Trimpbaucad Oa aobi. Boa, Ben. W. D&rls, 

Galesburg, A. 26-28. 
Vkenon Oa Aau, Soc., C»l. K. Motley, Tlrooua, 

S. 16-19. 
Walwobth Oo. AOBI. SOC, P. M. Porter, Elk- 

aora, B. 18-10. 
WAaagxaaoN Oa Aaait. Soa, Jos. P. Haber, 

West Bend, 8. 18-17. 
Wadsmaba Oo. Aobi. Soa, W. B. StUwell, Wan- 

toma, B. 24-20. 
WabT4«a Oa Aou. Boa, H. W. aiocte, Weyea- 

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WiarMBMM Oo. Aou. Boc, A. B. Maxwell, Oeh- 

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Wavbitowm Imtbb-coontt Pact Asbn., o. W. 

Harts, Watertowa, 8. 13-26. 
WiSHBuaif Oo. Aou. Assn., W. O. Orockcr, 

Spooaer, -^— — 


Axlbn Cotnrrr Asbicoltdbai. Socibut: F. 8. 

Beattle. lola; 3. 2-5. 
Allen Coonti — iforan Agricultural Fair Assn.: 

0. H. Ford, Moram 8. 17-18. 
Babton Cocntt Fact Absociation: W. L. Bower- 

box. Great Bend | 0. 7-10. 
Bbown CooNir — The Hiawatha Pair Association: 

J. D. Weltmer, Hiawatha; S. 23-26. 
Butler Counts: Fact Abbooution: T. P. Han- 

nlon, El Dorado | B. 22-26. 
BUTI.BB Ooontt — Douglass AgrlcDllanl Society; 

J. A. Olay, Douglass; O. 1-4. 
Olat County Faib Asiociatdh: J. W. Nord- 

etrorn, Olay Center; 0. 7-10. 
Clay Counti — Wakedcld Agrlcnlraral Associa- 
tion: Engene Elklns, WskeOald; 0. 8 and 4. 
Cloud Countt Faib Abbocutiobts W. U. ale- 

Oarty, Ooaeordlai 8. 18-10. 
Corrsr Cocntt AoaiotJLioBAL Pan AsaooiATioNt 

S. D. Wearsr, Barllnfton; A, 28-29. 
Cowlet Coonit— Bsstern Cowley Fair AstMla- 

tlon: Asa Cooper, Burden. 
Oowlbt Cornm AoniccLTCBAL ANn Lira Stook 

Assooution: Frank w, lldle, WInBeld; A. 

Dicatub Countt Fact Association: 3. B. Oorrell, 

Oberlln: S. 3-5. A 

DioKIMsoM OoOTtt Fact Association : a. 0. An- 

dVrsoa. Abilene : O. 1-8. 




(WBimp BzctusiTBbT tob Tne New Your. 

Wbca the oxecutlve bead of one of the 
ter/rest railroad systems aa the country, a 
toaa of International reputation, and known 
from ono cntl of the country to the other, 
takes bis pen In band. Bite down and vrrltet) 
for a leading nagnslae an article hiffhly com- 
Bending the National Conaerrallre Kiposl- 
tion that la to be held In Knoxrllle, Tenn, 
tram Sept 1 to Not. 1, of tae nrmiit year — 

When this earns projeet of &<> rrJUTtnatcdl 
Southland, day by aBajr continues to attract 
attention art orer the comrtry In the ncws> 
papers, msgaalnes and weeklies — 

When tilt) rallroods of the South Join 
Druids to do everything In their power to 
make the exposition a huge success — 

When these things happen, why then there 
are hundreds and thousands of men who be- 

fin to sit up and take notice. And that I* 
list what b going on these days. The 
thougbu of these persons run somewhat la 
this wise : 

''Here la the biggest kind of on exposition 
that la going to be held in the section of the 
country that men agree la the coring sec- 

Tho big new All-South Dtilhllng, where the 
new South will be on display, la under roof. 

The Midway section of <he grounds, on 
which It was necessary to do a vast amount 
of work, >a practically ready for tho arrival 
of the different attractions, tho attendants 
pnd tne other workers, in what will ho prob- 
ably one of tho busiest ami moat popular sec- 
tions of the big exposition grounds. 

Space In the different buildings is now al- 
most at a premium, it is assured that the 
line of exhibit*, Federal, State and private, 
will be by far the most complete and compre- 
hensive ever gathered together for an expo- 
sition in thu South. Uncle Sam, In particu- 
lar, will spread himself, and will send td 
Knoxvitle a line of exhibits the Ilka of which 

8 eve.- before loft Washington. The) different 
tat* governments of the sixteen great Btatei 
•f aa issotrjn Will also make splendid displays. 

tlon of tb» United States. It is a rig propo- 
sition I can't afford to inlsa It and I won't. 
So there f 

That's why tbe hustling and prosperous 
city of Knoxvllle, down at the foothills of 
the Oreat Smoky Mountains, la making her 
preparations now to care for and entertain 
at least one million visitors from all parts 
of the country, during the two months that 
the gates of the exposition will bo open to 
the public. Prom the looks of things the 
good people of Knoavlllc are not gotng bo 
be disappointed In this regard, rather they 
are going to be surprised, Tor those In close 
touch with the affairs of tho exposition, 
those who haro their fingers on the pulse ot 
the people, confidently expect the attendance 
from outside the city to go well orer the 
million mark. 

W. VT. Flnley, president of the Southern 
Hallway, was the railroad executive referred 
to In the opening paragraph. In the July 
issue of a Middle West magasine, and over 
his own signature, Presldont Flnley says: 

"The National Conservation Exposition, to 
be held la Knoxrllle, Tenn., during the com- 
ing Kail, 'will, I believe, be a moat important 
factor in tbe dissemination of knowledge aa 
to tbe resources and opportunities of the 
Southern States, and In the development of 
trade along the North and South, lines 
through, the river gateways. It la for this 
reason, of much more than local or sectional 
importance, that not only those who ara 
Interested In tbe Southeastern section, but 
also those who are interested In the develop, 
mont of trade along North and South lines, 
should co-operate for Its success." 

And when it is remembered that tho 
Senato of the United States In aa official 
report had some highly commendatory things 
to say of this project, then it is easy to see 
that the Infiuence behind it Is weighty and) 
fear reaching. 

A little teas thas two months before the 
dale set for opening the gates of tho National 
Conservation Exposition finds everything con- 
i.ected with it far advanced. The buildings 
that have and art going up are either com- 
pleted or no nearly so that It will take but a 
short time to finish them. The big Libera] 
Arts Rulldlna- Is finished. So is the new Land 
Building dol apfles— the latter an audi- 
torium sealing three f hotisend persons. The 
Tennessee BuildJFii is almost finished, 
the WMJM 

. Sj BB B B BB JBBj 

dibit: 0. Q. Bow«nsn, Lawredee; B. irt-il 
But _CWtn* 


dTT AoBidtfbTtrBAi, Faib Association! 

Fred. B. Lanier, OreooU; 8. 9-4. . _ 
Psaxkun Con#rr Asjlomvrosaii SotoBtt: f, B, 

Ffaler, Ottawa; 8- 18-lf- 
Obat CWntV laBtcovrnaii, SeOTBTt: Lester 

Luther, Cimarron, 8- 4 aftd 8. — 

GBEENWOoe Count* Pan Association: i. 0. Tal- 

EAseta' lo^NTri-latncny 8 ' Fair AsseeHttoa: L. 

BAjrVMi- *ftR&ff m 




Grove, 17-19. 

LrNN Cousti Faib Abbocution : C A. McMullea, 
M«iud ftr>; B, jto-ttjt... -j,. J. _4i . 

Lcoak CocNIlr- loter-Ctoui/y , Fair AsSoclatioa: 
F W; Irwio, Oakley; s, t-0. ■ 

HoPnFBBON OonJiM iaiiculffuaix, FAn Asso- 
oution: Hilton HawkinsoS, afefnerson; 8. 

Head* Countt Faib Association: BL W. Oamp- 

MrroaiBt^^rn»T//A^BiojiJM^B4 *ini Assocu- 

ijc: feniwt 




JTirf god Agrl- 

WoWer; Syltaa 

riosj : B. 

HoNTOotraar Coijntt Fact Aisoct* 

Ir»ln, CofftiTjllfl 8., 22-27. _ . . .. 

Chas. Kerr, lsdiependeno>. . . ,. _. • 

Kbkaha OpuNir Pact AjbouiAtion : M. B. Con- 

nett,Pfea; 8. 80:0.8, 
— — ^Foar-COi 

Neosho OOtrwTT- 
taral Society 

f - 'oi«e^,ty. 
Noeton Oountx Aoni 

S'l .District AgTlcul- 
tdeau, Cbanute; 0. 

P. GBirttr, Sortct,, , 
Ottawa Oowrrt FAU} Assoc 

AsSoCiatton : J. A. 

socxxtion: U. 

:oW: 3. E Jo'jn- 

Pawnxb LOou^T?^|Bnro£tTnwt ■AssociiTioK: T. 

pc^rrojSjDo^xi %a^iihiti Societt: 

MCiATioV: Walter PMJto. 

NTT-^OrarraJ 4ansi* PATf" Association: 

BookP. CotJrrrT^pAt* - AAjoctf TrOrT; O. A. Big- 
gins, Stock&ni 8, *o. j. 

Bussbll Oountt Fact AssoOutiori: 7. B PuOt, 
Roasell; O. 7-10. 

Busa Countt AuaiouiTtCTAL and Fact Aaaocw- 

SawASry' i b&Jk B Fmkt^ijflSio$. ''ufctal'; S. 

sWaHhss* OoVrrrrfeJtanaaB ^tate Pair Assoc'la- 
tftn.' H. L. Coot Topeka : 9. 8-12. 


Assooution: Wade Warner, Goodlsnd; A. 
10-21 j , ... 

Smith Countt Pact Association: H. O. Smith, 

■wee* of July 7. O. 11. uoisnan. iuo whii 
hi own promoter, haslieen In the city for the 
fcast ten ilnvs getting everything in shape 
tor h's comnnny. The new City i'ark on tho 
lnke front will be. tho location of the shows, 
tied a bitter soot could not havo been found 
in tho city for this affair. Wednesday, July 
V will be I'lremon's Day, and a big parade 
will be given, participated in by twelve ylalt- 
ing fire companies from neighboring cities. 
Oreat credit Is due tho committee, whoso duty 
It was In selecting the attractions for the 
1013 carnival, In chooslnir tho Hatch Shows. 
as their reputation In this eectlon of tho 
country la second to none, and after visiting 
eeveraf different carnival shows they decided 
that the Hatch people had tho one they were 
after, #0 contracte were signed at once. 
The 'Queen Contest," which Is being en- 

tlneered by Mr, Coleman, of tho Hatch 
hows, Is proving morn exciting arid prom- 
ise* to be more profitable than arty contest 
that was ever conducted Here. Already sev- 
eral hundred dollars have been taken IB and 
It h«» sl» flaya yet to run, and from aiyndl- 
catlons it will run up into the thousand!. 




%m 1 

On* mac-bin's 1 
One mtcnttt 
One mach ne 
One, mach Oe eamea 
One pwcWtcj et^tae 
One ttScb no eAt&e 
ne mach no tatne 

i 21 Wks., 1901 

25 f VS.. HOI 


One machine eirned f 20, 13 8 in 02 wke.,19Ji 
Hgures will 6 virtfied to costomerf a 

Above figures win be verified to costi 

O. W. PARKER, LeaTenvrortb, 



SultsMe for Prftes", also Sfage Jewelry, 
Paihl.. CoTd Cftarn, Jlunit pt, 

.._6t. Send roTjM«fcidi««w 

Address; tj^ oUt fCJiabTe Bi pi ITHHJI St ttfif 

Ureatse Pm\hU{ CoYd Cream; 

etc., best Ifjth6.n5wkct. Jer^l - 

am, Jlnrnl 
i»; VHBB aa 

141 itef; watvasht Ave.j Chitdgu; ill. 

Pratt; 3. 2S-A. 
Bbno CouNTT-r-Cenl 


Sirdth OenteriB. 2-8. , 
gTAFvoED OoukSx- Pais A-sbocutiok: 
Bay, St. John; AT 20-29. 

B B. He- 

Amr.F.T Boucicaclt, son of the late Dion 
TJouclcault, was stricken at tho Kalserhof. 
.with pneumonia. He la at tie New York 

James ITAnvE SxeNOP.n, manager of a car- 
nival company, narrowly escaped being 
crushed to death -when d pyxhbn colled 
around Mm.' illlc La Bcncto, who owns, the 
reptile, pCiyed on a fligeolet. When she be- 
gan to play, and at the same time swaylnfe 
her body to and fro, the reptile raised bis 
head and began to sway ix rhythm with, the 
player arid (he music, be stretfufllky loosened 

promptly filnfed: He Wat re'viVed dBd'foUhd 
to be unhurt. 



A fail n'Mortniofrt Of grit 

SlleS; Wlfet Heads, ptsrlei 
*lfiH« lntest nOTcltle* for 
mall Ora^t^eVfalriaiiarosOtts. Write fiir cat- 
alogue. JEtVKtrt/ BEAD SOVKlCTV CO., 
180 H. Dcariofii St., Cfilertgtf, 111. 

tzimn mm photo snor 
imm u this mi quici 


7ta« Home of fill Unlek JPbotociraphp 


333 N. Olartxi St., Cfaleatgey 

»T jjiNIt H. UBfO 1 . 

. , - , *888 Wt- 

W* left Ottti BajHds. jejen.-thijjb». 

Bunday roornliig for tuo run to La L Crost», yv a.. 

Svb * gv™ 9S3I § 

from Odor rtapids we WTO Isld oat BcvefJl fladrs" 
on dctoont of a freight Wreck; atMfc^haaj 
seven. In th« MWilqg. wo Md at Ilffl* wfcet. W 
our Own, siftaahlfig the end of two car?, the *rl- 
Tate car Of tt A. Worthrttn and fhd Mr contain- 
ing Buckskin Ben'e (mows and it was wOtt/mt for 
awhile Omt tho earn would tiiva to bo left off 
and the stuff trajiaforrcl, Out , with curef ul 
handling we arrived ta J,a Orosso about ten-thirty 
Monday morning, and (lieq cuuio a race against 
tlrne to tret Ibo shown all ready to oueq at filglit, 
Tho crowd ou tb» street wan big ill oar walrfijr" 
tlio wflcons, being ^rao»pot|id to. t tl(0,tot.wnI 

ay wui cuing 

ig trnosiwricd to' . tho lot . which 

was located' rigut fit tbe heart. ..of tb* city. It 

was easy to see that Oi<t would l» badly illsaji- 
lio.'iited If tho cpttilng did uot tiiko place on >fo«- 
day Atenlng so tho 6rder« went Oot (bat every- 
thing would bo ready. Then It wa» notbina; but 
hard work for tho remainder of tbb day, With tbe 
tiicrnjf.incter standing anomid a nnnflrcd in the 
Bhmle almost nil day. Hut by eight In tbe otcn- 
lng, everything was Tpunlng In full blast, and tho 
largo iiatronngo (bat all tho shows received helped 
In a rocas-ura to take away uome ot the tired 
feeling. . , 

I sBnpose there Is no One In thin world nut 
thinks that some oho else has It a llfllo better 
tl-nii they have. Ouess It's ln«t the 1 nn(iir4l dls- 
ccr.teiit that Is b«m In one. 1 have oftcA tbeught 
wl'cu tlic train was mailing past one of those nice 
forms how nice It would oe to trade the exclto- 
diiut that goes with the show life for A life of 
Quiet oh fir) farm, and I humum? every farmer 
that Is on his porch Watching the «ti<rw train go 
by BSys to hlnwelf "What a idee, Mnf life those 
1 how folks have." But It would not dike long for 
some of as to got fired of the farm ahd tiie 
turner would noon be dlscontrnfed wllb the Above 
life, so I gness we had better each tut In the) 
slollon bo Is ATii*t fitted for. A. curufval man 
rrit-hl (10 coiilcnU-il in tho codntry If lie fonM.keeij 
Tub. Uurpss away from the bouse and set I 
thin* »in«»ots |he fiext weflil .will tie JK a 
little' lonesome without seeing tub oi.tI BtLiMt* 
every week. _. . 

. lrnckskln B«h, whose Wild West in} Dog And 
Pony Show* are csrrlwl as the feature attraellona. 
la one of tho pioneers of the stiow baafoesa, lie 
lilarted lil« show twenty-seven years afto, when 
there was Just hlnmetf and bis wife. Ills flt.t 
real performiineo was given In a little twrsty-fnot 
tint at an Old Hutticrs' picnic, at a little tenn 
In Northern Indiana. At that time one did not 
have to give very mocb of a performance to get 
the money, and his wife nhil hlhuwlf pleased a 



Biggest variety of Bibney.ilajrirjg Novelttos, Paddle Wheela, Oonntry 
Stores, Shooting Galleries, Doll BaolfB. All kinds of supplies— Jewelry, 
Watches, Silverware, Cutlery, Baz,ors, Yankee Wottone, Canw, Pennanta 
and Everything else handled by Street Venders, Park OondefloloilBMres and 

Outdoor MerciumtB. v „ 

Catalog free to everybody who buys and Belle goods, fflo oatalog or goods 
sent to Coneamers, Curious Pooplo or EuJbbcrtieefc8. 

M. SHUFb£ OO., \eVh/3i*29S8».*» 

f.24l Vsaf. IVlttdeson JS^., ChlOatg© 

aire, and in charge of the amusement fat* 
turn of the espoaUlon. wears a jpernetaAl 
■mite these days. "Groucu" and Wright are 
divorced; they are no longer on speaking 
terms. ''Joy" is his boon compaulon. 

Why? Because Mr. Wright not only has 
been able to dispose of most of his concear 
slons, but also because he has been able to 
book a tine Of attractions that spell the big- 
gest and best and liveliest Midway ever seen 
at an exposition South of Mason's and 
1)1 ion's line, and one of tho best over seen 
in the country. lie has piled one big attrac- 
tion to on top of another so fast that now 
it ia a question how they all con bo shown 
to the best advantage. Ibo cyea of the show 
world aro on Knoxvllle and the National 
Conservation Exposition now, and soon Mr, 
Wright and his assistants will bo ready to 
■welcome them to Knoxvlllo and show them 
what a progressive Southern city can do 
once It sets out to accomplish something. 

One feature ot tho exposition that will 
appeal to show people, is that of arranging 
for almost the entire exposition period, a 
scries of special days, that oiust bring— all 
of them — large crowds into Knoxvlllo for 
these duys. Tho very low rates of faro of- 
fered by nil Southern rnllroads, the lowest 
ever granted an exposition, with the excep- 
tion of the world's fairs, are also sure to 
have their effect on the outsldo attendance. 

Watch Knoxvlllo smoke I Will bo the 
watchword after Se ptember. 


Thl Oeneva, N. V., Kire Department is 
making great preparations for the appearance 
of the J. Prank Hatch Shows, whloh are to 
furnish the attractions for their carnival. 
wee* of July 7. 0. II. Coleman, the well 


one was 

tbe show, and up to about ten years ago there 
weta six children and hie wife that put oa the 
entire show. At tho present time tbey arc all 
married, except tbe two yoiinfeet, and have re- 
tired from the business. lien nn« never hail the 
''Big Show" hug very strong. He realised that 
with the eolarresnent ot the show the trouble and 
renrry enlarged also so be keei>s bis show about 
the »lw> that can be handled nicely In two car*, 
and he la la a position then to look after all parts 
of it. 

Wo played the week of June 30 at Dututb, anil 
than go into Winnipeg for ten days at the fair. 
La Crosse was UfJ for all tho shows, and althou«h 
It was frightfully hot all day avery snow was 
open and did a nice business etery afternoon. II 
looked for a llltlo white Tucsda; afternoon like 
we would tiavo a severe blow (town, but fortu- 
nately for us the wind was Just high enough not 
to do as any damage, bat the way tbe cVoada 
felled arennd looked awful had tor a few mlnnlea. 

There was a big rush tor Tun Otn Rbliabls 
last wash whoa tbe peekago cane as It bad our 
special Plstarea Is, and it wea not long nnttl raw 
Boat once was taking care of tbe copies sent 
■at to the people to their friends, it was ear- 
tatnry a group to be proud of, awl one could not 
blame as It we were a little 'VAcaty" on aeconat 
at beiag with It. t am writing this In the coot 
Of the morning- (2 a. M.l. and as tho lot Is almost 
elear mid there la aa early call for morning, I 
B.lnk I will turn Is. 

DOLCTH, Uinn., July 4. 

It la raining at the present time, and aa Hock- 
akin Ban Just remarked, we are having an outing. 

but I cannot toll Just how much I aw out until 

It's stl over. Tho . 

ence is likely to prove a disappointment this year. 

anniversary of our Indcpend- 

Laal year we were In Calumet, Ulch., and It waa 
a big day tor everyone. Tvwtay has settled In 
for an all-day rain, or that In the way It looks 
at tho present writing. The call was sent out 
last night for all tbe shows to he ready to open 
at a. at., but the call boy forgot to notify the 
people downtown, and there wns very little doing 
before the rain started at noon. But carnival 

role, as a general thing, don't waste any time 
gottinu tho blues, no natter what happen*, so 
it & a rather cheerful bunch around walling tor 
tho rain to atop, 

Oar lot this week la about four miles from the 
City propor, hut ttiat ban not kciit the people 
away. We had quite a little rain Wednesday and 
Thursday night*, and (lie balance of the week has 
been cool and pleasant cnuiimnsl with tbe ex- 
treme hot weather of last week, mid business baa 
bteai reasonnbly cowl. Suudnr morning will aeo us 
on oik- way to Winnipeg, anil nntwlthatondlng the 
rrixirm that nra coming In that Osnada Is overrun 
with itbon-s, we foel that we hati an outfit that 
will wt th» ImtliiHis. If there Is anyone there. 

It mint be nice to hare as cheerful a illapasllloa 
si "Red Onion" has. no matter when you flee him, 
or under whit conditions. He always has that 
smile that t* on to atay, and there Is no one on 
tbe outfit Ibat ia more ponulur. 

J. If. IllKMlrs, wbo waa with the Danny llordn- 
•ou outfit foe bo many years, Joined lluokakla 
Hen's Knows nt Duluth. 

Myrtle Stalker and Uretta Derby, with Buck- 
skin Ben's shows, are ontalnly clever people 
in their Unci. Myrtle does some work with net 
tnim that la really remarkable. She, I, the young- 
*st lady ride shot In the business, and when she 
slaxtB In breaking Ibo slnm balls there aro none 
of them that ever retch tbe ground In the same 
condition thoy were thrown up. Hhe has Inherited 
^„ cl ? R C . c *° "|b1 a steady 11I01 from her father 
(Bpokskln Ren), as there aro very few that have 
got it on Mm with firearms, Lotvtta, who Is one 
of the Atrial Derby's, a free net with Worthura 
A Allen, la one of the most versatile girls In the 
business, She Is only seventeen, yet her work 
with her broncho wonld put to stiiiinc many of tbe 
so called eow-lny* and cowgirls. Besides her aerial 
work and riding, she also ptnys alto lu Buckskin 
Uen'H Basil, 

. Hiirnum A. toiler's advertising cur, Vo. 1, Is 
here, billing for tbclr date here, July 24. 


EXPIUED OX JU.NE 1 ( >«13. 
Tiny AllE HEtttESTKD TO 
FOB luia-14 

York, rallnqulslied his lease 
Onorri IIouHo, after being Its 
teen y*ar«. The now lessee 1 
Edward T.cpnrielley, 1 
jnofJon Plcturu theatre 
Conncl/vy Is 

iiht ,to_«lng with tho. band. Last year h» 

vllllap, co 

to Celeron l J ark every Stint- 

ISBjBl ir i gj j U sai Ud .BB lH lsBB IIS » S,B 

BE18 OBT8 LflABD^ 

(Special to TBB Ciiprgn.) 

JiMRsrowN. n! %, July 7.—TI10 most in I 

enrtunt tlihutrlcal ueol In this city in year I 

toolt plnco here. foday when M. liels, of Nev I 

led lifs lease on tbe Samuols* 

mssoger for tlf- 

„ and manager 1» 

JidwufU T.X'ontlelley, owner of the (J rand, g 

- theatre. 

a former well known vaude- 

,Ing with 
acquired tuo plcturu house and made this 
city his permanent home; having purchased 
a rgsldMK'e. 

ilr. Oonnelley Is cfflclcnt, popular, and hat 
tlio yra of youth necessary to mako a go of 
his latest venture, and. from the class of 
boopJogs already- made, Jamestown Is assured 
of Dome of th» dost road attractions for the 
coining ecasoo. - 

rfho new management has already taken 

FBBpunic McKay lifts engaged S. B. Jack 
gnd Ooorge I'rederlc If In ton for bis miina- 

forinl start m;xt season. Hoth Mr. Jack and 
Ir. Hlnton hare been ahead and back with 
companies, and it Is Mr. McKays' Intention 
to alternate them in those two positions 
■with Blanche King, In "When Claudia 
Smiles," on her forthcoming tour. 

CHAMUrfTM Thompson, who dramatized 
"Tho Awakening of Helena nitchio" and 
"Itcboccn of Buntiybrook Farm," has returned 
from IDurope. after having arranged with 
Sir Gilbert Parker for the dramatOatlon of 
his new book, "Judgment House." 

O/.ivbd HOBO8C0 lias engaged tenorr Ul- 
rica id play the leading role in "The Bird of 
Paradise" When it makes a tour through tho 
Western States. 


? car at tho flflecnth annual «orformapeo for 
ho benefit of the Hebrew Infnut Asylum, 

I, glvcn^ under ^no direction of 

i*jaW~ JMABBtfiM ~~1fbn"her~ milt against 



If be given . 

ry B. Hrtfrif, at Arreriie. on July 
red their cor vices, 
g ifbu her suit 
Lord Morthenrpton for breach of promise. 
She was awarded £2o0,ouo. She says she 
Intends going back on tne stage. 

David Af.BXANORn, the popular manager 
of tho tnle-Mnlnstlc Theatre, In JtcAlcHtor, 
(►kin., was married to Ornce Kgcr, of Hurtles- 
vflld, Okla., nt Muskogee Juno 20, Thoy 
Will make their home lu WcAlester. 

Mate. Mamb lUrpoi.D anu Hi lmr.i'ii IlcBo- 
BB, both omcra stats, wero married July 2, 
JTie cererhony was norforrncd In the City 
Hell. Newark, N*. ,1.. Iiy Mayor Haaisllng. 

>MB nowjt Is* KiWIe Foy wiio Is going to 
head a vouflbvlllc cbmpsny. This Is the an- 
notincertent dinilo by Arthur Klein. Who also 
Is dlrertrng the tour ot the Mm Tnnguoy t^». 

CTttt MAiimi. the Knglhh actor, will be 
acompanled on his tour of ^Arncrlco jmoer 
the mnnagr-morrt ,of the . Tiltj er .<?im SS 
next swson, by bis daughter, 'Maritrle, who 
w« piav leading ports Jt» a nmnbe* of jllecea 

b lSw ttn UWU QoknjI nave been 
OTgagpd from vaudcvfllo to S»y Wfts In the 

"iJossItib- Hhmv of una." Witt Gonne will 
haw* travesty on tlio character of "Tho 
Poor Littio Wen »fl," 

! I 


July 12 


I -■■ 




BT LK). 

"The PKebnork Quilt" (Edtaon). 
Released July 2. 

Tills screen story is baaed on the poem of 
the same name, and tells a tale laid in the 
days of '61. Qua Phillips, a* tbe young 
officer, la Ills usual clever self. Tbe balance 
of tbe cast are adequate. The direction and 
{-holography are up to Edison's hlgb|standari 

"Historic New York" (Kalem). 
Released Jnly 2. 

Several interesting views of New York are 
shown. Tbe pictures of Wall Street and 
downtown New York being especially good. 
However, pictures of this character have 
been Known so many times by tbe numerous 
"topical weeklies," and In earlier days, by 
the stcrcoptlcon, that subjects of this char- 
acter must be of sensational callbro to hold. 
Tbo photography Is very good. 
"The Raiders from Double L Ranch" 
(Kaletn). Released Jolr 2. 

A vague sort of story, with rather slow 
action. Tbe tale takes too long entirely In 

Setting under way. Several views, of nun- 
reds of sheep and cattle grazing, and a 
prairie fire are interesting. Tbe acting is 
good but there Is an abundance of old fash- 
ioned gun-play and hold-up business that 
has long since outlived Us avalllbllity •■ 

Shotoplay material. The photography and 
lrectlon arc good. 

"The Drnmmer'a Umbrella" (Bssanay). 
Released July 2. 
Notwithstanding tbe fact that the title 
contains tbe word "Drummer," this Is not s 
war drama, but It Is a really humorous com- 
edy with a good story and plenty of funny 
situations. The outdoor scenes that were 
taken In tbe rain were excellently repro- 
duced. Billy Mason, as a bellboy, and Cnas. 
Stlne, as tbe hotel clerk, both portray their 
roles cleverly. Richard Bolder, as the drum- 
mer, and Ruth Uennessy and Gertrude 
Fortes, playing the female roles, are thor- 
oughly up to the requirements of exacting 
cbaravterlsatlons^ The photography and dl- 
tectlon are very good. 
"Re-Tagrsred" (Easanay). Released 

Ned Nye, a recruit ffrom the vaudeville to 
the picture ranks, 1b the featured player In 
this comedy. Tbe story while conventional 
Is well told and. the laughs are numerous. 
The leading female role, of tbe wife, is finely 
portrayed by Beverly Bayne. The outdoor 
scenes are natural and convincing. In all, 
a clever light comedy In which good direction 
and acting predominate. 

"Sonus of Troth" (Sells;). 
Released July 2. 

A photo-drama of Civil War days, in which 
brother Is arrayed against brother In the 
treat strife of fifty years ago. The costumes 
and Interiors are historically accurate, and 
the principals play their exacting roles with 
spirit. A powerful little tabloid drama with 
a touch of real pathos. The encampment 
scenes are excellent. Fhotograpby and di- 
rection up to standard. 


Contain. 16 M. P. Homes, and More 

to Come. 

BT PAFI. B. -JI..1BE. 

The motion picture business In Beading, 
Pa., Is not on tbe wane, judging from the 
number of houses now billing the silent 
drama, and In a few more weeks two more 
bouses, will be added to the list, wblcb now 
numbers sixteen. 

The Lyric, Empire, Victor, Palace, Cres- 
cent. Mecca and Plctureland are all on the 
sane street, and within two squares, and atl 
of them are drawing capacity houses. 

The Denied program teems to be the 
most popular, for the Lyric, 'Victor, Empire, 
Royal, Savoy, Bex and Schuylkill Avenue 
theatres Mil the licensed Alms. Tbe Palace.' 
and Crescent run a combination service, lead- 
ing with features. The Mecca Qem and Fam- 
ily houses run Universal cervlce. and tbe Mu- 
tual program is booked at Plctureland, the 
Han Toy and tbe Star. 

■I After the Calsmitb Btock Co. closes the 
Hippodrome Stock seison the house will be 
turned over to features, beginning with "Lea 
Miserable!," Victor Hiiro's masterpiece. Tbo 
management announce ;"The Battle of Gettys- 
burg-" and "Quo VadlaT" In the near future. 

It is estimated that about seventy per cent. 
of the population take In tbe motion pictures 
every week. 

The Reading News, the youngest newspaper 

In the city, Is giving a great deal ot space to 
films and players, which Is greatly appre- 
ciated by exhibitors and the general public. 


SEI(t news. 


W. N. Sumo last week was (ratified to re- 
ceive from bis traveling representative, Dr. 
E. V. McDowell, who has been In tbe Far 
East for three years oast, exclusively In his 
Interest, three beautiful types of royal Ben- 
gal tigers, each eight months of age. These 
great big beautiful cats — superbly marked, 
perfect specimens of their kind — will be 'a 
decided addition to the Sellg wild animal farm 
at Edendale, Cat. The authorities In charge 
of tbe Hagenbeck Zoo, at Hamburg, gave Mr. 
Sellg emphatic assurance that bis pair of 
Siberian tigers were tbe handsomest animals 
of the kind in this country. In the same 
shipment came a dwarf African elephant, 
"Anna May," which stands four feet high 
and is the cutest little pachyderm that ever, 
came over the "big pond." Three new 
trained leopards, an American mountain 
lioness and. a pair of bear cubs are among 
other acquisitions of the menagerie that will 
go forward In the special animal car next 

Charles Cleaby, leading man of the Sellg 
Polyscope Co., last week attempted defiance 
of tbe hot weather by rlecplng on a high 
rear porch. He dreamed be was in tbe midst 
of a gripping tragedy, and somehow lost bis 
"toe nolo" on his narrow cot and fell to 
the ground, eight feet below, severely sprain- 
ing his shoulder. The making of a big play 
in which he was the leading factor bad to 
be postponed for a week while the sprained 
ligaments were adjusting themselves for 
further service. 

ilAFBiET Notteb, the new Ingenue of the 
Sellg Stock Company, has easily stepped Into 
sudden fame. She was formerly associated 

Frank Carson, of the Carson Film Co., 
was in town during tho last few days and 
is anxious to locate a big studio here. He 
has several locations that would prove 0. K., 
and Iiqs already secured options on the 
grounds. Carsonla Park seems to be the 
. most desirable, owing to its surroundings and 
scenic advantages. 

with the Singer A Asklr.s light operatic at- 
tractions, and ha* 
Girl at the Gate.' 

tractions, and had a singing part In "The 






"Things are coming along pretty nicely 
for Ramo," says C. Lang Cot>*> Jr., manager 
of sales and publicity. This Is demonstrated 
In the fact that C. Lang has discarded his 
cane and rides about town la his new auto- 

Wrn-r I'hysloc, manager of Ramo production)-, 
is planning some new trick pictures soon to 
be produced at the Ramo studios. The films 
will be in five hundred feet lengths and will 
involve educational and scientific subjects. 
John Arnold, who has been responsible for 
Rnino's excellent photography, has been ex- 
perimenting with Mr. Pbyaloc for several 
months and' they both claim that the result 
or their labors will be In the exhibiting of 
trick pictures never before attempted in 

■ Win. BT Davis Is directing a very" Interest- 
ing feature picture this week, entitled "Man 
Woo Labor." The story is adapted from 
Kmlle Zola's "Labor." Mhry Aidcn. Jack 
Hopkins and Stuart Holmes dominate tbe 
cast and Judging by their acting, they are 
lifting this strong story to a very high level. 

Wray Physloc keeps adding to tbe Ramo 
Btock Company. Arthur Finn, formerly with 
Lubin and Reliance Companies, la tho latest 
addition. Mr. Finn will be featured In somo 
forthcoming comedies now under direction. 

Mr. Cobb left June 27 for an extended 
trip through the West with a bag full of good 
Dims, The principal object of his trip is to 
show and convince the few exchanges who 
are not at tb* present time, buying Ramo 
films, the quality of their. product.' Jle car- 
ries with him a two reel subject,' "Man and 
..Woman." and. some ve*y, .fine, hfgmedy .that 
everybody is talking ab^t.vWtKvSrt-- "A 
Dog-Oone Baron," ■ - 


William Walcott, late of the "Broadway 
Jones" Co., has Joined the Sellg Stock Co. 

Lillian Leighton, the champion heavy- 
weight aoubrette of tbe Sellg Stock Company, 
who has again proved hex cleverness and 
versatility with another contribution to the 
Sweeney series, declares her love for warm 
weather in unswelterlng terms, flhe says 
people of modern weight doing light house- 
keeping, cooking three meals a day in a 
buffet kitchen, should not mind high tem- 
peratures a bit. "If I did not have to write 
plays and act them I would enjoy nothing 
better than baking hot biscuit all day long — 

Oscar Eagle, the leading producer of the 
Sellg Polyscope Co,, has completely recovered 
his health, and declares be never felt more 
tit. He expresses bis constant surprise and 

? ratification over tbe line available locations 
or making pictures In nnd about Chicago. 
He Just completed a very beautiful picture 
with the environment or Riverside. This 
spot Is one of tbe historic suburbs in Chi- 
cago, where the first homes of wealth were 
reared after tbe great fire that almost elimi- 
nated Chicago from tbe map. 

Supt. Thomas Persons, of the Sellg 
Polyscpe Co., will personally conduct a num- 
ber of leading people of the stock organisa- 
tion to California on July 15. Among those 
listed for the journey ^tre: Charles Clearj, 
Wm. Stowell, Harry Lonsdale, William Wal- 
cott, I<a Payette McKee. Ralph Murallo, 
Harriet Notter, Lylllan Lelg'ator. nnd Hardee 
Kirklaud. The organisation will travel on 
their own special car, together with a bag- 
gage car and scene car. 

The Brothers Farnnm. during the coming 
week, will begin work on the vie pictorial 
version of Rex Beech's masterpiece, "The 
Bpollers," which will be produced hi elab- 
orate fashion by the Sellg Stock Co^ In 

i s 


Mary O'Neil, of Portland, Me., has been 
the guest ot Louise Vale at the Pilot Studio 
for several dnvs. 

Lottie Plckford, of the Pilot Co., was cele- 
brating her birthday last Monday. Lottie 
got a shampoo in the morning and left tbe 
parlors before her hair was perfectly dry. 
She contracted a severe cold, which caused 
ber to lose her voice. 8he's been whispering 
to everybody now for the past several days. 

Director Vale, of the Pilot Co., received an 
otter of a large salary from the B. C. Com- 
pany to manage their English productions. 
Owing to bis contract with tbe Pilot, he 
turned the offer down. 

Lottie Plckford gets over some good acting 
in "A Child of the Hill!." release of June 19. 

The Pilot Co. outdoor studio Is working at 
full blast now. 

Pinochle games are becoming -very popular 
at tbe Pilot Studio. Kenneth Davenport 
seems to be. the "shark," and George Morgan 
the "goat." George Is making some progress, 

It seems that baseball and tennis fans are 
equally divided at the Pilot Studio. The 
"tennis-baseball" fans don't want to give up 
tennis, and the "baseball-tennis" fans don't 
want to give up baseball. Ed. Earst, a well 
known baseball pitcher, however, says "we've 
got to get a baseball, teain," and be la making 
some progress. 

■ s 


Eddie Shutter took up more than half of 
Tuesday night's regular Reliance meeting of 
heads of departments talking about his plans 
for the carpenter's shop, property rooms and 
paint frames to be Installed In the new 
studio. Eddie knows what he wants, sod 
as Manager Rltchey lays the sky is the limit 
why Eddie Is happy. 

A new Forrest Halsjy story, entitled "Tbe 
Strange Way," Is scheduled for lelease on 
July 19. w 

Rosemary Theby's next appearance will be 
in "A Hospital Romance," released on July 
21. Alan Hale, with his six feet of blond 
manhood, makes an excellent contrast for 
her dark style of beauty. Her following 
effort will be as an Italian girl, in "Maria 
Roma." with Irving Cummlngs playing the 
opposite role. 

Irene Howley was welcomed back to the 
Reliance Studio after • two weeks' rest 

"Half a Chance" proved a rather strenuous 

flcture for Miss Howley, but she la back In 
be harness ss good «a new, and still good 
natured. « 

■ Edgena de Lesplne swung a long sharp 
dagger to such good advantage in a scene b> 
"Ashes" that she drew the claret from 
Irving Cummlngs In the very first round. 
Nearly fainted, too, lust to be womanly. 
"Very realistic." calmly remarked Director 
Oscar C. Apfcl. ' 

Chas. P. Hanford,. the. eminent Bhakes- 

Searean tragedian, has been engaged by the 
aumont Company, Ltd,, of London, to give 
a lecture In conjunction with tbe "Undying 
Story of Captain Scott and Animal Life In 
the Antarctic." <as- recorded by Herbert Q. 
Posting, official camera artist of the expe- 
dition, who accompanied Capt. Scott as far 
as It was possible to transport the heavy 
«lnema.tfisraph. anMratua, and made the first 

Bvebt week sees new recruits from the 
vaudeville ranks entering (he field of motion 
picture acting. Joe welch was noted a 
week or so ago; now I ?ec Ned Nye, song 
writer and erstwhile variety comlqne, is 
playing for tbe camera, under the Bssanay 
standard. Ned recently appeared la a pic- 
ture,' entiled "He-Tagged, a clever little 
comedy; and put It over in great shape. I 
expected to see Ned execute a step or two 
any minute during the action of the skit, 
but was disappointed at the absence of any 
Interpolated business of a terpslchorean, na- 

The Empire brand, consisting of two and 
three reel Naval ana Puritan pictures, will 
be released by tbe N. X. Motion Picture Cor- 
poration, beginning Sept. 1, IBIS. Famous 
all over tbe world for their spectacular and 
massive productions of the Kay-Bee and 
broncho films, Kessel A Baumann, owners of 
the N. Y. Motion Picture Corporation, prom- 
ise that this new brand will eclipse all their 
former efforts la the feature line 

"Ueabt Thbobs," a two reel Broncho fea- 
ture, to be released Wednesday, July 9, 
brings Hazel Buckhtm to the front as an 
actress .of. sincerity and emotion. She por- 
trays the winsome, light-hearted girl of tbe 
South, and later the broken-hearted and be- 
reaved widow and mother with rare tender- 
ness and pathos, and her acting surely sbowa 
the touch of the true artist. Incidentally 
this film is one of the prettiest and most 
touching turned out by Mr. Ince, and the 
scenic backgrounds are a Joy to look upon. 

Richabd Srr.NCEB, scenario editor of tbe 
N. ,Y." Motion Picture Corporation, and a well 
liked gentleman, both East snd west, will be 
in New York the latter part of July on a 
brief vacation from the Coast. He is one of 
the best Informed technical editors of the 
silent drama, and has to bis credit many of 
tbe feature successes of the past year. 

After the Eclectic Film CO. had, with 

freat pains, secured a copyright on their 
ve reel production, "The Mysteries of 
Paris," they were greatly surprised to learn 
of a copy of the film being shown in some 
parts of the country. Upon getting definite 
information to tbe effect that the Bijou 
Dream Theatre, Cleveland, Ol, had completed 
arrangements for showing "The Mysteries of 
Paris" on June ?-4. the Eclectic Film Co. im- 
mediately got busy and placed tbe prosecu- 
tion of their rights In the hands of their 
attorneys, who proceeded to Cleveland and 
started suit against the infringers. Judge 
Day, of the U. 8. District Court, granted a 
writ for replevlnlng the infringing film, 
which was seised by U. 8. Marshal Banning, 
together with all the posters that were found 
on the premises. The Eclectic Film Co. has 
decided to figbt this case to a finish, and 
will also proceed against any other copy ot 
an Infringing film that may show up any- 
where in the country. The Eclectic Finn Co. 
wishes to assure Its customers that they will 
give absolute protection on all their copy- 
fished features, and that buyers are assured 
that if anyone of their films is Interfered 
with by piratical copies that the Eclectic 
Film Co. will spare no effort and expense 
to have same seized forthwith, so matter 
where It may be shown. 

Manager J. V. Ritchet, of the Reliance, 
is not a man who enthuses very easily, and 
Is seldom heard to make any extravagant 
statements about the output of his own stu- 
dios. In view of this fact his remarks re- 
garding "Her Rosary," to be released on July 
16, are worthy of attention. "Of course I 
have not seen every picture that has been 
produced, but both aa an exhibitor and a 
nanufactorer I have made It nv business to 
see a large number of them, and I can safely 
say that I consider 'Her Rosary' the most 
artistic single reel subject I have ever had 
tbe pleasure of looking at Of course, it Is 
whnt might be called a 'fancy' picture. All 
tbe sentiment of tbe poem Is greatly In its 
favor, all of which goes toward giving It the 
artistic finish which we so admire In a 

Mauds Fbalt, whose first Tbanhouser 
starring vehicle, "King Rene's Daughter," 
has just been released, will next be seen In 
"Little Dorrlt," a three reel adaptation of 
the famous Dickens story. The new Fealy 
subject wilt be released late in the month of 
July. In the earlier stages of the play, 
"Little Dorrlt" Is depicted ty theThanhouBer 
Kidlet. Another Tbanhouser three reeler for 
July Is "Tannbauser," after the opera. Mar- 

e erite Snow and James Cruse are featured 

a, (Bee nest page.) 


Chables M. Seat Is patting himself on the 
back as one of our best diplomatists. And 
why shouldn't he? It Isn't every director 
who could persuade the governor of Georgia 
and the mayor of Atlanta to let go the helm 
of public affairs to pose in moving pictures. 
Bbt Mr. Seay has the gift of persuasion 
which turned the trick, and both of these 
celebrities consented to appear in the Edison 
film, "8cenes of Other Days." 

Hbebebt Pbiob, who appeared with both 
of the celebrities, when asked how they rm- 

Jireased him as photoplayers, said that be be- 
loved politics really held out a more prom- 
ising field of endeavor for them both, though 
be was surprised at their self-possession. 
However, though he could not recommend the 
executives for stock company purposes, he 
was warm In their praises in all other re- 
spects. In fact, both he and Mabel Trun- 
nelle united in their expressions of delight at 
tbe old fashioned Southern hospitality which 
was extended to them on every hand during 
their stay. 

William West has returned from his trip 
to Georgia as a member of Charles II. Seay's 
company. Mr. West reports a most enjoy- 
able time with a slight exception of the loss 
of his pocketbook In the Atlanta station. He 
was descending the stairs to the train plat* 
form at the time, and distinctly felt some- 
one pushing him, but thought It was Her- 
bert Prior urging bhn on. Prior, however, 
bad been separated from bhn in the crowd, 
as he discovered too late. - - 

We hate to spring this as It sounds sus- 
picious, but it Is a matter of record that at 
the time of the theft be was playing the part 
of a man who was robbed of his ticket snd 
money on a train and had been forced to 
get off at Atlanta. . Mr. West did not care 
to say how mnch the wallet contained, but 
It is understood that he unstained a consid- 
erable loss. 

— s . 

Chablbs Urban has obtained the rights 
to produce In Klnemacolor, Maeterlinck's 
"Mary Magdalene." Mme. Macterilnrk will 

Blay her original role. He will also produce 
he "Blue Bird." 

Tna Lyra Motion Picture Corporation has 
been formed by Charles Penser. M. M. Levy 
and Julius H. Drtacr, of 170 Broadway, New 
' >•».'• «n ' 


The American Film Manufacturing Co. 
will release a two reel subject every other 
Monday. The Ashes of Three," a • recent 
two reel release, met with such tremendous 
approval and created such a demand for 
more multiple "Flying A" releases, that 
in future the one reel subject of every sec- 
ond Monday Is to be replaced by a two reel 

b A two reel 'Flying A" subject under the 
shove title is destined to be a remarkable fea- 
ture It Is the first of the two reel features 
by Lorlmer Johnston In which J. 'Warren 
Kerrigan takes an especially strong part. The 
entire company supports Mr. Kerrigan, ana 
many scenes require a large number "of su- 
pers. Tbe play demonstrates tbe versatility 
of Santa Barbara settings, as the scene 
shifts from Chicago to a Mexican mining dis- 
trict A stirring scene is taken on the 
Mountain Drive, where an Intense battle and 
tire take place. 



The State of Georgia was ueimnnently and 
thoroughly organized June 30, and delegates 
were elected to the national cenventlon. U. T. 
Koch was elected national vice-president, and 
John Evtns was elecetd president. A full dele- 

fitlon will be In New fork ro represent the 
tate of Georgia. A big banquet was held 
at the Kimball House, Atlanta, on Monday 
night, June 80, and was given by the con- 
solidation in honor of the occasion of the 
State of Georgia being organised. The 
Georgia exhibitors are coming to New York 
In force to carry off the convention of 1914, 
if possible, for Atlanta. 


Another picture player, on tbe straight 
strength of a "picture reputation." has fol- 
lowed John Bonny into the "big time 
vaudeville theatres. In the past five years 
various of the film Idols have appeared "hi 
the picture and small vaudeville theatres, 
but Bunny was the first 1o "show" In the 
flesh In a large house. This second photo- 
player to answer the call of the big vaude- 
ville houses is little Marie Ellne, the "Tban- 
houser Kid." She Is this week at Proctor's 
Twenty-third and Fifty-eighth Street Thea- 
tres, New York, where she Is to be headlined 
over a dozen stage celebrities. 

July 4.— "Pita. Italy, snd -Its Cations Moo* 
-• ments." On suae reel, "Consecration 

■ of a Buddhist Priest". " 
-"A Modem Oarrlck' r (Com.) 
-'•Tbe Miner's Deatlnv" (Dr. 2 reels). 
-"Pathe's Weekly"- No." SO (Top.) 
-'"The Airman's Bride" (Dr.) 
-"The School-ma-am"- (Dr.)- 
-"Binnlaan's 'Hsien»" (Dr.) 
-"PaUie's ■Weealr." No. 8X (Top.) 
-"Porcelain" (Ed.) ■ " 
-"Drnamlte, • rhe New Farm Hand" 
(Ed.)' and "A Little Trip Along the 
Hudson". (Scenic). - • 
"Pathe's Weekly." No. 81 (West). 
"Potbe'f Weekly." No. 32 (E*st). 
"Spider Orap and Lobsters" (Ed.) 
"The Port of Marseilles, France" 

"The Snowy Egret and Its Extermina- 
tion" (Ed.) 

■■•Easy Money" (Com.) 
"Patbe's Weekly". No.. 82 
"Pathe's .Weekly" No. 83 

"lln^Iltm" /Atl 


June 30. 
July 3,- 

July B. 
July 1, 

July 10. 
July 12.. 
Jnly M* 

Jnly 17. 
Joly 17.. 
Jnly 18.' 

July 11.—' 

Jnly 1.— 

July P 
Jnly 8. 
Jury 4. 

Jnly 5.< 
Joly 7.— 
July 8.— 
J«!y ».— 
Jnly 10.— 
Jtly 11.— 
July 12.— 

July 16.—' 


July 17.- 
Jnly 18.- 
Jaly 19.- 

June 80. 
Joly 1.- 
Jnly 2.- 
July «c 
Jnly 5.- 
Jnly 7.- 

Joly 8- 
July 0.- 
Jnly 11. 
Joly li>.- 
Jnly 14.- 
Julf 15.- 
Julilo — 

S9asw I 

June 80. 
Joly 2. 

July 4 

July 4 

July B. 

Joly 7 

Jnly 0, 

Jnly 11 

Jnly 12. 
Joly 14. 

Jnly 10.- 
July 10.- 

Jnly 18.- 
Jaly 18.- 
Joly 19.- 

Jnne 80.. 
Jnoe 30.. 
Joly 1. 
July a- 

Jnly n. 

July 7. 

Joly 8. 

July 9. 

Joly 10, 

Joly 11.- 
Joly It.. 
Jtly IS. 

Joly 17. 
Jtly 18. 
Jtly 18, 

July 19. 


■"A Gamble With Death" (Dr.) < -• 
"An Old Maid's Deception" (Oom.) 
On siow reel, "Fanat and the Lily" 

"The Sorrowful Shore" (Dr.) 
"A Sea Dog's Love" (Com.) and "The 
Noisy Suitors" (Com.) 
"The Enemy's Baby" (Dr.) 
"The Mistake" (Dr.) 
"A Gambler's Honor" (Dr.) 
"The Sweatbox" (Com.) 
"A Chinese Poaxle" (Oom.) 
."During tbe Round-up" (Dr.) 
(0. Klelne) 
The Statue of Fright" (Dr. 3 feels). 

'Re-T*xxed" (Com.) On same reel, 
The Drummer's Umbrella" (Oom.) 
""The Strongest Link" (Dr.) 
"Tbe Life We Live" (Dr.) 
"What's the Matter with Father" 

"At the Lariat's End" (Dr.) 
"The Forbidden Way" (2 reels. Dr.) 
"The Danghter ot the Sheriff" (Dr.) 
"The Outer Shell" (Dr.) 
"A Flurry in Diamonds" (Com.) 
'The Sign" (Dr.) __ _ 

"Broncho Billy and the Western Girl" 
(Dr.) ? 

"Something Rotten in Havana" (Com.) 
"When Ignorance la BHaa" (Com.) 
'The Great Baymnd" (Nov.) 
"Tbe Heart of a Gambler" (Dr.) 
"E-rery Thief Leaves a 0oe" (Dr.) 
"The Two Ranchmen" (Oom, Dr.) 

."The Story of tbe Bell" (Dr.) 
"The Patch-Work Quilt" (Dr.) 
"All on Account ot a Portrait" (Oom.) 
"A Oentienum't Gentleman" (Dr.) 
•The Signal" (Dr.) 

"Over the Great Divide In Colorado" 
(Scenic). "Winsome, Winnie's Way" 

"Scenes of Other Days" (Scenic). 
"His Motber-in-Law's Visit" (Otiss.) 
-"In the Old Dutch Times" (Dr.) 
•The Diamond Crown" (Dr.) •• 
"A Pair of Foils"' (Oom.) 
"In the Garden" (Dr.) 
"The Dream Fairy" (Dr) 
"In Abbeyvllle Courthouse" (Dr.) 
"On tbe Broad Stairway" (Dr.) 

"The Tight to a Finish" (Dr.) 
— "Tbe Raiders from Double L Ranch" 
(Dr.) On same reel, "Historic New 
York'" (Scenic). 
—"A Victim of Deceit" (Dr.) 
— "Shenandoah" (Dr. 3 reels). 
— 'The Hidden Witness" Dr.) 
— "A Stolen Identity" (Dr.) 
— "The Treachery ot "a Scar" (Dr.) 
.—"Entertaining Uncle" (Com.) and "Cos- 
mopolitan New York" (Top.) 
-"Ronnding Up the Counterfeiters" Dr.) 
—"The Lost Diamond" (Dr.) 
'The Mermaid" (Com.) 
-"A Thief In the Night'' (Dr.) 
-"The Fight at Gristly Gulch'' (2 reels. 

-"What tbe Doctor Ordered" (Com.) 
-"Concrete Indnatry" (Ind.) 
-"The E muggier" (Dr.) 

-"Her Atonement" (Dr.) 
-"Tb« Penalty ot Crime" (Dr. 2 reels), 
-"He? Husband's picture" (Dr.) 
-"The Angel of tbe Slums" IDr.) "The 
Walter's Strategy" (Oom.) On the 
same reel. 'The Wrong Band-Bay" 
(Coo.) ^ 

-'•His Niece from Ireland" (Dr.) 
-'The Mysterlooa Hand" (Dr.) 
-'The Treats of the Business" (Dr.) 
-"A Hero Among Men" (Dr. 2 reels). 
-"When Lore Loses Out" (Oom.) and 

"Building a Trust" (Com.) 
-"On BtrWeddlng Day" (Dr.) 

Joly 6.- 

Joly 3.«- 

Juiy .7.- 

Jnlr 8.— 
July O.- 

July 10.- 

July 10.- 

July n- 

Jaly 12.- 

Jnly 14.— 

July 14.— 

Jnly 16.— 

July 15.— 

July 16.— 

Jnly 17.— 

July 17.— 


July 18.— 

July 18.- 

July 19.- 

June 80.- 

July _ 1- 
Jnly 2.- 

July 8.- 

July av- 

19 7.- 

Joly S.- 

July P.- 

July 10.- 

July 11.- 

July U.- 

July 14.- 

July 15.- 

July 16.- 

Joly 16.- 

July 17- 

July 18.- 

July 18.- 

Jnly 19.- 

Jnne 30.- 

July 1.- 

Jnly 2.- 

Jnly 2.- 

July 3.- 

Joly «.- 

Joly S.- 

July 7.- 

Joly S.- 

July 9.- 

July io.- 

July 11.- 

July 12.- 

Jury 14.- 

Jnly U.- 

July 15.- 

July 18. 

July 17:- 

July 17.- 

July 18. 

July 19. 



1 "Beautiful 

r "°TB* Osiris Amusement Co.. offtar 

> has Increased its capital to IW.Odo" > 

Judy 8.. 
July 10.- 
Jaly 17.- 

June 80.- 
Jtly 1.- 
JnW 2.- 
Jtly 3- 
July 8.: 

— "Her Only Boy" (Dt.) 
—'The Apache Kind" (Dr.) 
—"His Better Self" (Dr.)-; 
-"Wllet of Oupld" (Dr.)?w 
-'The HMden Bank-Roll" (Com. ) 
-'•When Mary Married" (Com.) 
-"Jim's Reward" (Dr.) 

Mel let, 

-'The Rice Indnatry" (Bd.) 
-"H!« Chinese Friend" (Dr.) 
-"Tbe Poisoned Darts" (Dr.) 
xese Funeral." 

-"Patbe's Weekly." No. 28 (Topi 
-'Tbe Hlracja of the Roses IDr; 
- The Ultll*afr»a Triumph'' 

-"the J«y lUoWfOttt:)^^ 
-"Patbe's Weekly,"- No. 2» (Tot.) 


■Jlo'Jitsn" (Athletic), 
Catalonia". (Travel). - . 
'The Secret Tornula" (Dr.) 
•"The Friendless Indian" - (Dr.), and 
"Barcelona, Spain" (Travel). 

-"The Beaded Bocksktn Bag" (Dr.) 
-'•Songs of Truce" (Dr.) 
-'The Sultan of Solo" (Ed.) 

reel, "Arabia and the Baby" 
-"In God We Trust" (Dr.) 
-"Sallle's Sure 8hot"-(Dr.) 
-■The Triul'of Cards" (Dr.) 
-"Old Doc. Yak" (Oom.) and "A Jolt 

for tbe Jpultor" (Com.) '-.- 

-"The Reformation ot Dad" (Oom.) 
-"Made a Coward" (Dr.) 
-"Bndd Doble Comes Back" (Dr.) 
-"A Wild Bide" (2 reels. Dr.) 
-"The Only Chatce" (Dr.) 
-"The Tree and tbo Chaff" (Dr.) 
-"Fancy Fow.a" (Ed.)_ 
-"Sweeney's Dream" (Oom.) 
-•'Put to tbe Test" (Dr.) 
-"A More Fish Drive at Jolo" (Ed.) 
-"Granny's Old Armchair" (Dr.) 
-"The Ne'er to Return Rood" (Dr. 2 
reels). ■ - ' - .; 

.; Vitag-raph. . . .v.. : 
-"Rotating the Cub" (Cots.) . • ' 
-"Blngles at 'the Cabaret" (Com.) OS 
the same reel, "Sight Seeing In Ja- 
pan" (Scenic). ' •• ' 
-"The Sonc Bird of tbe North" (Dr.l 
-"The Tlrev Lily" (Dr. 3 reels); - 
-"Sweet Deception" (Dr.) 
—"An Unwritten Chanter" (De.) 
—"Lore's Quarantine'' (Oom.) 

—•The Glove" (Dr;) 

—"Count Barber" (Com.) - . 

-"Solitaires" (Com.) and "A Millinery 

Bomb" (Com.) • 
—•The Carpenter" (Dr.) 
, — "A Spirit of the Orient" 
—"The Moulding" (Dr.) 
— "O'Hara if a Gnardttn Angel" (Com.) 
Hie Diamond Myatery" CS reels. Dr.) 
y Lady of Idleness" (Oom.-Dr.) ' 
— "The Muter Painter" (Dr.) ' 
: — "Hubby's Toothache'.' (Com.) , 
— "Sandy and Shorty" (Com.) 
— "The Yellow Streak" (Dr.) 
—"The Taanine.of Betty" (Dr.). 


July 3.— "Universal Animated Weekly" No,; 88 

■ (Top.) •' • ; •'-' -. ~ l , 

Jnly 10. — "Universal Animated .Weekly" No. 69 

July 17.— "iMrersal Weekly" ito. 70 (Top,), 

Imp. | 
Jane 30.— 'Tbe OhKMeledy" (Dr. S reels), 
Joly 3. — "Jane Marries." ■••■■» 
July 8. — "Leo,' the. Indian." . On the same reel, 
i .---"Hy Mayer's Sketches." 

July- 7. — "His Mother's - Birthday" (Dr.)- '■ 
July 10. — "The Wop" (Dr.) -^ — • 

July. 12.— "Oh.- You-Fllrt" and' "Lightning 

Sketches by Hy Mayer." U" 
Jnly 14.— "A Poeslblity'M2 rtela. Com.-Dr,)- 
July 17.— "Her Nerve" (Dr.) 
Jnly 19.— "Blnks Ends tbe War" (Oom.) 
July 10. — "In Cartoonland with Hy Mayer" (Nov- 
I «ltj). 

Nestor, r 
June 90.— "An Indian NemenV* (Dr.) 
July 2.— "The Range Dead Llne"~Dr.) . 
Jnly 4.— "He and Himself." On same reel, 

"To the Brave Belong (be Fair." 
July 7 — "Tbe Proof of the Man" (Dr.) 
July 9. — "John the Wagoner" (Dr.) . •-. 
July 11.— "Four Queena and a .Jack" (Oom.), 

'and "When He Wore the'-Blue." 
Jnly 14.— 'The Grit of the Gringo" (Dr.) 
Jtly 18.— "The Operator and tbe 8at$rlntendent w 

Jtly 18.— "The Tale of a Bat" (Oom.) si- 
Jtly 18.— "When His Courage Failed" (Oct*,) 

Jtly 1.— "An Hour of Terror" (Dr.) . .' , 
Jtly 6.—"The Girl Reporter." On tame reel. 

"Mnch Enraaed.'.' 
July 8.— "The Chivalry" (Dr.) 
July IS.— "Pearl's Dilemma" and 

„ Things with Wltey." 

Jury 15.— "In Death's Shadow" (Dr.) 

"So oaring 

July 20.— ;The Hallrooo Girls" (Ota.) 

a as 



J try 20.— "How Men Propose" 
101 Bison. 
Jtly 1.— "The Battle of Manila" (Dr. 2 reels). 
July 5.— "At Shlloh" (Dr. 2 reels). 
July 8.— "Tbe Powder Flash of Death" (War 

Dr. 2 reels). 
Jny 12.— "The Hesd Hunters" (2 reels. Dr.) 
July 15 — "The Picket Guard" (2 reels. Dr.) 
Jtly 19.— "When Sherman Marched 'to the Sea" 

(8 reels. Dr.) 

July 2.— "The Qusrter Meter" (Cam.) 0» the 

same reel, "Brit lab- American Pot* 

July 4.— "The Heart of Heraanda" (Dr.) 
July 9.— "Elsie's Aunt" (Oom.) 
Jnlr "•— '2' or « ln '■ Treasure" (2 reels. Dr.) 
Jnly 18.— "Why Rigi Left Home" (Oom.-Dr.) 
Jtly, 18.— "The Awakening" (Dr.) 

3 y°\ T I— " Th * Witch" (Dr. 8 reels). 
Jnly 8.— In the Nhjtt." On the same red, 
, ._ « .JL 0W Diamonds Are Mat*." 
Jnly 9,— 'The Trail of the Hanging Rock" (2 
reels. Dr.) ■ - ? ■ ■ 

July 13.— "1ft Hard to Please Him" (Oom.) 
, , .„ and 'The Catholic MlstlcS" (Ed.) 
July 16.— "For tbe Men She Love*" (2 reels. 

'^20— 'Th'roiah the TWeaeope" (Oom.) 
Jnly 20 — "Sacred Gaaelles" (Bd.) ^^ ." 

July 8 — "The Secret of Padre Antonio" (Dr.) 
July 5 — "A Rose at Sixteen, a CaoMs at Forty 
_^ Ave" (Com.) .-.•:■ . >■•• 

July 10 — "The FrtnUer Twins Start SometMaf" , 

Sft JJ-— 'The Line Rider's Slsttr" (Dr.) 
July»17 — "The Small Pox Scare at Gulch Hoi- 
-- — low" (Oom.) ■■' 

Jnly 19.— 'The Half Breed Sheriff" (Dr.) 

Jane SO.— "UlsUkea Intention!." Ok urns reel, 
.. "Teek Wood." 

July 1.— "Billy, the Wtoe aty. M 
Joly 14.— "Ltttk Butter" (Ooa>) 

Rex. m 

Jtly 8.— "A Woman's Folly" (Dr.) 
July «.— "Suapebte" (Dr.) _ . 

Jtly 10.— "Beauty anil the Beast" (I reels. Dr.) 
l*P J2~!3? roo « h Strife" (Dr.) V . . 
*>& IT-— 'The Wtou* bW (Dr.) 
Joly 20.— "His Weakness Conquered" (Ot-hi : 

EJ.-r"Shlftln« r\nrhjbe" (DrJ, 
jlW«aS».- Modern .Wlts*tt' J (i*.T-* „ 
rt^ONllnlUt VeaVtnet" tf"*ils. Dt.) 




JULY 12 



""V»ra;-- ; 

5 EI JLa I Gp 


imaging, Informing f Entertaining 



Jaly S1.-THE SHORT-STOP'S DOUBLE. A story 0' «n In- 
fatuated baseball fan woo almost lost Us credit, Ua money 
and his position. Fall of excitement. 

story of the desert mines ot Northern Mexico. Striking 
pictures. Lota of snap and action. i 

July S3,— THE UNSEEN DEFENSE. A One story of emotions aroused by an old chore n 
song. A patria tio play ot war time and Its aftermath. ^ 

July 34.-TWO ARTISTS AND ONE BUTT OF CLOTHES. An am osing come- 
dietta, Involving embarrassment from shortage of dress. On the same reel with 
IN MORO LAND. One of Sellg's picturesque educatlonals In our Island 


Jody »5— THE ACID TEST. A strong love drama is which a fair yoo.Bg lady concludes to 
release a dashing jonng man in favor of a plodding scientist who saves the family. 

July 10— A great two-reel release from the pen of Mrs. Otis Skinner. A powerful drama of the day, 

Ne'er to Return Road 






Shipped ro .ail' 'the country 


N^rito for Terms 


Film. E change, 61 W. I4lh St., New YorJi 

July 0.— "Freaks In All Trades" (Own.) Sam* 
reel. "Production of Wine in France" 
Jaly 8. — "His Master's Voice" (Dr.) Same reel, 

"The Making of Tapestry" (Ind.) 
July 0. — "dumoot's Weekly," No. 70 (Top.) 
July 10. — "Tin- Trombone Morstbon" (Com.) 
July 15.— "With Honor it Stake" (Dr.) 
July 10.— "Onuroont's Weekly," No. 71 (Top.) 
July 17.— 'The Tiny Troubadour" (Ohm.) 

Great Northern. 

July 5. — "Winning a Prise" (Com.) Same reel, 
•The Trondjom Railway" (Scenic). 
•The Jolly Recruits" tOota.) 
"A Country Cousin" (Dr.) 

Jaly 12. 
Jaly 19. 

July 4.—' 

















2.— "Mutual Weekly," No. 27 (Top.) 
9.— "Mutual Weekly," No. 28 (Top.) 
Matmatl Educational. 
10.— "Fuanlcus an 1 His Mothec-In-Law" 
(Com.) and "Sulgca." 

30.— "Quicksands" (Dr. 2 reels). 
3.— "Pride of Lonesome" (Dr.) 
5— "A Tale of Death Valley" (Dr.) 
7.— "San* Francisco the Dauntless City" 

(Bd.) - 
10. — "the Foreign" 8py" (Dr.) 
12.— "IW Bong of the Eoup ,( (Com.) \!'A 

Garden' Party' In California" (Ed) 
W.— "Truth la the Wilderness" (3 reels. 

17. — "To Err is Human" (Dr.) 
19.— "At the Half Breed's Mercy" (Dr.) 
2.— "All Riven Meet at Sea" (Dr.) 
8.— "Grand-Dad" (2 reels. Dr.). 
10.— "Heart Throbs" (2 reels. Dr.) 

1.— "The Golden Jubilee" (Dr.) 
8— "Gessaley's" Gladiator" (Com.) 
« — "The Shadows of the Past" (Dr.) 
8.— "One ot the Finest" (Dr.) 

12. — "The lagrate" (Dr.) 

18. — "Impulse" (Dr.) 

1. — "Ring Reoe'a Daughter" (3 reels). 
4— "Her Two Jewels" (Dr.) 
8. — "for the Man She Loved" (Dr.) 

11. — "An Errand of Mercy" (Dr.) 

18. — "A Orepe Bonnet" (Dr.) 

Ho. mo. 
2.— "I'm No Counterfeiter" (Dr.) 
8. — "Mag, and Woman" (Dr. 2 reels). 

10.— "A Dog-gone Baron" (Com.) 


*.— "The Crimson Stain" (Dr. 2 reels). 
11. — 'The Banshee" <3 reels. Dr.) 
18.— "The Bed Mnk"*'(2 reels. Dr.) 

"Pat Gets on the Trail" (Com.) and 

''An Easy Day" (Com.) 
July 2.— "An Unexpected Meeting" (Oom.) 
Jaly 4. — "Tree Hearts" (Com.) 
Jaly 9. — "The Flea Circus" (Scientific and 

Joly 11.— "As tb.3 Bell Blngs" (Dr.) 
July 10. — "Cooking for Trouble" (Oom.) 
July 18.— "The Intruder" (Dr.) 
s ' 

June 80.- 
Jaly B.- 
July 7.- 
Jaly 10.- 
Jaly 14.- 

Jaly 8.- 

Jaly 10.- 

Jane 30.- 
Jnly i.- 
Jaly 6.- 
Jaly 7.- 
Jaly ».- 
Jnlr 14.- 
July 18.- 
Jaly 18.- 

'* Keyatone. 
-"For the Lore of Mabel" (Com.) 

"Baatos and the Gamecock' 

•"Hafe In Jail" (Com.) 

"The TeHTsle Light" (Oom.) 

■lak" " 



'.'Love and Bobolab 

"The Code of the U. 8. A. 1 
"Sanitary Gulch* (Com.) 

Rel lance. 
'•'Her Father's Choice" (Dr.) 
■"Dick's Taming" (Dr.) 
-"Death's Short Out 1 ' (Dr.) 
-'.'A Rural Romance" (Dr.) 
-"TBe Wager" (Dr.) 
■V Ashes" (Dr.) 
-'.The Fisherman's Fortune-' 
-"Her Rosary'' (Dr.)' 
•'The Btrange Way" (Dr.) 




•-• * ■ Drairon. y 
June 80.— "Oaf Fntare Heroes" (Top.) * . 

July 7.— •■ r l ti s t -erLeate-Maa" (2 reels. Dr.) 
Joly 14.— ■■n* ergaultt" (Dr.) 

• .. • Gnomon t. •».» > .. 

Jaly l.-f-'.'saae. for the Oooee" <,0ami| ■ Pscoe 
MO JStmt "MmMU .ft sk^Dsagg. rAU) 



Tbe semi-annual" report of the Bureau of 
Building Inspection snows that so far. this 
year permits have been granted for forty-one 
buildings for amusement purposes, costing 
1921,446. Of this number fourteen were 
started during Jane at a cost of $285,200. 
With but few exceptions they are all intended 
for moving picture houses. 

Benry M. Hels has awarded a contract for 
a $12,000 photoplay house which he will 
have erected at Nob. 1412-14 South Broad 

Thomas M. Dougherty, of the Nlxon-Nlrd- 
linger forces, haB leased the Northeast corner 
of Fifteenth and Arch Streets, and will erect 
there a moving picture house to coat $ 16,000. 

J. W. Owens will build a one atory movie. 
40 by 84 feet, at the Southwest corner of 
Belgrade and Auburn Btreets, to cost 810,000. 
* Murray White bas awarded a contract for 
a one story movie, 57 by 90 feet, at Nos. 
2204 to 2212 North Broad Street, to cost 

A New York syndicate, It Is announced, 
has bought the properties, Nos. 228 to 230 
South Fifty-second Street, lot 70 by 90 feet, 
as a site for a moving picture house. 
■ s 


"Demon Reliance," the latest edditloa to 
Commodore J. Stuart Blackton's licet of 
speed boats, was given a trial at Cold 
goring Harbor. L. I., July S. 8fc« has a 
twelve cylinder, two cycle engine, and was 
built at Detroit, under a guarantee of sixty- 
five miles on hour. At the first trial she 
could not make fifty, doe, a* doubt, to 'tad, 
of time in assembling her engines. When 
she gets tuned up the popular commodore 
will sure have the fastest thing a float. - 


"A Dog-Gone Baron," page 9. 
"The Rose af Sharon," page 4. 
•<A Wild Rose," page 4. 
Adolph Zaker, page 4. ' 


Bona. — 1. Bom In Pittsburgh, Pa. 2. 
About thirty nine yean of age. 

V. V.— 1. The sub-titles are written In 
German. 2. The same thing applies to Dims 
Intended for exhibition In France and other 

Exurrj. — "The Call of Destiny'' la the 
photoplay you evidently mean. 

hrllaibe, o. — l. About nine yean ago. 
2. He was formerly In stock. 8. Tbe Cen- 
tral Film Co. can Inform you. Write te N. 
Y. office. .. 

Fcanissa. — 1. A«, excellent 00067 fetter. 
2. The photBzkkt*) - 
houscr release, «*sBki*a 

ey getter, 
a Than- 


(Continual tram page it.) 

Geoboe Thompson, doing leading comedy 
business for tbe Real Life Talking Picture 
Co., Is a versatile character man. George 
plays everything from a Southern darkey to 
an Italian fruit peddler, and, what's more to 
the point, he handles each In a thoroughly 
distinctive manner as to make-up, charac- 
terization, etc. Thompson's most recent 
"talkers" were "Midnight Cboo Choo," "My 
Uncle's Farm" and "She Gave Them All to 

W. J. HcQuiNN Is successfully piloting 
"The Garden of Allah" motion pictures on a 
trip through Canada. They played Her Ma- 
jesty's Theatre, Montreal, last 'week, to big 
returns. « 

Bert Pzbkinb Is in advance of the "101 
Ranch" pictures, also on a Canadian tour. 

Sam Ennuerr, who Is known to fame as 
the author of popular songs and vaudeville 
sketches galore, among which "Bunker Hill," 
a popular song of several seasons past was 
a record breaking hit, has turned bis prolific 
pen to the writing of photoplays. His latest 
effort Is entitled "Thou Shalt Not Steal," 
which the Reliance Co. will produce shortly. 
Sam says the photoplay "Thou Shalt Not 
Steal" Is dedicated neither to melody 
writers or baseball players, who purloin 
bases, but Is a serious effort, and Intended for 
the elevation of the mechanical drama. - 

"Broncho Biixt" (G. M. Anderson) la 
building a Beautiful and commodious play- 
house: m San Francisco, Cal. The name of 
tbe favorite Western pbotoplayers* theatre 
will be the Gaiety, and will cost 1500.000 to 
build and equip, and will play the best of 
tbe Broadway attractions. 

Habet Clay Blanet has organized the 
Blaney-8pooner Feature Film Co., In con- 
junction with the Spooner family of famous 
stock producers. The big melodramatic sue* 
cesses of Chas. Blancy will be produced as 
soon as studio arrangements have been com- 

' Thbkf reels of the nine advance releases 
to be presented at the exposition by Mana- 
ger J. v. Rltcbey, of the Reliance Company, 
were selected by him as being absolutely the 
latest word In photoplay producing from an 
artistic standpoint. "Ashes," a two reel sub- 
ject scheduled for regular release on July 12, 
will be shown at the exposition, as will also 
the single reel subject, "Her Rosary." Every 
scene of "Ashes" Is viewed upon the screen 
surrounded by a bouquet of flowers. The 
border changes from violets to sweet peas, 
American beauties, lilies of the valley and 
orchids, the two reels being double exposure 
scenes throughout 

Tue little four year old star, Runa Hedges, 
who Is being presented in a series of Buna 
pictures by the Reliance Vompany, has been 
appearing for tho past week In the larger 
moving picture theatres In Boston and sev- 
eral other New England cities. Manager J. 
V. Rltcbey haa bad so many requests from 
exhibitors to give their patrons an oppor- 
tunity of seeing little Runa "In the flesh" 
that he allowed her a couple of weeks' vaca- 
tion from the studio to accompany her 
mother en tho present tour. Much to every- 
body's surprise, Runa is not satisfied with 
merely making a bow to her audiences, but 
Insists upon being a "regular" actress. 

Tbi New Majestic offices learn that a 
rumor bas gotten about tbat Lamar John- 
atone, one of their leading men, has left tbe 
company. The story seems to be due to tbe 
signing by the American Film Manufacturing 
Company of Lorlmer Johnson, as director. 
The slmllsrlty of names made . the trouble. 
The Mr. Johnstone of the New.- Majestic, as 
aforesaid. Is a player and) not a producer, 
and the official* of the company look for tbe 
early death of the rumor. Tbe new stage of 
tbe Brooklyn Heights Majestic studio has 
been completed. It Is said to contain one of 
the largest areas of actual working space of 
any ot the Los Angeles studios, holding six 

Harbi C. Matthews, producer of fairy 
tales and "kid" pictures, having finished hla 
three reel production, "Sleeping Beauty," la 
now engaged upon a single real « 
•airy (reury and "kid" picture. "The. 
Beari"i« »trw nach fit evidence, 

ess Aim ay 

Pr* ohesy 





' 1 \A/ r Essanay 

g Establishes 
_ Exceptionally^ 
"■ Excellent 
PV Examples 



1 aticsntaR..someat|8araeirhave Western and Indian Reels. No, 
ag sifa.s, |1 and I l.W a sot; Pswer's No. 5 Machine, $7<S: Pewer'a Ne 
ws; Model *H" Calcium Machine, $30. I also buy Flisn. Slides 

A Big Redaction In Film, 100 reels 1 

worn eat aim. BOO Bats of Bong . 

0, $134; alio atherebcap Machines; _. 

and Mttchln ... if good. a. W. G AIXOT, TO Christopher Street, N. Y. Cltv 

hears such familiar sentences es "Who lifts 
Been Sleeping In My Bed!" and "Who Has 
Been Sitting In My Chair?" so reminiscent 
of our childhood days. Tbo bears aro being 
taken by Joe Burke as Papa Bear, Jack 
Francis as Mama Bear, and llttlo Matty as 
the Baby Bear. The photoplay features Baby 
ffiorly, who Is tbe Golden Locks, and a bright, 
sunny little Golden Locks she makes, too. 
Tbe part fits the child like a glove, and she 
Is revelling In It The Powen Photoplays 
(Inc.) Intend to put" out a series of theso 
plays, which are bound to be popular. 

Whi not produce "The Goose and the 
Golden Egg" and make It an allegory, rela- 
tive to the motion picture game? 

Geo. K. Roland baa completed a scenario 
on the "Book of Esther," taken from tho 
Old Testament, and submitted same to Mr. 
I'axton, dlrector-ln-chlef of the Biblical ind 
Historical Motion Picture Co. In all proba- 
bility this will bo the first release made by 
this company, which will confine Its releases 
to subjects chiefly of this nature. A featuro 
of all of Mr. Roland's BlbUcal scenarios la 
tbe fart tbat all subtitles will be written In 
original Hebraic letters. This will ba a Stiff 
blow to such noted Hebraic scholars as P. A. 
I'owcrs and Bob Daly, but George says ho 
will furnish translations to all bis Celtic 
friends, Including yours truly. All right I Go 
ahead, George. 

Tin theatregoers of Hoboken, N. J„ solved 
a mystery last week. Louise Vale played the 
leading parts In stock In that city 
irolng Into the moving picture field. The 
Jefferson Theatre, knowing how popular sho 
\ras with the people of Hoboken, bodked 'The 
Governor's Romance," In which Louise plays 
the lead. Her name was advertised In all 
tbo local papers and posted up tri front of 
the theatre In large display. It proved a 
great attraction, and the theatre was crowd* 
ed to full capacity at each performance. 

Tub Pilot Co. now has two directors at 
work. Travers Vale, who has been with the 
company from Its Inception, Is working on 
a three reel feature, 'The Btreets of New 
York," and expects to continue turning out 
large features for tho company, which will 
be sold on a State rights oasis. Robert Good- 
man, formerly with Mclles and Majestic, Is 
turning out "one reel features" for the com- 
pany. His first picture, written by himself, 
will be released July 10, "Sanitary Gulch,' 1 
and Is one of those comedies that keeps ono 
laughing all the time. His next picture, 
"Granny," is a heart interesting drams, in 
Which Lottie Plckford plays the leads. The 
scenario for this picture was written by 
Lottie Plckford. 


Tbe motion picture rights of Thomas 
Hardy's novel, 'Tess of tbo r/Urbcrvllles," 
were recently secured by Daniel Frohman 
from Mr. Hardy and bis publishers, Harper 
A Brothers. Mrs. Flake, some time ago, en- 
tered into an arrangement with Mr. Frohman 
to present her dramatic creation of "Tess" 
before the camera. For the past four weeks 
the studio of the Famous Players Film Com- 
pany has been occupied with tbe making of 
these pictures. Mrs. Flake approached tho 
work with all her original enthusiasm for 
the role, and She has found It extraordinarily 
interesting. In the film play the story close- 
ly follows the novel, entirely departing from 
tho form of the play made from It by Lorl- 
mer Stoddard. Many scenes, therefore, will 
be shown tbat were not seen In tho dramati- 
sation. The photoplay will he given In five 
reels snd will provide a complete evening's 
entertainment A special company Is being 
Incorporated under the title of r 'Tho Mrs. 
Flske Film Company" to exploit the films, 
which will be shown only In theatres of tho 
first Importance. The appearance of Mrs. 
Flake In tho picture drama In America Is as 
significant IS was that of Madame Bcrnhardtj'v 
In France, and every detail has been looked 
to by r>e directors In order to mako this a 
distinctly forward step In the motion picture 

— — s 


Sheriff Lcmlcux and the members of tbe 
Board of (Vnsors of Quebec, Can., recently 
passed upon George Klelne's marvellous 
photo-drama, "Quo vadls?" and Issued the 
following statement : " 'Quo Vadls 7 Is a moat 
perfect work of art,' and the most wonderful 
end spectacular photoplay we have ever been 
asked to pass on." Tho Canadian censors 
are the strictest body on tho American con- 
tinent. Tbe photo-drama of "Quo Vadls 7" 
passed Its one hundred and fiftieth perform* 
ancc at the Astor Theatre, In New York City, 
on July 4, and continues to draw crowded 
houses. "Quo Vadls?" will undoubtedly re- 
main all Summer In New York City, and will 
possibly be continued through the Winter 

' The George Elelne photo-drama production 
of "Quo Vadls 1" Is breaking all records for 
hot weather business fc New York. Chicago, 
Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Canada. 
On Aug. 3 there will he two companies oper- 
ating In the South, two companies In the 
West two In New England, two In the Mid- 
dle West, three In New York City, one In 
Brooklyn, one In Philadelphia, one in Boston, 
three In Chicago, two In New Jersey, making, 
in all, nineteen companies. , 

1 S' 


Ford Sterling, Keystone comic and- leading 
man, wes painfully horned during the taking 
of a scene last week at the Los Angeles 
plant Ford was seated hi a taxi when the 
machine casght Are. He stack manfully to 
his seat until the scene was completed, al- 
though by tbat time tbe flames bad penetrat- 
ed the Inside of (he taxi and Sterling's hands 
were considerably' 'burned. Aacthcr case 
where Ford placed his "art" above ell else. 

Mabel Normand has taken a brief respite 
from her strenuous duties- at tbe Keystone 
studio, and Instead of falling 'dot of aero- 
planes, riding la mlle-a-tninutc automobile*, 
and plunging from' dizzy height* Into the 
•water, a few of tho stunts which she per- 
forms In the films. Mabel Is aoletly resting la 
San Francisco, on a short vacation. ' 

■1 ' ' S ' ■ ' 1 i llIM '-'■-•■ 

. J velnineO for 

,j,; TWib "Qse Vs'tUsT 
another week at the 


iFnm Consul Chas. 8, W loans, .Seville.) 
Motion pictures have become excecdlnglf 
popular throughout tbo 8crllle district, ana 
those, shown hero havo often a more than 
passing merit. Until recently the films ot 
rathe Freres, Paris, wrro used here almost 
exclusively. Now, however, some Scandi- 
navian nnd American films are alio shown. 
American dims unfortunately too often depict 
"Wild West" scenes, which are not under- 
'stood and appreciated as thoroughly as Euro- 
pean films, which frequently give entire plays 
lasting nn hour or more, or picture stories of 
such works as I,cs Miserable. For the pro- 
ductions tho best actors and actresses are re- 
quisitioned, and the settings aro extremely 
elaborate and artistic. Especially In Summer 
ere motion pictures popular, when one may 
watch them all evening lit open air restau- 
rants for tho price of a cup of coffee or a 
glass of wine. In Winter the prices ot ad. 
mission to tho motion picture balls or thea- 
tres range from four to fourteen cents. Tbs 
?lctnre programs are changed every evening 
nrough an arrangement whereby a film, 
rented for three or four day*. Is passed ., , 
around to the various motion picture bouses. 
Tbe French firm. I'atho Fierce, lias a local 


A natural science film of unusual attrac- 
tion and no small educational valne Is a 
Patho educational, entitled "Tho Spotted Ele- 
phant Hawk Moth." This nomo may sound 
unfamiliar to most of us, but tho caterpillar 
from which this pretty moth Is transformed, 
Is a very common one. It In largo and 
clumsy In appearance, and stripped in yellow * 
and red. The catcrplllcr Is shown gorging 
himself on some particularly tasty plant; 
then Is shown the chaogo to tbe chrysalis 
stage. Shrunken In size, he lies almost Inert 
for a short period, then from the faded 
shell emerges a moth with short wings, 
Whllo waiting for bis wings to grow the 
moth has a hard time until be finds a secure 
spot on a friendly twig. Then the spotted 
elephant hawk moth Is shown folly developed 
and in all his glory, ready for his Initial 
plunge Into space. 

On tho same reel Is shown "Athens, the 
Pearl of Greece." Tho enmors, takes us up. 
the heights to the famous and beautiful 
Acropolis, from which we are shown the city 
spread out below, and tho Pcntcllkon Moun- 
tains In tho > background; ancient Athens, 
with Its splendid examples of Doric and Ionia 
architecture, contrasted with the Athens of 
to-day, with lis very modern population, Its 
busy market places and traffic-laden streets, * 

Truly such Alms aro the most eloquent of 
"travelogues." and with the frequent release 
ot, such subjects which aro promised by the 
General Film Company, tho public will soon 
be as familiar with tbo distant, strange and 
Interesting corners of the earth as they are 
with their own backyards, 
1 1 


The Reliance studio and office was bni- 
sfflg with baseball chat hat Wednesday 
morning, and all over tbo baseball game 
that was billed for Saturday, July 0, when 
"their" baseball bors were to toke a trip 
over to PhlUy and gross sticks with the 
Lubln aggregation. 

/Suddenly "ilopp" Hadlcy emerged from be- 
hind some sccnerjr with a yellow slip In bis 
hand. All gasped, for surely no one of the 
actorltea or actorincs tied "fllved" strong 
enough to "get the gate!" "Hopp's" smllo 
shot all such trembles to slivers, however, 1 
hut tho smiles that started creeping over 
tho hero and heroine faces did an Immediate 
brodle* Into disappointment again when be 
delivered tho telegram that read. "Game off." 

All hands wrro thoroughly knocked cold, ' 
for "ail tho girls" had their salaries for two 
weeks In advance plunked on their fast going 
Rcllsnco boys and tho special car tbat had 
been arranged for had to bo cancelled also. 1 
Tbo Reliance Club has won nlno games and 
nave yet to meet defeat In tho Motion Pic- 
ture League, They will ho lined up for; 
action In another leaguo contest next Satur- 
day, July 12. at Lenox Oval, Ono Hundred ' 
and Forty-fifth Street and Lenox Avenue, 
and are In high spirits of winning another, 
led by Captain Irving Cummlngs. 

—■— ■ 1 B 

Babti.ev McCuiLTJM. Of tho Lnhln Picture 
Co. players, 19 visiting his niece, Irene C 
McCallum. - 

The "Quo Vadls V pictures are announced 1 
for Keith's. Cincinnati, in Angoit. 


iincoln, Web— Oliver (Msyer V . 0. Wh- •»> 
sang msr.) Mr. Zebrmg left this city to atumd ■ 
St -Atlantic City tbeAsierlcaa Billposters' As- 
sociation Convection Joly 810. 

i.tuc— This house will costlmw with three 
shows ■ da r. .. 

oiriisui.!-*irbnlng Aug. 2i). this ^"•,'2 
plsy regular Orpneum dTcalt bills the ljst three 
oars la each week. Tbeflrat liaH ^ of tbs weeS ,. 
will be given over to tsbtold sassiest corneal**. 
For week of Jnne JO: Espc «"'« P*"'. ."jLjPSJA u , 

Kelly and Gotten, Itaasell and Church, and Woods* V 
Ballon Trio, 'and photoplays aspwrsdj- 

OArrTAL biACH.— Tbl« resort rtooWed "nPJ" s 
tri-r.ipe and the msnasvrr.rot has t*tn P'sri * '■ 

excellent atttactloDs bealdes nonjstous'psrt 1 feaj 
tores, swimming snd boating. For wwk of IB . 
tbe bill lncltxled: Six Amerlcsn Btaotles. Ma- ( 
rcena and Dalton Bros . and Massoocand Mas- f 
son*. For week of Joly 0! Bavol Pmlre and 
bis famous qodntrtt*. Adgl* and b«r Uons will 
b* featured scxt week. »i 

Kalamazoo. Mtefc.— Msjestte fGsrsld Mts- 

Sri, Maroel Bros.. Herbert, floors* Paul and 
company. Snd Dan Bob/i FW l»ia Berk* and 
Roaa. Air. Holt. Cornelia and Wilbur, Joe Ken- .1 
ixdr, and Battle Creek. Mick., la motion ptttocs. 
This bouse will elose U '« , 

F.Ltts (L- a Barnes, sagr. )— ■aaaaaBaB aa» 
alack And. -wait* netloa pletnrt*. . ■•■ 

Njia-iUflller Bro* * Arlington's 101 Raaeb. 
Will 1»^aat».**r» Jaby 31. T « £ >*»• \ 










July 12 




Manager Billy Matthews convinced every- 
one who attended Proctor's Twenty-third 
Street Theatre on Monday night that tie wns 
the "regular little up-to-tiic-oilnutc manager'' 
In having secured that wonderful little act- 
ress of plctorcdom to rhyme with local sur- 
roundings for the current week. 

The Motion Picture Exhibitors' League Is 
homing; a jlortooa exhibition *l the Grand 
Central Palace, this week, m Mr. Matthews 
whs not going to penult- aocfa an event to 
slip by wit bout having an attraction at his 
pretty little taonae to harmonize with the 
time*. He made his -wont known up at the 
Proctor booking offices In the Putnam HnlM- 
Ins that no one else would fill the bill but 
in tie Marie Btoe, tbo "Kedlnc MajE 
m-tress of toe motion picture worCB," who la 
it.iIH faanooaty known a* **ne Thsabouser 
Kid/ . 

.Needless to say Manager William won his 
iild and tola clever tittle girl opened at hl» 
theatre for the first three daya of tb« week, 
\Kglmlag Monday, .inly 7, and was as de- 
light fill a success In the public performances 
of that date aa she has been for the past 
throe years hr a feature In photoplays pro- 
duced by the Thaohouaer Film Company, of 
New RoehcHc. "The 8arnh Bernhardt of the 
Silent Drama,'' aa Little Marie has been 
termed, did Justice to the 'wonderful French 
actress whom aSe so remlnda one of, and Ae 
1" Just what Manager Matthews asserted, 

Mario will move up to Proctor'a Fifty- 
eighth Street house, on the corner of Third 
Avenue ■for the last half of this week, where 
Manager -tdbn Buck wlB endeavor to handle 
the out-of-town and local picture exhibitor?, 
who wM not allow the week to slip by with- 
out seeing their little favorite In the charac- 
ters site portrays as well before tbo opera, 
gln&cs as she does In front of the camera. 


The long expected examination Into tie 
methods of the Motion Picture Patents Co. 
■was started Motndsy. July 7. in tile Federal 
iitiilding, New York, before Special Examiner 
Joseph flacker, Several witnesses were 
called and told then* stories of the aliened 
business methods of the so-called motion pic- 
ture trust. Peter Adams was tba first to be 
called to testify. 

Mr. Adams said" he was an exhibitor at 
f.lf) Mala Street, Paterson, K. J. 

The 'principal complaint of Adams seemed 
to be that on advertising the Indianapolis 
automobile races, made by an Independent 
lompany the Patents Co, notified him not to 
exhibit t-atne on pain of having his license 
revoked. Mr. Klngsley, chief attorney for 
the M. P. Patents Co., asked the witness sev- 
eral questions. 

Several other witnesses were put on the 
i Intnl. and each had something to say of not 
'particularly complimentary nature, re their 
lvlutlous with the Mu. Qli> corporation. 

Ktiwlu I'. Groavenor, special assistant to 
Attorney General Mctteynolde, la the counsel 
for the government. 

Further bearings mill be held every day 
thl9 week. 


The first exposition of tbe motion picture 
n rt opened Monday, July 7, in a blase of 
;iury, at the palatial Grand Central Palace, 
tew York. 

Joseph Bientwetery (tome race, that), 
head at Hasten, Realty Company was reepon- 
i-Hilo far the decorative features, which were 
a combination of green and white, present- 
ing, on the whole, beeotlfol effect, 

or. entering the exposition one was erect- 
ed with tbe strains of music from the brass 
Instruments of a band stationed at the en- 
trance, and further enterahwd by tbe many 
instruments of a "soond device - ' nature, 
M.Cb as tbe WnrlltiM organ, tbe Draagrrph 
n.d several others. 

The tooths of the General Film Co., the 
Mutual aud Universal were eepeelally attrac- 

There are two newspapers publlabud daily 
for tbe benellt of tbe many exhibitors and 

fuests, one by a lane New Tork dally, and 
he other by the combined ureas departments 
of Esaanny, Kleine and •Sells. 

Many entertaining fcaturee have bean pro- 
vidod for the amusement of the thousands 
who are expected to attend this week. Ad- 
dresses by prominent statesmen, playwrights, 
etc., will be made from time to time. 


After four years of debating pro and con, 
the va'ilouR phases of tbe many moving pic- 
ture ordinances, which have been presented 
In th<' Hoard of Aldermen the City Father* 
of New York City passed one which Is a 
combination of- Mayor Oaynor, Alderman 
Howling and Folk's Ideas »n the suicct. It 
is now up to the mayor to sign or reject, but 
It Is confidently expected the mayor wHl sign 
litis one, -which) contains many* excellent fea- 

S ■ 'i n 


The sixth week of the Captain Scott mo- 
tion pictures at the Lyric began July 7, and 
the crowds are still In attendance. Tbo pic- 
tures were taken by Herbert O. Pontine mir- 
ing Captain Scott's expedition to the South 
Pole. The pictures are shown twice dally, 
ovary afternoon and evening. 

CimtsTY Mattiewsos, star pitcher of the 
Now York Giants, Is collaborating with Mrs. 
Itldn Johnson Young on a new slay, which 
will have a baseball player tor Its principal 

The Spn Amusement Co., of Saratoga 
Springs, lias been Incorporated by Prank E. 
Jacobs, Henry M. Work sad Frederick T. 
Lewis, of 78 West Eighty- fifth Street, New 

Tilt: American Parlogrnph Co. has been in- 
corporated by II. Cabell. C. U- Utlpln and 
C. R. Pnlleu, of 11 Wall Street, New York. 

John Parbell, formerly of the Marino 
Klllott Theatre, has been engaged as as<flsC- 
ant treasurer of Keith's Union Spuare Thea- 
tre, wifceetllng Charles WutfomarY, who has 
gone on tour with the Edison talking pic- 

Nohman Stanley has signed with Nell 
{VRrlfti's Minstrels for next season as Inter- 

Nettie IlATCHU.oit. of the Batcbelor Sis- 
ters, was granted a divorce last week from 
diaries Mnrvclle, contortionist. 

Atiilktic records in tbe offices of the 
American Sports Pub. Co. were destroyed by 
tiro July 5, Including all those stored there 
by Jim. IC. Sulllvnii, president of tbe Ama- 
teur Athletic Union. Some years ago Mr. 
Sullivan sustained n similar loss. 

John Philip Sooba Is writing another 

Watubboy. the former Hajurin race horse, 
■ iroppod dead at Elmendorf Farm, Lexington, 
Ky.. July 8. 




IFurnUhei by Dircy & MVMtJ 
AmrOBN.— JetCeneo. "Tfc* OK/.'' 
AiBANT.— Ilaxnanos, "Ike Greyhound. 
Aldan*.— Colonial, "Tbe ■Meplione OKI." 
Bsiduci'out.— Lyric. "Texas." 
Eamorj-OBT. — t'laxa, "The Ooneert. 
JlorrALO.— etar, 'Tlie OaaaWesv.'' , 
Bbojklin — Bnshwlek, 'The Oaly |V _ , . 
Cuv>uM. — Colonial. 'V anting «f tM Tnlra 
Floor Eack." _ 

CBAnLOTTE. — Academy. "Ooang Some." 
Daw via.— Lakeside, "Jasaaay Valentine." 
Dallas. — Lake Olllf, "Before and After." 
Fall Riveb. — BIJou, "l>o»t Parnitlae." 
Fau. Rivaa.— Savoy. "FaM la Fall." 
"Tbe Wolf." 

lUarnim. — felt's. 'Tbe Oocmtry Boy." 
HawnrnN — .Mountain, 'The Kpnadthrirt" 
Hauiwon.— '.rcianle, "Leah KVnacbas." 
Iswiasamus. — atVar, "The OHmax." 
Jbuit Orrr— Akrooroe. "glga rf the Poor." 
MnfMUFoua.— flbebrrt, "Uadaaw X." 
MixxuroLU. — Metropolitan, *Tbe Oboras 

IJilwackes. — Davldaoo. "lira. YVlggs of tbe 

Or.t.baee Patch." 
MearsaSBAW— < Orpheum. "Tbe Third Degree." 
Naw Yoax Cm.— lAcadviny, "Tbe Botary." 
Nkw Yobs: Cm.--rrosnct l "The Peaalty." 
Ninr Yoaa Citv.— Harlem. "The MIIDoa." 
Nbwasx.— Newark, "fllrl in Ibe Taxi." 
Naaiimixi!. — Orpbenm, "Otsualark." 
il'mLAOSU-uu.— -Cheatntit. "Divorcoaa." 
riTTsBuaoii.— Orand, "Orauatark." 
1'absaic. — l'aaealc, "For Her Child's Sake." 
IlociusTsa — Haker. "CWnntowii Chnrlle." 
BocHxariss. — Lycruin. "The sjillSre." 
ItoonsaTxa. — Tmjple. "Seven 5I»ter»." 
IIiciikond. — Morrar. "Allna Jimmy Viilentlne." 
-HtsactsE.— Empire. "Mrs. ■sajjan Telefrain." 
St. 1'auj..— Ol^trepolltan. "Mra Wlggi of the 

Cabbeye Patch." 
St. Favu — Bbobert, "Gingerbread Mao." 
Si babtok.— Toll'*, "Tbe Talker." 
Pfaijinm-Ln. — Foil's, "Jtotber." 
Utica — M»Je«tle. "The Fortune Hoater." 
I'mio.v Hill. — Kodnn, "The Easiest Way." 
Vamcuuvbb. — Arenne. "WHdnre." 
Washimoiok. — Columbia. "My Wife." 
Washixotok. — Poll's "Man and Sapetaua." 
Wltars-BAxai.— Toll's. "Tho Million." 
TToHCEBTsa. — Ptaxa, "Tho Titter." 

S ' 'ii 


When Messrs Calahan ak Smith opened the 
Hippodrome, Heading, Pa., for Summer stock, 
local theatregoers gave them throe weeks, 
but tbe plays and players proved so popular 
that they nave bad packed houses for the 
pnst nloe weeks, and after a few weeks rest 
the Calemlth Co. will open tbe New Orand 
Tbeatre, which was formerly known as tbe 
old Grand Opera' House. The bouse was 
closed a few years ago bj. the building In- 
spectors, and during tbe past eight months 
the entire building, both Interior and ex- 
terior, have been remodeled and beautified to 
smb. an extent tint the New Grand will lie 
one of the handsomest In Pennsylvania. The; 
Grand has been leased for tho next year by 
Messrs. Calahan • smith, who intend to 
locate their company here permanently. 

The company started May Vl with Chnrhs 
Klein's dramatic success. "The! Third De- 
gree." Tbe following week ibey preaenUd 
Grace George's success, 'A Woman » Way.' 
and the following productions were present) d 
In the order Damod. David Delasro'a "The 
Girl of the Golden West," "The Spendthrift," 
"Are Tou a Mason V "The Man of tbo 
Hour," "Tbe Bquaw Man," •'Forty-five Mln- 
utea from Broadway," and last week the 
company closed with "Mam-wile." 

The company 1b headed by Ernest Ander- 
son and Lelah Hal lack. Other prominent 
members of the organisation see • Harold 
Lneoste. Edw. Detney, Grant Irwin, telle 
Basett, Paul Miller, Ilarry Deeter Myron 
Paulson, Miu-Joile Bert and AUco Clifton. 


Florence Maloae, leading woman of tbe B. 
F. Keith Harlem Opera House 8tock IV, upon 
leaving that organUatlon lost Saturday even- 
ing, July C, received a tremendous ovation 
from the regular patrons, with whom she waa 
extremely popular, and tbe whole theatre 
staff, from Manager Harry Swift down to tbe 
scrub-women, who fairly worshipped bar. 

At the conclusion of tba performance Miss 
Malone bad to respond to twelve curtain 
mils, bsMdes making a speech. The em- 
ployees of the bouse handed her a large 
basket of flowers over tho footlights, in ad- 
dition to which she received naif a doien 
similar tokens from admirers. Loath to 
leave their Idol depart, the auSlence held the 
popular actress up In the lobby to tell ber 
Individually and collectively Just how much 
they thought of ber. Miss Malone was vis- 
ibly affected by this unexpected demonstra- 
tion of affection anil, after tanking a short 
spcocb, was escorted by Manager Harry 
Swift to a neighboring; restaurant, where the 
rest of the company nad assembled to glvo 
her a farewell dinner. She leaves for a 
week's vacation at Casro Bay, Me., after 
wnlch she Will be seen In a Broadway pro- 


Florence Malonn frsvc her farewell per- 
formance at the Harlem Opera House, with 
the Keith Stock Company, July 5. She will 
tnko a short vacation at t'n-mi Bit)', Me., and 
then starts rehearsals for "The Silver Wed- 

> ' ' 


William Balfour and Pe'rclval Aylmer, of 
the .Lucille La Verne Stock Company, at the 
Academy, at Richmond, Vs., were robbed of 
tholr clothes. Thieves broke Into their dress- 
ing rooms nt the tbnatre between the mati- 
nee and evening performances. 

I ' " ' ■ " ' ' I 


"A Woman's Way" Wits the attraction at 
Long Beach, L. !.. July 0. with Mary. Bo- 
und and Edwin Ardcn in the east. "Gala- 
tea" is announced for J nit 10. 12 and 18. 

i " '"« ' I — — 

"tHb otvl*- ids." 

At the Bnshwlck. "The Only Seta" la this 
week's offering, with "Mrs. wiggs of the Cab- 
bage Patch" for Week of JCllv 14. 




Her OwmCo, 


At,. C. and Mat Wimion write: "On Sat- 
urday. June 21, at Delevan, Wis, we closed 
a very pleasant engagement of forty-eight 
weeks with tbe Flora De Voas Stock Co., and 
are re-engaged to open with same company 
for coming season. Expect to open about 
July 20." 

Jacques Tuuni), Danbury, conn., eloetd 
Its season June 28, after sixty-two weeks. 
All the members have found positions with 
oot of town companies. The Jacques will 
open In September with vaudeville and) pic- 

Eda Von Li:kb opens July 14 In "Arizona" 
with tbe Harlem Opera House organisation. 
Her engagement with tbe Harlem Opera 
House stock Is for four weeks only. It U 
understood that she has been engaged for an 
Important role in "Tbe Olrl of By Dreams," 
a musical play opening oarly In August 

Biixii Biiyant Stock Co. reports business 
through Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia 
and Ohio has been exceptionally good. The 
roster Is as follows: Billy Bryant Harold 
Patterson. Mark Franks, Will 4Jewllon, Wal- 
ter Wisbnrn, Howard Freeman, Roth Brown. 
Violet Bryant, Florence Bcynoldi and Hazel 
Belcher. The company is nnder the manage- 
met of Sam Bryant. 

Tin Princess Stock Co. closed a very suc- 
cessful season of forty weeks at the Grand 
Theatre, Chicngo. The company re-opens In 
September. The Reymond Ladles' Orchestra 
will furnish the music, and the roster Is as 
follows : Jack De Forest, F. Richards. V. A. 
Varney. Harvey Hays, Bay BoMe, M. Hntcb- 
kias, A. Hunt, Melba Palmer. Violet Clifford, 
Adeline Sterling and Mrs. Blancbard. The 
ladies of the orchestra are: Marguerite Rey- 
mond, Nettle Vincent, Catherine Wall and 
Florence Suits. 

Notes from Spcdden A Pnfse Attractions. 
—We open our stock company Aug. 4., at 
Rochester, Minn., playing three night and 
week stands. We will use several big pro- 
ductions the coming season, will necessitate 
as carrying a special baggage car, 
of the old members have been engaged, in- 
cluding: Wlllard Collins, Fred. Ford and 
Bessie Ford, musical director. We will play 
a lot of onr old - territory, including the H. 
L. Walker time, which has always oecn ex< 
ccllent for our shows. Our musical comedy 
company, presenting "My Auto Girl," will 
open Sept 1, and Is booked solid to the Coast 
and back. 

Jas. J. Eyas closed with the Academy of 
Music Stock Co.. New York, on July 5. He 
will return after a few- weslW vacation. 

Thh Manhattan Opera House Stock Co., 
New- York, closed July B, and wlH re-open 
Aug. 4. with "The Third Degree." 

Eabl C. nExrosD closed his engagement 

71th the Hclden Players. He baa gone to 
libom} in Michigan for a vacation. 

Eva Leonard Botkb abjd Padl Kib are 
Appearing witb the Harlem Opera House 
Stork Company this week, in Its represtnta- 
£sn of "The MHllon." 

Tub W. H. Furlong Stock Co. opened their 
Summer season at the Temple Theatre, Cort- 
land. N. Y. Two bilks a week. 

A J. cUksomb, business reprpsertatlve for 
the Gallup Stock Company, writes from 81- 
Una, Kansas : "We received onr weekly Clip- 
per, and It was more than welcome. Baal/ 
ness Is rotten In Kansas, and after this week 
we make one big Jump <nto good old Mis- 
souri. The roster 1b as follows : Bert R. Gal- 
lop, A. J. Sansome, J. E. Mark, F. E. Gal- 
lagher. It. J. Goodson. Harry Dunbar, lona 
Jacobs, Irma Burton. Maude Phillips, Ivolah 
Gardiner and Flora Nelson." 

morld of Players, 

Hen Hahsilman AND Wilt -Olivia, of 
Gollmar Bros.' Circus, will put out two com- 
panies of "Sun Shine Willie'' next season. 
One of the shows will open hi August and 
the ether will open in November. The No. 
2 company will play tbe Southern States. 
Mr. Hasselman has secured Mr. and Mrs. 
Pat Crow, of the Gollmar Bros.' Show, to 
play the leading parts, and Eddie Boyce, of 
Omaha,, Neb., will be In advance of the eom- 
panv. Abe Martin will put both- the show* 
on, 'then Mr. Martin will return to the Chi- 
cago office. Hasselman and Oliver have also 
secured the rights from Earl Varsbmlm to 

£ut oot tbe "Girl from Norway" for tbe eoxo- 
ig season. 

Amelia StiMEiis has been engaged by Jena 
Cort for the principal female port In "The 
Elixir of Youth," which he Will produce «r 
the Cort Theatre, Chicago, on the third of 
•next month, with Frank Bacon in tbe lead- 
ing role. , _ 

Ouvbb Moaosco has seeured the services 
of Fanny Addison Pitt for the character of 
Mrs. Chichester, In the road company of "Peg 
o' My Heart," which will be sent on tonr 
hi September. Mrs. Pitt appeared in the 
opt of 'VThe Yellow Jacket"' at the Pulton 
Theatre, tho past season, In the character 
of See Nol. 

Tiir. most rscont engagement for the next 
Winter Garden production, "The Passing 
Show of 1013," is that of Bessie Clayton, 
the dancer, who will be seen in a new spec- 
tacular dance, assisted by a special company 
m lilch Mt*s Clayton Is now recruiting. 

Bosteiib of Kugeno J. Murphy's Knicker- 
bocker Companies. — No. 1 (Eugene J. Mur- 

ihy, manager) : Lynne Yodcr, Kstclla ppna- 
,iue. Laurel Bennetts, Dorothy MoBes, Al. C. 
Newman, George Donahue. Robert Martin, 
Horace Lints, Harry A. Phil, Wtll fl. Dorln, 
H. Wnlyer Van Dyke, Lee Mose3 and Kugcue 
J Murpby. No. 2 Co. (Beaumont Clnxtcn, 
Junnagerl : Tcnrl Kincaid, ltena St. Clair, 
Dorothy Davenport, Sherman L. Jones, Billy 
a. Ray, Herman F. Murphy, William Kear- 
ney, Arthur Alexander, Helen K. May and 
Beaumont ClAxtOu. . , _ _ 

B. 0. Pasbish Writes: '**. H , Grayblll, 
Eleanor Brandenu, Earle Parrish, Evelyn 


Bennett Joe and M. Mhorc art yjjoylng a 
much needed rest at Bay Beach They have 
rented a cottage and boats fot two week-;, 
and have laid aside all thoughts of "shop. 
At the expiration of their vacation they 'go 
to Iowa for two weeks' rehearsals, preparatory 
to tiltiyinR several of the Iowa fair dates - , 
then an extended tour to the Coast playing 
Btock for six - weeks at PocWo on tbe return 

'criAatorra ..Walxes igUhigMi i .Waltes 
are honseboffttnc da. CheshpcMfC Bay. , 

" »' - * * * +-* \ l : * r=^ w*> s *s . )**4-*"**s^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ 

Mast iHabnett, tweniy:one yeSlw ofc *lgc, 
who claims to bo on ncltesB,..Rttpftipt,ed, sui- 
cide by poisoning, because a young, man Jilted 
her. The doctors at tlie. Knickerbocker Hos- 
pital, New York, art trying hard to save her 
Fife. ... -j. . ■ ■ • „_ 

TfiH American Play Company.,announces 
that it Win scbd out slf companies of 
"Within the Law" next season. .. . . .- 

AimifR Bvitow has been re -engaged i to play 
Mb original part of John Stephen Maddeck, 

in "The High Road," next season. 

'BEirBAnaALS were begun July 7 for a ballet 
In which Bessie Clayton will appear In the 
new Winter Garden production. 

Marie Fitzobbald July 7 became a mem- 
ber of -tho "Within the Law" Co, at .the 
Eltlngc Theatre, succeeding Florence Nash 
In tlie role of Agnes Lynch. Miss Nash has 
gone nway for a much needed rest. She will 
return early In August to her part. 

Jam: Cowl will return Jo the cast of 
"Within the Lnw," at. the Blttnge Theatre 
the ilrst week In August, and after a few 
weeks she wtll tc'lrc to begin rehearsals In 
n now play by Marewrct Maro. Potsdam, manager of the Ameri- 
can Theatre and Boot, 'is taking a short 
vacation at Shcepshead Bar.. ..,..., 

Ma. .and Mas. Nate B, Spinoold have re- 
turned' front Europe. 

ggggje Met 

JorfNNT and Ella Calvin, the two well 
known stars of "Little Mlas Mlx-Up/' closed 
a season of forty weeks, at the Crystal, in 
Milwaukee, and are now enjoying their va- 
cation with their mother and father and 
several members of their company, at their 
Summer homo "Galv Inn," on Lake Okanchee, 
Wis. Jas. A. Galvln has Just purchased s 
seven passenger Packard touring car and a 
large gasoline launch, so that the members of 
his family and company are certainly assured 
of one big time nil Summer. They start re- 
hearsals the middle of August, for "Little 
Miss Mix-Up." The east will be the same 
that broke all records on the W. V. U. A last 

E 8. Di Kalb notifies ui tbat he la still 
confined at his home In TJttca. Mich., where 
he has been for tbe past four month*, suffer- 
ing from tbe effects of an accident he r«> 
teived nearly two years ago, by falling fro* 
a M. D. B. car at Lansing, Mlcb. He would 
be clad to bear from friends. 

■Wilson aj»d> AtBBBT have Jost finished a 
most successful season, and after a *J or ' 
vacation will resume their bookings, whlcn 
will take them Into March. 1914. 

Vic Lit Rot ano Mae Caiiill have closed 
a very successful Reason of twc«ty-*lght 
weeks with "Bonnlng for Congress" Co.. a 
tabloid musical comedy, and they are now" 
playing a few weeks in vaudeville. 

Mr. ajvo Mrs. Perkins Fibhkb write: 
"We have Just closed our fourteenth sea- 
son, playing the 'Half Way House.' and 
we will open our fifteenth and lost season 
at the Nikon. Philadelphia, f'ept. 8. to fol- 
low with forty weeks over the Sullivan- ft 
tonsldlne Circuit, at the dm of which we 
will retire from tbe stage, after thirty-four 
years of active service, and settle down on 
our ranch in San Diego, Cab" 

Etta Chatham and Okmax sre 
spending two weeks In Atlantic City, after 
which they open with the Billy H. Osman 

Sheck, Dabtillb and Duttox announce 
that they have a new comedy sketch, entiled 
"The Men Next Door." 

Marmuvi, aud Melrose write : "We bnve 
Just closed at Coney Island, Cincinnati, and 
we go back for Gas San for the rest of tbe 
Summer. We play East this Fall for twelve 
weeks. The new act Is going bigger than 
the old one." 

J. C. Cbifpe* Is stilt witb Donlta. "live 
wire" comedian. The act recently finished 
a tour of the Pantages time, and Is now 
working for the Western States V. A. prior 
to sallrig for Honolulu. 

Tbe Mabvblocs iliLLaua will sail for 
Europe July 23, to open at the Palace, Lon- 
don, Aug. 11. 

BinTOK Chcbchill will present Shake- 
speare an vaudeville. 

The Dancing Ksnmpys are offering their 
real live dancing act, over the 8. & C Chris. 
Brown says they're good for lite. 

Bert Pabker Informs nt of tbe death of 
bis sister, Mrs. Mary Bnrris. who passed 
•way Jans 29, at St. Agnes' Hospital, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

Thvrbbb and Thuhbeb finished their time 
on the Proctor circuit, under the title of 
"Pnullnette and Piquo. They will open at 
Sohmer Park, Montreal. Can., July 20. using 
the old name, nalng same until the com- 
mencement of the new season. 

SoiisiiRS AND Mack, late of Manchester's 
Cracker Jacks (Eastern wheel) report good 
success In vaudeville, now playing the Fox 

McIbttbe and Hbath acknowledge tele- 
grams and cablegrams wishing them good 
luck on their London opening from: Mrs. 
Chandler (Paris), Peter Bice (Paris), Mr. 
and Mrs. Kenny, Cliff Ryland, Happy Jack 
Gardiner, Felix Adler, Brown and Nerarro, 
Capt. and Violet Kelly, Frank and Jen La- 
tone, Sharp and Turek, Hecley and Mceiey, 
Will H. Fox. Harry Jolson, Fred Duprei, 
Chas. T. Aldrlch, Lizzie B. Baymond, Willie 
(cable from America), Bontta and Lew 
Hearn, GUbeBt Olrard, Walter Fields, the 
Three Lyres, Three Rubes, Marie, Amy and 
Cub Drawee. Dutch Daly, Frey Twins, tbe 
Gotham Quartette, Barton and Ashley, Charlie 
King, Four Londons. "The Bandit" Company, 
J. Finney, Edmond Hayes, Emerson and Bald- 
win, Maurice Levi Clarke Slatera and Stir- 
ling, Billy Howard, Mabel add Dora Ford, 
Bill Fields, BUly Ritchie. Blocksom and 
Burns, Fred Ward, tbe erasers, Tommy 
Dawe. Nell Kenyon, W. Buchanan Taylor, 
Eugene Stratton, Walter C. Kelly and Caryl 

Mrs. Wm. J. Rostittir sailed, July 5, on 
the Red Star liner Krostlasd, for tho care 
at Wiesbaden, accompanied by her daughter, 
Alice. Her husband was. for fifteen years, 
nrusical director with Koettr ft Blal'si Twenty- 
third and Thirty-fourth Street Music Halls. 
Thi educated horse, "Mascot." played a 
return engagement, beginning June 23. at 
Manchester Hippodrome, making his sixtieth 
consecutive week In England, Beotland and 
Wales. He is also boohed for Alhambra.. 
Paris, France; Madrid. Spain, and all prin- 
cipal cities on the Corrtlnant. 

Gordon Hamilton and wipe (Josephine 
Worth) are vleating bis nieces, the Watson 
Sisters, at their home at Buffalo. N. Y. Tbe 
time being epeftt in motoring and at tbe golf 
links. Mr. Hamilton and Fanny Wit eon 
are expert players. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton 
will be seen next season In the leading purts 
of "A Romance of the Underworld." 

MAcniCE Wood will sail on the Battle, for 
England, July 13. She opens In London Aug. 

Tost Lewis Is preparing In Fair Baron, 
N. J., for his coming vaudeville tonr, Under 
direction of Gene Hughes. 

Mes. Gene Uranus will resume her tour 
in "Youth," Aug. 18. after enjoying a few 
■weeks' rest from a long and uninterrupted 

Feed, anp Adele AstaIbe sre to put oh i 
new Horwltx act, staged tor them by Aurello 

George McKay and his wife will present a 
new act. Johnny Cantwell is Summering at 
Pair Haven- 

Gkobop Evan's' Honey Bor Minstrels are 
nt the Apotlo, Atlantic City, tBl* week.. and 
at the New Brighton Theatre, Coney faland, 
next Week. 

Vat AND LottIe xAwman sailed for Gresl 
Britain. 0, Q. Cdrutakla, July I>. This wfU 
be their second Mnajfcte circuit of the world. 
closed, d very pleasant tour on the Pantages 
circuit. They Will play a few weeks for 
Nett Levy, aud then spend a short vacation 
lr, California before returning to Chicago, to 
rehearse their new act. 

jEAjranc Di'pbe has been very 111 with 
throat trouble for the past four weeks, nnd 
has been attended to by tbe best specialists 
In New York City. She opens July 21 again 
in vaudeville, for F. Q. Doyle, at the Colonial 
end Wilson Avenue, Chicago, and then goes 
to Europe, commencing Sept. 7, having had 
her date postponed until then. 

Joe H^ni'MAv Is now on the Keith circuit, 
Ms second Summer over it. 

Sbtuoub and Dupes closed their season 
June 14. O. G, Is at his home In Woter- 
vllet. New York, and will put In the Sum- 
mes writing' vaudeville material. SHss 
!>upxc is Rlpon Lake. Wis. 

The White Paper is 

The Right Paper 


Si Clipper 

.Always Open 

To All 
Rates Right! 

The Time for 
Clipper Advertising 

MEMnr.ns of |be "Mcu from Home" Co. 
ran the box office themselves, at the Mar- 
guerite Clark , Theatre, $t. Louts, to enable 
them to get back to. New" York. 

'PICK Vaudeville Comedy Club will serve 
dinners, fobfe 4'hdte anil o la carte, so, the 
members may bring their women friends to 

If you don't (advertise 

in The Clipper 

You Don't Advertise At All . 

■■ ,.-,m " =5S 

Summer Parte and Tain 


A California canyon In miniature will be 
one of the most attractive features of tbe 
Panama-Pacific International Exposition, to 
be held at San Francisco, in 1013. The can- 

7 'on, which Mil measure eight hundred feet 
ong and four hundred feet broad, will. pre- 
sent, in tabloid form, many of the features 
that have contributed to tbe beauty and 
grandeur of the Golden State. 

The ground that has been chosen for the 
building of this canyon rises from the edge 
of a lagoon that will front tbe Palace of 
Fine Arts to a hill South of the Exposition 

Tbe summit of the hill will be the top of 
the canyon from, which a roaring torrent 
will leap over huge rocks and boulders, wind- 
ing through gulleys arid bounding over chasms 
and groveling at the feet of giant redwoods 
until It reaches the pool at the Northern end 
of the gorge. 

At the opening of the canyon a bridge 
will cross the gorge, and at each end of the 
bridge a trunk of a giant redwood tree will 
be tunneled through and make an impressive 
entry Into the garden of wonders beyond. 

Almost every kind of tree and flower that 
grows In California will be In the canyon, 
and to make tbe, picture more than ever 
realistic there will a model Indian 
village, where membafs ,of the various Call- 
fornlan tribes will be seen a^.work upon the 
arts and crafts m which they arc so deft. 
There .will also he a model ranch and a 
gold digger's camp. ........ ... 

The canyon fs being built under the super? 
vision of John C. MacJLarep, chief of the 
Department of Landscape Gardening to the 

Exposition. -w— — - — 

■ il ' , I ' ;i» ■ • 

Two men were killed and more than a 
score of persons hurt, two fatally, Sunday 
night, July 0. when a train of two cars on 
the scenic railway In Palisades Park, across 
the Hudson. from One Hundred, ond Twenty- 
ninth Street, bucked down an spcllne and 
■was rammed by another .train, flying down 
the Erade of a fifty foot. drop. ,. ■ , ■ ' 

The Injured were taken to the Englewood 
and North Hudson Do'spltam. ■,„... — -i - 

N'ena Blade and Jack Hevdebson bare 
parted as a vaudeville team. - 

George Gay was carried by his runaway 
balloon irora <Clttwde, N. J., across New 
York, up the